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10 OCT 2018 - What makes you truly happy?

"In life, there are many important things. But the most important one, is happiness"

I spent the past few months, searching for myself, a direction at least. But I found none. I wasn't happy, yet day by day, time passed.

Adulting isn't what I have in mind; a bed of roses.

Along the way, I lost that sparkle, the courage, the adventure and the freedom.

I started painting which is real therapeutic and learning a new language is challenging but at least I am getting somewhere.

But I needed my twenties to be happy and free.

행북과 자유

So about a month ago, I bought the tickets!!! TO KOREA ❤️ AND THE CONCERT BEING THE BIGGEST POINT!!!! (Thanks to supportive friends and family that made this madness a success 😊)

Excited me but I forgot to drink the water before the security check sobs

Waiting time is not dreadful at all bc STORY OF YANXI PALACE keeps me damn entertained!! 🤘 #dramaholic

0145 flight took off, see you HK even if it's just for awhile! Love the kitkat but why is it 2 servings bc I ate it like it's for 1

0600 @HK International Airport.

I MISS HONGKONG SO MUCH (next holiday please parents)

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