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April 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1 April, Friday | Hehe, it’s another day of my MIDNIGHT lipstick!

I was trying to resist not eating anything until lunch, but hmm there is Mamee in my cupboard so I ended up eating it. J heard my munching noises and proceeds to nag at me about eating rubbish when I’m feeling unwell…

Side note: I should really trash or clear up all the snacks at my desk, so that I will stop snacking!!!!!!!!

Char’s Bakery special today is Tomato and Cheese Quiche (but not with the authentic Quiche pie/tart base?) Char was telling us it’s not very delicious, like too salty? BUT I TRIED AND IT WAS SUPER GOOD!!!!!!!

P came to me and asked me 101 questions on LR admin work. I did LR in 2020! In 2 years, there are definitely changes and past practices may have become obstinate, so may not be very relevant to check notes with me all the time… Then now I am back to my appeal letters sobs. I called Mr. D to clarify what he means by “he is unable to pay using MediSave” and it is true, it is always better to check and understand the concerns to better address the appeal.

Two of my drafts are ready for vetting, W and my boss both commented that the drafts are excellent YASSSSSS but then Edna says no to one of them and suggested that we get clinics to do MT. If eligible, the patient can be seen at subsidised clinics during her next TCU.

So I guess it wasn’t very excellent…

*proceeds to email Sister J to follow up on MT*

While for the other appeal letter cleared the 2 rounds of vetting, I am still waiting for the patient alert to be set up, before I float it over to Edna for her approval (probably Monday?)

Char craved fried chicken today! So we decided to go to Dhoby to have McDonald's, thinking it wouldn’t be as crowded as Peace Centre. However, with the restrictions lifted, it is still super crowded and less orderly. After we have purchased our McWings meal, one of the staff came to tell us to get a seat first before ordering (too late liao la!!!!). We ended up with take-outs and went back to the office to eat.

K went out for lunch with her team (+ the staff who resigned) and will be getting Starbucks! I gave her my order, hehe! Later J saw that among all the hot drinks, there is one iced latte and she went “must be Rachel’s, she always drinks cold drinks!”

And here I got another round of J’s nagging about my gastric health and overall health

I have to mention, today’s Starbucks drink is K’s treat for always buying hers whenever I went to grab coffee ❤️ (I said no need la, but still took it)

I saw the email from Ms. Tan and was elated that we have all the information we need to backdate her son’s bill subsidies and quickly wrote to my boss for approval! I believe she wouldn’t have any outstanding following this adjustment of bill, appeal letter should be ready to go once we have the revised bill amount! My boss came to my desk and asked if he can have the Billing Services poster by EOD, and clarified that even if it’s the draft version, is okay too. He just wants to show the Nursing Director and ask her how many copies they would like.

I adjusted once, and also replied to close the loop with MarComms JT and team, then my boss came back to tell me he wants to make slight changes to one of the sentence on the poster. I felt like this whole time while we were working on this task, he hasn’t been paying attention. It is only now, that he suggest changes and I have to edit and resend both emails again… SUPER MAFAN LA!

I also asked if JT needs us to copy her in our email to cluster HB team of our poster and she gladly agreed to it! She sounds much friendlier to me than to P?? Could it be she can tell I know my work but P is just helping to pass the message along? 🤔

Before I took off work for the day, K asked me if I can access FormSG page using our corporate laptop and I tried, I can’t! I quickly emailed Simon on this HVB query, hmm but other than asking us if it’s IE or Edge and to clear cache, I don’t think he has a solution for us… .



I was 2 minutes late for my IPL appointment and proceeds to chill at random seats at Centrepoint until it was time for dinner with Andy!!!

He left all the decision-making to me, but okay la I got this! When I heard he was paying his care center’s ED bill from his own pocket, I was so shocked. Next time, call me if you need help with bills la…

I think the sad thing is, there are these few friends that I used to be close to and now I just hear all the updates of their lives from another person. This made me sad, but I guess this is part and parcel of life, we grow and we move on in life.


4 April, Monday | I saw an email for Phoebe, one of my appeal cases! Her father declared her to be “Partially vaccinated”, however from today’s screenshot, she is actually fully vaccinated – WHICH MEANS MOH can cover some part of her bill. It wouldn’t be much as compared to the whole bill, but it is definitely better than nothing. I quickly sent it over to K! I will probably draft a reply to the father tomorrow? (before W goes on her KL trip to visit her mother and relatives!)

Once my colleague created the patient alert, I quickly sent my draft letter to Edna for her to clear (but she didn’t reply to me even at 6:15 pm)…

I decided to work on the e-learning course on “Patient Rights and Responsibilities” as Faridah shared last week that the course is a 5 minutes affair! But I took 20 minutes?? One video is already 4 minutes…

With another task off my list, I quickly went through my team’s log to identify any complaints to add to the excel “Complaints and Compliments”. We have 1 and once I was done with sending this over to this colleague, I also created the MS Word version (with lesser details for YX). One more down, and hopefully the same for my appeal letters!!!!!

Now it’s time to forward the Healthcare Financing/ Billing Services poster over to the cluster HB Comms team for their attention. I took some time getting the phrasing right since all the suggestion from this team was conveyed to us by Jolene.

For the whole of this morning, Sleeping P and Faridah had to attend to numerous calls, it was so exhausting to hear the endless tele-conversations… I hope the meetings my boss and the other colleagues were in, weren’t too disruptive for their calls.

Since last evening, I have been craving raw food so I asked Char if she is keen to order from Kei Kaisendon for Monday’s lunch, and she said okay! So here we are:

I finally finished putting together the story and sent my draft over to W to clear the appeal case on SC application + variance in eFC and actual bill size. With W, I realised there will always be room for improvement in my writing!!!!! My boss cleared it quite soon, now what is left is for the bill to finalise!

As I was trying to do up the request to whitelist cabcharge website, I went to test it out and realised it was already whitelisted??? LOL lucky I didn’t write a whole-ass essay and seek the different levels of clearance to only be informed that the site is already accessible on corporate devices!

Later, K came to my desk to pass me this drip coffee from Starbucks! Her only comment was the water runs too fast for a drip coffee HAHAHAHAH and told me to try it!

She also told me that the spouse she was liaising with since weeks back, wouldn’t pick up her call??!?! So she doesn’t know what to do. I suggested calling for her on Wednesday afternoon and see, could it be he was avoiding her LOL. Or we could just resume GIRO payment since all his concerns on HH and bills are settled already.

Over our desk partition, I overheard my boss asking Papadom to update the March chatbot stats and send it to him. Papadom’s first question was “when do you need it?” and my boss said by end of today…

I didn’t send her my excel file that I used to plot the graphs for usage and ratings, I only gave her the deck of slides. She came to me not soon later asking how can she swap the 2 vertical axes. I tried but I couldn’t and upon understanding the problem she has had, the excel she is showing me was done by her HAH! No wonder it looks sloppy and she seems to be struggling so much HAHAHA (See la, who ask you only know how to steal credit LOL)

I don’t type anything in my emails when I sent from my personal email to corporate email or vice versa so there were no keywords for me to use to search for this excel file of mine -.-

After some manual checking, I found it and cleaned up the file so that Papadom doesn’t see the other data that I was studying etc, and sent it to her! I did it so well, now she can’t even replicate what I have, how is she going to perform in front of our boss when I’m gone????

Following this encounter, I went over to talk to K about this and she told me about this morning’s meeting, how Papadom is very rude to Adms HY (the person who likes to say “thinking aloud”) but I also think this is mutual leh! It seems like he also doesn’t like Papadom that much!

Then maybe 5 minutes into our conversation, P appeared behind me (at where K’s desk is) and bombarded me with LR questions. This is like the third round of the day??!? I understand all the anxiety and frustration that comes with this work, but she cannot be expecting me to hold her hands all the time!!!!!

Once this conversation ended and we were returning to our desks, Papadom seems to be waiting for me because she came right at this moment. OMG CAN YALL LEAVE ME ALONE ANOT AH

Papadom talked to me about HY and complained that he is very rude, but my boss seems to think highly of him. I guess she dislikes him because it seems like he is getting a lot of limelight and opportunities so far? (like presenting to CEO)

Now I can return to my midway analysis of EES results, I added comments here and there in a separate deck of slides. I WENT THROUGH 40++ SLIDES OMG!!!! Hopefully, what I did today is adequate for our review on Wednesday! I also quickly went to check with K on her availability for Wednesday and okay, I have blocked my calendar from 10 am – 12 noon!

I wrote to W instead of calling her because I am not very sure if she is still very busy with other pieces of work! Her replies made me realise I have plenty to catch up with her on, haishhhh

She rectified the problem highlighted by LL last week, but did not update us so now I replied LL to share that “changes have been made”. I hope this is the right tact??

Later, I saw Sister J replied me on the MT for my appeal case, I am so glad for her prompt follow-up. After much deliberation, I decided to just call the patient herself (since I am in the office now) to find out if she is keen to see a social worker. Not everyone is okay with admitting that they need help or financial support. This patient is okay with it, I like how soft-spoken she is la, I can never do that hahaha. Now I just need to firm up the adjustments needed to the draft I sent to Edna last Friday, clear with W and I guess this reply letter is good to go?


5 April, Tuesday | While I’m still following up on the past few letters – waiting for inputs/updates, there are 2 new appeal letters??!

Reminder email + the amended reply letter for the other case of successful downgrading sent to Edna and I'm gonna present one of my favourite moments:


I asked Faridah to help contact the appellant for one of the MP appeal cases, but the guy really couldn’t speak English at all, so the Mandarin-speaking me will call and follow up with him tomorrow!

I will also need to contact another person to check out her preferred mode of refund. I guess tomorrow is a day of many scheduled calls…

For most of today, I was just busy putting together information and getting the outline of reply letters ready, and clear drafts!

At 5ish pm, I received another appeal letter??!?!?! OMG CAN Y’ALL STOP IT

(I’m drowning…)

I decided that I am going to leave work 10 minutes earlier to make it for my Yoga class, so heck that new appeal case heh

It’s more comfortable doing Yoga without YS, at least I don’t feel too paiseh for being weak in certain poses/exercises HAHAHA


6 April, Wednesday | Today, the first thing I did was check if a particular bill has finalised yet, but still no! I need the bill to finalise before I can put in the information on refund etc, and get my appeal letter completed for Edna’s approval.

Then followed by clearing my emails quickly, and maybe pretending that I was around at work until 6ish the day before haha

Also, I am on safe duty today, I gotta rush off! I love all these short walks with J, whether it’s a walk to safe duty or a walk to dabao lunch. We always catch up on everything at work, such as T’s nonsense moments.

As we were on our way, I saw a very familiar guy in scrubs pushing some stuff with his peers. IT’S YARN KIT???! (bruh, what?!)

I called out to him, then later follow up with IG message and we continued our catch-up on Tele instead. He is studying Medicine and at the same workplace as me for his attachment/studies. SO QIAO, HE’S MY LAB PARTNER IN UNI!!!!!!

I was supposed to meet K for EES discussion at 10 am, but we both are still occupied by other matters and decided to push it to 11 am, then later confirmed to be 11.30 am!

After we are done with safe duty, I went to Cheers to grab a sandwich and we went to our office. I was on my 2nd sandwich, Sleeping P called out to me all flustered as the caller asked for a Mandarin-speaking staff.

Aiyo, eat also cannot eat in peace hor! Since I’m making calls at this point, I thought I might as well settle my other planned call cases I have.

I contacted the husband to ask for vaccination records (the guy that Faridah said cannot understand English at all) then he proceeds to ask me to call his wife, which is the patient herself. Okay la, it is definitely easier to liaise with the patient herself, so I followed up with an SMS to obtain her HH Covid-19 vaccination dates and TT app showing that she’s vaccinated. She sent it over quite soon, thankfully!

K and I had a quite lengthy discussion on EES but the most noteworthy moment was when she heard something behind me (short hallway + envelope machine room), but there was no one around.

Is it got ghost? (K said she got a shiver)

YS called me earlier when I was in the safe room with J, asking if we face the same issue with CCF following the harmonization of surcharge. I went to check after getting back to my desk, and also asked W about this! W told me, it is a Change Request (CR) because we all signed off the UAT already!!!!!

She checked through the UAT test script and figured out why no one noticed this problem on the CCF. It is not a very big issue la, but might be misleading for patients to see FR but are actually charged NR.

I called YS after that to tell him the inputs and asked him if he can work with GC to push to change/implement it without cost. (CR needs $$$ de)

At 12.45 pm, I called W and updated her about the conversation with YS and also to catch up with her on her trip tomorrow to KL! Her SJ App still does not show her vaccination status, so she might not be able to go to KL tomorrow until this gets resolved…

It was a good catch-up with W!!!!!! I felt like it has been a long time since we talked over the phone as there was a period of time, W was super busy with FC things and needed to concentrate. During that time, I communicated with her only via email.

Then at early 1ish pm, J and I went to Tekka Market to grab our lunch! I have been wanting to try the best western food around her but I can’t find the stall??! J said maybe the mala shop replaced it?? She said she hardly eats western food so didn’t realise the stall is gone.

In the end, I ordered from this Korean/Japanese food stall, but was not so lucky because I didn’t read the menu properly, I ordered Chicken cutlet and Salmon with Teriyaki sauce! Omg Teriyaki sauce is one of the sauces I don’t like (+ BBQ sauce). Later, I added McDonald’s Garlic Chili to my lunch 😂

Hehe, of course, I’m getting my coffee from Generation Coffee! Side note: Iced Latte is no longer $3.70 but $4.00 sobs

I called this lady (XPP) to check on her preferred refund mode, not sure if it’s her English language comprehension skills lousy or what. She scolded me when I told her I needed her to fill up the PayNow request refund form, “it’s not my fault, I still need to pay the bill and fill up the form bla bla bla”

I felt like I shouldn’t have helped her and checked with MSF on this case. If I didn’t check, she wouldn’t even have this refund?? Plus we also went out of the way to seek approval to expedite the refund, even before we got the money from MSF. ALL THESE FOR THIS UNGRATEFUL BIJ??? (I will still do the right thing la, but just so pissed off by this lady)

I sent the form link over to her via SMS and she instantly filled up the form, but incorrectly put her name instead of her daughter’s as the patient’s name LOL. I called her to let her know we need her to key in her daughter’s name instead. THEN SHE HAD TO DO THIS WRONGLY TWICE, she entered her daughter’s NRIC number instead…

J told me it’s okay, she will amend it herself and send it for refund processing (because this lady might cause a ruckus if we tell her to fill up the form, AGAIN)

I only managed to have time to print the 2 approved reply letters at about 3 pm and then work on completing the last letter for vetting at 4ish pm (before W leaves for the day and only returns 4 working days later)!

As I’m overwhelmed with appeal cases and endless things to follow up on, N was calling me since 4ish pm, asking for advice on the w/o feedback. That was when I went to read my emails and saw the w/o case, DED!!!!

I’m seriously shook to hear one of her staff shared with the patient’s spouse on w/o. I spoke to W and she said this is her first time encountering this, don’t think we can respond in writing on this…

(more problems for Rachel…)


7 April, Thursday | Both draft letters were sent to my boss for his clearance. I was too occupied to float the letters over to Edna, will do that later.

Today’s day 1 of W being on leave, and I’m already swarmed with work…

After clearing some drafts etc, I needed uninterrupted time to look through our chatbot HW and then shortly later it was eFC meeting, but I couldn’t focus?!

I saw an email from Adms, asking me to advise but this doesn’t seem to be something under our FC scope of work! I was so confused la, and it was day 1 of W’s leave, I didn’t want to bother her but I was really not sure!!!!!!

SOS MESSAGE TO W SENT! I sent her the picture and asked her if this room/bed B2+ is not maintained by us right? They looked like actual beds still showing B2+, not relating to eFC work that we are doing leh!

Half an hour later, I went back to see the email again and realised that it's gone? I think they deleted the email, cannot be I accidentally deleted it (so I guess I’m right this is not under us?)

An hour later,

 W: Rachel sorry, busy shopping for some stuff to bring back to KL. yes, this is not under (us).

YASSSSS!!! I feel bad I had to contact W during her break from work due to this incident, but I’m also glad that I figured out that this has nothing to do with us! It kinda felt like a milestone thing, and I achieved it (sounds like a strange concept, but the feeling is of such)!

Slightly before my lunch break, I sent both letters to Edna for her approval and then went to eat and take a quick break by playing games.

This afternoon's P2 meeting is canceled and last week, we planned to use this time to do a small deconflict session for MediSave intents. JC added to 2 agendas for this meeting but the items are not related to Ben and WL, so 15 minutes into this, I suggested that Ben takes a break and come back later while the rest of us discuss further! We are all keen on the digital MCAF initiative, I hope we can get Ministry’s blessing for this!!!!

On the next agenda, we all agreed that the goal of joining this congress poster thingy is to win. Without any supporting data, we wouldn’t be able to win so we agreed to hold our horses for this!

The MediSave intents are all over the place??! We have to clean this up because eventually, all these will come back to us, but no one seems to bother, haish…

After Ben looked through our answers and process flows, he realised this isn’t as straightforward as he thought. Instead of giving us a comprehensive solution, he goes on and on and on about how to do this the right way. I felt like at this point, no one was listening anymore. The likely conclusion is, that we will just leave it as the status quo.

Earlier today, Papadom asked if I will be leading the chatlog review session today and I told her I thought she will be doing it since she uploaded the file. Then she agreed that I made sense but asked if I can do today’s session because she had a very bad morning. In my mind, I was like huh, bad morning then no need to work already ah??!

I did it for her, anyway! At about 4.05 pm, I started the review by sharing that this wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. I was right, we were done before 4.30 pm!!!!! I think I’m better at updating FAQ, with distractions heh

Our chatbot meeting ended and now time to get back to my emails! I saw Edna cleared both of my MP appeal letters at 4 pm! Woohoo, favourite moment part #2:

I spent quite a lot of time looking through Faridah’s MP draft reply letter. There were so many issues with her content and Annex table, there were also missing words or additional words here and there. I did up a list to share with her of what needs to change in her draft (formating and language).

Fat fat helped me to get a new Yoga mat for me, I can’t wait to use it next week (or maybe next next, since my period is coming)!! IT’S IN NAVY BLUE 💙

My parcel has arrived! A few days, I saw the advertisement promoting MKUP Whitening Pearl Loose Powder – the matte/non-oily effect is amazing!? It has been a long time since I purchased their products and they are of really good quality, so why not!

Even the design is so gorgeous!!!!

It came with 2 free lip glosses, WOOHOO! I love how they always pack actual-size freebies, the previous time I got a glittery lipstick, it’s super chio!


8 April, Friday | Yesterday, Edna approved the two appeal reply letters so I will need to clear them out today! It is when I checked through the whole letter, I realised that for one of the cases, the unit number is incorrect??! HUH

Child’s case and in appeal letter: #13-05

In our records of mother’s address: #13-03

It was definitely an error made by our front line staff, but then we cannot correct it as we please.

I felt bad contacting the mother again because I called her earlier this week to ask for her vaccination records, then now I have to call her again to ask us to send us her NRIC so we can update her address correctly into our records…

Why little things cannot go smoothly on a day liddis...

No choice, I called her twice and told her in detail during my second call that Ministry will cover her bill, now I need her NRIC to update her correct address in our records in order to send her the reply letter. Thank god she is quite understanding and forwarded the document to me quite soon. I held the letter until my colleague updated our records, just to play safe!

I decided that I should grab an awesome lunch since I had so much trouble this morning, time to treat myself! I ordered Merci Marcel and offered to get their croissant for my colleague, D (I recalled that she said she tried the food at MM and loved it)!

It cost 28++ for the Ravioli and 2 croissants! Do I regret spending money like that? NOPE (but I refused to tell J how much I spent because she will definitely nag at me for the next 3 days)

N called me to tell me her staff’s account of events and asked when will I be writing to my boss on this case. I just told her honestly, that I don’t have the time as I have quite a number of appeal cases and follow-ups at the moment.

I drafted the email but didn’t like how it sounded so decided to send it to my boss on Monday instead.

My boss cleared one of my appeal drafts, but I am worried that Edna will prefer to refund via PayNow, so I wanted to call the mother to update her on the case and see if she’s okay with a cheque refund. I called her three times at different times in the afternoon, but my calls hit her voicemail.

Sua la, let me just send the draft to Edna and hope she’s okay with the cheque part.

Not sure why the recent appeal letters all need calling and there is also a lot of follow-up work after that, sobs…

J took PM leave today, so I will be leaving the office alone.

Me: Nobody leave office tgt w me
    So sad

J: Monday ok

Me: steady~ (proceeds to ask her about her medical appointment/ check-up)

Credits from FB + Fat fat:

(accurate depiction of my whole day at work today)




Before the day ends, happy birthday Jjong ✨


9 April, Saturday | DAY OUT AS A TOURIST WITH ETHEL!!!!

YT has free tickets to SKYHELIX! I'm not really a fan of touristy things in Singapore but since I have never been, plus it's free so why not! Hmm, but then if we go Sentosa just for SkyHelix, seems pretty lame so a few days before our planned date, we spontaneously decided on our other itinerary! We got our S.E.A Aquarium tickets at $36 bucks each, we just pay 2 dollars more for a $10 worth of meal voucher WOOHOO

We knew we will most likely be way too full since the plan is to have lunch, then enjoy our tea break at SEEA, followed by dinner!!!!

My period hasn't come yet, but I was in my constant PMS mood?!?! Instead of reaching at 1230 at Vivo City, I arrived slightly before our reservation time at 12.45 pm...

But things get better WITH FOOD!!!!!


As a huge fan of avocado, it has to be this: Beef burger with Avocado Cream + Cheddar!

(drink: Elderflower Mint xxx)

*will definitely go again, but not ordering fries please*


(I almost worked here)

I thought it wouldn't be very crowded since we managed to book our tickets quite late but it was crowded...

We slowly made our way through all the different sections, from fishes to jellyfishes, sharks, and so on. I was all excited to take pictures but then later got lazy heh

So these are the nicer or more noteworthy ones:

I love reading all the fun facts or educational notes at the aquarium!!!!!!

Hehe we didn't buy anything from the souvenir shop but we had fun looking around!

I actually wanted to get the bottle carrier - the design is so cute! It is from the Art Faculty/Animal Project and done by JOSHUA!?! Omg this cute ah boy!!!!

Nearing the end of the displays, we reached the rainforest section (felt like it didn't fit in with the aquarium theme but okay can!

I was reading all the educational notes and started talking about OXBOW LAKE, I could explain the whole process/formation of oxbow lake and then YT looked at me all puzzled! I told her it's in our Geography textbook leh, and this is like the most significant and easy topic for essay BUT SHE HAS NEVER HEARD OF IT!!!

*me being super confused*

Hmm could it be the difference between Pure and Elective Geography? Nay nay, I also took elective Geography (triple science student here hehe)!!!


There is a wash zone before we get to touch the aquatic animals! We wanted to do this because we wanted to try their Dyson hand dryer, looks very cool.

The starfish is okay, just that my eyes made me think I touched the starfish already because of the water refraction but my finger hasn't felt anything HAHAHA

They told us to stroke the sea cucumber, I know the gut spitting stories of sea cucumbers and followed the instructions strictly. It's super soft and yucks la

We went to wash our hands again!

We were at the exit then realised we haven't spent our meal voucher so we slowly stroll back to grab our food. The selection isn't fantastic and honestly pricy, if not for the voucher, we will not buy anything from their OCEAN BITES!

It took us forever to decide what to buy to make good use of the $10

I was really thirsty but root beer didn't do the treat! My anticipation for the drink was like 7/10 but when I actually drank it, it felt like a 2/10.

The corndog was worse?!? On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it -2 (yes, it was that bad, the hotdog was nowhere to be seen, I almost wanted to throw it away liao because there was way too much flour)

I guess the biggest takeaway from walking back to grab our food, is we managed to take selfie with sharks (also because it's well lit here)! Attempt #1 failed but #2 made it!


We took the tram to Impiah station and the rest of the walk to SkyHelix felt like a fitness test because my thighs were legit on the verge of exploding! (Okay I did consider for 2 seconds if I should just go home and abandon this thing)

First thing first, go get our drinks! We paid $4 to enjoy their mocktail instead of having soft drinks, it was worth it!

YUZU LYCHEE (featuring cable cars)

Then the queuing begins! I think because of the capacity of the SkyHelix thingy (vehicle??), we waited for 3 rounds before it was our turn.

LEGGO, 14, and 15!

They have the cup holder slots for our drinks and I left my phone on the table for 80% of the time because I was too scared, what if I drop my phone while we are up in the air! Finally got a wee bit of courage to take this selfie with YT (*then proceeds to put my phone back on the table)

It's an open-air area means we can don't wear our masks, we never break the rules (just saying)

THE VIEW IS GREAT!!!! I think most people will prefer to come at the time when the sun sets but ours is pretty good too

Then we tried taking nice pictures of us up on the helix, but I look like a fat squid?!?! (wah I really not photogenic, so sad)


(the wide-angle setting works well )




We went for a walk in Vivo City for less than 45 minutes and both of us can't stand the 脚酸 already. We ended up chilling along the harbor!

When you are too full, just have desserts!!!! HOSHINO COFFEE

One of our very serious discussion - OXBOW LAKE!!!! Following material for YT to read up on:


11 April, Monday | I saw this email from department K3 asking some questions about the transport program (I did my sharing end of February?!?). There are quite a few questions, some of which I can't recall the answers so I have to ping Ivy to SOS me!

There are quite a number of emails over the weekend, and one of which mentioned he was wrongly addressed, his surname is Ng and not Lim. When I asked Sleeping P about it, she just said that she helped to send this email out, it's W case! I recalled both of us telling her to check through before she sent it out, evidently she didn't check...

When Faridah highlighted to her that Adms already called to close the case, so don't have to send out this reply. She was very stubborn and insisted to send out the reply. The reply just brought us more problems... She expects W to attend to it, so horrible when we always help her out but then she makes this our responsibility!

My mind was all over the place!!! There are so many things to follow up on, gosh!!!!!!

Group PE colleague, Jen contacted our PE Office and this case was routed to me to provide inputs by 18th! So I went digging and checked the appellant's SSO coverage. Hmm then err wait, she is referring to her kids??! since her last visit record was in 2018. I have this gut feeling that in the end, they will ask the institution to settle it on our own...

I was also drafting up the reply to one of the MP appeal follow-ups! I felt so sorry for this family because the father probably wanted to let her daughter feel comfortable and moved her to a private A1 ward room, but this decision led to $11k outstanding charges and he has no means to pay for it. As the daughter was not clinically indicated to require to be in a 1 bedded ward, there is really nothing much we can help him with! Other than helping to bill the covid-19 related charges of 1k++ to the Ministry, he still has $10k outstanding to settle...

In the midst of all this chaos, I went to the toilet and...

Me: 我的period来了
J: (laughs IRL)

Then I tried calling the mother again at 11.45 am, the case from last week! SHE PICKED UP YASSSSS she isn't very concerned about the refund mode, but more about the revised bill and the answers she was looking for!

Today's lunch is too much la! (wonder if the auntie thinks I am a cow, she gave me so much food HAHAHA)

Edna didn't clear my draft reply letter from last week for the above case, I sent her a chaser email. Side note, it took me very long to send the email, wondering if I should update her on the failed call attempts and successful call today)

Once she cleared the letter, I printed it out and send the closures for 2 other cases from last week! *feeling accomplished*

It is also time to chase MOM for updates for 2 of my cases, aiyo I hate how long this is taking...

I have a lot on my plate lately, it could be because W isn't around. Plans to go home punctually today are over when the K3 lady called me to follow up on her queries, she also sent me a second email earlier today...

I have to consolidate all the responses to her queries and reply to her before I leave for the day...

After J knows I will be OT-ing, she asked me "you gonna picnic is it?" HAHAHAHA YA I LOVE THIS EXPRESSION LA, SO FUNNY!!!!

Okay, my picnic ended at 6:47 pm!


12 April, Tuesday | I went back and relook at the two drafts that I was unsure about, then sent it back to Sleeping P!

I was also going through Faridah's MP appeal draft, she added the part on MMP and advice on forthcoming delivery. I checked the case specialty in OAS and SAP, I think they lost their baby at 13 weeks?!?! I told Faridah to check with our colleagues for medical info, and this is where she realised that she didn't look at the case properly...

It is a major wrong leh, we can't afford to have such a thing happening! Imagine how the family would have felt when they are advised on pregnancy matters but actually lost their baby??

I saw a new MP appeal case, querying about a covid-19 related bill, so I will have to call and get verification on the patient's vaccination status...

I was multitasking while tuning in to our weekly eFC meeting. I am too busy with work today plus not much appetite for lunch, so I took a 20 minutes break and had 3 eggs for lunch.

So glad my boss agreed to cancel our 4 pm department meeting, they probably going to ask me to present on EES results and action plans, which I didn't have the time earlier today to prepare.

I attended the 2 pm meeting that involves other hospitals to discuss the delinking of IN/DS episodes from the SOC follow-up class. It was a very intense discussion and I think this is above my paygrade, so I just listened and hope they come up with a solution that is feasible operationally!

In the meantime, I was working on my drafts and clearing Sleeping P’s drafts. I also contacted LX to check with her on the case of outstanding Rehab items (to respond to Jen) and after discussion + Lina's involvement, LX took up the case! YASSS but I felt bad for causing more problems for her!

The meeting was supposed to end at 4 pm, but it was still ongoing at 5ish pm and I decided to just zao at 5.38 pm HEH

I ended work at 6.24 pm after I sent my adjusted MP draft reply letter (the one Faridah handled) to W!


13 April, Wednesday | W IS BACK FROM HER KL TRIP! I sent her a few cases to clear, and she probably has a lot of emails to clear la... I'm sure she's drowning today

I saw a chaser email from our PE Office to respond to Jen quickly as she needs the inputs for the consol reply to the patient. I thought she said she needs the inputs by the 18th, it has only been 2 days?!?

I quickly drafted the reply and sent it to W for her to clear since we are providing information to another organisation! She cleared it, and the email reply to Mr. Chua and Sleeping P's draft that I amended. She is super fast!!!!

We got another appeal case!!! Omg, it's another FDW pregnancy case DED

As this case needs to work with MOM, I asked Faridah to swap with me and help with yesterday's case. However, the patient couldn't speak English at all, so I took over and later contacted the husband for the vaccination documents. I hope he gets back to me soon!!!!!


I already opened the containers, then I saw I got an incoming call. It could be someone I worked with, so I picked it up! It was a call from a patient, she's nice la but my number is not released to the public, she told me someone gave it to her for her to check her billing query.

*proceeds to cover my lunch, and check the case for her*

Then, I drafted the email and thankfully Faridah offered to help to follow up on the case as I have too much on my plate. It was 12.30 pm, so I decided to eat later after I go grab Starbucks with Char and helped J dabao food because she has no time today (her computer malfunctioning since morning).

N called the spouse and he didn't pursue the w/o comment. Guess he was just genuinely confused by the two versions of the same bill. I'm so glad the call ended well and what's left is me finishing up the reply letter!

I saw Edna replied and she is agreeable to the reply letter, in general, haha her slight change is just asking that I bold a particular sentence in the reply letter. Ahhh 小事, 没问题!

I was checking through the letter and noticed that the patient got a visit today?! huh means my outstanding amount is not correct liao but you know what, let me just put the reply date as yesterday, then problem solved!!!!!

I needed assurance that this is correct, so I called W briefly to talk to her and we ended up chatting about her KL trip! (She went to visit relatives and all, and she sounded rejuvenated!!!!!)

As I was printing the reply letter and sorting out the admin work, my boss came to my desk to ask me if we can whitelist the chatbot widget so that we can view it on corporate devices. I found out that our websites are whitelisted but videos or our chatbot are hosted externally, so we are unable to view it via HVB. I explained it to my boss la, and he still wants it so I suggested that I find out the widget's URL from CorpComms and will put up the HVB request after. He also wants the widget on one of our department's webpages, plus get the bot's icon animated.

Papadom only chased CorpComms on the last point, Rachel has to do the rest...

Then I heard from J earlier today that someone shared with her that Sleeping P commented that I am incompetent; I always need to check with W. I think this statement is somewhat true because I do depend on W alot, but there are times I have to do things on my own?!? When she was on leave, there are cases that I took longer to think through before clearing the drafts, but nobody mentions those LOL

I don't get how I'm the incompetent one when she is the one that sleeps at work?!?!

It is also very difficult for me to clear her drafts because she can provide me with incorrect information in her drafts. If she can give her good quality work and do her due diligence to check the case properly, will I be this unsure and have to check like mad?!?!

This particular draft she sent to me, it's so messy??? and there are 3 refund cheques, like what's the point of telling the team to hold the refund, when you are just gonna send them separately. She even wants to give the patient 2 different versions of the bill. FOR WHAT!? FOR CONFUSION???

I was so angry looking through her draft, that even J experienced my temper...

Before I left for the day, I saw the reply from Jen telling me to settle this with the patient directly since we are in a better position to handle institution-specific queries. In the first place, just tell me to respond to the patient will do, it will be so much faster! She just made me send all the information over, and then take the case back. IT'S A TOTAL WASTE OF MY TIME *roll eyes*





Their seasonal special for Catalana is Strawberry Catalana!!! DED I'M LOVING IT SO MUCH 😌 (Also featuring Grace's Strawberry milk crepe cake)

Grace also ordered this Tuna ball thing, it tasted not bad but the biggest question is, are we supposed to eat the leaf or not?!

Then we went to pay, but $52 is now her colleagues' new food expenditure target HAHAHA

(also featuring me through the kiosk reflection)

I guess we have to eat at Sushiro another 23 more times to get the super huge toy (it isn't impossible but... so fat la)

We went to CoffeeSmith for our coffee fix! Not sure if my Lavender Iced Latte is supposed to help me sleep or keep me awake haha

Grace is going to Greece during the last week of May, and that brought back my unaccomplished dream of going to Greece in May 2022. Maybe now is the time!!!!!!


14 April, Thursday | I was so busy working on all the cases, GOT NO TIME SIA!!!!! In the midst of all these, P texted me to ask many random questions that have 0 context LOL then later she told me it was for the cheque-free design artwork. I need to see the work in order to give my comments leh, sometimes I do feel like I am some design consulting firm...

The draft that I sent to W yesterday after much thought, came back not so well... I didn't realise Sleeping P incorrectly counted the number of days stay. Sleeping P texted me to inform me, and that W will return the draft back to me. She did not point out the error to me, she just corrected the draft and indicated "slight amendment". I FELT SO AWFUL LA

I noticed Ben hasn't gotten back to us on our issues! I sent him a reminder on Monday but he only responded today... (he is super not prompt?)

The first issue on the unresolved chats, even after our session with the engineer, we didn't hear any update, that was some time in March. This issue was highlighted in January!

Two weeks back, I asked Ben separately about delinking the response for bill_enquiry and fallback because I couldn't model the "handover_router" set up for live chat in UAT, much less move this change to Production!

Ben's response to me after two whole weeks:

Regarding the quick reply, let us look into this and get back to you? have you raised a ticket for this?


Me, already losing my shit:

2 weeks ago, I asked you after our chatbot meeting on this as we want to delink our bill enquiry response from fall back. That's when we noticed the problem that I can't find the node for live chat in UAT. So this couldn't be moved production. 

You did not ask me to raise a ticket then. So it has been 2 weeks. We hope we can make changes to the responses instantly or asap, instead of waiting for weeks.

I can put up the Jira ticket, not an issue. But there are 3 or 4 tickets in Jira created by me. None are closed. 


Hi Rachel free for a quick call now?
*proceeds to call me endlessly* 

I told Papadom I am not in the mood and was also quite busy today to respond to Ben, and she helped me to inform Ben that I am rushing off to a meeting. Ben offered to call me tomorrow, which is a public holiday leh, then later I replied we can sync up next week!

Not sure why we are the client, but everything we follow up for him, he never ever comes back to us on the issues raised!!!!

I think I was too overwhelmed by all the work stress + this month's PMS meltdown hasn't happened yet, so this is the last straw... I started crying at the table (at home) out of frustration...

It's called good time management?? After sobbing, I am back to working on cases and all.

Chief Social Worker, M emailed me to find out more information on the case presented to us by Group PE Office, then I summarised all the information for her!

Ben was sick, so another colleague covered him. There isn't much for today's chatlog review, we had some side discussions and all and ended at 3.30 pm, uneventful.

Next week is YS's last chatbot meeting with us!

The truth is, I will probably miss YS during Thursdays...

I had my lunch at 3.45 pm:

Once I finished my biscuits, I am right back to work. SO SAD RIGHT!


M and I had a brief email exchange prior, asking that we waive all the outstanding bills given that the family cannot afford them. I responded that the services were correctly rendered, not right to waive especially because the boy will probably incur more rehab charges in his forthcoming appointments?? I also explained if we have to waive, we will need a cost centre to waive the charges!

Then I saw the email reply from M, she was very insistent that they have never used HF to assist such services...

I felt like retaliating to say "there will always be a first time??" But of course, I held it in and work on something much nicer and more polite.

I sent an email to my boss, seeking his approval to accord a waiver for this FDW case! Since we are unlikely to be able to collect payment for this case, this will help us to reduce AR! My boss started querying who helped to deliver the baby, is it a doctor or a midwife? The patient's actual bed location was in a Private B1 Ward but charged C ward type, so my boss wants to dig deeper into this too.

I reviewed the reply for LKB's case, I still think he wants to hear from Ministry and not us, but the case was pushed back to my department.

The last on today's list, I completed the draft reply letter for the feedback case on w/o!!!!! Drafts sent to W for her clearance, BYE WORK FOR A GOOD 3 DAYS!





Most zombie shows start off well but never end well. No matter how the show goes, I will never NOT watch a zombie drama/movie, so here I go diving into HAPPINESS!

One of the main reasons I watched this drama, is for Park Hyung Sik (BAE MATERIAL)! I watched “W – Two Worlds” starring Han Hyo Joo and didn’t like her acting, I can’t get invested because it just doesn’t seem real??? However, I think she did really well in this piece of art (this drama totally changed my views of her as an actress)!!!!!!

I cried, the deep love they have for each other ❤️

Loving their energy and chemistry!!!!!! (I don’t want to settle if my partner and I can’t have what they have)


16 April, Saturday | We haven't met as a clique since Covid-19 started?!??!?! SIBEI LONG WOR

Bali Thai is not bad, and I always loved my iced coffee hehe

I love all the little catch-ups and conversations ❤️

(also proud of the growth of our classmates that we haven't heard in a long time, and friends and ex-friends such as KYY)


17 April, Sunday | XIAO LONG KAN with LUNDLY!!!! It's supposed to be bday treat for Suz but in the end, she went to pay on her back from the toilet, so it's Suz's promotion treat instead!!! (Also I was low-key having breathing difficulty, again...)

Photo caption: 来, auntie 你要吃什么?Then, of course I got take nice photo of my friends hehe, 美美的!

I think the mala soup base is damn hardcore, we kept sneezing the moment we stepped into XLK! So loving our hotpot meal!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in advance), SUZANNE!!!! 🎉😘💋

(we were laughing at how funny it is to add ", name" in messages to friends and family)

It is true that we rarely take pictures of the 3 of us together, so here is one thanks to bday celebration!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Then we went shopping! I normally don't buy much but wahhh this Uniqlo black baby doll dress 不错 (although from the side, I do look a bit preggo)

It's 29.90 wor, so why not!

After our shopping workout, it's time for desserts! This is our bday treat for Suz!!!

The center filled with mango is super good?!?!?! I also liked their Uji Matcha Tiramisu (how to lose weight...)

Side story: we saw someone enjoying his cheesy corndog, it looks super good! Maybe this guy 会吃, the corndog looks damn good (but we are too full)


18 April, Monday | SUZANNE BDAY!!!!!

I was dreading today so much because of all the unresolved problems from last week will haunt me today! The night before, I cannot even imagine myself at work emotionally la, gosh!

During the first 2 hours of clear mind (I stand by my point - not eating breakfast keeps my mind clear and fresh), I managed to think through and sort out what was needed. THINGS WERE NOT TOO BAD, SINCE I WAS QUITE PRODUCTIVE!

I drafted a reply to M and sent it to W for her vetting since we need to be mindful of the tact in handling sensitive cases! I suggest that they explore assisting these CHAMPS charges for the first time, I hope M is agreeable!

I saw the reply from Delivery Suite and Ward answering the queries my boss asked. I noticed that the patient delivered at home, but there isn't any CBBA waiver for the delivery fee. Hmm, then I went to check P&P and sent Del Suite staff a snip of the policy and asked her if it's applicable (instead of telling her what is right or wrong - in case is I wrong HAHAHHAHA)

Once this waiver clears, I can proceed to ask for a waiver of surcharge, this will help to reduce our AR for both mother's and baby's bills!!!!!

Then I ate what my colleague made: Peppermint cake?

W cleared both LKB's and w/o case drafts, so now I can send them for further clearance!




I decided to treat myself today, after a really long morning of work! Guzman y Gomez:

Quesadilla and Australian Beef Hard Taco! I EVEN GOT A FREE BEER, 0% ALCOHOL LA (IT'S IN MY OFFICE FRIDGE). Will feature this sometime later!!!!

It took me some time to firm up the draft reply for this family as we will need to include the part on vaccination status, signing of the MCAF form, and financial assistance part. We need to clear the financial assistance part with the social worker in charge too. The draft isn't so straightforward, I kept re-writing the letter!

I got the alert message to not pursue the w/o bills prepared and also the email on how to update SLT after discussing with K!

PE Office, R is chasing me so much for updates for the letters but then we need more time for some cases that are more complex or cases that need deep investigation! I just gave her a brief update and she asked further for a rough timeline we are expecting to close the letters!


19 April, Tuesday | I sent an email to M of our conclusion for the Hoe family case! (to update her on our part, and also how to move forward from here.

0958, LX: Your job really not easy

Then dive right into all the follow-ups, such as clearing w/o case with boss after N has confirmed that she is good with the reply. , and sending out LKB's reply + closing all the loops with stakeholders.

So glad eFC meeting got canceled, seems like it is always gonna be canceled woohoo!

W cleared my letter so I sent the proposed relevant portion of the reply to WL (recalls she isn't very prompt).

From my conversation with my boss yesterday, noticed that JC hasn't sent the digital MCAF (done by YS) to us to seek an official indication of interest.

I texted JC to ask him (oi he v slow leh, don't follow Ben can not) then he sent it shortly after. It doesn't take that much time right LOL (we had to wait for 2 weeks for this)

I had McDonald's for lunch! Then took a short nap during lunch break but didn't nap very well. I thought I could use a 15 minutes extended nap time, but saw on my phone:

Hi Rachel, can u help to forward the propose digital mcaf to all executive for their comments?

*me sending the email out after a short rekt nap*

Then in the afternoon, I have some protected time away from nonsense so I managed to do some designing work and more or less completed the HB payment brochure!

P emailed me to get my comments on the cheque free artwork (credits: a freelance designer) but I didn't really understand what she wants me to look at since she attached quite a few versions of the 2 designs. Then I suggested that we have a quick discussion instead to better understand what she wants to ask. We planned to meet tomorrow in the office!

Besides this, I saw an enquiry on Grab taking over the corporate billing contract since they expressed interest. I cannot stand all these hearsay la, aiyo!

I texted my boss on the contract expiring and for his comments on the artwork, then also during my break time at Yoga class!

I quite like Hatha Yoga (initially have no idea what it is). My body felt light and flexible after the sessions!!!!


20 April, Wednesday | Today I’m back on my pink tone eye shadow with larger glitters woohoo! I was slightly late for work because of the application of eye shadow and preparing tuna bread for breakfast.

Rare occurrence of the double eyelid on my right eye:

(lasted two++ days)

I saw M’s email mentioning it would be good if we share with Hoe the appointment details and documents to bring, otherwise they can follow up on their end. I will be making the call later.

After confirming the contract expiry date, I sent my draft email reply on CDG contract expiring and some information on the new RFP for the provision of direct billing for transport services. My boss is agreeable so that is crossed out from my list!

At 10 am, P and I met for a quick discussion that lasted 30 minutes?! She asked me a generic question before if it’s good to add URL together with QR code, to which I answered yes. If the QR doesn’t work, it will be good to have an alternative. However, she went to add an URL totally not related to the QR code to the artwork…

There were also a few comments from Comms but P didn’t send that entire email over to the freelance designer, she paraphrased the comments instead. Her language isn’t that good, plus she doesn’t even understand the points brought up for change, she poorly conveyed the changes to the designer la!!! I even had to remind her that xxx point isn’t in her email yet (why am I even helping her out on this??)

Following the pointers and clarification I provided her, I overheard her asking my boss the same thing she asked me. I guess she needs a lot of assurance??

I called the mother, Hoe and she was very impatient and rude during the call! When I introduced myself and this call is following the contact made by the cluster’s PE office, she asked me “what is this about?” sounding frustrated. She also doesn’t seem keen to hear what I have to say, and she interrupted me by asking if I can change her other son’s medical appointment for her. I took down the details, told her I will forward it to the relevant team to follow up, and tried to bring her back to our main topic (the focus of our call).

She said she needed to work and cannot talk to me, I asked her to bear with me as I need a bit more time to wrap up the call. Hoe just hung up on me…

I understand that she might be facing and handling a lot in her life and could be busy at work, I just find such people unbelievable??? She should be grateful for the help we are providing, instead, she sounded so entitled that we are supposed to do all these for her, including the change of appointment.

In the team’s group chat yesterday, I mentioned that I will be taking leave to go for scalp treatment, W then asked me more about this and shared with me her hair loss problems due to stress!!! (I feel you la, work stress hair loss is an actual problem)




I sent another chaser to WL as she hasn’t responded to me yet.

After the 30% waiver for delivery charges is processed, I made sure to send out the email request asking for the adjustment to NRW after getting approval from my boss (guess it will be done tomorrow!)

Then it is time to go! I went to Fayth to shop before meeting Fat fat.

I got this piece at $47.90, think is xiao ex la but it's pretty!

We had MOS Burger lunch followed by KIMAGE MINT SCALP TREATMENT!

(during and after)

J: you look so cute, like in outer space

I think $70 is quite worth it leh, think I might be back for hair treatment in future! THIS TREATMENT 凉凉的 😌


21 April, Thursday | I came back to work after a half day break, and here comes another new appeal case (I guess it never ends??)…

Billing team has done the waiver for my case so I can proceed to send that over to MOM for their consideration YASSSSSS (but then later I saw we are asked to get more information – means Rachel needs to call the employer)

I was taken aback by the last minute notice (for me) of the department’s meeting at 9 am today HUHHHH I’m not prepared to do EES stuff today leh. W was on MC today so she did not attend.

When we arrived at the agenda of chatbot, my boss asked if Papadom or I would like to share. Normally, Papadom would have already charged right ahead and begin the update.

K and I realised that Papadom is at work (at home) but not at this meeting, which makes no sense so I texted her. She only replied later that she was having diarrhea and joined the meeting at 9:40 am.

(Most likely she was sleeping in since it’s a rainy day)

I had to share on her behalf, or more like on our behalf… I asked if they would like to see the slides with the stats and okay we went through that briefly.

Then when we moved over to the SPAN meeting discussion notes, I was so shocked that nobody seems to remember anything????!

Most of the time, I am the one clarifying the points and helping us to discuss the actual point raised. P came up with her own list of points but they were so horribly written that I can hardly process what the points or where the points are referring to??!

After the meeting, P texted me to ask if it should be “The team has each other’s back” or “The team has each other’s backs”. I mean she can just google hor, let’s not forget she texts me things like “Morning Rachel”

(Please don’t waste my time, just be out with me bruh)

I took my quick lunch break and a short nap, but the nap wasn’t good...

I received a call from the social worker that I’m liaising with, I took the call after signaling my parents to be quiet for a bit during my call, but they immediately started talking after nodding at me LOL

Today is the last chatbot meeting with YS, think I will probably miss him so much when JC and the team not getting their shit together.

I sent over the first draft design of how to pay using HB and K’s comments bothered me so much la hahaha – the family looks like racial harmony initiative hor!

So glad the social worker got back to me following our call, I can send the draft over to my boss for his vetting tomorrow morning!


22 April, Friday | Today is another opening day of Char’s Bakery!!!!!

Featuring curry potato bun and custard bun, and snacks from EC.

I sent the MP draft reply letter for my boss’s vetting and cleared whatever emails I have! We all saw W replied Faridah’s email in red text, I guess she isn’t in the best of mood (probably because we have quite a few FC tasks pending)…

W cleared the SMS message I drafted and the email update to Group PE team. Before I sent out the SMS, I checked through all the details again and realised there is a change in the appointment with our social worker. Upon further probing, we found out that the Hoe lady went to reschedule her appointment via HH/HB…

Thank god I checked before sending out the SMS, to avoid any undue confusion. Then I sent out the SMS followed by the email update. Both the AD of Group PE Office and our Chief Social Worker thanked me for my efforts and apologise that I have to deal with the mother’s frustration/impatience (guess this is part of my job?)




Edna approved the letter, it is good to go!

CorpComms, Ju didn’t seem to understand my question, she replied to me explaining how I can put up a request to whitelist a site. I explained to her further that I know the process for HVB request, but I need an URL in order to put up the request.

She then understood and told us to check with the vendor because she can see a few URLs in the code given to her months back. This is where Papadom finally understood what I was doing, and started picking the scrums from here, taking this assignment or task as hers (haha take it if you want, LOL)

Lunch menu for today, is Thai food!!!!! (I might be going to BKK for the first time in my life, excites)

PAD THAI + THAI GREEN MILK TEA! We also had Mango Sticky Rice!!!!! SUPER BAOZ

My boss came over to my desk while Papadom and I are having a conversation, he has 10,000 things to ask us… He asked if I have ehints access, and asked me to apply for it (to be the same as W’s)

I texted W about this, and her reply was: “more work”. My boss is even asking W to pull workload information for him, or rather for our HOD who has a whole team of staff who can get the information easily la…


The biggest problem of today is I can’t reach the employer on the phone to obtain more information from her regarding her FDW. Two calls were made today but no one answered even after 30s ring SIANZ

I left her a SMS message introducing myself and explaining the reason for calling her was to discuss the appeal content. She called me back at 5.48 pm (I already left work, today is Friday!!!)

Fat fat and I met for our routine Lash Lift, the usual staff are not in today and we found the people today rather inexperienced or skilled in lash lift. It is likely they are in from the facial branch to cover lash duties…

MERCI MARCEL, again ❤️

Then we ordered fries because it doesn't seem like much, it was a total regret later...

I decided maybe it’s time to get a new pair of Superga so I got the organic cotton Herringbone at size 38 at $129.90! If stocks last, it should come with an organic lipbalm but I got a Superga AquaJellie Nail Polish – Organic (I am loving this!!!)


25 April, Monday | The 精神错乱 is real today! I thought I didn't bring my ezlink card or lost it and ended up 10 minutes late for work!

I saw my boss emailed me to create a FormSG for interested staff to sign up for the free give away for water boat ride, which I believe people who are interested would have already signed up la. The strange thing is he asked me to create this form with algorithm, to allow only up to maximum 6 pax for each available slot/date. Wah, if the product has such a function, we would have used this to create our Appointment Scheduler! No need for so many meetings and $$$ to discuss setting up our Appointment Scheduler le, but I still went to check if such a feature is available before replying to my boss.


Friday’s attempts to reach the employer, Wong were unsuccessful. Even though she did call me back at close to 6 pm, I have already left work and today I tried calling her at 10 ish am. She picked up my call and explained that she brought her phone along because she was worried that she might miss my call again today and apologised for Friday. I could tell she couldn’t really communicate in English so this is another Mandarin-speaking case I have to follow through!

So the rest of the time, I was just constantly anxious, wondering when she will ring me back and glad she didn’t call when I was out for lunch at Meme Burgers!

I received another new MP appeal case, it seems like a social worker was assigned but she did not follow up with the family promptly?? Waiting for an update is painful enough, I also realised the father who appealed is not the birth father of the child. This means I will have more to sort out before I can complete the letter.

After lunch, I proceeded to order Flash coffee since we will be having a meeting with MOM via Teams and there is only one link, so we have to gather at Conference Room this afternoon (K came to office specially for this).

The order was placed at 1.18 pm and the ETA is in 25 minutes, the estimated delivery time keeps getting extended from 1.45-1.55 to 1.55-2.05 and 2.15-2.25. I noticed that the app updated that the rider is dropping off another order and could be delayed due to this or traffic (I offered a $5 voucher for the delay).

I was midway through the meeting and got a call from Food Panda customer service. From the accent, I’m sure it was a pinoy on the phone. She told me that one of the drinks spilled so she will remove the item from my order. I was puzzled because I waited so much longer and now I’m getting this update that the drink spilled and I no need to pay for the drink.

When I asked her what was going on, since the service was so poor, she couldn’t answer me (and explain the circumstances). I asked if there will be a replacement, I waited much longer and got this call, the lady said no and repeated that the drink spilled and they have taken that item of my order/payment. She did not sound apologetic about the spill and kept following her script?? not sure if I am expected to thank her for removing this item that spilled.

Since she doesn’t have the answers, I also don’t want to make this difficult for her so I went to collect my order as I was told the rider is here. I was walking outside my office and waited at the lift too, I don’t see any rider??

Then when I told her the rider isn’t here, she doesn’t seem to be listening and just kept repeating my address, the rider is here. I told her firmly that I am here, the rider isn’t.

Maybe in another 2-3 minutes, the rider arrived and explained the whole spillage problem, and all the drink cups were stained with coffee (due to the one that spilled). I understand that this can’t be helped and went to feedback on my experience through FoodPanda.

I get messages along the lines of “sorry for your experience” and was prompted with a refund offer. I explained to the staff that it is not about the refund or money, it is about the experience I had and how things are handled. It is always staff giving a refund to close the matter but, no one seems to be looking at the customer’s experience.

If the order turns out poor, we are offered a refund, and case closed. Getting a refund for an item that wasn’t properly delivered is basic. But what about the customer’s experience? We just get a trimmed order and should be thankful that we got a refund??

I was prompted for the refund again and again, even though I said it was not about the refund.

When I was chatting with the staff, I realised my iced latte no longer has ice cubes in it, the ice has all melted and I was drinking a regular temperature latte. I brought this up to the staff and he offered yet another refund for this drink item.




The story follow up: I wrote a feedback email to Foodpanda the same night, but we all know they still don’t get my 点




The reason why I didn’t continue to pursue the matter was that the long-awaited call is here!!!! Wong called me a total of 4 times, using her house phone and handphone!

The call was more than 23 minutes la, and the moment I stepped back into the meeting room, my boss started asking what was going on (maybe family problems? but no, is this poor family coping with a siao domestic helper)

As I attended the meeting intermittently, I didn’t catch most of the agendas or discussion points but K assured me that it wasn’t much and that a lot of things are still open for discussion.

I always find such discussion meetings a waste of my time, like can y’all decide and sort it out, then let me know what you need me to do.

The meeting ended almost at 4 pm, and K asked P to stay a little longer to run through the email she sent to us earlier today. K and I already had a short discussion on it before this but the message in the email is quite unclear about what she really wants us to do. We helped P to reword the content etc, and privately K did share with me that she thinks P can just send what she has crafted to Comms and let them make the decision. I agree with her la, it is our Comms’ responsibility to review the text and artwork, etc before it hits the media. Also not sure why P can’t do anything by herself…

My boss saw my MP appeal draft and told me verbally before he left the meeting room that he will need a little more time to look at it. He wants to help the family by billing the charges to Ministry if the expenses are related to Covid-19. I guess I will send it to Edna tomorrow then!

W suggested that I pass the information I got from OP team on MSO scheme to Ginger, instead of closing the loop for her. This is a smart move!

I saw one of our colleagues sent an email to W/me to seek our help to issue a memo explaining the sudden change in charges, some will experience an increase in charges due to harmonisation of surcharge. The patient’s document is not in our records so I am unable to verify that she is a S pass holder, and also her spouse demanded that we send the memo via email but his/her email address was not noted down. HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO REPLY VIA EMAIL THEN???

There is another new MP appeal case, I couldn’t find the patient based on mobile number etc. Faridah has left so I couldn’t ask for her help, I emailed her instead to help me dig out the patient the father is referring to.

Earlier today, Ms. SJ emailed me asking for an update on her appeal case which started in February 2022, even though I do update her monthly on the progress, we are still liaising with MOM and pending an outcome. I drafted a reply to her, W very soon cleared it so I replied to her email shortly passed 6 pm!

K made the goal to leave work at 6 pm and decided to stay for another 10 minutes because Rachel came late today and can only leave at 6.10 pm!


26 April, Tuesday | Around 9 am, I sent the MP draft reply to Edna for her approval then I saw my boss managed to get the doctor to confirm if the child affected by Covid-19 vaccination was seen due to ARI symptoms. She had a fever and other conditions, as such she was admitted. With this, my boss asked P to tag the Emergency visit (ED) bill to Ministry.

Fearing that this will affect my draft reply letter, I discussed with W to recall the email and resend the revised version to Edna once it’s ready.

I was checking the bill, realised that we will be claiming the ED fee twice, P should have initiated the removal of ED fee from the inpatient bill. As this bill is fully claimed from insurance, the removal of the transfer amount will need a resubmission for claims. I sent the email out and copied P, she told us to hold while she check with my boss.

Then later I received an email, my boss cc-ed me and the content of the email was to “Leave it”. I was shocked, not sure if “leave it” means no further adjustment to both bills (we will be double claiming) or leave this inpatient bill alone (and P to adjust the ED bill). I even asked further to clarify and his answer was to leave the inpatient bill. It seems like I still don’t know what he is saying LOL

I’M SO MAD BECAUSE HE DOESN’T SEEM TO GET IT??!! And I couldn’t argue further because my boss’s decision is final…

Following one of my emails with Comms, we figured out what is needed to whitelist our widget so that all of us can view it on corporate devices. Papadom started picking up the crumbs and working this out with IT department and our chatbot vendor! It’s like taking credit after I paved the way for her, but it’s good in a way because I wouldn’t have to follow up!!!!

OMG then I realised my email sent yesterday asking Faridah to help me trace the patient(s) for the new MP appeal case wouldn’t be attended to, as Faridah is on 2 days MC! I quickly sent it to Sleeping P to work it out.

I came up with a list of follow-ups for this case because I need to call him and confirm which patient the father is referring to. During the call, he also asked about his wife’s appointment, aiyo!

Our lunch order came at 12 noon and we leisurely enjoyed our lunch!!! Today I had time to follow up on my blog – 1-week backlog is no joke!

I cleared drafts and took the time to catch up with KCM and Ethel, to tell them about my work rant that happened earlier today and other things. I felt accomplished today, woohoo!!!!!! (also who knew today will be my last Tuesday working from home…)

We received some Fee Revision files, it is about that few months in the year we need to work on FR! I probably have to run thru the service items and see if any need updating.

I didn’t sign up for Yoga earlier and the first sesh is completely full, and my skin is too thin to go there and ask if I can join, when I am on the waitlist. So Fat fat and I left at 7 pm today for Yin Yang Yoga! So coincidental I saw a good spot empty and headed right over, right next to YS!

Lesson learned: sign up for the class early, bruh!


27 April, Wednesday | I wore my new red dress from Fayth today, bringing a small bag to work to go with it!

Featuring my makeup look for today:

I showed J my outfit today and she said the front a bit low hor, plus the neck area looks bare. I told her I couldn’t put on my necklace today, and I was rushing for time so I just left it.

J: bring to work, 我帮你带啦

We went for safe duties today, but I also got side errands to run. I went to buy stamps at SAM machine and went to the Pharmacy for Dhamotil, but the counter does not open until 10 am so we just left!

During our safe duty journey, I told J about the ED fee problem and she told me it was wrong la, and should be corrected. I was so glad she agrees with me!!!!!

Then later I brought this case up to K for discussion and then we agreed that I should just highlight there is a credit balance. Then see if P will go check and take the necessary actions…

My boss: then have we refunded her?

The family didn’t even pay, how to refund??? SIAO LANG

Then P finally stepped in and un-tag Ministry and explain no refund to the patient (should have done this earlier, bish)

After this whole commotion that could be avoided, I am back to following up on my cases! I called the uncle to confirm which child is he referring to for the appeal case, in the end, he brought up changing his wife’s appointment instead. I guess I have more to do, probably need to get this sorted out and then can arrange a social worker appointment.

EGG SLUT (my first time!!!!)

It’s so bloody delicious!!!!!!!!!! But the hashbrown legit xiao expensive helps, 1 pc for $1

Maybe my boss knows I feeling angst and pissed because he is too dense to catch my point:

  1. He came over after getting Papadom to come to my desk first to ask about the process of whitelisting before he joined the conversation

  2. Texted me to ask if I want Coffee Bean drinks

  3. Much later when I was having a discussion with Papapdom, he came over pretending to be looking for the laptop then awkwardly asking if I want to extend my commitment with Executive Network (honestly, I haven’t done anything in the 2 years HAHAHA)

We saw the email that assistance for Ms. SJ got approved and based on preliminary calculation, seems like the refund will be $3k++! I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER LA!!!!!

Then, it’s 3 pm and time for chatbot discussion with Papadom! This whole session took us more than 2 hours, we managed to look into the KIV list, items such as “digital mc”, “clinic contact” and also the change of HB image etc are done. We have arranged another session for next week, think it’s going to be an every week thing…

I was explaining something about the chatbot to her (can’t recall what is it exactly) and Papadom told me “sometimes, I can’t follow what you are saying”. Makes me wonder how much does she even understand from more than 1 year of chatbot work LOL

During the meeting, I also took small pockets of time to ask for an extension of the deadline for Compliments and Complaints statistics (so ridiculous to ask us to finish the work log on 4th when 2nd and 3rd are PHs??), cleared drafts, and work out the WFH plan with W!

At 5ish pm, I was talking to BK and then she saw my dress, insisted to take a pic for me, and didn’t believe me when I told her T is wearing something similar! She didn’t believe me until T suddenly walked past while BK was trying to take pictures for me. HAHAHAHA we kept laughing la and then later she did the same thing again, then we burst out laughing!


Then later I started carrying Sleeping P’s atas bag and J suggested that I change to my heels to pull off my Tai Tai vibes, so funny! I even went to K’s desk to show her and to the pantry to show BK (as a follow-up HAHAHA)

Okay, end of nonsense, back to my desk and finish up my work! I replied MOM’s email before leaving the office with K!


28 April, Thursday | We have been excited for this day since Monday because Fatfat finally can work from home this time!!! The morning was quite nua, I played with Fatfat, did chatbot HW, and completed one flowchart for my team’s WI.

Lina called me to what to do if an MP appeal letter was faxed to her department, do they arrange the appointment and close the case. I told her to send me the letter, I will need to check for outstanding bills etc, if assistance is eligible for the outstanding arrears.

The strangest thing is the appellant is 14 years old???! There are no outstanding charges for her, but her mother has! She has 2 separate IDs in our records, the total outstanding is about 5k! I think I will need her residential document in order to merge both IDs but I heard she can only speak Tamil so, don’t think calling her is an option… I wanted to ask Faridah but she is on PM leave, let me think this through again.

Before our weekly chatbot meeting, I saw the social worker, E’s TT message asking if we can have a quick call. Her son is sick, so she’s driving and on the road as we speak. She gave me an update and we had a brief discussion, she will reply to my email tomorrow when she is back in the office! Hopefully, I will be able to close this case by tomorrow (so rushed hor, due to PH)

LOL I was in the wrong Zoom meeting link waiting for the host to let me in, so I joined belatedly. It’s our week, there aren’t many lines to go through so YASSSSSS

Before the meeting ended, Ben asked if I have time for a private conversation via Teams and yup okay, sure! It’s probably about the handover_router thing I asked on 14 April 2022, it has been 3 weeks??! Yesterday while I was having the discussion with Papadom, I already figured out why and how to overcome this problem, can use message_escalation.

Papadom: tell him you solved it! 

Me: HAHAHA, he really very slow la

Papadom: Malaysia time okay

The call was about 15 minutes, I felt like he constantly misinterpreting my intentions, but I guess he finally got it. He left Teams messages and asked that I follow up on the part he left us “Rachel to customise the message” and let him know, he will move it to Production. Actually, I can do that myself la LOL, now then he wants to hold hands??

Now, back to all my messy MP letters, lately, the cases are so exhausting la!!!!!

I saw W helped me to download T6 file and sent it to me at 2ish pm, if I worked on Fee Revision tomorrow, I feel bad because she already sent me the file! I completed the FR for T6 (w.e.f 1 May 2022) and sent the updated file over to W at 5.18 pm for her to clear. I will load it tomorrow once she is okay with it! Hope all is good 🙏🏻


29 April, Friday | W cleared a few items I sent her last evening, such as the team’s drafts and my draft email reply to Ms. C. I have been worrying about having to call her since her spouse seems to be quite demanding and asked for a memo. However, when I called her to request her email address, she sounded like one of the sweetest ladies I ever contacted (thankfully she’s not a nasty customer). I sent out the reply shortly after.

W cleared my T6 file and I loaded it in the morning (okay one more thing out of the way).

Faridah has been busy with this case since she clocked in for work, after Mdm K’s call with our Nurse Manager, she is waiting for a reply to explain the late charges and confirmation of the waiver. However, Faridah gave us a sloppy draft that did not address all the concerns or queries. It is also awful enough to go through all the emails to get the context of the case.

Sleeping P also sent some shitty ass draft to us (but not as bad as Faridah’s), so W is really upset and angry today. She texted me to ask me to give Faridah more challenging appeal cases to work on so that she can improve on her writing skills. I shared with W that I have quite a few cases lately but Faridah was hardly in, in the past week, I came to work more than she did so I couldn’t assign her work. Everything just sits on my desk, for me to attend to…

Before Faridah left for the day, she instructed Sleeping P to help her to send out the reply if W clears it. W responded after Faridah left, asking if there was any other email or call, if yes, to indicate in the email reply we have.

As Faridah is away, I went to check on her behalf since Mdm K seems to be rather anxious and demanding. I got trust issues, so I went to do all the fact checks including the question W asked. I also found an incorrect time in her draft, the patient went for Induction at 2130 hours and not 1130 hours, aiyooooooo

She also didn’t encrypt the bill ahead, Sleeping P ended up leaving 10 minutes after 5 pm because she needed to get the document encrypted and check properly before she sends out the reply. Today, I am really disappointed with Faridah’s performance!