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April 2023 - Adulting

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

1 April, Saturday | Didn’t expect me to be here at 7 am in the morning on a Saturday, and after a night of panic attacks due to last-minute assignments of duties, such as registration + collection of items, conducting admin briefing for big bosses (on car rides too), holding the role of “overall IC”!

It was a good effort from all that took part in the meaning project!

+ selfie with Fame! I love how she’s holding a mop in this picture HAHAHA

(then we started planning to meet up for drinks, + YT!)


3 April, Monday | W’s husband is sick, so she took FCL to take care of him. Sleeping P went to see a doctor as she wasn’t feeling great, doctor gave 2 days MC! Already does not sound like a great morning…

Having Faridah around ensures smooth day-to-day operations. However, being with her alone (from my team) can drive me mad as she likes to tell me about the cases she got. Not to discuss what to do, but more like manipulating me to help her with it…

I came to the office and started sending out all the reminder emails to chase people for follow-ups.

There is a new MP appeal case, asking to use the child’s MSV for payment of bills. I only got busier horrrrr

W suddenly called me in the late afternoon, to ask me to help block the DS bill that I projected a wrong estimate... Wah, I completely forget about it leh, heng she followed up with me to block the bill.

She texted me later, to ask something I found funny! After so many years working here, she doesn’t know she can use FCL until I told her 3 years ago during her husband’s hernia surgery. Then today she asked me if her husband needs to write anything, for her to apply for FCL. HAHAHA actually since October 2022, we can use FCL to spend time with family and do not need to submit proof!

*forwarding W the circular/P&P*

I low-key told W how unhappy I was with Faridah, because we got a few new cases and she just grumbled, without taking any action… She was planning to quickly leave work, and leave everything to tomorrow to settle…

(if she even acts on it…)


4 April, Tuesday | W is on another day of FCL as her husband is pretty sick ): Sleeping P is on her second day MC, so it’s just me and Faridah at work, fighting to die another day…

At 10.30 am, I joined the Zoom call for the eFC meeting and was busy taking down notes and key points. Today they covered the part of eFC data tables, which will impact me 100%, so Rachel please stay focused!!!!

A colleague from Adms reached out to my boss earlier, to comment that there is no rep from my office on the call. BUT I WAS ON THE CALL SINCE THE START LEH

I think the new team of IHiS colleagues do not really know the processes and were just simply “presenting” what they have. It was not what we wanted, but it does not seem like anything was carefully thought through…

The topic of data tables brought up the discussion of “Counsel Codes” but some of us realised the slides currently showed “Council Codes”. ALAMAK! As they have no idea what this counsel code is, how they are used, and how are the data set up, JC shared further that T6C data is from BRAIN. I’m quite glad that my boss is in this meeting, so he will answer on behalf of our hospital, but at the same time not glad that he is saying the wrong things.

(I doubled checked with JC, he didn’t know how to correct my boss HAHAHA)

My boss then texted in the group chat to clarify, he said the data is manually loaded. Yes, and also no because hosp charges data is from BRAIN, while the other fields are pretty much static unless there are changes to the pricing.

After getting clarification, my boss corrected himself in the meeting! HENG AH

The meeting ended at 12.08 pm, I quickly tidied up and rushed off for my lunch date with Adeline!

Faridah said she needed to go to Lawyer’s office to sign something so she took urgent time off, and payback the time tomorrow and on Thursday. By right, this is not allowed but it also does not make sense for her to take half day leave just for this. She left at 3.45 pm, and I hold the fort, on my own...

Wah, we have two new appeal letters, one relating to downgrading and recategorisation, and the other is a much more straightforward NR case.

I saw FPA forwarded a termination of EKOR notice, wef 15 Apr! I worked on it quickly since it’s a straightforward change of name only. The file sent to W for her clearance tomorrow when she is back from leave.

Today’s Yoga class, xiao intense. I started having shoulder pain…


5 April, Wednesday | W is back from her two days FCL, she should have quite a few things to clear, especially from me 🙃

I managed to push out two letters to EL for her clearance after all the follow-up work done in the past few days.

(update: In one of the cases, she missed out to approve)

Regarding the request for cost projection in the next year or so, W is agreeable with the quotation and told me how to reword my email so that we put out all the disclaimers in our emails with the figures we quoted.

In the afternoon, W approved my EKOR changes to T6C, still got some time, so I haven’t loaded the changes in yet!

Today I was too busy running through our chatlog HW!!! I almost forgot to update the Compliments and Complaints stats, oops.

In the late afternoon, Sleeping P got a call from Mr. K who is super insistent that he wants to appeal his case with her boss, right now! He has no documents for us, which renders the whole appeal effort unsuccessful, but he still continued to push, and nagged about the same points for the next 30 minutes… He wants a call back from Sleeping P’s boss, latest by Monday…

I drafted some parts of the reply and will firm up the reply tmr.


6 April, Thursday | One of the letters got approved, but the other is missing in action! I even emailed W to check if she got the reply, maybe my mailbox got problem again? W also said she didn’t get it, so I sent a chaser for this! Thankfully EL didn’t approve this, in the end due to late charges…

(got this cleared next week)

As I did most of my HW at work yesterday, today I had some free time to complete Sleeping P's and Faridah's appraisal! Think it has been more than 2 months 😂😂😂😂

W managed to run through my NR oncology file, part 2, and after some tidying up, it is good to go!

After the whole drama two weeks ago with L, she suddenly down with C+ and will not be present at our chatbot cluster meeting today. Seems rather convenient horrrr

(sorry I untrusting)

The meeting went on okay! After that, I got a call from eye centre colleague to understand the queries I raised during the call, this girl really v nice and sweet la, so I was helpful HAHA

The next meeting will be shifted to Friday morning, 10.30 am! This shift is to accommodate those who have to attend BT on Thursdays moving forth. I will need to bring Alan to work on alternate Fridays I suppose, xiao heavy…

Also, I got a call from Gyps, sharing she is unable to download the file from the portal. I needed CDG to check it out, plus also share more about their new portal URL that we don’t know much about.

When I got back to clearing my core work, I realised there is an urgent draft sent at 2ish pm, that needs to go out today. The writer is super upset and demands that we respond by 6 April, EOD which is today laaaaaa

I called W to quickly stop her from leaving work at 5 pm, as I needed some time to run through Sleeping P’s draft, before having W look over the response. STRESS!!!!!!

Earlier, I drafted the reply to Mr. K and got it cleared, and ready to go. After sending the email reply out, I quickly logged off, and PANG GANG LO!


7 April, Friday | Today’s Good Friday Holiday! I have got no plans for the day, other than this amazing lunch with fam at DB Oyster and Bistro!

Pardon the funny-looking menu:

We got their Brunch Set at $78 x 4, and Dad ordered other dishes too! Mom needs to clear her $500 voucher hah, so we get to eat good food today!



Special Beef Burger + bonus photo of Dad too excited for his beef burger!



After that, we were super full!!! I went for a swim, but that didn’t help…



10 April, Monday | My morning started with an email from ET, telling me I have a wrongly sent letter that was returned to us. I thought it could have been an old email but I only got it now, as I had inbox issues previously. I called ET to confirm, and in a few minutes, I went to Finance Office to collect my letter.


I have a few appeals on hand, quickly did all the follow-up and checking after returning from a long weekend break hah

Faridah took up one of the many appeal cases we received and sent the draft she did on Thursday to me. I didn’t have the time to run through and today when I was checking her 2nd revision, I realised that for one of the cases, the MSV was not claimed maximum yet, but she shared that with the social worker + drafted her reply as that… HELPS

If I didn’t dig deeper and checked every single detail, we would have been writing wrong things to patients la, and signed off by Edna…

Oh, and Edna is back from her long leave after 5 long months! Hope she will just reply to me “Please proceed” for the two letters I sent her today 🙏🏻

Today’s lunch treat for self: PANINI

Sleeping P sent quite a few drafts, and W and I alternated between tasks and their drafts haha

At 2.30 pm, it was our department meeting! Not sure why Charissa’s boss so bu hui see situation de, we all came up to Level 6 and she wanted to do Zoom from her desk at Level 5, she is the only one joining via Zoom lehhhh

Her reason was, she v busy. I don’t know if she is implying we all v free since we went to the meeting room…

We were having serious discussions led by my boss, and I was the one who started the not-so-serious ones, such as new hires, we want guys! I also talked about how I have poor facial recognition skills with an example, and my boss also has one example 😂

Today we got one new staff joining us, hope she’s well.

After our meeting, I got back to my desk to continue with my work. I did the loading of EKOR in three batches, which means a total of 12 times. Last time 4 times, already 嫌多…




I went to grab a quick bite at MOS, went for my beauty appointment, and then go DDDK to buy snacks~

I’m excited about instant miso soup heh


11 April, Tuesday | Before I left for the day yesterday, I saw an email from PLS, asking for a quotation for a patient who will be coming for a procedure this Friday, it is the same procedure as the previous time. This is the case I had issues with the estimate vs actual since waiver is only done back end, but I did the draft eFC with the waiver, so what the patient got on the day of the procedure differs from what I gave…

I got DS staff to create the case and quoted 3k before the waiver, the figure obtained after analysing data and past bills, of course.

Wah, I have to get this out of the way first before I can print the two approved letters from yesterday evening.

(I’m so happy Edna is back hehe)

W thought there will be no eFC Design meeting but when I logged in at 10.36 am, the meeting was on LOL. We both attended via Zoom, listening to ALOS discussion while doing our work.

(ALOS applicable for diagnosis-based FC, which we don’t have it at the moment)

We saw the new CCF look, for NN, looks pretty cluttered. Hope it wouldn’t be liddis in Wave 2 for us 🙏🏻

Another new appeal letter came in, bringing the total count of ongoing cases to 5…

I managed to send W three drafts, one boss cleared too, while the other two were completed after 5 pm, W supposedly should have ended her work, but she cleared one of them at 5.19 pm. The problem with WFH is, work never ends…




On my way to Yoga class, I started experiencing tummyache, and couldn’t even sit through 15 mins of Yoga in peace! I went to the toilet then came back to take my things and left…

(Sorry, John)




I asked Mom to cook something soupy for me tonight, and that started my porridge journey 😂

I was upset that I didn’t get to try the Miso soup today, and likely not tomorrow since I’m not too well…

Also wanted to put this here: XXN for remembering the things I said, and wanting to see what it looks like at night ✨


12 April, Wednesday | I woke up this morning, feeling super awful and wanted to take SLWOMC to just rest, but Faridah took it, so I just went to work…

Also morning to “Rachel hasn’t learned a thing”:

Okay la, lunch I had porridge, should be okay?

I wanted to quickly send the drafts to Edna for her approval so that I can close a few pending cases, however, the alerts were not set up yet, not sure if she will make a fuss about that requirement.

Papadom’s team is really down today, so I don’t think the alerts will be ready anytime soon, so I tried my luck! Edna approved them YAYYYYYYY

Today was a super busy day, I have 3 letters to check and print! Two other cases came back with updates but I didn’t have the time to draft, FML

+ a new appeal and many other things to follow up on….

I got a call from Ivy today, think we have some admin things to sort out for the corporate billing project ): I need to brief Charissa on this. She has been asking me questions via text messages, truncated emails, etc, it is quite difficult to catch the context, and I ended up with a lot of back and forth…

K always tells me to just let her learn things the hard way, but I always help her out when she asks questions or makes me check her work. I fear that if I don’t help her out, she will go around telling me people I’m not willing to share knowledge (for this project) and tries to sabotage her career. You never really know anybody right?

In the midst of the unending fire, I got a call from G, he is asking for advice on how to understand chatbot analytics data and what to share with his own institution’s “Edna”. HOW DO I KNOW? Not my lao ban lehhhh

I managed to squeeze in some time to send out all the closures for appeal cases, as we have been receiving reminders in the past few days.




I went for the first facial in my life haha, then teeth whitening treatment before MM shenags with Fat fat!

Okay, then tummyache again...


13 April, Thursday | This week, there is no chatbot meeting, so Thursday is quite relaxing, I got to catch up on the work that I didn’t have the time to do. The cupcake event is also pretty much firmed up, I got the registration form and poster done by EOWD!

W cleared both my letters, I’m still waiting for the patient alerts to be set up before I can float them over to Edna!

Wah, I have no idea what’s Charissa doing, this whole admin name list thing is pissing me off, I cleaned up the file, and sent to her and she didn’t even bother checking and forwarded it to others (people who requested the data). HAIYOOOOOO, VERY CARELESS, and she is also not the detail-oriented kind…

(she still continues to piss me off, and insists what she did is right…. I say until I don’t want to say le)




I also started playing “My Hotpot Story” hehe, recommended by Grace! Wah I’m addicted

😂 😂


14 April, Friday | Wah I didn’t understand what W wanted in her email, so in the end the data I pulled yesterday for the specific code is incorrect, she wants to pull all the MSP data and do a review!

I kept redefining the data after realizing the cases I have isn’t sufficient or clean. The rest of the day was spent trying to refine the data, then dive in! It is a lot of work la, half a day, and I am still looking at the same file…

I sent out both draft reply letters to Edna for her approval! Later, she approved them and I managed to print them out before I left for the day.

(Clearing work is one of my fav)

In the middle of working on MSP file, Rupini came by to pass J something, and we managed to have quite a good catchup 💕

At the end of the work day, my M1 file was not completed, I think I need a bit more time to finish up before I can show W the data we have got!

My boss came to my desk, to tell me that Edna specially 点名 choose me for PC 2023! HUHHHHHH, I legit huhhh a lot and asked "why me". Then my boss just said this year will be even busier for you. HUHHHHHH (get what I mean by I keep huhhhhh)

I don’t want, also cannot right? My boss just laughed, okay lo then I will make the most out of it 💪🏻

(Dinner with Fame and YT postponed as Fame’s son is down with C+)




Went to dye our hair on 16th~


17 April, Monday | I wasn’t feeling too well today, and initially wanted to take SLWOMC but remember I have some things to finish and dragged myself to work…

I saw Sam’s reply regarding me joining PC’s committee. He said “Welcome on board! Xxxxx” I feel it may seem a bit rude not to reply to him, let me think what to say ba, or can don’t reply heh 🙃

I was finishing up the M1 data file and sent it to W to review, and she went through screening and checking before giving me the figures to update for the FC data table! W knows I’m occupied with this piece of work, she came to tell me to tell Faridah to help out with the new appeal case that came in today!

I was planning to but forgot. Anyway, it is a case she had handled previously so it makes sense that she follows up with it lo

It will take her another 2-3 days before I see a half-ass draft…

Today’s lunch is cup noodles! I’m not sure why cup noodles don’t taste as good, without WQ lehhh. I miss this girl~

Speaking of which, during J’s and my afternoon trip to Level 4 pantry, we saw WQ and she said I looked different, and she wasn’t very sure if it was me HAHA

We also saw Sam at Level 4! He congratulated me HAHAHA, he said happy that they will have a CDO on the team. I told him I was happy too, when I knew he is on the committee, then I stopped making noise when my boss told me.

“Got Sam ah? Okay!” I so 现实

My boss helped to send out the Cupcake baking event poster! We got 2 emails on sign-up, and one with a dependent, so a total of 3 pax! I will continue to keep a lookout for this.

We also got feedback that the border around the institution logo is too small, huhhh okay lo I used the same template as before, and now then got feedback hahaha

I did the loading for M1, and got quite a few changes. We are adopting a generalised higher amount for hospital charges, and creating three new dept OU, with even higher hospital charges due to the definite costly scan required. We’re also ending some data lines with specific surgical codes, these two are rarely used, and the last was in 2020. I’m manually updating the subsidized rates too, to higher values to consider the subsidies will never be exactly 80%.

Loading done in UAT and Production is one task that I learned new things, or experiences/knowledge on how to handle!

The funny incident today, while W and I were discussing things, her orange fell from the cupboard and we both got a shock, then proceeded to laugh.

In the end, I sent a very pretentious email, thanking Edna for nominating me! More importantly, telling Sam that “I’m looking forward to meeting (the others) and get started!”



18 April, Tuesday | HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZ!!!!!!

I pulled ehints data for the specialty Breast and Ophthalmology, felt very drawn to the Ophthalmology data, and started working on it haha

Before I even knew it, I already spent most of my morning today working on the file… I decided I have to go out to eat lunch today, just to get some alone time + peace~

My boss suddenly called me, to ask if I wanted coffeebean.

Me: okies, iced Vanilla Latte, regular

(belatedly saying xie xie)

I settled for a salad at Kebab place and opted for Falafel instead of Kebab meat. This is one of the healthiest meals I ate in a long time ba

BUT THEN the stall suddenly gave me a pack of complimentary potato chips, they are in a paper bag so I cannot keep it until tomorrow to eat. HOW TO EAT HEALTHY AHHHHH

I offered the potato chips to my boss, and he is happy to take it up after I explained I didn’t want to eat it, especially because I have yoga later.

Our sink is still not functioning so J and I often go to the Level 4 shared pantry to wash our things and fill water. While we were doing this and chatting in the lift lobby, Mr. Oh and his lunch gang came back. He walked away really quickly, so we didn’t get to talk, tsk

Ahhh, this morning he sent me a video! From the notification, I was wondering what is this about. It was a video of OYK explaining simple rules of eye care! I told Mr. Oh I was having eye pain on Monday evening from all the data scrubbing work, he is such a sweet person!!

I started practicing the 20/20/20 rule!

Then in the afternoon, other than continue pulling data and working on them, P and I had a discussion with Clem at 3 pm. He was so excited to share with us what he has come up with! We will likely have another review session with him again sometime later.

I am also going to try out their product, HIGHWAY!




Today’s first Yoga session was Yoga and Weight Loss, it was intensive and I started to smell… The next class was Yoga Therapeutics! John placed blocks and Tennis ball under my lower back/spine, and later at my side butt area, this class really hurt me so bad la


19 April, Wednesday | Today is my open safe duty day, so we went and were back before 10 am! I love all the conversations I have with J during our private time during work hours, so gossipy and with loads of intel!

I ordered brownies and Macarons from Annabella for my team + Siti! I also ordered unicorn macarons for Belle, I will be meeting her today for dinner and she is also having a very hard time at work.

The Orchard outlet sent over my orders with 1 missing box of 10 pcs of brownies. They refunded me but the stall’s remarks were: you ordered 3 quantities but we only have 2.

(Not my problem leh, sort it out la)

I had to place another order from the Bugis outlet before I can give them out as gifts. I also used the new cards and brush pens to do up customized name cards/messages for them!

I did some of the case checking while on safe duty and managed to complete the Ophthalmology file. W reviewed it later and suggested going with 70P, we still need to wait until all the Fee Revision rates are out, before we can upload the updated file!

For today’s lunch, we ordered from YU PAN, highly recommended by K! IT IS REALLY BU CUO!

After we blasted out the Signature cupcake baking class, this colleague who previously came for the mooncake event, and was difficult to manage, this time also asked a lot of nonsense. She replied to EN’s email and mentioned that she wants to bring her daughter and son (18 yo, 7 yo) for the event. So should she sign up for 2 pax or 3 pax?

The form clearly says to bring 1 additional pax/family member. So the maximum number of attendees per staff is 2, what does she mean by 3 pax hello??!?!!!

Plus it is a requirement by BB that the participants have to be at least 16 years old, what the shit, why does she think she can bring her 7 yo son?

My boss responded to her after seeing my reply, and she immediately called him to ask if she can bring her son along as an observer.


I explained that they don’t allow non-paying participants to stay throughout the workshop, and my boss conveyed this to her, he even apologised to her and said we will look out for other vendors….





5.50 pm: I sent W the revised draft for FDW case, stress!






20 April, Thursday | My period came today, really v zhun on 20th!

W was okay with the tact, and my boss also cleared it, hopefully, Edna is good with the draft for the FDW case!

There were some errors in the bill, but we didn’t want to share them one by one with the employer, and the late charge of 2k, both look bad for Edna so I reword them a few times hah

When I saw Edna’s reply: Noted and please proceed”, I was elated!!!!!

(she is saying noted to the case summary I provided to explain the background)

I’m not sure why today my mind wasn’t really present when I was doing chatlog review HW, and I was also v lazy to understand what Papadom is proposing or asking. We decided to take this discussion tomorrow.

I continued with the ehints data pulling, and also an eye center patient is coming in end May, so I will also need to pull cases for the specific code 810C. There isn’t any recent day surgery for this table 5C procedure, so I just did the workings for the 4 cases with LOS 2 days inpatient cases and sent it to W!

Tomorrow, we will be having our cluster chatbot meeting, for the first time on a Friday! I hope I am not bamboozled tomorrow hah

I went to reorganise the list and asked Mike to review the ones he wanted to add/clarify. After getting his input, I tidied up the list to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting!

Signature cupcake class, current: 9 pax!




Then we went to Grandma’s house for dinner!


21 April, Friday | I came to work, cleared some key important emails, and ate my tuna cheese sandwich. I made a cup of nice coffee to go with it, but then halfway through, Papadom asked to discuss the items we have from yesterday!

I think it is good for us to have this check-in session before the cluster meeting so that we’re both up to speed about things, easier and less confusing for others in the meeting too.

Our meeting started at 1030 am, but then I realised after a few minutes, there is no rep from one of the hospitals. It was only upon us asking, then L went to check and reach out to the missing attendee.

Apparently, he was on leave today and joined us 23 minutes late. He said he almost forgot, I’m sure he forgot lor…

I mean I know it sucks la, that he is on leave and has to attend this meeting, but then if he can’t, he should tell us or at least find someone else to represent him. He shared that they are still hiring an executive position, and it has been vacant for 6 months le…

Ahhh we also found out that two of the newly joined institutions did not do their chatlog review HW! Normally we will filter off the blanks, but this time the colleague who is leading the discussion missed out to do so.

I mean if you don’t want to put in the effort to review, then don’t waste everybody’s time to look through yours. It’s so frustrating and disrespectful la, to come unprepared for a meeting.

We went through the FAQ part, try to de-conflict the items brought up by Mike and seek some clarity on how we define each intent. We’re discussing HHHB vs other intents, but my boss jumped in to argue HH vs HB.


Later, while we were all having the final sum-up comments and discussion, one of the items was asking if we want to adjust the data pulling dates/range, I think we can retain them as it is la, and also support Papadom’s point too.

Me, bad shit crazy: “We have buffer but still blanks”

(burn directed at the senior manager who is late + another PHI who didn’t complete their HW)

Mike texted me what I said in the meeting, followed by HAHAHAHA

I feel so mean, but to be fair JC also lost it during the meeting HAHA. They picked the wrong day to do this to me, raging hormones!

I got some updating of the FAQ to do today but didn’t have enough time to do it, decided to come back from lunch and follow up. W also was asking me to check ADC packages, as it seems like the counseling amounts maintained were lower than what was billed leh

I didn’t see any updated file, think FPA may have overlooked sharing it with us…

J and I went to Tekka to buy lunch today, I helped K to dabao prawn mee, and now I’m officially in love with Prawn beehoon soup hehe (new love!)

After I did the updating of FAQ to the dashboard, I decided to clear project matters first, before printing out the approved reply letter from yesterday!

I wanted to call the colleague with the query, then no need to write so detailed in my email, but not sure if she is available for a call. I drafted the explanation, also think it is good la, at least we have the information in the records. Next time, don’t say I never say lo

She also asked what should she do for the administrator change part, but Charissa did not reply to her… Aiyo so I combined the inputs in my email to her. Later, I also managed to give her a quick call update on the items she has.

Later, Charissa emailed me to thank me for doing this (closing the loop of queries). I don’t know why she is so prideful, doesn’t want to look for me then ends up with everything don’t know, or work was done incorrectly…

I also sent out emails to ask for payment for the cupcake workshop, I hope we have more sign-ups next week, if not it is a loss of $$$!

Reply letter printed~

At about 5 pm, I already got no mood to work already HAHAHA! Maybe holiday mood ba and in a way the work items are not urgent, so I started organizing my things instead heh

Also, is this how I look ah? my tian

(image from ideation Workshop)


23 April, Sunday | Lundly, we haven’t met in two months 😭

I was too excited to eat hotpot (rmb my hotpot game hah), and forgot to take any pictures at HDL! Realised 我们都长大了,r/s discussions are an actual thing and can be troubling…


24 April, Monday | Last week, the reply letter for the FDW case was sent out! I didn’t have time to update the relevant staff on the closure and left that to this week to manage heh

I didn’t run through Faridah’s draft for one of the appeal cases we received last week, she was done on Friday but I have no time to see lor. When I checked through it today, wah I did a revamp of the content, before sending the document over to W for her clearance!

W made some slight changes in the order of the paragraphs, and my boss didn’t ChatGPT me this time, so the letter is ready for Edna’s approval. Update: She approved at the end of the day!

Monday is always a mess, we have new cases and those that we cleared last week, will return with new nonsense, I got another case to work on also, and other items to check…

My boss sent us a request for ITx estimates for donors and recipients for the different patient class, wah we have some existing data le, should be not too hard ba. I have no idea if we should be using min sub, or max sub leh.


25 April, Tuesday | Woohoo, the letter is approved! I did my final checking before arranging and packing the letter. No idea what got me to decide to do a fact check, and found the date we emailed the father was stated incorrectly in the reply letter. It should be 19 April, but Faridah wrote it as 18 April… Sometimes I’m so exhausted because they’re not meticulous and do not check their own work carefully. This makes my work a lot of taxing than it should and it also gives me trust issues…

Today’s eFC meeting was better! The content was useful and there were meaningful discussions and follow-up actions. This is so much better than the boring ones we attended before, and I completely catch no balls lol

While listening, I was also drafting the response for one of the cases – truck driver, and now we need to wait for the appointment with the physiologist on the 27th to clear before we can send out the reply!

K and I ordered Jinjja for lunch today! All thanks to J’s yesterday night jinjja chicken temptation photo! I even considered moving to Sembawang to be her neighbour, and wait for her husband to come home so I get to eat jinjja HAHA

It seems like our ITx estimates are ready to go, I just need SC to create the cases for me, then I adjust the amounts to churn out the CCF for my boss. Update: this will be pushed back…

I started working on Orthopedic file because I needed a change of scene from the Neurosurgery file crisis hahaha

Not sure how, I started feeling pain in my left ankle. Did I sit not right at work earlier? Hopefully, some stretching at Yoga class helps later!

Oh, it didn’t…

火锅猪 update:


26 April, Wednesday | My condition today:

While I was having my tuna sandwich at work today, I saw an email update that there will also be FR for TOSP too, in addition to the ones for Ward and DTF!


We also have to hold back the ITx estimates that my boss requested on behalf of another hospital’s transplant coordinator, as the FRs will affect our estimates quite significantly…

Most of my time today was spent doing up the Infopedia files, I pulled a few sets of data but haven’t really got started. Yesterday, I gave up on Neurosurgery and started on Orthopedic surgery, only to realise today that W is working on that file 😂


I very 准时 left for lunch today heh. I love lunches with her!!

Ahhh, about the jinx… Do you believe in jinx? I just said there’s no MP appeal letter on hand this morning yay, and then now we have a new case…

I don’t understand why people have to approach their MP just to ask about subsidies when they can just google or reach out to the relevant staff. Anyway, whether I like to address it or not, I have to la so I started drafting the reply!

Later, I made a call to KY to check if she agrees with me on not fixing an appointment, as it might be a waste of effort when it is a no-show.

I finally got my shit together to tidy up my current files, re-calculate the TOSP charges, and ward fees. These need to be done correctly and in a tidy manner so that when we have the new fees, it will be a lot easier to update our work and publish them later on!

The eye file cleared, did Hematology too and that is also done, other than the parts I cannot confirm without W’s approval or FR rates. By 6 pm, I’m left with a little bit of Neurosurgery file YASSSSSS

(time to pang gang and rest my eyes!)


27 April, Thursday | After two days AL, and urgent leave yesterday because she wasn’t well, Sleeping P is going to see doctor today, it is another 2 days MC…

So timely right? Then this weekend is long weekend due to Labour Day on Monday…

Today I was working from home, and no chatlog meeting this week so had more time to focus on my work. We have two new appeal cases this morning 😭

Total number of appeals on hand: 3

Yesterday’s appeal case, the draft is done and ready! It is on the new subsidy framework, so quite straightforward. Update: Edna is okay with the reply ((:

I did another checking of the EBS files, and sent them to W for her review! This task is not urgent, since we’re waiting for the Fee Revision updates. W will review this at her own pace ba, and she will be on leave on Tuesday to go Malaysia to visit her mother.

In the evening, there was another appeal case that came in, and the social worker in charge is LX, she TT-ed me after seeing the case hah


28 April, Friday | I felt like my day started off on the wrong foot!!!!! Mom woke up early today out of nowhere and started asking us 10,000 questions on our morning routine, whether we want breakfast. I mean she never ever makes us breakfast la, maybe a maximum of 5 times in my life only and so why suddenly, doing this out of nowhere?

She also kept asking me what Fat fat wants to eat, when she is right here?? Mom just doesn’t stop bothering me in the morning, this messed up my entire routine!

I forgot my bottle…

Then later I realised I lost my ear cuff, and my moonstone bracelet also broke off 😭

Faridah is taking PM leave today, as she has to go for her medical appointment in the afternoon. She even started work earlier at 7.30 am instead of 8 am.

With Sleeping P on MC today, and this, only W and I will be around (at work) this afternoon. Hope not much daiji and we both have our performance appraisal with our boss in the afternoon!

Before I could start printing out the approved reply letter, W started running through cases with me, and we were checking the cases in our BE inbox, there were many that Faridah did not work on, or she got the inputs earlier in the week but did not draft the response or close it. W did three of them, and I completed the drafts for two cases after some investigations.

When I asked Faridah to send out the drafted replies, it was 11:14 am, but she asked if she can do it next week as she needs to leave early. She ends work at 11:30 am lehhhh

This whole morning while W and I were checking cases, and trying to close as many as we can, Faridah wasn’t doing much, and we realised she has been doing all the useless things, such as following up for another hospital, drafting interim for PE office when Sam asked her own girls to do it lol

We ordered lunch from Oh Some Bowls, I had Mentaiko Salmon with Soba and it was so delicious!!!!

It was a quick lunch and I quickly went to print out the approved reply letter, hoping to finish this task before our appraisal later.

W’s appraisal was 15 minutes then at 1.45 pm I was on my way up for mine.


It wasn’t really an appraisal of my performance, our boss was just discussing others most of the time haha lol

My boss said he will be putting me up for promotion, and all I did was nod. To be fair, promoted or not, I still have to do the work la.

We talked about some of the difficulties I have, about how my learning has reached a plateau for some of the projects or the things I’m doing.

W thanked me for my work, and for doing a great job so far! She also said not to be so apprehensive, good to keep an open mind and eyes to whatever my boss hands me, it will be a struggle la, but I will also benefit a lot from those experiences.

It is also confirmed that this is W’s last year le… I’m sad that she is leaving, and of course I hope she can stay but then again, I know it must be tiring for her as she is already in her seventies. I think I will miss having her around, someone that can I discuss everything with, understands me and support me in any way possible.

After our appraisals, W and I were on our way back to the office! We talked about a few things, and one of which, is how we hated being in the office with only Faridah from the team! It’s like a sure game for getting pissed off!

We have to follow up to find out what went wrong with the system SMS generation, think it should be done incorrectly at FSS end… Later, I called Johnny to find out more.

Then it was back to MP letters follow up, I went to W to discuss the tact for one of the cases, and the more I look into them, the more issues that needs resolving. I do not think the letters will be ready for vetting on Wednesday when W is back hah

W told me a few cases to check for her when she is away, before she left for the day. I followed up with PE office on the update for the truck driver case, then also got calls on other things too.

As I’m the only one left (from my team) in the office and I had a few cases with PE Office, they called me a few times this afternoon… aiyooo a lot of things to settle…

Random insert: G called Papadom to ask how to do chatlog review, as he was afraid to be “say” by me. Papadom clarified it was another institution too haha

Rachel can be nice or really bitchy, last Friday it was really bitchy hahaha

The update I got from the PE office on the angry father refusing to give his child’s CDA account number and complaining about his experience at CE. In the end, his concern is about the refund???

Think J will have to call him next week, sianz

J and I left work close to 6 pm, and I was on my way to Suntec City to meet YS for dinner at Route 65!




In between, I was almost baited by a skin specialist/salesgirl to buy their skincare product for $300 to exfoliate and kept trying to add freebies + further discounts.





Long weekend takeaways:

Wah I think this show will stay in my heart for a long time! Really very touching!!!!

(will write a more detailed opinion piece when I'm not lazy heh)

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