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April 2024 - Adulting

1 April, Monday | I was busy scrubbing the delivery data that my boss requested, he needs it for a presentation with OBS doctors, and I refused to do my appraisal with him today.


In the end, I went after two other colleagues because I suddenly remembered I am not the boss HAHA


My appraisal was rather long because we were discussing work mostly, like how to present the data better and what to consider. It was a very spontaneous appraisal (:


His feedback was that I am too accurate, it is good but at times it can be frustrating (? Can’t recall his exact words). He added that as I progress upward, I wouldn’t have the time to be so accurate HAHA


I got an ‘A’ grade again this FY and lao ban suggested that to aim for A* next year. Then we realised next year my RO will be K, so I don’t know if she will easily give me an A*.


He told me that he thinks I will be the next successor for the department because I am capable and still have a long runway. I think it is nice of him to say that, but I also don’t know if this is where I am going to stay, for the next x years


2 April, Tuesday | hehe

By the end of the day, I was done with the OBS delivery data and scheduled a meeting tomorrow to share with my boss and K!


3 April, Wednesday | Other than the sharing/update done in the morning, I was busy responding to doctors on the cost (quite a bit of back and forth…)


4 April, Thursday | I am still responding to a doctor and trying to refine my data for us to come to a consensus on the initial deposit to collect.


There are also other FC things to manage. We also got a query on OPAT MIC charges, the team is considering opting for this new care plan for a group of patients who are currently unable to receive the infusion of drugs by their caregivers.


I was doing up the info and scheduling a discussion with the relevant folks.


I almost forgot we have this ADC package dispute of missing subsidies, so I need to follow up on the waiver form and monitor the bill.


I was referred a case from MOM and that also needs prompt follow-up as ding dong very long le…




Fried Eggs😋


5 April, Friday | I can’t recall much about work for today as it was a happy day having lunch with Oppa:

And after work, I met YT and Fame for dinner and drinks!

(still quite surprised to hear Fame’s life stories)


6 April, Saturday | This is my second time travelling to Northpoint to meet Mr Oh for lunch and this time, it wasn’t pleasant memories ):


I went to queue for Mister Donuts at Novena before meeting him for lunch, we had songfa! He was not pleased to hear I got him doughnuts again, this time it was a box of 6, he didn’t speak much over lunch and I was trying my best to be conscious of using common utensils to kiap vegetables.


We went to Value Dollar Shop to buy plastic bags so that we both could bring home some doughnuts. He sounded upset about it so I tried comforting him that it is not a lot and he seldom eats unhealthy things.


His response made me feel like he was blaming me for making him unhealthy as now he has got no time to go exercise.

When we left the supermarket, I couldn't hold back my tears. He didn't notice as he was ahead of me, making his way out of there.




Even though he clarified and I understood his perspective and why he said those things, I think I will take time to forget how I felt today.



7 April, Sunday | SL will not be attending service today as her friend will be laying over around the same time, so I decided to give service a miss today as Apple and I still have plenty to work out.


We went for a famous lasagna at City Square Mall, it was not bad. I liked the café we went to after that, Acoustic Coffee Bar is on point with its aesthetics and choice of music!

I never knew I would be this in love with Apple Cold Brew!


8 April, Monday | As his presentation is this Thursday my boss wants more in-depth info on the delivery data from last week. That’s not a lot of time as this Wednesday is PH!


We found a doctor who ordered more costly non-standard drugs, and I got carried away and ended work at 7.30 pm ):


9 April, Tuesday | My whole team are on half day today except for me, and somehow I am no longer in the mood to do work HAHAHAHA


As I was busy Teams messaging YT, I suddenly saw an email from Dr. M asking to have a call with us… haish she has always been rejecting our figures and I don’t know if the call will end well sobs


Thankfully, my boss suggested that we Teams call her together, it was honestly a good conversation! It was helpful and now I can better refine my data!!


(I had a few Teams call with my boss today le)




Little Spanish Place with J and K 🍷🍷


11 April, Thursday | WFH after PH is damn shuang woohoo! I joined the OBS online sharing today and that was the main thing heh


We went for dinner at Grandma’s!


12 April, Friday | I have not been well since last night so I wanted to take sick leave without MC, but eventually decided to show up for half a day (as later also need to go out!)


After work, Fat fat and I went for lash lift and dinner! We also randomly go try out glasses at Owndays heh


Here is a picture of my eyes:




Even though thinking about that day, still brings tears to my eyes, I have to keep going forward and we have to talk about these difficult things eventually ):


15 April, Monday | Starting the week with Champagne nails:

 And also, my period is here!




Hmm not sure if I should be sitting in this AI/transformation meeting, as I felt like the problem child and I also had difficulties grasping what the question even is…


I went for lunch with H, and found out that Charissa had been gossiping about me to my staff when I was on WFH. WTF?


(is talking about me/my life, her only inspiration in life LOL)


Then today at 2.30 pm, we started with staff appraisal and were done at 3-ish 💪🏻


Last week, I was done revising the table of cost breakdown for CART but I think the doctor will reply to me very quickly, and then I will have to work on this piece again (v soon)!


I only sent the email with the revised cost, clauses etc. to the doctor today, and for the first time, she agrees with me!!!!!! YAYYYY today must be my day hahaha


16 April, Tuesday | (missing content)


17 April, Wednesday | I was feeling anxious for most of today, as I had to wait for this piece of information then can close this loop, then that loop.


Much later, the real anxiety and stress are here…


One of the donors who couldn’t claim his tax deduction benefits (due to missing ID details on his part), made an entire ruckus and demanded a call back before tomorrow, 11 am.


HAISHHHHHH, I wanted to call him this evening but Sam suggested to do it tomorrow once we have all the info! He also mentioned that we don’t have to work extra hard for someone like that


Thankfully Sam was assuring and offered to call him tomorrow!





Dinner with YITONG!

It's a 24-hour cafe, and I wondered if I could still chat with someone until the next morning, with my current age and fatigue...


18 April, Thursday | After discussing plans with Yitong last evening, on what I will do once I turn on my work laptop, I was ready and have put together all the information and findings by 10 am, regarding this missing tax deduction benefit complaint.


I did a quick briefing with Sam and then it was in his court, I was anxious all morning, worrying that things may escalate if Sam had overlooked the call by 11 am.


Morale of the story: have faith!


Sam called me at noon and updated me about the call content, it was an hour-long call ): poor thing, he had to listen to him grumble and complain…


There are some follow-up actions required on my part, but no more direct contact with that crazy dude, I am finally back on track with my work!


I rushed to leave the house at 6 pm to reach Chinatown for DONG BEI CAI with Lundly!

Wah so good!!


Today is Suzanne’s birthday but due to unfortunate behavior by her mother, she has no birthday plans with her family. We are her family today, actually ever since Lund days ❤️


19 April, Friday | We had rescheduled this training session from last week to this week, finally, it is happening! Including PR matters, the session was from 3-5 pm, and it felt like I still didn’t have enough time to run through FC with H and K…


Once we returned to our desk, I was busy working on some data and didn’t realise my Outlook was disconnected…


At 5ish pm, I got a call from my lao ban, and he asked me about that urgent admission patient who will be coming on Monday. I had to look through some data with him and then create an Enquiry CCF for him to 交差


I could only leave the office at 6.15 pm, haish

(I brought my laptop home, they should give me on-call fees)




I met Fat Fat for dinner at Chimichanga and then we went to make new specs!! It was ready in 30 mins, and my eyesight got worse – both eyes increased by 0.5


I also have astig on my left 😭


20 April, Saturday | Dad rented a get-go vehicle and drove us all to Sentosa for our cousin’s wedding! I think it is quite expensive.


So here I am eating a fried chicken leg at their Tea Ceremony:

Hehe, we had a good catch-up with cousin!


After the ceremony, it was time for the lunch banquet and I liked the host/MC! He is my kind of humour~


Not my parents’ wedding but featuring them making me their photographer (all the time):


21 April, Sunday | Today I went for service, then met Apple at our favourite, Acoustic Coffee Bar for our third itinerary planning sesh!


Apple came slightly later, and she had lunch already so I had their Owen breakfast and my favourite Apple Cold Brew~

(while reading)


22 April, Monday | H is on CCL today, so I am covering his duties, I managed to complete 1 Infopedia file!


(considered a not bad progress)



23 April, Tuesday | I received an email, asking for the cost estimation of ALL treatment protocol 2020 and honestly, I have no idea what that means (HELPS)


So, it is a clinical trial, thankfully the doctor is nice and the coordinators were prompt and helpful, they gave me a few patient cases that I can reference!


I managed to make good progress and also according to my boss, did a good job at managing the doctor’s expectations J


It was a quick one, teaching H and K how to upload FC data and completed the Breast Centre Facility update!




After work, I went for my facial appointment and then dinner! A customer started running/jogging around in Paris Baguette (abit siao siao??)



24 April, Wednesday | Then came another Oncology request, the consult is happening tomorrow at noon so I am super pressed for time ):


(this request, also became extended, even over the next two weeks -.-)




I had songfa with Fat Fat and went to Novena (my first time at this outlet) for a beauty appointment. After the session, it is an official shift over!




For the past few days, Mr. Oh and I haven’t had much time to text and chat, and I didn’t want to sleep to talk to him awhile more, even though I was exhausted. Then he admitted that he missed talking to me too!


Hehe, there was once before, we stayed up later than usual to text more~


25 April, Thursday | I completed and sent the estimates by noon (for the consult). However, they requested two other estimates for the planned admission on coming Monday…


(it is another mad rush again)

The doctor also insisted on adding up the cost of what items required for this patient, but this methodology does not factor in every drug or consumable used. I drafted the response but decided to send it tomorrow instead.





Featuring my crab de-shelling shenanigans!



26 April, Friday | Hehe xie xie Mr. Oh for saving my life with:

I like our little lobby meet-up! Can we have more of these?




The reason why I came to work today, was because there is an urgent estimation request to work out by today. I assume parents would want more time to get a guarantee from insurance etc.


Only after speaking to Nurse R, I find out it was two admissions, why was the doctor not clear about this in the first place?

There was a lot of problem-solving, finding out the codes for the items the doctor listed. I was rushing and completed at close to 4 pm. We also need the CCF to be ready with the approved figures before the team can share with parents the estimated cost!




Fat fat and I went to Grandma’s for dinner and we got ice cream from McDonald’s on our way home!

(The original was 50 cents, but I bought sweet potato de hah)


27 April, Saturday | I reached Sembawang MRT before the agreed time to meet at 2.35 pm. I don’t know if it is the nerves, I wanted to use the washroom but the MRT female restroom is under cleaning…


The session was supposed to start at 3 pm but was shifted to 3.30 pm so Mr. Oh brought me to take a bus, reach a nearby mall to use the washroom and then get drinks from Yakun!


The church activity location is so hot, as there is no airflow. Thankfully Mr. Oh went to turn on the fan for me where I left my bag hehe


Then I had a quick chat with Pastor, R before the rest gathered. I was introduced as his colleague, which isn’t wrong la. The aircon was turned on, we did some ice breaker activities, followed by going through the course program of Alpha course!


Alpha session wasn't scary, his cg mates were nice and the pace was okay. It felt like a good environment to learn and grow together!!


Then we got a lift from cg mates (who are a couple) to Sembawang MRT, we took the train to Bukit Gombak MRT and I think we better buy something up to his friend’s place.


We got lao ban, and Mr. Oh wanted the no-sugar one, so we got one of those hah


The time spent for dinner and drinks at his friend, K’s house was nice! K and T and their partners were all very welcoming, and friendly and somehow I felt like it was not my first time meeting them!!!!


It was fun meeting his friends, hearing about their lives and experiences, and of course, the memories they shared!


I like how his friends like teasing and disturbing him haha, they are wholesome company!


They asked me many questions about me and Mr. Oh, as they said he didn’t share much with them, other than telling them he was seeing this girl.


Although when I asked in December 2023, Mr. Oh told me about this, the significance didn’t sink in. Today, when I heard his friends talk about how he shared about “seeing this girl” voluntarily (being such a quiet individual), it gave me a glimpse of his true and deep feelings for me ❤️



28 April, Sunday | Another day of Switzerland itinerary planning! We are feeling stress at times, but it is good stress 😊



29 April, Monday | I decided it would be good and cost-saving to make lattes to bring to work! I made Hojicha latte this morning:



30 April, Tuesday | I made Matcha Latte today, and for him too! Is an effort to get up earlier, sieve and whisk the powder, but it makes my morning great + makes him happy (I guess?)


I completed three Infopedia files and loaded them!


(tomorrow is PH, YAY)

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