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August 2023 - Adulting

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

2 August, Wednesday | After two days MC, I have a lot of work piled up!!!!!!!! IT WAS HELL 😭😭😭😭

(didn’t bring my laptop home, so also cannot read emails before going back)

One of the staff sent money to the wrong account (using the file with the old QR code), and I was just panicking because it was $700, what am I going to do???!

I have 5 sets of cashflow statements to submit DED

And I got two new appeals too, Faridah hasn’t done anything for those… really is wo ku ming

MP cases got two new ones…

(My lunch breaks have been 15 -20 minutes while I spent the rest catching up with my work)

I was cutting and trimming the laminated posters during my lunch break, K saw me doing it and told me to let someone else do this la (it doesn’t have to be me ma, esp bc I looked unwell). I told her it's okay la, is like “cracking peanut” activity to pass the time HAHAHA

New keyboard heh

(Sleeping P gonna get a similar one, and called me her Keyboard Idol 😂)


3 August, Thursday | I have been receiving the prompt to change my password so in the end, couldn’t stand it and changed it

But then maybe becasue it was a WFH setting, it couldn’t sync, and I was using my old password to sign in to Windows but none of the passwords worked for VPN. I went to the office during lunchtime and waited for an engineer to come check…


4 August, Friday | I felt weird that there are no payment transactions received today HAHAHAHA (is it I too committed now)

After a gentle reminder yesterday, JC approved my letter le YASSSSS

For this case, we are sending an e-letter response in view of the family’s circumstances, so there were some email drafts and things to sort out (a different process from our norm)

I was going to go to the Finance Office to pass ET her requested laminated posters but was so busy with work that didn’t see she texted haha

ET came to my office instead and chatted a bit before she left with the posters

K and I decided to treat ourselves today:

I also got their coffee, it was a hai hao for me (K loved it)

Charissa hasn’t been keeping me in the loop for transport project emails that I was in (added by department admins/POC). I felt this is a basic courtesy leh, to just let me know that she has already settled the request. This is not the only incident, it was definitely on purpose

How she treats me, doesn’t reflect anything about me but reflects plenty about her 😂 insecure much LOL

(She reminds me a lot of Papadom’s behavior when I just started working, kept trying to exclude me…)




When XY and I finally had some time (at the same time) during post-lunch time, we went around the office putting up/changing the posters to prepare ahead for the ISO audit next Monday!

(It was fun)

Okay then back to work!

W cleared the two letters I sent for vetting today, but we wanted to hold until next week before sending them for approval by my boss, then S! I did all the checking first, organise the cases I had to.

New keyboard + Milk Rose Nails


5 August, Saturday | ❤️


6 August, Sunday | CLARA THE GWAILO IS BACK~

(after 4 or 5 years)

Cousins Gathering!


Happiest ❤️

(She said she going to look at our picture every day)


7 August, Monday | The two main things on my to-do list today, are sending the two reply letters to S for her approval. But these were delayed, and sent after few hours interval as I have other things to clear….

One of the letters was approved at 4 pm, while the other I sent it only at 5 pm, so it wasn’t cleared this afternoon

I had Granola with milk for lunch today and was chatting with J and K about what we did over the weekends, then R came over to tell me to help bring files up for ISO audit.

“Orh” while I made my way up to Level 6 with my laptop (took no files, girl)

I met XY and R outside the meeting room, they went down to grab more files while I sat in the meeting room with the two internal auditors.

Then my boss came in and saw me.

“ni zuo mo zai zhe li?”

“ISO audit la”

(I cannot be here meh, actually, I have been in ISO/RA team since 2019 hah)

We received feedback last week about a case of no payment to non-profit organisation since December 2022, and no replies from the stakeholders so far. So I ping my boss while sitting opposite him in the ISO audit, to give him a heads up that I will be emailing the organisation’s Executive Director, PH.

(Yes, I am dangerous)

It was already 3+ pm then I went on to work on the payments for Bento! Earlier, I went to ask MK for the transaction records, and now working on the payments made on 3 Aug, 4 Aug, and 5 Aug!

Other than working on PC payments, I also have to sort out the cash/cheque collection problem. The HR person on our committee seems to be quite thoughtless??? She wants to deposit the cash/cheque at the end of the day, based on their planned consecutive three days schedule when I already mentioned we have an afternoon session on Tuesdays after 2.30 pm -.-

The worst was her comment that she plans to do the counting and deposit from 1-6 pm as they would want to clear some work in the morning. HUHHH then is she expecting us to OT so that she can clear work in the morning????

I only managed to leave work at around 6.30 pm




I walked to Fortune Centre, it was quite a nice evening walk (about 10 minutes?). The place we wanted to grab cheap Japanese food (stall last day is 12 August) is sold out, and they don’t take any more customers ):

We ended up at Yat Ka Yan for dinner too

(It was our original dessert place plan)

I like this:

(Honestly, doesn’t the back view of the girl with long black hair looked like a ghost??)


We also went for coffee at Xin Wang, it was a bad choice sobs. The coffee was too sweet, it didn’t taste like coffee at all… We paid $9++ for two cups of sweet water…


8 August, Tuesday | We have an interview at 9.30 am today so I made coffee in a flask cup I bought from The Art Faculty some time back. Not sure how the coffee started leaking, and the liquid was burning my left hand…

(why does this feel like not a good start)

All these times, I know the good and bad ones but I can’t pick the best among them for the role. BUT TODAY I THINK HE IS THE ONE!!!!!!!!

Then, back to clearing my work, and following up on cases. I also think I shouldn’t drag on any longer, faster finished up the interview assessment forms – completed 4 today YASSSSS

We had Saap Saap Thai lunch today, it was spicy but very shuang!

Edna approved my letter at 4 ish pm and I printed it at 5 plus then worked on clearing Bento payments. This one is also another very tiring task to manage…

I wanted to stay later to finish some of the three interview assessment forms and payments but realised one of the staff paid the Pledge Card Donation to the wrong account ):

And so I gave up and went home…


9 August, Wednesday | HAPPY NATIONAL DAY 🇸🇬


10 August, Thursday | Really too much work!!!!

Among all these things, side hustling the interview matters (pre-, actual, and post) really took up lots of my time. We rescheduled for this candidate bc she said she can’t do this Friday to Monday from 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm (during our lunchtime).

She asked if we could see her at 2 pm instead. I am quite shocked that this candidate still can come and bargain with us all these when she applied for this role leh…

We have got a department meeting later on Monday, so we really cannot see her at 2 pm. Then I asked HR to let her counter-propose timings then

(Update: I think HR forgot to follow up with her, and W’s opinion is to pang her bc if we really hire her, she will also hope we accommodate her all the time too)

I completed the remaining three interview assessments for K to go through, I told her to moderate bc in general, I give quite good scorings.

I happily pang gang at 7 pm, belatedly realised that I hadn’t finished our chatlog review HW sobs

(I did it after dinner)


11 August, Friday | I was catching up with W this morning! W was away on Monday and Tuesday + National Day break to visit her mother in Malaysia. They are trying to sort out her discharge plans at the Nursing home.

I continued with doing up cases and settling PC things (cashflow statements again…), before my next work agenda!

10.30 am, it was our biweekly cluster chatbot meeting, and we finished the chatlog review earlier than expected, but I don’t know why the other hospital just tossed the responsibility of deconflict back to us (and I got arrowed…)

M: I tot (they) should be leading the deconflicting

Next time I also pretend to upload FAQ and then tell u all to “carry on with the agenda”

HAHHAHAHAHA but bruh I agree with you la, they should be doing it








Then not much time left to do my work, it is time to make my way over to PC meeting at 3.30 pm. On my way out, I saw Sam on his way too, so we briefly talked about how others not v worried or anxious about timelines, which made both of us stressed. He said this year’s team is not v strong la (I got no comparison but yes, felt like everybody can do more or better)

I came back to my office, it was already 4 ish pm le, and W had left for the day! There isn’t much time left for me to do my work la, J was in some crisis with Whispir testing (main reason: K wants this settled as soon as possible).

So I did the testing with J and then followed up on this backend with Simon to confirm HVB blocking, and he gave us a workaround by requesting approval for upload/download of CSV to this BizLive site

I stayed until 6.30 pm to finish up clearing drafts and replying to a few other emails


12 August, Saturday | Hoping for bad weather, never works for me... so here I am at 8ish am for our PC x EN event:

Overall the event is considered a success, and also no incidents (I didn’t fall)

But I do have a slice of embarrassment to talk about! Some of the participants came to support some of the PC main committee peeps, like Ange and Sister YY. When one of them asked to take a group photo with our bikes, I wanted to be done with this event and go home asap, I quickly moved my bike over to take pictures, only to realise that the others at this event did not move their bikes lol.

The group photo was meant for the five of them, paiseh max!!!!!

I spent $7 only for renting Anywheel bike for 3 hours!!!! I think I will ride more in the future if got opportunity la

好不容易 lost the tan, then now became tanner again…

(followed by a few days of body ache, really 老了)


14 August, Monday | I came to work today and my Outlook wasn’t working, I did nothing in the first hour of work. After lodging a ticket with our Helpdesk, no IT support is coming any time soon ): I asked T2 about this and she suggested that I use the web version to access my Outlook

In the afternoon, W saw my monitor screen and asked if they had fixed my problem yet.

Me: nope

Then in the afternoon, we went for our department meeting at the Finance meeting room. This place is super cold… Our boss was in another meeting and came 30 minutes later hahaha

We just do our own work while sitting in the same room until our boss arrives lol

The meeting started around 3.30 pm and it was close to 5 pm when we got back to our office, and IT support came back to fix my laptop (I was away for a meeting when he came over). We only managed to leave the office at 6-ish because laptop issues needed more time to sort out


15 August, Tuesday | The times I wasn’t busy with Bento matters or away from my desk, I was busy doing up Dental Fee Revision!

It is always good to provide all this revised information ahead of the effective date so that patients can be correctly informed and counseled on the likely charges.

Before 11.45 am, we need to give out all the Bento orders that I ordered and the ones my boss ordered for colleagues (helping XY out a bit here).

( I have 5 + 9 sets)

One of my colleagues came to return me the Bento, citing that she ordered fish and this (bento) is not hers.


It is a standard Bento set leh, Nasi Lemak with chicken drumlets so I am quite puzzled by what she said. I called XY to check on this, and she said that colleague ordered Nasi Lemak leh and did not mention anything about fish HAHA

LOL I think she’s just trying to make things difficult for me only lor

We went for a talk on True Humility! The speaker went through a lot in life, he emerged stronger and went on to write about his experience and how to cope with emotions. I’m planning on getting his book, it will be an amazing read~

We had the Bento food at the talk too hah. I like how the bento food looks:

(heart-shaped rice)

C is on compassionate leave and asked me to help her contact so and so to settle the payment for Bento. I feel bad to reject her but this is also not my role la, everything I help people do then who help me T.T




Somewhere in the afternoon, I went to Level 6 to see SCM’s kids!!!!!


This was indeed a good break ❤️


16 August, Wednesday | HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUYANG 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

(Faridah is on AM leave as her son is unwell, her sons are in their twenties btw)

I have lots of appeal follow-up to do, and need to take time to do Dental FR things!


(wah I cannot, v full leh)

I saw JW ask me a question, and I found it rather weird, as she can adjust the effective date based on how much time I need. Also, instead of rushing out the file I need for FR updates, she is asking all these funny questions trying to understand why I need the data for all patient classes LOL

Rather not entertain that, and work on what I can

Somehow every time W is on leave (she took half day), I will tio some nonsense or challenging issues.

As C is away on compassionate leave, I felt obligated to help her out to chase for payment and emailed one of them to make payment, follow up on these, and that…

I submitted the cashflow statements for 14 and 15 Aug.

After what felt like 500 years, the address problem finally got settled then I could finally push out my draft reply letter to Edna

Edna emailed the division folks and said to call her by her name, I find it odd especially because I have close friends with the same name as “Edna”.

She approved my letter at 5.59 pm, so I rushed to get that out of the way!

I was almost done with work at 6.20 pm, and asked J to help me wash my cup so that we could leave the office asap hah

J: 10 dollar


17 August, Thursday | I wasn’t feeling very well today, not sure exactly where I feel the discomfort, so it wasn’t really a great day…

It was a busy work day, I didn’t even have the time to work on the data I put together for Squint Surgery… I sent to W for her to get started first

We finally got the files, and when I checked with our current amounts/subsidy values maintained, they are not entirely the same. They looked weird??? I think there are some changes that we were not informed of, for Dental services

I sent two of the letters to Edna for her approval, I realised for one of them, she did not mention: “please proceed”. I gotta follow up with her on that tomorrow.

6.30 pm: pang gang and go rest le

Also, did not go to grandma’s for dinner, had an apple for dinner after mom insisted that I eat something…


18 August, Friday | I woke up feeling much better and W is on MC as she isn’t feeling too well. I went to the office!

Today feels like a preview of the work-life without W… I was doing most things solo and went to run through all the FR files and data again, before uploading or sending them to relevant stakeholders. There are a total of 4 sets of Dental files!!!!!!

I wonder if next year, every day is gonna be like today

Lunch: steamed eggs and rice cakes

(and Iced Latte)




LS started again, and I started panicking over the Lash Lift session later. I was so worried I might need to use the toilet during the treatment session, and as confirmed by the therapist, I can’t go toilet during Lash Lift…

After the session (thankfully, the crisis didn’t happen), Fat fat and I went for dinner and then home!

I barely slept during the night due to LS problems ):


19 August, Saturday | I have been on a on and off LS since Monday, and decided to see Dr Chuah this morning

Dr: so you have been having diarrhea for the past 6 days, and haven’t seen a doctor

Me: yes, now that you put it this way, it has been more than I imagined it to last

(when you are sick, just see doctor la)

I got home, took medication, and wasn’t feeling wonderful, but then I planned to meet my secondary school friends a few weeks back, so went ahead with it!

No ragrats

It was one of the best catchup in a long time, I miss these people~

Then I went home and met Fat fat before we made our way to KLP for an early dinner, but I wasn’t really feeling well enough to eat much (LS concerns…)

Her colleague came to pass her the ticket, then we walked over to the Indoor Stadium at around 7 pm!

Cleared security, got water to stay hydrated, and all excited heh

The reason why I got to attend this concert (even tho I am not exactly a fan): Fat fat’s colleague may have schemed to get herself the best ticket and misunderstood her, and got her 2 tickets for 1 attendee… anyway lucky me~


INVU · Can’t Control Myself · Some Nights · Set Myself on Fire · Siren · Cold As Hell · Heart · Toddler · Something New (video)

(I love how cheerful and bubbly this part got)

Weekend · No Love Again · You Better Not · Stress · Playlist · What Do I Call You · To the Moon · Wildfire · My Tragedy · Better Babe · Four Seasons · Timeless · Fine · I · Time Lapse

Spark · Ending Credits

She is so beautiful!!!!!!!! And she inspired my back-to-dark hair look~

It was a bold move to pay $300 for a concert when I only knew maybe 5 songs, but seeing her perform, plus I found so many great songs, it was totally worth it! I will totally pay to go again!!!!!!




Then we went to PL McDonald's for supper!!!

(hope no stomachache)

Then then, spam listening to her music ❤️❤️❤️❤️


21 August, Monday | I am back, with much better health!

(playing Taeyeon’s songs on repeat!!!!!)

I sent a reminder to Edna because she missed out on my revised last week draft, and that is out of the way today

I did up two more drafts and sent them to W followed by my boss, and by EOD, I completed another and W can look through that tomorrow (feels like a fulfilling day hehe)

As C hasn’t returned from her leave (I guess she needed more time to process her grief), I also didn’t want to leave her in the lurch and helped with following up on Bento payments

There are two who haven't paid theirs for the order on the 23rd, and one of them was very rude on the phone. She told me that she didn’t want it anymore but didn’t know how to tell us. We sent payment emails to her before, I emailed her last week too, and even Teams her this morning, so I don’t understand what she meant by she couldn’t.

Felt like it was her being irresponsible lo, and in the end, she said she would pay for it but just leave the Bento there, she would not collect it (ARGHHHHHHHHHHH)

(Sometimes I think I need a scream room)


22 August, Tuesday | W refused to go to the meeting with the implants subsidy team from Ministry as I think she felt this (changes) would happen after she retired at the end of this year…

We went over at 9 ish am for the FTF meeting at 930 am and it ended at 11 ish am, I think it was quite a chaotic meeting as there was a change of boss (she was our boss maybe 5 years back – when I wasn’t here yet), she tends to bring up old information that is no longer relevant now

The rest just go along with what she says, when it is incorrect???? I felt like 我们以后的路会很苦 ):

(We even took a group photo, like taking attendance lol)




I ordered bakery food from Merci Marcel (because got feels~), it was good heh, and also gave Mr. Oh an au plain chocolat.




After lunch, I sent the three draft letters to Edna for her approval!

And still got more appeals – pending inputs from social workers, etc. Recently we have been getting a lot more appeals than usual…

I need Sam to approve the Bento cashflow then I can send all the other files together to Finance!




Guess I haven’t been to Yoga class in a long time, my legs started shaking 😂


23 August, Wednesday | HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUZISONGLE!!!!!

At around 10 am, I made my way over to Catering department, I am so thankful that Jeany will be joining me today for the delivery yayyyyy, I don’t think I can manage this by myself

I was a little lost finding my way there, and Jeany and I weren’t really counting the Bento sets leh hahaha we were just chatting

We were accompanying a senior leader for the delivery, she thought I was from Catering hahaha, maybe can consider a job change hor

Then later found out we wrongly delivered a bag of 3 bento sets to the wrong location, I think Catering is not my thing hahaha)

We have been smelling the food since we picked them up earlier, Jeany and I have been feeling hungry since.

Now that we are done with the delivery, I am back at my desk and enjoying K’s treat of Chicken with BBQ sauce and potatoes

(yes, I know it does not look appetizing)

After being away from my own work for this long, I came back to chiong work. I finished printing and sorting out the three approved letters!

I wasn’t really paying attention la, then K told me about what’s pinging my phone non-stop, this colleague (we call her “wayang queen” now) has been throwing out suggestions, and if we turn it down as it takes a lot of effort operationally etc, she will comment later that “just now I suggested but nobody want to take my idea”


(very sore loser, I cannot leh)

I got a call from one of the NMs regarding Faridah’s case but as she was on urgent leave, I had to talk to Sister la and I agree with everything she says. I felt that Faridah was doing the job wrong la

Then while I was on this call, I got another one from another Sister. It was regarding the cashflow statement, and how she should put together the receipt for all the small items they bought on Taobao

And then also another call from Dental Centre, asking about pricing questions that should be managed by JW but then she was very unhelpful imo

This Dental Centre colleague refused to put the phone down with me, and I had to talk to her for 15 minutes to sort out things that should not have been addressed by me leh


24 August, Thursday | WFH day filled with a lot of work, and I was also suffering from some emotional crisis ):

Went to Grandma’s house for dinner! She didn’t cook enough for us, so we had McDonald’s (finally satisfied my stress fast food crave)


25 August, Friday | I didn’t have much time to do my work before it was time to head upstairs to prepare for the 2nd interview for the two shortlisted candidates

It was quite a pleasant time spent hearing them speak and also a kaypoh session with our boss (after the interviews and our internal discussion)

I have filled up the form and want to look it over on Monday again before sending for K’s and my boss’s clearance

After the interviews, I went back to my desk and rushed to another meeting. The cluster chatbot team is doing de-conflicting now, but I was on and off managing other things too (arranging meetings, what to eat for lunch etc.)

We got Ming Chung Beehoon, super bao (my tian)

I also started taking milk again, with Iced Latte with Oat milk~

I have been itching to print this approved letter (on Wednesday evening) since I got to the office!

One of the Sisters from the Imaging Unit contacted me two days ago regarding PC cashflow form and now we planning to see her next week to discuss some of the EBS for IR codes. W and I chose Tuesday at 11 am (might be skipping another meeting)!

Then the rest of the day I was following up on cases. We also have a new appeal case, do until I v luan le, I called KY to clarify something and she commented that she doesn’t know how I cope (hanor)




(Finally, really smiling in two days, even though we will have to face the eventual problem)




I went for my teeth whitening sesh, then walked over to Paragon for dinner with YITONG!

Halcyon & Crane Cafe


26 August, Saturday | hehe ❤️


28 August, Monday | I was all over the place today, due to personal reasons. I was also trying so hard not to burst out crying ):

(did horrible at work, with many errors and unturned stones)


29 August, Tuesday | Edna approved the reply letter but I didn’t have enough time to check before printing it out

As there was some change in manpower allocation for tomorrow’s Charity Bazaar event, J and I are officially in the scooper/cashier team wor for the peak window of 11a.m. to 1 p.m…

(Yesterday we spontaneously decided to grab dinner on Wednesday so I shifted my facial to today and missed Yoga class)

We needed to attend a quick briefing before I head off for what I have next

W and I went over to DI at 10-ish for a discussion about IR codes and came back to my desk to pull out cases for IR so that W could get started on it

I bought some bread along the way back and had that for lunch, and it was back to business liao

I am catching up on all the cases I have and responding to Ministry’s queries, and in the middle of this, I got a pot of Golden Earl Grey Tea from SCM (hehe xxn!)

Then before I went home, I scrubbed the teapot like siao to remove all the yellow stains I could see (which is part of my OCD problem)




I went for facial before going home, felt like my face needed a moderate cleanse

Work updates:

  • Edna buying ice cream for a few of us only heh

  • Don’t know if tomorrow will be rekt because my boss took too many pre-orders


30 August, Wednesday | Sleeping P is on her second day of MC, W is working from home today and Faridah told me that she will be on PM leave

(I didn’t know she took leave leh)

I will be ooo for cash duties with J then head over to our Ice Cream Booth to help out!

At 10 ish, I’m claiming the 2 scoops of ice cream that Edna paid for YASSSSSS

We saw other colleagues dressed up as the 老夫子 trio HAHAHAHAHAHA

Then our mascot is Baby Shark!

(lao ban sweat so much under it)

Overall our ice cream selling journey is quite chaotic and exhausting la, I guessed selling ice cream can’t be my retirement job 😂


We got back to our office slightly before 2 pm and enjoyed the rojak from Adms and PC’s bento:

(the food is okay only, but it is a treat by Sam so just eat lo)

Then we are back to business!!!

Why you deliver drinks 可以 so funny de HAHAHAHAHAHA

XXN for always unknowingly 逗我笑

Kiwi Oolong Tea

Refreshing and a much-needed boost of immunity and energy!

We received a new appeal case this morning but Faridah didn’t even get started. It’s for me to follow up on the cases and I also started getting queries on cashflow statements le…





I always love having conversations with these aunties!!


31 August, Thursday | The most awesome part about working from home today is that tomorrow is PH (due to Presidential Election yayyyy)

It wasn’t a very intense work day, I did the IR loading (after W did the hard work oops), and followed up on PC payments and appeal cases.

It was a bu cuo day~




I went to Grandma’s for dinner, but she didn’t cook (wasn’t really in the best emotional condition ba), so we had McDonald’s instead!

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