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DEC 2019 - Chang Family in Guangzhou & Macau (2/2)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


We tried the food here previously and its hella good!! Especially their sweet banana dessert and pork-cucumber wraps.

Take a slice of the cucumber and pork, put the veg in and add the garlic chilli sauce to it, roll it up and there we have it!!! Normally I don't enjoy fatty meat bc of the texture mainly and also health considerations. BUT THIS IS the kind that you wouldn't taste the fat and the meat goes in nicely.

The fried fish is a total heaven. We had fried rice too!!!!!!!

We chilled and waited for our dessert to 来. We ordered the banana one and sweet potato one. They were coated with a layer of harden sugar and best served after dipping in cold water. This makes the outside harder and the centre soft and warm!!!!!😋

A upside-down Christmas tree 🎄❤️ in the hotel to end off our first day in Macau!!!

DAY 5 // 29 DEC 2019

Basically the trip to Macau is gonna be one about food. REAL GOOD FOOD!!!!!

We left at 11ish from the hotel to meet our parents and uncles (staying in another hotel) to travel to LORD STOW!!!!!!

It was raining on our journey but we were all just excited to visit our favourite cafe of all time bc of the quality of the food, the vibes, coffee and tarts!!!

We came at the time when there was filming ongoing so we had to wait, we ended up at their express/coffee place to hide from the rain.

With sisters and our uncle!!!!!

We couldn't get a table for 7 and sat separately for this meal. Separately, we got a hot cup of latte to start the day right!!!

Their beef lasagne is the bomb and die die must-try dish. I had a big breakfast with fully cooked eggs, bacon, sausages and bread.

After our heavy brunch, we ordered their signature egg tarts and seasonal mince pie (its actually a mixed fruit tart, sweet and sour plus light as a post-lunch treat)

Of course, we ordered a second cup of coffee to go with it.

It was still raining so we took the bus back.

still feeling festive!!!!!

The adults went to the casino while, we nua sai in our rooms and met the rest for dinner at Venetian's food court. THEY HAVE TIM HO WAN!!!!!! And of course I had hagao 😋

The malls are connected and are huge!!! We went from places to places to explore but mainly for food hahahaha, as most shops sell high-end stuff - there is nothing Rachel can buy.

Our uncle so cute lah, he insisted that we take photos at iconic places, so here is one!

DAY 6 // 30 DEC 2019

Lunch at Effiel Tower🗼❤️✨

It's our fav dude, the manager who came from nanjing (he looks like SJ shindong imo)! Love his hospitality!!!! The restaurant serves fusion food, a bridge between French and Chinese.


As the restaurant is located in the Effiel Tower, the interior is filled with structures liddis.

Dad already knows what he is gonna order but pretended to view the menu with serious brows.

Honey glazed peacans as starters😋

Tender beef cubes

Taro and duck meat!!!!

Sweet and sour pork with green apple in the centre!!




BEEF HORFUN. this is so good.


Three-layered pork!!!!

After lunch, we went to take the free shuttle service to pass the bridge for some Jalan Jalan. Happened to see this painting and I really love it!!!!! ❤️

Also made sure we went to yaohan to look for luggage (bc my uncle's luggage broke) and their supermarket to get snacks and drinks for our trip

(Lol then we realised our fridge is locked as the charging starts once we remove any item from the fridge)

Took the bus back with sister and mom, dad and his bros just pang my mother so she has to make her own way there to some nice casino with - 20% Cantonese skills.

After our shopping and touring in the city, I took the bus back with sisters and mom, dad and his bros just pang my mother so she has to make her own way there to some nice casino with - 20% Cantonese skills.

Had pepper lunch for dinner at Parisian's very own foodcourt that I never knew it existed.

Then we start our nua sai life!!!! 😎

We didn't take a picture of the v expensive room so here it is on day 6! (before we ruin it again)

DAY 7 // 31 DEC 2019

It's the last day of the year. Are you ready for 2020? (Nope)

Had to change different buses to get to Wynn bc my parents wanted to visit the casino for the 17th time.


Took way too many food pictures on this trip so for this, only showing the highlights 😋

This is expensive for a plate of scrambled eggs with prawns. The prawns are huge and fresh, it smells and tastes heavenly!!!!!

Aspire to cook to this standard one day


wrap the meat and veg, add the sauce and teehee.

Noticed the two plates of meat are of different cuts. One more fatty and the other smoked. Both are delicious!!!!

Omggg salted egg York in jindui 😋

This is us before we started on the food. Credits to our v buff and funny uncle that always takes photos for us

Casino goers have to go. So here we are on our trip to the city and explore!!!

The weather is good so all is well. Even my mood is great too!!!

We went to macs for apple pie + sundae ice cream (ala mode). It cost HKD 12 which is about 2 dollars sgd. Like c'mon, cheap sia plus SG don't sell it this way. THIS IS THE CLASSIC DESSERT!!!!

We got two lattes too!!!! What's dessert without coffee?

The view on our way back to hotel for dinner + nua then go for the countdown.

IDW TO GO HOME (don't talk nonsense bc this will cause problems later)

At 2330, parents and uncles finally done with gambling so we went down for countdown. Standing close to the Effiel Tower, we waited with all our hearts, wishing for a good year ahead!!!

Seeing fireworks, makes me think of the song 再见烟火 but the song is way too sad to start the new year with!!!

Really love moments liddis ❤️

Uncle Jack got us strawberry cheesecake and kept it in his bag until 2020. Even tho it got rekt but we were so happy to get it teeheee. It tasted so great too.

After our new year day moment, we are back in our hotel, replying to new year's wishes, washing up and packing our things bc tmr we will be on the flight home!!!!!

DAY 8// 1 JAN 2020

Starting the new year with another amazing food journey. Had to use up the points so we ate at Crystal Jade

Then took a bus to Taipa Ferry Terminal and boarded the ferry to HK Airport at 1535.

On our way, we picked up HKD500 and was too late to pass it to the bell boy who was loading our luggage (so that he could return it to the person who lost it). We then put it in the Macdonalds donation box bc it isn't our money, we shouldn't keep it. The staff all looked at me in wonder when I dropped such a huge note in the box (thinking if I'm the god of fortune on a day liddis)

Finding money on day 1 means we will be pretty blessed this year right? 😊

We arrived at HK Airport at 5 ish and got our Qi Hua stuff for our colleagues and wanted to hobo until 1930 for our flight at 1955 hours.

I was so hungry but decided to wait for the flight meal provided later. The flight got pushed to 2030 then 2230, we got compensated with HKD120 per person for our dinner at the airport.

Later we heard the flight changed timings again to 2315 due to technical issues with the hydraulic system.

Passengers are all trying to work out their plans and we have an Asian lady with angmoh husband making a scene with the SIA staff bc the flight is now scheduled at another gate, to depart at 1250 on 2 January 2020.

I mean it's frustrating but it is also understandable that for everyone's safety, that plane just can't take off. (Now I am just wishing 2020 to be smooth sailing)

Even tho the estimated flight timing is still at 0050 hours (of 2 January 2020), we only started boarding at 0130 hours. Have no idea what time the flight actually took off, only recalled we were served dinner at 0300 hours and having banana and cream flavored ice cream at 0320 hours HAHAHAHA Cheers to new experiences!!!!!!

We arrived home and ready for bed at 730.


I wish my holiday wasn't over!!!!!!

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