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February 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

ๆ–ฐๅนดๅฟซไน๐ŸŠ ๅˆไธ€ this year started much later than usual because:

1) my maternal cousin's family tested positive, so we will not be going to Yishun to ๆ‹œๅนด.

2) not going to ไผš้ฆ† (since last year)

Dress up, make-up done!!!! ่™Žๅนดๅฟซไน! Mom wanted to give us angpao, my sis took tangerines over to ๆ‹œๅนด, so I brought 2 pomelos instead ๐Ÿ˜‚ then we all cannot stop laughing!

Side note, I liked the phrase ่™Ž่™Ž็”Ÿๅจ and I was planning to use it in my greetings but then after some googling, I decided not to because google says it's the name of the sex enhancement drug. NOPE ABANDON PLANS!!!

We went over to grandma's house at 4 ish pm because dad on lao sai party since morning and wanted to take a nap. We really wear nice and sit at home for some time...

Yearly affair with Grandma!!!! ๐Ÿ’–

(Dad saw the pictures and asked to use the filters on my phone hahaha, every year same thing~)

Loving the tiger teeth, and how the cherry matches my whole outfit!!!!

After we showered and were done with all the CNY prep for ๅˆไธ€, we decided to watch my favourite new year movie of all time - ็ฌ‘็€ๅ›žๅฎถ!!!!

Homecoming is super hilarious because of Jack Neo and ้˜ฟ็‰›๐Ÿ˜‚

Then later we ้ฅฟ so mom made us each a bowl of soup with CNY ๆ–™ (before that we had dinner, beard papa and a huge packet of crackers)




ๅˆไบŒ began with my dad's ๅˆไบŒ็š„ๆŒฃๆ‰Ž!!!

Grandma called and told dad what numbers she wants to buy, so dad tried to take it down while being on the line with her (on our house telephone).

We went to visit my dad's auntie's family!!! So we got ice cream woohoo and the pig boy is now 180++ cm at 15 years old!!! (Note: he is 12 years younger than me, OMG)

I can only taste the Mango, no Rasberry lehhhh

Later we went to grandma's and had proper lunch, then the TV was showing this Korean movie, starring Lee Kwang Soo. I cried buckets!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ GDLL

Talking about this movie, makes me wanna tear up again...

After hours of crying, I decided to take a nap and this is when I realised I wore Fat fat's contacts - the different degrees gave me a headache since 9.30 am this morning sobs. Later I went home to take panadol and spam eyedrops!

HOW CAN WE ่ทจๅนด without these two?!?!?! ็‰›ๅฅถๅฐ่ƒกๅญ!!!!!!!

ใ€Šๅˆ†ๅˆ†้’Ÿ้œ€่ฆไฝ ใ€‹


3 February, Thursday | The first email I saw today is an email chaser to ask for the status of the appeal case with an incorrect outstanding amount. The colleague started off the email with lengthy CNY greetings followed by her actual intent. In my mind: just ask the main point, don't waste my time reading so much to get to the same point LOL

Also considering it's the CNY holidays, don't know how their office has the cheeks to follow up so promptly on the work. LIKE CHILL LA, I just got back to work like everyone else, what are y'all expecting???!?!

I saw Faridah was asking if we should waive 3 days ward fee. I was thinking of waiving 2 days only as the third day will be sitting in the package, so the patient already got it at a discounted price and got back the full ward fee rate, it's not fair for the hospital's revenue/pocket. Aiyo my head pain, so I suggested waiting for W's inputs tomorrow!

I was busy clearing drafts and also managed to find time to complete the last 2 out of 13 modules for the IHI course, so yayyyy here's my cert!!!! (getting 1-day training leave๐Ÿ˜Š)

We ate CNY's leftover food for lunch and ordered Flash coffee!!! My sis got double shot flat white and I kept asking her if she will get a nose bled hahaha.

It was a good afternoon because I don't have chatbot meeting today YASSSSSS and my morning wasn't packed with reviewing chatlog utterances heh.

I send a chaser for inputs for the billing error and of course, Char's boss didn't sound very pleased in her reply. She also cc-ed my boss as she explained that it's not feasible to get system enhancement for such issues.

I noticed Char's boss also wrongly highlighted how the error occurred LOL. Should be the end date, not the start date leh.

Then I proceed to send the letter to my boss to clear and he queried the DG date, said should be the 25th but I couldn't find any form submission dated 25th. I checked and called OL to confirm, she says the 26th is correct! Once this cleared, I floated the letter over to Edna for her to approve.

Her reply: "What are the line items that need to be settled by the patients after MDSV, etc?"

With this kind of ridiculous error, this is the only question she is asking? (not even related to the problem here)

HUH how to tell you which items are outstanding, we cannot identify those leh!!!!




I saw JC's email update on the link shortener/Go product which reminded me to check in with some big bosses on the project implementation date/timeline. After sending this email in a courteous tone, my boss replied me: "don't you want to share with the chatbot committee what you have done so far?

"Oh right! Okay" and proceeds to draft a concise update!

I think it's good to update the team routinely la, but I don't know why my boss made it sound like some claim credit moment... Also realised Papadom isn't in the loop so I cc-ed her, she must be so feeling so FOMO after reading it.

K asked me if W will be in the office tomorrow and I told her no, I asked her to stay home since I needed to go office to print things etc + covid now very serious. Apparently, my boss wanted to talk to W tomorrow about MOH subsidy items for eFC. After sharing with my boss our plans for tomorrow, he said he agrees and Zoom is okay! (imagine he doesn't know and came to office, for nothing hahaha)

I sent my cert to HR and cc-ed my superiors, to get my training leave! PANG GANG LO at 6.15 pm โœŒ๐Ÿป


4 February, Friday | Today, I'm wearing my other new CNY dress to work! (no pictures sobs).

I called W at 10-ish am so that she got the time to catch up on the emails from the long CNY holidays + yesterday she was on leave! The biggest concern is how to explain the incorrect outstanding amount in the bill to the patient???

We have a discussion on this and she thinks we go for 2 days Ward fee waiver is good enough! Then W took the time to update me on other matters and forwarded the relevant emails! There were some errors on NR/FR charging for outpatient bills. She told me A did wrongly and her replies sounded like she's not in the wrong. Wah, this is the first time I felt like the whole billing system is going to fail, we will have so much clean-up to do in the future.

During the call, I received a meeting invitation to discuss subsidy review: eFC follow-up (aiya, my boss la). The meeting was at 10.30 am, we ran through the ECP, MT factor, and excel calculations. It hit me that I still have plenty to learn...

(I put down all the discussion points and keynotes into the customised notebook Johnny gave us for Xmas, now Rachel, please get your shit together!)

We ordered BK for lunch today! Then Char and I went out to collect my Starbucks drink + K's! It was only after lunch, I got the time to see the MP appeal case and if a waiver can be accorded.

Sometimes I find it very difficult to communicate with my boss, like does he get it???! This is a whole chicken and duck story ๐Ÿ”ช

It's a 3DP but he quoted 2DP and suggested to waiver 1 day instead of 2. So for one, he doesn't check the bill even if he is unsure. He then bounces the ball to W's court for her opinion. W explained that I did discuss this with her, but understand where my boss is coming from so she is okay with a 1-day waiver. Then what really puzzles me is my boss's reply after seeing W's response.

This is also to align with our initial communication to patient on no refund for package purchase if they did not fully utilise the package. 

OI HELLO! This patient stayed a total of 8 days, 3 are sitting in the package, 2 are not and the remaining 3 are at B2 ward type. She clearly fully utilised her package, this discussion is not about package refund!!!!!

It's like chicken and duck cannot communicate la! The other time he also came to ask me for answers for something not under our purview. How can the chicken tell you how many duck eggs are there??? ๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช




I added the update on the waiver in my email reply to Edna, also adjusting the content slightly and telling her we are unable to identify the line items that are outstanding (I think she is the goose, in the chicken duck story).

IT'S MY FAV THING TO HEAR: Please proceed, Rachel. Yass, Edna approved my letter!!!!! I wanted to print the approved letter but aiya bit rushed for time so it's better to print next week when my mind is clearer!

I drafted a reply to respond to Char's boss, but not sure if the tact is okay! I still don't get it lor omg!

Then I spent 20 minutes at work rushing out the stats but there is a complaint, will need to check with W if the details we are submitting are not too much. I should be able to clear that out on Monday morning!


Ms kuzisongle is very late, so we ate some of the food and made her sit at the "pass-the-food-over" seat. HAHAHAHA then she became the waitress putting our ๆ–™ in!!!!!!

(turn on audio for the best experience)

Also, we know SL paiseh to ask for a new plate, so normally Suz and I will ask and do the talking (this story is relevant to the next bit)

Near the end of our dinner, the real waitress passed us fruits and said it's FOC! Having melon and watermelon is so refreshing after having hotpot, and we finished the fruits in less than 5 minutes. We wanted more, but then what if plate number 2 of fruits is chargeable??

We were all laughing as we took turns coming up with ways to ask the waitress ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


In the end, Suz asked nicely if we can have more fruits and the lady said only got watermelon. OF COURSE, WE ARE OKAY LA!

The total bill wasn't very much cheaper than HDL...

We took Lolipop from the shop before we left, then as we were eating it, Suz said SL's ๆ˜ฅๅคฉๆฅไบ†! I was so happy la and excited to hear SL's story, however as the story of Louis goes further, the more I realised it doesn't seem to be going in the right direction...

It's actually a "ๆ˜ฅๅคฉ"ๆฅไบ† HAHAHAHA ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


7 February, Monday | I spent my whole Sunday watching B99 and the greatest accomplishment for the day:

NEVERLAND (the lighting is a bit off tho, but I will get a nicer picture soon!!!!)

I also survived traveling to work in my CNY2022 heels ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

After finishing my red bean bun and making myself an iced latte, I was skimming through the emails over the weekend. Then I got verbal clearance from W to send out complaints and compliments to Compliments Team!

I was all excited to print out the approved letter from last Friday, get it over and done with!

(I kept the letter dated as 4th, anyway still late but 1 day later is better than 4 days later hah)

I sent closure emails for record-keeping (PE chased me like siao for this) and repayment follow-up! It has been a while since I did the housekeeping for MP appeals, and I should really do it regularly!

With all of these aside, I finally read through the FDW appeal case again and replied to MOM on the case. It seems like they need more time to assess the appeal and if any assistance can be granted. I contemplated so much, but it is the right thing to do to call Ms. Ke to update her that we are looking into her appeal (as it has been almost a month since she went to her MP?? Papadom is so slow and poor in her follow-up with MOM...). Ms. Ke sounds so nice and I truly feel for her (because my family had a horrible preggo maid too). I hope MOM really can help her out here!!!!!!

Char is too overloaded with work to go out to grab lunch, and Siti and Faridah are having something I didn't want. I went out with J to dabao lunch and grab my Generation Coffee!!!!! I remembered to ask if my boss wants, but forgot about K!!!! (Ooops)

Hehe, I ordered my favourite Mee Pok again, but this time with fried wanton instead of chicken cutlet and minced meat.

After lunch, I started on coming up with the content for "Other Contributions" in my appraisal on NOTEPAD and was texting YT about some colleague's resignation. At this time, my boss appeared behind me to ask if I can have a look at his email (probably saw my screen and thinks I have nothing to do), asking us for proposed solutions to the large volumes of enquiries and calls.

HUH, YOU CAUSED THIS ENTIRE MESS, now you asking us for solutions??? I went to his table to discuss further, then he asked if my team can take back all the email enquiries while FSS takes the calls.

SO ANGRY LA!!! I don't know if I disagree, will he still insist that we do it. Then I called W shortly after to update her and discuss our game plan. We both agree the issue stems from the cessation of bill printing.

W also took this chance to update me that her mother is hospitalised in KL and she will be taking a long leave to take care of her. I'm worried about her mother, she's in her nineties and in another country, of course, W is super worried!!!

I'm also worried for myself, 1 day without W is already scary. I cannot imagine consecutive days without her, but I will be okay in the end...

This is the response W cleared and I will be sending it to my boss tomorrow morning:

Noted that FSS was already struggling from day 1 with handling the volume of enquiries when (the staff) went over. I recalled it was supposed to be 2 FTE to move over but was cut to 1 FTE.

As only outstanding bills are currently available on HH/HB, patients have to call or email in to obtain a fully paid copy of the invoice for their payment records or for insurance claims.
We also heard from FSS that more people are asking for their bill after MSV deduction, and curious as to why they did not receive a bill.

Previously, a parent shared with us that she needs to call or email in each time her child is seen at clinic, the frequency can be once a week and this adds on to their parental stress having to cope with the appointments/treatments and cost. Now, she even has to chase (the hospital) for a copy of her childโ€™s bills.

We frequently receive feedback from operators, (patient experience team) etc requesting for a copy of their bills and they shared their poor experience with FSS that no one replied them after multiple emails sent. Or they had wait for hours to get through to someone to obtain a bill. There are noticeably many feedbacks of such experiences.

We also noticed that after attending to the requests, FSS does not contact patients to update that their request has been attended to. Their reason being that they have no bandwidth. We understand their circumstances but have urged them to do so as poor experience/service may bring about more emails/calls/follow ups! They can simply go with a short and sweet reply to inform the patients that their requests are attended to. This may help to reduce the multiple emails received by 1 patient on the same request, overall reducing the #s. If patients are informed that their requests are attended to and given the assurance, we all can cut down on service recovery efforts. This can also reduce redundant follow up efforts from both FSS and (my office). We have a few cases whereby patients escalate their concerns, multiple parties called and contacted the patients, and we were informed that their concerns have been addressed by another staff. We did not hear further on any action taken following this.

Noted that the cease of printing of bills, has aggravated 1FSS situation further. The enquiries/requests (my team) received for bills are more than 30% (??) if I recall correctly on the %. This inevitably added on to the enquiry volumes or constant calls, in turn drop off and poor experience. We had a few feedback requesting the hospital to make the bills accessible online so that they can save the hassle and really just self help.

May we suggest to tackle this at the root cause โ€“  to resume the sending of bills until HH/HB is fully equipped with all bills (paid or past bill) for viewing/downloading. This can help to reduce the calls/emails received so that FSS can focus their attention on genuine enquiries/clarification of bills.

Personally I do not think hiring 3 temporary staff will help to tide over as it takes time to train staff to handle billing enquiries. In the short 6 months, what will their scope be? Handle simple things like sending out bills and closure emails??? Hiring should be a long term solution, my 2 cents is possible to increase 1 FTE?

I filled up the information requested by MOM, pending W's clearance on the response to "bill merging".

J and I left work together, I swear she's gonna be the one I missed the most when one of us goes...


8 February, Tuesday | Email to boss sent! Later, his reply was along the lines we ceased sending out bills to reduce workload, more importanly chances of PDPA breach.

I cannot understand how he thinks, to stop OP team from making mistakes of wrongly packing bills (PDPA issues), his solution is to stop sending bills out altogether. He never once thought about the downstream consequences, it is at the cost of other teams to firefight all the requests.

How does that make sense??? How about tell his staff pull up their socks and do a better job??!

**Ranting to W over WhatsApp**

W: Yes, solving OP issue by giving more work to others.

I got W's clearance on the tact for the answer to inter-hospital bill merging and proceeds to reply to MOM. I'm hoping for good news ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Then back to clearing drafts.

LOGIN SCREEN ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

(SHINee + ่ƒกๅค)




I saw my boss cc-ed me in an email mentioning non-active numbers for Call Centre IVR and wanting an artwork (??) to promote our online billing services webpage. I have no idea what artwork/banner are they talking about... BUT since my boss didn't delegate to me, I am going to act blur until he talks to me about it.

Then after lunch, the email delegating the tasks came!

Item 1: I contacted Freddy to update the non-active numbers in IVR to FSS contacts, but then it can be done by another organisation. In the interim, call centre staff called me to offer to program the non-active lines to FSS. I later got my boss's confirmation and followed up with an email.

Item 2: My boss has no idea what artwork Johnny is requesting, what he intends to use it for, but anyway ordered me to work with Johnny on this. (He should find out the value of this work, before telling me to work on it la). Then later I told my boss what Johnny seems to want, so now we are asking P to send us the link to Sky's past working file and see if we can adapt any part of her artwork for the banner (to be included in staff's email sign off *roll eyes*)

Separately, I was chasing P to get CorpComms to restore the table of "What the Bill Terms mean" as this feature is mentioned on the back of the bill paper! I can't believe P simply told them to remove it when she (actually told Sky to do) updated the information on the new bill presentment (how to read the new bill) OMG WOTS!!!!

After we got the table restored on the web page, I noticed that the bill terms don't align with our new bill format. When Bill Presentment was implemented, no one update this table??? So now it's my problem la?! (maybe P conveniently took it off because of too much effort to clean up the table of terms)

In the middle of all these frustrations, Su from PE office called and asked questions in such a slow manner, it was driving me insane!!!!!! (CAN YOU TALK FASTER, AND GET TO THE POINT!) She was taking a pause after every sentence she said, and waited for me to acknowledge them before moving on. She caught on that I sounded off and told me not to be so scared, she just want to ask one question (I'M NOT SCARED, I'M BUSY! MAKE IT QUICK). It was about PayNow refund and when is a good time to ask the family for PayNow details (OI SIMPLE THINGS, WHY SHE CANNOT JUST SORT IT OUT HERSELF??). After telling her my response, she still followed up with an email addressed to Faridah (she was on leave today) to ask the same shit, did not mention her call with me at all. SO SHE CALLED ME FOR FUN??!?!

Papadom brought up that after so long, there is no update on the issues we raised in Jira on live chats and notification issues (Before CNY, they promised us to get back to us by the end of the week, at least an update on what the engineers found so far).

Ben's reply on Teams:

Hi (Papadom), understand that this has been ongoing for some time and perhaps there wasn't sufficient follow up when (Rey) was still around. Please be assured that this is being looked at on a priority and we are monitoring the progress closely. As soon as I have further information from the Engineering team, I will ping you immediately.

HUH WHY IS REY IN THE PICTURE AGAIN?!? This is not the first time he pushed the blame on Rey. We honestly don't care who or what caused the issue, just fix it!!!!!!

Rachel on polite mode:

Hi (Ben), I do not think this lapse is about (Rey). I raised the first ticket on the issue on 6 Jan and would like to echo what (Papadom) shared, the issue is still occuring.

After seeing my reply on Teams, Papadom texted me: Today u angst issit

YAAAAAAAAA, I'm super angsty today ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ

Earlier I wanted to call YS to rant but he was stuck in a meeting then once his meeting was over, he called me to listen to my 20 minutes rant of how bad today was!!! GDLL horrrr

I shun bian asked him about the disable browser freezing step (occlusion) function to stop the browser from carrying out resource optimisation - to keep the page active! He said he will check and update me tomorrow morning.

Then I was on the line checking with Ms. J on what their hospital is doing - if they perform the occlusion step.


9 February, Wednesday | Another day of wearing my new heels! Loving this cherry dress I got for CNY ๐Ÿ’ Many of my colleagues commented that this dress looks so cute.

I accidentally spilled a lot of water on my desk and had to quickly go clean up before it wets my papers and belongings. J then pass me the 2nd batch of paper towels, I am a disaster...

Due to this commotion, I missed W's call and when I called back, she asked if I can help to clear the drafts, as she needs the time to figure out how to pull the data from ehints for the Ministry's request on ANT amounts.

Then I saw YS texted me the images of his findings on occlusion, seems like it can be done via corporate PC but not on ISS laptops!

Johnny emailed me his suggested changes for the form owned by me and he is the editor. Omg, I couldn't understand his English... Then I called him to ask so we end up having a discussion and concurrently make changes to the Billing Enquiry Form.

We decided to disable form submission so that users will be really directed to the cluster Bill Request Form!

We also made some adjustments upstream so that users don't have to go through the whole form before realising this is not the right form for Bill Request.




We received feedback with a suggestion to keep the feedback anonymous and my boss asked us to consider changing the form to offer such an option. I have to email John to check if anonymous compliments can be counted for the department's monthly compliment stats. (John replied at the end of the day to say yes, they will be counted but we need to monitor if anyone makes false submissions).

Way before 12 noon, I'm already asking Faridah when it's the food coming (it's for their promotion in Nov 2021) because I'm very hungry!!!! I was genuinely hungry (is it because my period is coming?) but I think my comments made Faridah very anxious about the arrival of her order HAHAHA!

The one on the left is from her (with a few others) promotion treat while the one on the right is some extra food from Faridah (she's one of the reasons why I can't lose weight)

As we were taking a portion of the food for ourselves, Faridah told me to take for my boss and pass it to him. Actually, he can come on his own, but Faridah says he's the boss... Alrighty, let me go pass the food to him! He was surprised to see me passing him a plate of food and said it's okay he can go take it on his own.

LOL I just told him "Faridah told me to pass to you, you just eat"

During lunch, I went around to those who often want coffee, to collate their orders as Char and I are planning to go pick it up (got ๅฐ discount for self pick up) later after eating!

I decided to ask Faridah and Sleeping P if they want since it's a joyous day with the promotion treat (then later paid for their drinks).

When I asked my boss if he wants Flash Coffee, he said yes and if I got some membership because I'm always getting Flash HAHAHAHA. Another colleague asked me if I have their shares LOL


I saw W emailed me to ask me to do some work on NR ANT then I called her to confirm what she wants. As I was on my third patient's case, I realised that there's some variability - W24 admitted/discharge, PH bills, etc. It will take forever for me to complete checking 400++ cases.

BIG BRAIN TIME! I went to bother Char to help think of a solution, we were using the MMP report pulling method but it was still rather ineffective as we can only pull by discharge dates, unless many of the cases have the same discharge date.

Then later Char suggested pulling from SAP, using this report: NRPA > Common Reports (PA) > ISH Service Audit Trail

THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER! and I have access to this report so yassss but after exporting to excel, we can't do vlookup so... haish but this is really the best we have got!

As I was having this discussion with Char, I saw the email notification that MOM has approved the assistance for the helper case, and I'm elated!!!!!!

Then it was long hours of completing the ANT file, I also downloaded the report files that I will need for tomorrow since WFH wouldn't allow downloads. It was a mad rush today, and I have to send the email to tie up the loose ends with MOM + another hospital. Email sent at 6ish and PANG GANG LO!

My feet were dying as I was walking to PLQ to collect our Wursthans dinner ๐Ÿ˜ข


10 February, Thursday | I quickly did my ART and made milo as my breakfast, before I combed through my inbox. Then I started a little on my NR ANT file (wonder if sis can sort out the weird excel file so I can do vlookup).

I spent the next 2 hours running through 3 weeks' worth of utterances...

At 12ish pm, we saw the update that one of the hospital's chatbot team will be away for another meeting, so this week's chatlog review got canceled WOOHOO

Sis and I had Monga for lunch then went to take a quick nap (period problems are real) then continued with filling up the NR ANT file. I was also on and off clearing drafts.

NR ANT 2020 file โœ”๏ธ at 5 pm

I then started on the MP appeal draft reply letter but was carried away for other tasks, so I could only send the draft to W + proposed reply to B2 (YS's big boss) at 7-ish pm.

7.48 pm ไธ‹็ญไบ†! (I still haven't completed my appraisal, oh gosh, and haven't gone through the document submission form that Papadom chased me since this morning)


11 February, Friday | W sent me a new file - 2019 NR ANT to fill up but I can't download the reports in excel. I have to run a few entries and manually fill them in and it's not looking good because I have 600++ cases to do...

I saw the reply from B2 and was so shook la! I already put it so nicely that we are not in the position to share her hospital's waiver, why does she still want me to include it in the reply letter??

Then I readjusted my content in the letter for W's clearance before I send it to my boss. I decided to let Edna decide if she wants to sign off a liner for the other hospital.

Both of my sisters were working from home today so we had Macs for lunch!!!! Loving the twister fries!!!!

I saw my boss cleared my draft so I floated the reply letter at around 3 pm to Edna for her approval! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

At 3.02 pm (oops I'm late), I joined the document submission form meeting and P really needs my boss to tell her to reshare her screen on Zoom when she changes her screen. I found it funny because hello, it's basics right? BOOMER SIA

I was trying to multi-task to fill in the data for my NR ANT file while listening to the meeting. It's not really my problem, other than the form issue because Papadom will definitely look for me to review her form... Instead of wasting time and worrying about what's gonna happen at 5 pm later, I might as well work on fixing the form on FormSG!

Some of my colleagues praised me and I was like "๐Ÿ˜’ stop guys" in my head LOL. Then Char's boss brought up some posting error from Nursing, she wants to provide my team's email address/contact number instead of her team's to handle the enquiries. The norm is to provide the billing team's la, I think this is another taiji of work...

At this point, I was low-key losing my shit over the written test at 5 pm! The questions were so difficult and I guess you have to be super passionate about healthcare to do it!!!!

I managed to complete this assignment successfully after gathering points from my sisters and YT. The submission requires specific formating and alignment and I took some time to get it ready, written test was submitted at 6.31 pm.

Then off we go after shoving food down our throats in less than 10 minutes!!!!

Rachel's Movie Review:

"ไป–ไปฌๅฏไปฅๅฟซ็‚น่ฏดๅ–œๆฌขๅฝผๆญคไบ†ๅ—, ๆˆ‘ๅพˆ็ดฏไบ†"

Then fat fat and I decided to go grab our cup of BACHA!!!! (since we are already here at MBS)

We also bought fam's favourite: MILANO MORNING + new flavour: CARAMELO MORNING! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

We also checked, and we didn't win 16 million dollars so yes, I will be going back to work on Monday!


13 February, Sunday | We went to Melaka popo's renovated extra house that she doesn't stay in! It's like a renovated office hotel?!?!!

Other than this huge 8k wooden table, there are also counter table tops along with the windows! It just feels like an ideal place to work! If I own a start-up, I would have rented an HDB office like this one!!!

Popo is super cute! I wonder what will I be worrying about when I'm in my nineties, if I'm still alive hahaha

The food is so good, love the butter chicken and yogurt sauce that comes with the Briyani! Popo made watermelon agar and her fingers are dyed red and green, it's a dish that takes a lot of effort.

(featuring dad on his third serving of briyani hahaha)




Not sure what's with me but my luck is super good?!?! Ban luck for the 5th time, once was a double-A! Am I finally on my journey of becoming a rich bitch?๐Ÿค”

Then we went to visit another relative who stays in Tampines and that concludes the last ๆ‹œๅนด of the year!


14 February, Monday | It's Valentine's Day! I took leave today and K asked where I was going haha. We had SHAKE SHACK for lunch, I think I over-ordered...






Char and I very blur, we went to walk up for our first Skyline Luge ride when we have a paid Skyride up to the starting point. It was low-key a legs day!

4 RIDES (up and down) FOR 27 BUCKS IS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!

US LOOKING SPORTY โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

We were so thirsty and sweaty, we made our way back to Vivo City to get Starbucks and chill!!!!

I also bought Chateraise on my way back to Grandma's and she was so happy to see us + the cream puffs hahaha. I managed to get a lift home with fatfat and Dad!


I love the salad so much, now I'm called ๅฐ็พŠ...


15 February, Tuesday | Char went for baking class on Sunday so I get a Croissant as my 2nd breakfast on Tuesday! Tasting it makes me miss Merci Marcel's croissants!!! ๐Ÿ˜

I have so many emails after coming back from 1 day's leave... Once I cleared reading most emails, I quickly worked on the NR file. The faster I finish it, the faster W can review the data!

I saw Edna approved the FDW appeal case reply letter so I got that printed and called the employer to close the loop (for the other hospital the grounds to call her to share on the waiver). Finally B2 is satisfied and said "Thanks much, Rachel!"

The employer wasn't pleased with what we are offering her and asked if we can help her more. I have to follow up on this appeal again, which I thought was the right thing to do given her family's financial hardship (even tho she doesn't owe the hospital any money now).

Before I made the call to the employer, my boss came to my desk. It was 12:20 pm, he came to ask: ไฝ ไปฌๆœ‰ไนฐๅ’–ๅ•กๅ—? So we will be grabbing some coffee today.

Char and I went to Dhoby Ghaut to grab Flash and Wok Hey. Side rant: we waited 40 minutes for our Wok Hey orders when the App cleared showed 10 minutes. I saw this tattoo guy cooking and my theory is he makes the best fried rice, judging from his arm muscles HAHAHA

Then I cleared drafts and completed the NR file โœ”๏ธ

I decided that I got some time on hand, so I looked into the Document Submission Form that I amended drastically and covered all the points discussed during last Friday's meeting! I wanted to discuss with K but she suggested sending the link for everyone to have a look at before the discussion. I can't override Papadom since she was the one fronting this form, so I cleared with Papadom and then added her as the collaborator. She will be sharing the new form link with our colleagues tomorrow! Before she left for the day, she said thank you! I was surprised to hear it from her haha, why I so nice horrr


16 February, Wednesday | I got to the office just in time and quickly shoved the delicious strawberry cream Beard Papa down my throat because I gotta run!


(featuring new anklet)

It's super unproductive to join Zoom meetings on and off because I catch no balls bruh...

J and I were also discussing the case Char's boss insisted was correct without even checking, and poor J has to solve the riddle.

I saw a TT message from Raj, from the department K3 that I liaised with previously but her team has not onboard my corporate billing project since early 2021. Her message:

OH, DEAR.....




I ordered Stuff'd for lunch today and I'm still loving my Quesadilla (boom boom!)

K wanted to order coffee and I thought getting Flash Coffee twice in a week doesn't sound bad, so why not?




I spoke to Raj briefly about her condition and work arrangements and was so sad to hear she was unwell for so long. Our discussion concluded with finding a suitable timing for both parties, myself and her team (since they are new) to hear about this program!

OH YAS I CAN FINALLY WORK ON THE DECK OF SLIDES that I started last year after learning from Sky of this website with super cool slide templates. BUT I had zero motivation to complete it because no one was going to see it anyway...

Raj came back to me with a proposed slot for the session (it's more like an informal sharing I presume, I hope so because I never liked presentations), and okay we came to a consensus on the date and time. I went ahead to book the Zoom and also a room, in case my office gets too noisy for the sharing.

I was planning to send the invite later to Raj and the team since I will be the one hosting the sesh. BUT I SAW THEY ALREADY SENT ME THE MEETING INVITE OMG LA

I spoke to their admin staff, and she thinks some of them might be okay with meeting physically in the meeting room I booked. I guess now I will have to turn up looking professional and nice, haish.

Probably gotta text Raj next week to apologise for this, I should have been the one arranging the meeting...

1614 hours, YS: "3rd coffee"


Today, we received a handmade card + a small gift as a token of gratitude from kids for healthcare workers!




Later I decided not to stall any further and got my shit together to do the filing/archiving of 2021 MP appeal letters!!!

This is my one year's worth of appeals handled ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

I'm feeling accomplished, also thinking if there will be another stack like that next year? Or Rachel will be working in a new role?




SUSHIRO Dinner with YT!!!! I am so glad she finally made the decision to move and seems like a pretty good place to go to. It's definitely a step forward, woohoo! (We forgot to take pictures of the food or us again, sobs). After dinner, we went to walk around a bit and got LIHO, so I had to tell my Earl Grey Milk Tea (Hot) story hahaha.

I got home at 11ish pm, showered and my parents wanted to ๆž้ฑผ่บซ so I ended up working on my slides for 1 hour. Don't know why I so siao siao, I went to bed at 1ish am.


17 February, Thursday | After going through all the unread emails, I spent the next two hours arranging the content, ordering the flow, and cleaning up my slides!


Today is my turn to clear drafts so I did that while dolling up my slides. I also had to clarify the part on financial assistance with MOM... Will this case be over?





Papadom is on a course today, so I have to manage both on my own ๐Ÿ˜‚

The update for P2 is that we're currently at crossroads, there're two outcomes for Appointment Scheduler, either we can negotiate a less expensive BookingSG contract with Govtech or wait for O365, MS Bookings to implement in 2023. I need to pay attention to this because I will need to give a one-liner update tomorrow at our department meeting (since Papadom will still be on course)!

We have about 30 minutes before the next meeting begins and Tiger Brows want to use this opportunity to discuss what she brought up 2 weeks ago. The biggest player playing opposite her is Papadom so I tried to ask for more background on this new implementation Tiger Brows has in mind, while I ping Papadom to exit her course to share her views.

ๆˆ‘ไธ่ฆๅšๅไบบ + I will probably cave once Tiger Brows push more!

She really never gives chance and retaliates each time a new point comes up, we all just chime in here and there (Papadom is useful)

This discussion does not involve the chatbot vendor so Ben transferred host access to me BUT LATER I ACCIDENTALLY TRANSFERRED TO THE WRONG PERSON!!!! helps so funny la ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Chatlog review was fruitful, as usual!!!!

Then I cleared my emails after the meetings, and it's the end of the workday!


18 February, Friday | The key objective this morning was sorting out the financial assistance form and what's the current workflow for it before I get back to MOM.

In the morning, I got the time to watch B99 on and off, occasionally clear some drafts ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Later, we got a department meeting and Papadom was away so my boss asked me to update the rest on chatbot phase 2. Thank god I paid attention yesterday, but after I finished my sharing, my boss added on to my points. Since he knows better, he say la, TSK




Moments later, he asked for chatbot live agent stats + overall usage. I clarified further and once concluded, I said: "okay, got it! Bye-bye". This is not the end of the meeting and I said BYE?!?!?! My HOD is here today too in this Zoom call leh

K texted me later to laugh at my bye-bye comment ๐Ÿ˜‚

After our meeting, W called me and asked if I can work on running the reports for MMP OAS data for our ANT task. SIANZ I managed to complete what I plan to do and ended work at 7:20 pm!



20 February, Sunday | We are meeting for Strawberry-themed High Tea today!!!! I have never gone on a high tea adventure so I'm all excited for this!

I came early and decided to go grab a drink since I haven't had anything at 3 pm, and the honey lemon drink is gigantic??? I looked like I'm drinking soup from a straw? Suz can't help but notice my soup when we met up at Suntec HAHAHA

๐Ÿ“Conrad Centennial Singapore

Suz and I waited for SL at the general lobby area, then we went to queue for our table when she arrived, hehehe can't wait!

We got a welcome drink, it tasted like strawberry + chrysanthemum brewed in a tea pot, loving the ๐Ÿ“ vibes!!!!

We get a free-flow selection of drinks, so I ordered Piccolo Latte first followed by Milky Oolong! Is it my chubby cheeks that made me look like a kid at times, the waiter had to explain how much caffeine there is in Piccolo Latte HAHAHA. It's good!!!!!

I thought it will be Oolong Tea with Milk, it's tea with a milky fragrance ๐Ÿ”ฅ I'm so gonna buy the tea leaves and drink like a queen at home!


ZOOM IN VIEW of each piece!!

  • Almond strawberry mini tartlet

  • Peanut butter and jelly with cream cheese and Avruga caviar

  • Mascarpone strawberry swiss roll

  • Balsamic roasted strawberry pincho

  • Strawberry, tomato, mozzarella on toast

  • Mango strawberry tartlets

  • Classic strawberry shortcake

  • Earl grey and strawberry mousse

  • Homemade strawberry scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream

  • Premium Japanese strawberry with Valrhona chocolate dip

One of today's goals: a nice profile picture for Suz! Hehe so now I'm sharing pretty pictures of my friends!!!


(spot my honey lemon soup??)


21 February, Monday | I received a text message from W last evening and knew today will be exhausting because I need to run numerous MMP reports from OAS. It's very manual and tedious, but our HOD, S never gets it! She also loves to protect her girls but makes W and I work like dogs! W already burnt 2 weekends scrubbing data for this report to the Ministry...

7.21 AM

K: Iโ€™ve placed a Starbucks card on your table. A small belated BD present from me. Enjoy.

OMG SO CHIO LA ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I can't wait to start using this!

Breakfast things: Charissa's Bakery

No idea what is that custard-filled pastry but it's damn good?!?!? It's the best I tasted from this private bakery!!!!!

Today was a day of silence! J and I didn't say a word to each other from 8:30 am to 11 am when we usually chat frequently at work. When I finally got the time to go to the washroom and come back to my desk, J said "you very busy right?", I nodded and she said, "me too". Then we went straight back to working hard.

I spent more than half a working day sorting out the data needed for the ANT report SOBS

We went to Dhoby today for lunch and had 4 Fingers, in my opinion, it's still 6/10 (too salty lah)!!

Then when I came back to the office, I have to sit in for a cluster meeting with MOH, it was 3 hours!!! SIAN BUT I ALSO ACTIVELY TOOK NOTES and do whatever side hustle I could in the meantime. It wasn't because I wanted to learn, but I had to. Lately, this feeling/circumstance stresses me out so much!!!

K came to me for a bit and asked if we (J and I) are okay because she noticed no noise came from us today.

Later, I went to pick up my printout for a new MP appeal case, EC commented that she hasn't heard me speak today.

Thank you lovely beings for noticing and providing support! Today is just not a good day for me, but this too shall pass???


22 February, Tuesday | Everything that I couldn't complete yesterday is brought over to today, I can't start my WFH day with gaming!

I finally drafted the reply to the employer requesting her to complete the FA Application Form and W cleared it in the afternoon, but that lady came back asking what shall she fill for the part on insurance as the policy does not cover pregnancy-related procedures. NOW THE BALL IS IN MY COURT, AGAIN!

I took some time consolidating the charging information I got from K regarding the appeal on the covid-19 bill. The spouse seems to be asking why his wife was billed and thinks Ministry will be covering the expenses. My draft is done and pending W's clearance once she sends out the ANT data summary to S!

GCIO Office's KH called during lunchtime to provide a quick update on the link shortener request! Aiyo, then now I need to draft and send an email update to the chatbot committee on this because KH didn't want to put this lengthy update into words.

I sent my draft reply letter to Edna! I think she will be okay with it since according to my boss, my draft is good heh!

I didn't get to chill because I saw I got 2 new appeal cases, just in!!! I opened the first and saw it was kinda covid related based on the appellant's alleged claims. I sent out the initial investigation emails, Faridah helped to follow up with them. I was whining to myself, huh don't want any more covid cases la, so burden!

I clicked on the next case, I prayed "please no covid case" and what!?!? IT GOT WORSE!!!! It's an FDW/MDW case, which means I have to liaise with MOM and probably can't close this case anytime soon...





Edna replied asking D from Adms if he can extend DigiZoom and DocuSign service for the signing of MCAF. WAH why she liddis?!?!

Then D called me shortly before I rushed to leave for my Yoga sesh with YS! After hearing about it, I took this up with my boss and we discussed that administratively this communication/process tool is not ideal for the signing of MCAF.

BUT WHO IS GOING TO TELL HER? definitely not D since he can't advise on the business process for my office, and my boss will also prefer to remain silent.

I guess it's gonna be me to break it to her? My boss's only advice was to be truthful...




I made my way to Downtown Station, and I wasn't that early so YS waited for me outside the toilets before we went for Yoga!

Marina Bay Alliance - Yoga Sesh!

We were about 10 minutes late for the first session (called Yoga and Weight Loss) and when we started to do the Cardio Yoga workout, I forgot to take off my mask and was low key dying LOL

It was also very challenging to keep up with the instructor's (his name is John) pace, when he was counting 15, I was still at 12???

I also found out I HAVE ZERO CORE STRENGTH??? John had to come to lift my legs so I can do a V for 5 seconds, HELPS!!

I think the best part of this first session is CHILD'S POSE!!!! AND THE MARINA BAY VIEW!!! I felt at peace when we lay on our backs during certain poses.

YS and I then chat for a bit during the break before the 2nd session - YIN YANG YOGA began! His view:

THE SKY IS SO PRETTY!!!!! Side note, I should probably lose some weight lor!

Then here we go! I'm loving all the stretch in this session, I feel so good after! Goodbye to all the stiffness!!!!! Side note: my knees hurt.

There was this split move, the girl next to me said she can't do it (probably out of embarrassment) and I told her, "same, girl"

MISSING SARA SO MUCH (our online Yoga instructor)




Dinner at Santio

The GREEN PIG (pizza) is so delicious!!!!! But the drumstick is rather bland and huge AF! Overall: 7/10




22022022! It's a special day hor, Suz and SL were saying only rich people can pick today to get married and I couldn't agree more!

On my way home, I chanced upon the many 2s on 22022022!!!!!

Maybe the Year of Tiger is really my year!!!!


23 February, Wednesday | I came to the office today and I had never-ending things to do, always busy with this and that. When I finally had the time to take a stretch, I passed by P and she asked me about Leadership Rounding!

I told her I have some time to spare now, if she likes, I can give a quick briefing on what my duties were in 2020. The strange thing is Char's boss asked me about LR too, like a few days ago and she wanted to tell our boss that she doesn't have the time, and find someone else.

BUT P TOLD ME my boss just asked her if she is interested and can go find out more from Rachel. She doesn't seem to be in a rush?!?!?!

Or maybe both got nominated?? I don't know...


I received the email from the employer with all the supporting documents, and I quickly forwarded it to N to get her team to do the MT assessment the soonest! Once the assessment is completed then I can forward it to MOM for their review of the aid.

The file came back but the assessment was done on another form?? Plus the number of people in the household is 4 leh! Why are we counting the domestic helper??? OMG LA

Then what will the gross income be? since the employer is paying the helper, the amount will cancel out??? KCM said it's the same as giving GST voucher but increasing the GST% HAHAHA HE'S RIGHT BRUH

I left the office quite late today because there were so many things to follow up on. Then I went to grab our Rosti order at PLQ before heading home to an iced cold beer!!! ๐Ÿบ


24 February, Thursday | YASSSS Edna finally approved my draft after one big round of exploring DigiZoom and DocuSign, we are doing it the way I proposed from the beginning LOL! She's the big boss ma, she can pick and choose! I will print it out tomorrow once I'm back in the office.

After I worked on the follow-ups, I started on chatlog review and also updated the answers because there seem to be some typos here and there OOPS ๐Ÿ˜

Then came a case that my boss asked W or me to call so I don't think I can send this to Faridah to assist. I emailed W to ask if we can get Faridah to draft a reply or must it be a call?

She replied "Call"

I hate such moments because I will keep thinking about the call until I actually make the call ARGHHHHH!!!!




There was no update for P2 and some of the bosses brought up that Ben should sync up with relevant stakeholders ahead instead of waiting for this session to "get" the update! Many others joined the meeting, for nothing leh. I agreed it was very poorly planned...

Today's YS's hospital's turn to lead the chatlog review hehe so I managed to catch a few wrongly parked utterances while playing games! We also got some answer changes and that was done too, shortly after the session ended!

The next session will be the deconflicting workshop and Ben quickly pushed to the hospitals to handle it. When our turn (next week) was brought up, Papadom quickly agreed to the deconflict workshop and chatlog review in the following week. I never say anything, can I don't do??!?!?!




I'm having a roadblock for the employer's case as we need to get PCHI assessment done correctly before we can move forward! I decided to text KCM to ask his views on PCHI and I love how supportive, no matter what it is. It can be legal advice, career guidance, or bitching, he's real good at bitching!!!!!

He asked about my HME application so I updated him on the written test questions and my summarised answers. After reading it and breaking down what the examiners want to see, his response:

Hmmm.... U prob need to target on the healthcare measures now and how they will work in the coming 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and improvements needed along the way. You covered these!

He's the kindest!!!! ๐Ÿ’™

PANG GANG LO! But after dinner, I gotta practice for my presentation/sharing tomorrow!! I sound so much like a robot la. Thank God I practiced because my sentences/points were very incoherent during my dry run at home sobs


25 February, Friday | Hehe today's Sky's birthday and I wished her + squeeze in some tea for her haha. I didn't have a lot of time before it's time for me to head up to prep for the presentation later. J replied to my email to say my slides are so beautiful and that calmed me down by a bit *nervous*

I went to Room 2 to check if the screen works but nah, so I hopped to the conference room (Raj went to booked it when I highlighted the potential screen issue, TQ GIRL!).

The initial plan of getting a meeting room was to ensure I have a quiet space to do the Zoom call, in the end, 4 out of 6 of the attendees joined me physically!

2 of them came way early and apparently, Rachel is good at small talks HAHAHAHA

The whole thing took about an hour! I think I did better than I expected!!!!! The attendees also asked questions, so the overall sharing wasn't too robotic or inflexible, the flow was good! One of them, F asked some challenging questions and Raj would help me out to address it as it should be the department's decision.

(maybe I can do sharing/presentation-ish stuff??)

There was an earthquake and we felt it too in SG!!! I was wondering why am I feeling dizzy while sharing about the transport claims project... hehe thanks Raj for sharing after my presentation ended.

I made the call, even tho the caller didn't ask for a reply to all his alleged poor service, I still had to follow up on the issues he brought up, haish...

Once the call is made, and my email update is pending W's clearance, I can finally get down to print the approved MP appeal letter!


(next time lala one will do, getting fried fish + lala is an overkill!!!!)

It was so hot to eat paofan after our long walk to Queen Street, I quickly made a cup of iced latte, that didn't help me to cool down!

I gave a detailed account of the issues raised by the call case I had - Omar! My boss doesn't want to address the problems at their root cause. He kept asking me for solutions, but he wouldn't actually take up my suggestions, such as my proposal weeks ago to continue sending bills to patients. We kept highlighting the issues but if he wants to sit on it, then there's nothing I can do...

My boss came to my desk later to ask me if we can dun block or whatnot (his proposed solution) and happened to see the Tanjiro figurine I had at my desk! He asked me if I watched DEMON SLAYER!

YASSSSS (you haven't seen my earrings okay)

He told me his wife introduced the show to him, then I recalled he also watched Hospital Playlist wor!!!!

I spent about an hour checking the non-hospital amounts, but keep getting stuck and called W to discuss which way to check the data would be better! Side note: their files and the naming convention are horrendous...

Then I drafted and sent an email to Raj on the points for consideration and follow-up matters! Omg I love her, she's so nice! I'm so sad to hear the news that she was unwell (separately updated W of her condition from last year and asked W to speak to her if she cans, since they know each other)

I also sent an email clarifying PCHI after getting confirmation from MOM, hope N faster gets back to us on the assessment!


28 February, Monday | Grandma got a huge loaf of bread so this morning's meal is bread with cream cheese! Then I got hungry in an hour...


In between things, I sent the appeal closure letter to PE Ani, but later she still sent the chaser for 2 outstanding cases + this particular case. AIYO GIRL, can you check your emails first then we talk...

Char and I went to OWLS for lunch today! Side note: I always eat burgers hor

We decided to save money and proceeded for instant coffee Part 2 before we dive right back into work. I managed to complete checking the private ANT files, what's left is the subsidised ones (for tomorrow)!

We managed to clear Faridah's draft and now Edna has given the green light at the end of the day! I will print it on Wednesday morning!!!!

(pending MOM case)

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