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February 2023 - Adulting

1 February, Wednesday | Today is another day of endless firefighting! We are here struggling to make sure we close whatever is overdue, or going to be due, my boss came to Faridah’s table to ask her to do the first cut for one of the cases at CCRC.

I was extremely triggered… Everything is urgent at this point and everybody thinks our job is easy, that all we have to do is use template replies, but to be honest, our work is the one that needs the most brain power! We can’t use template replies to answer case-specific questions, and there are so many ways to ask questions (tweaking our replies is very much needed). BUT MY BOSS DOESN’T KNOW, and thinks our work is easy…

I responded to my boss in a pissed-off tone, telling him that his case needs to wait lo because we have a lot of backlog… Then he tries to find out what some of the common queries we have, are and think of ways to try to fix them for us. Faridah painted a very simple picture for him, and he thinks if we adjust ward timings, all our problems will go away. So I told him the truth, and he just kinda backs away (due to the lack of solutions to our suffering)…

Yesterday I asked for inputs and assistance from PE Office, and they have given us the info, but I am also waiting for information from Dental Clinic directly!

Most of the time, I am drafting whatever I can!


(Eel is good for health, and I need it)

Before our weekly cadence meeting (last week was canceled), we heard from L ahead, that M will be leaving. Her last day is 15 Feb… I am not sure if L takes over, things would be truly better or we will all just pek chek with her in the end. I hope M finds something that really suits her!

During this Zoom call, L shoved us under the bus by asking if we (the pioneers of the project) has reviewed their new list of FAQs. The thing is I have repeatedly told them that we cannot be the ones deciding things, without the rest (since they will be joining us soon), but she still kept pushing us to finish going through their new FAQ list…

I was damn pissed because I kept mentioning how they manage things is just horrible and puts us in a spot la.

Everybody humji, don’t dare to answer so I had to unmute, and explain “we are still reviewing, and the meeting is tmr?”

No choice, we have to include those items in our meeting agenda for tomorrow! (don’t think we will be able to clear all the items on our agenda in a short hour la)

I also side-hustled and sent my boss the subsidy flowchart I did, and he said it is impressive and asked who did it.


Papadom is very good at talking, talk but doesn’t take action. She promises others the sky but then cannot deliver, in the end, I have to be the one doing it…

(so unfair right? I was not the one who said anything, but I am the one with the capabilities to do the deed??)

Mike pm-ed me during Zoom and has some questions that we will have a separate discussion via TT, and also I have to check with the vendor!

While I was sitting through the meeting, I was also doing up my MP appeals and noticed that other than having two patient ID records, her two children (2021, 2022) have unpaid bills. Does this mean that my colleagues following up on AR did not do their job???

They should have followed up with the parents when they realised that the account is still outstanding and the parent's account doesn’t have enough funds to pay with their MSV. Currently, their approach is more reactive, they only advise accordingly if parents advise that they are unable to pay… But the thing is, sometimes parents don’t even know their kids have MSV, or that they can use MSV to pay for the bill.

This means more people fall from the cracks! I was so pissed off, and it made me feel like what is the point for us to put in so much effort to help patients and reduce AR, while on the other hand, some colleagues don’t bother doing their job at all.

I was so pissed off, and went to email my boss about this. He responded by explaining things and asked K + N to look into it. We keep hearing that they trying to re-designate following the team’s shift in job scope of going counter-less, so that they got more time to focus on AR. The truth is, I haven’t seen any shit coming from them…

(We have another new appeal…)

Before I left the office, I sent the draft reply letter to my boss to vet, and pang gang at 6.13 pm!


2 February, Thursday | I cleared some emails today, and later took more than an hour putting together the draft for the Dental/CE case, I guess because it requires medical inputs??! PE Office should be doing this la, everything we own self do, then end up Dental Dr. also just thank PE Team, when I am not from PE Office??

(we still got a lot of backlog)

I went to look through the draft my boss amended for the appeal letter I sent yesterday. I noticed the writing style and choice of words seem different from normal, and guessed that he used chatGPT for the changes!

Even though I voiced out before that this technology cannot be applied to all of our work, because of confidential information + it works for static information, not our everyday work – drafting replies to specific queries. My boss is still very insistent on using this and fully believes this will help us out… IT DOES NOT!

I ended up with another round of checking after his vetting, to ensure the information/message we want to convey remains the same + the facts/details are still correct. This is obviously more work for us?!

I made some changes to smoothen the content and sent it to W to have a look (if my changes are okay).

I could only start on chatlog review HW at 10ish am, and this stresses me out so badly!!!

(what if I cannot finish ah?)

Plus, I will need all the strength and brain power for the meeting later, with a few heavy items on our agenda!

Papadom wants to wayang and show others that she did the subsidy response in our chatbot well, but she is too lazy to learn what I pointed out the previous time, and also cannot do up the content node naming properly… She kept back and forth with me, and even called me during my lunch break to clarify things, the setup is still incorrect…

I am pretty sure, I will be the one doing the cleanup for her later, as she is unable to deliver what she promised…

Dad bought Fish&Chips from Collins today, as I requested on one of the days while having dinner with Mom! (one good thing, at least?)

After my lunch break, I went to make myself a cup of coffee and drank it in 5 minutes, I will definitely need it for the meeting later, and another after too.

Summary of today’s meeting: I am the one talking most of the time…

Chatbot Meeting Agenda:

  • Chatlog review – okay! (note: training needs to be done, in front of everyone, as some people forget to train or add FAQ wrongly…)

  • Subsidies revised answers - everybody is happy with the flowchart and wants a copy of it, we can start to set up the content in UAT (Papadom will do it hah – sure cui)

  • hhhb /bill request intents - probably have to discuss with the new onboarding PHIs

  • New utterances to be added (from new phi) – list not cleaned up properly by vendor, so we will wait for the clean list.

  • Other items from Mike – this is intense, we spotted some wrongly trained utterances and also have to have a discussion with the new PHIs joining us.

Absurd remarks made (by others) during the meeting:

  • My boss: I am okay to merge hh and hb (the question here is about merging intent hhhb and bill request)

  • L: I went to test out the utterance (xxxx), and it is going to refund now (it is currently going to bill request, which is wrong and we plan to train under subsidy, so why go test now when we haven’t even trained the bot?)

L’s comments made me realised she doesn’t even know how chatlog review is done?!

Close to the end of the meeting, Papadom suggested that she and I take up going through some files tomorrow, which I mentioned I don’t have the bandwidth tomorrow to do (as Faridah is away). I have no idea why she always likes to help others out when I am the one who is really helping others out…

The meeting ended close to 5 pm, and my boss thanked us (Papadom and I) for doing so much. (Do you mean me? I really work like dog)

Then back to my work, I did checking for some cases, Faridah is still not closing the email item in the inbox after the case has been closed/handled. I also have to clear drafts, send the appeal letter draft reply to EL, and do some other stuff.

I saw Andreas sent me two emails on separate things this week, but I haven’t got the time to reply to her, so did it today as an interim.

I completed another appeal letter draft after putting into all the outstanding charges for the family, and sent the draft to W for vetting at 6ish!

I had a quick dinner and got back to working. EL has replied to me to ask some stuff about the appeal case and I quickly responded to her at close to 8 pm, before going for a swim with Fat fat!


3 February, Friday | I came to work and the first thing I noticed is: EL didn’t reply to me about the appeal letter T.T

W and I spent the morning running through cases together and putting together whatever drafts we have on hand. W also wanted to explore ChatGPT, and so we did but it is not that good, in our context…

Later my boss amended the draft W sent to him, and I noticed the same missing “A” in “TOSP 4A”, and was so damn sure he used ChatGPT…

When he came over later to talk about NHS’s intestinal transplant estimated bill size, I asked him about the draft and let him know the ChatGPT changes give us more work, because I need to counter-check that the facts/details are still true, such as “TOSP 4” instead of “TOSP 4A”.

W has left for her lunch break (go walk walk), while I wanted to send out a few more emails first before leaving to dabao lunch from Tekka Market. My boss came over to talk to W, and as she is not around, he came to tell me that it is confirmed that NHS will receive a minimum subsidy.

I responded to him, while I continued to look at my PC, “okay, later I calculate”. He tried to make it sound like it is not urgent and that I do not have to do it today, but failed lol (maybe he realised he can’t help us, really)

(btw, before this, my boss thinks calculating minimum subsidy is very easy LOL, NAY NAY)

It has been a long time since I went to Tekka Market, and only today I realised that there is a stall, maybe owned by Yong Sheng:

(immediately texted YS to disturb him)

After buying my lunch, I met Mr. Oh briefly at Little India MRT station but didn’t have the time to chat, so sad. I was rushing to go back office to eat my lunch and to start on calculations for NHS’s estimated bill. W asked me to try, and so I did la (even though I was reluctant to do it hah, got other things leh). I did the recipient’s bill and W did the donor’s bill, and she went to find some cases to check what is the ward fee for minimum subsidy (think we need to get this from FPA, so that in the future, it will be easier for us)

The calculation is completed at about 3 pm!

Later, my boss also asked what is the OOP after MSHL and MSV estimate. The thing is we usually don’t advise on MSHL payout, I just did a draft email with OOP after the MSV estimate. I will have to wait for W to clear (next week) if the tact I used in my reply is okay!

Yesterday, we heard there will be a promotion treat today and they will be ordering from the House of Samosa! The food and drinks only came at 4 plus pm, and the promotees didn’t even go gather the other colleagues who are seated at L5?? Char is also not very willing to bring down those leftover samosas (after the first servings), and she even has to do delivery work (is it she executive liao, then felt like doing all these is beneath her?)


I didn’t have enough time to do drafting for MP appeal letters, given there were many other more urgent things to work on or backlog to settle. I sent out an email to chase for address confirmation (since the letter is done), should be can make it in time.

For the other case, I will do quick drafting on Monday then!

Time to go home, have dinner, and go out again for 拜年🍊🍊

(wore this to work, for 拜年 plans tonight)


6 February, Monday | Wearing the outfit I got from Bili’s colleague! Other than the occasional peek of my bra here and there, overall this dress is the bomb, it even has pockets!!!!

(J thinks my figure looks awesome in this dress) I noticed that EL hasn’t approved my letter, so I sent a reminder quite early in the morning, and shortly after she replied that she thought she did, oops, and re-send it to me. I could only print out the reply letter after I am done with the estimated charges for ITx, the patient’s mother is known to be very challenging to manage, so we gotta do this well and right…

My boss asked me about the estimates for MSHL and MSV, I did up the MSV portion and not the MSHL part, W told me can obtain MSHL figures if global consent is given, so we managed to get that rolling, I also used YS’s “pdf!” to churn out the CCF for both LOS 56 and 77! I also took the time to put down all the learning points into my FC word file, for recording purposes and I may need to refer back on that one of these days… Since I am on this already, I also noted down the learning points for one foreign patient EBS case in January 2023.

Letter printed yayyyyy

It has been some time since I last submitted claims for stamp/postage purchase and I have forgotten what the claims portal is even called HAHAHAHAHA. After I got the portal name right, I also had a hard time just trying to input the right information for the claims to be submitted successfully… DOG

Today, I ordered lunch from Lunar Brews, since going to spend money, I also ordered coffee on top of my mentaiko salmon bowl. I later did a little colouring haha:





Our dinner reservation is at 7 pm, and I am the earliest haha, when our parents are staying at MBS hotel lol. We could enter really soon, I am loving the chill vibes here~

It is official, I LOVE BREAD 🍞

The problem with posh lighting is we can never get nice photos of food!!!

The Wellington was so disappointing IMO:

Then we went to their Hotel room to chill before going home, after we showered, it was 11 pm already...

(sure wake-up tomorrow feeling v exhausted)


7 February, Tuesday | YUP I WAS RIGHT, SIBEI TIRED TODAY! I am going to work wearing my specs today, and due to an unforeseen change of plans, I will also not be going to Yoga class today

(Fat fat and I decided to go for a swim this evening instead!)

Before I knocked out yesterday, I suddenly recalled I haven’t followed up with Papadom on the chatbot items, and tomorrow is our meeting with the new teams joining us. I was scared L pull some stunt on us again, like last week, so I reminded Papadom and let her do the straightening out with the vendor hah

I sent out a reply letter to EL for her clearance, and what’s left is for her approval, then I can print it out for mailing. Later right before I went home, then I saw she approved it, thankfully I didn’t take up the offer by W to WFH tomorrow, if not I would be rushing to get the letter printed and sent out. I didn’t like the rush because that would mean I might end up overlooking some things.

W got an email, asking for bill estimates for onco treatment, they require the cost of drug cycle treatment and cell harvesting. We were given a specific NR patient case to work on the estimates, so this kinda saved us some time from digging for cases by sieving through ehints data. They didn’t say when the patient is coming, so it wasn’t really a task on priority but I worked on it quite quickly (because you never know)!

Then later W told me the requesting staff called her and also asked for hickmen line surgical procedure cost too. W had to go search for random cases since we don’t know the surgical procedure code nor TOSP…

Today was another mad day of trying to clear all the pending items, one email after another, I also had to send chasers for some cases, burden max… My list of follow-up items just got longer and messier…

I recalled I haven’t submitted the Complaints and Compliments stats for Jan 2023, so quickly got that done and also informed that I have removed S from the email loop, my boss is now our HOD.

J and I went out to dabao lunch today. I ordered western food today from Tekka Market, wah I have to say the chicken cutlet was disappointing. I discussed this with Mr. Oh, how the food doesn’t taste that good, not sure if is it because I am feeling tired and busy lately, food just doesn’t taste nice, so sad…

Then at 2.30 pm, I met P for a discussion, she wanted to walk me through the waiver approval routing process but seems like she is not familiar with the steps. I think she wanted to involve me because she doesn’t really know much about the tech product created, and I am the only support she got (after the intern left).

We spoke briefly about SenderID, the sms sending thing we are trying to resolve. Then later I discussed it with K, and think aiyo I should really follow up on this matter. Most importantly, we need to confirm if it is true that the spage function will indeed cease with M365 Migration!

Last time I used to hate it when P bothers me about all the tech things, or in general, work that she doesn’t get. It takes up my time and I felt like I am not senior enough to be mentoring her leh. Not sure why this time round, I felt very different regarding her request for help, I am actually glad that I am of help/value to others.

(what changed? IDK hah)


8 February, Wednesday | Good that I came to the office today, so I could print out the reply letter and put it as “7 February 2023”! Today is another mad day of a lot of work, and time is a luxury…

We ordered food from Oh Some Bowls, and I was rushing to get the order placed asap and get back to work.

K: can tell you very busy today

Me: yeah, sibei tired

SUPER STRESSED but on and off, still have to make sure drafts are out and follow-ups are done promptly!!

I completed the Onco estimates and sent them to W to have a look. Later in the day, we received an email to activate back B2+ ward types for Paeds, is like one thing hasn't closed, then another is here...

I brought Alan to work today, as I preferred setting up content nodes using my own Mac. Even tho it is heavy to carry another device to work, I don’t regret heh

I went to check, Papadom’s setup in UAT is horrible and she didn’t clean up after I told her specifically what to do… I did the setup for subsidies in Production instead as I wanted to have a clearer view of what is set up!

I went out for a quick errand run, to collect our Starbucks order! Then I ate my lunch and quickly got back to work, as I need to clean up the wrong nodes in UAT before our afternoon meeting! I think it is quite ridiculous that I have to do setup in Production and map back to UAT, when it should be the other way around??

(What is Papadom even good at, other than talking?)

Today’s Cadence meeting ended at close to 4 pm! I can’t believe L came to the meeting to figure out what is the difference between fallback and handover. Mike also kept dm-ing me to ask questions and we realised we don’t get how the nodes are triggered!

I have no choice, but to reach out to Rey, YS they all for support! We are all so confused but they are very nice la, offered to help me have a look (with my login ID and password hehe) and let me know if they can recall the reasons for certain things done in the past.

After the meeting, I went to try out setting up HVPN on Faridah’s and Sleeping P’s laptops and both devices encountered a similar error message, haishhhh

I emailed ISD/Helpdesk and their response after seeing the recent access granted was “no HVPN access was even applied for”


Later in the evening, I tried to do some testing and Rey reminded me of "/debug" and I did that. Hmm, not sure about a lot of things now 😭😭😭😭😭

YS and I had 40 minutes call on my crisis and as well as in general, catch up on what we are doing lately! Rey also helped out and gave me some inputs, I haven’t got time to process them yet tho… (really GDLL for their help + support!)


9 February, Thursday | Today is the worst because I have half a day to complete what I need to do in a day! There are a few emails, such as waiver granted for one of the feedback cases, plus confirmation of payment received for $167++. I have to draft the replies but don’t have enough time to do so…

I decided that today I’m gonna order Merci Marcel pastries for lunch today, and not forgetting my iced latte!

After taking nice pictures to feature my nails, it was intense shoving the pastries into my mouth, so I have another 15 minutes before 1230, to send out the checked PDF version of the reply letter to EL for her clearance! I am hoping to clear this appeal before Edna comes back since there was no progress on the AR for this family since 2020…

Thankfully, there is no chatbot meeting today, and especially after knowing Papadom’s true capabilities and knowledge in chatbot, I cannot trust her to run the show for us (rep both of us)!

P and I left the office at 12.30 pm, and I quickly finished my iced latte before taking the train. It has been a long time since I visited NUS, and today makes me feel at peace and youthful again hehe

(on bus D2)


P and I were early so we came to collect our Participant’s lanyard + gone hacking tee before 2 pm! We decided to go roam around before the event starts officially and made our way to University Town, I remember this place to look prettier tho.

We saw Eugene and a few others from HT Sprint, at this event too! We all managed to do mini catch-ups here and there, as we went to random booths. P and I got tired soon after, and decided to chill at one of the sofa seats, near one of their refreshment corners:

Just right in front of us is Clem explaining WizGov:

Clem noticed us shortly after, and he remembers me hah, even tho we barely worked together during and after HT Sprint! We noticed Clem injured his wrist, and I asked him about it, he went boxing, and yeah. So poor thing la

He asked us about HT Sprint v2 happening next week, and if we will be going for the Sprint.

"nola, since we went before le. It is also our first time hearing that it is happening hah"

Product Information:

When I wanted to take picture of his booth, he even posted for me but I missed that shot...

There are too many products that have the potential to benefit the public, our own list is endless, such as CalSG, PaySG, Pair, BYOS, etc. Only going to feature of one the products here, because got cute pictures and KC waited for us for quite long to show us this hah

Forgot to mention there will be 3 Ministers attending today’s event! One of them is the Minister of FA, Vivian, and this team here was so anxious, they even popped 3 air freshener candies before speaking to Minister!




Then before 3.30 pm, we have to get seated to prepare to get into the hall for their main showcase!

One word for the entire event is: AWESOME!!!!! I learned a lot today and also can’t wait to see the greater heights their products will accomplish (:

(taking this picture because the food is good, and I want to keep options open, for future catering)

After that, we went out to mingle/network and managed to find out more about some of the products we are interested in. We happened to see Shaz, and had a good catch-up about healthcare matters, and also on a personal level!

Honestly, today is one of the most fruitful and rewarding experiences we had!

(P and I agreed)


10 February, Friday | Back to the office day after half day leave, should be okay??? HAHAHA NO, GIRL!

I printed out the MP reply letter and quickly worked on the things I left hanging, or didn’t manage to follow up yesterday, such as the waiver adjustment done, and the case of missing payment of $167.29

W checked my work yesterday and noticed that I included SGF for B2 NR case, she reminded me that there should be no SGF for subsidized cases for all patient class (aiyo Rachel…)

Also another error, I used the wrong ward rate haha, I used A rate instead of NR rate. It is about time for me to wake up my idea!!!!!! I made the changes and quickly resend the working file to W to clear, before putting together a draft reply to PLS!


(I think I over-ordered, now too full)

I went to check AIMS on the error/reason for the rejection of the HVPN access request made, Ms. Chin rejected the request as it must be cleared by Edna, but she is on long leave, and I have got a signed document by Edna’s cover approving the request but no means of attaching it in AIMS to submit as proof?? I have to email Ms. Chin directly on this, to share the problem and she has asked that I choose Edna’s cover in AIMS as the final approver (and not my boss – what I submitted previously). There is no such option leh, to pick the coverer, then Ms. Chin finally agreed to approve if I indicate that my boss’s approval = Edna’s approval.

I hope this is resolved and can be implemented asap. I also have so many things to comment on regarding this stupid system!!!! Why so lousy one, that there is no way for users to edit or comment following rejection, then we need to resubmit the request until we get it right?

While I was in the midst of settling this, I saw an email query relating to an MP appeal letter I sent out earlier this week. HUH why ah, need further inputs then we respond to CPFB.

We left the office at about 5.40 pm to head to one of the biggest yearly events (pre-covid days) for the Finance Division!

On the way, I met SCM and Sam on separate instances, and I got small talk with them. After that, A asked me if I did a personality test before. I don’t know why I got a feeling I know what she wants to know if I am indeed an extrovert (since I so ji zha).

“Yes I did, I know what you wanna know, I’m an introvert”

(no kidding hor)





This year, the activities weren't so interactive imo, it was all the usual groups of colleagues hanging out together, but it is still nice to see colleagues we don't get to meet often, gathered at our Staff Lounge!

We went to the toilet and left the party, for real!

When we were waiting for our Grab to arrive, I saw ET sitting at one of the seats behind, probably waiting for the shuttle bus, or her husband to pick her up. She texted to find out if I live in Yishun too.

Me: nola, we going out to drink






(no picture of J or K, because they turned out blurred on my phone – I was not drunk)

1 for 1 Sunrise Tequila (with J)

(it was very much the opposite hah)

Our second round of drinks hehe

J is not part of this, because she can't even finish her cocktail. K calls it "养金鱼“😂




We left the bar at 11 pm, and after I got home, I started having tummy ache ):


13 February, Monday | I woke up this morning, feeling sore all over and I wanted to give up and take SLWOMC (since I was having tummy ache since yesterday) … but I decided to drag myself to work.

Today is also day 1 of allowing masks off on Public Transport, and I continued to wear mine because scared la

I ate my breakfast oatmeals, made a nice cup of coffee and cleared my emails + follow-up items, then focused my attention on checking through the two MP appeal drafts I did last Friday!

After W cleared my drafts, I went to work on going through the downtime process documents sent by Charissa’s boss last week, she wants the documents ready before 15 February to prepare ahead of the audit next week (really very gan chiong wor)…

I realised the document she sent to me, was incorrect?? For the role of my staff + W and I are indicated as another team. Is this the version that Papadom updated in 2017 ah? It is completely wrong and no one realised??

When I asked Papadom, if she recalls doing this. Her reply: I don't even recall preparing this document.

(wah easy way out of this)

W and I discussed how to go about the downtime process documents, we have 3 sets of it leh because we are using 3 systems for billing currently… There were a lot of nitty-gritty things to clean up, and W agreed that we should add in the downloading and saving of FC data tables during planned downtime!

As we don’t have time today to enjoy our lunch, we ordered food from Adam’s Corner, today I am having chicken rice, and probably the last time I am eating chicken rice from this shop. It was mehhhh

Before my lunch break is over, I didn’t want to lose any time, so quickly sent out the two draft reply letters to S for her approval. I hope she clears it asap, so I can get them printed the soonest.

(she only approved at the end of the day, but I need ET to input her e-signature)

W cleared my draft response to Ward Sisters on the Insertion of Pessaries charges, I hope we really charged the patient correctly because I don’t want to let the very arrogant and ignorant spouse win this game…

Then it was time for our department meeting, the meeting ended quite soon at 3.30 pm! So we all could go back for BAU!

We mentioned the waiver form approval routing project with Checkpoint, plus the other interesting and useful products we learned of during the HfPG!

(+ the typical things we run through during our meetings)

I asked my boss how is he going to sign the downtime documents haha so he knows this piece is almost done when Charissa's boss asked about it during the meeting.

I also emailed OGP to mention I’m unable to attend the sharing session on 16 Feb during lunch time but can make it for the 9 Mar closing day~ (so excited to be back!!!!)

P came to tell me that we will be taking my boss’s car tomorrow at 2 pm, I gotta remember to tell Shaz + KC that I wouldn’t be joining the meeting tomorrow with Cancer Centre tomorrow at 2 pm!

During the meeting, I saw I got two new appeal letters, so sad, two haven’t even been printed and sent out, and I got another two cases to handle… I have a few things to check and emails to send out for the appeal cases and proceeded to clear Sleeping P’s drafts (+ a few snack break hehe)




I went home for a swim (backache is real)!


14 February, Tuesday | I was on the way to work, as usual, I am always a few minutes late… I received a text from J: Me will be late coz my ah Lao send n traffic heavy sia

Me: I also late

*and sends an image*

+some other nonsense texts

J: More late than u haaa

She came at 9 am 😂

W came back with some changes for the CE draft, so we got that out first, followed by other things!

We got one TOP case, and what we heard is the SMS for the bill was sent to the patient’s mother so now she knows that there is something going on!

I texted ET to check, as she hasn’t responded with the signed drafts after S has given the green light to insert her e-sign. ET was on leave yesterday and WFH these two days, and she told me she will get to my emails in abit. I feel so bad for chasing her!

The two letters were printed out at 11ish am

(not sure why the printer keeps lagging…)

I have no clue why the refund team went to process the refund via PayNow (default is cheque leh), and now I need to rush and get the letter go the soonest, so that the letter reaches the mother, before the PayNow refund!


I was rushing to finish up whatever, as my boss will be driving us (P and I) to FSS Office at Bukit Merah! Already not enough time, NOW I GOT ANOTHER APPEAL LETTER TO SETTLE…

We left our office at 2.15 pm and it is funny how my boss sets his car clock 20 minutes earlier, so that his son will have some sense of urgency HAHAHA

During the first part of the meeting, it was with AP colleagues so most of the time, I was just trying to connect to HVPN and clear my emails. It was also then, I was arguing with one of our colleagues, An, she kept trying to push the follow-up to me, when she should have done it in the first place (FDW has changed employer, and the address in our records is not updated….)

Then for the second part, we are supposed to meet AR colleagues to discuss enquiry handling and refund issues. There wasn’t even a room booked for this meeting, we were just standing around chatting with each other about some work practices…

It was a good catch-up with the others, not productive at all but we will get there!!!

We ended close to 5 pm, our boss offered to give us a lift and dropped us off at Tiong Bahru MRT, so I managed to go home and put my laptop down, change into my yoga outfit! After sending out a few key emails, we left the house for a session with John!

We ate Mentai Salmon Bowl at our usual place, we even got a free bowl of miso soup each because of Valentine’s Day!!!

(I started having muscle ache in my arms, not sure from yoga or from carrying my laptop)


15 February, Wednesday | It was raining so heavily this morning, and honestly I thought of not going to work, again…

Then I recalled I have things to do, I gotta send the PayNow refund case to S today and hope she clears it soon! She only responded the day after though…

I have a letter pending for MSW appointment date, and also unsure who should I write to and will have to check with W, before doing up the letter. I also have many other things to follow up on 😭😭😭😭

I realised I missed out on responding to one case, and quickly did the draft for clearance!

So glad the FDW case is settled, the address is updated and my colleague will follow up on the payment. I hope the employer settles the 8k++ outstanding!

Before lunch, I recalled I haven’t contacted the mandarin speaking case that came in Friday, so I called her and she really cannot speak English wor. Quite poor thing because they haven’t been relocated to Singapore for long, and were unsure of our healthcare system, charges, etc…

I explained about subsidies, CHAS, and the use of MSV, this case is considered close but she wanted to make installment arrangement for the payment of the outstanding bill. I managed to reach OL and asked her to call this lady before 1 pm, then this case is closed for reals!


Fat fat:

ah? you? EAT YTF???
who made u eat it


(she knows me so well, I am not a YTF person)

Today is our chatbot PM, M’s last day and I sent her an email to wish her well. Later, Tiger Brows emailed us, all surprised that she left and wondered if it was a last-minute notice, again. It wasn’t la, but her staff did not update her, tsk…

L is asking us again at the Cadence meeting if we have seen the 4 PHIs’ list of FAQs and I told them it is WIP. I guess we have to get some done, in order to answer them next week!

After the meeting, I ran through the WFH process with Sleeping P and Faridah, and got that cleared! I will have to do up a WI for them tomorrow.

Then back to all the drafting that I didn’t have the chance to complete…




While J and I were leaving the office, we heard this loud noise! IT’S TOTAL DEFENCE DAY (now I miss being in school)

YS wanted to go to VivoCity to get his drone fixed, and I wanted to buy jeans from Uniqlo, to prepare for our upcoming Japan trip! We decided to have dinner Aburi-EN!!!!!

I was late, and YS is done with his errand, so we will have dinner first! Just happens that they are having a 1 for 1 promo for beer so of course, we got it 🍺🍺


Have always loved eating with YS:


Then we went to UNIQLO to shop shop, I found a skater skirt that is so cute but they don’t have large sizes in their stores so how would I know if it looks good on me??

Anyway back to the real purchase, bought a pair of slim-cut flared jeans, will try that out on Friday!

We also went to Fairprice and I got the idea of getting cream puffs from Chateraise for Grandma, before heading home. But we decided to get Ice Cream and Waffles from B&J before leaving:

I dropped by Grandma’s around 9 pm, and we sat together to enjoy our coffee/dessert! I left her house at around 10 pm, I saw bus 31 and boarded. After 2 stops, I realised the route is different???!

I stopped the music playing on my phone to ask an uncle sitting nearby, and he asked me where am I going. Toa Payoh? This is bus 133. OMG FML, I THINK I SAW BUS 31, and boarded the bus before it!!!!!

This uncle very nice la, told me I can get off at the next stop to change to bus 13, or 67. He also got off at the same stop as me, and helped me to check the bus timings!

I got home safely at 10.33 pm 🙏🏻

Then I showered, and slept at 12 ish am.


16 February, Thursday | I miss WFH mornings!!!!! After clearing emails, I had a quick breakfast, parents bought a cake on valentine’s day. Then it was working on chatlog review HW for about an hour.

I still don’t quite get what the MP letter is about, and asked Faridah to call up the father to check. After we know his concerns with greater certainty, I will know what to write for the case!

Papadom and I just realised that we will both be away on 2 Mar, and not available for chatlog review with the cluster, we will have to propose an alternative later at the meeting.

Dad bought McDonald’s Cheeseburger for me (plus an Apple Pie), I ate and soon after, took a nap until 2 pm. I looked through my emails, aiyo got things to follow up on but it was time for our chatbot meeting at 2.30 pm liao

After we completed chatlog, we went through the subsidies answers and I made the changes in production. We also ran through the FAQ excel sheet from the 4 PHIs, the two easier tabs compared to the others, and worked out our new meeting schedule for the next month!

The meeting ended at 5 pm…

Then it is back to BAU, and I took so long cleaning up Sleeping P’s draft explaining the bill amounts, adjustments, and all. I had to knock off on time, as I will be meeting YT for dinner this evening! Will come back later to do up some stuff…

Earlier, during the meeting, I saw texts from KC, asking me if I will be interested to join a session to do pre-envisioning with other VIP Forms users. I think it will be a great platform for them to gather feedback and more for us to all move forward hehe, but it is happening on 24th! I will be on leave leh, I mean I will still be able to attend it, whether ftf or virtual but I wanted to pack things for my Japan trip!

THE DILEMMA IS REAL!!!!! Go or don’t go??

I recommended JC for this, but in the end, seems like got enough slots for us both plus I think KC wanted me to come!

They are looking for someone who is vocal, and familiar with Forms/OGP/digital transformation! JC thinks this is so me, the truth is I not vocal leh

(and I regular user only leh)





+ Coffeesmith Coffee date

We haven’t met in 2 months? And we got so many updates for each other, ALAMAK always cannot finish catching up one

I got home at close to 11 pm, showered, and caught up on the chatbot work I wanted to complete since afternoon, then at 1230 am, 晚安!


17 February, Friday | Today I’m testing out my new outfit piece: jeans from Uniqlo! I purposely got a flare styled jeans, so that I got some leeway to wear my thermal pants below hehe

Then I got to work, W told me we have two patient meetings to sit in for, and one of them is face to face meeting. HUH I’M DRESSED LIDDIS LEH???!

Thank god the ftf meeting in the afternoon with ah beng dad is canceled as he felt that there is no point meeting at this juncture YASSSS! This is the happiest news I received (at 11 ish am) for the day!!!!

While the 10 am meeting was still on, we sat in and helped to take down notes for the case, I found this angmoh couple reasonable and the kind that can communicate with! I hope we all can have a win-win!

The non-stop crisis, really one after another! I could only print out the MP appeal letter at 11-ish am, after we have sorted out all the work commotions DED

Right before I left with J to get our lunch, I quickly sent a case to S for her clearance, I didn’t want to delay further as my boss cleared it this morning, and S must see the approval email, before agreeing to add her signature…

I doubt she will clear it any time soon (and yes, I was right, she only cleared it on Monday and even tried to wiggle her way out of it…)

Then I rushed out to meet J at the lift area, to go Tekka Market to grab our lunch!! Omg, $3 cashback is awesome la!!!!!!!!

(we are so doing it every Friday, except next Friday hah)

After I got back to the office with my meepok, W started asking me about a Dental file that I don’t recall doing, we only provide the raw dental services pricing (info from Finance) then general counsel cost for DS, IP 1, and IP2. After some intense searching, W decided to call and check with the colleague where did she get the values for dental procedures. This lady is so funny, she said she will take it up with Finance directly, which means less work for us YAY

I was looped in for double charging for CDG rides, and after reading + speaking to Ivy, the charges are correct! The driver came, but the user did not board the cab, they can’t just cancel the ride as the driver came to the pick-up point - service was rendered although the ride was not actualized to the intended destination…




Fat fat and I went to get our lash lift treatment, woohoo excited for pretty lashes in Japan!!



20 February, Monday | Started the week with Tuna and cheese sandwich!

I have a feeling S wouldn’t clear my letter in time, so I left the other case for this week and sent it to Joyce in the morning.

Indeed, S did not approve my letter. At 11ish am, she emailed me and ET to ask who should be approving the letter since this week is no longer her period of cover. Hello, I sent her the case at 1 pm on Friday, took her this long to read it and then say it is not within her coverage period, is like??? I feel like she just didn’t want to be accountable LOL

I have another case pending refund confirmation, before I can push out the letter to W for her to clear it.

Also, one of the feedback cases I was handling from the time, Sleeping P was on HL, the patient wrote back… I got the draft cleared but overlooked sending it to Sleeping P to send out, oops!

Now CPFB is querying one of my old appeal cases, so I have to gather the information and respond. Not sure why A doesn’t bother to do anything about it and let her staff approach us for help when she should be the one supporting her team? I purposely sent the draft to her, and get her to clear the information is all correct before replying officially.

After clearing all the pending cases and matters, I finally got the time to deep dive into cases to derive FC amount for TOSP 1A Ophthalmology! After we have confirmed to go with $2,200, we needed Adms colleagues to help us create the case, but somehow the colleague just couldn’t get it right…

Note: lunch menu today is MOS burger!!

Before W left, Sam was asking her about re-entry permit for one case, and W told me the next day, thankfully she cc-ed me, as Sam has follow-up questions immediately, and I helped to reply (we all win, for being efficient)




After work, I went shopping for clothes for D&D, but I just couldn’t find a suitable outfit, guess I will be going with my CNY romper!


21 February, Tuesday | Lao ban hasn’t replied to me on the MP letter, so a gentle reminder was sent!

W realised today that our staff can use idrive via HVPN through Citrix > Home Drive, but both of us can’t so we contacted HelpDesk to troubleshoot. They just told us to create the shortcut ourselves, and it should work. We did some testing, seems to be working fine, I will know for sure on Thursday when I WFH!

W helped to call up SC and asked her if she can help to create the FC case for us, then I can adjust the amount, and send the CCF to PLS. After it was done, I was doing something else, so I told W I will come back to it later, and she left for her lunch break.

THEN THEN THEN, OI I KEEP GETTING THIS ERROR! I suspect it is because the case was created and counseled at NR previously, so the system doesn’t allow cases at FR. I will have to wait for W to be back to help me check on it.

Faridah ordered Eggstop for me today for lunch, I think I will feel hungry later haha

W saw my MP draft reply letter and told me we shouldn’t refund to patient. They owe us money then after we adjusted the patient class, we still need to give them money. This does not sound correct, which I agree!

I was super fixated on reducing AR, and failed to look at the bigger picture, everything got processed already, the cheque was also processed, and the patient will likely receive the cheque, but unable to bank in… How am I going to clean this up?? We need to cancel the refund, undo the transfer, and of course, reverse the adjustment to the bill… HEADACHE MAX SIA

W and I discussed checking off the staff/gurka selection to enable FC at FR and it worked! Now we will need to massage the figures to show $2,200 at B2, then ‘pdf!’ the CCF, and send it out, we are good to go. As I need to rush off soon, I followed up after I moved to a temporary work location.

K offered to go on my behalf for open safe duties since I’m having a major crisis (reverse adjustment), however, I could really use this open safe opportunity to take a break from whatever, and restart my 心情!

While clearing my work, I saw I got a missed call from a familiar number! Initially, I thought it was Finance, wah don’t tell me the transport project got daiji, in the end, it was T2. She emailed me after to ask if me and HW (SH friend from HT Sprint) to help send test SMS through spage, and HW was super quick, and we confirmed his M365 migrated account is unable to send test SMS…

As I will be on leave from Friday onwards, I started checking any pending cases I have on hand, one of which is the FDW appeal case. I sent an interim email to the employer to update her that we are still looking into the case.

I saw CPFB replied to my email, so now we are pending HRN and other information. I have sent out the email to the OP team to check before I get back with the correct answers.

PE Office kept asking us for the breakdown of the subsidy for each item to provide to ah beng dad, but I think that is not the main point/concern and I refused to provide hah

(worried PE Office calls me after seeing my email)




Now they are bringing back the two 45 minutes yoga sessions! I think it is good for me to stretch and also take my mind off work for a bit, despite menstruating…


22 February, Wednesday | J texted me while I was on my way to work, and asked if I wanted Chicken Rice for lunch, which one of our colleagues is ordering.

Me: okies

I came to work and got shocked, that my laptop is still on the desk. Normally I will shut down and keep it in the cupboard once I end work, but yesterday I was too 精神错乱, and forgot…

This is my second last day of work, before my Japan trip, so I have quite a few things to settle and clean up (such as yesterday’s mistake…)

I am also following up with MOM, and getting more details from the employer + the other hospital for the bill details.

My self-appraisal is another thing to check off my list, I completed it but wanted to read it over again tomorrow (fresher mind) before submitting it!

The chicken rice is tasty! But I found the chili a little too spicy for my liking but for $4.80, I saved money hehe (or maybe not)

I asked K if she wanted coffee as I have a meeting later in the afternoon and could use a nice warm cup of coffee so we got it from a shop we never tried before!

Roasted Almond Latte; the description said feels like a warm hug. The drink arrived warm, so I think it was more of a lukewarm hug hahaha

Also, we mixed up and there isn’t a cadence meeting today as L is with the NNI team, for live chat training LOL

Earlier I saw in the EN's group chat, Brandon mentioned they discuss building a form for wellness initiatives, so within EN, we can have a form with all our activities! I got some time so I was trying to put it together, I realised Badminton and Tennis can merge. But for the others, say non-sports activities, I cannot merge them as they do not have PAR-Q, and can we take declaration ahead for event-based activities like Night Cycling?

Then moved on to another form, and was trying to figure out how to build the approval routing routes using Checkpoint! (P is on HL until 5 March, so I’m the only one left to work this out?)

I texted KC to ask a few things then he suddenly asked me if I am good to have a call with them at 4.30 pm. HUHHH WHY SO SERIOUS ONE

Then aiya okay lo, google meets call using my phone. KC and Just were on the call, asking for my feedback on their product, and leaving me with barely anytime to think of my response or questions HELPS

Also the honest me, told them that I gave up after creating the excel table because there were way too many conditions/scenarios to cover HAHA

Then they shared about their new framework/design, bu cuo leh! It got me thinking about all the conditions to be covered, using actions to group the routes/flows, seems better!

I will have to test out the flows at least and see if I have any further feedback or suggestions to help users.

Slightly before this 40 minutes call, Mike TT-ed me to ask if he can rant to me about what transpired earlier at their ftf live chat training! Wah, I am speechless??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN by live chat cannot trigger and they had to figure it out on the spot? Sounds damn unprepared!

+ other rants (wrong info was given LOL), and he asked me a few questions too.

I think Mike and I can click, and he is the closest person that I can develop together in terms of tech in chatbot (after Rey and YS left).


23 February, Thursday | It was a day of following up on things, and sorting out what needs follow-up with me away for a week!

I managed to get the information from both the employer + other hospital, so the response to MOM is ready. We are pending the appeal outcome from them.

After the refund colleague confirmed that there will be no cheque sent out, J is worried as she knows based on the bank’s previous workflow, they wouldn’t check the cheque and mail out all. So as a precaution, we would like to inform the patient that there will not be any refund. Better to be more prepared horrr

“Should you receive a refund cheque, please discard it as it is invalid”

Today is my turn to clear drafts, so yes need to get them out as soon as I can, and decided to forgo my precious lunch break…

I also saw Mike emailed both Papadom and me about live chat handling, what are our practices, and if there is any way to build the text/content they want in the dashboard. What L said is no, have to keep the content in the excel/document and copy them over, when needed. It is not true!!!!!

I followed up with an email to Mike to share the function of “/keyword”, and in our case, it was “/sc_phi_keyword”.

I quickly sent a reminder email to Joyce before my afternoon meeting begins!

Today’s presenter for chatlog review, Adi is pretty slow so we took an hour to run through 1 week's worth of chatlog…

Then we moved on the running through FAQ from other PHIs, I got a shock to see eye centre built all information in appointment_booking FAQ. But surgery care, such as eyedrops, need to fast or not, has nothing to do with appointments???

Despite repeatedly telling L that she needs to make sure that all the intents are aligned for all 7 PHIs, before the launch, she did not engage us and do the hard work.

Really WTF

I explained I have another meeting to attend at 4 pm but stayed longer to clear abit more of the FAQ. It does not seem to be going anywhere, and L sounds like she is explaining what is going on to me, after I explained to her?? She is the one who doesn’t understand leh

After I raised the various concerns and she got some scolding from me, then she realised that they are quite behind time, and there are still a lot of things not done/check properly at the vendor’s end…

L even got the audacity to ask me and Papadom for the UAT test script, only today she realised she might need different versions of the test script for the different PHIs. That is not even the true concern la, there are a lot of gaps currently, how to launch????!!!!

I just left the call, as I was supposed to join the next call at 4, it is already 4.22 pm…

(Papadom updated me that no one else is talking and she also cannot advise on her own, i.e. need Rachel to run the show horrrr)

Once I got on the next call, I updated my boss (Amos doesn’t mind listening in, and the rest are not here yet) about the issues for the chatbot project!!!!! SO ANGRY LA

Then shortly after, the rest joined the call and we started the discussion on budgeting and initiative management, i.e merging all the activities into one FormSG to enable staff to sign up for any of the activities easily! My boss suggested that this form should be owned by HR if it is something they want to combine all the activities from different wellness committees. We can only do the one for EN, and that’s about it!

When they started talking about our own form, Brandon mentioned wanting to quickly do, so we can share something with HR asap. My boss mentioned that we may need more time, cannot immediately, and that Rachel will be on leave and be back on xxxxx.

Brandon immediately asked where I will be going for holiday.

Me: Japan!

Brandon: 你需要人帮你拿 luggage 吗? I help you carry

(so he can come together on the trip too)

Amos: Porter


Rachel always comes prepared for such work things, and I updated I have already put together a form to combine Badminton and Tennis, and explained the issues/concerns here. Everybody was okay with launching these two activities first!

I was doing the combination thingy for them to see, and did the form adjustment on the spot, the people on the call noticed that I am quite skilled in Form creation using Forms. Brandon also pointed out that I have 40 over forms hah, actually a lot of them are testing ones, or I was checking other people’s work, not all are my work.

(I realised they are all not very skilled in logic building leh)

JC (buffy) shared with me privately some feedback and suggestion he has, but errr very hard to show him why it was not a good idea…

So now the form is more or less ready, Brandon asked if I can also forward him the EN logo we have, then we can send it together to HR! Okay lo, so I agreed that I will get a version of those, the form link with a short URL, and sent it to them before I go on leave.

(really is fhfl, 快手快脚)

After the meeting, I got back to clearing my own work, and drafts, and sending all the follow-up emails in preparation for my 6 days AL.

While I was preparing to send out the EN email, noticed Amos’s email address is not valid, and I thought what are the chances he resigned liao, he was in the meeting earlier leh

Apparently, he was involved in early migration for M365, I found another Guinea pig for my spage function testing YASSSSS

I sent out all the emails at 6ish, close to 7 pm! Pang gang lo!!!!


24 February, Friday | I took the day off to have more time to pack my things for our Japan trip hehe, but felt bad that I couldn’t help KC out on their Forms visioning. Okay lo I agreed to join the session from 10-11 am this morning! Hmm, I don’t really have anything constructive for KC and his team, I felt like most of my suggestions are feature related which is what they mentioned they didn’t want during the start of the session sobs…

Charissa texted me to ask things for the Comfort Delgro project, so timely I am on leave today then the department has some new setup to implement. Then later she kaypoh where I'm going for holiday since now we don’t really talk liao.

Thankfully I took the day off, but still got frustrated when Faridah cannot print out the reply letter properly, it is such a simple task and I even gave step-by-step instructions, but she is still not doing it right…





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