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January 2022 - Adulting never ends

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

3 January, Monday | Wah it feels super unreal to be going back to work after 2 weeks of festive holidays!

I finally got the time + right mind to correct the form, I find Papadom pretty ridiculous; she's so defensive and not willing to listen to suggestions, she also likes to include our names when she wants to insist her ways with our boss (to seem like she's right and got the support...). I do agree with what my boss suggested and sent her some changes for formatting, plus the sentence below:

(WWIII may be coming! Update on 04/01: she hasn't responded because she doesn't know how to admit defeat?? I guess)

I received a call from one of the SH organisations and they asked if I am free for an interview tomorrow at 1 pm. The thing is I couldn't remember what was the role I applied for but still agreed to go for it anyway. When I finally got the email and realised the role I applied for was Clinical Affairs (JD was so general, sounds like saikang work), I didn't want to go for it anymore!!!! I don't even want the job haha BUT I SHOULD consider this as a good interview opportunity to see how I fare, what are the new interview questions employers are asking or interested to find out, and maybe, appreciate having a job right now!

Later in the day at home, I was busy filling up the forms and managed to reply the HR staff before 9 pm! I also did some practice and came up with some Q&A for the interview! I should still be prepared for it even if I don't want the job!

TMT: "Is this what rich people do for fun?" (referring to me going for an interview that I am not keen for the role)

"Nola, I not even rich!"


4 January, Tuesday | Rey finally helped to check out what's wrong with our UAT dashboard YASSSSS! He also said my setup is looking good!

I didn't do much work because I have an interview at 1 pm!!!!!! I was feeling so sian and it was disruptive to my schedule/lifestyle. I just can't wait for it to be over so that I can get back to my "My Mister"!!!!!


I was very nervous at the beginning when I was waiting to enter the meeting room but somehow when it started, I was very chill HAHAHA. I wasn't nervous at all.

Don't think I am out of the game, but I am not their first choice ba. In the JD, the scope is rather vague, and like after the interview, I found out is really supporting all the clinical heads. It can be things like sorting out claims, or finding out Telehealth consult processes, it can be anything under the sun! Sounds pretty saikang hor?

After the question "tell me about yourself", they started the interview by asking me why I didn't do a lab job (because of my life science degree). I explained that I am more of a people's person so I don't want to be doing the diagnostic test or experiments all day, alone. Then she asked if I regret taking up this degree, I said no, it just doesn't value add to my career!

She asked why did I want to change my job and I shared that I wanted a new challenge. They then asked me what challenges am I exactly looking out for. Process improvement is not a good answer btw because the next question I got was: "in what area?". I said "Operations" and then they followed up quickly that their role is not so much on Ops. There's no frontline admission process, those Ops things, the things they do is more of helping to get approval for OT for dental surgery at other hospitals.

AND this is one of the most insulting moments of all time, they asked me which secondary school I was from??? I had to clarify the question again just to be sure I heard correctly. After sharing my secondary school, they asked what grade I got for English. They also asked what did I get for my GP when I was in SRJC (since I did fill up the school but not the scores). IS IT THEY FIND MY ENGLISH V LOUSY???! (what kind of question was that)

The HR lady shared that lateral transfer no increase in pay and I told her I know, it's just that the form asked for expected pay so I had to put something higher or an amount??? I think they are quite condescending even tho they seem like nice people!

For some reason, I cannot hear clearly what they say, so there were a few times I responded when they were not talking to me or did not respond when they were actually directing the questions at me. Their questions can be quite puzzling???!

They got ask me to share about difficult patients, what projects I did, and what did I learn from those. I think they find my stories interesting and funny, but nobody hires the funny staff HAHAHAHA.

One of the ladies asked me what are my hobbies and where else did I apply to so I mentioned the AI role, I believe it's a role of aligning AI projects for the cluster.

After this interview, suddenly I'm appreciating my current job now!!!! HAHAHAHA


5 January, Wednesday | The day started with a cup of instant iced latte and apple cinnamon oatmeal from Amazing Graze! Today was pretty quiet because J is on leave today and I just can't wait to see her on Friday!!! She thinks she's noisy because she hangs out with me HAHA well, maybe!

I heard from Faridah that yesterday W was very busy and discussed cases with them (the team) and I felt like W is more involved than I am in the team I'm leading?? Which is true, I was feeling kinda disconnected and unconcerned about their cases or what was going on on the ground.

After yesterday's interview and how I am uninvolved, I decided to help draft a reply for one of our long-standing cases, this dude just cannot accept our replies! He even added the Ministry's link on bill itemisation (the idea of transparency??) and demands that we provide him with the detailed breakdown/basis of the charges. We obviously wouldn't be providing insights on how the value was derived, nor make clear our profit margin?! Coming up with the reply didn't take very long but I just wanted to help out with this part since Sleeping P seems to be struggling for some time for this particular case.

W: draft good! (me: 🥳🎉)

One of my colleagues happened to know I'm thinking of changing my job and casually asked me as Char and I were laughing over nonsense at the printer! Char also thought we both wearing black dresses today but no, haha. EC also asked me for updates and after hearing it, she said "stay here".




For the most part of today, I was trying to check things off the list of shortcuts that PA team requested! I also prepared the reasons for not creating and if I'm doing it, I wanted to ask how else can I improve it further!

Char and I went to eat KFC today and we have been taking orders for lunch and for Flash Coffee since earlier! Our plan for KFC was decided yesterday when she Telegram-ed me this:

(HOW COULD WE NOT GO RIGHT???) BUT I forgot to take a picture of our pocket wrap and Goldspice Chicken Skin!!!!! Sobs, but we will come again!!!!!

We brought the Flash orders back and hehe I'm so happy for being on my 2nd iced latte for the day!




My afternoon involved a discussion with K, and N on the shortcuts and also gave them a refresher on the live chat functions, plus showing them how to view the past chat conversations via the dashboard. I said it will be 20 minutes but in the end, I think it was 1 hr 40 minutes... (hope I didn't waste their time).

It was a fruitful discussion!!! Now that I know what needs to be improved/followed up on, I can check them off my list once I am done with the setup!

At the end of my workday, I'm left with 3 items to finish up tomorrow!

*me feeling all motivated at work, again*

K asked me when did N sent this list (for the shortcut creation) and I showed her: 20 October 2021. Papadom was supposed to do the setup as she was the one who asked what content was needed but failed to do anything, in the past few months! So now, it's Rachel's problem to sort out and besides, Papadom's knowledge creation/setup skills are pathetic HAHAHA

(I did the training part at the end of October, so I was done but actually not done because of the above *roll eyes*)




I randomly decided to check how my job application statuses and err I was so so so excited for this role when I first saw it BUT I WAS MARKED 'NOT SUITABLE' with no explanation?

I was sad for a bit, but I guess I'm no longer the Rachel from years ago! In a few moments, I'm feeling all zen that I didn't get an opportunity for this role. Maybe because I know, a closed-door doesn't mean rejection, it is just not the right door for me! That's okay! I believe the right one will come 💪🏻


6 January, Thursday | YS is going for his interview today, and his interview was 15 minutes only?! Probably because of the connections and the experience he has in this scope of work, he's the most suitable candidate! I'm excited for him!!!! Even though I will probably feel sad when he does leave, and I have to do chatbot meetings with 0/3 of the squad...

I received two MP appeal letters today, and that dude is back again? He still owes $23k, made no effort to pay, and only goes to MP to repeat the same ass shit story. Does he know I have to repeat the same ass shit reply to him too??

While for the other case, Faridah and I managed to check some facts and now I have to send an email to the social work department to find out who is the in-charge of the case, etc.

I did 2 weeks' worth of chatlog review and Papadom wants to set up a trigger for "chill" as a commonly misspelled word for "child". FOR WHAT SIA??? We are not going to create a whole fucking list of misspelled words, can she please think... I just told her: let's talk during the meeting.

As I was in the Zoom call for eFC Design discussion, I finally texted YS to tell him about the whole confusion I had with Rey. I thought YS will say it's v silly of me or I probably will get things like: you stupid ah. He didn't, he just said I'm still young and it's okay, you explore and you will find (the one). He also shared with me even though the squad still talks occasionally and we have dinners together, things with Rey were business from day 1 for YS. Ahhh I see, I am on the same page now.

YS is a really good friend and sometimes his thoughts really amaze me, sometimes you just need to hear it.




This colleague, A texted me about the case from yesterday. She updated me via WhatsApp of the call conversation this crazy woman had with T (the colleague with super bad fashion sense) and asked me for a solution. We suggested not to call the patient to agitate her any further!

But A wanted T to do the calling, on top of sending an email reply to address the point brought up yesterday. We have asked Faridah to do the draft and still waiting for her to send us her work.

There were a few messages back and forth between A and me on the update and handling of the case, I was so annoyed because there was nothing sent to my team officially so I have to send a separate email to update my team whenever there are any changes. I kinda told A off to send us an email so that everybody is in the loop, it will be easier for us to do work. I also low key ranted to K (bff with A), indirectly.

The crazy woman also demanded a reply by 4 pm and I was worried that I don't have sufficient time to clear Faridah's draft (depending on what time she will be done) as I have a meeting from 2.30 to 5.30 pm. I called Faridah earlier and told her to work on it, asap!

I didn't manage to rest during lunchtime because I didn't want to miss the draft and have to rush just before the meeting. At 2 pm, I started drafting the reply and called W at 2.20 pm to update her that I will be away later, need her help to look into the reply. I also sent her my version of the reply so that later, it might be helpful if she wants to merge the contents (from mine and Faridah's draft). Shortly after, she sent her draft to us! I read it later and saw her draft did not even address any of the key points?!??!! It was so disappointing la and W really plucked out my content to put into Faridah's...

YS will not be joining the chatbot meeting today as he's on OIL and told me earlier he's going to take a nap! The meeting started and not too long later, the social worker in charge gave me a call and asked if it was convenient to speak. I wanted to call her la but this meeting + the other problems I have, I decided to call her tomorrow instead.

She updated me on the case and we were discussing how it will be handled! She will drop me an email later on the case! Then when I snapped my attention back to the meeting, I have no idea where we are now LOL.

I have no idea what JC is saying, suddenly there are talking about a link shortener?? Why do we need a link shortener ah? I interjected at a later point of the discussion to share we did explore months back, if we can use the product, Go but they shared it's not open to healthcare. Spinning off our own link shortener was also not advised by the chief group security officer! JC then ended this discussion by telling me we can take this offline and he will sync up with me separately (sure bro sure).

It was another long-ass discussion on Phase 2 plans and I just checked myself out from the situation.

We got a 10 minutes break and now it's time for chatlog review! Rey went through the list of issues and mentioned "content update for MCAF by xxxx", YS was not in to explain this and JC got defensive as it sounded like this issue is still pending his team. Ahhh, then I stepped in to explain what I think this item is, and also shared that YS has updated the answers and I have also done so, need to confirm with the last hospital if they have done it! JC then soften down and said okay!

We wasted 10 minutes checking the chat convo that Papadom commented on, the one with "chill" and went in circles because she doesn't know her work or what she wants from this. She also drifted off to comment on another utterance that stems from the same conversation. I had enough la and counter proposed to ignore "chill" and leave the other utterance for discussion later when we get there.

There was also an awkward silence during the meeting because Tiger Brows was talking about R79 (cursor is on this) but Rey just explained at length on R75! We all kept quiet and errr someone continued on her views for R79! (Omg, where is everybody's mind today???) So hello is Rachel again, now explaining how we (the different parties) un-sync for a bit 😂😂😂

I noticed there were a few new utterances to be moved to billing_enquiry... It felt like a dumping ground?!?!?

I asked Rey over Zoom pm and found out his last day is tomorrow, instead of 10 Jan! Wah, that's very soon right but it's good la. (It will be all over!)


7 January, Friday | I came to work and the first thing I said was I have something for J! J starts wondering what's the thing and I pulled out a brochure that talks about the fortune of all the 12 zodiacs in the Year of the Water-Tiger. I knew J will love it and she's so excited to read it, especially this is from some famous temple?! (I took it from my mother haha)

I heard Faridah's phone ringing after she walked off from her desk and confirmed that it was W who called her! I rang W and she told me to read the email from T properly. It seems like that colleague, A wanted to push the case to my team to sort out. W shared with me that A implied for W to call the crazy woman yesterday as she demanded a call back from the manager within 15 minutes. (My opinion: this colleague, A used to work in my team many years back and I think she's one sneaky bitch)

W told me to tell Faridah to hold the reply letter, after seeing the email update from T we will need to modify it.

I was drafting the reply content and cleared it with W before heading for the discussion with K and A. I shared more on escalation flow and suggested that someone else below the manager (in rank) call first. K asked A if she wants to try and I think because of this, she couldn't reject calling the crazy woman, yas! I safely avoided handling this case head-on!

Once we have come up with the solution, they called T over to discuss the case further and better understand the conversation she had with the crazy woman. Upon dissecting T's email update, I realised I didn't catch any of her points leh. Reading her email made me wonder if my English is bad la. I also found her a dishonest person, the crazy woman never asked for a manager but someone else (since T's communication skills suck so much). If she asked for someone with "higher authority" then T should use the same words and not "manager".

It was a stressful work morning so far, I told Char maybe it's time to give McSpicy! Every time I'm feeling stressed, I crave McSpicy!!!! Our noses started running as we finished our burgers! We also went crazy on the fries, maybe because we haven't had it in a long time or it's hot so it's damn delicious!

Char and I used to eat ice cream together in the pantry when we are feeling stressed out at work! For some reason, we stopped doing it (the stress continues tho). Some time back, we bought Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream because it was on sale!!!!!! After our fiery stomach pains from having McSpicy, we decided it's time to eat our ice cream liao!!!!

In 0.03 seconds after Char took this picture, the ice cream on my spoon slipped and fell on my dress, then on the floor. So I ended up doing stress cleaning of the floor too!

Our ice cream adventure never ends!!!!! 💕




Finally got the time to work on my MP appeal letters that came yesterday! I called the social worker in charge earlier to check the progress, once I was done with the draft for her case, I also told her to let me know if she needs more time to review the content. I think she's a nice person to work with! I will contact her on Tuesday for the update since she shared with me that she's on leave on Monday!

Then I kept avoiding drafting the repeat telecast reply content HAHAHA but you know you cannot run away forever, Rachel!

When I wanted to start on it (or finally motivated enough to do it), I saw the engineer didn't really understand the error I reported via Jira. I was in the midst of finding the relevant screenshots and putting together the flow of events to respond via the web. Just happens that A ended her 1-hour call with the crazy woman so I was called over to join the call debrief.

It seems like the conclusion is T is really bad at communicating! The crazy lady did not ask for a callback and just mention what else she wants in the letter. This means I got work to follow up on Monday for this case...

A also highlighted that the unit number on our draft reply letter is incorrect: 1620 vs 1260. Honestly, the letter address, etc was added by Faridah, I only pasted the revised content into her letter. However, I also failed to check the address before sending the letter for internal clearance so now explaining any of this, will just sound like I'm finding excuses!

Once debrief is over, I continued with my response on Jira! Guess I'm not leaving work on time today!

Then I met fat fat at Orchard MRT at 6-ish pm for our lash lift appointment at the Lash Chapter at 7 pm! This time wasn't so comfortable la and I was low-key having a meltdown during the lash perm, I was tearing up so much because of the solution entering my eyes!

Fat fat started her sesh first so I had some free time on the couch, browsing the web. I saw this article on Thought Catalogue and it was about tampons, so I clicked it. It was a story about a 15 years old girl who has a very conservative mother who forbids her from using tampons, but she always wanted to try. At one of the gym classes, they were given some items and in the bag, she saw there were tampons and made sure to hide them from her mother. She tried using it and it was uncomfortable but her friends told her it's normal to feel uncomfortable. She just endured and removed it at the end of the day, however, for the next few days, her 4 days period became a month of heavy bleeding. There was pain too, the pain travelled to other areas of her body and the bleeding was so bad that she has to use a rag to soak the blood up. The blood also turned black. She endured this for 3 months, thinking if you don't think about it, things will go away. She also felt that she couldn't tell her mother or see a doctor because of how they will reprimand her for doing otherwise. One night, she was in so much agony that she cried and shout out loud, her mother came and asked what was going on, that's when she saw the black substance between her daughter's legs. They sent the poor girl to the ER and what they saw in the scan scared all the medical personnel. The next thing that happened was blackout, they put her under anesthesia. She underwent hysterotomy as there was an 8 inch (when stretched out) spider in her uterus, her insides were so damaged they had to remove her whole uterus. It was a manufacturing error, a spider was found in the cotton of the tampon and as it was moist, the spider escaped and started living in this poor girl's uterus... IT'S A HORROR!!!!!!!

I told fat fat this story during our dinner while waiting for our food to arrive!

MERCI MARCEL ORCHARD! Loving their beef burger but I found it a little too salty!

(Is the latte art on my hot chocolate a seahorse or a snail?)

There was so much laughter during our dinner, our tears came out and we can't cry today, our lashes can't touch water for 24 hours. We have to keep thinking about the spider story to control ourselves.

Finally featuring my new sparking nails!!!! Side note: I like the barista/bartender's tattoos!!!!

We reached home at 11-ish pm and quickly showered so that we can lie down comfortably after a long day at work + excessive laughing over dinner!




Errr today is Rey's last day, so here goes the farewell message:

It's your last day!!!!! Sending you well wishes here ya! 

We're vvv fortunate to get to work with you for cluster project! Must have been challenging to manage the chaos given we're all so different! Thank you for your months of support, guidance, and dedication! I believe we'll all think about you from time to time, especially on Thursdays! Hehe thank you for making work so fun!! I got to learn so much from you during this journey, and I couldn't be more grateful! 

It has been a long marathon, NI XIN KU LE!!! Hope you get the time to catch your breath before you embark on your new adventure! I'm excited for you, and pretty sure you'll do v well there too, you've got so much potential!!!! 

No more OT le kayyyy, take care and don't fall sick. Will see you around!

He replied within hours, I don't know what he replied exactly hahaha. I am not gonna open the chat and read the messages because his response doesn't matter anymore. CHINGU ANNYEONG, because in the future, we will only do business relationships. I think there will be days I feel sad thinking about this time in my life, but today isn't it.

It's finally over!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉


MY MISTER; 나의 아저씨

I started on this drama because IU is the female lead and the synopsis on Netflix: In a world that is less than kind, a young woman and a middle-aged man develop a sense of kinship as they find warmth and comfort in one another.

Also, an emotional tale full of hurt, hope, and healing.

(we will always need healing?!?! so why not!)

This actor's voice is so amazing?!?!?!? His voice is so deep that you can't believe it's coming from a person!!!! I feel like a songbird because of how I'm so attracted to his voice!

REALLY MY FAVOURITE AJUSSI💙 I felt for him and cried with him, and there's still so much to learn from:

Life, in a way, is a struggle between internal and external forces, too. No matter what happens, you'll be able to withstand anything if you have sufficient internal forces.

The mere fact that there is someone cheering me on like that…helps me breathe.

Remember what father always used to say? “It’s not a big deal.” There isn’t anyone to say to me. And that’s why I say to myself…It’s not a big deal. What happened in the past, it’s no big deal. If you think that it’s no big deal, then it’s no big deal.

아무것도 아니다 💙

The drama also has the nicest OSTs: "Again today, I’m chasing rainbows"


10 January, Monday | I started the day by doing up the adjusted letter for the refund complaint case! It was quickly sent to W for her vetting!

I saw Rey's email that came at 1 am on Saturday, mentioning that his last day at work was yesterday! I expected that he wouldn't leave any personal contact details in the email and that's pretty heartless, in my opinion.

Papadom: Omg wtf

He tender 24 hours isist

Papadom thinks Rey left last minute and started her talk that they should have certain obligations with us. I explained that we have always known about their OT culture, maybe he's tired??? (I tried to make it sound uncertain but I know la lol)

Papadom: Like he dint say a word either n it's sad

I feel her la, it's just so sad for those who didn't get to say their goodbyes you know? There's no closure and some might want to leave a kind note or message but they wouldn't get to do it ever. At least I got to, so not complaining! If he did this^ to me, I will probably be angry and hate him for 2 days!

Papadom: I really sad tt won't see him anymore

He was so obliging and helpful

Tis is a bad Monday. My heart feels heavy today

She's hoping if he didn't get the work-life balance, at least he got what his heart wanted. This is also a moment I realised she's a kind person, just not a kind colleague.

After sharing this short moment of sorrow, we snapped back to the reality that we have a Teams meeting with GovTech at 10.30 am, and what the hell, why can't I join the meeting???? What's wrong!???

I joined the call belatedly and okay here's a snippet of the meeting:

Then Char and I went for lunch! On our way back, we saw OL and she brought us to her new office at L4 to walk around.

Omg, I saw a booth and went totally nuts over it? I went in to sit down and it feel like an airplane booth with the lights and the seats!!!!!! (featuring me in the reflection)

This reminds me of the one we saw at KR and I was too paiseh to go in and play around, I should have just done it hor. Now both JP and Rey are no longer there, even if we visit, I wouldn't get the chance to do it sobs...

The thing about procrastination, you still have to do it at some point and today is that point... I cannot run or hide already, I have been avoiding doing up the draft for this particular MP appeal for 2 whole days - it's the third appeal and I just didn't want to write the same thing over and over, in a different way!

I finally saw the draft Faridah did for one case and it didn't even address the main point about Prolia injection???!! so I had to take it up with one of our OP colleagues and Pharmacy staff! Faridah just fixed an appointment with a social worker and left it as it is, explain MSV limits when the patient was clearly talking about MSHL... SHOOT ME PLS




After sorting out some stuff and flows, the chatbot setup for PA is ready in UAT!!! When I did the testing, I couldn't remember our UAT link for the widget and had to SOS YS to tell me what's mine lol, he was helpful!!!!

However, K is too busy to have a look now so anyway let me just find the picture for that menu card.

I have quite a few tasks to complete today and I'm feeling so overwhelmed. I wrote down a checklist to help myself out and even into the late afternoon, I still have about half left?? Tomorrow I will have to get all my drafts out to W as she will be on course on Wednesday!


11 January, Tuesday | Jesus, I have 3 MP appeals to clear out by today and I'm not looking forward to it at all... I recalled Edna wanted a phone assessment instead of ftf financial assessment so I emailed the social worker in charge, Serene!

Serene called me and we discussed this case in detail before she called the patient since we didn't think financial assistance is what the patient wants. Then during the call update, I laughed so much when Serene commented that the son is not very promising hahaha!!!!

Now that it's clear what the patient wants is an explanation and not financial assistance. My appeal case can now move forward!!!!!

In today's eFC meeting, I never really pay attention as I was trying to finish up my work (endless drafts!??!?!) and get the ball rolling especially for my appeal cases.

In the afternoon, YS called and showed me his new initiative for MCAF!!! Still got use Javascript one leh, super hardcore. I also tried it out and it's really good! Sometimes I feel so sad because he definitely can do so much more with his intelligence and capabilities!

I finally ported the shortcuts over to the Production dashboard and added a new menu card - Inpatient Billing e-Services! It took me so long to find a suitable picture! At 6ish pm, emails were sent to close the loop on the sc use/instruction+ menu card update!

Throughout the day, I sent 2 letters to Edna for her clearance, so what's left is the print job tomorrow! I sent the third and last appeal draft to Edna at 6:47 pm, PANG GANG LO!

SHINee 2016 Tokyo Dome Concert 💙💙💙💙💙

*premiere on Youtube, with 13k waiting before it starts and 33k streaming!*

SHINee concert was so lit la, I was singing along so much even tho it was in Japanese and I sat through 3++ hours of "I don't understand Japanese" with a constant smile on my face!!!!!! 💙

Attending concerts brought me so much joy and I have forgotten this feeling because of the ongoing pandemic! I can't wait to go for a physical concert, with no covid restrictions - back to how things were during pre-covid days! ALSO KPOP IS STILL MY THING HAHAHA


12 January, Wednesday | I arrived at work and didn't have time to settle down, I'm already reading through my emails and clearing drafts since W is away on a course today! We just pray that today everything goes well, no hiccups 🤞🏻

I finished my oatmeal and made coffee, on my way to the pantry I recalled one of our colleagues came to my table to look for coffee so I passed her 2 sachets. She came later to pass me her no-bake birthday cake!!!

The texture is like ice cream?!?!? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!




Edna cleared 2 MP appeal letters yesterday so I got them printed today + sort out the remaining admin work needed.

PE office also called me to chase and check the progress of cases, when my letters are due tomorrow or later *roll eyes*. I was also reminded that there is a mandarin speaking case from yesterday that no one has called so after checking the case with J, I called Mr Yeo. He's nice and happy that I helped him to understand his bills, plus informing him that he has a refund of $500++! During the call, I used English words for things such as refunds, MediSave and J couldn't help but tell me Refund = 退款 and so I used it only once in my conversation with Mr Yeo HAHAHAHA. J didn't believe I got A1 for mother tongue, but I also can't believe la!

I saw an email that we were looped in to provide an email address patients can contact us for enquiries, I didn't want to make the decision without consulting W on her views so I texted her later when I saw I got a missed call from Changi, Clara!

I got a new MP appeal letter, omg la! When will my work end...




After taking my boss's and K's orders from Starbucks + other colleagues' lunch orders, Char and I went to Dhoby to run the errands and take out our MOS lunch. Note: Starbucks' Smoked Butterscotch Latte is a no-go!

During this supply run, YS texted me to say his HOD received the reference check email from HR and asked to talk to him. He texted: "45mins long" and "She asked me to take back and reconsider... if I really decided, she will give her blessing loh"


I came back to my desk and saw I have quite a few things to clear, again... My boss sent a complaint case email and asked us to contact the writer since all the C suites are in the loop for her email. I forwarded it to Sleeping P to call and settle. Then later after Sleeping P's call update, I sent an email to check on kiosk printing of receipts or bills. My boss just kept replying and interrupting what I was asking...

Papadom has been bugging me since morning to review her FormSG so that she can roll it out as soon as possible, but she didn't want to mention in the email that she needed my review LOL. I told her I will do it after lunch so now it's the time already!!! I noticed there are form logic issues and also her language is horrible?!? We had a discussion at my desk and managed to sort out all the issues and she quickly sent an email to close the loop.

As Sleeping P was updating me about her call with the writer, I was also busy on a call with Johnny and later YS called too. I was planning out how to trace Changi's case if we direct her to email payment enquiries general line. TODAY REALLY A LOT OF SAI!!!!

I think it's quite bad to chase Edna so soon especially when I emailed her only yesterday at 6:48 pm for her approval of one of my letters. However, this case is due tomorrow and I will be working from home + on leave on Friday so I shamelessly sent her the chaser email at 430 pm!!!!

Yesterday, Edna asked us to follow up with the spouse on his no payment of $23k so I can't procrastinate any longer and finally did it! Despite W being on a course, she replied very soon on my draft so okay another thing out of my way!

Edna replied to me at 5ish to give her approval! I called W to confirm a part in the letter before printing and she shared with me about her course. The instructor is super anal, must turn on the camera, and have to be able to see your face (cannot sit against the light, etc) and some participants didn't respond to her when she called out to them. Then I asked W why she didn't ignore because now she had to present, share screen, and a lot of other stuff because she responded to the instructor! W also shared it's not a course to improve writing skills, so Rachel, please don't go for this course!

We also discussed Changi's case and I realised I didn't loop W in! No wonder she doesn't know the update! Before I left for the day, I sent an email follow-up to find out more about what the patient is disputing and looped W in!

With all 3 letters printed and out, I emailed the PE office and also called their staff to share that we're done! Seriously la, they are really at my neck every time there are appeal cases!

K walked past me and I told her: 我的底裤要掉了

Her response: 回家前,你要记得穿回


It's 6:15 pm and I haven't got the time to look through the new appeal case that came in today, I AM DED!!!!




Supply & Demand!!!!! It's so good, so is the price HAHAHAHAHA

MY ALWAYS 💕 We always manage to pick up where we left off, no matter how much time we spent apart!!!! Grateful for you since my university days! Sometimes I miss schooling with you, mugging hard, and eating fried chicken during breaks!

Then I saw this on FaceBook:

I have to admit, that's totally me (probably more than 3-5 business days, but okay can)


13 January, Thursday | Not sure why my network is so slow, I could barely check the case for my appeal letter. There are so many drafts to clear too!!!!!

The only thing I was kinda looking forward to at work, is going for safe/cash training on coming Tuesday!!!! I have 1 less work from home day, but I think it will be fun!!!!!!! *excites*

Believe Faridah read my appeal letters from yesterday and texted me that she's sorry, she might not have understood the case correctly.

Then, it's time for our 1st chatbot meeting without Rey! Should be okay de hor? NAY NAY

Errr we were waiting for 10 minutes to be admitted to the meeting?? The new PM, Ben shared that there were some technical difficulties so they took a while, hmmm 🤔

He also didn't record the meeting until I prompted him to do so privately, but he will stop their discussion to mention he's gonna record (okay can!). The other PM, Sha pasted the update for P2 in the Zoom chat and read off the update from there. Maybe doing up a slide will look better? IDK man

As P2 discussion was a short and brief update, we were done with this meeting at 3 pm. The next session will start at 3.30 pm but Ben suggested carrying on with the deconflicting workshop immediately! We're okay with it but he started the session by asking who will be leading the discussion today.

We all kinda share our views. I shared that we are not very familiar with deconflicting workshops since we only had a few short ones with Rey and asked if he could kick-off this workshop! He agreed but his next question/statement startled us!

He shared that he doesn't have our dashboard access and asked if any of us can share our screen instead. HUH, YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS THEN YOU ARE OUR PROJECT MANAGER???! SHOOK, we were taken aback!!!!!

SHA stepped in to clarify that he will have access by 3.30 pm and they suggested that we reconvene then!

The unfortunate thing is GC was in the meeting and she commented on WhatsApp: "Wah....wat kind of handover he (Rey) did. (Ben) unprepared, now ask all of us logoff n reconvene at 3.30 pm as uat will then be ready".

3:30 PM *music intensifies*

Their CTO joined the session too and thankfully he answered all the dashboard-related questions GC threw out because I think Ben would have not winged anything at this point... However, despite the CTO's efforts, GC was still not pleased with his responses!

"Huh? Give this kind of answer. He does not even know (our) workflows!"

AIYA BISH, HE GOT ALL THE TECH SKILLS, JUST NO CONTEXT ON OUR PROJECT LA bc he doesn't run the project workshops! CAN SHE JUST CHILL ALREADY! All the irrelevant questions she asked, threw us off our agenda for today lor!

Papadom suggested ending this discussion and urging the vendor to be all prepared at our next session! Then, later she called the CEO to complain about the "last-minute" resignations and our expectations for the new team. So update: tomorrow we will be having a conference call at 12 noon with her + my boss! HELPS

I was so stressed and decided to do a short sing k sesh on my own in the room before I head back out to work: 1) the drafts piling up over the hours, 2) to argue politely with Johnny on not responding to patients that their requests have been attended to.

One of Sleeping P's draft is beyond horrible, I don't even know where to begin switching up things...

I ordered a tempered glass screen protector and camera lens protector on Shopee, they finally arrived! The camera lens protector was easy to adhere correctly since it's a small piece but the phone screen protector was a disaster! Now, there are a few bubble spots and looks like saliva stains, OMG LA! I'm feeling super OCD, but having an ugly protector is better than none (until I get a new one and figure out how to paste perfectly)!!!!!


14 January, Friday | I'm on Xmas OIL today but got a few work-related matters to sort out before heading out for lunch with Char!

After discussion with KCM briefly, he suggested that I speak to our HR about it and to mention "in confidence that this conversation is between the two of us". The call with our HR lady was quite brief, I asked her how did they select who to invite for this programme. She shared that they screen based on the eligibility criteria and offer to those who are eligible. I asked if it's by recommendations (according to Jas through Edna, yes la) but she said no and added after she emailed me yesterday evening, she also informed my boss + director that she sent me the invitation. Now, what's left is getting Edna's opinion on this and submitting of the application form + resume.

Once I was done with my makeup and preparations, I was waiting for the conference call with chatbot vendor's CEO (let's call her Peru)! The call was about 25 minutes!

Summary of concall as follow (to the squad) at EOD:

Omg sorry, I was pretty occupied until now haha so here's the update! Peru explained things in a structured manner about the resignation, on yesterday's events and boundaries (PHIs shld be leading the deconflict sesh). She went on and on la but her key point: boundaries! 

(My boss) talked about the 2 deliverables not met and asked Papadom and I to share more on yesterday haha. Papadom said alot la but highlights of the convo: "we're the paying client and there shld be some form of accountability (can't rmb the exact word she used), we shld be informed of resignations at least 2 weeks before". She also told Peru "as the CEO, you should xxxx", teaching her how to do her job, omg la. (xxxx: sort out when to inform the resignation, boundaries set shld be same by all staff etc). She got talk about yesterday also la.

I said I think Rey just couldn't find the right opportunity to share w us. We're leading the chatlog reviews however not v familiar w deconflicting, needed (the vendor) to do the kick off. After that, we can take that on. And we understand that the transiting will need some time la, but no dashboard access showed that he's unprepared (this was disappointing). I added that I Teams (one of the new PM) to say she can reach out to us if she has any questions etc. I said Rey also had smaller sesh w us, believe for the other 2 hospitals too to understand the project better and build rapport. So maybe they can start w this. It's hardwork for all but it's great. Errr Peru said thanks and will get them to proactively reach out to us, esp for p2 reqs! She used this to wrap things up so in short, 没事没事!

I realised Papadom always likes to complain and as a result, I am always the one looking at solution-ing! I called Papadom after to debrief on the call we had earlier.

Then I was on my way out, dying to show YS my new earrings since yesterday:

Char and I met at Tanjong Pagar MRT and it's time to finally enjoy our long-awaited Korean meal!!!!!!

RACHEL's perspective:

CHARISSA's perspective:

At 3 pm, the restaurant closed and we were informed to leave! I grabbed our complimentary yogurt flavoured drink on our way out! We were so full, we decided to randomly walk at CBD and eventually reached CityHall. We went to Dal.Komm at Marina Square:

(black top squad HAHAHA!!!!!)

Char managed to get a good selfie but Rachel tried so many times hor, I find my smile funny or teeth not nice today so arghhhh, forget it! Time to send our pictures to our colleagues!!! Faridah and Siti asked if we are on a date! HAHA YESSEU! We don't know why, whenever we go out, Faridah thinks we go Hotel hahaha

Char told me earlier, if we are 1M1F, we would have been a wonderfully perfect couple! I agree because somehow we always complement each other such as, she dislikes egg white and I dislike runny yolk so we swap food all the time!

Sending our picture to J too, and she replied: "2 chio bu"

At around 6:30 pm, I met YT at CityHall TBB!!!! We always have so much to talk about, no matter when and what, but what's sad is I didn't take a picture of us nor my delicious Lemon Tart 😢

When I got home, I'm motivated to do up YT's resume and also finally got the time to take a look at what KCM wrote for me for my shamelessly requested testimonial! He said he didn't have the experience of doing this, but then:


Really GDLL!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 After reading it, he makes me feel like I'm a good person again!!!!!!💙 (Suz: you are)

Previously I asked him before, which zodiac year was he born + horoscope. He's also a Tiger!!!! I have been talking about tigers being the benefactors of the people born in the year of the pig and now, I found another tiger!!!! It is true that he helped me a lot in my career, even more than my own boss and maybe, he's my daddy long legs!!!!


17 January, Monday | I was on the train on my way to work, and someone called me! I saw the number and guessed it was an offer from my interview 2 weeks ago! The HR lady called me again and I struggled to pick it up as my phone is connected to my wireless earpiece, so paiseh!!!!

As agreed, I rang the HR lady back after I got to my office and switched on my laptop! It was indeed the offer!!!! There's really no pay increment as it's deemed as a transfer, so I have to really focus on the pull factor which will be the job scope! However, there's no pull because I'm not interested in the job scope from Day 1. I applied on impulse, couldn't remember the scope when called up, and really went for the interview just for the experience!!! I asked the HR lady for some time to consider the transfer, otherwise, she will initiate the reference check with my boss, for the transfer le!

Once I settled down after the call, I saw my boss emailed me on the program email I received last Thursday:

I was texting KCM and K for the most part of the morning to discuss my job choices! Even though I don't want the role, KCM suggested I don't reject them so soon HAISH. I know how things will turn out, I will still be at the same crossroad 3 years later if I take up the role!

At the same time, the concern is what if I don't get into the program!!!!! But there will always be many what-ifs and I should focus on doing my best, and see where that leads me!

When I have finally put away all these internal struggles, I can then focus on my many MP appeal letters - sorting things out and getting the format in order. I worked on the feedback draft Sleeping P sent last Thursday on the patient's experience at Admissions, like after stalling for days because I just don't know how to adjust the draft. After W gave me some pointers on the draft content, she cleared it with "draft good"!!!!!

Slightly before lunch, I decided to text Edna to ask her views on the program, I asked if it was a good opportunity! I was anxious the whole time la, what will she say? and will she think I'm weird to ask her such stuff (since we very long never chat IRL)

At 12.30 pm, Char and I went for lunch at YAKUN! My french toast with smoked cheese wasn't much la, but I also couldn't find the appetite to eat.

Reply from Edna:


Around 1.20 pm, W called me to ask if I understood what N is saying and I just told her no, I read N's email but I have difficulty understanding her so-called workflow! I was still out at lunch and W knows (I got explained what time I left) and I realised there wouldn't be so much flexibility if I shift careers! I will also miss how comfortable things are with W for work arrangements or if I need any help with work, she's always here to look out for me!




Then I'm back to my never-ending pile of work and continue to work on my MP appeals! Really sibei a lot of things to do...

K came to ask me if I bought coffee today and I said no leh, then she suggested ordering Flash! She treated us drinks today (and I will be sure to buy her coffee the next time!) 😘 The drinks came and I was shaking it while talking to J (before pouring some into a cup to pass to K to try). At the same moment, my boss came over to speak to J so I awkwardly paused shaking my drink mid-air, and then quietly retreat to my desk!

Claudia called me and said she wants to pass Edna some red packets from Great Eastern and shun bian come see my office. It became a 15 minutes tour of my office, Finance and Claudia's office!

I checked through MP stats and noticed Faridah didn't fully complete the task so I was cleaning it up and sharing with her what else needs to be done! I was preparing the new folder for January 2022 and realised I ran out of labels, I printed and started cutting them out. Sleeping P and I discussed maybe we can do the filing tomorrow (??) and reuse the files! We can save resources and also the space at DataSafe!

9 PM: email to decline offer sent!


18 January, Tuesday | The first thing in the morning, is to download and port the chatlog data for 2 weeks into the excel sheet. I was reading through the web guide and following the steps. I called YS once le then later there is this step to delete the entries with no prediction. I don't remember Rey talking about this leh, so I called YS again to check if he did this step! He said his data don't have those entries so he is also not sure! We also don't think the new PMs would know so errr HOW AH!!!?

Aiya then YS suggested to ask Rey for confirmation and I felt so bad lor! I mean I was never an indirect person, but getting YS to ask Rey what I want to know is super indirect! YS is very considerate of my feelings and said he is okay to ask for me, but that also got me thinking, why I cannot just ask him myself LOL (so no second time, do it yourself Rach!!!!)

I'm still swimming in my appeal letters' mess today! Other tasks to follow up on includes checking Changi's case but the reply I got from Pharmacy isn't very good leh! ( I will work on that at a later timeline)

Char and I decided maybe today is time for KFC Chicken Skin!!!! She had to remind me multiple times to remember to take pictures before we start eating, so here we have it:

Then I came back to another appeal letter, this time with DCD social work team! There was some confusion on who will be helping out to draft the reply letter, and I purposely clarified that it's not the PE team but my office! I also quickly asked the questions so that we can work on the draft the soonest!

I was still trying to finish up some things and K stood next to me, asking if J and I are ready to leave to go to the hospital! Today I will be shadowing witness/reporting duties for chief cashier! Wah I managed to open the safe in 2 tries with K standing next to me, then later J explained what's she doing, I found it very interesting!

But then I got cut off because I'm supposed to join the department meeting 30 minutes ago so K and I joined the meeting on separate devices, in the same room haha.

Then as she was still busy, J needed me to open the safe for her so I tried and tried and only succeeded after 5 tries. Guess I was not meant to be a thief in my life HAHAHAHA

Now, I'm worried about how am I going to wing it tomorrow morning, without K *bite nails*

As we were leaving, I saw a missed call from PE colleague and I was quite surprised that she asked me about the purpose of the date stamp. Honestly, this is their flow and their problem, not sure why she's asking me that LOL

We quickly swing by NTUC for me to get milk and Char's Shin Ramyeon! Back in our office, I continued to follow up on the DCD case, so glad the team replies so quickly so Faridah can work on the draft today!

I had a few email chasers to send to get their update and luckily, Daniel got back to me for another case but the patient was discharged today, which means I have to wait until the 25th for the bill to reach provisional bill status. SIBEI STRESS LA!

Once I was done for the day, I went back to City Link to check if the dress I wanted from Stage Walk is still available!

IT'S THE LAST PIECE!!!!! I got it!!!!

Suz's advice: YES, SEE, LIKE, BUY, NO WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!


19 January, Wednesday | We were discussing cases, staff performance and I told W about the programme (the 3 years rotation). I think she thought is an attachment programme but it isn't! If I'm gone, she has to do everything by herself and keep the team up and going! She's probably the only guilt I have if I leave this job. I didn't clarify further since I might not get into the programme anyway!




Char and I decided to lunch at Meme Bistro! Loving the vibes here~




Then it's back to shitty work life and I got a lot of things to settle for MP appeal letters HAISHHHH

Earlier I overheard J talking to BK about OL, think it's weird for BK to self introduce so I offered to help out and one thing led to another, I wore heels down to Level 4, did the intro, and said hello to some colleagues and ended up at the lift lobby taking pictures (so that BK can show YT my v high heels!!!)

Of course, I'm gonna do something funny hahaha!!!!

Then later BK and I were talking, my boss came to speak to me about outpatient subsidy in our chatbot! That led to a follow-up email on what's in the bot, suggestions if he's keen! (my work life is not easy horrr)

My boss also mentioned during this conversation that the chatbot vendor invited him for tea session leh! I was shocked la, why ah is it we or the company is in trouble???

Personally, I wanna join la, will be fun!!! BUT I'M NOT INVITED SOBS

I saw SCM texted me: "Eh you don't like me is it?"

In my mind, I was like: ZUOMO??! Now I have no time for this, a lot of things to clear before leaving for the day! Then I opened the chat and saw it, HAHAHAHA

To be fair, I haven't done any appraisal lor!

At 5:37 pm, TMT sent me a picture of my office building directory and HUHHH WAIT YOU ARE HERE NOW?!!! Then he said no, he googled the image so I managed to calm down. Then TMT sends me another picture this time:

"Kidding, yes I'm here"

I felt so bad for making him wait 20 minutes for me, but my boss is in today, don't think I can just zao now!!! PSPS

Actually, I have no idea how to get to Fortune Centre but since TMT is here so I just went along as somehow he always knows the way?? The vegan food at Fortune Centre (oops forgot the shop's name liao) was not bad leh, I quite like the spinach porridge! We also met his friend from religious study class at the shop. I got him face masks and instant coffee hehe, hope he likes it. Then we went to grab BBT from Liho.

Me: do you think this "H" sign means they only have hot Earl Grey Milk Tea?

TMT: got cold one la, this one just says they have the hot option. Which BBT shop tells you they only offer their drinks hot?

Me: Ohhh

Liho counter lady: Yes, what's your order?

TMT: *talking to me*, err she said she wants Iced Earl Grey Milk Tea, hot one add ice.

Liho counter lady: *smiling*

TMT is really one funny fellow! Even when we were collecting our drinks, he said some nonsense, and the lady laughed again this time.

Me: you probably made her day! after a whole day standing.

(hope he realised he's so much more than he thinks!)

We talked a lot about us in Secondary School and we really just missed being in school, doing silly things with barely any consequences!!!!! He's still so straightforward and asked me to reconsider him when I turn 30 years old. I think he's gonna ask me this question every few years haha lol this guy

He told me a lot about himself in the past few years, it was really nice catching up and I hope he finds real joy and goes to the light! ✨


20 January, Thursday | I sent 2 appeal letters to Edna for her approval and was busy with chatbot work. There are quite a few things to update and also need to focus and run through each utterance before the meeting later. I updated W that I will be skipping eFC meeting today as I have a lot to do 😭😭😭😭

Sis and I had mala for lunch today and I took a 30 minutes quick nap before going back to clear my email drafts, then it's time for our weekly chatbot meeting liao!

During the P2 session, I never really listen oops! YS and I were texting and complaining about how boring the meetings are now. Me: "Rey la"

We got a 10 minutes break then it's my time to lead the chatlog review sesh today!!!! OMG I HOPE GC leaves the meeting pls pls pls, I was so scared, I didn't even dare to check sobs

During the session, the CTO stepped in from time to time to explain things and I'm just so glad he did! HE'S GOOD!!!!!! I LIKE!

**Priority: Trigger > FAQ (entities training with conditions)

We managed to finish the session in peace and also had a few meaningful discussions!!!! 💪🏻

As I was adding the utterances to FAQ in the dashboard, the rest started discussing the CNY week plans and I was in my mind: huhhh, can y'all don't talk, I cannot focus!!

(I am so bad at multi-tasking, sobs)

I kept my focus and did all of it, save, train and publish and also added the KIV ones to KIV list! When I was done and can actually listen + make coherent sentences, I suggested skipping CNY week instead (of switching the workshop orders/agenda), let's all take a break during CNY! Everyone was more than happy with this arrangement! 😊🍊

I saw Edna cleared my MP letters so what's left is printing them tmr!! I need to clear some drafts before I call it a day!


21 January, Friday | Not sure why I'm feeling so exhausted today (fat fat thinks could be because I went to the office 4 out of 5 days this week)!!!! Having my morning coffee didn't help at all...

With the two letters approved yesterday, I double-checked and got them printed out! Then it was doing this and that. At 11:05 am, I received the Telegram notification that there is a chat in the queue! The agent is online, and not attending to any chats so why was the chat not assigned???!?

After helping to sort out the query on AP's email address, I was logging the case on Jira! Wah really very busy today haishhhh

Char and I agreed last evening to get Macs for lunch today since CNY specials are here!!!!!


Lately, K is obsessed with Flash coffee and since we're heading to Plaza Singapura, might as well self-collect the drinks and get a 20% discount!

On our way back to the office, I received a call from Papadom. She made a huge commotion over the Telegram messages we received 2 hours ago?!? WAIT, DID SHE JUST WAKE UP??? on a working day

After I explained to her what had already happened, she created a Teams group chat with SHA and Ben, it was just be sharing all the screenshots of my Jira error lol what's Papadom even doing?!?? I'm thankful Ben is following up on these!!!!

I was doing this and that and Sleeping P keeps calling me because she needs my help with some minor tech problem...

As I was thinking through the whole live chat error, I thought it could be the"disable tab freezing"not done correctly, I went to L4 and checked, the occlusion step couldn't be done omg!!!!!! PA team also doesn't have the shortcut on their desktop to immediately direct to the dashboard so I suggested swapping with my team's device (thanks Faridah for getting the engineer to create for us!). It was tiring to rush and move from L4 and L5 to sort this out!

Then, I have to follow up with an email detailing the updates of device swapping, skip occlusion step etc.

I was drafting my email to T2 to review this problem of not having notifications on corporate devices! I think I have to rethink before sending it, so KIV till Monday!

As I was rushing to send out the closures for the 2 closed MP appeal cases, Sleeping P came to ask me to sign her OIL forms urgently... Then I signed at the wrong place and she suggested that I print the forms and sign, then she will fill in the details on Monday, NOLA CANNOT!




RW and I met at City Hall MRT first before going to Funan together! I saw her standing there and wanted to tap her but then decided not to because it's not RW - THIS LADY IS TALLER😂

We were at making our way thru the linkway and for some reason, the gantry doesn't open so it took me quite some time to trigger its opening. When I turned around, there was a queue behind us omg!

The queue at AJUMMA was insane (queue until the other side liao), we queued from 6.30 pm to 8 pm to be seated! HJ ended work late and only arrived at 7.30 pm and we have already decided what to order before getting seated, since 45 minutes dining time!

After dinner, it was 9 pm and we decided to get BBT before we went to see the night light exhibition??? I think I was just too tired to enjoy the lights/exhibition...

The most exciting thing about these exhibitions is getting a nice place to sit down HAHAHA and watch it:


And also ending of the day with OOTD - me wearing my new skorts and actually went to work in it HAHA

Friday night walk around SG with my work laptop in my bag is no go, 累爆了!!!!!!


24 January, Monday | I woke up at 8.10 am today to check my emails before my excel course attendance taking at 8.45 am, also to have enough time to heat up the bread in the fridge.


It's pretty chill since the instructor, BH gave us a refresher of the Basic/Intermediate course and went at a rather chill pace! The biggest issue I have is the Excel 2016 version I have on Alan!!!!! Mac's format and layout is somewhat different and took me forever to figure out what's Ctrl + G. (I can go to Edit > Go to > Special > visible cells only)

Not sure why my "Recommended Charts" not showing up, HELPS! BH had no choice, had to tell me to do it on a new worksheet...

Then we have a few exercises to go through, and BH is super patient with all of us!!!!!




4.50 pm, we're done! I can't wait to see what I will learn tomorrow!




Back to clearing emails and catching up on the work items! I heard XY went drinking yesterday then today she geng MC on the day Billing is the busiest/short of staff. K also updated me on her email to our boss to review the ART results verification process, there are obviously process gaps that my boss can't be bothered to act on la! He said "should depend on one's integrity" and also to save his bao bei, XY from more work LOL (He never ever does this for me la!)

I can't find the motivation to write my career aspiration sianz, because I'm ass deep into BROOKLYN NINE NINE!!!!!!


25 January, Tuesday | I woke up earlier today because I thought the MP appeal case's bill will turn PB (sadly, it's tomorrow), so I just eat breakfast and watch NINE NINE!


Favourite formula!!!!!!!

I ordered my pasta from Wine Connection, then it's lunchtime break before 2nd half of day 2! The most exciting takeaways from today are MACRO and PIVOT TABLES!!!!!!


26 January, Wednesday | After having my morning honey water and clearing my emails, I went to get myself a morning double shot latte!

The tiger I have been asking from OL is finally here! 🐯




Wondering how come this appeal case's bill is still at the interim status, it's supposed to be provisional today!!!!! WHY OMG WHY

Char's boss blocked the case, but no reason was mentioned in the case memo so we have no clue. I sent her an email and also later spoke to her during my pantry trip, she said it was because the bill was not submitted for MMP claims. She will get PA OIC to confirm with the patient if she wants to claim MMP. Then tomorrow the bill will be at PB status already!!!

Ahhh I see, thanks

*me all lost and confused*

Then I went back to think about it again - signing of MCAF means default claim ANT for Obs cases, so why need to ask patients if they want? Plus there is no way to verify patient actually agreed to it la (it's just a call)




Papadom texted me to complain about Adms HY's nasal voice and his poor choice of words, which made his comments sound offensive.

Separately, K texted me to say she was angry and pissed off from the earlier meeting. She will tell me more later.

K also sent me an email enquiry from Manu Life on the computation of bill at C ward type. After I responded to K that this service is chargeable, she emailed Johnny immediately to say it's chargeable and asked him to inform the insurer. While I was having my tom yam noodle soup, I called Johnny and later ran to K to tell her they are 2 different insurers I believe. We can't reveal any information to Manu Life as the patient is covered under Aviva.

(Manu Life and Aviva are 2 different entities???)

Earlier, Char and I took Starbucks orders since it's double stars week! ⭐️⭐️

We got 6 drinks and the bag is huge?!??!

STARBUCKS MOOD (and colour) ☕️🥤

In the afternoon, I went to K's table to listen to her stories (think she v pissed off and wanted to talk to someone, which I confirmed to be true at the end of the sesh). Despite K rejecting Papadom over text + P doing the same over email, she still managed to find her way to join digitalisation of FF workgroup discussion this morning! It's rude first of all, and she also talked non-stop, the actual workgroup members from my office didn't get to say much?!?!

Char's boss also behaved the same and only considered herself/her team in the entire discussion. It is important to look at the bigger picture, not just yourself!!!! K was so angry la, and Papadom was also very rude towards HY, P, and N. But N didn't feel it at all leh~

While we were talking, my boss came over to speak to K and saw us (chatting) but we really don't care heh

Earlier during my hurried lunchtime, my boss asked me about the package, what is the loss for each delivery package sold. After lunch, he dropped by my desk again and told me he can't reach W so need me to talk to W! I suggested how about I get W to call you once she rings me, my boss said "no, you talk to her then you can learn also"

I took down the questions and really cracked my head coming up with the figures... My conclusion is: this is not about EBS, this is on costing?!?! He should ask FPA la, not W and myself so later I shared this with W when she called me back (when it's done charging).

W also texted him to sing the same song and she updated me over text as she knows I'm stressed out by this. I was damn confused earlier and was wondering if I'm stupid because I can't seem to get it?!?!

Now back to the MCAF issue, I still don't get why need to follow up to confirm with patients if they want to claim MMP leh. K and I tried to find the MCAF and look into it, but couldn't find in any part of the MCAF that requires an indication of yes/no for MMP claims. At the point, YS called me to ask about OnBase, so I told him briefly about it + say will send you the screenshots later (no need to wait for Papadom, she will take forever).

To clarify matters, I drafted the email to send to Char's boss for W to clear before I send it out.

I called JC to find out if we still require the link shortener and he sounds like he was sleeping?? Then he shared with me that good to have, so I followed up with an email to all the bosses from security/IT! Their replies seem to be a lack of follow-up/no conclusion...

I also emailed our IT department to revisit our issue with not being able to receive notifications on corporate devices for chatbot (affects users' experience)! My ex-HOD, S emailed me later to ask if xxx hospital is facing the same problem.

Thank god I did my homework already but made a quick call to confirm the info again because sending my reply to S! My conclusion is the best solution is fixing this problem as it is a long-term solution for all!

I quickly took the screenshots for OnBase for YS and proceeds to send out the email on MCAF to Char's boss! But I forgot to attach the email thread in my email to her!!!!

The next day, her reply was to refer to the email attached - WHICH IS THE SAME ONE AS WHAT I FORGOT TO ATTACH.

I hate how she always send us all the emails and ask us to read up instead of summarising or telling us where to look, it's a waste of everybody's time. Anyway, I still think I'm right lol)

I went for IPL sesh, managed to make it on time at 6.30 pm. The treatment was quick but the lady did a lot of hard selling after, so Rachel spent another 2k for 48 large parts (+48 free upper lip)


27 January, Thursday | missing content: as Rachel didn't note down the points sooner, I lost the deets for the day

Today's de-conflicting workshop was not too bad!!!! There's more structure for discussion!

Tiger Brows suggested deleting one of the lines since they are exactly the same - duplicate! Ben didn't catch that and went on a 5 minutes long explanation on something else, so I jumped in to explain what Tiger Brows is really suggesting...

She Zoom pm-ed to say thanks! Normally I would keep my mouth shut, but when there's confusion, I can't stand not stepping in.

We have quite a few conflicting utterances relating to MediSave, and this is when I suggested moving those that do not have any context on inpatient or outpatient to

MediSave_Enquiry! But I was also unsure if there is any reason to have this separate intent with only very few utterances as compared to other FAQs.

At R45, I suggested that we call it a day for everyone since deconflicting workshops can be draining. Everyone is agreeable and we asked Ben for his input on how should such workshops be managed. He suggested that we review %similarity up to 80%, as 75% will be overkill. I asked if we can do by topics since our MediSave topic is quite messy and conflicted. He said he wouldn't suggest us to, because xxxx.

Me: "then err how we gonna clean up the existing utterance if we do not review during this workshop??"

Ben then agrees with me and said he understand where I'm coming from (omg finally?!?!).




Back to work at 5:30 pm, I'm drowning in all the drafts and also saw this email from my boss. The parents have bounced around from department to department but weren't given proper support and answers on insurance claims for procedure + dental estimates. I couldn't find the draft eFC and was very confused about the process, I left the email as it is and let W handle it tomorrow morning. I don't want to be a disappointment, but I don't want to make a mess too!

I ended work today at 7++ pm, sobs!


28 January, Friday | Oh today started pretty bad because I had 2 iced lattes before 10.30 am... I was worried about the Dental eFC case since last evening and trying to figure things out from W's emails. I printed the approved letter and moved on to drafting the next appeal case.


AND I'm still haven't figured out what the barista drew on the cup 🤔