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January 2023 - Adulting

I feel like we are back to pre-covid times, traveling on the first day of the year! 有人说 if you spend the first day of the year doing xxxx, then you will keep doing xxxx for the rest of the year! I hope it is true!!!!

We arrived home in the late afternoon, and I crashed then woke up for dinner and started blogging heh

I also watched shows for abit, so for the rest of the year, I can keep going!!


2 January, Monday | We went to Grandma's to give her the things we got for her from Taiwan! She is so cute hehe, eating her favorite 沙琪玛:

Dinner order from Mentai King:

$6++ after discount and self pick up!


3 January, Tuesday | Today is the first day of work of the year! I am not looking forward to it because chances are, my inbox is flooded… However, it does not look that pessimistic:

I decided to start today with healthier living:

(inner water, credits: fat fat buying from hanguk!)

I also wanted to kaypoh and know if my AL increased since I am stepping into my 5th year (not sure whether to laugh or cry la). Wah got increase wor, from 21 to 23!

XY came to my table, smiling, and said there is an internal mail for me, but it (the envelope) got lost and finally arrived at the right place. I was puzzled because usually I don’t get internal mails. Any work-related internal mails will be sent to my staff. WHO AH?!?!

J overheard it and was saying something about how bad our internal mail system is lor, and some people received things, also don’t bother sending the mails to the right person…

It’s a pleasant surprise, MR. OH SENT ME SOMETHING LEH!!!! After I told J who it is from, she said “how come I don’t have?”

Me: you never give him Christmas gift ma, I did

(Background: I put chocolate on his desk on the 23rd, the last day of work for me in 2022)

(he even bubble-wrapped this, GDLL)

Also taking this opportunity to feature the other new things on my desk, Xmas gift from W and PE Office (for the team). I told Sleeping P and Faridah to give them out to colleagues since we also got a box from FSS last year.

One of the colleagues also gave us chocolate with alcohol, and so qiao I got a strawberry-flavoured one, teehee! The alcohol taste was really quite strong, but my face was not red and I wasn’t feeling tipsy (phew)!

I managed to get through all the emails from the past week, W also cleared some of the drafts that were pending, so we are pretty on track (I hope)!

I saw the interim bill request form link is ready, so I came up with the suggested changes and cleared them with Papadom, changes moved to Production during post-lunch time!

Then quickly drafted the reply letter for the new MP appeal letter, and realised Faridah hasn’t done much for this case so far -.-

We need confirmation on the refund value date before I can firm up the whole reply letter for W’s clearance. The person who is working on this is on leave today so I will have to wait for her to respond to me (probably another reminder will be needed).


4 January, Wednesday | This morning, dad woke up at close to 8 am and planned to get us McDonald’s breakfast, but I was about to leave the house! He is not going to give up and helped me lock the door while I make my way out of the house. He did the same for Fat fat too, because he can’t go back to sleep liao (CUTE)

TODAY WAS NOT A PRODUCTIVE DAY!!!! I was using my phone mostly, talking to Mr. Oh and (following a talk with A) also chatting with K about the whole drama that sets me distant from Siti and Char…

Honestly, I did what was right and I cannot control how others react to things, but somehow I ended up as the bad guy… I cared about how things will affect Siti but somehow I was perceived as “did not consider her feelings”. I texted her and also apologised but she did not reply, there is nothing more I could do. So I am leaving this (our r/s) to fate, if it wasn’t meant to be, then so be it then.

I noticed J wasn’t very happy, she kept mentioning she is very sad but did not elaborate when I probed. Later I heard from K, EC also (the uncle did the day before) tendered (HUHHHH OMG) I didn’t expect this worrrrrr and understand why J is very sad about this…

Finally got my shit together, and went to fill up the WFH implementation form again for the latest dates, I planned to send it to Edna tomorrow for her approval following her return from long medical leave.

(update: her leave was further extended to February, so I need to fill up the form again??)

I joined in for a meeting on the payment feature in Forms at 12.30 pm and this was extended way into my precious lunch break… After having my lunch, I have a cadence meeting at 2 pm with the new onboarding institutions!

M was all over the place and seems to be unable to grasp what the question is when Mike asked. So I jumped in to share the bot reads the question and then reads the versions, by the conditions (entities) set! He then understood hah

I also gave some examples when one of them clarified further, aiyo. I heard earlier that they need to raise a JIRA ticket for being unable to see the image after saving the image URL on the dashboard. I think no need to raise a ticket leh, so I suggested my workaround to fix the URL bug that Rey taught me hah (hope it works for them too!)

I thought for some time if I should clarify the content node naming convention for newer intents, such as hhhb. After sharing with them, it seems like they know what I mean but the rest of the FAQ responses, may not follow this way of naming leh (hope they don’t hate me, for the messy naming format)




After work, I went to do my third teeth whitening treatment session and went on to shop around for CNY clothes! I went to City Hall, and no luck, the piece I wanted of my size is out of stock and the lady was rushing to close, and told me to go to the branch at J8.

(it was 8.30 pm?? and you are closing??)

Then I rushed to Bugis’s outlet and managed to buy their display piece in XL, no regrets!!! (I don’t want to travel to J8 to get a brand new piece, waste time…)

(ahhh, can see my cleavage leh! Young time should do more of such things, if not old liao, will paiseh to dress liddis)

I also dropped by Playdress and I am in love with this romper! But I think the cleavage exposure is too much, to be work appropriate hah. I am still KIV-ing this piece for D&D, as I wanted to wear a dress!

Then, I quickly grabbed a sandwich from Paris Baguette for my late dinner, before heading home. I got back at 10ish, 好累...


5 January, Thursday | Fat fat got to WFH today YASSSSS, dad got us McDonald’s breakfast so it was a great morning!

I was focusing on my games and completing my chatlog HW asap, so that I can work on my other work tasks.

We ordered lunch from some Korean sandwich shop, it’s delicious (but I forgot to snap a picture of it oops)

After lunch, before I got to nap, I saw in the Formsies Telegram chat, they are prototyping an appointment booking solution called CalSG. I AM SO EXCITED!!!? I quickly went to register interest and hope they contact me (please please)

Then later I planned to rope people from other institutions, JC and Tiger Brows to come onboard, if it is a workable solution for us!

Not sure why today’s chatlog review is taking so long and we had a lot of adhoc discussion required, the meeting ended at early 4ish. Papadom and I decided to move our internal discussion for content changes to tomorrow instead!

I highlighted to M that she should not forward us the new onboarding PHIs FAQ file to us to clear, because even if we three PHIs agreed, the agreement is also required among the 4 new PHIs. I do not think M understood what I just shared. JC also echoed what I shared and suggested M do a run thru of the content, to make sure no repeats, etc.

Then back to clearing drafts, I have also sent the MP appeal reply letter to S to approve! I should be able to print it out tomorrow morning.




We went out to settle Fat fat’s phone line problem at Singtel, then we had KFC dinner together with mom. Fat fat and I then went on to see shoes at Bugis and City Hall. We are still KIV-ing our CNY shoes!

We also went to Uniqlo to try out this coat (again) hahaha:




Lastly, shout out to one of my favourite beings: HAPPY BDAY, J 💕


6 January, Friday | This morning W and I talked about putting Sleeping P up for promotion, at least we did our part and then if bosses or HR rejects, we did our part! So I wrote up an email to nominate her and cleared with W.

I was busy clearing drafts, texting also la hor hahaha, then at 10ish am, I got on a WhatsApp call with Papadom to discuss the content changes for chatbot, this call was almost 2 hours???

I was running through the drafts, and have a few things that I needed to confirm or clear with W:

  1. Does W24 allow dg? (since we should not be advising to obtain polyclinic referral)

  2. To what extend should I explain the subsidies at Clinics vs A&E, and how to tackle his perceived views…

  3. How to handle the 3 cents 5 cents problem ah?

  4. If medication charges are posted to the wrong visit case due to system interfacing, we should rectify it right? In principle, it is still incorrect leh, so I am unable to clear Sleeping P’s draft…

I made sure I have all the items ready, before bombing W later haha

With the whole drama at work, I guess I am most likely gonna settle my own lunch from now onwards? I mean I miss the convenience but not so much of the company heh

Just nice, Faridah is not ordering anything and Sleeping P has no plans so okay la, we ordered from Adam’s Corner! I got two pratas, it was super filling…

After lunch, I had a chat with W about this colleague both of us knew from separate occasions/work settings, Raj is now a Nurse Clinician! So cool la

Then we talked about contract jobs, and later I went to make coffee so that I can feel productive for the rest of the day!

While I was busy sorting out the drafts and replies to service areas, I saw S approved my reply letter but only had the time to print it out at 4ish pm! TODAY 我没有空… At 3ish pm, I was on the line with Tiger Brows to share about the payment feature, appointment booking solution, and Postman!

We have got a new crisis coming! Tiger Brows shared with me that M365 will no longer support spage in August 2023, so we will not be able to send out SMS through outlook, we need to look into using Postman??!

(Tiger Brows seems to be expecting me to digest the info and update her? I'm working for her now is it haha)

My boss wants to discuss this during the next meeting, so I need to prepare information first horrr DED (he didn’t know wor)

Right before I left, I saw an email from PE office. They are telling us they help us to close, and will keep us in the loop, in the event the writer comes back to dispute. However based on the information/feedback, she is disputing the experience she had with clinic staff and doctor, and how the consult was unneeded. These are not things for us to address leh LOL

Another case they trying to push to us (again)…

After I sent the email reply, cc-ed my boss, I heard him sigh very loudly from his desk haha, then he also replied to the email to echo my points!

Oh shit, I forgot to let my boss know of our nomination for promotion, so I texted him to FYI and told him to have a good weekend! I think he is extra nice to me, maybe scared I tender la (now 2 people tendered liao, and I am facing a lot of shits daily…) .




TAC is now a bigger shop, and they asked for review so I did:




During our dinner at Merci Marcel, the staff shared that they have a dessert called Galette, which is made specially for festive holidays. If we find a figurine in the pie, we can get the pie for free! We still have the stomach for dessert, so thought why not give the pie a try.

“Aiyo wouldn’t so lucky we got the figurine one la”

Fat fat: jokes with the waiter about getting 10 slices HAHAHA

Oh and errr, ya we got it!!!!!





First Mandarin Orange of 2023!

(Thanks to Fat fat ❤️)


7 January, Saturday | Getting all ready for CNY 2023 🐰

(K says I look like a teenager with this hair colour and pose, but reality is I will be 28 years old this year, SHOOK!)

Fat fat and I went to get McDonald’s for our dinner before collecting the fried fish, Grandma wants us to bring home for dad!

(She also shove a fried egg into my mouth, so now I sibei full!)


9 January, Monday | Wah first thing first is to send out the promotion email nomination to my boss for Sleeping P! Or is he not considered my boss now, since my primary appraiser changed to W (following his promotion to DD in November 2022)

Papadom texted me to ask if Forms does training for new users, and I said actually can read their guide wor, no need training one lol. But okay la, everybody learns differently so let me ask my kor kor on this (if he is keen to have a session to help NCCS)

I also told KC about the problems we have at the moment HAHAHAHA, is like seeking advice from a consultant! (I hope he is keeping safe, and taking good care of his health amidst their intense hackathon!!)

There is a new appeal case that came to us this morning! I think it should be going to DCD, but still, send it to KY and see how la hor (yup, it should be DCD). I followed up with the MSW in charge of this case, and got her to clear the details in our draft!

Today, I decided to go out for lunch and had Kebab + Indomee, and grabbed Starbucks on my way back to the office (plus my boss’s)! Is the barista having a bad day ah? One of my orders was missing initially then later she also packed them wrongly...

I cleared one of the drafts and explained with a generic liner why pregnant patients have to be monitored in this specific facility. W suggested confirming with the NC, what gestation (weeks), will patients be required to be monitored in this facility! I love working cases with W, as we will discuss what works, usually, we agree on the same things (but I don’t know how to work it out from there)!!

Faridah has a case on 2 A&E visits + inpatient admission, and we wanted more medical information given that mother was implying that she had to come twice, before being admitted, lab tests were only conducted on the 2nd visit. We have sent out the reply today, while we asked for more information in preparation for further dispute.

Following my contact with KC, the Cal team emailed me to arrange for a session to hear our use cases! I was trying to get Papadom onboard, + JC since his team has slides, but not including Tiger Brows as she usually doesn’t have much availability to schedule last-minute meeting in the week.

JC is in! (Might send his staff instead, depending on whether he can get permission to miss another meeting)








Then we went up to the Hotel room to nua sai!!! I’m loving this view:




I noticed pain in my left foot, on our way home. Is it fungus attack is back )):


10 January, Tuesday | I started today by clearing some drafts and doing a little research on Postman! (while I finished up my breakfast)

One of my favourite things to do at work is getting a nice cup of coffee to go with whatever breakfast plan I got, to kick-start my (productive) day!

Suddenly, I recalled we have an alleged fraudulent case (still remains unread) that we haven’t replied because the respective team has not furnished us with the relevant information… So W and I were busy putting the information together and what to reply to the patient, only to realise my boss has closed the case a few days ago (the patient wrote to EL)!

Okay la, then we have fewer things to do, not complaining about my boss’s effort!

We also took this time to follow up with Sam on the appeal case I queried her before I left for my Taiwan trip! She said they have settled it, and when I asked her, she was away on leave (I also what, it is not an excuse)…

I am way too occupied today to go out for lunch and also probably too late to order in (since almost 12 noon le), so I ate the cup noodles of my favourite flavour, TOM YAM SEAFOOD for lunch today!!

J said she also had no time and heard going to rain.

Me: go minimart see Maggie Mee la

J: HAHAHA minimart, so cute. Okay I go minimart see see later

(Background: Mr. Oh saw the picture I sent of our pantry, he said it looks like a minimart, so from this week onwards, we (J and I) have been calling it minimart, since!)

When I went to the pantry today, my boss was also eating cup noodles and he kinda talked to me about his not-so-good health indicators (need to go for another review). Wahhh, not good leh…

He is eating cup noodles today because he has a meeting later, so I thought of getting coffee today since K is back in the office (following her C+) and my boss is probably having a hard day! BUT my coffee order through Foodpanda was rekt!

My drink was missing and the two hot drinks were no longer hot! The rider was busy doing other deliveries prior to mine. Food Panda help center agent 1 was horrible, she even exited the chat when I clearly mentioned I am still here!!!!

Then I chatted with a second agent, I guess he/she got it and apologise for this whole incident! (not understanding my feedback)

Before I rushed off at 2.30 pm with J for open safe duties, I was struggling to submit my ehints access request! I kept going to A to ask for her help, then at one point, Char came over to talk to me about CDG matters on late charges. She walked away because she saw me with A (avoiding us bc of the December 2022 drama)…

I called Char over later to discuss the query she got LOL

(It is called Business Relationship)

While I was at open safe duties, I received a new MP appeal letter! It is not an easy case as it involves FDW…

After I got back to my desk and got ready for Cal meeting! Most part of it, it was JC who was sharing his use case. If it works, will be workable for us all heh

I am looking forward to what the teams will come up with at the end of Hackathon!!

I also drafted a reply to the doctor who seemed upset about the email PE Office sent regarding 2 A&E visits + inpatient stay. PE Office colleagues misinterpreted our request LOL, now I am pending W for her clearance of my reply to the doctor!




After Hatha Yoga class, we had our dinner – Mentai Salmon bowl.


11 January, Wednesday | Early this morning, I woke up to go to the washroom and realised the bracelet on my left wrist is gone. There were still signs (marks) on my skin, so I am forseenquite sure it broke while I was asleep haishhhh

I found it on my bed eventually. But this feels like a bad omen…

(finally wearing my watch to work, after many months of no watch life)

W cleared my email to reply to the doctor, so I sent that out (then no response le). I also got the response on gestation, yay so added 22 weeks gestation point into the draft, for W to clear!

I think today isn’t very good, as I have already forsee… I saw the email explanation and excel file M sent to us, it is so so so horrible!!!!!!! I took a lot of time to process the information and was super annoyed

(she really doesn’t value add to the project, and makes me angry only!!!!)

As I was about to send out the email, I spoke to Papadom about this, and so untimely my boss came over to ask me things. I could feel that he was very cautious of me, these few days…

I saw my boss standing nearby (his eyes away from me), and told Papadom that I need to end the call, think lao ban looking for me… and yes he indeed needs to ask me something. I quickly dropped him our response to the new subsidy framework for SOCs, he wants to share it with people who wrote to him privately to enquire!

Then slightly after, I saw an email from PE Office, asking us to handle a case where Adms staff refused to collect the cheque, because cheque amount is higher than outstanding in the system.


They do this, then tell us to explain??!?!

Amidst all these, P came to me to ask how to default the cost center for her waiver form for CE! I could think of using prefill to do that la, KC taught us before during HT Sprint!!! (but P never listens, so she doesn’t know a thing…)

Form link ? Field ID = Prefill

I asked for form access but P didn’t grant it to me immediately so I rebuilt the form to mimic her form, and did up the prefill function, DONE 💪🏻

I went out to dabao food from Tekka at 12.30 pm, initially wanted to get the minced meat noodles but saw this auntie selling fried rice, so I got Taiwan Sausage Fried rice:

On my way, I bought a small carton of fresh milk, to go with my Oolong Tea packets from Taiwan. After lunch, I made myself a cup of it then it is time for Nintex training!

I think the person coaching is not good at explaining things (+ABNN accent), and we also didn’t have access to UAT to try out as he runs through. It was difficult to follow, much less learn anything…

After multiple hiccups, someone from the same institution as me, CW voiced out that this isn’t working and that they should regroup, then redo this entire training again. I couldn’t agree enough sia.

Over the zoom chat, me: I agree with xxxx, the past 48 minutes I didn’t learn anything…

Once the team decided to regroup and rerun this sometime later, we dropped off from the call and went to join the chatbot weekly cadence meeting. Thankfully for JC who joined, he answered on behalf of all three institutions!

(I don’t think I can take another shitty call)

Yesterday, I texted SiowL about this new appointment booking solution the team is trying to prototype! We agreed we will call at 4.30 pm, just happens that I stepped away when she called. Luckily I managed to get her after that, it was a good catch up heh

She also told me she will share the updates on tech with me, moving forward YASSSS! The not-so-good news is that M365 migration will be taking place in June 2023 for us (not Aug 2023 as what Tiger Brows shared, is for her organisation)

As I was following up on my things, and also planning to text my boss about the update I got, he came to me and said he wanted to speak to me. I said “I also want to speak to you”

We talked about the promotion we want to put up for Sleeping P and he suggested giving a better grade for appraisal, instead of promoting her (since the new rank will be a final rank)! We also discussed some other things too, like who to get after W leaves at the end of this year, but aiya where got so easy one…

We got one more MP appeal letter! This case is quite straightforward, plus the patient already used maximum MSV for the outstanding bill. I need KY to help me fix the appointment, then can draft the letter already.

I ran away from work at 5.59 pm heh




Me: Sorry need you to pei wo go see shoes

YS: No worry woh
       Ignore me and go for your own shopping

We met at City Hall MRT then walked over to Suntec City, and I bought 2 pairs of shoes from Sunday Staples! (One pair for Fat fat)



I got him things from Taiwan, and he got me stuff from Vietnam + CNY goodies!

YS offered many times to help me carry my things but I kept saying it is okay until I caved and gave it to him. He said so heavy, then I commented that I am the heavy one, then he said the laptop heavy (in my own bag on my shoulder)

We went around but then couldn’t decide where to go for drinks or desserts! In the end, we went back to the shop we saw earlier (before I went to see shoes).


(they sang two of requests hehe - 晴天 + 天黑请闭眼)


Pictures we take of each other:


My 2nd pint of Kirin:

We stayed out close to 11 pm, after 三场戏! I felt bad for making YS stay out so long, my house is nearer plus I get to WFH tomorrow! We lived Wednesday like it is a Friday 😂😂😂😂

YS: It's fun
      No problem hehe
      I also enjoy and happy



12 January, Thursday | With no chatlog review this week, I have more time on my WFH day YASSSSSS

There were moments when I was really busy, then there were moments, I was chilling~

Before lunchtime, I got a call from Ivy! I thought it was regarding the waiver of late charges imposed for KidsStart (Char asked me earlier this week), then Ivy said, “nola, want to send you a gift!”

I thought it was the calendars leh, and told her how much my colleagues liked the calendars haha lol (Ivy said she will check if they have more)

I told my team to help me keep a lookout, and let me know once it is here. It was here very soon after, can’t wait to find out what’s the gift hehehe

After a few days of procrastination (behaving like this isn’t urgent), I finally (with K’s push) sent out the enquiry email on Postman, and Ken replied to me later today (sibei fast)!

I am trying to get the whole story right, for the FDW case! Why were the charges of 2k posted late? (I need answers) and I got carried away, hah then 3.01 pm, Papadom is calling me to join the meeting.

Today is our combined Quarterly Business Review! The stats are quite insightful, but user age data is not very applicable to us leh, and our patient age demographic is different from the largest hospital here…

I was more interested in their sharing about chatGPT:

After the session, I quickly sent the appeal letter to S to approve today, hopefully, today + tomorrow (full day) are enough for her to look through and agree!

Then back to vexing over the FDW case, got this and that to check…

I have been procrastinating to clear one of Sleeping P’s drafts, and finally went thru the feedback case, I realised she did not include the info on what items led to the higher EBS. I emailed her to redraft, and she wrote back quite soon after (I saw on the next day, and W agreed with me to tell her to include what I asked for + W clarified I will send it to her to clear too, for this case).

I went to fill up the WFH form again, added “13 Jan 2023” as the date of my signature, and will send them to W tomorrow for her endorsement!

As CDG gave us a gift, I will have to put up a gift declaration form! Wah, I very long never use this form le, need to go download it from Docupedia, again! I filled it up halfway and decided to do this tomorrow hah

Earlier, I saw Ken’s reply on Postman, but I didn’t want to use my brain cells to process it at this point haha, so let me run thru the info tomorrow ba!


13 January, Friday | First thing first, I took pictures of the gift we got from Comfort! WAH WAH BAK KWA LEH

I quickly raised Gift Declaration Form! Then later I sent an email to share that we have bak kwa from xxxx, and will be sharing it together with our department’s lunch buffet today!

I was busy with my own work and then very soon later, it is time for Forms Office Hours! I haven’t seen KC in a long time, he looks well over Zoom, and also doing well in his career ba

They started off by sharing some solutions they are developing for Hackathon! I took a few pictures and can review them later to see which one works! Then at some point, when KC is explaining things I heard of before, I started to play games haha



He wanted to ask me to provide the Postman contact person details to someone from NUH!

After replying to her (my boss replied to me to compliment what I shared is in great detail, good!), I also emailed Jem, about Office Hours too! I think it is quite an insightful sharing ✨

Siti gave me some CNY goodies (err we talking again ah?), and also today's makeup look:

I was feeling v tired today, but how can I miss our:


J was trying to pack the food, don’t waste ma! She didn’t want to use containers, instead, she took out plastic bags from her cupboard and started packing. She put too much food in each bag and then end up can’t tie 😂 😂 😂 😂

Not sure if is it because we both ate a lot and then laughed a lot (a lot of air go in), and we got a tummyache…

After lunch adventures, W and I were busy clearing cases, like what is outstanding, or difficult ones we try to help out! I kept redrafting the FDW case medical information given by a very rude doctor… And I can’t do this, from the food coma.

While I was writing it up, I also realised I can’t share medical information with the employer anyway since it is P&C (then double-confirmed with KCM via WhatsApp).

I presume S will approve my letter by EOD?? I sent her on Thursday afternoon leh, should be more than enough time to run through it right?




This evening, I went for my 4th teeth whitening treatment and Eunice is very nice, she even offered me an additional spray 😬 😬 😬

M&S with Fat fat!




Weekend Foodie:


15 January, Sunday | XIAO LONG KAN WITH LUNDLY!

Sibei China


16 January, Monday | I woke up in the middle of the night, worrying about a draft (250 mL), and decided to Telegram myself that, as a reminder for later! I saw Sleeping P’s message that she will be going to polyclinic/SGH A&E later to see a doctor for her leg… Actually every year she does this, I feel like geng one lor (so timely when she got a lot of feedback cases…)

IT’S W’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! (at least one good thing today?)

The first thing I cleared was the draft I have been thinking about! Shortly after, I went upstairs to meet my boss, for a one-to-one talk, which is part of EES Action Plans.

(Earlier, Faridah went up but my boss was late and she came down telling me no one was there, and the room is dark. I went up with her, to ensure she went to the right place + my boss turns up)

My boss asked about my leg (bicycle fall) and told me that he will likely promote me in November 2023! Hmm, he knows about the incident with Char! He said he is waiting for me to bring it up.

I don’t think I am wrong la, it is the right thing to do but then how things progress, is out of my control. If I am given another chance, I would have still done the same.

I don’t understand why he is so insistent on transferring Faridah out of my team, to support another team’s operations. Then what about ours? Yes, we can hire another person, but we don’t even know if he/she is good, it depends on luck… He plans to hire Est back (IDW!!!!)

(My boss re-signed the WFH document)

Two appeal letters were sent to Joyce for approval!

I ordered Char Kuey Teow for lunch today and the portion is for 3 pax????

$6 is worth it lor, but I cannot finish leh

I took out a portion for BK, then later my boss also agreed then I took out another portion for him too. This Char Kuey Teow really rabak!

We ordered Starbucks to drink during our department meeting at 2.30 pm! It is at Finance Office, I got go see if Mr. Oh is around but he is not at his desk leh

We discussed on many topics today, such as how Adms colleagues are super trashy and unhelpful, SenderID/Postman, interim bill issue, inviting other agents on live chat, and so on!

(quickly sent out follow-up emails on the solutions proposed earlier)

Wah I wanted to quickly follow up on the matters discussed during our meeting, so I texted Amos to confirm who is our current CIO, and 顺便confirm he will be attending the retreat on the 27th!

Me: Ohya next week u going for the retreat ya?
        Don’t pang me

Amos: Yes gg
      How to pang u

I went down to L4 to collect the things by PE Office + finally collect my HealthFund limited edition bear! So cute la

After we came back to our office, J and I decided to just try the snacks in minimart with unknown origins!

J: if people put poison, we two will be the first to die

Me: HAHAHAHAHA (okay lo)

Wah, no idea who gave us these snacks, it is so good!!!! It’s fried/dried vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, etc.

On top of the two letters I sent to Joyce, I also sent her our WFH request form (this form is very belated hah) to approve!


17 January, Tuesday | I saw there is a curry puff on my table, I got bring my own breakfast leh, must be from Faridah la (it is really from her!). Then I continued this conversation with Rachel’s honest comments, “y’all always give me food, I also got food to give y’all. But my food is from the pantry”, I said while distributing the food, with a straight face on.

W, J and Faridah: 😂😂😂😂

(I xiao late for work, again hah. Still can joke about all these horrrr)

I saw Joyce had approved both my letters YASSSSS and gave the green light to our WFH implementation request form, late last evening!

Regarding the query I sent about SenderID yesterday to CIO + KH’s successor, I got a reply last evening from Andreas (her name v interesting)! I also don’t really want to act on it lo, she told me to go purchase our own SenderID/shortcode. I forwarded it to my boss for his comments (since he was not cc-ed) and he just agreed with Andreas! I guess I have to sort out this out on my own??!

(I’m gonna deal with this two^ later since need some brain cells + processing!!!)

I printed the two approved letters (crisis from yesterday due to S, is over hehe) and sent the closure emails quickly to PE Office. Okay then always liddis, when I have fewer cases on hand, new ones will come… We got two new appeal cases today, so I quickly checked them and do the necessary follow-up, such as projection of NROW + scheduling an appointment!

I talked to W about what my boss shared with me on Monday morning, about transferring Faridah to another team… We both agreed on things, and just super sian that our boss just loves to make things even harder for us… In between our talks, I also told W to try the snacks J and I opened HAHA and W agreed that it is good!

Later we got go minimart to try new snacks, take more snacks, and now also the metal CNY-ish containers! (love doing auntie things haha)

I also told W about taking leave, then she thought I taking leave next week (since CNY). I told her I taking leave for holiday haha, and said to send her an email with the dates, easier for her to see and check if the dates are okay!

So my leave dates are approved!!!!! I just need to apply in the system, woohoo!

W is very nice la, she said she wants to go to Sydney with her husband to visit their son, and she will work around my dates (so nice right?)

I ordered pratas today for lunch, J thinks 2 pieces for me is not enough and insisted that I eat 3 pieces (because ah pui eats 3-4 pieces)!





I needed a lot of guided help from A, to put up the request in AIMS for VPN, aiyo apply for WFH so xinku de leh

After much procrastination, I finally went to read up on the content online and put together what should be the expected next steps for us.

(I checked with K to confirm my understanding is correct)

Then I replied to Andreas on this, to suggest that they help us to reserve SenderID since they have an account for the organisation already (luckily I read, if not we go duplicate the efforts to set up an account, so bo liao right?)

I went to L4 to help a colleague on prefill for the interim bill form, I think she must be very confused before she decided to call me (I think I got the not-v-approachable face?)

Not long later, CIO followed by Andreas and my boss replied to this loop! My boss shared about spage@local, and the IT team has no idea what this is… I was on the move to test out vbs, to enable notification on the chatbot on OL’s laptop and got a call from CIO. I was quite surprised he will contact me directly leh, he shared with me that T2 (my tech goddess) also doesn’t know.

I sent him the email attachment of the recent SMS I sent to KC, and explained a bit further. But I think it is better to follow up with an email and also send him + T2 a test SMS to help them better visualise our processes!

Wah today really sibei busy…




At Yoga, I was so exhausted that there were a few instances, I almost fell asleep!


18 January, Wednesday | I left W’s draft for Cian case to today to look through, after multiple checks and panic attacks, I finally printed it out in the afternoon for my boss to sign off!

(I don’t think I am a good fit for this job…)

We (7 of us) left the office together at 11.45 am to City Square Mall for farewell lunch for EC! I love how I can always tell her my honest feelings and thoughts (about people, work, and resignation), then somehow we got lost in time, and now she has made the choice to leave, for real ):


(Sorry A, I mixed up your order)

After lunch, we went to pick up our Starbucks order for 5 pax! We got back to the office at 1.30 pm, but we were not scared because our lao ban was with us!!!!!

(Boss paid for lunch, and K paid for Starbucks!)

Putting my pictures with EC out here, for keepsake!




It is our weekly cadence meeting with the other PHIs! I felt like KR could have done so much more to help the new onboarding teams, the every-week feedback is, “we have already provided to M the required xxxxxx”, but it was not updated in the progress list, etc…

I think they all have a very different understanding of the terminology used and tend to come up with funny ideas hahaha

Mike separately PM me via Zoom to ask if I am still around (in the meeting) and if he can ask me a question, as it seems like everybody has doubts about many things. I was shocked to hear that the fallback, escalation, and handover content nodes were not explained to the new PHIs, M just wrote to them to say to complete these and that…

If they don’t understand what those are, how do you expect them to fill in the content? Even tho they can reference ours, they may not want to ride on the same tact or method to handle these scenarios!

When it was a slightly better time, I did highlight to M + L that they should go through this with them and explained the above rationale. IT IS SO RIDICULOUS???

Mike also has a question on embed code, who should he reach out to, to do this task? I recalled it was the Corporate Comms team, but Mike shared that their Corp Comms doesn’t know, IHIS took 2 weeks to get it done…

Aigoo, I emailed Jui, to check if she can help them out abit! Thankfully she is quite helpful and offered to send some screenshots, + agree to let me share her contact details, in case they need to ask further questions!

When we are so swarmed with work, the MP appeals just keep coming… No matter how much I followed up, I am still following up…

These two days we have a few feedback cases, if it is a straightforward case (no need for investigation) then I will just go ahead and draft them up! I told Faridah about it, and tell her to focus on those that need to check or can call.

I drafted the GST case quite easily since got past example, just need to reorganise the overall flow of the content to flow smoothly!

After that, I went to the toilet to brush my teeth (with J) and then also removed my contact lens, later need to do an iris scan when I collect my passport! When I got back to my office, I went to show A my eyes, and let her see my natural eye colour, as she claimed (on Monday) that she has never seen my natural eye colour (with all my colour contacts vain years).

We got a “PDPA” case, but after checking with ISD, there isn’t any way we can help her out, other than her providing us the document + appealing to the right authority!

I was trying to draft and put together the outstanding charges (+ offset), then I got a call from someone, looking for Char! It was regarding Comfort, and I explained I have handed over the project to Char, but still working here, and let her know that if she has any questions, can still speak to me.

Honestly, I think this problem is an issue with their HOD’s instruction and has nothing to do with Finance or the project itself.

I gave Ivy a quick call to find out why no taxis after 3 pm and I’m right, it is a matter of demand and supply, and nothing much can be done to help this situation!

Due to this new situation right before work ends, I couldn’t complete drafting the draft on offsetting, and will have to continue tomorrow morning!

Before I left for the day, I was in our minimart, washing things and one of my colleagues came to tell me that “老板找你”…

Haish, I went to my boss after that to ask him what’s up, he just told me to draft an email for the PDPA case (no need to call).

On my way home with J and K, K3’S P called me again but I missed her call so I contacted her to update her briefly on the info I got from Ivy earlier! I think she has to reach out to her HOD and fellow colleagues to understand better, why was such a rule set up in the first place lor

I believe Finance will just leave it to their HOD to decide if they need to follow this backward rule.




Collect Passport lo!

Singpost staff: your NRIC
Me: S9… 
Singpost staff: give me your NRIC
Me: (oops, and take out my NRIC)



19 January, Thursday | W cleared 1 of my draft from yesterday and I aimed to complete 2 more, first thing in the morning, for her vetting! Then I can focus 100% on working on chatlog review HW.

I am getting a headache every time I need to run through Papadom’s edits for our chatlog HW ):

Dad went out today to grab McDonald’s breakfast, so I took quite a nice breakfast break today!! As I had my breakfast at 10 am, I was really hungry, so I made bread with egg mayo for my lunch at 1 ish pm.

(So sad, today got no time to go lie down for a nap)

During today's chatlog review, it was quite uneventful but there were moments I was tired and frustrated by my boss… Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t know the work very well, but likes to jump in to anyhow say things, then we end up getting more problems, or have more things to explain (really not helpful lor)…

(Papadom could tell that I was feeling damn tired/burnt out hahaha)

I got a call from CIO during the meeting, he explained why we can’t use Isomer for our webpage, and I understand. I mean we were all just trying our luck, if can launch, we would be glad, however, if it is a collective decision that we can’t due to various reasons, we are also okay with it lo. I texted my boss after, to update him briefly on the call update I got!

During the call, we can hear Papadom telling her daughter, to find her library card hahaha so I quickly mentioned that in the Zoom call, alerting her that we can hear her conversation in our corporate call HAHAHA

(think she might have accidentally unmuted the call)

We have a few Any Other Matters (AOM) during this call, such as if we want to buy more intents. My boss wanted to ask this, but he left the call already hah. I asked this because yesterday I saw the other PHIs have some very strange FAQ planning, to put refraction degrees under HIMS APPLICATION PROCESS. I WAS LIKE HUHHHHHH

Papadom and I haven’t completed our Subsidy revised answers, and we also realised CHAS no longer applies to subsidies at SOCs, so our answer on chatbot is currently incorrect! This means we have more work to do, or more things to clear up, aiyoooooo

The meeting ended at 4ish pm, then I went back to clearing emails and going over the drafts. 真的好累, I was done with the drafts at 6ish pm.

Before I can knock off for the day, I have a few things to do: 1) reply to T2 + update the people in that email loop on our progress so far in SMS sending process, 2) reply to Ken to find out if Twilio bills us in SGD or USD, 3) reply Jem to confirm the Forms meeting will tentatively be on 15 Feb, afternoon (after I have confirmed with KC)!


Opal Ring – wishing for good energy in 2023!




After dinner, we were doing some cleaning up here and there! Mom found some Christmas cookie DIY kit from BreadTalk so here we are decorating our X’mas cookies a few days before CNY.

The end product:


20 January, Friday | I have no breakfast plan today, so went to grab a packet of plain crackers from our minimart! W is on leave, I just hope today passes by smoothly 🙏🏻

I went to set up my Inner water drink, to start this day right (with a little detox?) and quickly dropped Joyce a gentle reminder to clear the reply letter (from Wednesday)!

I told Faridah to let me clear my MP appeal matters first, especially after calling two appellants to check on certain things, I ended up with way more follow-up -.-

Then I looked into Faridah’s drafts.

Faridah got us Melvado, as a CNY celebration gift! Featuring her note here:

WAH WAH I have been itching to eat McDonald’s Twister Fries since last night, so here we are with McDonald's 😘

Random insert of strange things my boss says: I asked if he wants McDonald’s, and he told me “yes, my wife and kids are not feeling”.



J: I think he just wants to share with you that his family is not well

Me: I not interested to know wor

Shortly after lunch, I saw an email from Mr. Ten! It’s an invitation for their HfPG Demo Day!!!!! (feels like I am in kdrama “Start-Up”, hehe). The venue will be at NUS, UCC where all NUS graduates had their graduation ceremony, and I am just so excited to be back in home ground?? I will feel young again hehe

So of course, it is a “YES” to the invitation!

(after my boss agreed to it la)

Today kinda feels like 做工 but no 做工🤣

I think it’s CNY mood~

5.32 pm: pang gang lo!

Then I went running for my beauty errand and got back home before 8 pm for dinner! Also this is me today, trying to rock the choker look:


21 January, Saturday | 今天是除夕! As Mama cannot stand up for too long, plus tiring for her at 80++ years old to host Reunion Dinner, moving forward, it will be at our house! For the past few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we haven’t had a full-fledged Reunion Dinner, so this year will be our first, in years…

(Grandma needed her home slippers + home walking stick, 二姑made the extra trip to deliver them here earlier)

Other than helping out, we were on and off watching my favourite CNY movie: Homecoming, and Kungfu Panda!

Thanks to K, ordered chicken wings from Tenderbest, which were delivered at 2 pm!


Also featuring the view outside our house, Grandma thinks it looks like it is snowing:

The stress is especially high after reunion dinner, as we have to wait for guests to leave, then we have to clean up things, mop the floor, change bedsheets and bathe (for mom to wash the clothes)! It (the stress) wasn’t too bad hehe

Past 12 midnight, so here is:

我们守岁到 2++ am!


22 January, Sunday | 初一🍊

初一 makeup look!

We had 糖水 before leaving the house for our first destination for 初一! Dad went to try out car rental in the past few weeks because we are so used to having a car on CNY, and today, our ride is a 9-seater vehicle:

(view outside 会馆)

Inside 会馆 things:

I also took a picture of my CNY shoes/sandals!!

It’s so comfy! Can’t wait to wear it to work hehe

This year, there is no nian gao so we just ate their buffet food, okay la!

Yearly CNY affair (during car rides):

# failed attempts!










Later, we even recorded a video for 大姑!




On our long journey to 舅舅家!

(it was a nice nap)

I think this year is 水兔! It kept on raining throughout the day and behind the scenes be like:

We had steamboat and my favourite, beer!

Then later back to Grandma's for the rest of the evening!

Officially loving the game, asshole daidi!!!!!


23 January, Monday | 初二🍊🍊

Today more OTOT hehe, so we went to RWS for lunch (Dad miss their Assam Fish Curry) with this baby:

After lunch, we headed over to AMK to visit relatives, then back to Grandma's for"dinner"!


25 January, Wednesday | Did not begin 兔年 at work well… my mouse is spoilt???! Then how to do work ah? (W got a spare mouse for me to use for the time being)

W asked me to work out the EBS for a Vietnamese patient who will be coming over for cornea implant surgery! She told me one of the feedbacks my boss gave to her, was that Rachel needs more practice/experience in FC!

(It is true la, but I stress)


Ehints (extract data/cases) > obtain Hosp_Charges > NRW (Ward/DTF: FR-C + 0% SGF) > add implants + other consumables > *8% GST = $14,500

The whole learning journey also includes how to edit the draft FC, change the “admit date”, how to deny MSV, and also YS’s magic of “pdf!”

(I guess we all have to keep learning!!)

I could only print out the approved MP appeal letter after I was done with sending my FC workings to W for her clearance, really stress dao (bc MP is a lower priority compared to FC things)


I didn’t want the fresh milk I bought two weeks ago to go to waste, so I made an Iced Latte with Lotte’s Iced Americano with fresh milk!

(can be more aesthetic!)

W cleared the two appeal drafts I finalised during lunchtime today, and I sent them over to K for her vetting (as my boss is away in Malaysia)! Then I double-checked all the details before sending them to Joyce for her approval, and realised she will be back on the 27th (when I will be ooo)… Guess I will print those out on Monday if she clears them on Friday.

W and I are putting our heads together to clear drafts, and discuss ways to handle cases! I always admire how resilient and strong W is, and I have learned the most from her!!!!!

My follow-up with the employer (MP case) didn’t work out as she did not pick up the phone, so my draft (on family unit/household clarification) got cleared by W (W also agreed that my understanding – from last week's email update on the call I shared with the employer, is correct YASSSSS). W cleared last week’s draft on Covid ED charges + my PDPA email reply that we cannot help much since it is a joint custody document LOL

(We will live to fight another day heh, leaving the other drafts to tomorrow haha)

Today was EC’s last day, but she hasn’t finished packing her things at 6.20 pm, this means that K can’t leave work for the day, as she has to ensure EC left the workplace (without taking any confidential things) …

I was waiting for J to be done, she went to the toilet, then gave EC a hug (and cried) before she packed her things to leave the office.

Me: admiring my new footwear in silence~


26 January, Thursday | It was a pretty chill day, no chatbot meeting so I had the time to focus on other pieces of work! I managed to complete the revised subsidies response for chatbot, will take it up for discussion next week! I also cleared some drafts, run through what else is outstanding, and did peer appraisal (given that I wouldn't be interrupted + safe space).


27 January, Friday | Today I will be attending Staff Wellness Retreat on behalf of my boss, at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel from 9 am to 5.30 pm! I saw from somewhere, it ends at 5 pm (I hope so la).

Thankfully with the newly operational Thomson-East Coast Line, the Hotel is 2 minutes from Havelock MRT station, according to Gmaps.

This is my first time taking the train on Thomson-East Coast Line!

(+1 for experience)

After following the navigation instructions strictly, the Hotel is 4 minutes away??! Aiyo, hopefully, all goes well (anxiety problems are real)…

I walked into the Hotel, took the lift to L4, and found my way to Canary Room! When I passed by Amos, I gave him a tap on his arm, and he said hi briefly as he was chatting with a lady, this early in the morning. I went to write my name down on a nametag sticker at the registration booth, and Brandon (our forever medic) was there, all cheerful! He always made me feel at ease, so thankful that he is at the retreat too, even tho representing some other Wellness Committee (not for EN)!

He was with this another very friendly lady (SL), who I only knew later is a Speech Therapist + HOD of her department :O

Then I went in to get seated and chose the table right in the middle (out of 5 big tables), happens that SL had her bag there already, Brandon joined her and later a younger colleague, Isa (CorpComms) came and sat next to me, plus Amos and a Prof at the same table!

(CEO came to kick off the Retreat, then later bye bye)

I have been worrying about today’s retreat since last night, and I just hope time passes quickly!!!!! (no hiccups, no presentation moments)

We did some warm-up sessions, like getting to mix around with others in the group and share about the topic/question flashed on the screen. I talked to the Prof sitting at the same table, then 2nd was the lady with Amos in the morning (it’s Sam), and lastly Catherine (later I found out she is a Nurse Manager!)

(Similarity in the partners we found: same height, same palm size, similar outfit)

Sam was super friendly and approachable, she came to say hi to me and explained that she never got the chance to catch up with me (outside of work matters, which I agree).

We will be spending half the day here discussing the following topics and only in the afternoon, we will intensely brainstorm on Wellness initiatives!

Later, during our first break time, Sam came to look for me and asked if I want to join her for the tea break to catch up! I am not sure if she is anxious that she doesn’t click well with the people here, or she really just nice and want to connect with me la, but it’s good for me, either way!

(not my handwriting)

During one of the segments, we had to find 1 person to do 1 to 1 chat with, about how we are feeling and what we hope to learn through this retreat! I got paired with Sam, and she asked to continue our chat, as I brought up something during our 1 to 1, that she would like to discuss further!

Breaktime/Lunch layout: