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January 2024 - Adulting

3 January, Wednesday | I took leave the day before to rest, unpack and get ready for work! I managed to finish the Berlin series YAY


Today is back to work!


I have 600++ emails to clear and it was not going well


As my skin feels clogged after breathing in Macau’s polluted air, I decided to arrange my facial session today after work. It was great hehe


I went for a relaxing dinner at PB

(Pesto chicken cheese sandwich with salad)


4 January, Thursday | I was done with KBRE analysis and was very disheartened to hear that my boss just wants to change the LOS for all the mentioned TOSPs from 2 to 1 (without any supporting data)


I proposed to make changes to those with data to support LOS change and retain current for those without. My boss responded to my email by changing all LOS and even made changes to the figure I scrubbed as he claims that doesn’t make sense.


He doesn’t even understand that the amounts I gave are just the hospital charges, not inclusive of surgical operation and Ward fees.


I guess he just wants to please the requestor (who is a doctor) and probably his bosses too.


After Mid Year Review with the team, I spoke to my boss about this and we came to a more reasonable and agreeable change.


(I will do the loading tomorrow)


I was clearing my emails and following up on cases from 2023!




I met Yitong for dinner at Sushiro then we went to LiHo for drinks. I got an Osmantha Oolong Tea that was so bitter to drink, but the talk was great! I left at 10 ish pm and I was home before 12 midnight

Belated Christmas gift hehe, so cute:


5 January, Friday | It was a shorter week but somehow today I felt like I had worked the entire week, so exhausting…


I was angry with Faridah earlier on her way of managing escalated cases as I felt like she didn’t even bother to look into the case (like checking which bills are involved) and pushed the case to our boss to manage. There is also a proper escalation workflow in place, like who should manage or call next if the customer is refusing an explanation or further engagement.


I emailed Faridah to summarise all the key information and asked her to call on Monday.


I think it was very obvious in my tone that I was pissed off with Faridah, wonder if H picked that up…


7 January, Sunday | It was the first session of CE and I had mixed feelings about attending this. Having to attend this together with Songle is the most comforting thing for me, that I was not alone on this self-discovery/spiritual journey!

Today was the introduction of "Good News"!

It was kinda difficult to grasp or immediately be able to share my views following a passage reading, as I needed time to process what was talked about earlier. Even though I felt slightly pressured to say or share something useful (or knowledgable), S&S were the gentlest and nicest people to speak to!

I felt they could speak a little louder tho hah


8 January, Monday | I got an internal mail from someone but I rarely get anything leh, it was also not Mr. Oh. Who could it be?


It was Fame! Sending her love in 2024~

Faridah was on AM leave and called the lady from last Friday, and this person demanded to speak to a manager, someone who can make decisions. I assume she is seeking a waiver lol


I am not a manager, but I have to schedule a call for this Wednesday… Now this is my daiji lo. I kept thinking about this in the next few days ):


9 January, Tuesday | I took urgent AM leave today as my hands and feet were cold. I guess my period is coming soon, and I wasn’t feeling very well

K said this dress makes my chest look huge and it is too provocative hahaha


I went to the office in the afternoon, to clear some work. I saw I was looped into an email thread about NNJ home treatment estimate and this lao ban (who isn’t my boss) was agreeing to make changes with effect from 15 Jan. I was pretty shocked to see that because agreeing to this task, is not within her purview leh


But my boss sure keeps quiet...


I started working on it lo, then now she wants more and more analysis done

Sobs T.T


After work, I went to City Hall to get popcorn for tomorrow!


10 January, Wednesday | I saw an email early this morning about the patient who was supposed to be here for eye surgery in Dec 2023, it was moved to Jan 2024. I have the estimates from last year, did slight adjustments for GST and made sure the FC was created and the amount is correct!


From 11 am to 1 pm, my heart was beating hard as I had to contact a demanding lady for her feedback on consult fees. I called her twice and she did not pick up, felt like this was just postponing my anxiety?? I would like to be over and done with this lor


I had lunch with H at the market today, I missed Indian Rojak!!!

 Then once we got back from lunch, I was busy packing my things to make our way to grab a gift for KC then head to their office at WeWork!


I felt like I was here as an accessory as I had nothing work-related to ask, just deliver the popcorn and gift, then get drinks from their office hah


The update I got was the popcorn was good, they liked the salt egg one (never tried but Team tom yum!)


I got XY's help to pull data based on services as I am unable to churn out the report with the same diagnosis codes.

We left their office at around 5.15 pm and I got home before 6 pm, showered and continued working on the NNJ task till 7.15 pm.


11 January, Thursday | In the beginning when H just joined us, there were a lot of things that I had to manage as it was too premature to hand them over to him. I had to do two FTE worth of work, and the load was insane. I also had to help out with the more challenging cases Sleeping P couldn’t comprehend, adding to my endless task list ):


Today is my first WFH in a long time!!!!!

(now a full-strength team and H is doing great)


I love how I can focus on doing my work!

I am looking forward to more WFH this year hehe


Today I could complete and clear the NNJ task, and a new one is here. I saw an email from the Cardiac team requesting estimates for some of the procedures. Once again, no time to nua






12 January, Friday | I was anxious obviously because that lady did not get back on what time is good to give her a call, and she also has an appointment today so I am quite worried that she would cause a scene later at registration.


At 3 ish pm onwards until the end of the workday, I was constantly refreshing the page to see if her visit was actualized and which doctor saw her today


(probably continue to worry over the weekend, haish)


XY paid for lunch today at Owls! We love the luncheon meat fries and tom yam instant noodles

(hehe as she said I treated her for her birthday last year)




My Little Spanish Place

Love all the good food dining with YS!


Oopsies I ended up drinking

Note: Sangria is nice


13 January, Saturday | We talked about starting our “find the best Mee Hoon Kuey in Singapore” adventures in 2024, and here we are~

Greenview Café at Far East Plaza, 6/10?

(Hehe, where next?)


We walked around the mall for quite some time to look for the coffee place I found online and I am also alright with any other coffee places (maybe yakun?)


In the end, I decided that Piccolo by Hei Kim is it! Oops, I forgot to take cafe interior pictures ):

After falling in love with Matcha recently, I ordered a Matcha Latte and he got a hot white. The cup and dish are so cute!!

How can I pass on their speciality cake?

Honey Layered Cake




Haven't seen Mr Oh for weeks, really miss him deep deep! I love the socks he got me for Christmas hehe


14 January, Sunday | Session Two - Sin: the man is paralysed because he lives in the world broken by sins, and not paralysed because of sins. This is ✨as it also kinda explains why sometimes bad things may happen to good people.


Most people interpret sins as wrongdoings, and I think one of the challenges is understanding what sins mean in the Bible. I think they explained it well that wrongdoings by people are manifestations of sins.


I am reading Mark now, I went through some chapters on my own already. So, during the session, it was really about understanding the passage (not so much about reading). This session helped me with putting the pieces of info/belief together; why men sin, and are separated from God and that Jesus is our salvation.


Also want to credit the booklet Mr. Oh passed to me yesterday, it was very timely as it coincides with what they were talking about today hehe




I didn’t quite like the chats with SL’s CG mates, felt like the guy’s questions were quite intrusive and I don’t know if I will continue at this church...




Went to fit CNY clothes and got this:

Hehe, date feel?


15 January, Monday | The happiest thing received at the start of this week, was a postcard sent from Finland~

Thank you, Suzanne for always remembering me, wherever you go!


16 January, Tuesday | I knew this bill calculator meeting would be another long and exhausting call, it was from 9 am to 10.30 am and still filled with confusion, aiyo


I was listening while working on cardiac data, and hope to complete as much as I can, since from 11 am to 12 noon, I will be discussing some CBBA waivers and chatbot live agent prompt set-up. We will be having a call with the chatbot vendor tomorrow at 2.30 pm!

Haiyo then the lady who was not happy about the consult fee is back, leaving her feedback at the Centre she visited last week. We will be responding to her via letter, and K will be signing off. I was preparing the reply content, and getting H’s comments before sending the draft to K and my boss to clear.


My boss suddenly came to me about the ITx case, asking about the bills. We (plus R) started discussing how to resolve the residential status and funding issues.


(wah I v busy)


17 January, Wednesday | (missing content, oops)


18 January, Thursday | Fat fat also got to work from home, for half a day! We had a lot of fun WFH together today hehe




We went to Grandma’s for dinner, she made nian gao 😍😋


19 January, Friday | I was anxious for this Teams call with one of the patient’s spouse because I don’t know how to explain chemo claims, nor have the power to decide on financial matters (waiver or downgrade). The call was 10 am, my boss and colleague were managing this, phew


Then got back to my desk and worked on the follow-up matters for this case, and other cases too.


Thai food Lunch with K:

Today was quite an uneventful day at work, hehe




To avoid CNY surcharge for lash lifts, we are going for ours today, hehe so happy to have pretty lashes!


After that, we went to have dinner at Merci Marcel! I continued my obsession with Matcha Latte~


21 January, Sunday | Session Three - Cross: I liked how this session explains the meaning/significance of how Jesus healed a blind man in stages because when I read the passage on my own, I didn’t get much from the text


It was an analogy to how disciples/people are seeing and being saved in stages:

1. knowing His identity, and 2. there is another stage of understanding His true mission


His sacrifice was ransom to save many, and I was just really sad learning about this ):


The facilitator said something to me when the session ended, but I didn’t quite catch that, and our groupmate (who didn’t come on S2) heard it as the facilitator telling me not to be too sad (hahaha)


This groupmate, Dave, I feel like we can click with him!  Oops I felt bad for mentioning he didn’t come for S2, it was because his dog died 😭







After we had desserts, it was time for dinner (we were still full). We got two mains, beer battered fish and chips and a not mac and cheese hehe

I didn’t want any alcohol today because my head was kinda hurting but then I couldn’t help and got a Bees Knees:

Had a great time with Apple, but forgot to bring the gift I got her from HK, sobs


It was a 12-minute walk back to Lavender MRT, and not sure why the streets look shady and I have not felt this unsafe in a long time…


22 January, Monday | (missing content)


23 January, Tuesday | Had lunch with Adeline ❤️


24 January, Wednesday | While I started thinking work seemed pretty chill for me, and well PLS sent in a request for estimates. It was 4 different treatments, which means I had to work on 4 sets of data (really is thank you very much)


There was also not plenty of information, on some of the items, I had to find out what are the service codes.


Busy busy busy day ):


Mango and Strawberry Tea from Oppa

Honestly, the only reason why I couldn’t work from home is because I have to share FC information (training) with a deputy director who is on attachment at our office every Wednesday. Her session with another colleague overran so then my planned session at 4 pm with her got postponed.


I came to the office today for nothing lol




SONGFA!!!!!!! (finally)

 Of course, Rachel ordered some sides (fried ones)





We went to Charles and Keith, but I didn’t like their wallets or cardholders and the price range does not sound like a gift for 4 to share haha


We tried looking at the shop next door, Pedro (with almost no one), the items were so cute and I saw this:

Got it at $69.90 (4 people split also abit paiseh la)




Fat fat and I got Ben & Jerry heh, before I headed home!


When I was about to reach home, I saw the back-gate area was dark (no lights were on) and the back-gate turnstile was not powered. Just a push and yes you get into private estate space…


The worst has yet to come, I was at Level 10, and water started coming down like a waterfall, creating a lot of splashes. I was out at L10 lift area, wondering if I should take out my umbrella to walk up the indoor staircase.


When I got my umbrella out, there was water rushing down the steps and it was impossible to keep my superga dry…


So anyway they are not going to get it fixed tonight, or even if the power outage is resolved, there will not be any working lift that I can take tonight. I held my things tight and with my umbrella out, I walked up 2 stories of stairs, and L13 and L14 were dry???


Looks like the water was coming from L12…


25 January, Thursday | The main purpose of being back at work on a WFH day, is for our lunch date with Estrella!

We are all very sad that she has to leave so abruptly, and after having worked in Singapore for over a decade…


I passed her the gift we got her, and then shortly later, my boss shoved an envelope of money into the Pedro paper bag when we were semi-done with sharing an umbrella through the rain


He also paid for our lunch, which we were all too full of. He is a nice person la, I agree.


He suggested that I WFH the next day, but got bowling leh so I rather just come all five days this week. It was sad and tiring but aiya, just gotta make it work


For most of the day, I was scrubbing data and reviewing the 4 estimates for the NR patient who is considering treatment locally. This one is hard work, but I have another harder work coming up…


(my boss came to talk to me about it liao)




Then I went to Grandma’s for dinner, we had to wait 45 mins for McDonalds because CNY special is here! TWISTER FRIES!!!!!



26 January, Friday | OOTD, featuring dad’s belt:

K and I discussed briefly how we are going to proceed with the NR Oncology task but then still pending patient details. N agreed to share that with us on Tuesday (update: she MC and came back to work on Thursday -.-)


Today felt pretty chill, maybe because after work, we are heading for the Division’s bowling event. It was great to have H on the team (legit hard carry us hah)


We won first place again, this year!!!!

Then after this, we went to Level Five Bar! It was a karaoke bar, which meant random customers could sing and some were horrible hahaha


(The place we wanted to go, was full)


I was on the Grab home at 12ish, thankfully I don’t need to climb 14 stories to 酒醒!



28 January, Sunday | SL and I met earlier to enjoy our McDonald’s Breakfast!!




It was my first time attending church service (I believe is my first la), I liked how the Pastor talked about work-life balance, and there is no such thing as lasting gain [Ecclesiastes 4]




Session Four - The Resurrection: previously we were learning about how sacrifice was the rescue plan and Jesus foretold it a few times and the timeline


Scientifically speaking, it is almost an impossible event to come back to life after crucifixion.


The tomb was empty, large stone was moved, and accounts of those who witnessed it had no reason to lie/fabricate things.


Hmm instead of trying to always understand everything, and find facts to prove or disprove it, I think it is about knowing sufficiently and embracing that we wouldn't know everything, and perhaps there is no way to scientifically test and prove His existence, for He is the creator of men and the universe




Tsujiri with HJ and RW!!

We had a great catch-up!


 29 January, Monday | I swear Monday is always the most tiring day of the week (or got other days ah?)


I was looking forward to the end of work and going for facial! Eunice left so I got a new therapist attending to me today, I think she is not that good and didn’t do extraction for me ):


Then, I went to Paris Baguette for dinner and ordered Iced Green Tea Latte (Matcha Latte)!!!!!

Did some reading and internalizing hehe


30 January, Tuesday | My period is not about to come yet, but today I was not in a good mood probably because I saw the message he sent last night…


I was so annoyed at Sleeping P for not being able to complete her appraisal today and still want to WFH tomorrow (when she wouldn’t be able to complete it without any help from us)




I think is basic expectations in a relationship (unofficial one?), are to want to meet often, see each other even if it is for a few minutes and give the best because this is the person you want a life with. Why is it so hard? Why do I have to ask for his best efforts?


(Is this where we end?)



31 January, Wednesday | I have no idea how to feel today as I need to get my shit together to do sharing session with DD who is here on attachment! I am not exactly in the right frame of mind to do this, but it was also a good distraction from my sorrow…


The session for two cores started at 9.15 am and ended at 11.30 am. I learnt a lot from her about costing and pricing things, and how some stuff is managed at their centre! (cool)


I continue with data work and checking off the tasks from my list. At the moment, I have 4 on hand and today managed to clear 3! I loaded the revised pricing for packages in T5 although not very sure if it is maintained in the right column hah, the effective date is tomorrow so yeah








YT bought me ice cream from Chateraise Premium because I have been feeling down since yesterday… XXN!


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