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July 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1 July, Friday | It's day 4 of family C+ hell, the good thing is Fat Fat can work from home today! We woke up and sat next to each other to work and I'm loving it so much!!!!!

Dad got us McDonald's breakfast YAYYYYY!

I attended the FSS meeting while enjoying my big Breakfast!

It was more than 1.5 hours of pointless discussion because it seems like despite knowing the issues they are facing, no visible nor promising change is taking place... We have been sitting in the same circumstances 2 years back LEL

Side story: John has been asking me for the Link shortener info since Wednesday and this morning, he Zooms dm me: Good morning Sis! One of my colleagues (Char's boss) replied his good morning message to "Everyone", so I know he does this to everyone HAHAHA (believe he didn't think we all caught on that he is some ambitious shit and super por bosses dude)

As both Fat Fat and I are still full from breakfast, we decided to skip lunch and have some snacks later when we are feeling hungry or snacky heh (yes to sour cream and onion potato chips!)

I have 2 open appeal cases and hope to settle them before I go on leave! There are quite a few things to follow up on for the cases, such as setting up the financial alert, and completing the table of outstanding charges and investigations!

Today, KH forwarded the email he received yesterday from OGPTeam on the demo recording link and other information on the products they presented! I thought for a very long time about how to put the info in another email as I don't want to send them the whole discussion email thread. So glad Fat Fat is around for me to ask for her support hehe

Email sent and done!

My boss planned to send out the email advertising the durian cake baking class today but then realised EN email got no access to mass-send email to citizens! He went to ask for IT support but that will be some delay in our rollout... (not panicking because still got time la)

I was text discussing with my boss on the link as John has sent 3 emails asking the same thing, to convert our document submission form link to the link! My boss thinks might be sent by mistake but the content is slightly changed, one mentions another hospital already comms out their links! (He really wants to impress his bosses big-time sia). I came up with a table for us to fill up our preferred link for our forms, best for the owner of the form to set up so that once the form closes, we can also inactive the links!




I went out for dinner with Lundly!!!! Suz was late as she got a work "interview" call, Songle and I queued for Rolling Rice at 7 ish pm and believe Suz will arrive before we even get seated - THE QUEUE 是长的!

Suz made it and after another 15 minutes, we ordered our food and sat down! The food took 45 minutes to be served so we had our dinner at 9 ish pm... (not complaining because we got free-flow water, seaweed soup, and kimchi)


This dinner was meant for us to plan out our itinerary but everyone was so tired from work, we decided to wing it in the morning at the airport!




Coffeesmith Mango Bingsu

I don't know why we have so much to laugh at, and also it was here, we admit we are the toxic people in Suz's life!


4 July, Monday | I came to work still considering if I should take half or full day's leave tomorrow to pack and prep for the trip, will have to decide later! I went thru emails and also quickly sent follow-up emails for the 2 open MP appeal cases. One of which, Rich is still not answering my questions and it seems like he isn't sure of the workflow... I wasn't really in the mood to entertain his talks on the phone, like "ah I see", "thank you ah" etc. Our emails are going back and forth when I could just call and settle it over the phone. I think my period is coming soon???! I'm super angsty today!!!!

I saw Ben's email sent last week asking for an update. He took 1 month to send a chaser leh, my gosh. It was a bad move to go run thru the change log document because there is 0 context, the document is poorly written and he sounds so rude in his email (failure to do so, will result in changes not being moved to production)!


I told Papadom about it and she gave me a few points that she wanted to clarify so I combined and sent our comments via email to Ben, cc Peru (in the loop with colleagues from other institutions). NO GIVE CHANCE!!!!!!!

J came to kaypoh what I ordered, the receipt is still on the paper bag and she saw my 1 meal is 20++ bucks! K told her, that youngsters are liddis, very 舍得 spend money on food (I agree!)

Then I overheard them talking about J's daughter saving money to go to a concert! So we talked about concerts and then I told them I went to Korea on my own for a concert, they shook dao!!!! Then I proceed to send them a few pictures of my kpop fan girl collection 💖

Wah both my staff got their log done last Friday so today I need to check through for complaints and double-check the compliments in the file, the monthly stats submission is good to go!

I was pushing out the MP appeals and see if we can close them today, I think only 1 of the 2 can clear today if Edna responds before 6 pm! Other than appeals, I wanted to clear my other tasks such as getting the few people who will be editing the Isomer site to have access. It will be part of the intern's orientation since my boss wanted the intern to do this task but P was away and have no idea so I need to help them get started!

P brought the intern over to introduce her to us, then I recalled this Isomer thing that I haven't followed up HELPS. K also went to sign up for GitHub account and submitted her ID plus email address for access to the test site Isomer support created for us!

I also need to get P connected with my printing source, so I emailed MZ and stated the price quoted and looped P in! Sometimes I feel like I do all the hard work for her lol then she just sits comfortably and waits for completed things to drop on her lap!

I checked through my appeal cases on hand and recalled Sam from PE Office replied to me on 30 June to say they will close the loop accordingly for the guardianship case! Just in case, she turns things around and asks why we did not issue a reply letter, I replied to her to say noted and that no action is required from my department! I SWEAR I GOT TRUST ISSUES WITH HER!!!!

At 4.57 pm, Edna made amendments to my reply letter! Oh no I thought I made the letter very clear already, seems like she thinks the Annex needed improvement (noticed she copied and pasted content from the letter to the Annex)! She also changed a few words here and there, "our options" became "your options" which I changed back since it's definitely OUR options for assistance being limited for the patient's bill!

I printed the letter out and tied up the loose ends before packing up to be away for a week! I left work with EC at 6.40 pm!




I decided to take tomorrow off so I have more time to pack things, tidy up my blog post, etc.



13 July, Wednesday | During my trip, I know one of the people I worked with called me regarding the corporate billing project. After getting Char to check who the caller is, I TT-ed her to let her know I will get back to her when I return to the office! Other than this, yesterday after our flight landed, I saw Sam's messages asking about the Durian baking event!

It's day 1 back to work after my BKK trip! It feels super weird to be back, and I MEANT BACK TO HELL🔥🔥🔥🔥

(Does anyone return to work after a vacation all recharged?!? It is not working for me HELPS)

I arrived at work slightly late today and was rushing to get my laptop started as I will be going with J for open-safe duties!

BUT I AM UNABLE TO GET CONNECTED!?? My outlook still indicates "folder last updated 04/07/2022"

I quickly contacted IT Helpdesk and the lady who picked up my call was able to resolve it within a few minutes and my emails are coming in!

(It took me about 3/4 of my working hours to clear these emails sobs...)

Then, I left quickly with J and she updated me about the covid events in the office! (later I saw BK wearing PPE doing the clean up). I managed to look through some emails before heading back to the office at 9.50 ish am, grabbing my 2nd favourite milk from Cheers!




Char gave to pass me this that she got from her trip to Cairns with her family and I passed her the spray sanitizer I got for her from BKK.

Aiyo I have no idea why Char doesn't wear her mask and move around the office, J told her off that it is not just about her, but everyone else here (which I agree)!

Back to my desk, Papadom did a quick sync up with me on the change log that I queried Ben last week! He explained during the meeting that it is a document with changes that are implemented, changes backend that doesn't need any testing, and changes waiting for our confirmation for deployment! Ben hasn't sent us anything so far, and Papadom shared her notes, plus her frustration that she couldn't load any of the chats on the dashboard. She told me, Peru didn't comment when she mentioned the poor language, hmmm sus!

She also came to me to ask about haha, actually I was suggesting for the form owners to set up their own links, but one of my colleagues is expecting me to do it for them. I will need to try that out tomorrow and see if I can transfer the form ownership...

I did a check, and W cleared the FR for Ward and DTF! She also attended to all the team's cases and drafts so we are in a good place. I need to create a Zoom meeting once the schedule is confirmed! (so thankful for her guidance and coverage, even if it wasn't hers). On my first day of leave, someone contacted W to ask about the corporate billing project and W was quick to drop her the User Guide I sent out previously, plus let her know that I will attend to her queries when I'm back on the 13th!

Backstory: Sleeping P tested positive on Sunday but she refused to see her doctor as most clinics are closed, however, Monday is PH, and the clinics will mostly be closed too. I was thinking if she wanted to drag this out and see a doctor on Tuesday to enjoy her full 5 working days HL (7 calendar days MC)... Thankfully she was issued 5 days MC and missed 4 days of work.

Sleeping P is on medical leave until next week, so the team is clearing her cases and trying to do whatever we can. Faridah doesn't seem too willing to help out and told me W takes so good care of Sleeping P, that she even assigned a few feedback cases to Faridah to handle during Sleeping P's absence.

I do not think that is wrong and fully agree with W that she should help out and take such opportunities to polish her writing. I have no idea if we are disappointed in her performance following her promotion because we have higher expectations of her now, or if she stops working hard after being promoted.

I saw all the emails I missed during my BKK trip and there were numerous instances of errors by both my staff, such as not updating the team following the call, and incorrect content, and details. I felt bad that W has to manage these and wondered if she will think I am incompetent because I couldn't manage my staff well.

For one of Sleeping P's cases, W suggested for Zoom meeting with Teo and if I am agreeable, she will need me to book the Zoom meeting facility and generate the ID once Teo confirms her availability. I think for this, I will follow up tomorrow when the availability is out!




We ordered Jollibee lunch because got a discount hehe! (goodbye to my plans of healthy eating when I return to SG)

I passed OL her food plus some things I got from BKK to share with the team at Level 4 (as they paiseh to come up and grab the snacks de). J was surprised OL PayNow-ed me as she doesn't use those payment options. Later I realised she forwarded the payment page, it's her husband who paid me haha. I am going to call OL, Mrs Ong from now onwards!

Okay then back to our office stories, I heard J scolding T this morning because she did not check and wrongly indicated CDA account holder relationship... later J also told her to grab a pen and paper and come to her desk (this does not sound good)

During my post-lunch break, I went to give out the things I got for colleagues from BKK and left the shared stuff in the office pantry(Is it very spoil market ah because T didn't get anything for us?). I gave J the pimple cream she wanted and also pocky hehe.

(the pimple cream is damn effective?! really cannot 小看 69 baht ance medication)

My boss caught Covid yesterday and the Durian Fresh Cream Baking class poster was only sent out by HR on the same day. I think my boss felt bad that he agreed to help me out when I was away, in the end, I will be doing it on my own. I told him to rest and so I was super busy today, working out the attendees (admin/ancillary) and sending all the email acknowledgment for payments and rejections.

Post-lunch working time was spent largely on settling the Durian cake baking workshop thingy. I recalled my boss was going on about providing such events for administrator/ancillary staff, not including the nursing/medical staff, so I had to confirm things with him (I think covid brain haha he doesn't really get me).

I even checked with LX that they are considered AHP, and got her update that she is expecting a boy boy, and confirmed with Jes that she used to be considered Admin under Nursing.

There are a total of 24 sign-ups but we only got 8 slots wor! It took me quite a lot of time to collate the information and picked out the true target audience and cleared it with my boss. After which, I was sending out emails on payment (for those who got selected) and waiting list (rejected ones)!

(Should I have indicated payment to be made by xxx so that if no payment is received, I can give the slot to another person?)

I also have to attend to the enquiries on the workshop and asked if G/YR can help to update the whole hospital that the registration for the class has closed. YR called to ask me to disable the form first before she blast out the email!

So many loops to close HELPS

Char's boss came over and explained quite a few things but I don't get what she wants me to do. I told her our boss is active on WhatsApp despite being on medical leave, we can just text him about work matters la. That was when she finally explained the main point, she forgot her phone this morning and needed my help to reach the boss (for him to contact her at his convenience). Then I proceeded to text him to call Char's boss for xxxx and her extension is xxxxx.

I went to read the email from Sali, was wondering what is she going to tell me this time as I saw briefly she thanked me at the start of her email. OMG Sali is leaving??!? this Friday is her last day!!! I did not expect that at all!!! I sent my very brief well wishes, and bye.

Last but not the least, I wrote on the corporate billing program (quite lengthy) to share with the interested party! Email sent at 6ish pm and I left the office with J!

List of miscellaneous things to work on tomorrow:

  • Payment confirmation for baking class + inform them to come 15 minutes before

  • testing and reply

  • chatbot content update in Prod (since papadom only doing in UAT)

  • update existing PHI-specific enquiry form to cluster PE form

  • GitHub/Isomer test site


14 July, Thursday | Teo got back to us that she is available next Monday and Wednesday, W thinks Wednesday is better since Sleeping P will need some time to settle in on Monday after her covid medical leave! I made the necessary arrangement and later joined eFC meeting at 10.30 am.

As I was barely listening and decided to drop out of the chat, I saw the Zoom message from the host prompting 'Finance Division' to identify himself, herself, or themselves

(who ah? joker)


After booking the Zoom facility, booking the meeting room, and scheduling of Zoom meeting, I forgot to sign out of the Finance division account!!!!!




Today, I was busy acknowledging all the payments received for the Durian cake baking class! There were also enquiries on whether Skillsfuture credits can be used etc.

Fat fat is on a lifesaver course today, so we sat side by side while we worked from home!!!! We had Poke Theory for lunch today, for the vegetables haha

After lunch, we both barely rest and went straight back to doing work plus playing games on the side. Thankfully there isn't a chatbot meeting today so I had the time for some chatbot content updates and clear other pieces of work such as trying out the Isomer site. I also watched some videos on how to edit the webpage!

Also, I called W on some work matters (FR for ward fee and DTF) and she said she will catch up with me on my trip tomorrow hehe (I guess she is not frustrated with me? for my staff's incompetence)


15 July, Friday | Yesterday, W told me to do the loading tomorrow at work, but as the FC team is rushing her, she will load it quickly instead.

W, J and I then had a mini catch-up on jeans, travels to BKK and Malaysia!




DENIM MOOD💋 (because I brought this outfit to bkk but didn't wear it, so here we go)

Been a long time since I wore heels and I'm loving it!!!!!




One of my main assignments today is to update the back of the bill paper artwork. I remember it was such a pain in the ass work leh!!!!

I went to explore converting the finalised pdf version to MS word format and even so, I had to do all the checking of small details DED

I asked XY to check on the contact details while I check if there is anything needed for revisions, W and I have a few changes made and needed my boss's approval for them.




W and I also had on and off discussion of cases and at 11ish am, she suddenly came to me and told me she give me a break from work (by having a small chat). IT WAS ABOUT HER RETIRING THIS YEAR!!!!!!

My boss did reach out to her but she said she wanted to have a discussion with me first as this will definitely impact me (2x workload). She waited for me to return from BKK trip before speaking to me about this. I told her I would be happy if she stays but I also understand how tired she feels etc, and probably wants to spend time with her family.

**inserts me having PANIC ATTACK**




Char doesn't seem to be in a good mood today and they have already settled their lunch plans, so I decided to go to Meme for lunch on my own!

J thought something happened, but nothing la, I also wanted some peace during my lunch break.

On the way to lunch, I saw someone seemingly familiar but with an unfamiliar hairstyle waving to me, only when she called out to me then I realised it's Jes! HER HAIRSTYLE SO COOL LA

Just happens that WQ texted to ask if my boss has an office number then we started catching up for abit, one thing led to another, and we ended up planning to meet for lunch one of these days!!!

I got a new MP appeal letter and other things to respond to, I did a quick email drop to Ju to check if we want an Isomer site, and do we need consent and clearance.

I went over to Finance with J then later go meet OL and AT to chit chat! AT going to the UK for 3 weeks leh, I'm so envious la!!!!


16 July, Saturday | I decided to chop off my long hair because I lost so many hairs in the past few months, every time I combed or showered, my hair falls. But after cutting it short, I tend to regret it because it always curls at the ends.

Also featuring grandma things hehe, loving everything she makes! We got to have McDonald's Breakfast, did our hair, and spent the whole day at Grandma's 💕


18 July, Monday | Over the weekend, I texted W to tell her what I hope for, but I want her to make the decision (to continue employment) based on her health, needs, and wants. I will assume she is not going to extend and just prepare for the worst.




I'm loving my new nails look ❄️

J got me the sweet from Malaysia (it is the one I always go to her table to eat), she probably feels paiseh for the things I got her from BKK.

Today, Faridah took urgent leave! I heard from my colleagues, that it seems like her husband isn't very well, it could be throat/blood cancer...

I finished up on my MP draft, it is quite a straightforward case and I did up the table of outstanding arrears last week already. I also cleared Faridah's draft on the mother's and newborn's deposit (2581 + 244), W suggested mentioning the amounts are just an estimate based on historical data, so we are unable to issue her a breakdown for the amounts.

I spoke to HN last Friday and was shocked to hear that they will be changing IOs in September so they are not too sure if they should be coming on board for this program now, or when September comes. I spoke to Ivy last week and also reached out to Finance today on the IO issue. They were very quick to get back to me on this. Now, I am waiting for Ivy to confirm if her team can do the setup as she suggested, this will allow HN's team to join the program earlier, and also no one has to do the card pairing twice.

(yay I hope everything works out!)




Sleeping P came to me slightly before lunchtime, telling me that she will need me to call some guy (officially named Siao Lang Ng on 19 July) tomorrow to feedback on FSS. He wants to speak to someone that oversees FSS but I don't, and I don't know what he wants from us also. W also confused as to what he wants from us...

We ordered Epik Kebab for lunch today!

W called me over to her desk to talk about MT factors for subsidies and then I told her I didn't know, she said she knows but I didn't ask so she didn't talk about it (probably planning for her retirement hor, DED)

So here's what I gathered:

MTSCF is revised/max
MTFCF is (100-revised) /(100-max).

She also told me Adms is asking her for EBS at maximum subsidy for GYN Calculator! She provided the amounts but I couldn't get it la, omg!!!!

I went to ask her and she said I will get it after seeing the file from Adms. I took some time to process it but I still couldn't get the amounts...

I went to W again and she was occupied by other pieces of work, I did the calculation at her desk with the file from Adms and then I GOT IT!!!!!! Amount for each class to count back to A rates and to maximum subsidy % (i.e. 35% amt payable > 100% > 20% amt payable)!

I was damn blur for so long lehhh STUPZ

I forwarded the HHHB meeting to W and asked her what is this about, she told me this is the one that I am on the committee. Then I got it hahaha but this project is inactive since December 2021?!

To be better prepared, I started updating and working on my FC notes whenever there are new learning points (WAH I LEGIT SCARED!)




We also realised tomorrow there is a department meeting so I contacted N to suggest a meeting tomorrow at 9 am to run through how to do up the statistics for chatbot!

CHANG SISTERS went to catch Minions today 😌😌😌


19 July, Tuesday | My MP letter is approved but first I need to run through Chatbot stats with N. Due to poor connectivity, we waited for the dashboard to load for the most part of our time together. The stats were largely done by me, then I sent her the files, hoping she can do it herself the next time.

I came back to my desk to do some work and it was time for eFC meeting at 10.30 am, this time I paid attention because they were covering all the topics on BT/eFC.

After this, I went to print out the approved letter and waited until 1245 before making the call to SIAO LANG NG! He didn’t answer my first call so I tried again 10 minutes later, and this time he picked up.

I asked if he received our email and he was curt over the phone, giving short and abrupt answers… Then later after getting scolded and I offered to resend it to his email, he found it in his junk mail and insisted that I went through how to fill up the form. It’s a digital form but he wants to print it out and sign…

(yknow you can add e-signature lol, I actually told him that, without the lol, of course)

Once he settled the form part, I thought it was over, he threw in the question: “then, what about my feedback?” so we proceeded to have a very lengthy conversation. I knew he wants to rant, but it is also not within our means to give him the answers of how another organisation will take actions to improve and whatnot. He wants us to fire this “vendor” but they are not hired by us, we don’t oversee them so I can’t do that. He also accused me of lying about their restructuring and tested me if I knew the number to call for the hotline (thank god I was doing some changes to the back of the bill paper so I got the info right next to me)

He asked me to go try out the hotline myself, and let him know after that how long it took. So I tried the line for 5 minutes and called him back! I explained that I don’t want to jam up the lines even more, plus I need to be in a meeting shortly. He was furious and shouted throughout that I don’t value his time, but value only my own time, said I should have gone through what he has gone through to understand his frustrations (I think he is a sadist)

He also accused the staff of that organisation of not working countless times and despite explaining to him multiple times that the line is engaged, they can’t pick up another call, he still remains insistent about his views. So, I challenged him to tell me based on what grounds is he making this claim that the agents are not working, obviously, he has no answers and continued shouting.

He kept saying “do you understand me?”, “I cannot stand talking to you” etc etc and exploded with a lot of rages. He is a damn verbally abusive man and I really want to scold him back but I can’t la. At some points in the conversation, he just couldn’t hear a thing I said and tried to outtalk me by shouting, so I also raised my voice too hahaha

Then after 40 mins on the second call, I couldn’t take his shouting anymore and told him super firmly that I will end the call if he is going to continue shouting. He then demanded for my manager and wanted me to get back to him by 4 pm to update him on when will my boss be able to speak to him.

It was almost 2 pm, I haven’t had lunch and will be having a department meeting at 2.30 pm probably till 4 pm. So, I countered at 6 pm and he agreed. My boss asked the organisation’s boss, L to call SIAO LANG NG instead. My boss also told me he will call L after the meeting to arrange things.

The plan was a Zoom meeting and I was to call SIAO LANG NG to update him on the plans on Thursday at 12 noon. Not sure why I have this feeling he wouldn’t be too happy about a Zoom call and my boss told me to explain it will be via Zoom because we have more than 1 attendee in the call.

I was right, he was very agitated about the Zoom call and demanded phone call only with my boss. He started his 2nd round of shouting at me for not being able to comprehend what he says, it was another 10 minutes of berating me…

(I am really not a good fit for this job – I always want to talk back!)

After I agreed to the phone call, then he accepted and ended the call. I sent the call update via email and asked if a phone conference is possible. My boss (supportive and taking care of his staff??):

People think I am very 可怜 because I ate cup noodles for lunch today (2 cups haha), actually I am quite happy. W also asked me if I am okay, haha I okay leh, I meant I am angry la but okay lo.

Before I left for the day, I was checking a closed MP appeal case’s revised outstanding amount. I will need to work out if we can offset the older and private bills instead of current AR bills.

So gratefully I have yoga class today so that I can get my sanity back!!!! This is me early this morning (looking fresh still) with a new hair look, carrying my yoga mat:


20 July, Wednesday | Today I came to work don in one of my favourite dresses from Uniqlo – long sleeve green dress! These few days I heard a few of my colleagues saying that I lost weight but the truth is, is the 衣服la!

D and I were chatting in the pantry about me looking slimmer and I glanced dao her damn CHIO red flower pastry but didn’t manage to ask her about it. A few moments later, I heard from my desk (happening over the partition) “YOU EAT MY FOOD AH?”

D has been attending dimsum-making class every Tuesday afternoon and always doesn’t have enough food to share after giving her family. This time, she has 2 egg tarts and a few red flowers(?) She toasted it (I met her here) and the food was left in the toaster tray, on the pantry desk. She left to grab a knife and probably talk talk with a few people before returning back to the pantry. When she came back, 1 out of 2 of her egg tarts and the red flowers are gone so she quickly walked around the office to search!

She saw our new intern, Shrish eating the red flower and confronted her. Even though she denied eating the egg tart after getting caught for the red flower, we are quite certain it is her! She is the only new addition in the office and no one has ever taken others’ food before!

My first question is why would anyone toast and leave it in the pantry for colleagues to help themselves to breakfast? The norm would be to heat it up and distribute it immediately.

There is no note saying it’s for sharing, even if it’s for sharing, we will take a bit since the quantity/portion is small. Someone just took the whole ass egg tart and red flower to enjoy…

Papadom also shook dao and came over to gossip with W and I haha. Papadom couldn’t stand Shrish slurping her tea so loudly HAHAHA

One of my colleagues called her the “human rat” which I get it. We think it could be because she is very sheltered and thinks the food in the pantry is meant for everyone…

Today’s key highlights are:

1) Yesterday I was too busy with the SIAO LANG case, I forgot to work on adding the highest consult fee to the DS cases. I finished that today woohoo!

2) I managed to satisfy my McDonald’s cravings with Char (I wanted McSpicy but ended up getting McWings – biggest dilemma).

3) We managed to have the Zoom meeting with Teo, Sleeping P managed to speak and handle her well, with W and I supporting in terms of technology, admin etc. It was quite a good experience, tbh! I am hoping she doesn’t come back querying further, that would be the best!

After the meeting, I am back to work and clearing my emails. It was quite an uneventful day (reference yesterday’s events)

I went for my beauty appointment and then went home.


21 July, Thursday | I didn’t manage to clear one of Sleeping P’s draft and did it this morning plus other emails in my inbox! I saw my boss asking me if I can check with my GovTech contacts on Singpass Client ID! (this came up as JC from EN is asking my boss + Sam if they know as their antenna is longer haha)

There is eFC meeting today and I had to multi-task by going thru chatlogs for our chatlog review this afternoon! I can’t believe after so long, Papadom is still filling in “Ignore’ for those with confidence = 1, those with 1 are training data (mentioning this for the nth time!!!!)

A new MP appeal letter came and I am working with LX! This case seems a little complex and Ministry is giving us incorrect info (2 months old vs 2 years old??)

LX updates:

Her baby is a boy and ah boy’s parents decided to name him Zhi En!

LX is planning to give birth at our hospital so I offered to check her bill

Today’s lunch didn’t feel like a lunch break as I was busy with work, drafting a short email to SIAO LANG NG after my boss spoke to him earlier today, then preparing for chatbot meeting!

(I got lunch updates of my boss’s call with SIAO LANG NG, and I heard my boss challenged him to try other telco lines, I think this is his way of “an eye for an eye” since SIAO LANG NG made me test out FSS line, and was super demanding and abusive!!!!!)

I received replies from GovTech team very soon, and was quite confused on what are the options available!

I asked if I can call JC after chatbot meeting to discuss this and he was explaining some technical aspects of the solutions to me haha. Okay la we quite friend friend, and I think he is someone I can learn things from (although he is trashy and YS said JC like to bring people on merry go round hahahaha)

After the meeting, I am back to clear drafts and also reply HN as Finance and CDG confirmed that IM2 can join the program, backend CDG will adjust the cards end date and retag to new IO when the time comes! YAYYYY LITTLE WINS!

I completely forgot to send the baking vendor the contact numbers of the participants and only did so today! Then they also told me about their corporate mooncake-making event 2022! (I am so excited and in a class of 20, think I can squeeze myself in!)


22 July, Friday |

The first thing J told me this morning when I walked into my office was that our Bonus + Salary Increment letters are here!!!!!!

I went to check the amounts and smile to myself!





Also, today is a good hair day?!


This is one of my biggest mind blocks of all time!!! While I was clearing the drafts, I noticed that NM confirmed the Doctor ordered 5ML but there are 5 quantities of 2MG/ML of the syrup so is it wrong?!?!?!

Then I SOS Fat Fat to check for me, and the conclusion is correct! It means 5ML was given but the drug content is 10MG! Why suddenly the Science me can’t do this anymore…

Char and I had lunch at Wilkie Edge today, and got Starbucks drinks back to the office!




I saw an email from one of our CDG program admin on the team’s feedback on the rides! The alleged experiences were pretty bad, such as the user was charged when the ride was canceled…

Evan also kept pushing and asking if we have other transport vendor options which I explained the contract did not state so, that we can concurrently run direct corporate billing with another entity… Until I explain the contract end date, procurement guidelines etc then Evan stopped…

I was trying to finish up the MP letter to clear with W the soonest as W will be on leave on Monday, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Guess have to wait for her to be back on Tuesday to clear the reply I drafted, then can send it to LX for her comments.

It was pretty random, my two staff started asking about the start time for AM leave LOL so I started distributing the panic to my colleagues haha, then HR confirmed for us (I can’t remember the correct answer)

Also, I overheard my team talking about WFH since they heard others have it too. I thought I should apply for them and spoke to W about it over the phone, got the process of application from other colleagues. I will work on the application next week, I think??


It was not the best because they didn't agree with my split the bill equally proposal! I guess for my closer friends, we normally just split sushi bills equally as it is a hassle to count who ordered what, plus we also like to share our food.

(So going to enjoy Sushiro the right way with Grace next Wednesday!)

Then we went to Matchaya for matcha drinks/ice cream!


25 July, Monday | I asked J last week if she can help me buy OCK’s Chili Crab Mantou when she is going to buy food in the morning and today I am having Chili Crab Mantou on top of RBB!

I also got these pretty clips, OL made the deco using expired masks!

JW called me this morning to ask me (because W is on leave) how much time we will need for TOSP update in eFC! I remembered W telling me she asks us this, depending on our answer - she wants to update her bosses that the effective date for the changes will be later because my office needed more time…

She asked if we need IT to do anything for the changes, I told her no need, we can do it!

(I heard she said “emc” instead of “efc”)

They will be sending over the file tomorrow, so we will have about 3 ish working days to work on it, wef 1 August 2022.

I was clearing drafts and saw Sleeping P sending one on NR charges. The request was to waive the difference for the services rendered in HDU vs Normal Ward, but her draft talked about not having subsidies for NR?!

I am so confused la, and strike away what she wrote and added “there is no difference in price for the services rendered in HDU and Normal Ward”. I decided to send this to W for her to clear instead of just going ahead… (humji me)

After Papadom helped to confirm our Pharmacy is still using “Tax Invoice Number” then I sent the finalised back of bill paper artwork to W for her vetting before I clear with my boss (think W forgot to respond to me haha)


(they are surprised that I am close to YT!)

My boss came to tell me the procurement updates and I drafted the reply according to what he shared with me verbally! Hopefully, Evan will stop here, THIS CONTRACT thing is not within our means to decide or change!

He came over again, this time with Papadom. We talked about the HealthTech Sprint attendees and application submission.

My boss said in Papadom’s face, “P, intern, (another colleague), Rachel”. I could feel Papadom’s heart sink, she later texted me and tried to sound cheerful that “I will be stuck with P and the intern😂”

(Why she salty)

I was filling up the WFH application form and it suddenly dawn on me that I am asking the bosses to sign and agree to let Sleeping P WFH, which essentially means agreeing to let her sleep at home during work!!! I decided to discuss this with W when she is back tomorrow.

I got some time today, so I decided to go check on the MP appeal stats and it was horrendous???! Faridah didn’t even print the summary page for filing, and left some cells blank…

I found out I have been filing by closure dates, whereas the norm for the longest time was to file by the date the appeal was received. Based on my new filing method, I have difficulty tallying the number of appeals received and those not closed!

(I am going to ask W for her suggestion tomorrow, HELPS)


26 July, Tuesday | I came to work and the first thing I did was to update W on the fee revision notice I got yesterday morning. She told me she saw the email from FPA (someone with a similar name as my boss) then we realised I wasn’t in the email loop.

(We are supposed to receive the file by EOD, but the email did not come.)

Tuna sandwich made with love from Fat Fat

There was a challenging case whereby the patient’s daughter, Liang wants an email reply with the tabulation of outstanding charges to compare with the bills she has on hand.

Faridah saw the email and quickly said the reply was signed off by her (on my behalf), she insisted it was an old MP appeal case! I saw the patient’s name but it doesn’t ring a bell so I told her to check again.

Then, she told me it was not but it was a case I handled when PA sent it over. She told me she will send it over to PA since the feedback team wrote in their email that it’s on installment (BUT IT ISN’T???). I told her quite firmly to read properly first, we must reply! I think she just doesn’t want to do the draft and wants to push the case to anyone, as long as it is not her.

(I don’t know if I was in her shoes, would I be thinking about that? As currently I just handle whatever appeal case/related case that comes.)

I noticed in one of the cases, the SMS notification still shows our long URL for forms, with and new FormSG forms created, we have made some revisions but the SMS is not updated.

I highlighted this to my boss as I don’t know who can make the change. After my boss sent it to Char’s boss, she sent it back to me and she asked me to update it.

(HUH, not you meh)

K overheard our convo and came over to share the part on changing HH link, so Char’s boss made it settle all the changes that should be done by her…

Then much later, she didn’t understand when K told her to test out the new link and kept asking who did the testing (which is still herself), so my boss tested it for her and settled! She really can’t do anything hor…

We went to eat Chicken Rice because yesterday I chiong-ed watched Channel 8’s “Your World In Mine” with premium MeWatch subscription (one of the best $9.90 spent!).


I cried so many times watching this drama and I love it 💜

This show makes me think about the kids I taught when I was interning at Pathlight School. I wonder what they are up to, what are the challenges they are facing, and in general how these unique people are treated by society.




A new MP appeal letter is here! PE colleagues have problems with giving us the correct targeted reply date lol…

My boss asked W and I to clear FSS's draft and my boss's revised draft as the initial version sounds insincere and not committed enough for a change!

Despite both our busy schedules/endless tasks, I managed to have a very soft conversation with W on the WFH plans, MP stats, and of course, how to handle the on-hand appeal cases.

W agrees that WFH should be for contingency and not for regular WFH schedule since both our staff cannot carry out their full work function from home (and are problematic)!




I went for my weekly Yoga class today and during the half-hour health talk, I fell asleep hahaha, YS too so we decided to pang the YIN YANG CLASS (plus John is not in, we couldn’t hear this Vietnam lady very well from the back)

Dinner at Lao Pa Sat

Mentaiko Beef with Ramen! The only thing I didn't like was this stall only offers disposable cutlery...

Then YS and I went to Paya Lebar/Geylang Area to satisfy his Durian cravings!!!

XXN, always bringing me on food adventures!!!❤️


27 July, Wednesday | I saw NM Z’s reply, she didn’t really explain why the tests/investigations were ordered but shared that the investigations were ordered by the doctor who saw his wife.

I called W early in the morning to ask if we need to dig out the reason for the tests, she said would be good (plus I already replied hah)

W told me the TOSP changes email is here and I told her I didn’t see it, so W replied to the thread and cc-ed me. Then I rushed off to open safe with J, plus her still new colleague (she really v quiet sia).

I started working on the TOSP updates for T2, and I think got T6 too haha DED

I came back to my office and Sleeping P told me that Papadom is looking for me so we had a quick chat, we realised P and the intern submitted their own form for the Sprint liao!!!!! I thought the email was quite clear to submit as 1 application?

Then I asked her what use cases did she include in her application, she said there is no such field. It was until I showed her on my phone then she kept quiet, but couldn’t tell us what use cases she submitted…

(think the intern helped her submit the form LOL)

I'm so pissed la, it seems like they just want to attend on their own? And then didn’t care about the whole department at all. I thought we agreed to attend together?!

I believe the rationale for sending P is because she is the project executive (does nothing), intern because she may have fresh ideas (and give her something to do), and another colleague who does waivers (but don’t think she got the creative juices, she is good to take instructions and work on it). My boss probably wants me to attend so I can guide the others, but I am still at the phase in my career, where I want to learn from others who are capable and more knowledgeable.

Char and I are having Kebab today! Not sure why today the Epik Kebab staff took very long to prepare our orders, tsk

We picked up our Starbucks order and went back to the office.

At 2 pm, we have our FTF EN meeting and when I went up, my boss was already in, setting up the place with tea break snacks, tarts, puffs, and swiss rolls!

B couldn’t find his way here so I offered to meet him at the lift lobby, and met all the other members making their way in. I think they are quite nice people, and I hope to learn and develop myself during my journey with EN!

We went through the discussion of sports items, night cycling, and baking/culinary interests!

I also took this opportunity to clear the mooncake-making event, hehe.

B suggested support groups for NAI patients and honestly, I am interested in learning how to support them. It will be a very meaningful thing to do.

After we cleared the agendas, my boss, also the chairperson for this committee told us to help ourselves to the food! We all had the tarts, then when B found out its durian puffs, he told me to eat it because earlier I shared, that I cannot go for the workshop tomorrow (since I am considered non-paying attendee sobs)

I brought the puff back to eat later because I am really v full liao!

I am back to doing FR for TOSP codes, it takes quite a lot of time to complete one file. We are lucky the implementation will be on 15th, instead of 1st!

I also have to get my boss’s clearance for the MP appeal draft, and sent it over to Edna for her approval.

Then later, the list of CDG feedback with users and date details is here! My boss went to forward this to procurement, the lady, M wrote to me to highlight she did not mention the information I wrote in my email…

I wanted to just apologise, then later saw my boss explained that he was the one who cleared my reply to the department (initially I thought he will just leave me to handle it).

I sent whatever is urgent to Ivy for her to get people to check!




SUSHIRO (the right way with GRACE!!!!)

We both love the salmon with basil and mozzarella cheese balls and found our new favourite dessert:

We ordered this x2 HAHAHA

(both of us removed the whipped cream)

Our coffee fix at the CoffeeSmith

Iced Dalgona Latte

We are playing the same game – TRAVEL TOWN and today, Rachel learns the value of saving, and not splurging and buying diamonds haha


28 July, Thursday | Thankfully there is no chatbot meeting today, if not I wouldn’t have enough time to finish whatever is urgent! Other than eFC meeting, I have many tasks and each has many parts/follow-ups -.-

Yesterday I stopped at 2C for T2C update, and will have to work through 3A to 7C by today! THIS is extremely time–consuming!!!!! After I clear this, I planned to start on T6C tomorrow (didn’t work out, of course)

I was damn confused by Marya (administrator that shared all the feedback on CDG) as she told me there is payment even though the ride was not actualised, for 2 incidents. Then later said no, I can ignore the feedback as it should be considered double charged. BUT no ride is taken, charged once I already headache, then now charged twice but I can ignore the feedback???? I think this lady just has poor communication skills, she cannot explain well. We were going back and forth (with emails). In conclusion, the feedback is invalid and should be considered in another section – canceled but taxi still arrives. The name and date of the ride were already given, so ya I can ignore it… (WASTE MY TIME)

Then I randomly remembered, that I forgot to update Ivy, HELPS!

I finally stopped procrastinating and went to find out how to submit the claims for the Durian Cake workshop (thanks to my boss for forwarding me the email thread and telling me who to write to)! G was very helpful and prompt, he quickly made the submission for me, I guess the $512 will be back in my pocket soon?

Being a super anxious individual, I was worried that the baking class participants forgot about the class, so I even drafted a reminder and asked that they acknowledge my email to let me know that they noted, and will be going for it. I don’t know why I got trust issues at work, but yes, it is torturous (for me)…

After yesterday’s EN meeting, we have decided to go ahead with the Mooncake Making class. Today, I managed to finalise a workable slot with the vendor, BB, and wanted to clear the payment by today (to get free mooncake mold if we pay before 31 July!). My boss offered to pay (since it is almost 2k) but then there is a processing fee for the card and PayNow payment. Being the head of the Business department (dealing with payments etc), my boss went to educate the BB contact person and suggest that they change their merchant (as these payment methods should be free).

I want to say, my boss is right and he will have his way hahaha (which he did)!

I was planning to roll with the initial draft we sent to Edna yesterday but then I realised we will be wrongly reporting the outstanding amount/reflection of assistance. I asked LX if I can call her as I wanted to discuss the update of the SSO application and changes to the letter, before I sent it over to Edna, again…

When I spoke to W about the appeal letter, I also asked her if Faridah is busy with work, as she did not work on the new appeal letter, automatically… W said she is busy chatting (quietly over the phone). When I finally got the time to deal with this, I sent her an email to tell her to work on the appeal letter.

Sis and I ate 4 Fingers at almost 4 pm haha because we were not feeling hungry, plus too tired at 1 ish, we rather take a quick nap (it was great!!!)

Due to confusion caused by Sleeping P and the intern, I cleared with my boss that I will start an email thread to discuss the use cases for the Sprint, and also to confirm the remaining 2 attendees.

I only had the time to look through the team’s drafts at almost 6 pm. One of the drafts I sent to W for her comments while for Faridah’s, I sent it back for her to redraft… It was clearly a bill adjustment (remove of item) but she wrote it as a waiver, and she doesn’t explain things in detail so it is difficult to follow through with the response. (Or is it she is too lazy to put the information in writing?) She also did not address one of the key concerns the employer raised in her email about the timeline for payment and refunds set by the hospital. SUPER PEK CHEK!!!!!!

As B already created the poster for Tennis and Badminton, he needed the night cycling interest sign-up FormSG so I quickly got this done after 6 pm, sobs.

I briefly duplicated the Durian Cake Baking Class Form and changed the content to prepare ahead for the Mooncake Making Class! I guess I will have to do up the poster over the weekend??


29 July, Friday | W cleared my T2C file and told me to load it before I leave for the day! I can now start working on T6C, but I didn’t have the time to!!!!!!! (ARGHHH)

I kept forgetting to have a look at the posters done by our intern, I squeezed in some time to review them today. The tact for announcing the change in operating hours doesn’t sound very good, sounds like we only work half a day, but in fact, it’s the counters that operate half a day. However, my boss justified what other departments did on social media, so okay lo. I already did my part to share my views, if he doesn’t want then next time, don’t say I never say.

Faridah sent me her redraft and it is still not it!!!!! She did not answer the question on the refund turnaround time, and was sloppy in her draft explaining the bill amendment… It’s already her redraft leh, cannot tell her to redraft again ma…

I was on the way for lunch, and J (on leave) texted me: "Show me your new shoes" after hearing from K about my new shoes worn to work.


($145 New Balance Shoes)

Char and I decided to have MOS burger today but then it was too crowded so we settled for KFC (I am really having fried chicken a lot lately). Then we picked up our Flash order and went back to the office.

Char and I applied for OGP’s Sprint! We took some time to put together the ideas/use cases that we would want to explore transforming. I am feeling so excited about going for this!!!!!

It will be a really good opportunity to learn things, get creative and network with others!

Char came over later to discuss her promotion content, like doing up the achievement and competencies.

Following B’s suggestion to add another question about the distance that participants are comfortable with, I edited and added the question to the form! (Wondering why B ask me if the form link will change)

Today, my boss kept coming to ask me about the Mooncake Making class. I haven’t comms the event out, so no way it was an enquiry from others! Then I asked him about it, then he revealed that he wants to go, and is looking for someone to look after his kids.

I have to load T2C file to SAP today before leaving, but then the file took so long to upload! Plus, I have to do these 4 times, twice in UAT and twice in Production with and without test mode. I could only leave work at almost 6 pm???! (Fridays: end work at 530 pm

Later in the night I thought of an idea for the Mooncake Making poster so here it is:


30 July, Saturday | Thankfully I don’t have to travel to Sembawang for the Durian cake baking event! But my boss texted me on the follow-ups for Monday, and Jo sent me quite a number of pictures hehe (thank you ni)

The event seems pretty successful!!!! YASSSSSS


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