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July 2023 - Adulting

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

3 July, Monday | Today is the real 8 am meeting day 😂

I was listening to the Zoom meeting while commuting to work, I think this works if you are just required to sit in. We were earlier than the others, so Sam, the pledge card colleague, and I were having small talk, I can’t speak so typed out my responses in the chat!

There were times I lost connection in the train and lifts, I wondered if anyone realised hahaha (but they don’t need me for this call, so it is okay heh)

The call went on when I reached the office, so I continued the call with my phone while I clear my emails and had breakfast! Sleeping P didn’t know I was in a Zoom meeting, and came to talk to me, then belatedly apologise when she saw my phone screen haha

Last Friday, there was some problem with our ISS laptop, OL contacted me to help her troubleshoot. I cannot resolve the "Your connection isn't private" error and needed an engineer to come check it out. However, as OL and another colleague are chasing to get this laptop back, I went to try today and click click click


At 11 am, we have to attend the M365 onboarding briefing, there are a few steps and instructions to follow. I don't know if I will blur on 17 July la hahaha

I have a few letters, all stuck at the drafting reply letter stage, so I have to write a few letters today!!!!

I got an email from a CIO Office colleague, informing us that there will be a renewal fee for each SenderID wef September 2023 of $200. We didn’t even use it, it is a waste of money if we continue to reserve it. This started my second course of solutioning for SMS sending platforms!

K will help to find out how to get a corporate card, and I will find out the other information needed. Combined efforts, we should be able to find the answers we need~

We also need a discussion with stakeholders involved in this, to find out the workload and work out the flow.

Before W left for the day, she asked me to help pull some data for Respi case that PLS sent to her for EEG Monitoring for 2 days stay. I quickly did this and sent it to her, then continue with my work.

I was still writing the letters at this point and left work at 6.25 pm!


4 July, Tuesday | I’m trying to sort out the issues/obstacles we have before we can use Postman, I emailed Postman team Kend as well as a colleague from another hospital to find out how they do it

Sometimes I don’t know why I’m always the one problem-solving, looking for answers when it is not really my job or the transformation does not affect my work duties leh

But it is for the greater good, right?




Today is my only assigned open safe duty for the month! I went with J and during duty time, I saw Sister YY texted to ask about receipts. If we issue receipts for bento orders, and I was bamboozled, I don’t know leh…

After some digging and asking J and K about this, we think maybe can use memo to support the purchase for claims. But also we need to confirm Finance will allow the use of memo for use of staff engagement fund.

So now I have the question: want to check if a memo suffices for claims from staff engagement funding!

Thanks to Mr.Oh for saving my ass! He told me who I can check this with hehe YAYYYYYYY

Then back to my appeal letters, I’m trying to push them out if possible and before I ended work today, I saw TOSP Fee Revision File is here


Of course, I went to Yoga class and try to relax my mind and body!


5 July, Wednesday | I got one of my letters approved among the two that I sent to Edna for approval, while the other, she mentioned to appeal to use MSV, “no harm right?”. I also can say no lor

In the afternoon, I appealed to Ministry and they asked us to obtain FFI so I called the grandfather to gather information. He was upset about this call and why we are asking for so much P&C information, the government should have it…

Haishhhh, I also just 打工 only. Rigid operational work and policies not written by me leh

I couldn’t maintain my 100% focus to complete TOSP FR today because of all these, quite frustrating…

I saw Kend’s and also Twilio rep’s, but no time and capacity to process the information, tomorrow then I see ba


6 July, Thursday | I started with finishing FR changes, W helped with T6C, while I focused on T2 changes, yesterday I stopped at 5C, so left just a few more TOSPs to update. W cleared the changes and I loaded it at EOD.

The rest of my work time today was spent trying to clear the 4 MP Appeals

(wah pass away)

Normally I am quite flexible about things, but today I just cannot go with it and agree with offering a discount upfront, to get the balance payment for appeal cases. As most of them genuinely have financial problems, do not think a discount/waiver is going to miraculously have $500 to pay up????




I met Bili at Grandma’s house for dinner, and Grandma cooked quite a lot so I have leftovers to eat for lunch tomorrow!


7 July, Friday | After not seeing W for two days, we were catching up about work stuff once I got to my desk! But this was cut short as I have a meeting at 9 am to run for.

This meeting was to gather information on workload, SMS character counts, and overall if the renewed workflow works for our two use cases! I think we will still need a corporate card for payment, which means we need more information for Edna to compare practices across hospitals. It was a 40 minutes meeting, with a lot of follow-up work for me later…

Kend and the other K replied to me very soon, but I haven’t got time to catch up on that information.

Back to appeal letters work!!!!




Grandma’s LA CHANG FAN

Felt a bit bad because there was pork in the rice, and I kept that in the office’s fridge, but used a non-halal microwave to heat up the food. Feel like the smell will be everywhere???

Later, I went to give out the snacks I got on Wednesday!

(Favourite place to shop: DDDK)

Talking about snacks, late feature also must feature - snacks from Mr. Oh

He packed them in a zip lock, so thoughtful! I also very belatedly realise he wrote the expiry dates on all the packets of snacks (GDLL 😭)




I have no idea how Ange is still not done with the forms after 2 weeks of back and forth, I kept offering my help because there was no progress so far, but she kept declining and said she will try. But try lai try qu, still liddis leh

(Am I only the one who feels anxious by the deadlines?? Later we end up not raising much money, how ah??)

I don’t know how to continue with working, feeling super sian today. I just want to finish whatever and leave work on time today

At the end of the day, Edna did not clear my revised draft after I explained why I didn’t want to include the payment deal terms in the reply letter, it doesn’t look nice for her la. It was 5.30 pm already, she did not get back to me, I was hoping she will, eventually (update: she did not)


8 July, Saturday | I went for my second hair treatment session today at Yun Nam! I’m using this also as a nice hair styling session for the perfect saloon look~

(maybe next time plan something vvv important after)




At Martin Road at 1ish pm:


I was sitting at the bar seats, waiting for Apple to arrive:

Everything is wonderful except that this area is super warm…


Hummus with Pita Bread, and Chicken Skewers


(but really caffeine content cannot make it, I cannot vibe with Greek Coffee. We went to Starbucks after this heh)

We missed George (Alexis’s brother), also the restaurant owner so we told a waitress/bartender about this when making payment. I asked if she can take a photo of us (with Alexis on my phone) on her phone to show George. So that George can tell Alexis (in Greece) that we really came to visit ❤️

We got a dessert as a gift on our way out, it was not bad:

(We ate it at Starbucks hahaha)

Then I bought Krispy Kreme donuts at Great World City and traveled to Punggol!




Gathering at K’s place~

It was one of the best times I had this year, just enjoying time together, mingling with one another hehe


10 July, Monday | This morning, I bought milk from the vending machine downstairs at my house, and couldn’t see + did not notice the expiry date (13 July). Now I have to faster finish drinking the milk, so here’s a picture of my lunch:

After saying my piece last week, I was hoping Edna will just say okay proceed but nope, she didn’t even reply to my email…

(W said to give her some time, but I waited until the next day, she also did not clear it…)

Then the other two letters that are ready, I sent them to Edna’s cover, S! She is always very slow in responding, so I was feeling anxious the entire time… She also needs ET to insert her signature, so that is another variable to when I will hear from her….

One of these letters is the W24 case that Edna wants us to put out the payment deal, hope can clear 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

While the other case, the social worker is okay with the draft I wrote hehe

Then one of the letters I completed, my boss was very insistent on getting the patient’s Marriage Certificate, saying he is inclined to accord SC subsidies. But I felt like people already going to divorce, then it doesn’t seem very appropriate to reach out to ask for the document. BUT HE INSISTED

The social worker in charge of this case is very nice, and offered to get it for us, so yassss and she really gave it to us!


11 July, Tuesday | Today I came to work, and have been running around trying to sort out things for others, such as helping Sleeping P get answers for her case, and until 10+ am, I haven’t had my breakfast!

Then while I was wrapping up whatever I was discussing with W, Sleeping P came over to me again and asked about another case. I exploded (even tho it sounded like I was joking), “oi 10 am already, I haven’t even done any of my own work”. Then she kept quiet…

I felt bad then added shortly after: give me some time, later I come back to you.

Sometimes it is really challenging to get answers or get a clear picture of processes. But this is part of the job lo, and then there will always be people looking for me to help them out… This is their easier way out…

Last evening, we got the Marriage Certificate and bill adjusted YASSSSS!!!! I just need the social worker to confirm the HF approval amount, and the letter should be ready to roll out (of course, after I updated the table, values, and all la)

(missing content bc I was too tired and annoyed to blog anything)




Yoga is the only peace I get today, and also talking to Mr. Oh about exciting things heh, then halfway through, he went to make payment for insurance premium HAHAHA

(oi we talking half way leh)




Hopefully, my period comes soon, so I can end all these “I cannot do this anymore” thoughts


12 July, Wednesday | I was planning on sending a mass (okay la, 3 only) gentle reminder to S to get her to clear my appeal letters.

Then at early 8 ish am, I saw ET already sent all three letters with S’s signature on them, there is some weird box around her signature. I panicked for a bit and asked K about it too hah. Thankfully when it is printed, the box cannot be seen so phew.

The printing and mailing work for three letters took me some time to complete but the fulfillment level is 200%

One of the days, I helped P get KC’s attention, as she needed the team’s urgent help to sort out some errors on one of the products urgently. She said KC did not respond to her, and seemed to have rejected her call. KC called me almost immediately, then I cannot find P in the office so we had a catch-up sesh - he got dengue (poor thing)!

As I helped P to sort things out, she wanted to thank me for the effort (plus searching around for her for the past 15 minutes), and got me Coffee Bean Iced Latte!

At 3 pm, it was our department meeting! This meeting lasted for 2 hours and ended close to 5 pm (shag dao). One of the heavy topics that I was involved in was the SMS sending platform, we needed it to be something that allows customization of the message to each recipient, and we (K and I) also did our HW to gather other hospitals’ practices. We will still need some follow-up before we can decide on which platform to use.

At one point, P suddenly owned up to our boss to say she hasn’t done much for waiver form building on NIN because she is busy with other matters (focus on other transformation products) and also it is not easy doing it on NIN.

She also mentioned that we wanted to try building our leave request change/manual leave form on NIN to test out, but as Rachel is busy (with PC things) so we didn’t do it (this was early June right after I returned from Greece).

I clarified I wanted to do it, and should be can complete the task, plus this experience will give me a sense of how to do the building. But then it is a HR form, if it is good then they will say thank you and take the form.

“I do other people’s work, then who do mine?”

Everyone started laughing due to my honesty.

My boss said during the meeting, “to get an intern to help P out with the form building”. This just strengthens my point about how those who can, just end up doing more, while the people who cannot do, just continue to at their current work capacity – all because of my boss’s way of managing people…

I felt like he should try to upskill and guide them if they are not pulling their weight, instead of finding someone else to fill those shoes of transformation/technology.

Papadom made fun of P/my boss, by suggesting to me, “Rachel, get an intern to help with your PC work la” 😂😂😂😂

I think most of P’s reasons just sounded like excuses?? There were a few times I finally got some time and asked her if she want to run through it, her response was she wanted to finish covid bill submissions first.

After the session we had with the NIN vendor, she didn’t quickly put her learning to use, and ended up unable to recall anything…

If she is committed enough and serious about completing this task, she would have and at least we have some work to review. We have nothing at this point, after months…

After we finished the discussions, and they have moved on to a topic not related to me, I was clearing my emails and saw an email from one social worker, asking for a private room and charged at C rates for one of the problematic patients I handled for appeals. CANNOT LA

(Later on, the social worker clarified that she wanted to use the isolation room in the ward, if available then)

We have some issues with the payment to the Catering vendor, as past years were not liddis and I have no clue how to proceed. Mr. Oh helped me lots, like who to ask, what questions to ask, and even if the invoice will be combined or on its own!!!! (xxn 😘)

While I was staying back to finish up some things, Sis YY called me but then I didn’t see it in time, she wanted to confirm the payment. Then later saw my email on billing to IO and since we are on the same page, then no need to call le.

Sis YY is v nice la, kept telling me to go home and don’t OT (over text)! Wishing her all the best as Chairperson for next year PC hahaha

Today okay la, I ended work at 6.39 pm!

(Where is J? She took urgent leave yesterday and not in today too, as ah pui is not well and hospitalised)




When you got this feeling of peace and random calmness during a window of stress and rage storm, yesssss that feeling, and I was certain. SHE’S HERE!!!!

I’m feeling better today already, and even better after my period came heh


13 July, Thursday | (missing content bc I wasn’t really in the mood to blog/ take notes)

Lunch: Collins Fish and Chips!

After poking Sam to push Ange to do something about the cycling event we are planning, we are having a meeting today at 4.30 pm. I mean she tries, but then sometimes we need to move a bit quicker to meet deadlines. I don’t know if is it because I’m the anxious type and feels the pressure of meeting deadlines more, I always end up taking on more stuff than I should…

I was doing up the form while they were having a discussion, it was difficult to focus la but let’s not waste time. The meeting ended at 6 pm, then I went on to do poster editing, clearing my own work and stuff. I pang gang at 8+ pm today, and also did my nails heh:


14 July, Friday | Last night I packed my work laptop into my laptop sleeve and was still thinking if there is a need for me to bring Alan to work since it is not our turn to lead the chatlog discussion this time.

Then this morning, I decided that I will not be bringing Alan and left house for work. When I got to Aljunied MRT station (about to board the train), texting Papadom about not bringing Alan, then I realised my bag is much lighter…

OH MY TIAN!!!! I didn’t even bring my work laptop to work?????!!!!! Lucky Fatfat was on the way to work (and closer to home), she went to grab it for me instead 💕




(I was 20 minutes late for work)

After clearing some stuff, it was time for chatlog review session with the cluster team! The meeting started at 10.30 am and ended slightly before 12.30 pm.

Sometimes I have no idea why L is the project manager (vendor) when she doesn’t know most things??? All the errors and troubleshooting were done by M, I really appreciate this guy, he is the one who figured out things, and helped me out with chatbot setup when I’m lost/stuck. It has been a long time since I have someone who is a real brainy ally for this piece of work!

(xiao xiao miss the original chatbot teammates!)

It was raining really heavily today so our lunch was pushed back from 12 to 12.15 pm, and they went ahead without me T.T

(my boss texted me to ask what I want to order hehe)

I went to the washroom really quickly, took an umbrella, and made my way down to the Thai restaurant to meet Team EN for our lunch meeting!

(Our boss paid YAY)

They all agreed to offer their help on 12 August for our PC X EN cycling event!!!!!!!!

After the lunch meeting, we made our way back to our office, saying goodbyes at the lift as Brandon needs to go back to the hospital and the rest are from different floors in BS!

Shortly after, I will be seeing Sam again hah! We have a PC meeting at 3 pm today, it ended at 4 ish pm.

(So glad I don’t have to talk heh)

I didn’t get to do much of my core work because very soon it was 5.30 pm, I stayed slightly later and then rushed off to meet YT at Suntec!

Happy advanced 33rd, Yi Tong ((:

Don't know how we have endless things to talk about, and time always passes so quickly when we're together heh, miss this girl so much!!!!




Speaking about special feelings, and knowing that (maybe) I'm a special someone to him, this conversation made me feel like my heart was going to explode ❤️


17 July, Monday | Today, we have to set up our Outlook right before we can see our emails! I hope no issues, please

I have always liked MS Teams – useful for collaborative work and also chit chat heh 😌

(I have got people to TEAMS hehehe)

It was quite a chaotic morning but, in the end, everything turned out okay (phew)

From lunchtime, I was editing the Form I created for Bento Sales in preparation for the meeting I have at 2.30 pm with C. I feel like she is quite blur, and always rushing for deadlines, without much consideration of the impact and stuff

The bosses also don’t have the time to bother much with this, end up all these become my responsibility…

The claims for one of our long-standing complaint cases were messed up last week (this was only found bc I went to check) and I probed more on the error, Charissa responded that it was because the submission was done wrongly, and also there was no request to block the bill, the bill was sent to parents.

I think she just didn’t want to admit she made a mistake and implied that bc we didn’t request for the final bill, the incorrectly claimed bill was sent to parents. We had to clarify, have it been correctly submitted, this would not have been an issue, and we wanted to confirm the wrong submission was a staff error.

(She responded “yes” later)


18 July, Tuesday | We had our meeting with Bizlive team to understand their product better, now they have version 2.0. If their product allows customization of each SMS to each recipient, I think we can just settle for this!

(Postman 那条路很难…)

It is workable YASSSSSS

I found out that my Teams is not working well, I have issues with my Mic and it seems like I have to adjust the setting each time I’m in a meeting… I contacted Helpdesk to SOS me, after confirming my asset ID, they informed me that no engineer will be coming to resolve my issue as my device is marked as for ‘disposal’.

(I am speechless)




I got a missed call at 5-ish pm, and only realised it much later, I also checked e-directory and not a known number so I didn’t bother. I continued working on the revised posters for ISO, then when I got back to my emails, I gathered the call was regarding SEF, DED. I will call her tomorrow ba




Today’s Yoga and Weight Loss class was super intense, my arms and legs hurt for the next few days 😂


19 July, Wednesday | After I cleared a few things, I called C from Finance to discuss SEF things at 9-ish am. Hmm, initially she said not right, then now suddenly can liao ah

She later added that a memo would suffice but I need the charity registration number in the memo, pre-approval from the division head, etc. I have no idea where to find the charity registration number )):

As SEF and SG are conflicting in nature, it will be challenging to manage both in one order form. It is also not my call to decide if we can proceed with the use of SEF… I left the decision-making to the lao bans to discuss and conclude, I will do what they say lo

I sent out appeal cases follow-up emails, and I managed to complete another poster YASSSSS (2/3 done!)

After I got the social worker to confirm the draft content, made some changes, and got it cleared by W and my boss. The letter was sent to Edna for approval before lunchtime.

J and I took v long to decide what to eat, after going through the choices, we ended up eating oats/ granola + chicken breast hah


In the middle of nothing, I started packing my desk and threw out things I have on my desk for a long time (probably expired or no longer in use) as an attempt to de-clutter my mind too.

I did this and that, cleared emails and appeal letters, etc, overall it was quite an okay day heh

A few moments before I left the office, I saw a social worker send me a case to review if we can adjust the changes, so I gave more information on the charging policy, as well as the current status of outstanding at this point.


20 July, Thursday | I did the editing work for two posters, feeling accomplished!

Ministry got back to us on the appeal outcome for use of MSV, so I updated the reply letter and sent for clearance, Edna did not approve it even at the end of the day. Guess I will have to send a reminder tomorrow

Bili happened to be WFH today, so we ordered 4 Fingers for lunch. It was so salty and we drank so much water after that, don’t think we will be ordering it ever again…

I was busy dealing with things here and there, catching up on the appeal cases too. K gave me her schedule, so we put together the timings we can do interviews, and I also booked the rooms ahead!




I was watching FROM (ep 6?) – exciting max, and then heard that Dad was feeling unbalanced, couldn’t get up from bed, etc. He refused to let us call an ambulance despite slight numbness and body stiffness…

When we were on the call with 1777 for non-emergency services, Dad started vomiting and it wouldn’t stop. We made the 995 call, and in 10 minutes, the ambulance team is here to stabilize his condition and made their way to TTSH

After a night in the observation ward, he is cleared for home and the diagnosis is ear imbalance and low potassium

(think should do a brain scan too??)


21 July, Friday | Early in the morning, found out that the QR we have in the Cash Flow Statement is incorrect???!?!? Huh we already sent out the form with the wrong QR -.-

I was so angry la, I don’t know how all these could have been prevented, just feels like I’m left to be waiting around for problems to hit me…

Then I wanted to throw this GST confirmation problem back, since we can’t confirm on our end. Shortly after, I got their confirmation YASSSSS

(when I thought my problem is over lol)

I sent a reminder for my reply letter and Edna approved it YAYYYYYYY

(followed by closing some loops here and there)

We ordered Mentai-ya for lunch today!

W, I and my boss have to attend the Kymriah meeting, explaining academic and commercial CAR-T treatment.

At 3.30 pm, the alarm rang loudly! It was time for the fire drill, but I was on a Zoom call so I walked down the stairs with J, and with an earpiece plugged in…

If I was not in a call, would have been a more enjoyable fire drill session – get to catch up with others.

I didn’t have a lot of time to complete my work, and soon I have to rush off for my facial appointment!


22 July, Saturday | Honey Jim Beam with Pomegranate syrup

Whiskey drink!!!


24 July, Monday | I took leave today to sing K with Bili!!!!!! We went to Pasir Ris for McDonald’s breakfast followed by 6 hour K session, and then Yakiniku Ok!

吃烤肉的快乐 😋

J also texted me to tell me Bonus is in hehhhhh

(really a good day YASSSSSS)


25 July, Tuesday | I came back to work, and W updated me that she has spoken to Sleeping P about the problem from last Friday. She didn’t understand what question the writer was asking and felt that her earlier draft is correct, even though I told her what was not addressed.

Thank you W for sorting this out!

I always thought interviewers don't need to prepare much for an interview, but actually, we have quite a few things that we need to read/run through, before an interview.

I’m not the one getting interviewed but I am very nervous and anxious (AHHHHHHH)

A call came at 11.30 am, and the candidate arrived but the session is at 12 noon, so abit errrr okay can we see you in awhile

Candidate #1 seems interested in getting an Executive position, and not really this particular role or organisation. But we think not possible to up his rank if it is a move across hospitals leh

We received FR files, and there are some changes for EDTU DTF, but I don’t get it leh when there are only 2 classes for this??? (no update for T1 needed)

There is also a shift for Facility Fee for MSP, with effect from 1 August 2023. Changes required only for T2 and also another file, updates are required for package 1PTS (T5), with effect from 5 August.

We were last minute roped in for a BT meeting from 2- 5 pm! The host (vendor) took 40 minutes to sort out the technical issues, so we wasted time and the meeting ended at 5ish pm. The most annoying thing was they didn’t have the requirements ready and didn’t know anything about our data files. It will be painful, to move on from here…

(especially for me, without W 😭)




I think it is very unclear, or at least the question this colleague asked is contradicting! So, I have to send another email to clarify that Net amount means it is inclusive of GST.

She asked in her email, $3.20 is net without GST

(HUHHHHH means semo??)




Today’s Yoga classes felt longer than normal, and I was very done close to the end. I can’t wait to grab 7-Eleven’s chicken breast + eat dinner, and call it a day…


26 July, Wednesday | I spent a lot of my time today sorting out PC things, and also calling Sam to update him on a few matters. This role really 不好做 (but I cannot quit), I guess just try to survive?

Although we comms out the new cashflow statement, it seems like some people still didn’t get the memo, one of the more problematic staff told me she doesn’t know anything and referred me to Sam (????)

While the other, she already did the right thing, really xxn 🙏🏻

We met Candidate #2 slightly before 12 noon, he is good! He also has the tech skills (computer engineering knowledge) and passion for healthcare, our only concern is whether will he be taking quite a lot of leave for his children (seems like they are sick? And he almost cried at the interview)

Lunch: Mom’s fragrant Chicken Rice (no chicken meat) and 7-Eleven’s Hot and Spicy Chicken Breast

I got a bit of time today and decided to put together information about what I know about MT Factors, it is an eventual problem for me so might as well sort it out now

Will need to have a talk with W on this tomorrow!!!!

Before I left for the day, we are back to part 2 of GST problem. Wah, I really don’t know la…

I don’t understand ): 这么办?

(Of course, I got ask Mr. Oh for help heh. I feel bad for bothering him with all my questions and confusion)


27 July, Thursday | I didn’t WFH today (as planned) as we have two interviews today! I’m quite okay with it, W kept insisting that I WFH tomorrow, but I still got interviews leh

After a night of confusion and frustration, and K’s persuasion, I finally made the call to clarify GST matters. It was so straightforward and clear over the phone, but why is the email so difficult to grasp…


(I forgot to reply to confirm PC’s choice, until next Wed LOL)

Today was a very busy day, I don’t even have the time to do my core duties, there are also two new letters but I haven’t got the time to look into them.




Candidate #3 gives off the anxious vibes and I don’t think he can take the work stress for this role… OUT!

Candidate #4 is very bright and sunshine, but I think she could be liddis due to nervousness (bc I’m liddis too). I like how she can speak basic Chinese heh, definitely on our shortlisted list (:

I finally have some quiet time to work on chatlog HW (I normally do this on Thursday morning), I was done very close to 6 pm…





Fav photo of us ✌🏻

Eating sng bao/pao (according to the two most supportive aunties at my workplace)


28 July, Friday | I need to plan out my time wisely today as I have a few things to complete/achieve today!

The first window of time is used to work on the two appeals we received yesterday, we got the cases yesterday but didn’t really have the time to get started…

For one of the cases, I’m writing to the Ministry to appeal further, and hopefully fight for the young middle-class couple for their baby’s medical bills. Allowing greater use of MSV, doesn’t solve their problem of debt, and MSV limits also take into consideration future medical needs.

From 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, it is our biweekly cluster meeting, we plan to do chatlog, cover some content changes and my boss has a few things to ask during this call. We didn’t have much time to cover them, so spilled over to the next meeting.

(no time for deconflicting sesh)

I received a call shortly after 1.50 pm, Candidate #5 is here and for a moment, I thought I remembered wrongly, the interview was scheduled to start at 2.30 pm, she is more than half an hour early?

Anyway, I told her we are engaged in other matters, and would be able to see her at 2.15 pm, after some time then she accepted it.

I like her mask detection system work in school, and she also reminded me a lot of myself when I just graduated from NUS (those clueless, innocent days in the corporate world)

We can give her a chance and see how things go?

Candidate #6 is more presentable in terms of her appearance, but I didn’t like that she put out all the tech skills/knowledge such as SQL, Python, but actually only did it in school. She only clarified when I asked her a further question about the skills she used.

Yep, don’t think we are seeing her again…

Also, she wrote “waved” instead of “waived”, so yeah as we 👋🏻 goodbye to her

Interview matters settled at around 4 pm, so XY and I are on our way to Adms to get things laminated~


On our way there, I saw SCM hahaha

(still say v long never see dao wo, there you go)

XY and I had a great time chatting with ES who was helping us out with the lamination!!!!!

After we got back to the office, do a few things then also about time to pang gang liao. Our boss was talking quite loudly with K about her promotion (??), I even went over to tell them to shhhhhhh, people can hear la

Then he said, “is for y’all to hear! Need to present, showcase what you have so the leaders will know you”


I wanted to do the editing that C asked for the payment form, but then I realised while I was chatting with J and K (+ my boss), it was 5.40 pm already. I will be late, so left the form edits to next week heh

(I quickly left if not I will be late for my appointment)

They kept selling me the wishpro thingy, so I got the 10 capsules DED




I met Chiam for dinner today at Centrepoint’s DTF!!!!!!! Wah I love heh

As I couldn’t drink alcohol within the next 24 hours, we went to FYP for coffee and a mini dessert instead~

(Iced Strawberry Latte, Coffee White)

I guess this place’s concept is an “outdoor” concept, I like the huge bright moon design, sorry didn’t take pictures of it haha


29 July, Saturday | I’m very lucky to be one who got 6 tickets to NDP Preview 2!

We didn’t arrive very early, like about 5.30 pm and there are still many people streaming in. The Padang is so huge, it looked like there were no seats left for us in the green sector, but still got seats

Love the parade~

All is good until the giant ball came from behind (but we didn’t know) and my head/neck took most of the impact…

I thought a structure fell and hit me, and I died okay

Trying to catch fighter jets on camera is a silly idea, here is my miserable attempt hahaha

Making mom do this with me~

This year’s performances did not disappoint!!!!!!!!!

My favourite item from the bag is this stick that lights up upon contact with a harder surface (meant to hit the drum, but I hit it with my palm)




Took us forever to get out of Padang/NDP territory, and I saw my boss at NDP Preview 2 😂 (not at work, still see dao lao ban…)

Then we went to MBS for dinner at Yardbird!!!!


31 July, Monday | I wasn’t well for the most part of yesterday, and today we have got an interview to run at 11 am. After discussing it with K in the morning, she suggested that we re-schedule it as I’m unwell. I felt bad of course, the candidate probably took leave for this already…

2 days MC and on antibiotics until Friday ):

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