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June 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1 June, Wednesday | As I was still tested positive on Day 7, it is better that I stayed home but after being treated like a criminal at home by my older sister, I decided to go back to the office to work today!

(I also don't want to be in the way of cleaning or doing all the cleaning by myself)

The night before, Papadom offered to upload the chatlog review file and told me she will be on MC today. My covid brain got me thinking she hasn't uploaded the file LOL

Sleeping P texted in the group chat today to update she will be taking urgent AM leave today because her leg is swollen and she didn't sleep last night! Wah, I forgot about all this nonsense that always happens at work... Her leg is always swollen, must be feeling tired and then want to come to work later...

Unlike my MC for dental surgery, this time I didn't work while being on medical leave so here's the horror waiting for me:

My emails are stuck in my outbox...

The processing problem I have now just got real serious, I found it difficult to process information and I take much longer to form complex sentences...

W texted me to tell me to get Faridah to adjust the MP appeal draft, as it seems like she is expecting me to follow up on it since I'm back! I looked through the draft and pointed out the many areas to work on since the letter is still early from its due date. It will be faster if I do it, but I wouldn't be here forever also, so...




OL came to see the new staff who joined us, Ali, and then I also introduced myself as a new staff (since I just returned from HL) HAHAHAHA. OL still entertained me by saying hello, telling me her name and it's nice to meet me (I love all these nonsense moments😂 )

My colleagues also took turns to check how am I doing, after catching the virus!




Char and I ordered MOS for lunch today because the delivery fee is 99 cents, woohoo!!!!! But of course, I ate in solitude since I am still C+! (Char just recovered and does not care, but always better to be safe than sorry)

We also ordered Starbucks Coffee YASSSSS, I missed my iced coffee life!!!! (Char helping me with coffee delivery to K and my boss)

I spent my afternoon clearing cases, those that diao zhu because I was away for a week such as FDW follow-up and closures. I asked Faridah how did the IVF case go, and she said it's done even tho they sent out the letter with a broken link??? I am so confused, not sure if this is part of my processing disorder...

I saw the email from MDT LX on the IO billings for CDG program and I am not too sure who in Finance can I check with on this. K suggested that I check with Ann and then if she cannot address it, she will send it to her colleague for confirmation. I quickly send out the email to get this checked and also another email to A from my office on the recovery payment process (I feel like I should ask Finance?)

My colleagues and I tried to maintain a safe distance but at times, we talked until too 激动 then forgot about the social distancing HAHA, especially J and I!

We haven't talked to each other in a week and she was updating me that T jumped the gun, and took leave for the 3rd week of June without deconflicting it with J! T initially indicated in her email that she is planning to take those dates and wanted to check with J if she's okay. When J told her that she will need to take one of the days off, T quickly emailed her bosses (+ J) to share that she already booked the tickets for the trip (implying that she must go).


Isn't it more embarrassing to be caught in a lie? Either go full-on shameless and share that she booked without deconflicting leaves or do it the right way - deconflict already then book the tickets!

I left work with J today (what C+ restriction at this point hor?) and at Bugis MRT, I bumped into SCM hahaha that funny guy!!!!! He was totally unconcerned that I am still positive and told me his entire family got it already (SHOOK DAO)




I thought my older sis will be full-on crazy and paranoid about getting the virus from me, but things were better than I imagined.


2 June, Thursday | This morning I spend more than 1 hour trying to connect to VPN. I only texted W to update her after 1 hour of trying, I think it could be because I haven't returned to work for more than a week and there was some update??

I called IT Helpdesk when I have explored all means, and it wasn't an issue that could be resolved remotely so I was told to return to the office on my WFH day! SOBS but no choice ma.

As I was struggling to get ready, Papadom suggested that I try out Citrix Receiver Reset which worked for her previously, omg it worked!!!!!!

(I CAN WORK FROM HOME YASSSS, I informed Helpdesk to inform I wouldn't need the engineer already hehe)

So I was late to the game since I couldn't log in at 8.30 am and ended up rushing to clear emails. I saw an email on Mo's case, and there may be a legal issue in which she could demand up to 20k compensation OMG! I forwarded the email to my team just for information (at this point, at least?)

I emailed my team to update them on this new implementation that allows users to submit their documents. In case Sleeping P or Faridah receives an enquiry on it and has no idea what form are they referring to but then Sleeping P got confused so now I have more to explain LOL

During today's eFC meeting, I was multi-tasking to work on the chatlog review! W and I couldn't go for HF sharing as we are in another meeting (but I never really listened)...

As I was preparing to send my drafted appeal letter to K to vet (as my boss is on leave, but checks his emails tho), I noticed that S is on leave and will return next week? She is covering Edna this week, but it seems like she too is away so I am conflicted as to who and when should I send it.

I quickly text chat with ET, and I found out that S got covid leh. I hope I wasn't the one who passed on to her because I was in her office last Monday with my boss for my appraisal!

After much consideration, I decided to hold the letter and follow up with Edna on Monday when she returns to work, probably send it to her at 11 am so she doesn't think I have been holding and waiting for her to return to clear it.

I took my lunch break at 1 ish pm today as the meeting earlier overran, I had tuna bread and headed to the room for my real break! I didn't manage to catch a wink as I was dying to find out more information on the JD AH Defamation Trial verdict!

I believe in Justice! #justiceforjohnnydepp




Feels weird to be back for chatbot meeting la! Papadom joined slightly late and WL was asking me to decide if we, as a cluster are agreeable to share the whole of our knowledge base, on a regular basis. I WAS DAMN CONFUSED, WHO ARE WE TO DECIDE?

WL says because my boss directed the email to us (actually he just looped us in only la) so I told him we will have to discuss it before getting back to you, as personally, I don't think it's right to be sharing our efforts with an institution that will not be joining our project. They just want our billing knowledge to enhance their own bot, built by the same chatbot vendor.


Okay so Ed is still confused and Ben hasn't sorted out our live chat issues. I can't believe he is telling us to monitor and highlight to him when the chats are missed out. We aren't even notified so how are we going to identify the chats that didn't come through??

I think he is always trying to find the easier way out of things. He never does the hard work and expects us to provide him with all the information, for further checking. Ridiculous...

Papadom had some issues with searching for chats using the IDs and Ben told her to raise a ticket on JIRA. She was so mad that she wanted to speak to Peru, we are always on this discussion, to bring it up or not.

During the meeting, KY called about the MP appeal letter she sent over a while ago then I quickly told her I will get back to her later, once my meeting ends. In the end, the call was at 5 ish heh

I was so angry when I saw the email from Adms Daryl asking about the colour of pen ink on the MCAF signed by Mo! What is he trying to insunuate ah, KNS! It sounds like an accusation that my office tempered with the form!!!

Papadom tagged the FDW bill this morning once she came back from her MC, I wrapped up the draft and sent it for vetting. Hope we will be able to clear it with Edna on Monday when she is back!

We have quite a lot of content updates needed this week! I like to work on them as soon as I can before I forget or encounter some other work that is more urgent. I worked until 7 ish pm in order to finish up the updates!

HAIYO so sian, always rushing for time and no hands to handle everything that comes, I don't have to capacity to work on EES or my durian cake workshop follow up...



3 June, Friday | I saw the request by Ministry for the reply letter but I wasn't keen to provide it. I also didn't want to put it in writing for W to agree with my suggestion and we are both busy in the past two days. Today, I can finally ask W face to face if we should be providing Ministry with the reply letter and we also discussed not to send a physical copy of the reply letter to the Ministry because we don't think they even use it for reporting or sorts. We decided to pilot for a month to not send it over!

W saw the email on Mo's case and went to dig further, she found out it was Sleeping P who did the scanning, resulting in one page in blue ink and the other page in black...

So Rachel has to 低头 and apologise on behalf of my staff, also mention she couldn't recall what happened since it was some time back. W cleared the tact I used and it's good to go!

(update: nobody replies to me after that)

My colleague who manages cash, A replied to me that the query I had on the recovery payment is not under her purview so I had to check that with Finance instead!

Before I dropped an email to Finance, I decided to call Ivy to check the process first on CDG's end. Thankfully I made this call and clarified things before revising the recovery workflow and sent it to Ann for her comments!

I got no 感觉 for what my colleagues wanted to order for lunch so I decided to eat the Maggie, my favourite cup noodles from my cupboard today! TOM YAM!!!!

(feature my honey water at a distance)

When I went to speak to K about something, she asked me why I ate cup noodles today then my first question is, how did she know I ate Maggie!

K: It's my favourite cup noodles! I walked passed your desk and smelt it then I saw you eating it.





Hmm I asked Faridah to work on the draft again after going through it on Wednesday, but it is still not up to my expectations. The standard of quality is still lacking, she already redrafted so I don't know what to do now. Should I tell her to redraft again???

In the end, I made the changes for her and highlighted the areas for improvement, (+ clear with W) then sent it back to her! She sent it to K for vetting and I told her I will forward it to Edna next week when she is back, in case Faridah sends it first thing in the morning.

I made a call to Ann to check on the query I have on IO, she said she must have missed the email on Wednesday and will help to check with her colleague! As for the email I sent earlier on the recovery workflow, she understands where I am coming from and I am so glad we could come to a consensus on the process!

I finally got the time to reply to the Durian cake workshop vendors' texts and all.

MSW WL called and discussed with me the case that we received yesterday! There was a previous appeal that Ministry responded to in February 2022, the email loop involves my boss, MSW, and the Ministry team! WL forwarded the email to me, I will have to catch up on the case background on Monday!!!!




GENKI DINNER and chill evening with Char!

(Strawberry Cube @ Dalkomm Coffee)

I am loving the option of having Mentaiko fries, with the fries and Mentaiko sauce served separately!!!!

I was sharing with Char about Suz's recent encounters with crazy or petty guys and apparently, Char swiped the same dude as Suz in April 2021. This guy is ridiculous and overcritical about things that are absolutely not his business!

This is supposed to be a belated birthday treat for Char but in the end, she went home and vomited because the food isn't clean??


6 June, Monday | Monday morning started okay until I saw an email from Risky (YT's previous RO) asking me to "please attend" to a PDPA case as my boss is away on leave!

WAH HE IS REALLY RUDE!!!!!! (suddenly remembered he writes things like "your reply is greatly appreciated" in his department's emails)

And also who am I to cover the matter for my boss when I am just an executive LOL

I quickly sent the Complaints and Compliments statistics to PE Jas and also highlighted the targeted deadline in her email is incorrect, it should be 6 June and not 6 May!

W was done with her SNEC appointment and needed to take MC today because the doctors dilated her eyes, so she can't see very well. We always tell her to just take the MC and rest, but if her body is well enough, she would insist to take a half-day leave and return to work!

I went to read through the email the social worker, WL sent on Friday of the new appeal case we received last Thursday! I was wondering if there is any background on the previous appeal that would be helpful for our reply, and also to make sure we are singing the same song as Ministry. I asked my boss if he has the reply from February 2022's appeal and he offered to help me to check with Ministry on this! (I can ask them myself leh haha)

Other than this, I need to find out about the installment GIRO payment plan process better in order to ask the relevant staff the right questions... (not good because no one can give me a clear explanation of events or the standard process)

Today's lunch is EPIK KEBAB's IndoMeat! I realised the portion is way bigger when we order delivery?! I think I will do this again!

After lunch, I finally went to the toilet after a whole morning of not visiting the washroom, WAIT MY PERIOD IS HERE?!?!!? *proceeds to make calls to reschedule my beauty appointment, sianz*

W is not around today so my main responsibility for today is to clear drafts, there's one that I needed her opinion on as I found it difficult to present the information clearly in writing to the patient's mother.

I sent in tandem my appeal letters from last week to Edna today around post-lunchtime (so she doesn't think I hold these letters and was waiting for her to return from her holiday to clear them) and she cleared both letters!!! All that is left to do for these two cases is to print and post the letters out, and some slight follow-up for one case.

There is some good news today!!!!! KH emailed me today to update that Govtech will finally be opening up their product similar to "Go" to healthcare, this means that we will soon be able to use their link shortener to package our FormSG forms with legitimate domains - no more sus phishing problems!

I am waiting for KH to confirm with the OGP team the details of the Zoom demo of their products, before communicating this to relevant users!!!!


7 June, Tuesday | Here's a picture of goth! I'm loving these nail' look so much 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

I was busy doing work while multi-tasking concentrating on eFC Design meeting. Then Siti and Char came over to Faridah's desk (right in front of mine) to discuss lunch plans. I have always liked that they always plan ahead for our lunch, but this is not the time to discuss it, especially when I'm so swarmed with work and in a meeting!

I hope they can just decide what to eat, instead of asking me if this and that is okay when I am busy... During this chaos, Sleeping P called me to ask me about the Sick Leave Without Medical Certificate (SLWOMC). She started the conversation by saying hello and seems to be expecting me to know what this is about. The truth is, I haven't had the time to look at my phone messages to see what she wanted to ask.

After advising her, I also followed up with WhatsApp messages to make sure she knows she cannot use another SLWOMC tomorrow if she is still unwell.

In the end, Char sorted it out and we are having the Korean food that we wanted since last week! (so glad I don't have to be disturbed any further) The food came but I was in the middle of clearing the drafts so I ate slightly later.

Here's GO CHU JANG PORK from DAEBAK! It was spicy but so good!!!!!

(bringing the plastic container for the rice home, to reuse for packing of fruits to work maybe?)

I finally sorted out the action plans for EES and sent the deck of slides over to K for her comments. We are waiting for staff to fill up the "Shout It Out" board and we will add a picture of that in our slides. Think we are on track and have quite a lot of time to prepare since the sharing with Senior Management will be in November 2022!

(In 2020, it was in July or August iirc)

At the same time, I also checked with YR from HR department on the Total favourable score numbers (total favourable + ? + total unfavourable is more than 100%). YR replied later to let me know it is because of rounding up of decimals, as such the total % can be more than or less than 100% (101% or 99%). I think it is always better to check than assume, in case we get it wrong.

I was listening to the HB Webinar while completing the e-learning course on Mutual Care training (?!). I found it hard to focus since I have to toggle between screens and my attention is split.

The course is about mental well-being and how we can help others, it is a very interesting and essential course for all! I failed the final quiz and had to redo it...

Then I left the office for my Dental Appointment at 6.30 pm. Dr. Chung didn't do a fantastic job at cleaning, in my opinion for $140.17. I am just happy that I got my teeth cleaned, and will brush diligently until my next appointment in December 2022! He noticed the stains on my front teeth and mentioned it's mostly likely intrinsic stain, so I can consider micro-blading to see how deep the stain is (with bleaching to whiten it) or the use of veneers (but quite expensive leh). I am still thinking about the options, but probably going to buy a teeth whitening kit to try out at home since overall all my teeth look yellow...


8 June, Wednesday | HAPPY BDAY JIWON OPPA!!!!💛

I was really busy today since I arrived at the office! I was busy with project matters, like sorting out the recovery workflow, plus if we can onboard the two IOs for this program. Thankfully, Ann is quite cooperative and prompt this time, she got back to me today! BUT this also means I need to follow up on these as soon as possible today so that the two departments can quickly onboard this program! Once Ann cleared the IOs query, I looked through the file sent from MDT LX, I came up with the reply, and provided some comments on the file.

Rich called me a few times today but I kept missing his call, one thing led to another and we are talking about eating habits, like healthy eating etc. So I assured him that I am not a healthy eater by showing him my today's lunch photo:

Crispy Chicken Rice + Oolong Milk Tea at Meme!

On a side note, I tried eating the instant oats I got from my donations to the company's Fund to help the needy, the instant oats tasted so horrible!! (especially the mushy texture). Maybe I can only eat overnight oats haha

BK saw us today, and spontaneously wanted to take pictures for us! Photo-taking location is where I took pictures with YT on her last day of employment here.

My NA look damn big in the picture on the left.

YT: It is tht big irl also what. Hahaha.




With all the information needed such as confirmation of GIRO deduction, I am done with my MP appeal draft reply letter. However, I am not very sure about some things and would like a call with WL to discuss further. Our call is scheduled at 2.30 pm, and later at 3.30 pm, Sali will be dropping by my office to clarify her doubts about the corporate billing project...

After the call with WL, I could finally firm up the reply letter and did all the fact checks on ATF etc. I dropped the links to W via WhatsApp so that she can reference them while clearing my draft. However, my email only came 2 hours later as Sali has arrived...

During the discussion at the pantry, my colleagues who wanted to get water or wash their hands knocked before entering! IT'S SO FUNNY because this isn't my room hahaha, just come in la!

It was quite an intense discussion because Sali is really confused and asked a lot of questions out of the blue. Sometimes I think she confuses herself LOL

Initially, I thought it will take half an hour but it became a 1.5 hours thing... At the end of the session, I did offer to join their sharing session with staff if they needed the support, and I saw the relief on Sali's face. I guess she wants to be crystal clear before sharing the program with her department (it's taking way too long tbh).

Once I was done with the discussion, I quickly sent the draft letter to W to vet through and finished up on the summary table + email for the Durian cake baking workshop for reporting to my boss! Right before I left, I quickly forwarded two draft emails to Faridah to send out, as Sleeping P went to see a doctor this morning, and was given 3 days MC (ART negative).

I am going to make her do ART every day until she returns to work, in case she plans to take extended HL if she tests positive in the next few days of her MC.


9 June, Thursday | Yesterday, W also had issues with HVPN and this morning I was worried about the reoccurring error. I do not think another reset of Citrix Receiver is going to do the magic again...

Thankfully I managed to get connected in less than 15 minutes! Last evening, Ivy sent the deck of slides reflecting the new name for their app and also some new features.

During eFC Design meeting, I was busy trying to update my own Corporate Billing deck of slides and working on Chatlog Review HW. Halfway through, I decided to drop off the Zoom call as the discussion was mainly about the UI of the new eFC system...

W was busy investigating the error on procedure surcharges highlighted by Adms LL and could only clear my MP draft letter at almost 11 am. I knew if she doesn't come back to me first thing in the morning, it is most likely she is occupied by other pieces of work.

I was toggling to send the related draft portions to the social worker, WL for her comments. I hope she can get back to me by Friday so that we can get the letter out the soonest (to meet deadlines)! I also went through Faridah's drafts, luckily they ain't too complex.

Today, Mom and I decided to not eat or make do with war food (Meiji Biscuits for me) so I ate the biscuits at 2 pm following my rest, and headed right into our weekly chatbot meeting!

We were done with our chatlog review in less than half an hour and Ben was suggesting to change to bi-weekly chatlog reviews plus the adjustment from 2 to 1 hr meeting slot. Actually, we are okay with keeping it at 2 since there might be instances whereby we need more time than usual. It is better than freeing up our calendar and then we might have other meetings scheduled back to back (when we need more time, what will the plan be since we need to go)...

One led to another, we ended up talking about deconflicting sessions and how the new meeting schedule will work out. I recalled we didn't arrive at a conclusion because Ben suggested not to make any changes due to how different our answers are set up in process flows for the different institutions. Not sure why they are asking me what is the update after YS left the project. I was the one who brought this up, and we all came to the conclusion that we will leave it. Now, when we ask Ben for his advice on how should we do the clean-up, such as merging of similar intents, his answer is not to do it and proceeds to talk non-stop. If you listen carefully, he doesn't say anything constructive, but simply deflects the decision-making back to us. I found it hard to make changes at this point since it has been some time since the deconflicting session and suggested having this discussion again during the deconflict sesh. Ben was like "that's incorrect, the 3 hospitals should plan a meeting to discuss this first before the session".

HUH why we cannot discuss during the chatbot meeting ah??! I sounded super pek chek when speaking to him in the meeting and it seems like we will all just do nothing about it lor!

I really can't stand how lazy Ben is, everything must log Jira ticket, and even when we need him to check an entry in the chatlog file, he would ask us to paste the chat ID and respective date in the Zoom chat for him to check. The thing is, why he didn't open the excel on his computer during the meeting?? He should be looking at that file la.

Papadom hates it that he always seems to be in a rush, like rushing to end the meeting. If we didn't respond to say we have any issues or not, he will take silence as no and quickly thank us to end the Zoom call.

Papadom has always wanted to speak to the vendor's CEO, Peru but I always talked her out of it and we always try to be more understanding towards the new PM. BUT AT THIS POINT, I THINK ITS TOO RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

(we planned to speak to Peru soon on this, the call will be on tomorrow at 10.30 am)

Then it was back to work! I cleared my inbox and started working on the deck of slides again to perfect some new images I planned to use. Perfectionist problems?? I also took this opportunity to reply to Sali and explain the number of options for fares/vehicle types. I still can't understand how she can come up with so many out-of-the-norm questions on the project, I often catch myself arching my brows together when speaking to her?

I have problems focusing sometimes, so with occasional gaming, I finally got my shit together to make better use of my time!

I went to look through some Fee Revision files that FPA sent in the past few days and it was quite challenging to pick up where I left off (since my absence - covid medical leave)... I recalled W mentioning Dental codes are important, plus I couldn't make sense of the other files, such as Aesthetics, so I decided to start on Dental codes (even though Dental has a later effective date than those in the other files).

WRONG MOVE? I realised I have to update the excel FC file used by the clinic for counseling and also update the figures in T7. The amount of work and focus needed is no joke!!!!!! I ended up working on this until 7 ish pm, and because I have difficulty disengaging from tasks, I went right back to work after having dinner and a huge plate of fruits.

9.06 pm: PANG GANG LO!


10 June, Friday | Fruits as breakfast, specially prepared by Mom!

As 15 June is next Wednesday, it is about time I worked on the more urgent Fee Revision (not dental)!!! I spent the whole of today just doing FR and decided to put my notes/learning points here:

Fee Revision for Packages, such as T&S and Laser ones, we do not use the files that indicate Facility fee (a lot of calculation work needed). We will update using FPA's file that provides the revised package prices with respective surcharges, i.e 1P80S50!

It has been a long time since I worked on T5, so this is a good practice and a chance to record down the column headers for T5.

Note: V1 - MSV claimable for the procedure only, V2 - Package Px

In between this, Papadom and I went to the pantry at 10.30 am to have a quick chat with Peru, the CEO of our chatbot vendor! We were quite candid about our views of the PM, Ben always rushing to end the meeting, and need us to prompt him on the follow-up ideas weeks after weeks. My boss texted me shortly after we started the meeting, to find out where I am, so that he can join the call too! Then jump right back to FR!

I wasn't done with updating the T5 file by lunchtime and came back to work on it after having Murtabak in the pantry with Char! She also spontaneously agreed to go to Yoga class next Tuesday with our colleague D!

It was my first time trying Arabica Coffee, aka % coffee (this is what I think it is called). A small cup is $9.00, so expensive. Not sure if the price is higher because I ordered Ice Kyoto Latte!

Once I came back to my desk, I can finally ask W on the lower numbers for one of the packages as the excel tab was also in a different colour, sus much!

At this point, W told me to also work on Dental codes as the clinic and center are always counseling patients ahead, so will be good to provide them with the new amounts.

LUCKY I DID SOME YESTERDAY (if not no need to pang gang liao)

After I sent my T5 file over to W for checking, I started working on Dental and am glad that my concept check for DS and IP Dental is correct!

BUT BUT BUT IP amounts (1, 2) are lower for the subsidised class as compared to 2021's figures, so I guess I still need help...

I also did a check through my T7 work last evening and found a handful of codes that are discontinued (but we were not informed???). I noted down the codes and added tentative end dates to cease these codes in the eFC module.

I wanted to combine all the information for Dental and sent it to W in a single email, such as my query on IP and T7. As I was doing up the final parts and the email, W asked "everything okay?"

It took me a while to register that she is asking me if I am able to cope. I guess because I didn't say a single word for quite long. I love the support she provides by clearing all the drafts today so I can focus, and how I can easily slide my chair over to her desk to check whatever doubts I have instantly! She also quickly finds emails or any information I asked to help me to get through FR work 🙏🏻

I loaded the T5 file before I left for the day and replied to my availability for EN 2.0 meeting. I think my schedule is more packed than my boss's?? I also have to fill up the budget file before the meeting (hope still got time because I have other things to do too)

I was too occupied and maybe covid brain (?), I only ordered Krispy Kreme donuts at 5.20 pm so had to stay on to wait for the rider to deliver them to my office. I ended up waiting for my doughnuts at Level 1 lobby, I managed to take this outfit picture of me on my first dress-down Friday in jeans:

While waiting, I met Claudia and she commented she waited for more than a year to eat dinner with me, and immediately set a date for 12 August (OMG, SO MUCH IN ADVANCE AH...)




I went to Grandma's and her fried rice is 😘😘😘






13 June, Monday | After all the investigation has come to an end, I was waiting for Faridah to do up the MP draft reply letter since Friday, but no news of it... I was so occupied with FR work on Friday so didn't have the time to rush her, plus she also said she has a lot to work on since Sleeping P was still on medical leave!

I wanted her to quickly work on the draft because the appointment is set for 22 June, there is no value to receiving the letter after the appointment is over.

This morning, I received a text message from Faridah in the group chat saying she needs to take Urgent Leave (again?!?) because her husband has been vomiting and having diarrhea since last night.


In the end, I worked on the reply letter and managed to close the appeal today... Tomorrow when she is back, this appeal letter already cleared.

She doesn't care much about MP appeals when it should be the number one priority!!!! I think I need to talk to her about this le...

There is another appeal case that involves WL, my boss made adjustments to the letter and he asked to confirm whether we offer or provide second-hand medical equipment with Rehab! I sent an email to WL to help me to check since she already made contact.

I quickly dropped an email to check the status of the PDPA case and cleared drafts with W! We both saw one of Sleeping P's drafts, "Point A, therefore Point B" does not make any sense????

W was also looking at another draft and asked Sleeping P to come to her table, so I took this opportunity to ask her about the yellow portion in her draft. Then, W also commented that she saw it and it didn't make sense...

I saw Sali emailed me a few times today as there were issues with the file she sent! BUT I got no time to go check through her file or reply on this! This project is really just my side hustle lor

W looked through and cleared my Dental package file and also reminded me to work on Table 6 for Dental, there are some counsel codes that we need to update the facility fees!


I took some time to read through eFC Design Specs because W seems to be very involved and concerned about this. I read until page 105 and felt like dying already?? This document has 300+ pages and we still got another deck to digest...

Also, I spotted a few spelling errors 🙃

(how professional hor)



There is a new MP appeal case, so Rachel got no time to read CAR-T emails!

Then at 10 am, we have to join the Subsidy meeting! The big change will take effect on 1 November and we saw a whole schedule of when UAT testing, technical deployment etc will be held.

(Will I be able to go Greece in September/October?)

The billing testing and changes are way more as compared to EBS items, we probably will be using CL/OT to update the "Perf. Location"!

It was a very intense and exhausting meeting... When I saw W and my boss + billing lao ban were discussing about CAR-T near the pantry, I just kept my eyes down and pretend I'm not involved. I went to sit in the pantry and stone, then BK kept trying to tell me my boss is at the door, waiting to catch my attention!

Lao ban waited so long to just ask me if the plan to get % coffee is still on (of course!)

Dad and mom dropped by to pass me my yoga mat haha. Dad was very disappointed that I said I am too busy today, and wouldn't be joining them for lunch...

Some random lady saw me with the yoga mat in the lift and asked if there is a gym at Level 5. LOL NOLA HAHAHA

I went through the draft on FC with missing surgical procedure before rushing off to safe duty with J! As J was away for a week from work (her son was hospitalised), I was busy updating J about the little things!!!!

While she sorts out the cash matters, I sent the email on OGP products demonstration planned for 21st! I don't know that many people to send the invitation to LEL

When I returned to my office, W told me she will also be taking leave on Thursday as she wants to rest before her planned trip to KL from Friday to next Tuesday! Her grandson isn't very well and she has been busy mopping up his vomit.

I wanted to clear the drafts when I get back, we only returned at about 5 pm, and W has already cleared the drafts!!!! (WAH RABAK MAX)

Char got a sandwich before our yoga class later (spontaneously decided last week) and gave me half of what she had so that later we wouldn't go hungry! I quickly sent Edna my MP draft following Rehab's confirmation on second-hand assistive devices.

Char and D went to the toilet around the same time to get changed too as they wanted to leave for Yoga together! K saw us when we came back and finally seems more motivated to go for Yoga classes (as we seem to be having fun even before attending class).

I went to check through the file Sali sent me and noticed she got 1 out of 3 users (small piloting group only) wrong! The email and card holder's name didn't match the name of staff in our directory. I had to search for her by mobile number in AIMS.

Sali doesn't even have that many users and she can get the name wrong, previously the administrators' names were wrong too and she also mentioned making amendments (no idea what she changed??). IT IS DAMN RIDICULOUS LA, IT'S SUCH A SIMPLE AND BASIC THING and she needs to revise it so many times?!?!?!?

I replied to her to check as the name does not tally (with records) and suggested she ask her colleague to eyeball her work...


15 June, Wednesday | Sali made another round of amendments and has just sent me the list of users' excel. I don't have the time to look through her file today since it's a half-day for me.

I cleared whatever drafts were on hand so that I can get W to clear it if needed before her 4 working days' leave. I also printed out the approved reply letter for the second-hand equipment before going for my beauty appointment at 1 pm!




Fat fat and I ate at Mos then went to Dal.komm to chill! I ordered Hallabong expresso, finally, the shop has it but it is one of my most regretful buys of the year... IT'S SO HORRIBLE LA

Then it was time for our separate schedules! I went to Cityhall to check out shoes and clothes. I got a new part of denim shorts and a really cute denim dress!!!!!

(I can't wait to wear it 🖤)

I didn't find any super nice shoes, maybe BKK? hehe

I went to Kaffe and Toast to take a break, carrying a paper bag of clothes and doing shoe shopping is exhausting...

I got a phone call asking if I want to take up a marketing executive job. Later I found out it was for Prudential, it's a role that needs to manage marketing, operations, and hiring matters. No thanks, man!!!!!

I have dinner plans today with YT at Suntec! The Korean food place we wanted to go needs to queue for some time, so we decided to eat at MAMMA MIA!!! (ITALY FEELS?)

TRUFFLE MUSHROOM RISOTTO and fried Cauliflower as sides!

We both experienced some form of Covid family crisis 2 weeks back, and didn't have enough time to finish catching up!


16 June, Thursday | Yesterday KH TT-ed me to update there is a shift in the OGP Demo session from 21st to 29th! I quickly sent the email update today and Tiger Brows asked me via email who I sent to from her hospital, as she doesn't want to send duplicate invites. I only sent it to 3 people from her hospital LEL, please go ahead and send it to whoever you want!

In today's eFC meeting, they were discussing ALOS and inactive payor! I did not pay attention hahaha

Kinda glad we don't have chatbot meeting, at least I have alternate Thursdays to do other work, specifically internet-based tasks.

I saw Sali emailed me at 2 ish pm, asking if I received her revised file. I WAS SO PISSED OFF because she is the one who can't get simple things right, yet expects me to respond to her by the day and very often, in real-time. I was already drafting the reply to her email (with her colleagues in cc) but as there are a few components, I needed a bit more time plus this is my side hustle la (It is really my last priority, but I still did my best)

JC asked me about Singpass authentication on forms, I found it interesting how I seem to speak for their forms haha

I completed the MP draft and also cleared the team's drafts. I sent out the reply to Sali before knocking off for the day!

K highlighted that my staff is asking for her physical signature for waiver forms, and suggested that I looked into using e-signatures for waivers, I really got no time for this la but then this is not the first time K highlighted this, so I got to work on it soon...


17 June, Friday | This morning started with helping my staff, Sleeping P and Faridah set up e-signatures. I think they really could use plenty of help in such matters.

We had to take a short pause, as Rachel needs to attend EN 2.0's meeting at 9 am (with my boss!). It is a meeting with all the 男人们, everybody on their camera but I refused haha. I heard my boss answering one of them, "she is in the office today.

We were updating our ideas for EN activities! We need to submit the budget file and come up with the event calendar, it already sounds exciting thinking about what we can do!!!

During the meeting, some SIAO LANG called me a few times and I asked Faridah to check. She asked if I needed her to ring the person back to share that I am currently in a meeting, and will ring her back later.

I did a quick check and found out who that SIAO LANG is! It is Sali!!!!! Will ring her back after my meeting ends, wonder what is so urgent, she had to call me 5 times in a short span of time...

I called her back and it was about the options in the app when choosing vehicle type and fares. It is not even urgent, not a life and death situation BUT SHE RINGS ME LIKE SOMEONE IS DYING!?!?!?!

Following the call, I went to speak to my boss to discuss the Durian cake baking workshop plans and also 顺便 tell him about how intense Sali from K3 is, how she was in touch with me for months but couldn’t get onboard and kept asking repeated questions (+ lousy at doing anything). My boss was shocked and offered to speak to her big boss, V if the department has so many concerns to join the program, then don’t join (especially since they will be starting with a pilot of 3 users first)

After sorting some project matters, I called Ivy to check something out and noticed her voice sounded very different. She then told me she C+, the throat pain is insanely awful…

I replied to the baking vendor, BB about the slots we are looking at then Char and I headed out to Dhoby for KFC while we dabao MOS for J!

Today is Day 2 without W, I am scared la especially when there are escalated cases demanding an immediate reply. We have a Ms. Chan with a horrible billing experience with us, so really need to relook and relook the draft I already cleared, before sending it to Faridah.

At 2 pm, I have to conduct orientation for the new staff, I don’t need 10 minutes for my section’s orientation haha. Then I am back to my work!

Later J and I were chatting about no one will be here forever, it could be me or her to leave the job. It could be anyone… Then J added if she strikes the lottery, she will be gone and I beg to differ. If I strike the lottery, I will continue to work but with a different attitude.

“not happy with me, then fire me la!”

We were talking about all these while J’s boss, A was standing near my desk, waiting to ask me about images on Forms. We all just 😂😂😂 thinking about this impossible dream.

Edna approved my MP letter YASSSS and all the pending drafts cleared. Guess it was a not too bad day 2 without W?

I left work together with J and headed quickly for lash lift session at 6.15 pm! The therapist needed more time to work on my lashes since I kept tearing up so I was done at 7.30 pm, in another 15 minutes, Fatfat is done too! We went to our usual hang out for dinner:

The two biggest questions I have in mind during the lash session were 1) what is my current WhatsApp dp? 2) How do blind people check the time?


19 June, Sunday | HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!! Ranch gave dad a free beer but guess who is not drinking haha


20 June, Monday | I saw the email sent by JC over the weekend, updating us about e-MCAF getting approved. He didn’t explicitly say it was his effort, but I just felt so unjust for YS!!!!!!

It’s like all his idea, hard work, and efforts got taken away! I think JC just wanted to use this initiative to build his network, as he is new to the cluster.

I even drafted an email to thank him, and word the credits to YS nicely but did not send it out after thinking it through for two days…

W is away, and I didn’t want to be behind time on FR work when she returns, I started working on dental FR items, such as the counseled amounts, updating the tables, and so on.

Today’s lunch is Kim Chi Fried Rice! We went to L4 main pantry for lunch, this is one of my favourite lunch hangouts now!!

I came back from lunch and saw the email from Ivy about 3 staff having existing corporate payment cards and their plan was the cancel the old ones. I checked with MDT LX and confirmed it should be an additional card under MDT.

During my call with Ivy, she also highlighted issues with payment from our Finance and I felt like I had to do my part to highlight it to Ann so that she can take it up with her FSS counterparts.

J was trying to save FI records into her computer without having to print them out for validation. I agree that this is good thinking as we can save paper and also waste time (no time to print, sign, scan, and print again).

In my SAP selection, I have an option called ‘Window printer’ that allows me to choose the printer for the printing. I can select ‘Microsoft to PDF’ so not an issue for me, but J doesn’t have it and is unable to pull out that option by controlling the output source…

We were hoping the IT guys here will be able to sort it out but nope.

YS is a systems guy, he will know, right? I asked YS if he knows how we can do this or any way around it. His solution of DUMM (dummy printer) > spool request works!!!!!!

(He is really a life saver! J is so happy about this hehe)

I saw that we will be having our department meeting tomorrow so I quickly went to check the email sent by ET on the template for EES. Wah really got differences!!!! There are new requirements, which means more data is needed to complete the deck of slides. Some information was not even in the data deck of slides so I had to log into WTW portal to find the specific information and send it back to myself. It took me a good 1 hour to put everything together, before sending it to K for her comments.

I prepared all the dental info into 1 email because it is so messy… I am having such a bad headache la… I planned to send it to W once all is settled.

Dropped the MP closure email and bye!




Finally all of us in Chang Family could gather and have dinner together!!!!!

(14 of us sitting at 2 separate tables)

Great way to end the night!!!! 💋


21 June, Tuesday | My boss asked N for the chatbot stats and she forwarded the email to me:

Possible to assist as I am unsure how to do it? Let me know.

I checked with N and she isn’t sure what data exactly my boss wants, so I went to his desk to clarify. He told me can ask N to extract, and I said softly, “errr she doesn’t know” then he told me to teach her and then can hand over!

After knowing what he wants, I took more than 1 hour to obtain the data values and clean up my excel sheet as I will need to share them with my boss + N. N will probably use this excel file from now onwards for reporting so I have to make sure it’s sufficiently good (if not will be me doing all these again)!

At 10ish, I didn’t listen to eFC meeting (again) as I am very bad at multitasking, it is also a very dry meeting. After seeing the data and charts, my boss asked some questions and I believe N doesn’t know so I went to speak to my lao ban again and also explain the data a little more. There is a decline in live agent ratings due to “ongoing unresolved chats” that Ben hasn’t sorted out, haishhhh

Sleeping P suddenly called me to her desk and told me one of the cases she called, Mr Y demanded that a manager calls him back.

We did a check on the case (existing complaint), but there were no follow-up items for my department to address and we were also not informed by PE Office that we need to contact Mr Y following bill finalisation. As such, I pushed the case back to PE Office!

After lunch, Sam from PE Office called my boss (I missed her call LOL) and pushed the case to him as he replied to their email with information about insurance claims, etc. Sam always doesn’t want to call and try to push us to settle their problems…

My boss has no choice but to look through the case, he also checked with me about it and called Mr Y. I did offer to call la, but my boss highlighted that Mr Y asked for a manager (cannot ask K to call ma). Then I said “you promote me to AM la, then I call him”, my boss just laughed and went back to his desk!

He also told us to start the meeting first, as he will be slightly late (status: in a call)!


We went to the meeting room and waited until he is done and available for the meeting. It was a super intense discussion on how to manage the new workflow for MCAF… thank god is not really my daiji! With eMCAF approved, we have more areas to discuss, I think we spent the bulk of our meeting time going through this…

My boss asked about the digital form, who did this form ah and set up the logic. I told him I will check and find out what program was used to set up the validation bubbles etc.

(Doing a quick search in my WhatsApp chat with YS)


Then we all “WAH” because nobody knows how to do! My boss also asked for more details of the person who did this, then “Ohhh” his way as I mentioned YS moved hospitals liao.

We talked about the agenda - the digital page! Actually, it’s a closed item, not sure why closed already, P still leaves it out in the open for (no) discussion…

We briefly went through EES slides and I shared I will send the deck to my boss later. In my email, I offered to run it through with him on the content (since he will be sharing it with Edna, and also senior management?)

One of the discussions was our plans for President’s Challenge and I think this old plan carried out was not bad leh! Like pay money and guess how many sweets are inside a jaw. If we get it right, we can get branded items!!!

Then I spend the rest of the work day running through stats with K and N, plus also check in with them on chatbot/staff matters! (We were also looking at the branded gifts, and woah-ing)

Today’s yoga class got me at 30% on the smelly indicator! I spent a post-exercise picture to J because earlier she kept saying I will stink. 还好 leh~


22 June, Wednesday | This morning, I took the same lift as one colleague sitting at Level 4, AT. She asked if I am Rachel and I said yes. She explained that she rarely sees me, plus I had my mask on so she wasn’t very sure. To make her feel better, I told her the story about me and Cher – I always see her in the lift and will press the Level 4 button for her. However, we never ever talk, I was thinking most likely she doesn’t recognise me (or could be morning no mood to small talk heh). AT couldn’t believe it and started laughing non-stop about this!

I came to my desk and the first thing I do is clear emails! As I was doing so, OL texted me to ask if we can have the unread envelope symbol shown on the browser so that once she is done with a task, she will notice the chat immediately!

I thought she is referring to something else, so I went to L4 and see what I can do.

At L4, we shared the whole lift story with OL and Cher around. We also had quite a fruitful discussion about some challenges while carrying out live agent duties!

I came back to my office and went to highlight it to my boss about it. The previous time I emailed in Jan/ Feb 2022, PT2 did not get back to me… I wanted my boss to back me up when I send an email and he offered to call PT2. He shared that she is very nice and helpful, so later he called after I sent an email.

At 11ish am, PT2 called me and asked if she can come over to my desk to look into the issue. I did a demo of the problem for PT2 and my boss, running all the scripts and tests, PT2 can’t diagnose what is the issue. It seems like the notification signal wasn’t even received…

She suggested my boss to write to some newly hired dai lou (but don’t say she say la) and he probably can help us out!!!! In the interim, she is suggesting to use HVPN to do live agent duty and at the same time access our emails and hospital systems. However, the ISS device 0007 doesn’t seem to be able to connect to HVPN… Some dude will come by next Monday to pick up the laptop and run tests!

My boss asked for the screenshots of how it should look like and what we are experiencing so that he can include them in his email to the dai lou. I quickly got that done and went for lunch with Char at 12.30 pm!

Kimchi Fried Rice from OWLS

(and I ordered chicken skin helps!)

Then, later I spent the rest of the afternoon at my desk finishing up the Dental files to send to W and also clarifying some of the doubts I have!




J started finding things at her desk to eat because she was feeling super hungry! I went to the pantry and got her a Lotus Biscoff biscuit and also another 1 for myself. While J was on the phone with OL, she told her to come and take some snacks la but OL didn’t feel very comfortable doing so (no idea why tho).

I went to grab a few more and J told her to come and pick them up from our desks instead! Later I went to pass her some TWG tea as well!

(I told OL to please check if the tea bag is still looking fine since there is no expiry date on the individual packaging, like x 2 times)

I stayed abit later to finish up things! The Durian baking workshop is also confirmed for 30th July, afternoon for 8 pax!!!


23 June, Thursday | I saw an email from PA colleague, Ginger asking me to review the grammar for their installment form! I immediately texted K to check for the form context and proceeds to draft my email asking for some background info so that I can advise better.

(It was K who suggested that they approach me for language + checking of Form created)

I kinda knew it was K la, but I also wondered how come N, as their executive cannot help them out to go through the language, or her language cui?? (mine so so only leh)

There is no eFC meeting today YASSSS I can finally work on the chatlog review without other work distractions!

As Papapdom is away on holiday, I will be tanking chatbot meeting solo today. Doing 2 weeks of chatlog review HW alone is time-consuming, especially since the dashboard site is loading very slowly lately.

In the meeting, someone joined the chat as “Kwan Meng” but I heard her speak in a non-Chinese accent when Ben had to excuse himself for a few minutes! I am not too sure who this person is, is she the new project manager Mina or not… When I called her out to clarify her identity, she did not respond and institutions by institutions we clarified “Kwan Meng” is not with us.

LOL then eventually, Mina caught on and clarified it’s her and also renamed her Zoom display name.

Cline emailed me about the new addition to Dev department and asked that I help to create the new card + other onboarding matters! Done done done!

For the workshop, we will need to reply via email to confirm the slot and BB studio can then send us the invoice! (The amount we will need to pay to lockdown the slot is $1,024??!)


24 June, Friday | Our HR finally released instructions a couple of weeks back that we can wear dark coloured jeans (no ripped) to work on Friday! Hmm, even though I knew this most likely doesn’t qualify but I still bought it last week to wear on Fridays heh

(featuring chain necklace, and midnight lip colour)

I checked with my boss and have confirmed the slot for the Durian Fresh Cream Cake class! Okay now we are left with the payment and class details confirmation, then I can start working on the event poster plus finalising the registration FormSG 💪🏻

(should be able to clear this before I go on holiday!!!!)

My boss forwarded an enquiry to me/W to check if we are aware + for our necessary action! As the patient will be delivering soon, I quickly drafted and cleared the reply with W advising the spouse on LTVP/LTVP+ charges for delivery, before lunchtime! Faridah will help to send it out later in the day.

OMG as there are some changes in pricing conditions for 3 dental codes, but I realised they are not on our list…. This means these codes are newly created but we are not aware. Today, WHEN WE ARE 6 DAYS FROM 1 JULY, we realised we got issues with the Dental files we did so far!!!!

I have to ask DH for a full list of dental services and I knew she probably wouldn’t understand the email request so I called her to tell her about it. We discussed that Monday is fine, we will need the full list of those under Service Cat 270 and 271.

DIE LA!!!!!! I will probably have a lot to do on Monday once the list is in, such as updating the multiple files we have and loading in T7 too?

Earlier, Ginger and another colleague Yan were asking if I am available for a discussion on Friday and we arranged the discussion at 3 pm at Level 4 – their desks!

The session took about an hour, it started with them explaining the workflow and the considerations they had when they came up with the form. We went through the user flow together and thought about how we can make a foolproof process! In my opinion, it was a fruitful discussion! We also managed to talk about some changes the department is facing and what are some of our feedback about the website changes etc.

I received a new MP appeal letter, this case seems to be asking to grant guardianship to the uncle while the mother of the child is still living and not incarcerated. Not too sure what inputs they want me to provide *proceeds to text KCM for SOS*

Before I left for the day, I replied to Ginger + Yan on the discussion points from earlier and some of my suggestions for their consideration. Sometimes I feel like a consultant haha




(Char and I went around the area a few times and were lost for 10 minutes before we found the shop lol)


We queued for at least half an hour even though we were there at 6.20 pm! I didn’t want to order a drink because we both know we will get a drink after dinner, but were too thirsty from our attempts to find this place… so we got drinks here!

I’m loving the salad bar, with all the vegetables and fried tempura fritter bits adding to the texture of our appetiser! Their egg bar is good too, I only wanted their scrambled eggs 🥚

Then here comes our Triple Cheese Hamburg Steak ❤️🔥

太饱了 but I have no regrets...

So let me insert our behind-the-scenes for a nice capture of the cheesy goodness!

Then back to the video of oozing cheese steak! I WAS ELATED when I saw it coming out 🧀




We took the train to City Hall and walked our way to the Cathay!

Rachel has been talking about hearing Jeff, the Cathay Busker since he got popular and Char don’t mind going too so we wanted to try our luck tonight!

Background: YS sent me a video of the performance from last Friday, the singing was good but more importantly he remembers what I said, GDLL

We got there and there is someone busking! But it’s not the real deal la, it’s some other guy that is quite awkward. There were also times I felt I could sing better than him haha

We ordered our iced coffee from Starbucks and stayed until the end of his performance! Even though I think his singing can be improved but I really like the overall vibes of live performances ❤️

Side story: a group of 3 friends (probably younger than me) talked really talked behind us for hours and I turned around to glare at them a few times but they didn’t even notice??! We are all here to enjoy the music, they came here to chit-chat in the middle of a performance. Towards the real end of the whole thing, I did a really loud “Shh” and then they got it – should have done it earlier la!!!!

We also decided we have to see the real deal but Rachel got some things to sort out first…


25 June, Saturday | Char and I met at 5 ish at City Hall MRT. We decided to grab a quick dinner before going for our main event!

Tiong Bahru Bakery

The staff forgot to heat up our croissants after 30 minutes and Char decided to ask, then the manager gave us a Macadamia pastry (we have no idea what that is but it's good)!

We got Starbucks before walking to the Cathay!




Cathay Busker Night! It was so crowded when we arrived at 6.50 pm when he is only gonna sing at 7.30 pm????


(then a week later, we saw all the bad reports about him, aiyooooo. I agree his Engrish is not good, panorama becomes paranormal when we wanted to take pictures with all the fans)


27 June, Monday | I was dreading to return to work because I know what’s waiting for me – sort out the MP appeal guardianship course of action, settle payment for the workshop (invoice came in this morning and I procrastinated discussing with my boss to tomorrow instead) and not forgetting working on the full dental service list!

The spouse case from last week, he replied to us that he is surprised the hospital didn’t know all along his wife is an LTVP+ holder, but when I triple take the images she sent of his wife’s pass, there is no PLUS leh! I kept telling my colleagues to help me confirm and it was not my eyes playing a trick on me. I quickly got the reply to the spouse ready so that he can apply for LTVP+ the soonest 🙏🏻

The strange thing is we have codes like TLA138, TLA138R and I have no idea what the R means, their pricing also differs depending on the codes.

HUH I don’t know what to do, so I checked with W and she said since the R codes are non-billable, then do not include them in our pricing update!

The amount of work and effort needed to get this dental fee revision files and data right is insane, I did so many checks and check again and again and again (500 times??!)

There were a lot of grounds to cover to make sure everything is updated too!

At almost the end of the working day, I sent W the draft emails to the respective stakeholders for her clearance. I decided to send them out tomorrow as Rachel going to do a last final check!

Side story, Ah Pui lost his wallet and workplace side tea, I caught the new staff (working in J’s team) watching videos at workplace, during office hours… *SPEECHLESS*


28 June, Tuesday | I came to work thinking the most important thing is to send out the emails to respective stakeholders, informing them of the price changes. But then W told me to work on loading the tables first as staff will be using whatever in eFC module for FC, so best to load the changes there first! Once I was done with loading the tables, I sent out the files and one of the staff from Dental Clinic responded and asked if we can add ICM070 to excel.

During eFC meeting today, I overheard Faridah trying to make sense of what is left in the system for a 1997 bill. I went to download the records to excel and after some filters and discussion with W, we managed to confirm she paid a total of $13,500 over the decades.

(but did not sight her draft even until the end of the day…)

I also drafted a summary of information and how ANT claim will knock off bulk of the outstanding ANT bills, once the bill finalises. But before that, it will be a provisional amount and there really isn’t a lot of value to arranging a social worker to look into the case for a small assistable amount… W suggested that I leave it to the social work department to decide and separately I am working to nudge the insurer’s claims team to expedite.




It’s not difficult work to add ICM070 but it means I need to update all the files, including T7 with this service… I got all of these done in the afternoon but forgot to prepare the file for T7 loading HELPS (realised only on the next day!)




Round 2 of family crisis/covid-19 hell!

Mom got tested positive today, with symptoms of fever… Yesterday, she shared food with all of us over dinner, and even purposely went to make extra stirs in the plate when my older sis pointed out that she shouldn’t eat with her own spoon (as she was already unwell)

Then later, Sis went to do an ART test and confirmed she was positive too. She saw a doctor and went home to start packing or more like safe keeping her things.

We weren’t even allowed to open the cupboard as she feared our viral particles will get on her clothes and whatnot, yet she can touch things freely. She also refused to move her toys with her and we will be sleeping with her covid-19 viral bits.

(if I have to write about how annoying she is, the hate post will be a never-ending 10 hours write up so skip!)

We also told her the plan for the sleeping arrangements but she refused to adhere until fat fat shouted at her! I kept thinking about this entire situation during my yoga sessions today and couldn’t even relax, much less focus on the yoga moves…




Fat fat and I were settling all the chores today, and also for the next few days…


29 June, Wednesday | Due to my family’s covid-19 situation (again), my planned lunch with my fellow TIANYA was canceled. This week is Amanda’s last week with the HR department and she is moving to a new organisation (speaking of lost opportunity – this is definitely one of those that I will never have another chance of having lunch with her as friends + colleagues)

I also canceled my dinner plans with YT which we rescheduled last weekend haishhhh

It was quite a terrible experience at the demo session organised by OGPTeam, they told us there is no limit to the attendees, and all reps sent out the invites to their users, but today my colleagues and some others from other clusters were unable to join the meeting! The capacity is capped at 100, how can they not plan this logistically or let me put this in their exact words “apologies for the logistical error”.

My boss wanted to explore using the product – Isomer to do up our PBS page (the new intern will do)! He asked on our department’s WhatsApp group chat if can embed the chatbot on their site. My answer was “cannot, I think but I will check!” I quickly emailed Isomer support team to find out, and yup they can’t do it (if it’s not VICA).

Other than this, the demo sesh is an insightful one!!!! I think their products will have quite a lot of usability for our processes and pain points!


I will have to send the recording link and info to my colleagues (especially those who are unable to join the meeting due to Zoom attendee’s capacity)




I think my greatest takeaway from this unexpected WFH arrangement is I could more or less complete the Durian Cake Baking Class poster!!!! I am feeling so accomplished but one last thing, need the vendor to confirm the class timing as the info on the email and the invoice differ!


30 June, Thursday | We had a few emails back and forth with Dental Centre and now they have asked for prices for specific codes that W and I are unable to advise! YX from FIN privately emailed me to ask what is the purpose of sharing as they (our organisation) are unaware of Dental Centre’s pricing. I cleared with W on the facts before replying to him that they conduct FC for patients coming to our hospital! Then later, DH then released the information to us! I replied to Dental Centre and also finally loaded Table 7!

In my opinion, I find YX blur and not very good at his work??! (just my personal thoughts)

Sending the guardianship appeal case back to PE office for them to address, is not my office's expertise!

There is still no news of yesterday’s meeting and I already got a few chasers for the info!

The baking vendor confirmed it's 2.30 - 5.30 pm for the baking workshop and adjusted the invoice YASSSS so my poster is ready to roll!!!!!!

(now, just need my boss to carry the show while I enjoy BKK next week)

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