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June 2023 - Adulting

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

5 June, Monday | WOAH BACK TO REALITY HITS ME RIGHT IN THE FACE… I have 1,209 new emails in my inbox, from being on 2 weeks' leave…

Recall having a panic attack on the plane back to Singapore, wondering what I'm assigned for President's Challenge (PC), and if it is work I can do HELPS

I saw a few emails and read the previous meeting's minutes, I have no idea what these are or how to even go about it:

(J helping me to call Finance colleagues to ask for some help/tips or who I can email on those matters, xxn!)

Most of today, I was clearing my emails and speed reading did not help, I only managed to complete clearing (really digesting) 90% of the emails by the end of the day...

K bought things from Taiwan, woohoo~

Only featuring this new and interesting flavored popcorn from Starbucks! She also got us pineapple cake, coffee candy, yogurt gummies, and lutein candy.

During lunchtime, I started preparing cards and gifts for colleagues hehe, and managed to have a quick catch-up with ET!

W and J mentioned their alarm clock was not around, so for the past two weeks, they have been going for lunch or leaving work later.

I don't know I have this feeling that Sam will be coming to my office soon, or at least I will be seeing him soon, so I prepared a bar of chocolate from Greece, just in case I run into him hah

And really 说曹操, 曹操就到! He came to give out 满月 gifts for his newborn son, he is Sam's third boy, RABAK!

I love the packaging!!! so cute

It contains two red eggs, two ang ku kueh, and glutinous rice!

Before J and I left the office today, my boss suddenly called my name very loudly, and came over to ask me if he can keep the two red eggs at room temperature until tomorrow.

(How would I know ah)

J responded to his question and also told him, he should know ma since he has two kids liao. My boss then explained that he gave vouchers for people to collect at their own convenience hah

(J awkward smiling, apparently having the same thoughts as me)

Me: but I never got any voucher from you leh

(his daughter was born in 2020)

My boss: (awkward smiling) I only give to family/relatives la, not like what Sam did.

(HAHHAHAHA, why I so bad and daring)

I decided to visit Grandma today, pass her allowance for May 2023, and things I bought from Greece for her. That includes Olive Wood Spoon, Spatula, and Fig Sauce!

Dinner at Grandma’s 💕

Grandma made two fried eggs on top of Aunt's cheese tteobbokki and noodles! Aunt joined me during dinner because this is for 2 pax, plus I got additional liao HAHAHA

Also inserting my uneven tanning problem:


6 June, Tuesday | We have got a lot of FC estimation work/requests these few days, but the good thing is W is managing most of it heh, so work things are still pretty chill for me~

There are two new appeal letters, and one is slightly more challenging. Hopefully, all that works out well in the end. I started getting busy, and putting together my drafts and sending out investigation emails.

New desktop wallpaper


(I also have a hard time adjusting to having my taskbar moved from the bottom to the right)

Finally, back to my Yoga regime YASSSS

I fell asleep tho during one of the lie-on-your-back poses HAHAHAHA

My sisters and I went to grab Apple Crumble Tarts, Egg Tarts from Eat Rich, before heading home. Just happens that the ticket office hasn’t closed yet, so I managed to get a new EZ-link card and value from my old card transferred over!

New Ezlink card~



7 June, Wednesday | (missing content, this happens when you don’t blog diligently sobs)

While I was working halfway, BK suddenly came to my desk to deliver things in an Eu Ren Seng paper bag.


Snacks from Adeline hehe~

The happiest work achievement today is Edna approved my reply letter, so I got it printed out and ready for mailing in the afternoon!

P asked me to join in on Nintex form-building session with our IT vendor, but then she can’t hear well (maybe his accent) and had zero preparation work done. She really asked the vendor if he can guide us on how to start on the form.

This made me so mad la!!!!!!! She should have done something before inviting me to this session, it is also very disrespectful to the vendor staff who supported us for this. We were in here from 3.30 pm to early 5 pm, I’m so annoyed!!!!!!!


8 June, Thursday | I didn’t get to WFH today as we will be leaving the office at 9.30 am to make a move to Telecentre Office which is at Kallang!

(so close to home, but cannot go home 😭)

The original plan was to do training for 2 hours, then have lunch with FSS colleagues, Johnny etc, I didn’t bring my wallet considering we all going to have lunch together horrr

After my boss did an hour of training, then I heard they said to invite another team over, I was shocked. HUH MEANS HE NEED TO REPEAT TELECAST AH?

(inserts another round of the same training)

Later, me: I think you (my boss) can be a lecturer. It was a good repeat telecast!

My boss: ….

I think it was quite interesting to go see their office! They also brought us around their office compound, to see different teams of staff working for various clients and all. I like that they have better agent support, facilities, and all, as compared to previously when FSS handles the calls.

One of my biggest regret today, is not taking pictures of their office and really creating my memories there… Then can bring those pictures back for sharing with the team and others who are interested to see what their place looks like.

When we found out that there is no group lunch, my boss mentions going to a coffee shop to eat.

Me, whispers to K: Oi I never bring my wallet leh

K: haha nevermind, I pay first

In the end, we ordered McDonald’s to deliver to our office, but it was delayed and we had lunch close to 2 pm.

Then after that, it was just a mad rush, I have many things on hand to settle, I also saw SS replied to me. I kept going to K, A, and whoever, to discuss Forms Payment Feature, sibei mafan lor. Then KC suggested having a meeting right now after seeing the commission template I sent over this morning DED

Meet me no use also, I can’t advise on the Finance things…

A and K were super kind to offer to meet up with KC and the team tomorrow at 9 am to restart the conversation on using their Payment Function!

Then back to my core work and follow-up matters, I could only leave work at 6.45 pm ):




Dinner with YT!

We have such good catch ups, I always feel we don’t have enough time together 😭

(I hope she likes the earrings I got her!)


9 June, Friday | I was shoving my tuna sandwich into my mouth hurriedly, and didn’t manage to finish eating them by the time it was time for the first meeting of the day!

9 am to 10 am supposedly: Forms Payment Feature meeting with A, K and SS. Hmm seems like they’re unable to meet our requirement for commission, so that’s hard and there are transaction fees for payment using cards or PayNow via this channel. Heard the rates are higher than what we were offered by another vendor, they are also not keen to change some texts and allow us to customize the report ): SS was insistent on having a running number for receipts/transactions, I really don’t know why…

It ended at 10.20 am and I have 10 minutes to drink water, finish up my sandwich and it was time to jump right into the next meeting…

10.30 am to 12.20 pm: Chatlog Review Cluster Meeting! Not sure how I got into such a bad mood, but I was very angsty when explaining things to L during the chatlog review. Papadom already told her a few times but she still doesn’t get it… There was still a lot of confusion for one of the PHIs, we think L should do a better job as our vendor PM.


(really not a good day to piss me off)

I went back to my desk, cleared a few of Sleeping P’s drafts, and then headed out at 12.40 pm to collect Starbucks. Today is really not my day, we need to pay 10 cents for the paper bags now…

K and I also ordered our lunch from Starbucks, it was a quick meal, and back to work!

Wah I don’t understand how after explaining to P so many times the work processes and clearance needed for Signify, she still doesn’t get it. She sent an email to K and my boss to ask for their inputs, if she can proceed to do sharing with one of the teams, and also if can be used for MCAF. I told her before that she needs to check with the relevant authorities if Signify signatures can be accepted MCAF and not ask the PM to confirm it can be used for documents that indicate “restricted, normal”.

I really v pek chek with her!!!!!!

I was trying to finish the draft for one of the huge complaint MP appeal cases, there are many key ideas to cover in the reply letter, and I want to make sure the scope is adequate. I’m finally done with this draft, and sent it to W to clear and obtained social workers’ clearance that the draft is good to go!

K and I discussed what we need for the poster, and we planned a discussion next Monday with P also to work out the poster. But chances are, I’m doing it largely by myself.

I rushed off for my Dental Appointment at 5.45 pm, I arrived at 5.50 pm oops! The session was uneventful, it cost $190.08.

(expensive horrrr)

The moment I stepped out of the Dental Clinic, I saw YS waiting for me outside. I quickly passed him my stuff and went to the toilet to wash my face and pee.

Then off we go for dinner! We initially wanted to dine at Chimichanga Little India but the shop is fully reserved. I didn’t think they will be this packed, that we can’t get a table. We decided to go for Vietnamese food nearby:



We then walked from Little India to Suntec City for drinks, on the way I was tired and YS started carrying my bag, I brought Alan (my Macbook) to work for the chatbot meeting so it was heavy. He’s so sweet:

Anyway, we were on a bridge path, on our way to Suntec, then an African man (in Business Suit) came to approach us (more of YS) to ask how to get to Promenade Station, so we told him it was the same way we were going. Our destination is actually quite near leh, but we decided to walk with him to the MRT because it can be difficult to find your way there. It was worth it, he was so happy and shook our hands before leaving~

Route 65 with YS🍺❤️

J: you v happy hor, finally can meet


Also, outfit photo:


12 June, Monday | Today was a super busy day, a day filled with meetings!

At 11 am, we have to join in a meeting organized by Group Comms on Bill Estimator! Previously I went to the ideation workshop and the attendees brainstorm ideas together (without thinking about consequences + feasibility)…

Then now the problem is ours. My boss plans to include IVF and circumcision together with OBGYN estimates for our brand-new site, launching in February 2024.

The meeting was 2 hours and very eventful! The biggest hospital’s C suite lao ban is not keen to onboard this, due to the impacts this calculator may bring, in terms of business, complaints, and stuff. I totally agree but my boss is heading in the opposite direction, so we have no choice but to listen and follow.

W and I felt like they should give us the slides ahead so we got some time to look through the information before the session.

I had cup noodles today, and my boss also 😂

(we 苦命)

Then at 2 pm, I got a discussion on Manpower Requisition (MR) with my boss (+ K)! We’re deciding the scope of work for the new executive we’re recruiting, as an FTE replacement as W is leaving at the end of this year ):

I realised I got a lot of things to do, like getting the JD revised and on the correct form template (there is some form revision) and then making sure we added all the add-ons, such as good in “digital communication and integrated media” according to my boss…

K helped to submit an online MR-ish document with the revised JD, and I heard Edna approved it, but HR later told us it is incorrect lol, they need a manual form submission from us for this FTE conversion.

At 2.30 pm, it is the next meeting/discussion! K, P, and I gathered to work out what we want to include in SHM2023 poster for virtual counter transformation with the site and chatbot as the two-methodology used. We needed P to give us the posters created and page views, for the result component in the poster, but Comms will take some time to extract that information.

K and I discussed that we can use what we have, and make it work, maybe from Jan 2022 to Mar 2023 (cut off at the end of FY2022).

K is a Manager, so a bit weird to tell her to do the poster work la, so I will be the one doing most of it, I believe. It is likely that P will be doing nothing, and just nice she is on leave this Thursday and Friday.

I wasn’t panicking (not sure why tho) and planned to get started on Thursday when I WFH, it will be easier coming up with images, and logos for the posters with Canva, adjusting the text boxes, and so on.

(you got this heh)

Core work things, of course still Business As Usual, such as getting a new appeal case to manage.

I brought my Cork bag (made in Greece) to work today. J told me that OL (my work mummy) said my bag looks very nice. I was at my desk the whole day today leh, I didn’t see OL come by, then J told me she took a photo of my bag when I went toilet and sent that to OL HAHAHA




Went for my first scalp treatment and hair care session at Yun Nam!

As Fat Fat went last Friday, her reviews were positive and I also wanted to know how’s my hair and scalp condition. I have been losing quite a lot of hair during showers, and from sleeping (see them on my bed). Am I using the right shampoo and stuff?

My consultant is Stephanie, she’s good and soft-spoken! We did a questionnaire and then scalp analysis, there are some blockages in my hair follicles. Scalp and hair type: oily

No major problems, most follicles have 2-4 hair growing means I’m not balding (THANK GOD)! They told me I can consider coming back once a month for the treatment as a maintenance.

Yes, I bought the package for 10 sessions at $2,160. HEAR ME OUT:

1) First trial is $28, but each session is actually $300.

2) Herbal treatment works, I also felt very relaxed after the session

3) A lot of freebies, such as tonics to help hair growth, shampoo, and hair spray serum

2) Good to take care of the scalp, so that hair loss/balding due to aging will unlikely happen to me since care is in place


13 June, Tuesday | I suddenly remembered that I should submit my Dental bill for claims LOL I conveniently forgot about this yesterday…

Edna approved my appeal draft reply letter yassss but she has some instructions for clinics to do the gatekeeping work. For this, I have to follow up and ensure the tact sounds okay and doesn’t look bad for Edna + my office.

I had Aburi-EN today

(no photo bc I don’t have enough Media space on Wix)

I saw Apple wrote in her enquiry regarding her bill hah, and Faridah’s draft is terrible with errors. HAIYOOOO

At 2ish, I made my way over for open safe duties! Somehow when I’m on Tuesday duty, there will be a new MP appeal letter sent to me, and yes today also…

Haish, really no time to settle things. This whole week will feel like a rekt mess ):

I have been checking in with SS on the use of the Payment Feature on FormSG but then I found her responses rather unhelpful. She also highlighted a few points, which I thought were crucial, and full speed heading my train in those areas without a clear understanding of things/how Finance works.

Apparently, these painful discussions and efforts were for nothing. I belatedly realised and got mad at myself for having poor knowledge and basis in this field. I don’t even know if what people share with me, is even correct or relevant…



14 June, Wednesday | Didn’t know why today I was in such a foul mood, and have to eat this super dry bread thingy (until 5 pm still eating…)

I told Faridah to call one patient, to confirm patient’s address and the subsequent steps are SOP leh, she can still report to me to say what the patient told her, without taking the necessary follow-up actions…

I was so so so annoyed!!!!!!

Edna did not clear my draft from yesterday, and I started worrying that she is unsatisfied with it, slightly later she emailed to seek clarification on one paragraph. She didn’t quite understand it.

I quickly sent the clarification email over, and rushed off to NM room for our PC pledge card meeting! The meeting was from 11.30 am to 12.40 pm, somehow we have lots to discuss, I also tried to build rapport with the HR peeps.

(all the PC stress, for nothing after attending this meeting HAHA)

On our way out of here, Sam asked me about bills in the lift (wah okay). I got his child’s and wife’s particulars, then check and get back to him!

Lunch: sandwich from vending machine (my love!)

Once I found all the information, he came over to my desk to seek further clarification as he was confused and wanted to use staff benefits for his child’s medical bill. It felt like a consultation HAHAHA

“you are expected to know all these ah?”

“errr, ya”

(wonder if he knows what I actually do at work 😂)

I saw Edna is overall okay with the draft, but made many edits… She tried sharing a document with me, but then later attached it via email. Much later, she responded to me, to ensure that it (the letter) is a clean document.

I guess she probably meant the letter printed doesn’t have any strikethroughs or signs of editing. I asked W and J to help me check the printed document, even though I checked many times already but wanted to be very sure all is good.

After they have confirmed, I attached the letter for Edna’s reference and her response

Today, it was filled with a lot of drafting work and checking for MP appeal letters! I covered most of the things. I was wondering what I missed out, shrugged off that feeling and worked on less urgent things. Then Sleeping P reminded me that I still owe her ehints data for a tabulation work she needs to complete.

Wah, not sure why it is taking so long to pull ehints data for two patients’ records. I even went toilet and did many other little things while waiting, and it is still not over???

At 6.05 pm, the report is still not ready so I told J and K to leave without me, it is okay as I think my report will take more time. So, they left.

I left around 6.20 pm, and started texting both J and K. Both of them updated me at the same time that they met Mr. Oh in the lift, he left work punctually which is unlike him. I heard J asked him a lot of questions hahaha

Then later he texted me: Never go back on time? Saw J and K in lift just now

I love the conversations with these three on their earlier encounter where I wasn’t present HAHAHAHA it’s so funny and cute!!!

They’re also my favourites 💕


15 June, Thursday | In the morning, I followed up on my appeal cases, did our chatlog review HW, etc.

After my very angsty conversation with J about stupid things at work, I felt something flowing, and here comes my period…

(that explains all the pent-up anger on PC things, in the past few days)

As my parents were away in Malaysia, I decided to order 4 Fingers for my lunch today. They have fried Maki, I am in love hehe

But also, it was way too much la.

Then most part of the afternoon (about close to 3 hours), I was putting together the SHM2023 poster, like the contents (except for results), making sure the texts were not too wordy, and aesthetically looks appealing. I went to Canva to look up poster layout ideas and stuff, did a bit of digging on our past year's posters, and artwork for our site to add to this piece.

Before I could really knock off from work, I had to go through the most painful and long draft of responding to a doctor on his wife’s bills. Wah I also couldn’t get all the amounts right DED

(update from a week later, the doctor thanked us for explaining and it is much clearer for him now YASSSSS)




Dinner at Grandma’s, she is so cute la~




可怜的我 back to work after returning from Grandma’s…

I thought of going with the header “Digital Shift” to capture attention/focus on the work we’re selling here, as the transition to “virtual counter” doesn’t sound very appealing or attention-seeking enough hah

So glad I used this time to do up the title, so the progress % is higher at this point. Hopefully can settle all these by our intended deadline of 21 June, so my boss can have two days for internal clearance.


16 June, Friday | We made cheese toast for our breakfast today! I brought it to work to eat, it wasn’t as nice, since it isn’t melty and stretchy liao

At 9 am, I met K for our poster discussion! I wanted to run through it with her, maybe take half an hour and go back to do up the changes later. In the end, it was almost a 1.5 hours session together, to change the order of the poster, and ensure it is overall aesthetically pleasing, and K helped with the Results part!

(I couldn’t even add a chart title HELPS)

Before 10.30 am, we were done with the poster! We sent it to our boss to clear (P is out of the picture as she is on leave hah), he has something to add: positive feedback on the live chat experience and also good user ratings.

I didn’t get to catch my breath, and it’s the next meeting: Chatlog Review by us + deconflicting session! This meeting was almost two hours, I was very triggered by L, when I complained that her file is not cleaned up, giving us a lot of issues. She still can ask me back if it is a hypothetical question, come on man fucko, I was being sarcastic.

I completely forgot there is an eFC/eForms kick-off meeting today, fortunately, W helped me to take notes so not too bad!

I sent my MP draft reply letter to Edna, before taking my lunch break. K and I ordered Jinjja for lunch, these days my lunch breaks are 15 minutes break and then back to work ):

After having my lunch, I went to add in what my boss wanted for the poster, make some adjustments for the content, sizing, and stuff, cleared it with K, and then showed it to my boss. He is good with the poster, K and I didn’t want to think about this task any longer, and decided to submit it at the end of the day!

I also adjusted the advertisement content and cleared it with my boss before sharing it with HR. This is when we found out the electronic form submission by K is not correct, we need to submit a Manpower Requisition (MR) form to HR…

We have to go dig out the form from Docupedia, and fill it up correctly. K suggested I check with HR on which column to tick, and comments to add since our MR is for a more complicated situation. This person is taking my role, while I move up to W’s.

Edna approved my reply letter YASSS, letter printed! Then for the rest of the appeal cases I have on hand, I didn’t really have time to catch up on those (guess it’s a Monday’s problem?)

At 3.45 pm, I was rushing out to get to A3 meeting room for our first FTF PC meeting! This meeting is quite an update, it ended at 5.15 pm.

Sam asked about using Institution specific QR codes for the bazaar/digital market activities, but past few years, we use our own QR leh. I have no idea if can or cannot, and also don’t know who I should be reaching out to regarding this. He offered to check this up with the steering committee.

Faridah updated me that she called some lady, and this siao lang started yelling at her, she had to pass it to her boss, which at that point, only my boss is around so he took up the call. He was very firm, and also annoyed by this woman ba

(Update: W told me this case was referred to us, as HL from another office couldn’t handle her, and asked if Faridah could help out. Actually, if HL can’t handle it, should escalate it and not send it to our department to settle. Now, it has become our problem to resolve…)

I finished up some things before leaving the office at 5.53 pm.





(it’s good!) + gave them the earrings I got from Greece!

I love late-night chill with these two 💕✨

We ended up leaving close to 11.30 pm hahaha




Over the weekend, I was upset and just couldn’t let it go. I want more than what we’re doing, but it feels like this thought/feeling isn’t mutual??? After sharing my views + anger, 后来又觉得很对不起。为什么不忍一忍,想想他现在的心情。。。

The good thing is, we both put in the effort to accommodate/change, and we decided to talk more when we meet up. 谢谢你,还有对不起因为我不懂事.


19 June, Monday | Wah early morning, I already angry with Faridah!!!! Based on what we have of the child’s name, there is no grandfather’s name in hers. It was incorrectly updated by staff, and Faridah kept trying to rationalize with me that even though it is uncommon but it happens.

THE POINT IS, WHAT IS THE CHILD’S NAME GIVEN BY PARENTS? We should update what is correct, and not anyhow put, and tell me what is possible.

2 MP letter drafts are ready to go! For one of them, I need W to clear before we can send it for further clearance.

W went to see a doctor in the afternoon, as she wasn’t feeling very well since last night, and my boss took 1 week's leave to prepare for his exams so haha, I am not in a hurry for the letters (hurry also a use).

In the afternoon, I started updating T6C file with Fee Revision changes for Breast, MSC, ENT, etc. Better to update consistently than leave it until the last minute hah, and no point loading it so soon because should be got more updates in the next few days.

There was a case from Friday that we got referred to handle, the lady is expecting a response by Tuesday, and today we have nothing concrete to respond to her. Faridah saw the inputs from the outpatient team, and she just told me: “I don’t understand”. So I have to help her sort this out la OMG ULTIMATE PEK CHEK

I was thinking of sending an email tomorrow to buy us some time.




Ended tonight with Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village, the last episode!


20 June, Tuesday | I was worried that the lady will escalate further if she doesn’t get any update by today, and Faridah is WFH today so I got the interim email cleared with W. This helped us to buy some time!

(She also poor thing la, sick still got all these sai to sort out)

I sent the draft letters I have on hand to K to clear as my boss will be away until next week. A lot of work, really non-stop ):

But really cannot keep sitting in the office le la, I went out to eat lunch at 12.15 pm. As the lunch place is quite near, so I got back to my office at 1 pm.

Then BK asked me to make a cup of coffee for my workplace lao gong, so I took this as a break to declutter my mind haha

I saw an email regarding Sleep Study prices, and before doing up the fee creep changes for T6C, W suggested checking with Ken to confirm the subsidy %. I realised last year I wrote in my notes as 0.5/0.75 but then one year once, I forgot liao LOL

No idea why people even plan meetings at 5 pm, it’s like the most unproductive time of the day?? Thankfully this eForms meeting ended earlier than expected so at 5.45 pm, I can get back to our own work. It wasn’t a very fruitful session imo.

I saw Edna approved the MR request, as well as the two letters I sent her. I will sort those out tmr!




Bili and I went for Yoga, and as our parents are in HK, we have no dinner plans and went to eat at the Naughty Chef!



21 June, Wednesday | I sent an email for further clarification on Sleep Study codes, before proceeding to update the changes in T6C. I like how this Finance guy is so quick in replying yayyyyy

After clearing urgent emails, I printed the two approved reply letters!

We ordered lunch in today, it was quite terrible. J’s noodles were too dry, K’s scrambled eggs were tasteless and the lettuce in my burger kinda stink?? SIANZ

W and I were just chatting about Ward and DTF charges, every year also increase the prices, it (fee creep) should be about soon ba. Then yup, she’s here!

I wanted to get some of this done, so less stress in the few days. However, I couldn’t get much done, as Faridah has a mandarin speaking patient case that needs my help.

Wah I spoke to her for 25 minutes, I tried my very best as lots of the terms/vocabs she used during the call were in Chinese and I had a hard time putting together all her points, as well as the order of events.

Having said that, I also understand where she is coming from, and it was quite a fruitful call even though I may not have noted down all her concerns fully (due to language issues).




I went for my beauty appointment, and later go PLQ to have a late dinner followed by DDDK shopping. Got this baked cheese thingy, seems not bad! I also got strawberry granola, maybe new lunch idea?


22 June, Thursday | Other than catching up on my MP appeal letters and progress, most of today was focusing on Fee Revision changes for T1 and T6C!

W called me during the day, to tell me these changes need to load asap, as Adms colleagues will also need to update their collaterals and make downstream changes too. They also will send us the amounts, and get us to provide maximum subsidy estimates too, hence W wants this to be done the soonest.


W highlighted an error I made, realised I can’t see the difference between 6 and 8…

(my eyesight really worsening)

Reminder to self: don’t be too stressed at work, take breaks, and pace yourself, if not your body will choose when to take a break for you.

Dinner at Grandma’s 💕


23 June, Friday | The most urgent and stressful piece of work to complete, is loading the tables for T1 and T6C today!

W told me to go ahead with T1, then after I complete the T6C changes and load, then she will inform Adms about it (so pending me la)

We went to appeal for the form to be accepted as an authorisation for claims, given the exceptional circumstances. We want to quickly settle and collect $$$, as well as provide closure for the parents as their child has passed.

Wah, there is really lots of work to complete today and I cannot afford to OT, as we are going off at 5.15 pm for an art exhibition!

There were a few PC things, quick headache if you ask me, I plan to just zao and deal with whatever next week instead.





There is a room, with moving patterns and designs. My colleagues are all very excited to get a video of those, me:

(doing mirror selfie things, I know the person next to me btw)

During the second free time segment, there are all these rooms in the yellow house, I found some secret screening room and later asked my colleagues to come to see. We even got free matcha drink heh

This is the last part, we can stay here to see a 40 minutes(??) show:


Credit: J 😘

On our way out, we bought things from their gift shop! I got their mirror, plus one for Apple too hehe!




ABURI-EN with J and K! I love highball~

Earlier, when we were making our way for dinner, a metal bottle dropped from the second floor, and K was super close to it. After that, we got 吓到 ):


24 June, Saturday | Dad’s flight arrived at 8 ish pm while Mom’s is past 12 midnight (who ask dad to pick the wrong flight HAHAHA).

We went to grab dinner at Airport! It is my first time trying Le Shrimp, LOVE IT!!!!!

Also tried Birds of Paradise - Vanilla Fig 😋✨


26 June, Monday | The only comforting fact is this week is a 4 days work week hehe, and I also get to meet Mr. Oh this week, after 500 years!

I printed the approved MP reply letter, and sent a few follow-up emails! Then in the afternoon, I spent most part of my afternoon putting together the reply for one of our major chemo complaint case haishhhh

(I’m so frustrated and annoyed!!!)

I saw the approval email for MSV claims without signatures, but with names indicated in the fields! Will have to discuss this with W tomorrow on how to go about this


27 June, Tuesday | After W cleared the draft email I wanted to send to HL on MSV claims, we got that out of the way.

I quickly cleared whatever emails or tasks I have before the meeting at 9.30 am with a few stakeholders on non-commercial CAR-T treatment! I think we will have quite a few things to follow up on after this call…

I got there earlier, YY talked to me about one case Sleeping P sent…

At 10.40 am, I was making my way hurriedly to the Staff Lounge for PC sub-group meeting, this is for the sports event portion! I got there earlier and Sister came earlier so we talked about one of the cases we sent over to her.

Our actual meeting was quite long imo, it was from 11 am to 12.30 pm as we need to think thoroughly about the activity we’re doing, the game rules, and some of the logistics, facilities and volunteers we need!

As the Marketing Comms staff (Clau) is busy with other things, and these events we’re planning are quite time sensitive, so I offered to help out with the publicity to help move things forward.

Ange didn’t even know I was the Finance Lead hahaha, is it because I do EN activities and also designing work, or is it I got the bimbo vibes LOL

On my way back, I went to grab vending machine toasted sandwich, I got the two different flavours hah, maybe diminishing marginal returns, 1 sandwich last week was good, and today two were mehhhh

I quickly eat then it’s back to my core work!




I did some designing of posters, but aiya I feel like I will always be unsatisfied with my work so I end up refining it multiple times…

Tomorrow have to put more focus, and do up the two entire posters properly so that once the form and deets are ready, all I have to do is to put in all the information!

Hmmm, I am also thinking if I need to dedicate time to do up the Forms too 😢




A much-needed break – Yoga class with John to take my mind off work matters!!!!

(+ the body ache is rabak 😂)


28 June, Wednesday | Wearing new shoes to work, pain la

But pretty shoes~

I brought Alan to work today so that I can do chatlog review HW during office hours since I usually do this task on Thursdays (this week is PH heh)

Once I had that out of the way, I did design work on and off for PC events, and at times I got frustrated, took a break then come back to it again lo

At our lunch meeting at 1.15 pm discussing how to explain the gross B2/C ward charges, I barely said anything hah. I think my boss intends to smoke this patient, but I don’t think she will be convinced la

Two posters done hehe, pending the deets ✌🏻




SOCIAL PLACE with one of my favs

We both left after dinner and belatedly found out we both wanted to grab coffee hah. He is one of the few people who understands my late-night coffee life~


29 June, Thursday | Lunch at ISSHIN MACHI and Coffee Break at VOID CAFÉ ✨✌🏻


30 June, Friday | I don’t know if it’s because of yesterday’s events, I was all over the place today, starting from getting to work at 8.04 am for an 8 am meeting, then realised the meeting is next Monday leh HELPS


The rest of the day, I was just confused and kept making a mess everywhere I went.


The only time I was really concentrating and doing things right was during PC sub-group meeting (third team). As the other key player for this segment is super lost, or maybe more like she doesn’t even bother…

Sam and Sister have to go through item by item with her, and even giving her instructions or contacts she can reach out to for so and so. Wah good life horrrr, sometimes I feel like I should just wait until people sort it out for me la, but I CANNOT STAND IT ONE, I WILL GO FIND ANSWERS

I updated the Cash Flow Statement and also added the new logo + change of contact persons in the Registration Form! I don’t think the Registration Form is my responsibility la, but aiya is for the greater good of everyone in PC committee right?

The only real feedback I got was to reduce the size of the logos in the posters hah

The meeting was from 3.30 pm to 4.50 pm, then I didn’t have much time to do anything, it was almost time to leave le




Pretty lashes + MM with Fat Fat!

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