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March 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1 March, Tuesday | Yesterday evening, dad overheard that I will be making breakfast - Tuna sandwiches for fat fat and myself, so he added himself to the tuna sandwich club (since now he needs to be ready for his online course by 8.30 am these days)! I got up at 8 am and completed breakfast prep!!!!!

Other than checking the cases in the subsidised file and cleared drafts, I also managed to play games and finished up my blog post for February 2022.

Nearing the end of my workday, I saw there is a case where some dude went to submit a small claims tribunal at State Court. OMG SO KUA ZHANG!!!! Wait, is this gonna be my problem tomorrow? 😒


2 March, Wednesday | It's another day of Tuna sandwich morning (I'm not complaining!). I had my breakfast and quickly passed the Bacha Coffee to K!

I have been itching all day to get the approved letter printed heh so when I finally can work on it (and later check it off my list), I was elated !!!

W called me to tell me not to search for the missing dates, finding those files will take time and she said the figures didn't change much so don't bother hahaha!

I finally decided to bring this pair of heels to work and I am loving it!!!!!!!!




We decided to go to Wilkie Edge to have lunch and our colleague D will be joining us, she's so funny hahaha, especially her swimming story! MY FAV MENTAIKO SALMON AND RICE!!!!!!!

We got Starbucks on our way back and K is loving her RB - extra hot!!!!!!

AIYO my boss went to ask Johnny to assure the guy from yesterday's case of small claims tribunal that we will get in touch with him today but my boss is not calling him leh (even though he asked for Finance Director)! He told Faridah to call and honestly, she handled it very well!!!! Initially, we couldn't get hold of him and were worried that he will make even more noise later on. We even drafted the interim reply in case he doesn't ring us back. Thank god he did!




This colleague An loves to push cases to us to follow up even when this patient owes 45k and she should be the one working on it. When I saw her email, I was so sian and annoyed...

The rest of the time, I was clearing drafts and noticed one particular feedback case the staff returned all the signed documents back to the patient and spouse. Now the spouse is upset that they have to sign another copy of the MCAF. WHY DO THEY RETURN THE DOCUMENTS AH???

Then off I go for my IPL session at Centrepoint! I bought a new lotion and promise myself to use it routinely at work from now onwards.


3 March, Thursday | The main event of today is our weekly chatbot meetings! I will need to lead the deconflicting workshop later and I'm not looking forward to it as it will be a very intense discussion...

We noticed Ben removed Sha from the Teams chat so Papadom asked if she resigned. Ben's response was that she was redesignated to another role (rationale: after an internal review of scope etc). During our P2 meeting, they were talking about the coverage and that 1 Project Manager, Ben is not sufficient.

(For greater efficiency at work, I was checking the dashboard for monthly usage and ratings to do up a simple graph. During the previous session, my boss asked for slides to show the changes in usage...MORE WORK LOR)

Then Ben ran through the problem with the Telegram notification and proposed that we get our agents to end those more than 1-month-old chats that weren't resolved, causing it to trigger the notifications. Now, we are pending the list of unresolved Chat IDs and timestamps before alerting the agents.

Tiger Brows suggested that we have a daily system clean-up - to end all live chats that are still ongoing by 2359 hours. We all agreed and Ben needed one representative to put up the request on Jira. When he was asked to nominate someone, he asked for Papadom or me so okay la I offered to do it. Ben will send us a template for it to submit through Jira before the engineers can implement it in production.

We took a 5 minutes break before it was my turn to lead the session!! Ben only replied to me at this point that there is a new file for the deconflict workshop LOL then okay leggo! When we are at utterance #3, I realised it's the same as our previous file???!

I sent a screenshot and later we all confirmed so, Ben then said he will need to check why the changes not flowing to the report. SUS is it he never update the dashboard following his deconflict session weeks back?

I did like 2 (for nothing) and 6 lines, Ben told me to move these changes over and the session ended at 4.40 pm!

Then I did a slide presenting the usage and % of live chat data, but I didn't really like the design of it. I will probably switch it later...

I saw the email from S - still not satisfied with the data W submitted, this is already the third time we re-scrub the data because it didn't meet her expected data insights. Now, she is telling W to check with Ministry on what they really want.


We wasted so many man-hours combing through the data, to hear that it still isn't it!


4 March, Friday | Another day of showing up to the most important (because of the $$) adulting responsibility in one of my favourite dresses!

Side note: dad forgot I'm going to the office today so he bought 1 set of breakfast for fat fat and we decided to split it, including the hashbrown~

W called me to discuss the revised data requirement after W got in touch with Ministry. Most likely we will have manually do and scrub the data again... The number of cases we are looking at is 4,000 + 600 per person lehhh (I WANT TO CRY)

At 10 am, I have to go through Leadership Rounding Secretariat duties with P so that she can ease in smoothly... why is this my problem hor but anyway the session ended up as an hour worth of handover!

Amos's comment: "Rachel is one of our best Alumni"

Me, hearing that for the first time: HUH





I sent the list of unresolved chats and respective staff to the team to do the checking, it will not be an easy task! Resolving the existing problem is one, apparently, I also have to do up some report to ensure in future this does not happen again...


I spent most of my time today fixing things, cases, etc but managed to submit Compliments stats before 4.30 pm YASSSSSS! I gotta clear everything today as I will be on leave on Monday!

Then I head off for my lash lift appointment with fat fat!!!!! After lash lift treatment, we are at our favourite restaurant - Merci Marcel!!!!!


5 March, Saturday | Due to the CNY surcharge, we missed our hair appointment at end of January and finally getting it done today!

Featuring Peacock fat fat!!!!!!


6 March, Sunday | IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I MET UP WITH APPLE!!!!! 💙 I can finally pass her the BTS V card I got from OLENS! She even loves the artsy feels of it hehehe

Our usual Genki lunch followed chilling at Cafe! Apple found Guerilla Coffee that serves Mint Mocha (Peppermint Mocha from SB and only available during Xmas? omg fat fat will love this if it tastes good)


I'm loving the interior, we both agreed it has the Haru and One Day vibes!!!

Apple ordered Mint Mocha and I got my basic ass drink, Iced Cafe Latte.

US TOTALLY ENJOYING CAFE CHILL, I think we sat here the longest hahaha, and did some people watching too.

How can we just come to Guerilla for a cup of coffee and that's it?!?! CROISSANT and LEMON LOAF (this is da bomb!) and Americano with Mint!!

Apple and I are both coffee lovers, I suddenly brought up Bacha Coffee and she said "yes I'm drinking that now" omg telepathy horrr and she got me Bacha Chocolate coated Coffee Beans for Xmas (okay xiao overdue)!



7 March, Monday | I finally ran my errand! I have been calling Standard Chartered since CNY and also submitted my request using their App twice but no one ever gets back to me. Why is it so hard to close my JumpStart Account???

I went to the Harbourfront outlet and got it done in less than 15 minutes!!! YASSSS

$4,082.90!!!!! The interest I earned in a year is only 82 bucks leh...

Then I went to Plaza Singapura to meet YS for HDL (we planned this since Jan???) YS deserves to eat more since we went for blood donation earlier but I didn't HAHAHA (last-minute cold feet)


Since our late lunch ended earlier, I decided to go grab Chateraise Cream Puffs for Grandma and drop by her house since I'm in the area. YS 陪我 go Chinatown Point to walk before he goes home.

I went to Grandma's and she made 2 cups of coffee for me (why right? I don't know man). The 2nd cup I dabao home!!!


8 March, Tuesday | It's a pain to return to work because I have so many things to follow up on! Also, I am working from home today and it took 1 hour for the remote network to fully update my inbox... I took some time to read through the emails I missed and there is one follow-up email of an MP appeal case from December 2021 (strange much)!!

After I have obtained the data and information, I was playing with the charts and now have to sit through eFC Design meeting on cost allocation/funding decisions. W told me she will not be joining since it's on funding and I agreed it's way above my paygrade so I left. I also got K to leave, we decided to let my boss listen 就好!

W was checking the thousand over cases used to derive ANT estimates and found 2 cases with some large discrepancies. Checking one of the cases made me realise that there are some cases I marked as "not in file" that are actually in the file?!??!? WOTS so now I am doing the clean-up and can't enjoy my lunch break...

I felt so bad for messing this up (more than the data already is) but I really couldn't find it when I did the searches sobs...

I ate my McDonald's lunch while watching "Genie in a Cup", this show is so funny!!!!!

Later in the day, I saw an email on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from my boss, and HOD, S! PE Office is asking if we want to take up this feedback system, and honestly, I don't really think it's worth it given that the administrative work + $$ >>> the benefits of easy tracking of cases and stats reporting!!! I took quite some time to put together my thoughts into words and drafted my proposed reply, but hesitated to send it to W for her comments (not sure why actually, maybe I wanted to read it through again before proceeding??)



9 March, Wednesday | K got us Starbucks’s new drink but she personally didn’t like the drink very much!!!

As I was busy with the emails in my inbox, I did not have the time to eat my breakfast until much later…

I saw the reply from W mentioning she is not keen to get on this new implementation from PE Office – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)! I also agreed with her that because it doesn’t streamline our processes, the cost would be more than the benefits so NAY NAY!

Their workflow is incorrect, they are routing all the billing-related cases to us to handle yet in their workflow, they mentioned they help to gather inputs and respond accordingly (BULLSHIT LA)! We are also worried that PE Office might ask us to update the closures for them if we share the same system and access.

I drafted my responses and replied to the loop!

Then shortly after, W updated that she is C+ and on 5 days HL! I hope we all survive okay for the rest of the week!!!!!

I cleared drafts, and we are waiting for pending inputs for cases. I also did some updates to the chatbot deck of slides.

Char and I decided to eat MOS Burger today for lunch and also dabao for J since she also feeling it and lazy to head out in the hot sun?? We also got Flash Coffee heh

My boss came to my table to ask me to attend this SPAN meeting on 16 March, I was very hostile and asked a bunch of questions before agreeing to sit in the meeting (attitude much).

At 2 pm, Papadom and I went to Level 4 to help provide technical support to the team of live agents as they don’t seem to be able to end the unresolved chats. One of the PA team staff called me yesterday to highlight the screen time out issue, so I worked on getting an engineer to fix this, while Papadom took screenshots of the live agent dashboard (unresolved chat not found at “on-going chats”).

I went to swap the devices and Kendric later showed up to work on the ISS laptop, while I was still having a conversation with YS outside my office! I also asked Kendric to remove an old shortcut so that it wouldn’t confuse the live agents moving forward!

I did a check before, and noticed that the deconflict session (Feb session okay) isn’t showing up in the dashboard and Ben has not gotten back to us on the outcome! I felt like he isn’t doing his job well, we have to follow up on everything for this shithead…

I finally got the time to sit down with uninterrupted time to do up the tabulation of bills and their respective payments! It takes quite a lot of time and focus but I’m glad I got this more or less out of the way! We are waiting for one last GIRO payment posting for the month of February 2022, and the letter should be good to go!


10 March, Thursday | *missing content because Wix encountered an issue saving my work 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭*

I joined the chatbot meeting slightly later today and missed the first part of what they were discussing LOL! Then Ben asked if Papadom has more information or got confirmation of the error screen from more than 1 live agent, and she kept quiet… (of course, 1 staff will not be a good representation of the error!)

One of the hospitals helped to download and put up the chatlog review file, so I thought they will be leading the session. Instead, Papadom is doing it today! She isn’t engaging the audience and sounded like she was just talking to herself?? To be fair, we weren’t participating very much too hahaha, she’s boring…

YS was able to get his staff/live agent to find the chat and end it, but it doesn’t work for us!!! We have 6 agents to sort out this problem leh 😭

He sent me the screenshots and I forwarded them to K to help me get the affected live agent to provide me with the reports I need so that KR can check further!!!!


11 March, Friday | It’s a blessed morning because dad got us McDonald’s breakfast!!! Gonna feature my hashbrown here~

Char’s bakery delivered Rasberry Yogurt Tart and some Oatmeal Tart today!!!

I personally love her Rasberry Yogurt Tart 😍😘

As I am too full for lunch today, we decided to have Yakun and I got Tuna Toastwich!

We went to grab snacks from NTUC and the bill came up to $27 when we got all those less than $2 items omg haha! We also got Starbucks before heading back to our hell!

I overheard Papadom going to L4 for something so I texted her to confirm and she said she’s going to get a screenshot of the live agent’s dashboard LOL. I told her actually I already asked K if she can help us to get the team to update us on their status. I provided them the examples of the screen I need (thanks to YS!) and already got 3/6 agents’ reports!

At 3 pm, I am scheduled to have a walkthrough discussion with Ben on the Add Feature Request! Ben asked earlier on Teams if we can have a quick trial and error session with the engineer in the call, to find out what is the exact problem we are facing. The engineer, Larry is from Vietnam, Papadom and I are having a hard time trying to catch what he is saying. Not sure why Papadom has to make it even more complicated by talking a lot to complicate matters…

Once this agenda is out of the way, Ben and I went through what is needed for the Add Feature request! He covered what to write for “Success Metrics” and “Acceptance Criteria”, plus reminded me to add a simple liner for UI Mockups – what the chat would show for chats that were ended by the system automatically! (got a lot to consider I guess??)

I later sent the file over for his checking before submitting it via Jira when I got home!


14 March, Monday | Today I felt like a truck ran over me, it was horrible!!!! The final GIRO payment is finally in, so I have been checking many times on the reply letter and tabulation, going back and forth to K to get her signature or clearance. It was so painful la!

The good news is that W is back from her 5 days HL (until Sunday), and we can finally clear all the pending items that needed her clearance. I also want to bring up the $43.20 problem and seek her advice on how to respond to that query.

I saw an eFC email, asking why this counsel code doesn’t work or is not found in SAP! I am not sure why leh, then W replied later to share that my office was not informed to do the creation and asked when was the request forwarded to us! Once we confirmed we did not receive the request, it went to Finance, W stopped replying nor did she tell me to act on it. I was thinking she is probably too busy with all the emails in her inbox – we are all waiting for her HAHAHA, she must be feeling so overwhelmed!!! I decided to give counsel code creation a try, but was very unsure along my way into the task sobs! Char and I went to Owls for lunch today and also decided to get Flash Coffee (even though we agreed to stop for a month following the Lizard-Waffle incident!). However, we are too tired today and roped K into this. The reason being: “we too tired, sua we are getting Flash”! K wanted it too, she said she is super tired today. We managed to clear all the pending nonsense as W is back on the team, other than the 20 cents problem, W shared with me that she will need to look further into it. We think our HOD doesn’t want to own up to the faults in the setup and push us to clean up the mess!! I heard from J, she is very sick... She has been seeing different doctors and was on MC on and off but did not recover… POOR THING LA


15 March, Tuesday | WFH morning with Granola + Milk!!!!!

Upon getting the confirmation from W that we have all the information needed in the email for counsel code creation, I started checking through what I did. I sent my file over to W for her checking and I’m so glad I got the concept right!!!!!

W told me to include the flat rate drug of $22.62 to the “Hosp_Charges” where the consultation fee is residing. I do not have to backdate the effective date since we were only informed of this yesterday hah so it will be 20220315. W also told me to do the loading once I have added the amount!

Then the loading hit an error!!!! The [H_Normal] is higher than the [H_Complex] so we added another $23 to [H_Normal] to give us the [H_Complex]. I also learned I can only do remote loading by putting the file at (D) drive (reminds me of HCC days!!!!)




YS updated me that he’s C+!!!!!! I hope he’s doing okay!!!!

After working hours, I went to work on the healthcare financing poster! I found a not-too-bad design to start off, however, it was so difficult to find the tiger that Sky used?!?! But somehow with the right filter/search, I found it! The image just needs a little flipping and we are all good! Then I decided it is enough for today!


Saw this at the restaurant and the first person I thought of is YS!!!


16 March, Wednesday | Today’s greatest mishap was doubling checking out my Starbucks order! The moment Char and I finished our McDonald’s lunch, we rushed to Wilkie Edge Starbucks to tell them to hold the 2nd repeated order. They shared that they only received my order once, and never encountered double charging for orders before. They had to consult their store manager on how to handle this and I was presented with 3 SB VOUCHERS WOOHOO!!!!

My boss asked that a few of us attend the SPAN meeting which is a platform for us to hear feedback from staff, patients, and the public on our business services. We headed up to Conference Room for this meeting, THERE WAS A LOT OF FEEDBACK!!!! I’m not very sure if it’s even constructive LOL

45 minutes into this session, I couldn’t stand not doing anything and decided to run off and grab an ISS laptop so that I can work on the healthcare financing poster, but more importantly, redesign the chatbot banners. THEY LOOK SO UGLY LA WTH, who let me let those designs go online!?!!!!

P has been pestering me for the healthcare financing poster, erm so I am finally doing something up!!! I was done at about 5.30 pm, haish…

Noteworthy comment: after the SPAN session, my boss asked OL what are the current and common reasons for patients to go to our counters. She shared that most are related to requests for bills and she added further her frustration. The system isn’t even available to provide all the bills on HH or HB, yet we have ceased sending all bills. This becomes a problem for both OL’s and my team, we are expected to firefight this and eat the shit of poor decision-making by management – ridiculous! I tried to feedback on this problem to my boss weeks back but he quoted to “avoid PDPA issues”, that’s a staff issue la if they are doing their work incorrectly. He should tell his staff to pull up their socks instead of finding such stupid solutions that affect patients’ experience and other competent teams in the office!!!!!

I am so glad that OL is so straightforward about her views on this! I even joined in to say I agree! Not sure if my boss will really take any action or not, but at least I am not the only one on this journey of “protest” (more like justice please).


17 March, Thursday | Unfortunately, today’s eFC meeting is on but also thankfully it ended before 11:30 am yasss, when our calendars are blocked until 1 pm.

At 2:30 pm, the cluster chatbot committee invited 2 healthcare institutions to share our chatbot journey! Tiger Brows and WL prepared for the meeting but I must say, they are terrible presenters!!!!!! I think even I can do a better job, please!

After we confirmed the attendees include one of the institution’s CFO, Papadom unmuted to share something (can’t remember what) but it wasn’t necessary?? I guess she just wanted to be heard/remembered by the bosses LOL

As the meeting overran, I decided to jump to our usual chatbot meeting Zoom call at 3:45 pm. Papadom entered the call shortly after and as we were waiting for representatives from all 3 institutions to join the call, there was a short awkward silence. Ben apologised ahead that his son may suddenly cry out really loud when he needs something or is hungry.

Then I asked what is his son’s name (Ben said “Liam” with so much accent, I didn’t know it was Liam until he typed the name in the chat) and carried on the conversation on whether this is his first child (his answer is yes). Hmm, am I nailing this small talk thing?? It seems like I can do small talk well HAHAHA

1 weeks’ worth of chatlog review is a walk in the park, and done in 15 minutes!!!! Chatlog review ended at 4:06 pm then we started discussing future meeting arrangements (chatlogx3, deconflict). Right after the meeting ended, I am back to my work!

I cleared the drafts and finally finished writing the final comments for my team’s appraisal after weeks of procrastination! Then I realised they indicated 5% for “Others” but never keyed in anything, I can’t be grading them with 95%! I decided to ask them to amend it tomorrow when I see them in the office, it is easier this way (if not, need to keep sending it back for amendment…)


18 March, Friday | I didn't bring any breakfast today because Char's bakery got Chocolate Tart and Custard Tart!

I love the Chocolate Tart, it's so good!!!!!!

The first thing I did today was releasing the appraisal documents back to Faridah and Sleeping P! I have to go through with them to remove the 5% from "Others" and redistribute the weightage. After adding in my final comments, I released them to W for her assessment!

I have 2 MP appeals - not fully closed. One is a follow-up on Means Test while the other, we are still waiting for the outcome for assistance from MOM.

We got a new MP appeal case, asking for financial assistance after moving to A1 ward type following de-isolation. HOW TO HELP YOU BRUHHH (reason to move ward: daughter cannot stop talking)

YS called me after lunch to talk. Oh dear, he sounded so different and unwell. He must be bored to death having nothing to do, or can't leave his home. We talked for 13 minutes and then he suddenly asked if I was at home. "Nope, I'm in office leh", YS made sure to end the call soon since I should not be slacking off at work.

There isn't a lot of work for me today but I also can't put my mind to revising FC or tidying up the notes. However, I did tidy up my table, the in-tray, and stuff. Faridah asked if I was leaving the job (and packing up). Later I texted Siti to tell her "I can't wait to leave" and she thought I'm leaving my job WOTS GUYS

Here before I left for the day, HealthHub support team replied to me and here we go following up with Health Buddy support team!

TIM HO WAN Dinner with Char 😎

Loving my hagao!!!!


21 March, Monday | Most of the things I’m handling are still pending outcomes for some items, so not much to clear today! The night before I didn’t sleep very well because of the ache on my left jaw and also tummy problems…

Since I wouldn’t get any better, I decided to take the afternoon off and see a dentist for my wisdom tooth (plural: teeth).

Consultation with Dr. Chung

He speaks to me like a kid hahaha (is it because my face looks chubby?) and explained quite thoroughly about my current condition. He did not push me to go for the surgery, what he offered in the interim is medication for a few days and I can decide later if I want to go for the operation. I quite decisively told him, “yes”. It is between today or tomorrow. Initially, I wanted tomorrow but worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep + the take-home meds to eat when I will probably need to purchase again after the surgery (more cost??). SO I MIGHT AS WELL, DO IT NOW!!!!

He suggested not to do both lower at once, due to the complexity of the surgery, also I still got one side to chew if I only did the one on the left (I mentioned pain). He said since the tooth is barely out of my gums, it is likely an infection, which explains my 37.1°C body temperature when I am normally at the lower 36°C!!! I was concerned about taking too many MCs and it’s quite a huge break from work leh, Dr. Chung then suggested doing my right lower wisdom tooth in 2 months’ time!

Feels good to see the whole tooth removed and clean gums woohoo, but I will need to go through this whole thing again in 2 months’ time??? To remove the right lower…

The bill came up to $1.7k for the removal of 1 wisdom tooth! I only paid $400++ from my saving as $1,250 can be claimed from my MediSave! YASSSSS


Dr. Chung asked if he can take a photo of it to show his colleagues because of how unique it is. It was very difficult to remove too, we couldn’t see the hook in the X-ray!

I will be seeing Dr. Chung on Sunday at 1 pm to remove the stitches!

I don’t pray, but this time I pray that it doesn’t hurt too much during the recovery because I can do a lot in these 4 full days!!!!

I went home, showered, log on to my work laptop – Andrew, and cleared my emails. More importantly, set my automatic reply to:

Thank you for the email. I am away and will return on 28 March

The life of eating soft and mushy food begins!! This is absolute hell for me because I am the kind of person who talks about having texture in food…


Porridge life chose me… but Mom and Grandma made sure all my meals tasted great so I survived 5 days of mushy food/porridge life!

On 27 March 2022, I went for my appointment with Dr. Chung and got my stitches removed WOOHOO!!!!! I told Dr. Chung about my headaches and discomfort, he told me to take my medication if the headache is too much to bear. I was so breathless on my cab home and almost vomited when I got home, I didn’t have an appetite too. No idea why I’m feeling liddis, but hopefully all these will pass…

Side story: I requested to follow JP on Instagram and she finally accepted it after 2 days, but better than never. She doesn’t look so pretty in the past, maybe is really 女大十八变. Her long term boyfriend really win liao lor


28 March, Monday | My boss planned a briefing for other stakeholders on Non-Resident Surcharge at 8 am today! I came to work earlier to attend the briefing in the office, I didn’t sleep too well due to unknown body discomfort and woke up way before my alarm at 6.30 am…

K texted me this morning that she wouldn’t be going to the office (to make the call) and will WFH today! She asked if I can call the spouse for her instead. I do not think I got the time leh, today is the day I return from 5 days MC…

The briefing was okay, but I saw my inbox:

J commented on my 不好看的脸 = I don’t look to be in a good condition (TRUE FOR TODAY)

Then she proceeds to angst because her computer is under quarantine, and she was away on MC for the past 3 days. We both got so much to chiong today and her PC doesn’t want to cooperate. J was very stressed out until she managed to borrow a corporate laptop that she could view her emails and start on something first!

I told OL of J’s angsty mood today, OL told me to better siam her until J is in a better mood HAHAHA

Okay no more nonsense update, I have many items to follow up on, such as HH HB support queries, appeal cases, and drafts, etc. At 9:24 am, I got another new MP appeal case to work on!

I saw an email from Faridah asking to claim time off for overtime of 55 minutes on Friday evening. I am honestly very okay with her claiming time off since she did do OT la, but then non-exempt staff can only claim OT pay. Time off is only for Exempt staff, plus her request is not in line with the OT compensation guidelines – she needs to seek approval for OT first before actualising it!

The other thing that I found unjust, it made sense for her to try to clear her work on Friday as is she is on leave today. This is a matter of choice than a need for OT due to work requirements! After consulting W, I replied to her with reference to HR’s P&P on Overtime!

Okay clearing out most of the tasks on my list, I went to Tekka to grab lunch with J! She told me not to have coffee since I was feeling unwell already. I decided to get a Nutmeg drink and $6 western food but ate only half of it…

I looked at Faridah’s MP draft, it’s missing elements! Then I need to redraft it again and again… It is also when I was doing this, the IT team came to help J with setting up her laptop. This PC to laptop switch took so long!!!!

*J couldn’t do any of her work, and ends up having random chats with me!!!!*

We extended our conversation about my hooked tooth to OL and BK and they ended up looking at the bruise on my left jaw!

OL: looks like chicken feet (referring to my tooth)

In conclusion, work still didn’t get easier… BUT I’M LEAVING NOW!



29 March, Tuesday | Featuring a picture of my nails from yesterday’s dinner place!

Today I received a new appeal case at 9ish this morning and after checking under every possible pebble or stone, I couldn’t find the person this mother spoke to on her concerns?? I am very confused… It is also a case with FC issues because Adms refused to do their due diligence despite W explaining the importance of it on multiple occasions.

I recalled we have a circular on backdating subsidies for non-SC children following their successful application to SC. I will need to call this mother to find out more tomorrow!

Initially, I thought there will not be a meeting on EES 2021 Review since our HOD, S did highlight she couldn’t make it. SO RACHEL DID NOTHING FOR EES!

Later in the afternoon, we went through our regular department meeting agenda and that’s about it! One of the agendas was chatbot update! Papadom filled up the slides that I created and added the stats and data, but did not give me a copy!

I also realized she did not update me on last week’s meeting that I missed! I also mistakenly went to upload the file for chatlog review but it was discussed in the last meeting that it will be the deconflict session. She's really hoarding info???

I did not say a single word for chatbot update, it’s like free credit for Papadom to showcase “her work”!

After the usual items, suddenly my boss asked me to walk everyone through the EES results! *I NEVER PREPARE WTF*

I still needed XY to share her screen and there were times people are asking me for interpretation of data, answers, and action plans. I calmly went through and took occasional pauses to go check things up.

K said I did well, yay! (but I also need to spend time on this piece of work, PTSD from 2019 EES Review…)

While we were in our department meeting, I saw there are 2 more appeal letters OMG! At about 4.30 pm, I decided to self-dismiss from the Zoom call to focus on my work HEH (yes, I got an attitude)

I sent out all the investigation emails and also cleared the draft items. There is still plenty to look into, and the appeal cases are far from completion.

Earlier today, I adjusted the poster based on MarComm's comments. Initially, I was very upset at the way the suggestions were delivered. They sounded absolute and condescending but Rachel needs to maintain her EQ at work! I sent over the revised artwork and expanded on 3 points. I am more concerned about MarComms, JT’s comment that it should be “HealthBuddy” without a spacing.

I saw on an official website, that it is what I have always been using - “Health Buddy”. I politely seek clarification from JT! Let’s see the outcome, guess we have to take their artwork advice since they are way more experienced in this than us (me).

My boss called me to ask if I am keen to go for some Leadership course (3 days go play games only?!). I said I wanted to reply to him but hasn’t done so, despite not really knowing what this course is, I am up for it! My boss asked October okay?

“Huh, October very far away leh”

“August can?”

“Okay lor”

While YS was on the phone with me to ask about deconflict session + work talks, my boss called me again!!!! I texted him and found out it’s about my dietary restrictions hahaha, the answer is 没有 I should probably join YS for yoga next Tuesday and work on my health!


30 March, Wednesday | J texted me yesterday to check on me since I told her about my recent health problems (more like pains: since they are not problems at this point yet). She is very sweet hor and also asked her boss, K if I can don’t make the trip for safe duties since I wasn’t very well on Monday.

Rachel still going for her safe duties! It’s fun and I wanted to go to Cheers to buy things heh

J gave me a packet of Ribenna❤️

I was on the phone checking some work stuff with W then our call ended in less than 8 minutes (we haven’t talked for more than a week?) because I need to rush off liao!

Once we got back from Safe duties, I had my special breakfast that cost $5.30:

I made a quick call to the mandarin speaking lady to update her on her insurance claimed bill/refund status!

I will need some undisrupted time to check the two approved appeal letters that Edna approved yesterday! Then close the necessary loops or initiate follow-ups by relevant parties such as Clinic means-testing.

There are a few cases that I need to send chaser emails such as my MOM appeal cases and the HH/HB issue! Wah really I have never-ending things to do…

I had wanton mee today but only could eat half of it SOBS!!!! (I was hungry in the late afternoon and snacked, probably regret it later when my tummy aches)

As a caution from severe tummy aches, I have not been drinking coffee this week at work! Not sure how, but I survived!!! I was productive even though I didn’t have caffeine for the day! (little wins?)

Featuring me wearing my new lip colour from Romand, MIDNIGHT

Papadom wrote a long email and attached the slides I did for chatbot to PA team to share on increased usage and applaud them for their v good ratings thus far! My boss also commented on their excellent work.

I overheard Sleeping P and Faridah talking about this in Malay, probably wondering where am I in the picture when I did a lot for this project. HAHA YES BUT AIYA REALLY JUST SIAN LOR

I am also doing this for other colleagues, such as P for the poster design but she gets the credit…

I felt this is an appropriate time and opportunity to applaud my team for their efforts so here goes:

Great job there! Yes, please let (Papadom) or myself know if there are any issues or feedback.

Would also like to take this opportunity to thank Faridah and (Sleeping P) for their continuous effort in managing live agent duties since chatbot launched in August 2020 :) 

(later my boss also thank them for willingly piloting this)

Who is the real winner here? Besides, I think I am a better boss than my boss is!




I went to the washroom and came back to hear Mary called me, she is not very happy (because of how Group Comms is handling this) so okay I need to por her a bit later. Overall, she was still nice to me (seems to remember me even though we met like twice only irl). Later when we checked, it seems like the mother is successfully registered as the NOK on 22 March. The issue was raised earlier than that, maybe she can now see her child records on HB?? I am getting Sleeping P to call the mother to check with her.

Adms colleagues, LL called Faridah and talked about some issue with NEONATE NEW counsel code but I didn’t get the question! W was busy and wasn’t contactable so I spoke to LL to ask her to send us an email, it is easier to understand the issue.

I gave W a heads up via WhatsApp, then shortly after LL sent me an email “as discussed…”.

The thing is we never discussed anything, I don’t even know what her question is actually LOL HELPS (W will understand when she sees it tomorrow??)

When it was almost the end of the workday, my boss came to speak to Faridah to talk about the Taiwanese case. Of course, Faridah can’t speak to her la, and I also didn’t pick up this case needs a mandarin speaking staff to attend to, until my boss showed up at our desk physically.

Due to time constraints + limitations of my Chinese vocabulary, we decided to seek OL’s help tomorrow (since I will be on WFH). I texted OL on my way home, and she very much agreed to help me yayyyy

Rachel’s self-evaluation of command of the mandarin language: 我们帮你submit 你的 bill了

OL commented that it is the same for her too HAHAHAHA but seriously simple ones I can la, but how to fill up and function of MCAF, I really CMI!!!

Before I left for the day, I sent out the EES email follow up (hope my tact is sufficient and will not offend S that we kinda had a preliminary EES discussion yesterday liao)

Dear all

Thanks for the preliminary review yesterday on EES results. K and I will deep dive into the data, especially on the opportunities. Please feel free to add your suggested action plans to the table below or if I missed out any points from yesterday. 


We will have a discussion in detail during our next fortnightly meeting, thanks!


31 March, Thursday | First thing I saw in my mailbox is that there are issues with some counsel codes upon removal of B2+ ward type for Women. This will be such a huge headache for W (and me, eventually) …

W called me at 9ish am to update me that she will not be joining the eFC meeting later on ETBS view as she needs to focus on the implementation of B2+ changes, it is with effect from 1 April 2022!

She said she will share with me what she did and guide me through when she is done. I was glad that W shared that it’s difficult for her because all these maintenances are done once in a while and she can’t really recall (so I guess I am not the only one struggling with solidifying FC work??)

She also said she will check the problem LL highlighted yesterday YAYYYY

(how am I going to survive without W?)

Knowing that she is busy, I sent her emails about the cases that I need her advice and this is a good plan because sometimes we are too busy with our work to talk on the phone.

ETBS view discussion was just to ask what each organization prefers for the layout which most people picked #1 and I just listen only, and “orh” then update W.

I was looking into drafts and working on my appeal letters. It is such a headache to work out the explanation for the under-counseled PID amount (bc Adms just “try” to remember to pump in the amounts, and don’t make it a consistent effort) …


After Tuesday’s review of EES results and preliminary discussion of action plans, followed by my email update and S’s suggestion this morning to engage our staff (bc staff engagement index fell) etc.

Then I received Papadom’s text at 12.07 pm:

SHE WENT TO SPEAK TO HER TEAM ALREADY??!??!! WTF we haven’t firmed up anything. It was just a suggestion??? Plus I already said clearly in my email that K and I will deep dive into the results and opportunities, and that we will discuss them in detail in our next department meeting. I don’t understand what she doesn’t get…

I quickly texted K to update her and K was speechless… We were both so angry that we kept cursing in our own minds.

All these EES data studies and analysis, coming up with strategies, and action plans need to clear with bosses before we proceed, AND SHE GO TELL HER STAFF LIAO! If she is unsure how EES results and action planning is done, please clarify it with us first instead of rushing into things.

I texted my boss to highlight this to him first, as a heads up! He sighed and also said the same thing as me that all these need to clear with bosses.

After I told her what she did was wrong and reckless, she was so scared and went to speak to our boss + texted her team:

Team whatever we discussed earlier we keep within us first

I asked what did she share with her team and her replies were:

I actually nva deep dive into the ess comments...but rather asked them if they have issues that are persistent etc. I spoke to (my boss) also...he said nvm we wait for next Bo meeting

Separating I went to dig out information by asking Siti and what she shared with the team was a lot more than she declared:

She talk abt wfh team coordination
N she also talk abt if we go pa n learn wat they doing
N ask abt leave
Then say abt the ess issue
She say every month do roll call

She even told them about our suggested action plans and all!!!!! My concern is that if in the end, our suggested action plans changed, then it will seem like we are not honoring our words. This will just bring us more problems than we already have!!!!!

My personal opinion is that she wanted to use this opportunity to shine, by replying to S on her team’s findings within the same day. Probably to show she is very prompt and takes this whole EES very seriously. She was too eager to impress bosses!!!!!

I was super upfront with my boss about what I think and his reply is so funny:

I don’t even have the time to look into EES (when I am the OIC + K) due to overwhelming work but someone apparently has nothing on her plate LOL, so fast can go gather her team in the conference room for this conversation.

It’s not her privilege nor her place to be sharing EES related things with her staff 🤬🤬🤬




As I was on 1 week MC last week and missed the chatbot meetings, I couldn’t help but asked during Phase 2 meeting (with different hospitals’ 老板们) the reason for splitting the form and also mentioned using the acronym “BUS” to guide users through the virtual eFC process JC is pushing for! Maybe he didn’t expect me to question him hah, but really hor “BUS” is not very intuitive and not telling of our services (it’s healthcare, not transport)

JC is not very receptive to feedback, but I will still share my views (don’t later say, I never say)

During the short break of 20 minutes before the next meeting, I quickly sent out the email reply to request for SC approval document, in addition to the screenshot that shows the SC application date.

Then we are back to our deconflict session! YS is leading this session and we realized we have so many problematic MediSave related ones, and this is why we decided to go in-depth to review this in the next week’s session.

YS was then speeding through the later ones, and my mind was somewhere else liao hahaha.

There was one particular utterance that was wrongly parked under “Bill Request”, and Ms. J refused to change it to the right intent because they have the answer to this question under Bill Request. So, I explained that we should train the utterances based on the intent, not based on which intent can answer the question. We should improve our answers if the correct intent’s response does not address the query.

Ben stepped in to echo what I shared, that we should group utterances based on intent and not answers. Ms. J continued to insist and doesn’t seem to get it, even when I already provided a suggestion of how to enhance our answer under “Bill Enquiry”. Eventually, Tiger Brows stepped in to say she will take this offline with Ms. J as she has no issue going with what I suggested YASSSSSS

Then I am back to sitting in my multiple messes for my appeal cases, there are so many things to look out for and the cases are also not straightforward. CAN I RUN AWAY????

At 6ish pm, I replied to MOM on his email query if we will refund the employer once the CAF payment is released. I am unsure if he means by payment released, as in once the amount is confirmed and approved, or when they actually send us the money? So I asked and clarified that if it is the first case, we will need to seek management approval to proceed with the refund.




I’m watching THIRTY-NINE and I’m crying buckets!!!!!!! Super love this k-drama! ❤️❤️❤️

I will write about my thoughts and feelings in my April 2022 – Adulting post!

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