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March 2023 - Adulting

3 March, Friday | We're back from Japan! I was thinking of sleeping before having dinner, but then decided to do some unpacking and blogging my adventures ((:


4 March, Saturday | Today is our D&D, it has been three years since we had it! We're all excited, K already sent me a picture of her glitter nails, and I also did mine too hehe

I met J and MK at the MRT station, this is my first time chatting with MK, and I think I really can click with aunties haha. We then head over to LV, as K and the gang were there shopping!

At LV ✨

(wearing Fat fat's heels, and idk the girl behind me)

While MK and J were chatting, I took this picture! I thought J didn't hear what I said, but she heard, after they were done with their conversation, J said "ya, take picture right?!"


J looks angry hor, but she just looks liddis by default.

I sent K this picture, to tell her where we are, and the first thing she said when she saw us, was "I also want to take picture!"

So here we go!

We met up with the rest, and took mandatory D&D shots, before heading to Table #97!


The sad thing is I sat far from J and K ): so no chio selfies with them, but I did have a great catch-up with DH and JW, plus XY! (As for Charissa, not so ba)

FOOD!!!!! (probably the main reason I came today hah)

(missing the noodle dish pic)

Event Line Up:

Scroll to see more, felt somewhat like we are clubbing hahaha!

Then before they took a "family" photo, we zao liao! My feet hurt so much, and I slowly made my way home.


6 March, Monday | I took 6 days AL, should be okay hor

(okay can)

While I was going through my emails, I saw my boss texted me to ask if the budget of $x for culinary events is enough. Wah once I'm back, he so fast asking me liao

In one of the emails, I saw Faridah got the dates (such as the year) wrong and even sent the letter to EL and Joyce to clear. First, she did not check who is the coverage that week whenI shared with her the email laio, and also did not ensure all the information is correct before sending it for vetting. W and my boss wouldn't go check all the small details, they only clear the general content and language. I have never made such a mistake and was quite shocked to see this whole situation unfold right before my eyes (1 week late tho hah).

W needed some data, so I was pulling ehints data for surgical codes and needed to do vlookup and all. It took so long to churn out the report...

I didn't have the time to go for lunch today, and decided to just eat cup noodles for lunch instead! I also needed to squeeze in some time to pack and distribute the snacks I got for my colleagues + work friends!!

I went to Finance to drop off some stuff for Finance peeps, and went to Mr. Oh's desk, hmm his desk looks slightly different and I took a double take. Then suddenly I saw someone's head moving behind his seat, and I got a shock 😢

(Suddenly 小胆)

Today is really clearing emails day, then following up on the things I was doing before I went on the trip, STRESS we have quite a few FC tasks leh

Faridah also kinda ended her follow-up on MP appeals, so I am doing up one of the reply letters on day 1 after returning from my trip -.-

Before I left for the day, I remembered I was supposed to check something for someone I got to know from attending a course together... Tomorrow must work on it liao


7 March, Tuesday | Started the morning by pulling ehints data for Sleeping P! For the past two days, I have been using ehints heavily, for many different reasons.

I may not know what fields to put, or only after working with the data then realise what other fields I will need, then end up running the report again. I am not skilled in data pulling but practice makes perfect, right? I'm sure if I do it a few more times, I will get it right ((:

After I cleared my 800++ emails from yesterday and confirmed there is no UAT testing for us to do for chatbot within these 2 days, I finally got the time to read one of the requests we got! My boss wants the figures by 15 March, and W will be on leave from 10 March onwards..., so I only have the next two days to settle all the FC-related things, or in general, all the things that I need coaching.

After seeing the data files (since we have patient ID), it is so complicated and there are so many variables or things to consider. I think it will not be an easy task, but one that needs a lot of thinking and adjustments... Update: at the end of the day, I am only at 10% HELPS

W highlighted that among the files we got from FPA, there are some changes needed for Table 6 data. She did a check for me le and wants me to download the table, make the changes, clear with her, and load. For this task, we have slightly more time since the effective date is 1 April 2023!

*scrambling to jot down notes, and items that I need to follow up on*

W received an email asking for the estimated charges for a currently inflight patient, so I went to put ehints data in two reports and merge them for surgical procedure SI707X. Then later need to do a vlookup to merge the content into a single sheet. I did this halfway then rushed off for my lunch plan!


Hehe so happy to finally catch up with her after so long, we always have secret chatting sessions in the seminar room during working hours HAHAHA, then not enough time de. Also, Adeline very pretty horrrrrrrr

Then I missed out on one of the snacks I wanted to give Adeline, so we walked back together to my desk in my office, W immediately called me over once she saw me.

"Wait ah"

(haha I think W was surprised to see someone else came in with me too)

W wanted to tell me PLS sent me an email to tell me my estimation for one of the NR patients is inaccurate and basically telling me to do my job properly.

Partial snip of the email I received:

W was right that I will be mad and I wouldn't say nice things, so she helped to reply and clarify matters.

I gave an estimation of 14.5k at NRW rates, but the actual bill turned out to be 25k! The bill is at NR rates leh, and there is an implant of 6k not mentioned to us. Our estimation is only as accurate as the information provided. I believe my estimation is quite accurate leh

As W sorted this out for me, I went to make myself a cup of coffee before reading PLS's email again and then worked on clearing the drafts.

For my MP appeal case, I am pretty confused, Siti said cannot do BDR for w/o bills so I raised a waiver, then now another colleague went to reverse the w/o and tag the bills to MediFund.

HUHHHHHHHHH means can or cannot


In summary, this patient has 0 outstanding le la, so I proceeded to send the reply letter to S to clear it! This case is due on 7 Mar, but she sure wouldn't approve it anytime soon...

I tried to run through the NR patients file, but to no avail, I kept getting stuck at the difficult parts and made barely any progress... I decided to just draft my email to Pei Fen (a groupmate from SLP course last year), who is asking for her delivery bill!

W told me not to clear the drafts tomorrow, just focus on doing up the NR Paediatrics Oncology task, ALAMAK! Can't run away liao...

Today day 2 back at work, and I am already so exhausted... After I changed into my exercise clothes, I wanted to go wash my cups and stuff, then I saw my boss refilling the packet drinks in our pantry, so I offered to help him out while chatting with him about Japan!

J: why you never help your boss refill the things in the pantry

Me: I did leh, I so 乖

Then later I left for yoga class! The poses we did were intense sia, I can't even identify which muscle of mine hurts


8 March, Wednesday | I spend almost the whole of today scrubbing data to obtain likely charges for Paediatric Oncology NR patients, FML!!!!

Today, J was also super busy so we decided to order Jason's YTF! As I will be going to grandma's for dinner later, I decided to order my YTF without any carbs, so later can eat more vege porridge heh

Our cadence meeting was only half an hour, which seems okay but there were non-stop messages in the group chat with new institutions - SO MANY ISSUES WITH UAT!!!!!!




Background: As SCM has been talking shit about me and some other guy that my colleagues (BK, J) think looks handsome, I purposely self-ship and pretend SCM is my number 1 man hahaha (to shut him up)!

I asked BK to help me pass a message to SCM: 结过婚, 离过婚,有两个孩子, you are my number 1! SCM: *laughs*, NABEI XXXXXX

I took a pause from my today's task, to send the compliment stats at 5 plus to the Compliments team, and again highlight that (the staff) should not include S, as she is no longer our HOD. This person never take note when I informed her the previous time...

Then once I was done with the NR oncology data, I sent the file to W at close to 6 pm, see what she says! I will probably have to adjust further once she has seen the values!

For one of the cases, K was asking if we have the soft copy letter, and I managed to find it (Faridah did not save it properly in the right folder in idrive)... Then I proceed to shut down my laptop, planning to leave the office at 6ish (J and K OT-ing), and on my way back to my desk (from K's desk), I saw the WhatsApp messages about errors in the responses, including the topic subsidies for the new PHIs joining chatbot project. I went to kaypoh and realised that the response is incorrect on our bot DED

I was panicking and turned on my laptop again, to troubleshoot the error!!! I fixed the problem quickly, it was me... The setup was done by me, before my Japan trip, so it has been wrong (?) for more than 1 week already and nobody realised? Everybody just have faith that I did the setup right is it

I left the office with J and K at 7 pm, we're 苦命三人组!


9 March, Thursday | Started the day by clearing emails that I didn't really read yesterday and saw for one case, K was asking why their team has to raise feedback for Tabulation. It is for workload capture and also to prevent the dropout of cases. I explained to K via email lo

Then ET came to my desk, she came back to work on Tuesday and wanted to pass me some stuff she got from Hokkaido~ We had a 20 minutes chat about holidays and stuff, and I found out she married an Iranian man, wah cool!

(New breakfast plans hah)

W suggested presenting the data in table format with different cancer listed out and let PLS choose which one they want to share with parents for forthcoming Oncology treatment! I realised there is an NRW column but I didn't do NRW calculation in my working file, so have to add that. The calculation will need a few new columns - to accurately add Ops and Hosp Charges components!

Then at 10 am, I have to rush off to a discussion with EN peeps! I honestly thought everyone (all 6 of us) will be there, but end up that only the main 3 people for Groomover were there. I came to give them snacks from Japan, end up I am now a volunteer for 1 Apr...

During our meeting, my boss got calls throughout! In one of the calls, the phone was passed over to my boss and seems like a difficult parent is demanding his refund. My boss asked for his child's ID, but we got nowhere to write it down. I quickly on my laptop for this, and sent J an email soon after! (Auntie very fast called me liao)

Today I don't have much time to do my work, so I ordered Una Una heh (this time the eel got a lot of bones wor)

Lunchtime shenags: watching Taiwan horoscope show, so funny 😂😂

Okay then W returned the file back to me, and asked that I add 25% for hospital charges as a contingency! I need to edit many cells leh, since the formula is not the same throughout!

This will take some time, then have to arrange the information by increasing LOS, easier to check for anomalies. I wouldn't be able to finish this before 4.15 pm, Friday continue lo!

During lunchtime, I texted Charissa, she said she can't go because she needs to cover another colleague's work (on HL). I already guessed she wouldn't go de, but who knows 5% chance that she might?

I go by myself lo haha








The walk to their office feels all too familiar~ I really miss my time here, fighting one tech problem at a time!


All the teams have really good use cases and transformation using the products, but I am only gonna share about the presentation done by my favourite presenter of today!

He's so funny!!! He said he is the only one on his team, and so he has to do everything by himself, like Michelle Yeoh 😂😂😂😂😂

I like how they all have some stats to show how much time/cost they are saving with this change, it's cool heh

The rest of the HT Sprint Alumni team did not turn up, other than HW, me, and a guy from AIC! We didn't get to have the good catch-up that I hope for, but I did chat with HW ftf and over text.

I was planning to meet Shaz for a catchup, he seems like he could use a listening year and hang out with me for a while! But I left shortly after the presentations and the giving of certificates!


Eh where you
I tried to find you the past hour

(Sorry, I zao liao)





Beef Quesadilla + Chicken Chimichanga 😋😋


Then later we a little high haha, and walked home from Paya Lebar!


10 March, Friday | I’m left with some cleanup for the NR Paediatric Oncology data, and it’s ready for W’s review. I’m sure she will tell me to adjust further after seeing the anomalies in the data

While I was clearing emails and working on the NR file, my boss already sending a few emails to Adms SC to edit ITx donor CCF. Can he chill ah? He is stressing me out!!!!!!

Then later he sent an email using another loop regarding ITx recipient CCF, and commented that the MSHL/ISP amount is different, asked if SC can tweak it to show what we presented to mother in February 2023. I replied to him to share that I’m not sure how to change the amount, no idea why that changes also leh. My boss is very insistent about achieving the same amounts, so I checked with JC and managed to tweak the values YASSSS

(my boss’s wish is really my command)

It seems like the amount changes because of the policy deductible, I really have no idea how that works…

While I was drafting up the reply to my boss, and also to ensure my reply covers my ass, my boss started calling me (as I was unresponsive for some time…)! He asked about both cases as SC told him that it is me/W who does the adjustment for the CCF amounts.

“Ya, I will do that later”

“Oh, okay”

Today is Friday, so we’re not going to miss our $3 cashback using DBS payment hehe! K and I went to Tekka to buy Mingfa Noodles, our cashback took way longer to get to us…

(still happy tho)

I realised that we estimated the donor bill at C rates with minimum subsidy, but from documentation, the donor is a PR? Oh my gawd, DED!!!!! I started texting W (+panic attacks), thankfully my boss helped to check with social worker and confirmed the donor is now a citizen, HENG AHHHHHH

While I was trying to keep my mind clear, and stay focus to think through each FC task, I got a call from CCRC about one of the codes 814, there isn’t this counsel code maintained leh. This staff also not sure when I asked further. Her colleague also wasn’t very helpful, so I will have to check with FPA and then get back to her… This isn’t time sensitive so I think can wait for W to be back to have a look!

I had to push back the discussion with K for Pulse Survey results from 3 pm to 3.30 pm as I needed more time to sort out my shit… I think the results are quite insightful, but the opportunity area we didn’t do well, honestly, I don’t know how can we change that “culture” in our office…

After clearing out those major and urgent FC things, I managed to clear drafts and did the follow-up for my appeal cases. Really 时间不够用!

Earlier I downloaded T6C, but didn’t have the time to work on it! No choice, whatever I couldn’t do today, I will leave it to next week~


Steamboat at Parklane with YS 😋

(to pass him things I got from Japan before I start eating them up)




YOU S4!!!!!!


11 March, Saturday | I woke up at close to 2 pm today, and it took me awhile to finally see the messages my boss sent in the group chat at 10ish am…

Hi Rachel, sorry. We have a case from Argentina that will likely to arrive in singapore for car t treatment. 6 weeks general ward + 1 week nicu. Car t treatment abt 85k

See if u can generate the estimated fc for foreign and non resident

Likely to arrive tomorrow

SIMI SAI???? I didn’t bring my laptop home, how to do 😂

(later he told me to do it on Monday, as I don’t have my laptop with me)


13 March, Monday | When I got to work and checked my email, I didn’t see any about the Argentina CAR-T case they asked for FC amounts leh

Then later at 9ish am, my boss emailed me already…

(think no need to do, you wish)

Every time when I’m already rushing for time, I will have a new MP appeal letter to handle, and this case is quite complicated… Faridah is on SLWOMC, so I can’t ask her to follow up on my behalf as I have quite a lot of FC things to settle, during W’s absence.

Such as not knowing if SF814TD is supposed to be a counsel code or a charging code…

Today our department meeting was at our own desk as XY couldn’t find an available meeting room, then when we got to the sensitive topic of pulse survey results, I typed my answers in Zoom chat instead hah (I don’t want people to hear me say it)

During the meeting, sometimes my boss will like to talk about big dreams or ideas that are quite impossible at this moment or go on to praise some things that we think is not quite good, to be honest.

I texted K: gong simi K: **tries not to laugh**

(boss can see her)

I downloaded the file last week but didn’t have the time to work on it, today finally got my shit together to check and complete it. Will wait for W to be back to have a look before I load it to SAP!

I cannot ignore all the drafts pending and cleared those too. I quite like working with Sleeping P because she will highlight when the case is urgent and does her work really well. Faridah’s work is always missing paragraphs of important information…




I was kinda worried, will it be weird meeting YY after not seeing each other for 6-7 years? It was not, it felt like our conversation continued from where we left off ❤️

(Next time 才一起拍照)

It has been so long, and we have both matured, I didn’t want to keep going like that, so I decided to take the first step. Now I have got back one of my best friends in life~


14 March, Tuesday | Brandon didn’t have the time to drop by yesterday or on Friday to collect the things I got for him from Japan, so he’s coming over this morning instead~

Told BK, Brandon is a handsome boy

(married le, so don’t even think about it lol)

We had a quick catchup about my trip to Japan!! And then he said I make him 心痒痒, want to visit Japan too, HAHAHAHA (oops, sorry! Go go go!)

Today is Day 3 of W’s leave, and I’m already very stressed leh! Imagine if she took a longer trip, I will be panicking for weeks…

At least today Faridah is not in, so I have fewer drafts to clear! I usually feel frustrated looking at her drafts, so okay one good point for the day.

We ordered YTF for lunch! It was good, my boss also said so hah

Every time no time to follow up on MP appeal cases, really with FC in the way, MP is of a lower priority… I will start having backlog soon, if I keep pushing back all my follow-up work ):

W asked me to help pull some files from ehints for IP Plastic, then I have to do some merging, and some checks too. I am scared not enough cases, then I might have to pull data again…

We didn’t have the Argentina patient’s HRN, so I couldn’t do up the CCF yesterday but now that we have the info, I need SC to help create the case first before I do the adjusting to match the estimated proposed amounts.

SC helped and replied quite fast, she also sent the maximum subsidy file for OBS to me, and asked that I assist. I remember I didn’t do it previously in December 2022, because I wasn’t very sure, then now same crisis again when W is away. It is true that I have many other things to work on more urgently, so I told SC that I need more time to look into it, by the end of the week is possible!

(Will finish that up and send it to W tomorrow for her to clear it)




Dinner with friends 💕✨

+ Clifton, of course

Maybe we're Aila's specialist care team, but I hope she doesn't need to need us

Skipping yoga for y'all is worth it 💕


15 March, Wednesday | I started the morning by clearing my day-to-day tasks, such as emails and drafts. Later, I need to change my laptop to work on chatbot matters, with Alan!

Wah I realised W will be back tomorrow, and I still have a few things not done yet, such as Ministry’s query on the chronic diabetes case. I have to check with the social worker to check for updates and if they received the appeal case before I can get back to Ministry. Aiyo should have done this earlier, instead of waiting until today. This totally slipped my mind…

I spend most part of today doing chatbot things, such as 3 weeks of chatlog review HW in the morning and then ran through all the content nodes in the afternoon with Papadom!

1-man game for my team this afternoon

HENG, no major daiji!

I just realised I have matchy-matchy glitters with J's phone cover~





Today is Mom’s birthday!!!!

老auntie, 生日快乐❤️

Team Idiots at Dinner:


16 March, Thursday | W is back today from her trip, and started responding to my FC emails or queries, now that I know what’s next, I went to act on them. Fixing all the FC things took a lot of time and effort 😭😭😭😭

W cleared my T6C adjustment, as there are name changes for some of the codes with effect from 1 April 2023, I also needed to move one set of values too. Then I realised the surgeon fees seemed off, and checked with W, we realised it was incorrect. I adjusted them to 0.5 and 0.75 respectively for SC and PR, so now there are more lines of adjustment to load into T6C!

As we confirmed that one of the unknown codes CCRC has been trying to use for FC, was not set up because then they didn’t want to move FC to SAP, and preferred using manual counseling previously. However, with the new subsidy framework, Day Surgeries will also be means tested, so now they have to do it in SAP in order for the estimate to be as close as what the bill would be. Now that I know this, I quickly did up the counsel code to be loaded, so that can get back to the staff who called me last Friday on this…

However, W didn’t say anything about the NR patients cancer ballpark figure task, guess she will tell me tomorrow face-to-face if that’s good to go!

I will also have to discuss with her about getting billing to help us compute bills at the various rates, according to PE Office’s request. Really like buy vegetables, just want to find out the prices and then pick and choose. IT IS A LOT OF WORK FOR BILLING, AND THEN IN THE END, THEY DON’T EVEN USE THE VALUES???! We need a good game plan for this!!!

I’m constantly following up on the MP appeal letters, as Faridah wasn’t in and has no initiative to help out on these tasks at all… and new letters kept coming…

Today is our first chatlog review with the rest of the other PHIs, I’m very stressed because it is Papadom’s and my week to lead the discussion! Papadom chose to lead the chatlog discussion while I will take on the FAQ part which is harder, sobs.

They don’t have a lot of questions for us yet at this point, but I think they will start coming in our next meeting 😂

For the FAQ part, we ran through Eye Centre’s and CG’s. Eye Centre will not be launching their bot on the 20th, so I guess they have more time to do up a new FAQ, and response to cover all the surgery care topics. Whereas for CG, I think they have a lot of wrongly linked content nodes, and the bot will trigger a generalised answer if they don’t set up correctly!

We found the broken links, as Papadom and I did random testing yesterday, and took down notes so that we can share and discuss them during this platform. If we don’t test out, we also wouldn’t know got all these problems. Leah hasn’t been doing her part to check for them to ensure all is well, she simply sent an Excel sheet and tell them to test. How would they know what to look out for???

Then after the meeting, I got an email from Eye Centre counterpart, asking his staff from another department to liaise with me on the things we talked about earlier…


Then later, I tried to load the file into SAP but it couldn’t work ): I kept encountering the error of being unable to load, as there are duplicate unique IDs.

Wah, SAP gotta be more specific??? WDYM!!!!!!

I also thought about it, could it be because we got two records for each line now, both old and new, hence the duplicate unique ID error? I also kept forgetting which one is the new and important record, the one with a blank or the *


I ended work at 7.15 pm, pang gang lo~


17 March, Friday | Today both W and I are back in the office! I got a few FC things that I need to follow up with her on. She bought chocolates for us from her trip to Sydney:

(I immediately ate the smaller chocolate :D)

Really a lot of things to chiong and follow up on today…累

In the middle of all the work I was doing, I saw a text from Eye Centre, L asking about the content node setup that I talked about yesterday during the cluster meeting. I explained abit more, and she got it!

At 11 ish am, I went to check the file I sent to myself, and realised I sent the wrong file to my work email, and worried if I deleted the correct file on Alan! DED I quickly asked Bili to help me check my Mac and confirmed, thank god the file is still on my computer, HENG!!!!!!

I always eat Ming Fa Noodles, so today K and I decided to try something else and ordered prawn mee for lunch! Mine is $1.30 after the $3 cashback from DBS!

While we were waiting for our food, we placed our order for Starbucks heh then walked over to self-collect!

Before the work day ended, I made sure to clear all the old drafts so that nothing is pending me/W! Heh, I missed out on one from Tuesday, oops. Then I sent the NR patient ballpark amounts to my boss! Hope he doesn’t come back for more info or more patients

(Update: he did…)

Last Friday was “Eat with your family day” but my lao ban missed out to inform us, so this week or the next, we can leave early! I decided to use it today and leave work at 5.15 pm (5.00 pm I cannot finish my work sobs).




It has been damn long since I went for my teeth whitening treatment, Eunice gave me 3 sprays today YAYYYY


18 March, Saturday | I haven’t seen Apple since Dec 2022 (I think?) because we were busy with CNY, then her trip to the United States, then it was my trip to Japan. She gave me a minion piggy key chain, which I haven’t found what to hoke it to!

Lunch at Rolling Rice was awesome! Today the wait isn’t very long, and I found out Apple’s mother makes Apple soup with garlic and onions when she has a cold. So interesting!

(Sorry I started on the kimchi pancake before I took a photo heh)

We went to Dalkomm Coffee to confirm our accommodations bookings and also made sure to book the domestic flights too! In total, we will be taking 6 flights! SHOOK

We’re left with finalizing our Crete’s accommodation, and our itinerary! I can’t wait to visit Greece~

Then we left at early 6ish pm and headed back to City Hall MRT as I have dinner plans with Mr. Oh. I should really take more pictures, to keep these nice memories on my blog!

Not sure if listening to live music/busking is your thing, but I like it, 谢谢你陪我 ❤️

This is the only photo I took that evening, was the busking we listened to, briefly on our walk from City Hall to Somerset MRT.


20 March, Monday | This particular colleague from PE Office, only seems to be working on 1 day after weeks of inactivity. She will start chasing for updates, and today is that day. She asked for the closure of a few of the appeal cases we had.

Other than sending MP closure emails, I’m also following up on cases, still no news from MOM…

This crazy woman we replied to in early March, came back with a phone call to Faridah and was extremely rude, she kept changing her stories, and is manipulative. After her call, she demanded a call back from a manager by 2 pm on her issues of illegally transferring her money. There was no improper use of her money, as she alleged. We decided to reply to her via email instead, as she claimed she did not receive the reply letter dated 6 March. We cleared the tact with PE Office, HL, she sounds so nice and friendly after her 4 months ML haha

Then this woman replied to us again and wants a call by EOD, again we do not intend to call her, and refused to meet her demands of compensation, nor the fruit basket that she declined a few weeks back…

Somehow, HL’s email at 5 plus pm got delayed and it only came in the next day. She did resend it to me, close to 6 pm after I gave her a call. I waited for the adjusted draft, and added in the dates and other key details, before sending her the reply at 6ish pm.

Pang gang at 6.30 pm today…

The whole day I was just so bothered by this crazy woman, I had no capacity to work on my FC task! I did a check of T6C, and realised VPI will be changed to the same name as another code but I still worried la, I will do another check tomorrow before loading, just to be 100% sure!!


21 March, Tuesday | The same error message again!!!! I’m unable to upload the revised records due to duplicate unique ID…

I ended up splitting the records into 3 files, and did the loading 2x2x3 times for UAT and Production, with and without test mode. It was so stressful!

Following my discussion with W, I contacted the social worker in charge of this case to find out if she has the marriage certificate of this couple who is on the verge of divorce. She has it and forwarded it to me soon after. With the certificate, we can help to reduce the bill size for the delivery charges YASSSSS

(8K+ to 6k+ is not bad)

I completed the reply letter for this case, plus the other one after coming up with the sentence on informed consent for surgery.

W and I discussed the tact, and adjusted one of the liners, before clearing them both. I forwarded the relevant liner to PE Office, Sam for her comments. Update: adjustment done later today and Sam is good with the liner, the next day.

I have this rose gold bottle drink on my table, then when I saw BK, we started trash-talking and I told her the bottle is from my 仰慕者, she believed me and was trying to find out who is it haha

OI I KIDDING LA, it’s from P! P is my 仰慕者 😂

At 2.15 pm, it was time to go for open safe duties with J! We have some donation collection, and there will also be an audit from Finance. In the end, we could only come back to our office at 5 pm, just in time to say goodbye to W hah

During the time helping out with cash machine work, we heard from Jas that it is one of their colleagues’ last day on the coming Friday. Wah piang, so sad la )):

I also have another sad news, I have another appeal case, requesting assistance for his kids. For this case, we need to confirm if MCAF was signed, before we can tag it to MFD, based on payer ranking.




We saw on the app, there was supposed to be only 1 Yoga class, but John says there’re 2, plus a health talk in between. We all decided to stay, until 8.30 pm.

After Yoga class today, we ordered and had Mala for dinner, then showered and it was time to sleep liao. I was so exhausted, I didn’t even wake up in the middle of the night to go pee…


22 March, Wednesday | I woke up, feeling off and confirmed period 来了 😭🤬

W got a call from PE Office, Ty to ask for our email address (common inbox) to provide to cluster QSM colleagues, as they didn’t want to do middleman work, help to forward it to the relevant department. W told them it should be going to our Shared Services since we’re paying them to manage this piece of work, but Ty kept asking us to just help out, citing that they’re simple and straightforward cases.

W called to update me on this matter + reach out to Johnny to check which email is good since we text each other often on work matters. I got the email address already, but then I was busy with my core work.

(I completed and got clearance for two letters, drafts were sent to Joyce)

Then later I heard Faridah on the line with Ty, mentioning that her boss has spoken to my boss and my boss agreed to give our email address. I was like WTF???! KNN

If they want to use this power play then just go ahead, and don’t waste my time playing defense moves, I could have used this time more effectively to do my work instead. I will just LL do whatever the boss agreed to lo. If you want our opinion/decision, then don’t override us liddis, it is damn disrespectful!!!!

From the moment I stepped into the office this morning, J knew I was in a bad mood, and then this incident added to it. Later, J and I talked about it, and angst together!

I got a new appeal case, the outstanding records were not easy to grasp, so I asked K to SOS me, and see if she can give me a breakdown, it will help me with collating the outstanding bills. Once I got the file, and got it sorted out, I sent the case to our social worker team, to see if assistance can be rendered.

I’m feeling annoyed that for the newborn case, our colleagues didn’t follow up to get parents to sign MCAF to use MSV, but for the more recent bills, MSV was tagged (means got money la).

In the middle of the day, Charissa asked me a question that we both got regarding corporate ezlink cards. I thought it will be better to check with Finance before responding, I called Stanley to check. Then I also asked him about a Finance colleague who will be leaving. I think Mr. Oh will 小舍不得吧 since worked together for years le.

I hope this colleague’s next workplace is good, and he found better. Not better, then come back la!

Period bad mood is really bad, I don’t know why I was so bothered about the contact name and wanted to change Mr. Oh’s on my phone and mine on his, but he didn’t want to. Then after I finished throwing tantrum (in my head), looking back, this whole change contact name thing, is such a meaningless act. This is especially so after reflecting on the article of an SRJC schoolmate passing on because of bone cancer, and he had to plan his own funeral really breaks my heart… (we same age leh)




MBS dinner!

I arrived earlier so went up to my parents’ Hotel room, this is me taking a mirror selfie hehe

Mom and Dad got changed and I realised they are both wearing pink, so I insisted to take pictures for them today:

They didn’t let us in initially, as they pointed out Fat fat and I are wearing slippers. HELLO, THEY ARE SANDALS OKAY, I got them from Sunday Staples for close to $50 per pair, WDYM by slippers???! Okay so let us in, I noticed some people wearing sports shoes leh.

SUPER EXPENSIVE FOOD (gotta feature them, cannot waste)

Appetisers, we have assorted tempura and cheese platter. Then the mains:


Featuring Dad as my ice cream backdrop~

Didn’t think I will like Miso Coconut Ice Cream, because it is the 咸甜咸甜 concept, but this is really good

(worth the period cramps, after that)

Family picture at WAKUDA ❤️

We went back to the Hotel Room to have coffee and watched Caeser Millan~


23 March, Thursday | Thankfully, there is no chatbot meeting today, so I wasn’t occupied most part of the work day, doing homework, attending the meeting then following up!

(Fat fat is on her day 2 MC today, due to a sudden attack of hives. Poor bb )): )

Today was a day of constantly working on my appeal letters, I have more than 5 on hand now. I’m worried I will start to mix up the cases, which is a definite no-no.

I completed two letters today and sent them to W to vet before I ended work.

Dinner with YT at Goobne!

Rosé Tteobokki, Half Oven baked Chicken (not featured), and Soy Wings/Drumlets

The food so so only, and we spent 80 bucks on it… So not worth it lor 😒

(I like their homemade Plum Juice hehe)

I will never meet anyone at Great World City ever, it is too far for me le, without this new MRT line. Thomson Line is a blessing, I managed to get home in less than 40 minutes today!




Idk why I was so sensitive and sad today. When I feel happy for some reason/person/state in life, I will try to run away, so that this happiness cannot be taken away from me. Why can’t I want happiness for myself, as if I don’t deserve to be happy…

Then later I thought about it more, a lot of things we don’t know where it will lead us, but现在开心就好, even if it wouldn’t last.


24 March, Friday | I came to the office today, wanted to first print out the two approved letters from Wednesday evening, however, I was greeted with horrible news. My boss spoke to W again about pushing Adms’ calculator project to us, and W said no as it will be more work for me, as she will be retiring. We think the same, that this project was done by Adms, and they should continue doing it, and not try to push it to someone else to manage.

My stand to W is very clear, if they insist, and my boss takes it up, I will not update it. It is their project, to begin with, and if they can’t manage it, it should not be given to others to assist, I don’t want to continue it for them, I will tell them to end the project and let patients complain that we don’t offer FC services online.

Then I checked through the drafts that W cleared this morning and send them to my boss to clear, while waiting, I started checking through all the approved letters, get them printed, scanned and packed for mailing out. There are a lot of steps and many cases to manage, but it is part of the job lo.

As I was occupied by appeal letters, I missed the first part of the sharing session by other hospitals. It was only when I overheard my boss’s conversation then I recalled this sharing session.

I was doing my own work while listening to their discussion HAHA

I also sent out the two cases to Joyce, for her clearance. I noticed that she is on leave, so I changed the dates to the 27th but she responded. There was a letter that I made slight changes to but didn’t recall the email successfully… After that, I clarified and resend her the letter to insert her signature, oops.

K, J and I going to Tekka Market together to buy lunch, and OL will be joining us too. I reminded W about the $3 cashback, she wanted to join us initially but later decided not to, because she cannot remember her Paylah app password 😂

While I was eating my lunch, J came to tell me about an incident that got her really mad, then my boss came by and said quite sternly that he wants to talk to me, and asked me to come by his desk after my lunch.

Wah siao liao, is it to tell me that I have to take up the calculator items that Adms has been trying to push to us? And that my attitude was insane this morning…

I got 小scared… Then I walked over calmly and see what was up. My boss said he has three things to talk to me about, so I went to get paper and a chair over. (Shouldn’t be something harsh ba, since he is not talking to me privately)

First up, my boss asked if I can attend an Ideation workshop next week at Raffles Place on Thursday about website experience, Health Buddy, etc. I went back to read the email later, it is a lot about UI and perspective, I think this is my thing and it will be a fun learning experience, so I agreed in the end!

Initially, I said, Thursday is abit challenging for me because I have chatlog review with cluster institutions, and he asked if I can give it a miss. I explained how important the session is, because of what’s on the agenda next week. However, I agree this is a good opportunity, and my boss wants to bring me along, I should learn to see the situation and accept it. So I went back to read up and made my choice.

Next, he wanted me to write to HR to check if we can get our replacement hire process to start in June 2023, probably will take some time to interview and pick someone good, and do handovers before W leaves at the end of the year )):

I thought it will be better for him to ask HR himself leh, but he told me to do it so I did right before I left for the day. Once we have answers, I will check with K on the other things, like raise MR and whatnot.

Lastly, he wanted me to give him a few good dates and asked if it is feasible for our night cycling event to be in the morning, and we can allow one family member to join the event. I can only go check the dates, but the route, he probably has to check with R (YT’s previous boss).

After this talk, I went back to follow up on the three things, cleared drafts, and pulled and merged 3 sets of data for W.





We were slightly lost and I wasn’t very sure where the bar is hahaha, then after we asked a few staff at another restaurant in the Hotel, we finally found where Republic Bar is~

We had no reservation, but thankfully we were early enough and given a chance to choose our seats heh

The cushion seats gave us a lot of privacy, and also a chance to people-watch hah, we chose to sit side by side, easier to chat hehe.

The waiter even asked for our names, but later they remembered "Grace" as "Joy", I guess this whole get to know your names would have worked, if they actually remembered our names.

After an introduction of their wine selection, to go with our cheese platter (intended), Grace chose one of their recommended White Wines, and I went with Dessert Wine, for the sweetness 🍾🍷


Cheese Platter 🧀

Nobody asked her, but Grace wanted to create her own cheese stacker:

So I just went to cut up the different cheese, for her to stack them (friends don't ask questions)

More food (recommended):

Avocado thingy, fries with Mala Aioli dip

We went off for a toilet break, together (is it because this place is posh, no one will just anyhow clear your plates??). On our way to the toilet (it is a maze getting here), I took this picture of the bar:

We were planning on getting cocktails later, actually I think Grace wanted to come here for the cocktails, and I'm in, it's alcohol, of course, I'm in~

Me: Probably cost a bomb

Grace: At most the next few times we meet, we KFC

Me: Okay 😂😂😂

Cocktails 🍹🍸

I went for something more refreshing, not sure why lately I like stuff with Plum!


Brass Lion Gin | Sour Plum | Kiwi | Apple | Citrus


Glenfiddich 12YO Whisky | Berries | Honey | Lemon Shrub | Telmont Champagne | London Essence Soda Water | Glitter

Grace loved her Space Odyssey, especially for the edible glitters! When we were going home, she asked me if glitter Odyssey will be pouring out of her mouth. She's not high, this is the normal her!!!!!

Pictures of Grace taking pictures of drinks:

We saw people at another table, eating some delicious stuff but we can't really see what, and that bothered us a lot. We were too full to order it but wanted to know what that is and what it tastes like.

Her solution: "Hello, can try"😂😂😂

(she said it to me only la, of course hahaha)

Other funny moments:

"Do you run?"

"No, but I can chase after you"







"Will you come here again?"


"With me?"


On our way out, there are many mirrors, and we wanted to take pictures together since we rarely take pictures together now:



27 March, Monday | I couldn’t print the letters approved last Friday, as Joyce was technically on leave while covering Edna. Today, after I cleared my emails, I started working on printing the two signed letters.

However, the text on one of the letters was overlapping with our letterhead paper logo and text, so I had to do some resizing, and reprint until I’m happy with it… Super burden…

In between, Faridah told me “there’s magic, come I show you”

(Me, in my mind: what la)

Then I saw some fields only appear upon clicking. After I checked with K, then tried opening it on the browser, I was able to see those fields and quickly did a PDF save on this version. However, the signatory was not completed properly, so in the end, the MCAF was sent back to the family to sign + obtain a Witness verification.

(+ I contacted JC + YS on this, to help troubleshoot the problem)

I realised sometimes Faridah will tell us the problem, so that we can help to sort it out for her, then her work is done. Not correct leh, she should learn to problem solve la

When I came this morning, she told me she can’t see our drive at WFH settings, but we did testing before and it worked. She will be working from home tomorrow so we have to sort this out before her PM leave, it was only at this point then she told me she doesn’t have hotspot, so earlier that remark made was not even on WFH settings… Crap lo… She also anyhow off her wifi, but insisted she didn’t touch anything, aiyoooo

Then later I focused on those open MP appeal cases.




K and I ordered Jinjja Chicken for lunch:

(J not joining us, then we can order jinjja de)

During my lunchtime, I called YS to check on his condition as he caught Covid a few days back, so poor thing la. This second infection is less serious than the first, his voice was vaguely hoarse and he sounded all excited for his Taiwan trip~

I went to make myself a nice cup of coffee, then back to work!

W and I were discussing PR cases, and for the crazy lady case, we decided to just email her to offer a hamper for amicable closure.

I also couldn’t keep pushing this task le, I started working on the NR Oncology additional patient file, the cases are not so good leh… I will have to relook this again another day, with a fresher mind.


28 March, Tuesday | I took FCL, Bili and I have great plans today for her 30th Birthday! She went swimming in the morning, I bailed because I was feeling so tired heh

We had McDonald’s at Paya Lebar first, before heading to Teo Heng at Kallang Wave Mall for our 6 hours Karaoke sesh!

(I got 2 drinks during these 6 hours heh)

I was lazy but really cannot la, I went for my evening swim.



29 March, Wednesday | Last evening, I was so fkin pissed off because, despite multiple reminders, L didn’t ensure our file link was not affected, after M’s resignation. I felt like she has a listening problem and poor job knowledge. When the issue occurred, she just told us to use the older version of the file. Why should we suck it up because they made a mistake on their end??

We demanded a response from their CEO, Peru, she texted Papadom last night, and that was it…




This morning, I saw someone with really long legs walking from the MRT, with a drink in his hands. Wah, looks like Mr. Oh but I couldn't catch up with him 😂

After getting the inputs from social worker and confirming the parents do not want an appointment, I have finalised the letter to clear with W, my boss followed by Joyce!

Once she is okay with the reply letter, I can print that out hehe.

I came back to the office after 1 day leave, Carrot juice is back (in our minimart) HAHAHAHA

I don’t like hah

I spent most of my time working on the NR file, it is time to consider rounds of FR, and adjust the amounts.


30 March, Thursday | Last week, my boss asked me to join an ideation workshop, it is today! I wanted to grab a nice cup of coffee to go but was afraid I will arrive late, so I didn’t…

My boss arrived and gave me some directions as to where I had to go to reach the reception office. I completed the registration, and went up to L4 to Dixxxxx’ office!

There were coffee and puffs for us to help ourselves to, I managed to have a chicken curry puff and black coffee during the introduction segment! My boss also introduced me to GH colleagues, and I really like this older lady, L hehe she’s really nice and made sure to remember my name.

(She passed me the ball after she did her introduction as I was one of the few who hasn’t done mine)

We broke out into 4 groups to do discussions, there were a total of 3 main tasks, and for each task, we have to do our own individual thinking, then share as a group, put together our idea, present to the rest, review feedback and come up with version 2. Version two of all three tasks will be presented at the end of the day!

One of the discussion topics/tasks:

While we were wrapping up our V2 for task 1, it was lunch time so we settled with having lunch at our discussion area in the pantry!

Lunch from Omivore:

(I kept knocking into the overhead lamp at our discussion table, ouch)

Then we had another two rounds of group work! For the last topic, we draw straws and I’m the selected one for the presentation for Question 3, haish

I wasn’t nervous, maybe slightly as I have presented in front of more people, and at more serious settings, I kept telling myself that. I think my voice was shaky at times, hopefully, no one caught that.

Honestly, this team sharing is a small thing only

After I presented, the social worker in my team told me privately that my handwriting is very neat and tidy, very nice! One of the vendor ladies also pointed that out (I think my boss got the idea from here to make me do things tomorrow haha)

Before the final sharing, we had some time to go grab snacks and another cup of coffee while the vendor team put together slides for sharing later. I settled for water and some dates hehe

I commented that the nuts were good, and ML helped me grab a small bowl of it too, she’s so sweet, and I also like the social worker on my team.

The person I couldn’t stand was the girl from Group Communications, Oli, she is always trying to link everything back to the articles (done by her??), and seemed overly fixated on her own ideas. She didn’t contribute much, also did not help with the ideas, and was the only one who did not present… She was sick, and didn’t wear a mask! She even blew her nose in my direction when we were having lunch, wtf??! I started getting 鼻酸 during the day…

ML did the final presentation, she is calm and composed!

There were meaningful discussions, and I felt this was a good learning opportunity! I agree that it was a good point to strategically weave in the healthcare goal to align with Healthier SG, and to direct patients to primary care instead of acute services!

The workshop wrapped up and ended at early 6 pm, it was pouring heavily outside!




I went to work and came home with Bili since both of us were at Raffles Place, she’s so happy 有人陪!




My eyelid??


31 March, Friday | I woke up this morning feeling super tired and awful, I did consider skipping work for today to rest, but then ended up dragging myself to the office after many stone moments.

The morning at work started with clearing yesterday’s email 😂

The reply letter was approved on Wednesday evening but I had ended work for the day, and was out of office on Thursday! Today then got the time to print! Faridah did not offer to print, and I also don’t trust her to do the work to my level of standard…

Suddenly, W got a call and asked me to check one NR case, it seems like I gave the wrong estimate for Day Surgery!!!!! HELPS

(Initially, W thought it was Adms side who were wrong, but it was me T.T)

DS patient and payment class follows outpatient’s, so for this case, the patient should be counseled at NR. However, we were given the NR waiver form so I thought supposed to do the estimate at FR rates, and W also didn’t tell me it was incorrect when I sent it to her to clear. I think she didn’t look at it closely, so now I learned that for Day Surgery, I have to do the counseling at NR rates, then backend billing we adjust to NRW/FR when we get the waiver form.

Then I tried to calm myself down, refocus, and went to print out the reply letter. I think my mind is all over the place, I even missed the email from CPFB asking about the status of the account money hold. W reminded me, then I quickly dropped a reply to them, asking for more time.

At 12ish pm, I got a call from ET, telling me that they sent back my reply letter, and gave me the name of spouse for one of the recent appeal cases. I quickly dropped by Finance to pick up the letter, shun bian chat with ET about holidays! At this point, I have not updated her that I will be going to Greece, and unable to include her )):

(Hope she is okay with it 🙏🏻)

I wanted to say hi to Mr. Oh but he looks busy, so I just left…

Before I could investigate, W told me that my boss was looking for me earlier so I went to his desk. He asked me to help him write two handwritten notes and gave me the fresh cards and the content to write. I should have charged him for my service horrr

I went back to my desk to investigate this returned letter, I realised the appeal letter indicates the block number as 178, but based on ID records, spouse’s address is at Blk 179… I adjusted the reply letter and sent it out. I also told W about this, just in case this shit comes back and bites me in the ass.

My other appeal letters are still pending for outcome, and for one case, I’m waiting for OIC to obtain signed MCAF, before MFD tagging. Thankfully, the appointment to see social worker has already canceled so in a way, there is no rush. It will still be good to clear it before Edna comes back on 10 April!

One of the requests for cost estimation we got was to project how much it will cost for consultation as well as procedure, unilateral and bilateral. This is a potential legal/compensation case. The email came yesterday and today, the colleague seeking this information has already sent a reminder! I replied WY that we are looking into it and will get back to her next week (didn’t say when next week hahaha)

I pulled out the data and started working on the information, abit challenging as we don’t know if they need us to estimate the gross amount or the amount after subsidies. This is a projection and we also don’t have the child’s MT band to determine the correct % of subsidy. I completed question 8c, and sent it to W to clear the amounts. Next week, I will draft the email reply addressing 8a and 8c together!

(I am not done with this work week?)

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