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March 2024 - Adulting

Updated: May 5

1 March, Friday | Today was another day of my boss pushing me hard to complete the setup for MIC but in my personal opinion, we still have some time leh


He also questioned why I asked IT for help, and what do I need IT help for. I asked because I don’t know la???


R was helpful and called the IT team that does all these system changes in SAP, we heard from Albert that FC was not discussed and is in scope for the 1 Apr launch…I was so annoyed with my boss as he was in all the meetings and made such conclusions that no system changes would be needed, Rachel would just set up everything LOL WHAT


(The needed changes require ECP de leh)


I went for Thai food lunch with K and J, with a much more peaceful mind~


With all these stressful things going on, H is away on a course, so I have split my time and focus on my work, and covering the Team’s duties.



2 March, Saturday | I think I was too sleepy, I ordered our lunch from Wooly’s bagels to be delivered to my workplace 😭 😭 😭 😭


After many problem-solving thoughts and internal discussions with myself, I took Grab down to pick up the food and Grab my way home too. Now the total cost for lunch is $50…




SHINee’s Concert in Singapore 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

New found love for JUICE and Sweet Misery!!!!!


Their tribute as SHINee 5 always made me tear up and I couldn't stop my tears from falling when I heard "Selene 6.23"



3 March, Sunday | It has been more than half a month since I saw him, and I am so happy to be meeting my fav today 💕


He wasn’t very well so we decided to go for Crystal Jade porridge to be easy on our stomachs heh


We had ju hua tea there too (I liked this experience!) since it was quiet and not advisable to drink coffee with his current state of gut health


I like his “informal debrief” of his trip hehe, he showed me all the pictures and we talked about the experiences together


When I was listening to him talk about his trip, like all the little details, I just wanted to tell him that I really like him. I enjoyed and want to hear all the little things about his day, every day of his life 💕


I texted him about my feelings because that’s how I feel and I don’t know if we get to live tomorrow, a few more months or years ahead, so I confessed my feelings for him


(no regrets)


Him: noted, thanks for sharing


(lol what)


His love from Taiwan:

Can tell a lot of thoughts went into getting me these gifts hehe 💕


4 March, Monday | Monday always feels like a terror, I decided to get Una Una’s eel rice to treat myself to the busy ass work day!


(still smiling from all the fuzzy feelings, I experienced yesterday hehe)


5 March, Tuesday | I want to bring back my granola lunch days as I have been spending so much money these past few days. Today I had Mentaiko Salmon with Soba from Oh Some Bowls, delivered to the office (costly leh)


I was mad about something my boss did today but can’t recall LOL


I dress up:

(Zuo mo leh)


Dinner at Pocoloco!

We settled for Oaks for dessert because we saw they have churros on the menu! I got my mandatory dose of matcha here too!


6 March, Wednesday | There will always be cases the team doesn’t know what to do, or require higher level thinking, so I have to help with those. I think H will need some time before he is more stable to do this part of the job (helping out).


Then I was deriving their true hospital charges for 300+ cases…


7 March, Thursday | I am feeling more chill/relieved about FC things le (maybe accepted my fate?)


At 4 pm, I attended FormSG MRF training and didn’t want to lose time, I did up the Leave application form to try out the features and functions!


Then at 5ish pm, Dad passed me a postcard and mentioned it was from a friend! It was from Mr. Oh, sent when he was in Tainan!



He got my address from the picture of the postcard I got from Suz when she visited Finland!


Although the message content could be improved, I think it was the sweetest that he sent me a postcard because he remembered I was happy when I got one! Receiving his postcard made my day 💕




Sisters went to Grandma’s place for her la chang fan!!!!


8 March, Friday | I am more or less done with NNJ bill analysis, I think next week I should be able to clear NNJ, the antenatal fee request task, and the delivery package cost query we received through corp comms.


(lunch with Adeline hehe)


Today is Eat-with-Family Day and I can’t wait to bolt my way out of the office for lash lift with fat fat and our Merci Marcel Shenanigans!

loots hehe


10 March, Sunday | We had an early celebration for Mom’s birthday at MBS SPAGO✨



11 March, Monday | Last Friday I knew today will be the day I get to push out many of the tasks! So glad I was able to clear a lot of stuff!


I cleared with my boss on the ANT fees to share with K3 staff and finalised the amount we will be sharing for the Motherhood Article.


I also had the NNJ/MIC figures worked out.

(yasss so happy to be done with this)


During today’s meeting, my boss announced the upcoming changes in authority in the office and I think we all got anxious. No one knows what this shift will bring…


With less on hand, I have a clearer mind and focus on work. I guess I am not the kind that can multi-task haha


And finally, I can get started on Cardiac V2! I have been holding this for way too long, and felt apologetic towards the requestor (but I also got attitude her when she doesn’t understand simple things lol)



12 March, Tuesday | I think it is a curse, the appeal letter comes when the in-charge is away! That has always happened to me in the past 5 years, and today H is on two days MC, and we received 3 new appeals…


KC came over to our office this afternoon to help us with some of our use cases and mostly I was just sitting in la hah. Only the part on the waiver form was of my interest but P wasn’t really pushing to move forward (and quite backwards in her understanding, helps) and I felt like I didn’t want to sort out the cost centre sensitivity issue.


We only got back to our work 2 hours later.


I liked the talks KC and I have from time to time, maybe because we same age and things are more relatable, but at the same time, we learn from our work experiences.



13 March, Wednesday | (missing content)



14 March, Thursday | I had to cover PR duties in the past two days, and even today I was on and off working on PR things, so it was hard for me to finish checking all the bills needed for the Cardiac V2 analysis.


After months of inactivity, the DNA team is back on PCP requirement specification, the email came at 5+ pm today and I was confused…


As there is no one in our office now that knows about PCP, I felt alone in handling this and will be evident in the next few weeks + months.



15 March, Friday | As there will be increased pricing for DTF and unendorsed fees, I will have to hold the Cardiac V2 figures until then. I am done with checking for the other components of the bill, so just waiting for an update from Finance.


More importantly, I need the revised pricing to update our FC tables, this will probably take at least half a day…


I also responded to S on her queries, before heading to a chatbot sharing session with Cluster CIO Office, K! This was from 3.30 pm to 5 pm, no idea we had so many grievances hahaha


I took some time to look through the PCP file sent by the DNA team and seems like there is a discrepancy in the NR paying factor for IP settings. I can’t recall and even texted W to ask if she could recall.


It was very stressful to be dealing with all these alone, but I just had to struggle and somehow survive in the end ):


(looking back, I really learned and grew a lot in knowledge in the past few months, without W around anymore to guide me)



17 March, Sunday | I wore my CNY white dress to attend service today and met Mr. Oh at City Hall MRT after that for Rolling Rice:

He brought up what I mentioned previously on respecting elders and not rejecting my family’s (more of my grandma’s) love for me (i.e. keeping the amulet she got me). He said if I understood the true meaning of Christian faith, I wouldn’t continue^.


This conversation ended with me saying, “Then don’t date”. I think this conversation kinda ruined the mood for us today…


Honestly, I don’t know where we will end up on this journey, maybe two forever partners in His new creation or two strangers in this world.


We went to Dalkomm for my caffeine fix, I am glad he shared with me more about his work struggles, and I can totally relate to what he is going through (minus the accounting part)



18 March, Monday | Mr. Oh has a follow-up appointment today and is on leave, probably doing his work at home. I also want to skip work today ):


Over the weekend, there was another bill estimation request involving $40k distractors, so I got to work hard almost immediately upon arriving in the office…


I didn’t know that the bbt cup holder he got me has a flip-side design and I saw it today!! Bringing it everywhere I go:

After work, I met fat fat and Mom for a quick bite at KFC! Fat fat needs to sort out her Singtel issues face-to-face (my mom insisted) with their staff and I thought it was a good opportunity for me to shop for new bras!

(used my five years long service award $$$ + Mom's birthday discount from Triumph)


19 March, Tuesday | Granola Lunch:

I spent most of today settling other matters or working on other tasks, and didn’t have much time to run through PCP requirement specification file/information until past 4 pm.


(should be got enough time ba?)





Ending work at 6.30 pm is my new knockoff time for some time le 😢




Saw this post earlier and I like its message:

The hard things we may be going through now are really nothing in comparison to the glory that will be revealed in us later.
(Romans 8:17-18 on Future Glory)

I rushed off to MBS for dinner with family at THW! Featuring my favourite ✌🏻


This room is huge la!!!!!! (me running laps hahaha)

Chang family shenanigans ✌🏻



20 March, Wednesday | Work is still hard, of course 👀


Shooting Stars nails ✨


21 March, Thursday | This week Papapdom will be out of the office until next week, I will be doing the review HW alone this week, plus tomorrow’s meeting hah


Due to the erroneous change in the name of the FAQs, some of the predictions are off and quite messy to look through them all.


Bili is working from home today, we had mala for lunch together hehe. I took a nap after that as what I have up next, will be tough ):


Thanks to JC, we are having this call today with IT to talk about the issues and concerns we have for PCP. Felt like the paying factor was not so much of an issue but the performing location indicator is the problem leh. I always have a hard time making decisions, so this is something I struggle with too




We went to grandma’s place for dinner ❤️


22 March, Friday | I woke up today, feeling like skipping work as I was feeling tired but recalled that I have two meetings that I have to attend today.


Papadom was away so only I will be representing the institution in this Zoom call with the cluster team, we have quite a few issues this session due to errors from 2-3 weeks ago. However, it was a good session with chatbot folks!


I went out at 1230 pm to dabao my lunch, before heading back to the office in a rush, as I wanted to have some time to look over the data file, set up the meeting room etc to prepare for the call with the oncology doctor at 2 pm.

She was pretty late, so K, my boss and I got some time to chit-chat (more like gossip) about some matters.


The doctor was in quite a good mood and was very decisive so things were quickly decided! Then I felt more at ease as these two meetings are what I was more worried about for the week.


The announcement of our office’s power change is out, including Charissa’s resignation. Honestly, I was happy for her to find a better job and move on, as she didn’t get many career opportunities here. Her resignation also made me look back at what happened between us, I don’t think I did anything wrong but perhaps I could have shown it with clearer intentions to avoid being misunderstood. I was briefly triggered as I recalled the gossip or bad remarks she spread about me to colleagues, but I think is not important to clarify things to people who made conclusions without even hearing from me…


When everyone was talking about the huge announcement, I was actually in the middle of something hah


Flowers from Oppa 💐

(from his office garden, now the plant botak le)


BK insisted on taking a picture of me with the flowers, as proof of receipt and we did that at the fire escape (so funny hahaha)




5 Sense Bistro dinner with Yitong! (not very full, oops)

At 7.30 pm, we were done and went to dalkomm for waffles and drinks! We talked until the shop closed and I got home at 11 ish pm


(the moment we were on the way home, we started feeling tired hahaha)


24 March, Sunday | We were supposed to meet and attend church service together for the first time, I think we were both excited and looking forward to this experience together!


He chose a church to go together and suggested 9 am as he wanted to have some time after that to rest and work


We have some important conversations to have, but then I felt like he would be rushing to leave and we wouldn’t be able to finish talking


I suggested rescheduling this, as his schedule in the past day was packed and he must be feeling tired le


I am grateful that he made time for me, at the same time, I was annoyed that we wouldn’t be able to have proper and full conversations about the concerns we have together


I have never seen him upset or ever lose his temper (like no 脾气), but after this encounter, I felt that he wasn’t happy…


I asked if he was upset and I wanted to talk about what made him upset. I don’t want him to go to bed with unhappy thoughts or feelings ):


He was upset because he thought I was upset with him and he mentioned my tone was different earlier


 “I am not upset with you, silly puppy”

(and now I am calling him my puppy hehe)


+ explained my intentions and clarified the misunderstanding


I promise I will be mindful of my tone with him in future and I will be there for him!




I decided to write him a love letter tomorrow to reassure him and apologise for how he felt



25 March, Monday | I had lunch with Adeline today hehe

I think she is one of the greatest gifts in my life ❤️


After lunch, I went to place the love letter I wrote for Mr Oh on his desk, I was so scared earlier at work about writing him a 情书 during office hours 😂


We text chatted slightly later tonight after our moment of warm fuzzy feeling!


26 March, Tuesday | I went facial after work and did my reading!!!!

(happy happy)


27 March, Wednesday | After clearing other tasks, I got the time to focus on GYN AR data at my own time and pace. Then my boss appeared next to me at 11ish am to ask if I can provide him delivery bill data by Monday/Tuesday.


Honestly, can be done la but also quite tight…


(this PM I will be out for volunteering work, and on leave tomorrow)


I went to dabao food with J then rushed back to prepare to leave together with the three others who were going too!


It was bu cuo, but our involvement isn’t that great haha


At 5 pm, Sam drove us back to the office and my bottle leaked!!!! My precious books are wet 😭😭😭😭


I left them on my desk to dry, hopefully not crumpled please 🙏🏻




Wah, we forgot to tell Mom that we going to Grandma’s for dinner, so now we owe her 9 cups of coffee (helps)


28 March, Thursday | It is Peach’s Jie Jie’s birthday today! We have plans to go to Prata Alley at Alexandra for their Naan (aunt wanted it) haha

Then aunt went home with a garlic and a cheese naan for grandma! We took the bus to Somerset for Hvala at Somerset 111!

I love the interior and vibes here~

 At 3 pm, we made our way to Lavender MRT to get to Meownistry of Meow!

We had mom’s fried fish soup with instant noodles from yesterday hahaha



29 March, Friday | Today’s is Good Friday! I went for service today and loved singing songs about Christ~


I also told SL about praying to the King of Salvation a few weeks back hehe. I will have to think and consider more about my plans for my faith




I arrived at Yishun MRT before 2.30 pm, and we went to The Hainan Story for lunch! I didn’t eat anything before this and ended up EATING A LOT DED


(hehe thanks for buying me breakfast and lunch!)


Yesterday, I asked him again if he had anything new recently, and he said yes. I started panicking, what if he got a new backpack then how to use my gift ):


He wouldn’t tell me what he got until he saw my gift, so that I wouldn’t be sad


If I do get sad when it is revealed that we got the same item, I wouldn’t be sad because he is right in front of me (able to manage my sadness)


I like that confidence and also it is true haha, I am so happy today even though we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together


(We didn’t get the same item, phew)


I realised we both have similar struggles at work, and I like how we encourage and support one another!




He has the kindest and purest heart and soul!


Although I would totally hate it if he loves and gives someone else his absolute best, if we don’t make it, I hope he meets someone who will love every side and edge of him because he deserves absolute love ❤️



31 March, Sunday | IT’S EASTER SUNDAY!!! I came for service 2nd time this week:




Then later I met Apple for French Crepe!

So good!!


We went to Louisa Coffee to do itinerary planning and honestly, it was a headache to decide which city to pick and how many days to spend there. Louisa’s Iced Matcha Coffee is strong but I forgot to take picture ):


We had dinner at Miam Miam, I got Yakisoba! Wonder if I can cook this ever la, doesn’t feel that hard hahaha

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