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MAY 2019 - Lundly in Taiwan, 2019 🇹🇼 (1/3)

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

DAY 1// 15 May 2019 | 0653 at Changi Airport Terminal 2

Grateful for the ride from dad to the airport so I no need to mafan and spend unnecessary money on taxi.

Met up with Team Lundly and we are SO EXCITED!!!! Finally, we can take a break from our work. Had Mac breakfast with Suz and of course, we rant about work woes sobs

The plane left at 0925, and let's forward this, we are on our bus to Tai Chung at 1525 (:

The bus ride took over 2 hours and with a short cab ride, our bnb looks so much smaller irl lol

(Featuring Suz)

But cozy so I guess that's okay?

Feng Jia Night Market

大肠包小肠 😘 actually the sausage alone is delicious hahaha

Looks raw but it's bc got chilli powder hahaha shiokkkkk


Fried quail eggs 😍


Note for the day:

Convenience stores are the best place to Jalan Jalan. LOVE IT!!

Uncle telling ppl where the straws are.

What I like about Taiwan is the friendliness, and they sound v 亲切.

(*trying to copy their 口音)

Besides eating, we did so much shopping. and I don't think anybody can be ever done with 夜市!!!!

13k steps already lahhhhh so tired.


DAY 2// 16 May 2019

Going to Qing Jing Farm and Sun Moon Lake!!!!

Booked our driver prior to the trip for the day at NTD4,040. So Andy, 49 arrived at our doorstep at 0900.

His vehicle is huge and we all had plenty of leg space. I don't even know why I am even happy about the leg space. He introduced Taiwan to us and generally speaking he is a super hospitable host/driver (I am praising him for a reason hahhhaha)

Love it bc he plays 主打歌



. 雪落下的声音.

Andy brought us to Old England Manor as a stopover.

OMG DAMN CHIO. NTD18,000 to stay and take wedding photos w European vibes. IDEAAAAA

SL looking pretty in the mountains of Taiwan.

But then here we have Farmer Cheong

It started raining when we approached qing jing so here we are in raincoats of different colours.


Bc of the rain, we can't really find many sheep and our shoes got wet.


Feels quite gross when it breathes out as it feeds. Like gao wei leh.

After awhile, I think they are really cute so nvm lah hor.

But then Farmer Cheong keeps screaming when the sheep come.


So now she became landowner Cheong.

Suz is the true farmer!!!!

But then alamak why Suz your 屁股大大

We have a landowner and a farmer, who am I then?



Aiyo excited to use p30 to look at you better. Didn't expect to see your tongue.

Nevertheless, you are such a good boy for following me for so long even tho I didn't actually have food bits left for you.

Of course, after all the dirty work, we have to reward ourselves so here is SL and her vvv nice ice cream

I was having flu, and said no to ice cream but then SL's ice cream tasted so nice.


Then of course I still had the flu. NO RAGRATS



Stop 1: AH MA 茶叶蛋 &temple visit







When we got to stop 3 (?), we finally had our lunch at around 1500hrs!!! Eat and shop for the next two hours but it was still raining cats and dogs.

Note: Andy said Taiwan very long never rain liao. (is it I dai sai?)

Back in the car,

We started using Snapchat to do the man filter just for fun.

Turns out, we welcome STEVEN NGO.




Then our driver Andy brought us to Ruyi to try their 太阳饼 etc

Got to choose coffee or alishan tea to go with the sweet treats 😘

Here is the menu and what we ordered. We ordered up to NTD4,000 to get delivery to Taipei (save us the hassle to carry all of that to Taipei by ourselves, so why not?)

*Please remember to collect in Taipei*

Then we arrived at our place. We decided on the car that we gonna give Andy NTD4, 500 (+ tips) so Rachel was so ready and pack hao the money for this.

But when it was time to pay, I took out the wrong bundle (I saw 4 blues and 1 red) gave it to him, and said 不用找了

LEL I gave him NTD4,100 which is 60 bucks more than the agreed price??? I still feel guilty wtf

SL went to meet her Taiwanese maple friend for dinner so Suz and I went to Fengjia to have dinner, buy shoes, etc and dinner again.

SL said she wanted to eat hotpot even before we took off to Taiwan. But here we are enjoying a 一人火锅, satisfying her craving without her.

Hehehe it was so damn delicious. Got a lot of 料 inside plus rice and noodles in spicy carbonara base soup. Way way way too much for one!!

Also realised that Andy could have had 2 hotpots if I gave him the right amount -.-

To make it up, I wrote him a vvv good review. I am so sorry.

Happy birthday from the Daiso team HAHAHHAHAH

We only got back to our bnb at 11ish pm and wondered if SL made it back already or still out with 台男.

When the lift doors opened at level 7, there she stood. She arrived 20 minutes before us and tried waiting outside our room door. Listening to the TV noise and knocking on it.


And our neighbours saw her and said 她是叫来买的.

So she stood at the lift area instead, angry.

> We laughed so fkin hard in our room 😂😂😂😂 poor SL


DAY 3 // 17 May 2019 | We woke up late because we stayed up later the night before chatting and laughing.


Plus Suz wasn't feeling well and we were tired so we nua sai and left our room at 10 00 hours. We went to the convenience store family mart within 500m from our place to get breakfast and leave for Rainbow Village which will take about 1.5 hrs.

When we got to the convenience store, my feet felt itchy so I thought maybe it was my new sandals.

Sat down to scratch but then...

The itch seems like it's my whole leg.

I went back to our room to change my shoes and realised that there were bite marks on my legs, arms, and hands.


I think my receptors were overloaded.

We all then panicked and tried to sit elsewhere but this tiny black bug never ever leaves us.

The rain and the misfortune in the morning just got us all gloomy and not ready for adventures ):

Since it was raining and I am having this dramatic episode, we decided to postpone our Rainbow Village visit from the morning to the afternoon.

We went to get 止痒药 from the pharmacy and I started applying in their shop under the security camera (to avoid being recorded). After that, we went over to Holiday KTV, got ourselves booked from 1118 hrs to 1500 hrs, sang k and enjoyed snacks!

So that's two good things so far for the day. Mood got better teehee

The cream from the pharmacy is like some healing potion so the bites are not so red and huge. The itch reduced.

Got this card at a random convenience store. My sis will be delighted to see this!!!!! BTS

Rainbow Village, Taichung

Head to Rainbow Village via bus. The bus is free in Taichung as long as the distance is less than 10km YASSSS

身体保重 才是本钱

FAV Photo!!!! I truly believe that art changes everything (:

Photo of us taken using my Korea tripod but photo skills need improvement lah hor.

Done with Rainbow Village, we are going to the birthplace of BBT!!!!!


We ordered some food and got classy BBT and started talking about my dramatic secondary school drama.


They wanted a photo with the food so HAHHAHAHHAHA "say no more"

my Honey Latte!!!!

Feng Jia Night Market, again.

Fav place to eat because there are so many choices available.

In love with BEEF CUBES OMG

So we snack snack and okay dinner done!

Suz managed to get her NTD60 木瓜牛奶 and we of course got our own drinks too.

We took a new route back to our bnb and stopped by cosmetic shops. Buying useful skincare/ haircare products (still not done haha)

Showered, packed our things, and ready for Taipei the next day.

Putting this picture bc we looked pretty on the boat at SML

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