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MAY 2019 - Lundly in Taiwan, 2019 🇹🇼 (2/3)

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

DAY 4// 18 May 2019 | We slept in and left our bnb at 10 ish. Bought the train tickets to Taipei for 1139 train.

We went to get our brunch.

Bento with hamburger patties and fried fish.

After much confusion, we found the right platform hehehe. But idk why the words don't appear properly on the screen through my phone camera.

After an hour on the train, we are finally here in Taipei!

Taipei, Taiwan

Took the train to Ximen Station and a 10 mins walk, we reached our bnb. The owner offered to meet up with us downstairs and let us put our things down before he 打扫.

Wah our room is at Kang Ding Road no. 26, level 9. The place is huge; 2 Queen size beds, a sofa, and plenty of space for us to put things and move around. The first floor looks q dark and shady, they had a back door for us to enter if we return after 12 am (which is likely)

We got a drink and took the bus to our destination.

National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物馆

(no more stupid square photos, bye dayre!!!)

Suz and I were taking photos of SL at the same time. #damnenthuforSL Before I clicked, Suz's fingers appeared in my view alamak


Captioning photo fails is my fav thing to do. Hahahahha

Blocking the sun, but my hand never cover dao my eyes "stupiak. No swag"

Wah wah love this photo and this series of photos because this Taiwan guy "Ed sheeran's tee" fast game sia. Suz helped him with his photos and he offered to help us.

“要拍, 要快”


His technique damn good please. Damn fast but the pictures are of standard. This guy became my 偶像 with a few photos.

This one also his another piece of goodness

是七张 after we add his fingers fail. HAHAHAHHAHA

This photo is not bad hor. But then WHAT IS THAT.


OMG is that a dragonfly??? photobombed me????

In this photo, I looked less stiff and then we got a new problem. At a v wrong position too. Looks like my top got a hole sobs

Love how they summarise and organise the different dynasties and civilisation in the world in this extremely long diagram.

Wish I can have a small copy for me to learn from and process the info!

The furniture damn atas and nice. I like visiting history/Palace museums because there is so much to discover about our past.

At this museum, it was too crowded so the experience was abit disappointing. We didn't plan to visit museums but Andy told us on the 18th, all museums are free for visiting so why not.

Here are the other things we see at the museum.

PRETTY. There were so many antiques on display. Really wish I had the time to browse slowly and not get squeezed at every corner.

We took the bus back and needed a transfer. SL managed to get a 葱油饼 during the transfer which is damn good. Love the egg!!!

Had to reach back at 1845 at Ximen to meet someone.


At Ximending, took this photo of SL taking 老照片 with the cute camera after our numerous rounds of trial and error on how to operate it (on day 2)


"Come to Adidas that is opposite to KFC, level 2"

I went into the first Adidas store at Ximending and "huh where are you"

"wrong store" HAHAHHAHAHA

Finally met up with JH in Taipei and the highlight is EZ5 Live!!!! So excited!!!!



Go to bnb to change to superga



JH to book a hotel and put things down



Take the train and have dinner at a night market



EZ5 Live 💙

He said he really wanted to see Zhou Yi Feng and hear him sing live. There will be drinks, food and good music so LEGGO

Love the ambiance at EZ5 Live, damn chio please.

OMO 来了 到了

When he came up, the first thing JH said to me was that this guy looks liddis but he sings really well.

*so scared that I will judge his idol, for looking like an uncle HAHAHAHA*

His voice is so captivating!!!







So cute when JH went to take a photo with him. And explain to me later how he can't let him sign on his tee (my idea haha)


CHI BA NA. She is such a goddess and sings damn well. (Please bless me with a powerful voice in my next life 🙏)

And I think her boyf cheated on her like wtf she is so perfect. She will find someone who truly loves her and cherish her.

Music asides,

We had two jars of drinks and okay we agreed that Blue Summer is better. The wings are good but my pants kenna the oil ): (more things to wash later kns)

Of course, we had a great catch up and talked about *inserts other people's deep dark secrets*

After the event, JH went to take pictures with CBN and then booked a uber ride back to my bnb.

Too high bc I drank too much and kept talking during the car ride, JH told me to shut up! (okay)

0123 back at bnb. JH insisted I get back into the room and so he witnessed my epic door-opening failure. Got mocked for that but I swear I wasn't drunk (Suz and SL did a double lock on the door). After hearing the noise, they opened the door so I'm back.

We had drinks and kept laughing about the silly things we did today

TQ for showing me around, the great catch up, and the wonderful experience😎

(+1 for new experiences)




Sometimes I really do miss secondary school days when the biggest thing I ever worry about is what to have for recess.

Miss all the fun times growing up and doing stupid things. But cheers to the 15 years old that made it to 2019.

Fun: we scammed Aish into believing in RachelSeah. She was so disappointed to hear RachelSeah did not/is not happening hahahahaha


DAY 5// 19 May 2019 | We gonna visit historical-looking sites today. But only Suz is in the right fashion theme hahaha.

(Jurassic Park tee is my fav shirt)

Got to this random cafe and had a quick breakfast.



Pork with peanut butter 😍


Taking photos of my friends taking photos image 1.png

Just realised that there is a disturbing uncle's belly saying hi in this photo

PRETTY 10/10 😎

Taking photos of my friends taking photos image 2.png

The auntie take bus pose.


After we look see look see, we left for our next destination!!

(it's the time of the month -.-)

五分埔 shopping street

This place is freaking huge lah, I think we will never be able to cover all grounds.

Plus after a while, the clothing looks about the same leh. We all got some clothes and then it was time to go.


OMG DAMN HOLY GOOD. I didn't have the appetite to eat but then after one bite, I cleared the whole bowl.

Bought 5 packets of the luroufan sauce each back to SG 😎

Then we kept walking along the streets and reached our next destination, with our not-so-hungry stomachs.

Raohe Night Market

The iconic photo of Raohe Night Market Entrance. But my picture captured a random person's head crossing the road.

The streets are too narrow and impossible to not bang into someone 😒

Tried fried 牛奶, nice 😉

Of course, Suz and I ain't letting beef cubes slip, so we had that too.

And made our way to get the famous nougat kiap inside biscuits. There is no better way to describe it bc it's literally nougat kiap inside biscuits. They said it's good. If it's damn nice, then I'm gonna eat 2 boxes myself

Took the cab home bc 好累 and we have so many things on our hands.

No regrets about spending that money.

We got home and took turns bathing.

Suz being the hardworking Biz kid, managed to pack her luggage. Good job!!

Then Suz and I were done bathing.

She was just there sitting casually on the sofa with her BBT. Waiting for her hair to dry


Then we heard SL shouting in the toilet.

Because the drains were jammed and the toilet floor was somewhat soaked. After some clearing, okay lah 勉强 still can bathe smoothly.

Then Suz pointed out that now we know SL bathes with her specs on!!!


So she let me take a photo of her liddis for my Dayre travel stories haha yay

Me trying out my new clip-on earrings. Yeopo anot!?!

Wish I could pierce my ears so that I can wear whatever pieces I like

Okay, so I spend my time updating Dayre until 3 am.

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