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MAY 2019 - Lundly in Taiwan, 2019 🇹🇼 (3/3)

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

DAY 6 // 20 May 2019 | We planned to wake up at 0900 hours but it was raining so heavy for the most part of the night and at 9 in the morning.

So we all just decided to sleep a bit more. Since we can't go out in a heavy downpour without getting drenched.

Wearing a poncho wouldn't work too hor

End up we slept until 1130 😂😂😂😂 then pali pali prepare to leave bnb. We didn't come here to 睡觉 one.

Fav moment bc Suz let me take a photo of her new earrings. Wa v gangster look.

But her eyes are damn big. So nice. 给我一粒 can? My eyes small

Cannot really see her new earrings so here it is. SO CUTE OMG

This is why I need ear holes lah wahlao

Took the train to see...


But before we go sightseeing, we gotta lunch.

So DTF 我们来了!

Fried rice with 排骨.

We didn't know 排骨 is pork chop haha.

Ordered beef noodles but did not feature it.

小笼包 x20 😍😍😍😍

Lunch hao le, let's go see 101

Taking photos of my friends taking photos image 3.png

Wide angle on p30 yasss I did it without running far away from it to take a photo of the whole structure.

But Huawei no more Google updates.


Then we decided going up Taipei 101 isn't what we wanna do. So we gonna climb 象山 but overestimated our fitness...

Climb climb climb


From this photo can tell, the fitness most cui one is me.

So nice lah. Wish I had more energy to take in the good views.

I couldn't climb up bc I'm wearing a dress. So we have SL's and Suz's photos on the iconic rock.

Suz's but her legs like 歪掉

And mine is liddis hahahhaha

At this point of the hike, tourists from the Philippines saw us and offered to help us take photos.

Suz said they got a lot of different poses one wor. But we all just look liddis in the next 6 photos or so haha

Then they wanted to take wefie with us. So here's us and our new travel friends.

After the hike, we went to grab drinks.

This is my strawberry yogurt drink 😍 I like what kids like.

Still taking photos of my friends on the escalator.

And SL did a zhu zhu funny face in her new 粉色 top 😎 but Suz 在忙 😐

TRUE STORY: SL loves drinking and has the tendency to lie #习惯性撒谎

She said she 华校生, her Chinese got standard one. But alamak I think my Chinese better lah.

She said after drinking too much, eat Shin ramen, you will feel better. She probably just said that so that we will support her ramen plans.


Bc of her alcoholic nature, we are going to visit a bar near Taipei main station called SoShow.

Here we are!!!

WOAH this risotto is madness man. It's so good and it is not too dry or too wet. Just nice. The garlic is well-added and the scallops are cooked to perfection.

3 mains and 4 drinks bc of alcoholic SL cost about NTD1, 990. Which I really think is worth it.

Love how this drink came in this classy little pot and cup. The drink is more sour than sweet, rich but light and smooth.



The other drinks are 6/10 but okay lah. Maybe I just like the pot and cup.

After an evening of classy dining, we bought more 扳手礼 and headed back to bnb at 2300 ish hrs.

Suz also bought this v cooling eyedrops from a Japanese drugstore. EXCITED FOR THE REVIEW!!

Trying her v refreshing and 凉凉 eye drop lo.

OMG I tried it.

Really v 辣 but 爽. I FELT SO REFRESHED. So going to buy it 😎

Suz being hardworking, started her luggage packing early.

Then she suddenly screamed.

GOT COCKROACH inside her luggage!!!!!!!


Poor Suz had to remove her clothes and things one by one from her luggage, to get it out of hiding.

Our plan is to get it out and piak it to its death.

Here is an auntie preparing to fight cockroach.

Although she is adequately prepared, her rating as a cockroach killer is -2/10.

不行不行. She screams more than she does anything.

After Suz killed that insect, we need to give SL the credit for bringing the corpse out of our bnb.

Wanted to take a photo of it but yucks hor. So gross, no thanks.

Now we are scared it's because we eat and throw the rubbish the next day.

So SL brought down our trash to 丢掉.

"look here, I want to take photos for my Dayre"

*SL specially posed for me*

Drama over le so now Suz and I trying out the things we bought.

Octopus blackhead remover kit. Got three steps and looks cute. The results are great too. So shiok. Let's get MORE!!!!!!

Threading on day 5 was pretty useless. Like no difference but we paid NTD 290 tsk.

Suz wondered why the cockroach picked her luggage.

SL said “pack 好了比较好找东西”

We almost collapsed from laughing.

Tmr's destinations: shi fen and jiu fen.


DAY 7 // 21 May 2019 | DAY trip to SHIFEN & JIUFEN

10 ish am: we are on the train to Rui Fang. This is the view outside.

I would have totally fallen asleep if I wasn't updating my Dayre.

On a legit side note, SL fell asleep in 10 mins or so once we boarded. Her head kept going back and forth so I had to take a picture and don't miss out on moments liddis.

瑞芳 station

At Rui Fang Station, the whole place is pretty small so we didn't have that much to cover.

"go see what to buy at the convenience store lo"

Then Suz and I bought ice cream and SL got juice. But I cannot open it then I look at Suz. Judo master's confidence up up up, she did a v v v simple action and here we have it. (she said even she surprised herself, knew that people can be anything when they are with me, kidding)

Got a cup of iced coffee so that we can discard our ice cream trash (and claw machine is a fail)

But now I got new trash after dumping the first one.

Still happy to be sipping iced coffee anytime and anywhere😎

Then we waited at the platform for the train to SHIFEN.

On the train to SHIFEN, honestly with our bags and the number of people, we looked like refugees on the train to a concentration camp.

We were so sure that 放天灯 is not our to-do. Plus it isn't good for the environment. If we make wishes then never come true, no refund one mah

Then people say "小姐, 要不要放天灯?” then we fomo and okay lah NTD 200

Light up lo and our dreams and wishes ready to go!!!!

We suppose to release it and wave. We just released it, never wave. But SL didn't even release it...


Trying to take nice selfies on the train track but like alamak so sunny then Auntie covers her eyes.

When I am not stupid, this is how the photo looks like.

Got to SHIFEN and we saw a pigggggg🐷🐖🐽

After we 放天灯, we got ice cream in this cute toy and 婆婆 v nice to help us loosen it.

Suz 美美的 with hers

(There isn't actually a rule saying we can't have ice cream more than once a day hor)

We went to see the damn chio waterfall. The walk is pretty far and it was so hot. I think my thighs still swelling from this "hike"

Here's mine in grape flavour. We all had different ones so food satisfaction x3 when you eat together.

On the legendary bridge, got 美女 taking a picture

We all did a siao siao jump so the bridge xiao shake. Suicidal? Hahaha

Can pay NTD 20 to write down your name on this red cloth and tie it anywhere around this area.

It is a blessing for good luck, health etc. Of course, I am going to do it right. Wanted to put mine with Suz so we can一起一起 (go to hell when it's time) but then she couldn't find hers le. Or is it she doesn't want to be on the highway to hell with me?

I found this v nice spot to tie my red cloth. The sunlight is good but if it rains too much, maybe my name will 不见.

After tying, the perfect moment came. There were so many fishes gathering right behind the fence with my red cloth.

Is good luck coming?

Pretty leh but photos don't do justice to this view.

Before going to Jiufen, Suz wants to try mango milk BBT at NTD 100.

So 我们买了.

WOAH WOAH WOAH it's so delicious. Milk with a slight hint of mango

The pearls are mango pearls. It's so exciting to eat it and make them burst in my mouth. The flavour only gets better. Will buy three just to 爽爽

SL sitting there bc I told her to. She dk what I am doing.

Got 美腿 for sale here

This is the chicken drumstick with no bone and fried rice inside. Taste damn good



Without me

其实是我不开心 因为我的朋友们很贼

At jiufen, this is the view we see after long walks with shops. And again no photos can ever do the justice you deserve.


We kept walking up and up.


Okay, I like scenery pictures with no one in them. Sweee

*The story of four cats*

After much exploration, we found the iconic photo zone where all sardines just come together, regardless of nationality.

Damn squeezy lah. Every photo got people one, my tian. Times liddis I feel like swearing.

Successful selfie 1 (before SL move away)

And my face looks small bc they got my cheeks covered unintentionally. But cheers to a small face

After jiufen, we took bus 965 back to Ximen to do our final mask /whatever buys, headed back to bnb and came out dressing comfortably for hotpot. Actually just Suz lah hor.

We going Hai Di Lao!!!!!! At 10 pm for dinner

OMO OMO it only cost 92 bucks SGD for HDL for 3. It's damn good lah I swear. Plus there are other plus points such as excellent service by a few staff.

We got a plate of atas beef by the waitress for 我们的吴小姐.

We all v shook lah but free meat why not. I'm totally sold, not a least bit doubtful and just 吃.

Got 变脸 show somemore at HDL. And he is damn engaging. So he came to us to shake hands then he signalled me to put my hand on his face.

At that moment he changed his face. Omg got this damn fast motion then face changed le. Damn exciting. I am so easily excited. Will still want to experience it again.

Then he gave me something

Wah I don't even know I like such stuff one. But I'm like where should I put this when I get back to SG.

It's so nice hehehe

We had ice cream and then take a cab 回家 at 0020 hrs.

Suz said "kang de lu, 二十六号”

司机先生 说没有这路

Actually is kangding lu. I think Suz food coma from HDL.

到家后, we bathe and then start packing. I sat down and realised my things cannot fit into my luggage. Everything needs to repack, but I wanna time out liao. Suz came over after doing hers to oversee my packing.

So happy bc I can never do this in one seating.

After I got help, we also started eating the 铁蛋, nice. Basically will eat everything that is nice when I get home so idk what am I supposed to give my friends or colleagues or whoever.

Slept at 0300. 是累的咯

Tmr last day le but I don't want to go home yet.


DAY 8// 22 May 2019 | Woke up at 0830 hours but then we slowly got ready so left our room at 0930 to go to Ruyi to collect our 太阳饼 etc.

The box is 7.2 kg oh my goodness. We took turns bringing it to macs so that we can get our breakfast and I was telling Suz about 猪柳包 bc no need halal. It's damn juicy.

We have SL looking like Mover Cheong. She is very versatile. She can be a landowner or a mover.

Into her mover job for a day, in slippers and stopping way too much at every crossroad. Goods will take more than a while to deliver.

Got back to bnb, SL went to bathe. Why she never bathe first thing in the morning? Idk. Just like how idk why and when she started to drink so much.

We put every last piece into our luggage and weigh them to make sure with our new box at 7.2kg, our baggage will be within 60 kg.

Then aiyo Suz's one at 24kg.

She then takes out stuff to reduce weight. See how sian she looks bc aiyo 昨天我 pack 好了.

We cleaned up after ourselves and then brought the trash down too.

Ready to leave for the airport at 1100 hours.

Damn tempted to take cab to Taoyuan Airport but we already got into the lift when uncle asked us NTD200 per person. Take train lo

Reached airport le.

Returned WiFi egg, and checked in. So heng they let it slide even tho our baggage was more than 60 kg hahaha weeee.

Bought my v effective Taiwan itch cream x2 bc it's good. If got space, will get more. Since I always get bitten anyway.

Trying to spend whatever we have since going home le, I ended up with a bottle of Japanese green tea and bottled alkaline water. So I just 抱住 the bottles and my snack to the plane.

Not the confrontation type, but lol today this moment I felt like I need to scold some shit sense into the bugger sitting behind me.

He (26D) on flight TR997 from Taoyuan to Singapore, can't stand me pushing my seat back to lie down and rest. While I was on the seat, he punched and pushed my seat back up. When my friend got back, I took off my seat belt swiftly and he panicked. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Like hello, I am right here so if it's too much, maybe you could ask me to shift a little. And not blooding punch my seat back up.

Reminds me of all those entitled shits demanding all the craziest stuff at work.

Your mother never teach you manners is it !?!

So I shifted a bit and went to the toilet, came back to a real stiff seat. Gonna lie back a bit and try me if he dares.

At 1700 hrs, Suz finally woke up from her nap, and now SL's turn.

The first thing she did when she got up, was to open her snacks to eat.

Mine was already open so I offered her. Then we tried each other's snacks!

With SL sleeping in the middle liddis.

Suz and I started nodding at the same time bc both our snacks are nice teehee.

Then we are back in SG!!!!

SHAKE SHACK. Suz's fam came to pick her up and queued for us.

2030 hrs already 饱饱了.

TQ NGO family 😎😘

. . . . 2 Oct 2019 . . . .

我很贼的朋友们 bring me to go eat 超大鸡扒 at JEM, so 她们不贼了


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