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May 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1 May, Sunday | Yesterday I met up with Apple to discuss our Greece trip for 4 June -12 June, but then when she went home, she realised her passport expired last year in April! So we will be moving back our trip to September/October when the weather is cooler + off-peak season!! We will also have more time to plan the trip, YASSS guess it is a blessing in disguise!

Today we went to NSRCC to sing K for 2 hours!!! Dad got false information that an hour is $8, in the end, it was $18/hour! (not worth hor)


After this, we headed to Jewel for dinner!!! THE AIRPORT FEELS REAL MAN ✈️





4 May, Wednesday | Cheers to 3 day work week this week, but that also means more work to cover in 3 days...

The night before, Sleeping P texted me that she having her menses, feeling tired and wanted to take AM leave for tomorrow! (just saying I geng a lot in my secondary school and JC days, say menses then no need to run!!!!!)

Faridah took AL ahead for today as yesterday was the Hari Raya's holidays, and now Sleeping P took AM leave...

These two, their leave kept overlapping this year and we just have to pick up their slack, this is exhausting la...




Edna approved my appeal letter last Friday at 7.05 pm, I can only print out the letter today!!!

Then also need to explain to PE office for the "delay"...

In the morning, it is my duty to forward the emails we received! I also took the time to do up the status tracker for my own MP appeal file, to keep track of the cases!

At 12 noon, I got another case draft ready for vetting! I hope can clear off this letter (note: need to sort out appointment issues backend) by the end of the week.

Char wanted to eat MOS Burger today but the outlet at Plaza Singapura is a full house so we ended up at BK instead! Later, Char went to pick up our colleague's wanton mee while I headed off to collect our Starbucks orders!

The first thing Sleeping P asked me when I came back from lunch was about the folder I asked her to raise a request for (okay not too bad??)! The FF will be here tomorrow so I can verify the residential pass the lady A was holding.

I saw XY arranging for our Performance Appraisal on 10 May but we haven't done it for our team so I decided to check for meeting room availabilities! I managed to block a 1-hour slot for 3 pm on 6 May, coming Friday! W is agreeable with the proposal so leggo!!!!

K emailed me to ask for a draft template reply to reject non-Singaporean patients from seeking treatment at our hospital, especially when they have no means to repay their past outstanding charges! This means I have more things to work on lo!

I even texted KCM to SOS on my draft, he really is the best!!!!!!!! 💙

Following Friday's check-in with J on the refund case, I wanted to follow up today but heard her son was admitted on 1 May, and she took urgent leave for the next 2 days! I guess I have to depend on T????!! I consulted K on the case first before initiating any contact with T or FSS team! I will probably send the email tomorrow morning once W clears my draft to the employer, and I can monitor the progress in real-time!

Then off for my monthly beauty appointment!!!!!


5 May, Thursday | Not sure why, but today is one of the days I felt so done with my work?!?! I'm so unmotivated...

Following my email to FSS, and vetted email reply to the employer, Ms SJ went out today, she immediately submitted the PayNow refund form, and the refund was cleared by this evening!!

There was a lot of confusion on my end as I can't understand who and how was the medical appointment on the 19 May (asked to be scheduled for 24th) can be moved to September 2022! I was itchy to just call the spouse today, using my personal phone number but I held back.




There is no chatbot meeting today YASSSS (bc of the short week)


6 May, Friday | The first thing I did this morning was to go dig out the FF from the Datasafe boxes at Sleeping P's table! I need to check the patient's document submitted during her admission in 2019! Her pass expired in Feb 2022 and now she is in the midst of renewing it, as confirmed by clinic NM!

After much contemplation yesterday, I decided to call Mr. T first in the morning to update him on his appointment first before sending a reminder email to Edna to approve my letter!

I called Mr. T to share that we arranged both the clinic appointment and social worker session on 24 May, he was so glad! Later on, I called the relevant people to update the info and found out from Call Centre Adi that the September appointment was requested by the patient herself! I think probably to save cost but she needs to go see the doctor soon la, don't drag on!

(I also realised the letter is not complete, there isn't a section to reply to Mr. T!)

Once I did the cleanup and the call is done, I quickly sent the adjusted reply letter to Edna for her to approve!

Then after a discussion with W, I finished up the draft reply letter for the non-English speaking mother and sent it for vetting! Hopefully can get this letter cleared too by the end of the day (before my long MC week?!)

I managed to get both letters approved by Edna, she did ask a question on one of the appeal letters but it was quite a straightforward one, so easy peasy and got it answered! YASSSSS FEELING ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

(I will be printing them after lunchtime!)

I worked on other things here and there and cleared the Complaints and Compliments statistics that PE Office, Jas has been chasing since this morning...

We went for lunch at the airconditioned Chicken Rice place (still have no idea what this shop is called), the sambal fried rice portion is so huge la! We saw T eating there on her own, I was wondering is it because she is a regular at this stall that's why she gained so much weight. Their portions are so insane!!!!

BROWNIE (a special treat from A, she really makes the best desserts!!!!)

(Dad had a bite of the brownie later at night and was so in love with it, so I asked A for the recipe!!!!)

I printed 1 appeal letter and it was almost time for the team's appraisal! I went upstairs to get the room ready and prepped, there was this lady speaking some unrecognisable language without booking the room... I had to remind her to move out at 2.56 pm so that I can get ready before 3 pm!

Actually, I was pretty worried because I have not done any appraisal by myself in the past few years of employment, Papadom was always there! I wanted to prep myself abit yesterday but didn't have the mood nor time, so decided to just wing it today!

IT WAS UNEVENTFUL!!!! Each session was less than half an hour and before 4 pm, W and I were on our way back to our office at Level 5 but she was too happy and went to press Level 1 on our way down in the lift HAHAHAHHA

It seems like Health is a major concern for both our staff and also W and myself (in the coming week...)

I came back to my desk and printed the other letter, and closure emails sent out to PE Office! It felt good to clear my appeal letters, and the 2 pending cases are FDW/MOM related ones, probably will need more time for the outcome to be ready... I will send a chaser email for an update next week!

Today I left at 6 ish pm instead of 5.30 pm because there are still some things to finish up on and I also wanted to clear a bit of my FR work before leaving for the week! I think I will be returning to my office before my dental procedure to clear some work and pick up my laptop!


7 May, Saturday | Today we are celebrating Fatfat's birthday ahead and it is my family's first time trying out HDL!!!!! WOOHOO (It's a pity we forgot to take pictures).

Then there was some time before our movie screening at 10.05 pm, Mom and Dad went home and will join us later. The three of us went to Joe and Dough for our coffee fix:

(not featuring our impulse purchase of truffle mac and cheese, because the taste was not worth $13)

Doctor Strange Movie was not bad but felt a lot more like a horror movie than a Marvel movie HAHAHA


8 May, Sunday | Mother's Day Celebration at SBCD TOFU HOUSE - TANJONG PAJAR!

Then Mom left for shopping and the rest of us grabbed Honey cake from the Chateraise Premium stall and dropped it off at Grandma's place. She also heard I will be doing my Wisdom tooth surgery so she will be making my favourite vege porridge this Thursday!


9 May, Monday | Over the weekend, I arranged an appointment to see Dr Chung for my other wisdom tooth removal. Since the dental clinic is near my workplace plus I probably got some things to clear, I decided to go back to the office first!

The first thing W told me when she saw me, is that I don't have to come to the office.

Yesterday we heard from Faridah that her husband is tested Covid-19 positive, we think she will soon be infected too! I think the very strange thing is the question she asked, following this Covid-19 notice, she asked if she can take PM AL for this whole week (I assume she wants to take this time to take care of her husband??)

I only worked 1 hour 45 minutes today and off I went at 1030 am for my dental appointment. I think there will be some follow-up needed over my MC days on Fee Revision!

I arrived slightly before 1045 am and saw this Indian guy who was late and he had to wait until 1145am to see the dentist! I think we seeing the same dentist?! Thank god I wasn't late, heng ah!

The surgery including the application of numbing gel, and anesthesia took less than an hour, I think it's an easier procedure than the one I had in March, but it's about time for me to go for some dental cleaning the following this (at Q&M?)

I was home at 1230 pm, took my laptop to set automatic reply, and cleared a few emails. That also includes replying K3's Sali, she is really damn blur and asked super dumb questions repeatedly (CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?!?!) over multiple calls and emails...


12 May, Thursday | HAPPY BDAY MY BABY GIRL 😘😘😘😘

(We are twins until my birthday this year yay)

This afternoon is the only time I logged into my work laptop to do some work, load the FR file, and also sent out the investigation email for Joy's case! (I took 2 hours!?!)


17 May, Tuesday | Yesterday was PH and Char texted to update me that she is ART C+!!!!!! She said she was feeling feverish and decided to do the test, so she will be on 1 week HL starting from today...

I was kinda excited for today because I can finally go to Yoga class later in the evening, but at the same time, I am so not looking forward to all the work piled up waiting for me - problems of being on 1-week medical leave!

W and I did a quick catch-up on our medical conditions. I hope she can see the ENT specialist the soonest and she doesn't continue to leave the ear problem untreated.

W updated me that there are some FR updates from last Friday, 13 May that were made effective on 15 May, so I have to quickly get those done and load them in SAP! (so ridiculous to assume we are at work on the 13th)

I quickly did the updates for M1 and then while waiting for W's clearance, I drafted the 2 letters that are due tomorrow. I am thankful for W's foresight and efforts to help me get the case information and details sorted out so that I can work on the draft so efficiently this morning!

The letters successfully cleared two rounds of vetting and I sent them to Edna at 12 ish pm YASSSSSSSS

Interim draft reply for one of the FDW Appeal cases was also cleared and sent to the employer!

I will be going for my lunch break much later today as my Dental appointment is at 1.45 pm at Tekka Place, so I plan to drop by Starbucks to collect my drinks (plus my boss's) and the wrap I ordered for my lunch. Side note: I heard my boss was drinking instant coffee in my 1 week's absence HAHAHA

In the meantime, I cleared other emails for projects etc, and worked on the follow-ups needed.

Dr Chung said my condition is okay! It will take some time for the flapping part of the gum to grow back, I just need to make sure I gargle and clean well. My scaling appointment is also booked for 7 June, I am really in need of cleaning!

(I was so fast, everyone in my lorong was shook when I came back to the office. I am also earlier than Sleeping P who is suppose to be back at 2 pm LOL)




As I noticed Edna hasn't cleared my letters, I asked her secretary, ET who asked if she can join me on my Greece trip hah, if Edna is working today. OMG SHE IS GOING ON HER MANDATORY BLOCK LEAVE SOON LEH, I hope there are no appeal cases in the next 2 weeks, I don't want to get her coverer, EL to approve my letters!

At 3 ish pm, W sent me her T6C file to double-check and have to load the changes today since it's a w.e.f 15 May thing. It took me so long to find and match the amounts! I also took this opportunity to check PSG Sleep Study, and after-hours service items and also managed to spot an incorrectly updated outpatient facility fee $380, when the file actually states $350!

I took down notes for the FR done today!!!!


There were many follow-ups and tasks to complete SOBS!! I also finally gathered the energy and patience to put together the replies to Ms. Sali's all over the place questions!




Just when I decided on healthier living and I got this snack from the sponsors for the HF donations I made. SNACK LIFE CHOOSE ME?!

At 5 ish, I changed into my Yoga outfit and was showing (my outfit) BK, J and K! I wanted to stand beside T every Tuesday to peer pressure her into exercising. I feel like she is one of my motivations to lose weight HAHAHA




Long-awaited YOGA BY THE LAWN!

Also, one of my colleagues saw my yoga mat and asked about my Yoga classes WAH I sit so far from her wor

The past 2 nights, I couldn't sleep well but today I was out like a light once I closed my eyes TOH~


18 May, Wednesday | Aiyo, I saw Sleeping P texted us early in the morning saying she needs to take urgent AM leave as her husband is unwell. Then later, she changed to 1 day UL because her husband is still suffering from a headache... I don't understand how she is going to help him with the headache by staying next to him LOL

She always 出 pattern *roll eyes*

Today I had my favourite Red Bean Bun (RBB) and a nice cup of coffee as I read through the emails in my mailbox!

Edna approved both my letters, yay! As I was preparing to send the letter out, I realised that one case has a different address in the appeal vs our records.

(Why Sleeping P didn't pick this up last week when she sent an email to arrange an appointment...)

I called the patient but got her name semi pronounced wrongly, so paiseh sia! She was okay over the phone but did go on a bit on her medical condition which I am unable to comment on. I just called her to verify her address. SMS was sent, but she didn't submit the change of mailing address request so I contacted her again later in the afternoon.




I was swarmed with work and didn't really make eye contact with my boss when he came over to ask me if I am free in the late afternoon for an Executive Network 2.0 (EN) discussion

Note: reformed committee, hence the 2.0!

I asked about the time and then told him I don't think I can as I have a project discussion (with Sali) but then Sali later wanted to change the timing, I decided to just shift this to Friday, 10 am! I texted my boss later to say I shifted my discussion, so I can join him later!

(Okay so I haven't done anything in 2 years being on this committee HAHAHA, it seems kinda weird to still name my email folder "EN 2.0", I am going with "EN 2.0 2.0" HEH)





(I remember it tasted much better last time, sobs)

Also, I decided last week to eat more fruits, so fruits life choose me today! Feels good to have some fruits at work, but sadly I didn't have time to enjoy my kiwi at work.

K didn't get to join our Starbucks buy yesterday so we ordered Flash Coffee! NO RAGRATS

Still very much in love with this lip colour 💋





Joy's case was ding dong-ing because we are unable to determine why there was no GIRO deduction so far! After rounds and rounds of email exchange, my colleague, Ginger agreed with me when I suggested that could it be there was no iDDA application made by the mother, although Ginger was very sure in her email update in Oct 2021 that the mother submitted the application.

Then I went to dig further and saw from another SAP module that it was updated that iDDA submission was approved in Dec 2021 by FSS, V! HUH DID GINGER JUST AGREE WITH ME OUT OF CONVENIENCE?!

Rich called me regarding this case and he highlighted after his colleagues left, there isn't a clear SOP or handover, as such there were many issues.

After I asked the right questions and found the correct timeline, Rich found the data. Due to the lapses, no deduction was made so far!

I am going to be super brief about it, and inform mother via letter that we will commence the deduction in June 2022! Separately, I will update Edna on this lapse and follow up with the relevant parties to work on the SOP, to avoid such occurrences in the future.

So glad I went to do my fact checks properly (NO TRUST), imagine if I put it in writing wrongly accusing the mother of not submitting the application!

I think Rich and I can click, plus he seems to be praising me (to John) as I got thank you call and messages from John!




This call with the address lady went on very differently! She suddenly told me she went to check our website for more information and said she is very unwell, can she not get a referral to visit our urgent clinic. I told her I will have to check with the nurse manager of the clinic itself and ring her back.

The clinic NM didn't reply to me in 45 minutes so I called their shared line and one of the Nurse Managers confirmed that this lady can return to seek treatment at subsidised rates without an appointment WOOHOO

I called to share this good news with her, I could hear her holding back her tears, feeling all relieved that she can seek medical help without having to worry about finances, and her caregiver needs for her child.

Then she explained to me that she is okay with mailing the letter to the address in our records, so I managed to get the letter ready and printed before 430 pm, to attend the EN 2.0 meeting! It was pushed to 445 pm and ended up as a one-to-one session with my boss...

We are looking at planning Durian baking classes in June/July with a 50-50 co-payment. This means Rachel has to do her homework, omg la! He asks for at least 3 sources/vendors, for them to choose from!

My boss and I also chat about other random things, like his helper's food not being tasty and about my maid who got pregnant in 2021!

I saw there are a few FC-related emails but I didn't have time to go read and all. TSK plus I also didn't have the time to check the T6C file and confirm the codes to cease!

I didn't have enough time to put together the case summary for Joy's case so I need to hold the vetting back (to W). This case has a long appeal history with us, good to go dig out past information to set the background for this case.

Papadom has been asking me to review the chatbot portion for division review slides since this morning! So thankful K made Papadom follow up on this since she is co-lead of the cluster project + I was on a 1-week mc last week!

Her slides are so horrible?!?!?! OMG cleaning it up just made me so mad la, I left together with K at almost 6.30 pm...

No time to follow up on project emails, even tho Ivy just confirmed that the virtual card has been successfully created!




Char sent me a voice recording in the evening and OMG HER VOICE IS SO HOARSE!!!! Poor thing la, reminds me of how YS suffered during his C+ days!

(I logged into her email, and helped her put an automatic reply on Tuesday!)



19 May, Thursday | Today we had our department meeting at 9 am! Papadom changed her wfh day to Friday as she said she needs to run some errands at work today. She texted me to update me that she will be meeting our Medical Report colleagues who are new to chatbot work, and she will update me after this meeting!

I think her whole idea is to be the face of this project, WITHOUT ME! At this point, I was just like "whatever la" attitude towards all her small little tricks!

As K and I joined from home, I couldn't really hear what our colleagues are saying in the physical meeting room. Most of the time, K and I asked one another via WhatsApp "HUHHH, what they say ah"

During the meeting, my boss talked to Papadom about all the plans he has in mind for the chatbot, but I just pretend that I am not part of this project. LET THE CO-LEAD, PAPADOM answer! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

(K and I just chill woohoo, since 听不到)

Then we moved to EES, aiyo Rachel still hasn't sorted out all the information and follow-up items SIANZ. I just flashed the excel table of opportunities and their respective suggested action plans. We all discussed and came up with ideas, even those that don't fit into any categories! I will have to put it together into the slides template, in preparation for EES sharing with senior management probably in July/ August!

We are looking at creating a synergy board, for colleagues to put up compliments for one another!!! This is quite a good idea, they call this Kaizen (so jap!!!).

In between the meeting, I was trying to finish up on the summary for Joy's case but to no avail (I'm so bad at multi-tasking). Only after the meeting ended, I completed my case summary for Joy plus cleared the drafts. I finally got the time to do our chatlog HW at 11.40 am!

At 12ish pm, I saw W cleared my draft and I worked on my project emails. Lately, the Corporate Billing project is taking up quite a bit of my time.

I went for my "lunch break" at 1ish pm, I tried to nap but I couldn't! Shortly after, Papadom wanted to call at 1.50 pm to update me on her meeting with our Medical Report colleagues!

She told me the new executive has zero healthcare background and doesn't even know about FormSG... She did a demo on how to update chatbot content and showed them our document submission eform which I clean up the entire form logic for her. Even though she shared with me that she praised me for my knowledge and skills, I don't know if she actually credited me in front of our Medical Report colleagues... I think it's unlikely...

Most likely she will rope me in when she needs help with form logic or chatbot response set up... then people will know what is the one who does all the work LOL


I was on medical leave last week, there is a new face (more like a voice) but I don't know who that is, so I asked who is that! (Tiger Brows who joined much later asked the same question as me HAHA)


(probably left a not too bad impression)

I couldn't stand the new guy, Ed's voice. He sounded super uncle?!!?!

*texting YS immediately*

1439 hours, Me: I miss you

1448 hours, Me: COME BACK!!!!

YS laughed, and asked what happened! After the meeting, we talked on the phone for almost 17 minutes. He is really one of my biggest pillars of support! (I am kinda glad that he is keen to consider furthering his studies!!)

This ping guo also, every few minutes she asks if we can see her slides! She also almost instantaneously asks us again if we don't respond to her. We need time to think and process the information la!

The new executive from Medical Reports did join but didn't ask any questions at all. I wonder how Papadom is going to help him when she tells me "she doesn't understand/doesn't quite follow what I am saying"very recently...

The last agenda was initiating a 15 mins inactivity prompt that signals an auto-resolve chat function, however, Tiger brows left earlier and we need her institution to agree to this before we can implement it!

I saw my boss approved my appeal letter! Yayyyy, will send that to Edna in abit!

I was going through Sleeping P's and Faridah's drafts... It's so terrible?!?! They didn't address the main points and the content simply doesn't gel! SO TIRED...

I was working on random pieces of work here and there, PE office colleague, Jo called and she made me super confused... She sent me an appeal case to work on, and asked me to "follow up and update her on the closure". But over the phone, she said she has closed this case in their feedback system, and didn't need my office to close the case. I AM SO CONFUSED!!!

In my opinion, all the confusion lately from their office is really just a comprehension issue!


Then shortly after, I received another call from FPA, Y (we have the same HOD, S!), she asked me to send her the standard script to patients for this particular item. As I was doing the search, she asked for another item, then I suggested that she emailed me instead so that I can get back to her on the request made.

I got her email at 5.30 pm and was doing the search for the definition of the items. One of which, I needed more info. I called Sleeping P at 5.38 pm and she did not pick up the call. I checked with J and found out that she is at her desk, just that it's after 5.30 pm, she doesn't want to entertain the patient's call, BUT IT IS ME!!!!

I even asked her "you cannot hear is it?" and she awkwardly laughs and asks me what is this call about. THIS FAT PIECE OF SLACK SHIT!!!!

I was almost done, and saw S emailed me to "chase" for my reply! It's 6 pm and only 30 minutes since I got the request. I understand from Y that this is urgent as they want to share it with Edna before she goes on her 2 weeks holiday! If they knew they will be rushing for time, they should have asked us earlier instead of waiting until the very last minute!!!!

YOU LAST MINUTE, NOT I LAST MINUTE, why is this even my problem?!?!?

It is not a difficult task la, but it is also not a 0 effort thing. I still need to search and check that it is correct before sending it over!

*proceeds to text my boss to complain*

(He is supportive and advocates work-life balance)

He said, just send her on Monday (HAHAHAHAHA)

"Nola she said urgent, I will send at 6.15 pm, let her anxiously wait for another 15 minutes"


Plus right, FPA does costing and revenue planning, they should know what the items are what????!! SO RIDICULOUS




Since Thursday is the only day I will be working from home, I gotta clear whatever I can today that needs Internet access, which means chatbot stuff and designing work!

I did up the demo for adding of dependents on hhhb and gave my boss the demo link for him to have a look. His comments: very thoughtful, it is good!

The poster was also done and cleared with my boss, I quickly sent the poster to J from Comms at 7 ish pm! PANG GANG LO!!!!!





The goal is to drink each bottle over 2-3 hours, and continue to hydrate yourself! I was worried I drank too fast or slow, but the pace was overall good.

Bottle #1 Relaxing Coconut Mylk: the drink tasted really like coconut milk with a powdery texture. It wasn't really a light drink in terms of taste, but it was easy to drink and finished in 2.5 hours.

Bottle #2 Living Greens: I am cool with vegetable drinks but the CELERY IS KILLING ME! There is also a siap siap aftertaste, arghhhh!

Bottle #3 Green Electrolytes: this tastes nicer than the earlier drink even tho it is almost completely vegetable ingredients. It has a more refreshing vegetable juice feels!

Bottle #4 Sweet Earth: I'm loving how red the drink looks, based on the colour there is definitely beetroot. This drink tastes rich and not too bad, but there is celery again and also that siap siap aftertaste.

Bottle #5 Summer Breeze: this is my favourite drink!!!! It is so fruity, sweet, and refreshing

(this was around dinner time).

Bottle #6 Immunity Tonic: the last drink is truly sour and a real boost of vitamins and probiotics! It's largely orange base, I like oranges!!!!

I paid slightly over $100 for these 6 bottles of juice! It is expensive la, but in my honest review, I think it's not too bad! I wasn't feeling hungry, I guess because the juice keeps me full?! I thought I wasn't going to survive since I couldn't have a sip of coffee for the whole of today, but I could focus well at work (from home) YASSSS

I went to shit 5 times today and my gut feels cleansed! On my fifth bottle, the toilet party ended but I kept going to pee. I decided to finish the drink before 10.30 pm in case I need to wake up later in my sleep to pee.

3 days juice cleanse. Thoughts?


20 May, Friday | Loving this flower embroidery dress from Fayth!

I cleared emails and quickly drafted the MP appeal reply letter, hope to get it out for approval the soonest. I had to call Sali ahead of our 10 am discussion/meeting to ask for a 15 minutes shift because I didn’t have enough time 😭

We met at L4 pantry, I love their seats and the discussion was until 11 am! Sometimes I wonder is it she is poor in comprehension or maybe I am poor in explaining things LOL

I came back to my desk and caught up with W for a bit, did a few things, and off we go to FIN office meeting room to watch a video on PORU! I think listening is okay, but I bet none of us have any idea of putting what we learned into context or the real world…

After this, I quickly walked over to ET’s desk and chat with her about the plans when Edna is away on her 2 weeks holiday to Greece! It seems like I will have to go through the nice lady Jo for week 1 and then S for the remaining week (I plan to clear everything I can in the first week of Edna’s absence because getting clearance from S is really bad...)

Note: I need to clear 2 appeal letters today!!!!! Before Edna goes on her leave!

I went for lunch with Siti and Faridah today, we didn’t really talk much, other than Sleeping P always taking leaves and she spent 10k on hotel stays, yet she can’t spend money on getting a sleeping device for her sleeping problems?!?!?!

When I was back in the office, I was busy working on my letters, Papadom called and asked to discuss where to add the HHHB thingy on our chatbot’s responses! It’s good to have these discussions, but ultimately I am the one doing the work horrrr

One of the letters (FDW) I got clearance from my boss, I quickly sent it to Edna, as well as the reminder email for the case I sent yesterday! I sent them at 2 pm, she is still considered working right? HEH

It took me so long to go through Sleeping P’s and Faridah’s drafts, I have to do all the fact checks and I always spot their mistakes… If I didn’t check, they will just send it out with errors? Then point fingers at me because I said okay to their drafts??

In one of the drafts, I did a major revamp as Sleeping P wrote a lot of irrelevant things in her reply, I sent the amended version to W for her clearance, just to be safe!

At 3 ish pm, I was panicking as Edna only cleared one letter, and shortly after she sent an email to tell us not to email her as she is going on leave.


*panics for nothing as Edna cleared it in the next 10 minutes, YAY*

I printed both of the approved letters and all the admin things required (feeling accomplished every time I clear a case). Not forgetting to update the PE office that we have cleared the letters and sent them a copy as closures. They are using our letters and counting them as their workload, DAMN RUBBISH!!!!

I saw someone emailed me at 5.12 pm, showing interest in the Corporate Billing project. Replying to this email will take some time so I decided to keep it for Monday instead! I still haven’t worked on the EES updates, and now Ministry is asking questions about one of the appeal cases…

INCOME TAX IS REAL EXPENSIVE LAH (I'm very much broke in May 2022)


21 May, Saturday | After a few days of coughing and throat pain, Fatfat just confirmed she is positive today! We are all lost, we don’t know what to do, or how to contain it and prevent it from spreading to the rest of us!


23 May, Monday | I did my ART in the morning and confirmed Negative before I went to the office today! Yesterday I have asked my boss if I can work from home from Tuesday onwards as I need to go grab the ART kits, and some supplies at work and attend my rescheduled Performance Appraisal (PA)!

I was in this super long EDTU meeting from 930 am to 1130 am, I think they still need the relevant stakeholders to make decisions at this point so I was multitasking my own work while listening to the meeting.

I completed moving UAT changes for HHHB to production and sent an email updating the office on the upgrade of content! (I guess Papadom was on leave, didn’t manage to steal credit for this!)

I was looking through the drafts and noticed that Faridah used her old unamended version from Friday for me to vet again, after adding responses to the new queries this lady has. I had to point out to her and direct her to the email I sent last Friday so that I don’t have to redo her entire draft (took a lot of effort to look through one draft…)

Sometimes I have no idea what she is doing…

After dissecting the intent of the email I received last week on the Corporate Billing project, it seems like this coordinator wants in on this program. But she seems to be jumping the gun, asking about onboarding without clearing the prior portions. She mentioned some of them have non-institution-specific emails, not sure if she is referring to Gmail or cluster email. I drafted a long ass email to tell her what is required for onboarding and clarified the email part.

I thought this EDTU meeting was the one that is very important for W and me to attend, but actually, it was the one later at 2 pm.

W finally went to see a private specialist (thanks to her daughter) and got her ear checked out!! She took AM leave today and came back during lunchtime updating us that it costs only $150 as compared to our costly charges!

So glad the doctor cleared her ear problem, she can hear much better with her right ear now!!!!




Featuring my new earrings ✨

W also agrees with my WFH plans since my sister was tested positive on Saturday (I cleared this plan with my boss already) YAYYYYYY

I had lunch at my desk today since close contact with C+ and my appraisal will be at 1.30 pm! At 1.18 pm, my boss texted me that I can come for my appraisal already, guess this colleague’s session ended early.

Overall, my appraisal session wasn’t about me, but about other staff’s performance??! It sounded more like bosses discussing the plans for their staff, such as how they are going to get their older staff to embrace change, and what their development will be like!

We talked about Sleeping P’s and Faridah’s performance and I explained their writing really needs improvement, but I also understand their difficulties (in doing writing assignments).

I could only recall these 2 parts (relating to me):

1) My boss shared that W speaks very highly of me, and her answer to their question if I am able to take over her FC portfolio, her answer is yes! Then I clarified that W is a person with a lot of positivity, she has a very positive and cheerful attitude in life. I will try my best to learn whatever I can from her (probably this is really her last year??)

2) This year, my boss didn’t ask me what is my career aspiration, but he asked if I can see myself as the future HOD of our office. My answer: “nola, still so far away”

After the appraisal session, I went over to chat with ET and came back to my office at 2ish pm. The conversation that is truly long is my catching up with ET and not my appraisal session HAHAHA

W highlighted the 3 codes for BREAST is in T6C, so I worked on those and also checked through the codes to cease (like finally!). We discussed and planned to load those on Friday, more than 'slightly' before 1 June 2022. I managed to clear Faridah’s draft before our PCP meeting at 4 pm.

Based on the meeting content, I took down notes and I am so glad that I understood the meeting – the 2 main questions/decisions needed. W and I had a quick discussion with our boss shortly after this meeting and we have already decided on our responses!

Since 2019, W and I were told PCP data will be given to us every 6 months, but then we never received it. It seems like only given to us every few years?? Yee also takes quite long to generate our BRAIN data, so last year we manually up the Hospital charges by 6%. Only today, we heard the file will be sent to us, upon request! So W and I were thinking of asking for the files so that we can work on it!!!!

The meeting ended at 5ish pm. I quickly acknowledged and downloaded the appraisal document, to send to S. The file will reach me probably tomorrow morning?


24 May, Tuesday | Today begins my WFH days as I am in close contact with C+ case!

The eFC meeting was not canceled today, but the agenda wasn’t really for our attention so overall it was not too bad.

As Edna is away on holiday, I sent my appeal letter to Jo for her approval and she cleared it YAYYYY

I also took this opportunity to do my research on possible durian pastry baking workshops and get this HW done. One of the shops I contacted, seems to be out of business as my email was undelivered…

Other than clearing drafts, today was pretty uneventful and I had the time to chase CRIMINAL MINDS 🙃


25 May, Wednesday | 샤이니 DAY 💙💙💙💙💙

Following the discussion of EES action plans, I have not consolidated the information and discussion points. This morning, I attempted to do so but really my motivation for this is zero!

I drafted the email reply to the employer’s family regarding payment collection activities for the FDW baby’s medical expenses! W cleared it and I will send it out later before the day ends, in case they reply to me super soon, then this is an open item again haha

I completed the email appeal draft to Ministry for IVF assistance, will have to copy IVF Sisters too when I sent this out!

I was busy responding to the Ministry’s email on one of the MP appeal case, requesting to use MediSave for delivery. I can’t believe they asking me what was communicated for the previous appeal, when they could have checked with their same organisation colleagues first??! Emails are just going back and forth, the people making the policy changes and the people managing the operations/implementations. It is really a waste of my time to answer their queries la…

Following Fatfat’s C+ confirmation, we learned that the different brands' ART test kits have different sensitivity!!!! So today after lunch, I did my ART test using both kits, the one given by my company and the Flow Flex kits (higher sensitivity). OMG, I NOTICED A FAINT LINE ON THE FLOWFLEX TEST KIT!!!!!

I GOT COVID??!?! I decided to go see a doctor due to the varying ART results, and it wasn’t a long wait at Dr. Chuah’s clinic. After assessing my physical condition, Dr Chuah asked if I got Covid before and my answer was no. It seems like my symptoms aren’t so severe and he thinks could be a reinfection case? (if he confirms I am C+ on a new ART kit)

Okay so after 15 minutes of waiting outside the clinic, the assistant came to show me the faint line (less faint than my self-test kit earlier) using a torchlight! I was given medication for cough and throat itch/runny nose. I will be on 7 days MC/HL until 31 May 2022...

I came home and prepared some stuff for 7 days of self-isolation in the room. Then it was setting my automatic reply, and clearing out the emails I planned to send earlier today. I also sent my T6C working file to W and let her know that I can work on it, just let me know. W is very understanding and told me since I am on medical leave, she will cover the fee revision work for me! (what am I going to do without her 😪 )

After hearing the news of me being C+, Char and Siti sent over some supplies, such as Coconut water, mineral water, three legs brand cooling water (flavoured), yogurt, and some seaweed snacks!

(I’m loving the flavoured cooling water, it makes me feel like I’m on a vacation!!!!!)

Then I was just telling YS about the really nice drink and he asked for my address too, to send me drinks. Aiyo no need la, GDLL (Johnny also offered)!





(until 31 May 2022)

It was constant drinking of iced coconut water, having my meals in the room, and taking a nap every afternoon due to the medicine prescribed. The times I was awake I was playing all the games on my phone and watching shows – Criminal Minds, and then Stranger Things (S4 released on 27 May 2022).

MY NUMBER 1 daily interest during Isolation Week: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial!!!! I can’t believe AH is an actress when she can’t even act while on the stand, describing her alleged DV LOL

I loved how Depp’s lawyer grilled her, “there is no question pending”, “respectfully, please try to answer my question”, “But I do not. My question is ‘have you donated, not pledged the $7m to xxx?” HAHAHA

And then there is Johnny Depp, just being him and sassy!!!!!

Other than getting a work call from Lina on my last day of HL, one of the interesting work encounters would be because of Papadom, the chatbot deconflict session was called off!

Guess she can’t do without me HAHAHA (why is no one paying attention during the meetings ah?!)





I guess mentally I was in a different place, haha I watched through 4 full episodes (half of Season 1) thinking that was the recap in Season 4. I only realised when I had a discussion with Fatfat on the show! REALLY COVID BRAIN HELPS

Usually shows with a few seasons, just gets worse. But Stranger things is on a completely different game?! IT ONLY GETS BETTER!!!!!





Lastly, adding this here as a reminder:

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