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May 2023 - Adulting

1 May, Monday | It’s Public Holiday today! I’m so glad for the long weekend, and more time to finish watching “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” and not neglecting Greece trip itinerary planning!


2 May, Tuesday | W is on leave today, visiting her mother in Malaysia! I will need to clear the drafts and see if there is anything urgent from over the long weekend. I didn’t have the time to eat breakfast once I got to work, because Sleeping P did a few drafts and followed up on some cases over the weekend, so I have many emails sitting in my inbox!!!!

I saw one of the cases, Sleeping P asking us if she can ask our boss to amend the discharge timing but I checked the timing is correct as per RTLS. What we should be doing is getting billing to activate the late ward charge, last year we have a similar case too as the system doesn’t populate the late ward charges if the discharge is on package day.

After clarifying, I sent Sleeping P a list of follow-up actions for the case, to write to our boss, etc.

I didn’t have the feels for cup noodles, plus no time to enjoy my lunch outside so ended up eating Oats… It was not fantastic but okay la, may feel hungry later but see how.

It was only in the afternoon then I got the time to focus on MP appeal cases, and asked for medical information to supplement my draft. I kept revising my draft hahaha

Then for another case, the PH bills v luan, I cannot understand leh and can’t grasp what LX is trying to explain to me about the assistance… HELPS

We have 6 paid pax for cupcake making class, I’m still trying to finalise the 4 remaining pax. I sent an email reminder but no news, one of the participants wanted to bring 3 pax otherwise she will not attend.

I feel like I am being threatened at work…

My boss agreed after finding out the sign-ups not so good, now waiting for this staff to get back to me on our new offer!

(still left the problematic woman, IDW to call her sia)

After I cleared out the main and urgent tasks, it was time for discussion with K to complete writing up the poster abstract for SHM 2023 submission!

I think K was quite worried since the deadline is this Friday, she asked me last week about this, but I was not worried at all hah. Maybe because I know this task of 300 words write up can be done in an hour or so, a maximum of 1.5 hours so no need to gan chiong hehe

We are pretty good at this, and completed it at around 6 pm!

Update: my boss added one point, and said the work is well written!

I left the office with J and K at 6.15 pm and made my way to Orchard!




Facial + Teeth whitening ((:

Then I went to Paris Baguette for a late dinner! I got a Caesar chicken croissant sandwich and an Iced latte~


3 May, Wednesday | W cleared one of the drafts, that I have some issues with and we need to check one thing before sending out the reply!

My boss is agreeable with the poster abstract we have written yesterday evening, K suggested just submit now then we have one less thing to deal with. I quickly sent it out woohoo, and also P is happy and grateful that we added her as co-author for the write-up (when she didn’t write anything haha)

W also needed me to pull cases for IRUSK, and later for the rest of the IR codes! We’re pending the updates on the facility, surgeon fees, and so on since there will be an upcoming fee revision. The rates may change??

I offered to do up IRUSK and gave the rest of the file to W hehe, as I need to get my appeal letters out first, finally got two drafts ready!

Today’s lunch: Pastamania’s Alfredo!

The best news today is, we received payment for 2 pax for the cupcake event, making the paid pax count to 8! The staff shared that her sister is unable to make it, so she will proceed with 2 pax ((:

(Heng, she didn’t say she doesn’t want to go anymore, if not I’m really dead)

My boss approved the two reply letters after lunch as he was away in the morning for BT. The letters floated over to Edna and she cleared them quite fast at close to 4 pm!

While I was preparing the letters to be printed, I realised that for one of the cases, the bill is not at PB status as I claimed, it was still interim lehhhh

I had one of the biggest panic attack la, and kept wondering when will PB. No idea how I saw it as PB in the first place leh

(got ghost cover my eyes is it)

I went to ask YS about bill status, checked with XY and later also texted Charissa to confirm HELPS

For the other case, Edna made some slight addition to the draft but as she didn’t spell out MOH, I went to make some edits and wanted W to see if it’s okay. It must be frustrating if I clear every little thing with her, but this one is quite important. I managed to pack this letter by the end of the day!

After I opened a can of zero sugar oolong tea from minimart at about 4.30 pm, BK came to our office with two Mr. Coconut drinks, and said the one with no sugar is for me, a gift from SCM!


BK insisted to send SCM proof of receipt that I got the drink, and I didn’t want my face to be inside, so the picture ended up liddis:

He is really sweet la, know I don’t want to gain and got zero sugar, plus this ensures I eat hah. Not sure why he has this misconception that I didn’t eat lunch yesterday, I had oats leh!


(he got the drinks for 4 others, not including BK)

I saw the email Ju sent on Sunday but haven’t got the time to respond. Charissa is also in the loop, she will follow up ba. Then after Ju responded following Charissa’s email, I went to confirm with her that what is saying is, she wants to change the IO.

I had a similar situation with HN last year, so I knew what was the protocol for change, and called Ju to confirm the situation. I followed up with an email and also told separately explained and told Charissa what needs to be done, texted her to say we can discuss if it is unclear.

Remember that I need to sound nice and equal with her, cannot use words like brief, but words like discuss.

I quickly sent out the email acknowledging payment received for 2 pax for the signature cupcake event, and rushed to leave the office at 6.27 pm!





YS insisted to take pictures at this restaurant, so here it is!

(since we're earlier than the others heh)

30 Skewers 1 for 1, means 60 skewers for 4 pax, should be okay ba! Wah but when they brought our food over, table no space then the staff still tell us, got somemore, 还没有来

(+ yuzu highball)

Pris doesn't like mutton because of the smell, me too! But I will try and if really cmi, then give to YS heh

After cooking + dining environment, the staff cannot see which ones are beef and which are mutton, need to 打灯 HAHAHAHAHAHA



4 May, Thursday | W and Charissa updated me that the bill has PB, but I am still panicky. This is one of the reasons why I think I’m not suitable for this role…

After clearing the main emails, W also came back to me with the suggestions I gave for the Infopedia files, but I think we still have some time for these (pending FR)!

I wanted to finish my chatlog review HW first, before doing my core tasks, and it is through chatlog history, I realised MRO hasn’t removed their old email address LOL

But I don’t want to waste time fighting this battle, so I gave the info to Papadom and made her do the work hah

Today felt more like a day of checking back old cases I have on hand, that I didn’t have the time to handle until now. In one of the cases, I noticed that there were some charges during the pre-admission visit but as admission wasn’t actualised, the charges are not billed?? I will have to check further on this with W tomorrow, we also didn’t receive the MP appeal letter for this case…

For this, the writer has a few questions that seemed easy but need a lot of checking haish, I asked K to help me check if the bill is available on HH, and separately checked with HH support team to find out how to add adult caregivers on the app!

We have a new appeal case! This one is the straightforward kind, I need input from the social worker, then can draft up the reply letter le

(Inserts 2.5 hours itinerary discussion with Apple, think we’re 90% done?!)


5 May, Friday | The letter that I didn’t get to print on Wednesday as the bill status was at interim status, PB yesterday and finalised today 😭

SEMO!!!!! I had to check everything again and realised there is also a CDA refund for child’s case, so really made considerable changes to two paragraphs of the reply letter…

W was not frustrated by me, and was helpful throughout my entire crisis hehe! I think we both help each other out a lot ba, but I don’t who gonna help me out when she retires this year end…

After sorting out this appeal letter and printing it, it was about time for our chatbot meeting and it seems like they needed a lot of hand-holding still leh. Some institutions were not so confident that they asked if we can help them since they are alone on the team… Wah, we can do a buddy system la and I also explained that when Papadom is leading the discussion, I’m also helping to check things on my end!

Nearing the end of the meeting, it felt a little like private tuition for G HAHAHA but poor guy, he is v lost )):

Also, KC texted me last night, to ask if we’re free today or on Monday to do testing for him hah, errr not really but okay la, we help him out a bit!

I’m also the bearer of bad news, so I told him there is this other product that we’re looking at, so now they got a competitor to look into haha

While we were wrapping up the meeting, I got a call from C from PE Office regarding a call she got from this caller, Mr. J and he cannot stop with the waiver we gave him… I started digging out all the details, dates of correspondence, and whatnot.

I drafted the response to him and sent it to W to clear. Later in the afternoon, this guy called FSS, and the case was routed back to my team by my boss so I had to share the updates of this case and clear the reply with my lao ban now lor

“Draft is good, please proceed”


(we sending it out midweek)

At 12ish, my Krispy Kreme orders are here, I ordered 9 donuts in total! It was to return SCM for his Mr. Coconut drink on Wednesday hah. I got 3 for Siti’s kids, 2 for J’s and 2 for SCM’s, 1 for Adeline, and 1 for Mr. Oh!

I went to grab lunch from Tekka today but the DBS app not working so I can’t get my $3 cashback… I ordered bee hoon plus liao from this auntie, and now I have too much bee hoon to finish. I dabao-ed that because so wasted to throw it away lo

(maybe next time just buy the liao can le)

The social worker got back to me on the update to the mother on the assistance granted, but I didn’t have the time to draft the reply, think have to follow up on Monday le…

At 2.15 pm, W and I went upstairs to prepare for the appraisal sessions for Sleeping P and Faridah! We were there early, so got the time to gossip about staff performance!

W was telling me she was very angry yesterday because Faridah didn’t update on the call she had with the patient. She told W I said to email PE office directly, I mean I did say that, assuming she updates us of the call conversation she had with the patient, but she did none…

I really hate doing appraisals because I find it difficult to share negative feedback face-to-face with the person directly, and hate having the attention on me…

Sleeping P seems okay with our feedback and she is honestly better performing than Faridah, while Faridah didn’t seem very interested halfway through our conversation. She probably doesn’t give a shit about our comments since she is already in a senior position, no more upgrades as she does not intend to further her education.

We both agree she likes to stand up and tell us/ask us stuff, this case that case how ah and shit. Then we don’t know what case she referring to. I hope she really listened to our feedback and changed, even if just a little…

Wah, then I came back to my desk, settled Mr. J repeated confusion + drama, then quickly sent out the stats for compliments and complaints!

I started mass sending out closure for appeal cases, as I have been receiving countless reminders… I have to update the ones that are pending too, so I will stop getting chased for those cases.

Aiyo it was only when J started talking to me about the transfers, then I realised I should have stopped her from offsetting it. Now, we need to tag some bills to HF, then may have to reverse the transfers…

K and I saw our boss helped to redraft the abstract to fit the submission template, wah good life, they don’t even need to do anything??? Is like if you’re bad at it, then boss helps to do, but if you’re good at it, then you do it yourself.

Where is the benefit of being a good worker/staff??




I had a wonderful catch-up session with YT over dinner! And we will be meeting next week again, they’re coming to support my cupcake event (sign-ups sibei poor…)

That lady who thinks she can threaten me, by bailing on the event, citing the reason to cancel her registration: she cannot bring her 7-year-old son.



6 May, Saturday | I have no idea how I slept, I woke up with severe neck pain ): I can’t move my head forward or backward too much…




More more more


Yes, the waiter was asking us (in the pic) if we wanna take pictures!


8 May, Monday | I put a plaster on the injury on my feet, thinking it will help with healing and not getting infected, but the abrasion from the plaster with my sliders, made it even more painful )):

Once I got to work, W reminded me about the pending data for IRUSH, and suggest we not wait for FPA to update us on the fee revision changes. I quickly finished up and sent it to W to clear, as well as the email to respond to NC.

One of the appeal case reply letters is ready for vetting and approval! Case sent to Edna for her signature, she didn’t get back to me even at the end of the day.

JINJJA lunch adventures with K~

I think KC was busy then missed sending the Zoom invite to us before 2.15 pm, he only responded almost close to 3 pm… Oops, guess we not doing user testing for him liao wor hah

I was working on IP Gastro file for the rest of the afternoon, followed up on cases, as well as closing the expired cheque case.

(update: case came back)

Right after work, I saw Bili’s update on what Mom wants to do for Mother’s Day, she said she wants to hike in the morning as a family. I explained that as I will be flying off next week, and occupied this Saturday with cupcake baking event and dinner plans, I only have this Sunday free to pack my luggage and follow up on usual household chores.

I didn’t want to go, and Bili was completely disrespectful of my time, and said “other than this Sunday, no other Sunday le what (since I’m flying off). WTF????

My mood was super horrible, but after I ate Mom’s fried fish bee hoon soup, 我没事了



9 May, Tuesday | Edna didn’t clear my reply letter from yesterday, I thought of sending a reminder mid-day so at least it is about 24 hours (doesn’t seem too unreasonable?)

After discussing with W regarding one of the MP appeal cases, as they have no income, the installment plan does not work so we decided to send the case to social worker to review even though we know there is no outright funding to support the medical bills.

I also sent the closure/follow-up instruction emails for last week’s cases, just in case the patient returns then people say I no say LOL

I was finishing up the Gastro file and sent it to W to process the suggested amounts for uploading! She also reminded me that we still got one more, Inpatient Urology!

I pulled the data weeks before, but haven’t got time to get started on it, now is the time lo hah

Hehe yassss Edna approved my letter in the middle of the day, I quickly got it checked and printed right after lunch! Lately, my lunch breaks are 10 minutes breaks…

Then it is time to start on Urology!!

In the afternoon, is my turn to go for open safe duties with J! I told J some family stories and then also apparently today bili and parents had a huge fight -.-

(wonder what is it about…)

Also, Finance came back to us, telling us they’re unable to re-issue the cheque as the transaction/accounting records are gone, they only keep for 7 years only. We will have to really put the draft together, earlier we did la but I told W until we hear from Finance, then you clear my draft.

The employer came back to appeal her FDW bills again, now officially I’m opening Appeal 2 with MOM for this.

I had put together the draft reply for Mr. V (pending MP appeal letter to reach us) to send to W for her clearance. I’m hoping to send it out tomorrow.

I saw the social worker, called the patient, and brought forward the appointment, I’m not too sure if they got the date wrong, plus I wanted to discuss the tact for the reply given it is an NR case. I think the social worker may be new, she seems to be wanting to advise the patient on MSV claims too, before submitting the balance amounts for application for assistance. Then we kept calling each other back and forth to sort it out hahaha

(Tomorrow, have to adjust the letter and clear with W on the response to the social worker, so it doesn’t seem like we’re pushing our work to her)

Wah really not enough time ):

Then at 5.45 pm, I quickly rushed to get changed for Yoga class!


10 May, Wednesday | W is good with the reply I proposed to the social worker, after I sent it to her, she also very quickly gave me her green light (:

Letter sent for clearance, and printed at EOD!

Wah, I don’t know how Faridah can even write such a brainless email to W, to ask “can forward to our boss to decide”

The thing is there is nothing for my boss to decide because the charging is correct, there is also no special case exception for us to seek approval for. This is a case PE Office sent to her privately, and it seems like she is struggling with it.

W replied to her:

(stating the policies), are there any rules where he (our boss) overrides the policy??

Love her!

J has been eyeing Saap Saap Thai ever since last week when we couldn’t make a successful order. We got it today!!

We received an email from one of the clinics about not being able to do FC due to a missing counsel code. No one told us to create VPIC leh LOL

Charissa forwarded this to W and me to advise then W wrote back to advise accordingly, we didn’t see any emails following this.

I’m done with the Urology file, and W has seen it and told me she will load it tomorrow when she is back in the office!

I asked Faridah to send out the reply to Mr. V.

I also went to check MP stats and realised she hasn’t done up the March’s and April’s, really don’t say she wouldn’t do it. If I always have to remind her to do her job, might as well I do.



Then later SCM made me wash his teapot and cup with soap and water when he usually just rinse with water -.-

P wanted to meet me at 3.30 pm to discuss Nintex forms, but then she was so blur, couldn’t even find her past work/document created for more than 30 minutes. I know why she needs my help…

She was the one who told me this is better than Forms, but then I didn’t even see the success of it, not even abit since she can’t even find her form.

The only thing worthwhile was the gossiping HAHAHA

After this, I went back to my desk and Sleeping P informed me of a new appeal case. I went to read and it sounded more like feedback on experience in Ward/service rendered, not so much about MSV guidelines. The PE Office staff just anyhow forward to me lor…

I checked all the info from case notes, if the bill was paid, and confirmed no outstanding, it was indeed an experience feedback piece. I put together the entire argument and sent it to their lao ban to look into the appeal case!!

She came back real soon and shared they will give a call to the appellant to find out more/close the case. In the end, it was a case that they really have to review his concerns.




Today we ordered food for our dinner, and I went to do a quick look through the restaurants/cafes we want to visit! At 9.30 pm, Apple and I started our final itinerary discussion, it ended at 11.30 pm.

We’re great, no more planning le!!!

(Other than checking bus timing on the day/one day before etc.)


11 May, Thursday | I thought today I can nua, OTOT do my things since no chatbot meeting this week, but we got a department meeting at 9.30 am!

I didn’t speak until it is absolutely necessary la, and then got this part, and my boss called out to me, I was on the phone with KY and didn’t hear. Papadom texted me to let me know the boss looking for me.

“Hi, yes. Looking for me is it, sorry I was on the line”

(want to ask me about postman things la)

One of the FIN XMM asked W about VPIC, and W explained it very clearly:

“Assisting clinics to create counsel codes for their high-volume procedures as this helps staff and reduce the several steps involved in eFC. As there are several procedure codes, we will create the counsel code only upon request.”

I saw an email from Faridah, letting me know that Mr. V’s appeal is here, in her email to me, it was just stating the obvious, like when we replied and then this letter came. THEN WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO???

After much thinking, I decided to send it to her for drafting. Let her do the first cut draft, sure quite a lot of things to amend de… but if she doesn’t try then she wouldn’t learn…

After KY called the father and updated me (from earlier disappearance from the department meeting), I’m done with the draft for the case, to wait for the SSO outcome before the next course of action. W missed out on this draft and cleared it the next day!

Today is my assigned day for vetting drafts, so it is a day of clearing quite a few of them, some I took longer organizing the content.

On days W and I are in the office, we are not calculative, who sees then who does lo.

Regarding the re-issuing of the cheque case, my boss made a commotion by providing us with his versions of the draft that sounded way too apologetic… J even called me to bitch about it hah

Before the day ended, I went to dig out some information onVPI. Last time we ended it then reactivate it under SN700NC. We are not wrong, I hope???

Update: W said, they blur LOL




Dinner at MMH 💕


12 May, Friday | Today is FATFAT’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

I spent a lot of my time discussing cases/drafts with W, we always talk non-stop when we’re in the office together!

Feeling accomplished YASSSSS

The appeal cases are going well so far, need to finish up the drafts once information is firmed up ((: I think can complete the pending letters before I leave for my trip ba

(had Mingfa Noodles for lunch today)

Slightly after lunch break, at 3 pm, it was our tea break session paid my lao ban heh. We all spent like 45 minutes standing around, enjoying a little snack and chatting with colleagues. ISSA BU CUO!

Then it was SHPC Committee Meeting! I was slightly late and Sam texted me to ask me to join the meeting, but I’m in liao heh

Even tho my role is Finance support, I will also need to manage one of the events! STRESS~

I stayed another 30 minutes to finish up my work, then recalled that I need to print some traveling documents! I got it done and kept in my laptop cover, ready to bring home on Wednesday!





Then we had cake cutting later that evening!


13 May, Saturday | Fat fat and I went to Paya Lebar Square for McDonald’s, the main goal is to redeem the birthday special of 20 nuggets, but not sure why we can’t find that offer on the app ):

Then we made our way to Upper Thomson for the Signature Cupcake Baking Class! We met XY before heading in, and 刚好我们三人一组 ☺️

XY is the only one serious in this class hahaha

(joke about egg cracking skills hah)

Piping is damn difficult okay...

Update: the cupcakes were delicious 😋

Certified by Dad saying it looks professional, not too sweet for his liking – which is a huge point!

It was a really fun class, I LOVE!!!!!! I enjoyed this class way more than Mooncake making class last year, maybe the peeps in this class + our instructor is great!

(intense shaking of thighs)





White Oolong with Sour Plum (yes that is a pandan leaf)




Dinner with Fame and YT at Fat Burgers!!!!!

(finally, drinking with Fame!)

It is a pity we didn’t take a group photo here… We only have this from baking class earlier!!


14 May, Sunday | Mother’s Day Lunch at PUTIEN


15 May, Monday | The first thing I do when I wake up, is the un-flight mode my phone, and I saw from the notification panel, Faridah texted at 6.31 am saying she will be taking urgent AM leave as she was having a headache.

Aiya always liddis de la

At 8.40 am, while I was discussing things with W, we wanted to ask Sleeping P something, and then I realised she is not in the office. It is unusual for her to not update us her whereabouts on a working day. Then I went to check my phone and realised that she texted at 6.31 am, saying she fell over the weekend, hurt her calf, and going to see a doctor.

(update: 1 day MC)


So today only me and W, fighting to live another day at work!

W already preparing to clear backlog, worried that when I’m gone on my holiday (plus Sleeping P may be on long MCs, she will crisis a lot 😂

(I feel her la, when W takes a few days leave, I sibei scared)

My main goal in the next few days is to clear as much work as possible that I have on hand, before my trip! Also, for W to have fewer things to settle (because of me) when I’m away!

I plan to clear the three appeal cases on hand, these are the ones that can close, unlike the FDW case, which will probably take months la.

Baby steps right?

It was a very cold day in our office today, and in the afternoon, BK came to deliver with SCM, but he didn’t come in.


This time is Apple Tea hah




I went for my beauty appointment and dddk to buy snacks~


16 May, Tuesday | Last evening, before I left work, I sent a letter for Edna to approve! She approved it that very evening YASSSS

But also, she added a lot of commas and changed a few sentences.

(W panicking over how she can never understand Edna’s comma logic, the problem amplified when I’m gone. Edna has a lot pattern one, 4 years plus working with her and I still can’t predict her move)

W cleared the last two of the three letters, and after my boss agreed, I sent them over to Edna for her approval!


During eFC meeting earlier, I wasn’t paying attention as I wanted to finish up my letters 😂


12.30 pm, lunch with my favourite girl!

Love how we can talk about anything hehe

Today’s most stressful and annoying thing that happened today, is having to do up a montage or video for the re-designation of our CMB and it is due on 18 May, Thursday WTH

My boss missed out on the email, then now the crisis is ours (K and me) to deal with 🤬

I hate last-minute things, and how my boss always doesn’t want to be the one that decides, leaving us to come up with a creative idea, prepare the props and schedule the photoshoot. I even wrote an appreciation message for our department, for him…

With the help of ChatGPT, then I made my edits to give it a healthcare and personalised touch!

K, A and I did an art class today, using my beautiful brush pens to colour the alphabets ARGHHHHHHH

So annoyed!




Must not miss Yoga class!

(Especially next two weeks on holiday, will be missing it le)


17 May, Wednesday | Oh no, Edna didn’t approve my letters ):

I have less than 30 minutes to do archiving of our common mailbox and clean up, I’m afraid the mailbox will be too full when I’m away on 10 days' leave.

Then rushed off to leave with J for open safe duties!

Faridah really got comprehension problem?? I cannot stand her leh, she always doesn’t understand and anyhow respond to people… W kept asking her back questions but she still cannot comprehend the issue…

I WANT TO VOMIT BLOOD, W replied: “me too”

There were things that I need to follow up on before my trip and best if they can be settled as soon as possible la, so less work for W to cover!

I responded to the employer regarding the re-appeal we made to MOM, she was not happy and asked if the appeal will be coordinated with the other hospital as the bulk of the hospital charges were incurred at that hospital. She is seriously super ungrateful???!!! I was the one who reached out to her, listened to her rants, did MT and she told me she will make payment to us first, as ours is a lower quantum than the other hospital. However, we have not received a cent to this day… She paid the other hospital about 40k from crowdfunding and insurance payout.

Then suddenly, it is my duty to appeal and assist her with bills not incurred at the hospital I’m working.

I drafted the response for her to send out this evening or tomorrow, and forwarded her concerns to the other hospital for follow-up, this has nothing to do with me lor

W forwarded me an email on a counsel code one of the clinics has been trying to use for FC, but it was not valid. There is again, no request to us for the creation of counsel code, so errrr okay… I quickly pulled out ehints data, we have 11 cases this year since it is a new code, but there is no bill amount data. I did the check post lunch, as we have to get ready for what’s next before 2 pm!

(It looked like it was going to rain :O)

The photo-taking session turned out better than expected!!!


Xie xie Mr. Oh for being such a dear to help us take pictures, we were quite mafan and chaotic hahaha

Then later I finished up doing the data, made a mistake, and redid the entire calculation, now putting in the values to T6C entries. We still need to confirm the dept OU and put an estimate for the complex hospital charges for this new CC.

I heard from Papadom that Edna is finding out about the guidelines for financial assistance, this and that, and I’m just hoping she clears my two letters. I don’t trust Faridah to do a good job in checking and printing the letters unless I have no choice.

Thankfully Edna cleared both letters today, she was quite free today and had a lot of time to revamp the replies ):

Some of the changes I don’t quite agree la, but then also not for me to correct her, W agreed to just do what she wants, and close these!

Letters printed and ready to go!




Fat fat and I went for our lash lift session, hehe, and then Merci Marcel things:


18 May, Thursday | Today is my last day of work, before my trip to Greece so have some things to clear, but in general, it is pretty chill ((:

(especially I wfh today heh)

I have been procrastinating this for the past few days due to higher priority work, and only managed to send out an email with further questions on the new spage SMS portal. It looks like we are unable to customize individual SMS easily, and also the reporting seems quite restricted. What J hopes for, not workable with this and her goals do not sound achievable nor attainable.

I was on and off finishing up my chatlog review HW! This week’s ones seem okay, hope no wrong categorizing without my presence hahaha

Before I pang gang today, I sent W a list of cases I have on hand so that she knows which ones she needs to help me follow up on. I feel like there isn’t much, or at least the cases or rather the outcomes will take more than two weeks, and I will be back le lah


19 May, Friday | I took leave today to pack my things, initially wanted to attend the chatlog review meeting in the morning but decided not to heh

Papadom still texted me the updates and asked things, it was okay, she kept telling me to enjoy my trip!

The rest of the day was spent packing my things, checking that I have everything I need and I also started watching, Demon Slayer - Swordsmith Village!

I took a nap at around 10 pm and got up at 1 ish am, to prep leaving for my trip! My parents rented a car to send me to the Airport!

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