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May 2024 - Adulting

1 May, Wednesday | We went for MHK at Burlington Square, so good is their tom yum soup hehe:

Then we moved to Acoustic Coffee Bar as I suggested we are usually able to find seats on Sundays so today is PH, it should be alright.




It was crowded and after waiting for some time, then we managed to move to a more secluded seating area, with some space for our private conversation!


It was a much-needed HTHT, as I have always felt lost and confused about how he feels about me (is he just playing with me?)


I was worried about what he would say today, but I no longer want to hold on to a relationship that wouldn’t bear fruits and very much considered moving on, if he remains undecided about us.


He prepared notes on his phone and went down the list, sharing them with me one by one, the general flow was who he is (flaws?), what he likes about me, and differences in practices that I may continue to uphold that do not align with Christian faith.


Then after all this, he asked if I would be his girlfriend, but I missed the opportunity to respond to his question hah, then later I asked if we could hold hands le


Today, it was the first time we held hands and we had two meals in a day together!!!!

(I am still v amazed by this haha)


2 May, Thursday | I am too happy to focus at work today HAHAHAHA




3 May, Friday | I woke up earlier today to make Hojicha Latte for myself and 宝贝!


Oops clumsy me forgot 1 piece of the thermal flask and didn’t assemble it back to the whole flask properly, thankfully it didn’t hurt him.


宝贝 also asked me earlier if I wanted peanut pancake! If not too late to say yes, then yes!


So here it is:

(Normally I don’t get to eat unless my dad buys)


Lunch with Adeline

I told her the good news, hehe




I had a call with SK team on PCP at 2 pm and it didn’t think it will really be an hour leh, but at least I am not the only one struggling with FC matters 😂


Later, I finished and PDF-ed two Infopedia files. The CDT task I deal with them on Monday la, I v tired le




The Backdrop (with Grace!)

(before we entered the place)

We got bar seats!

Tapas and drinks!

This is my fav!!!!!


Then we super loser, still hungry after eating tapas at the bar, moved to Shake Shack for more:

(her excitement for fries and chicken!)


4 May, Saturday | He has a printer errand to run so we decided to meet at Millenia Walk for lunch. It is our first time trying Milkfish!


I guess I will 拔鱼 for him for the rest of our lives!


We went to walk around to help digestion and bought nothing from Meidiya hahaha, then decided to have coffee at Kith!


How can a pair of hands make me feel so safe? He held mine firmly, and I felt the world around us disappear (hehe)


5 May, Sunday | SL isn’t back from her trip yet, but I felt I should be attending service nevertheless. I went today, I don’t know is it the place I sat at, being on my own, invited shoulder tapping and sharing thoughts with total strangers ):


This is what I don’t like, I would rather be left alone in peace, praying to God.


They asked to eat lunch together but I rejected, and went to read on my own while I ate croissants! Then I went to Bugis Kinokuniya to check out this book:

$33, I got it!!!!! I think it will be nice reading this piece 💕


6 May, Monday | I have been procrastinating the task on estimation for 2 weeks CDT, and I went straight to work to focus on Infopedia files. It was through discussion with H, that I realised I used the wrong consult amounts to update FC data. The clean-up/fix was horrendous…


Then H and I went for lunch at OCK, before we are back to work again! I called PLS and seems like I still need to work out the CDT amounts, haish… I was in the midst of doing actual work, I saw S asked my boss/me to do an update to users about the new contract to a different transport vendor, which commences 12 May.


(not a lot of lead time liao)


She commented that her staff, YW who has been coordinating the new contract is on leave, and will only be back next week. She also asked us about how the onboarding goes and stuff, I am guessing she is telling us to settle this for her 😒


(Why YW got no coverer, then I need to do the job?)


As we also want to hand over the project to the rightful in-charge, we drafted an email update to share users/admins. S cleared the content before I sent it out, and shortly after, I got 1 call and 2 emails from admins on this. They shared with me the communication email they got from YW yesterday, that they are allowed to continue using the service until 31 May during this transition period.


(I was not informed, LOL)


I saw S is in that email loop, and she can still ask us for updates/actions regardin the upcoming new contract!??????


After my boss was alerted, he clarified matters with S and then the decision was to follow/honour what YW shared the day before.


I sent the email to clarify matters, using words like “We were just informed that YW had shared X”


Out of goodwill, I helped to send an interim update, ended up helping S resolve her confusion and entertained all the back-and-forth calls and emails.


(ARGHHHHHHHHHH, it is a waste of my time!!!!!!!!!)


I was so angry that I found tears…


I am so mad that YW has no decency to keep us in the loop, as a result, that confused us due to the lack of information/updates. What if I went ahead and got the virtual cards terminated because I was not informed, then who dies?


Their department’s poor communication led to this, and S doesn't know how to read emails 🙄


I have to sort out this mess due to other people’s incompetency.


Me: "today my mood really v bad"


BB: comforts me about the whole situation and asks “What happens to a bean when you squeeze it with your hands?”


I guess he is trying to cheer me up. So cute la hehe


After I incorrectly guessed the answer, BB: “soya bean 😂”


Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

So funny la




7 May, Tuesday | I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, wondered if that’s the aftereffect of yesterday’s anger…


(I took SLWOMC)


I had a good rest and time to do whatever I wanted!


8 May, Wednesday | (missing content)




I met YS at Vivo for dinner at Tempura Makino!


9 May, Thursday | I was on WFH today and finally started running through H’s appraisal as always, there is no good opportunity/privacy to do it in the office.


I was busy doing up Infopedia files!



10 May, Friday | Busy day trying to finish things for the week, and here comes the bad stuff which comes on Fridays…


There was a Chinese-speaking patient to call, and the call was 40 minutes… She is not happy about her experience but we were forced to handle this as a payment enquiry (roll eyes)




(don’t let this spoil what’s to come later~)


K is treating us for her promotion + it was a much-needed catch-up that we missed last December!



11 May, Saturday | I meet 宝贝 at Sembawang MRT before we head over to a nearby mall, as I wanted coffee and use the washroom hahaha


Today’s CG session is even better than the last:

The games and conversations helped us to get to know each other~

I felt the people here are all wholesome and friendly, and I would want to build ties with these people for a future life together with 宝贝!


Then, we took the train to Somerset for Aburi-EN

I was feeling full so he suggested that we walk, and as we were walking from Somerset to City Hall, it reminded us of our first meal together, we also heard busking at Cathay that day!


But this time, we are holding hands!


He sent me home and I asked for a hug. We have to do this more, then he wouldn’t so bu xi guan!


12 May, Sunday | It’s Fat Fat’s birthday today and Mother’s Day! We went to grandma’s and my dad made it a day for my mother to serve his siblings, it turned out to be a very unenjoyable day…


Love Fat Fat 5ever ❤️


13 May, Monday | H is on course today and tomorrow, and that adds to my workload, I have to cover his duties, vet MP appeals and aiyo, and do all the fact checks ):


There are also many drafts to clear from last week, everything that was missed was sent back to me…


14 May, Tuesday | Amid busy work life, K overheard a comment my staff made, and started messaging me on Teams to ask more.


She said, this scope is managed by some other team, and then this other thing, is by another team. Felt like it was simply saying it is everyone’s fault but theirs (specific team in my office)


More importantly, we are all entitled to our own opinion. I don’t think it was wrong to think this way hah (whether she likes it or not)




Fat fat and I went to eat Mcdonald’s and birthday 20 nuggets!!!!!


15 May, Wednesday | (missing content)




Super happy to meet up with Lundly for Chimaek!

I updated them about how he is now my 宝贝 💕


16 May, Thursday | Today is a chill day working from home YAY





Honestly, this drama is so good and I love every mystery or case they did in the show~



17 May, Friday | (missing content)




I met YT at South Beach for dinner! We went to d.o.c for their Italian food and we both think the food hai hao only…

Then we went to walk around the area, from Esplanade to Raffles Place MRT as a recee for her community centre event tomorrow!


(I guess the feeling would be different if I came with 小瑞!)


18 May, Saturday | I needed coffee for the day so got to J8 to buy. After contemplating, I got an Iced Latte from McDonald's'!

Queuing with Fame for 410W

Cup holder credits: 小瑞


YT waited for us at the bus stop, she got so much food for us! I was walking to her house, like it was mine and greeted her parents with so much energy (like this is my house 😂)


 YT’s Omma made pulut hitam!!!!!

(why is everything my fav heh)


She also made us coffee and we had Fame’s fruit cocktail salad while we watched TV after our real task:

We helped YT bring some bags of stuff to her event gathering point, and then along the way she met someone who was going too, so we took a bus from there.


It was so hot, I was sweating even when I sat down at Bishan MRT platform for more than 10 minutes :/

 小瑞 and I travelled from Bishan to City Hall together for dinner followed by our walk! Hehe, xxn for scooping liao into my plate while we bibimbap at Paik’s ❤️


We went to buy water, then walked from Esplanade to Raffles MRT! I like going places with him, taking pictures of him and watching him eat food (today: ice cream) hehehe

This is my phone wallpaper le heh


19 May, Sunday | Photo booth pictures:



The couple played the Harp and Piano for us!!!


Wedding dinner table with the Squad!




With Sharon ❤️

Ending off with these girls!!


20 May, Monday | H is away on two days reservist, so I am covering his duties (not the last for the month)…


I was looking through his work and found errors here and there (annoyed max!!), I wanted to give him more space but not sure if not checking his work, is a good idea


The above + the frustration of endless work, I was not in a good mood. Upon hearing that, my bao bei sent me his video of otters he saw during his jog the next before, and it was the cutest!!!!!! And sweetest gesture


The video/his thought made me smile!!!!!!!


I wanted to speak to my boss about something privately and he avoided responding to me LOL (he thinks I am going to resign, and he is finding reasons to convince me to stay hahaha)


21 May, Tuesday | After I settled down, my boss told me he booked a Zoom booth to have this conversation I want with him (zoom booth abit kua zhang?). We ended up in the L4 pantry and I made sure no one else was here before I started speaking about my main agenda.


My boss was elated to hear about us! He even mentioned inviting him to our wedding, he will give us big ang pao hahaha (he is very wholesome la, and good boss)


We talked a little longer then went back to office!




I uploaded the fee revision changes, cleared drafts and followed up on MP letters 💪🏻


(lunch was thai)


Later in the day, I uploaded the two Infopedia files I completed yesterday and did the formatting today! I have been procrastinating on these two files for the longest time and went to do other tasks first hahahaha


22 May, Wednesday | It’s PH and I woke up early because the love of my life, wants to go for a morning walk in the Botanic Gardens!


At 9ish am, I arrived at the MRT station and we went on our walk hehe, we took a nice selfie but not putting it here (because he doesn’t like his pictures online)


A colleague called out to him, while we were holding hands in Botanic Gardens (shook)


After the walk, we made our way to Maxwell for hawker food and this was the first time we shared food properly (without him minding my saliva heh)


We then went to get our 1-for-1 at Starbucks and talked longer, before heading home for a nap hehe


Although I complained about waking up earlier, I had fun doing light exercise together with him today (:



23 May, Thursday | I went to the office today, as I needed to attend the Family Meeting today and decided to take grab with my colleagues who will be attending it too


It was nice hanging out with these peeps, even tho I made the mistake of getting four of us to the wrong location HAHAHAHA


We ate our buffet lunch quickly and headed in for the talk, it was insightful!!!


(I continued to feel apologetic about my mistake)


We got back to the office at 2ish pm, it was close to 3 pm le!



24 May, Friday | I was so tired when I got up this morning and decided to take AM leave. Full-day leave was not a question because I have to complete H’s appraisal today, before he leaves for his full week ICT next week…


(another tiring week ahead?)


I reached the office slightly earlier, managed to clear some work and ran through H’s appraisal document before going to Level 6 for the session. I didn’t mention the not-so-good feedback, but generally complimented him for his work, in front of my boss



We went to grab Popiah which is given as part of the Wellness initiative hehe, then we went back to work!




Fat fat and I went for our lash lift session and dinner at Merci Marcel!


25 May, Saturday | Thoughts on deconstructed Bagel?

I went for our third CG session with Alpha course, I like these people heh, but was not very pleased about having dinner as a CG because I want alone time with 小瑞


But I also know he is sociable and has a hard time saying no, chances are we will all have dinner together. We did, it was bu cuo but I stand firm that it should not happen all the time


The not-so-great news is I fell on the way to dinner… Most people use ZAM BUK but my family never does, so the bruise on my left knee shall continue to exist for the time being :/



26 May, Sunday | Apple and I met at Farrer Park MRT at 12 ish, before we went to have lunch at Wingstop (the queue is insane)…


Then we went to my favourite place, Acoustic Coffee Bar at Owen House for the main agenda today! She brought souvenirs from her trip to US!!!!!

Apple and I met after 1 month and we couldn’t remember where we left off, so quite difficult to get back on track for our Switzerland trip planning. We have another session next week (should be the last? Nope)



27 May, Monday | Last week I didn’t have the time to read that email carefully and when I did it today, I realised some serious shit is happening


They are activating the packages and if I just end all the package codes with effect from 31 May, what are they planning to do???


(Totally did not consider the FC aspect of things)


I am covering H’s duties this whole week, and I can already foresee many moments this whole week!


28 May, Tuesday | It was another day of struggling, trying to make sure duties covered and I also am on track with my work…


I am at the final two episodes of LIAN HUA LOU, and when I watched the ending, it was 😭😭😭😭😭


(WhatsApp status: 悲风白杨)



29 May, Wednesday | XY and I went for lunch with new staff, it was okay but XY and I wanted to chat more privately hah


I went for my well-deserved facial to fix my skin condition, and grabbed dinner at PB! I also did an hour of writing, to pen down all my messages of gratitude and love for 小瑞!


30 May, Thursday | I spent more than an hour cleaning up Faridah’s draft, so pek chek!!!!!!! But I still managed to briefly enjoy my WFH day heh


I only had the time and peace, to work on chatlog this afternoon.


Then suddenly I saw an email about MSP facility fee creep with effect from 1 June 2024 (ARGHHHHHHHHH)


Why always so last minute!!!


Then I quickly worked on the file, so that I can load it first thing is the morning…


There are also price changes to some cytogenetic items, so I have to reloaded the updates ones for ADC codes, pretty soon (I just completed that piece yesterday).


Felt like it was a redundant effort...


31 May, Friday | I completed the MSP change file yesterday and quickly loaded it this morning as the effective date is 1 June 2024 -.-


(Always so last minute)


I printed the two approved letters (hehe, feeling very accomplished!!!!!!)


I spent the rest of my time clearing drafts, pushing out whatever as it is also the last day of the month!




Then after work, I made my way to Novena for Beauty appointment followed by BKT dinner with YT!

We went to walk around, and chanced upon discounted ice cream at the newly open Play made outlet:

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