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November 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

I was on MC on 1 November and at night, I was on my way to the airport for the flight to South Korea! (on MC, still go holiday hor hah)


11 November, Friday | Today is my first day back at work and I think it's gonna be quite a light work day since I will need to clear emails, give out things and go laugh laugh with colleagues - no real hard work today!!


  1. W will be on leave on Monday and we will be having a meeting with FSS, to work out the processes/workflows once they shift out the work to the new telecenter! I need to go through the information they prepared for us, and go to war on Monday...


I spent most of my time clearing emails, and Faridah asked me out of nowhere if I have seen the email (which one? you needa be more specific)

She told me the bill for my pending MP appeal case has finalised yesterday, the bill is on her table now! I think she was waiting for me to come back to settle it!

I asked her to check if the patient has any outstanding bills, if yes then we will need CM to do the offsetting before we release the refund to the patient. She kept talking instead of checking it so I just told her I will do it later...


(v filling!!)

I went to give out some of the snacks I got from Korea to some of my colleagues, such as W, J, K, and even went to Level 4 to do my networking duties. I got something for ET too who is Edna's secretary as I always reach out to her to ask for Edna's schedule!

I was considering, if I should pass Mr. Oh some snacks (will I be too friendly ah??), aiya but 礼多人不怪 right? I prepared a post-it note and placed the Pretz snack on his desk while he was out for lunch!

Mr. Oh:

After I was done, it is time to run through my appeal letter and email J to do the offsetting for my case urgently! Letter sent to W for her vetting before sending over to my boss, who recently got promoted to Deputy Director 💪🏻

I saw Faridah sent me a draft for one of the appeal cases, I don't have the time to deal with it so soon, so haha let me work on that on Monday instead.

I went through the FSS file and went to talk to W about each item, and prepared a reply to my boss for this (in preparation for Monday's meeting). He did not reply to me when I knocked off for the day, maybe he just wants us to suck it up and take it...

He cleared the draft and removed a whole portion in the letter, explaining the correct charging and we made an exception to appeal on the family's behalf... His exact words was: "Amended draft for your consideration".

I don't agree with his changes as the letter will go straight into how we helped the family, and I feel we need more background to explain the current charges are accurate based on the document the patient held then. Technically, I considered his suggestion, but I don't want HAHAHAHA

W can't stop laughing about this 😂😂😂😂

I got changed into my bowling outfit (actually my yoga outfit), and since morning I already showed J what I will be wearing haha because she noticed I was wearing a dress and started nagging. I told her before my Korea trip it is my intention to bowl in a dress la, then she scolded me so wearing pants lo.

Also featuring my yellow flower socks!

I ate our Bento outdoors, K and I went to grab a coffee from their Biscotti shop and got freebies hehe (it's good!)


(the rice a lot, I tried to finish it then J told me it is okay to leave it - scared I puke)


(A's boyfriend came to join us! He is super humourous, I like him already haha)

Our team was very noisy and we kept cheering for each other. I was low-key coaching J how to bowl, like the posture etc (she started improving, woohoo)

In the first game, I did very well and got a score of 148, which is higher than the guys around today haha oops.

Our boss: you last time 校队 one right?

Me: *laughs and shakes my head*

Our boss came to support us today! But aiya we just come to have fun only, we don't plan to win haha

(wah my mask liddis, very ugly)

Oh, our boss plays well, when the ball touches the ground, got no sound one!!! Not sure why he always stands so far from me (got this weird space in the picture) so I pulled him to stand closer (not so awkward).


(the auntie in pink is our superstar!!)

I don't like how the photo got cut off at our toes, so ugly lehhhh

We played quite slowly, and my performance went downhill!!!! My fingers hurt so I am scoring nothing in the 2nd round onwards sobs

One of the bowls, my plaster flew out after I swing and it landed on the bowling alley haha and I went to pick it up. I DIDN'T KNOW THE BOWLING LANE SO SLIPPERY ONE, AND FELL 😂😂😂😂

OUCH, J and K had to come and drag me out since I couldn't get up. I hope no one saw la, but my boss asked if I was injured when I walked back, which means he saw DED.

I am good, guys but my butt xiao pain

(pigu no meat, is liddis one)

I asked J to check if my butt looks oily now HAHAHAHA bc the lane looked less ideal for bowling after I touched their polish...

AIYA I don't know what I am doing from Round 2 onwards, and I think other teams should be played quite well. We didn't finish Round 3... Hope we are not the last haha

Taking Division photo before giving out the prices!!


Thanks to my team members for being consistent throughout the bowls!!!

I don't believe sia, and went to take picture of the score sheet to scrutinise later when I get home. OI REALLY LEH, SHOOK!!!!!


14 November, Monday | The first (okay maybe like fourth) thing I did when I got to work, was to pass my boss the box of Coffee Bean Colombia Americano instant coffee I got from Korea!

(is called 会做人, but some people 不会)

These few days our water dispenser not working so we have to make our way to Level 4 to get water! J always helping to refill my bottle, XXN!!!!!!! I always get a surprise when I drink the water, it is warm. Honestly, I think if she keeps this up for 2 weeks, I will be a warm-water convert hahaha

This time while we went to get water, I was telling J about someone geng leave la hahaha

W is on three days' leave this week as her grandchildren need her! So I am the boss now (HUH BUT I SCARED LA)

Thankfully I came back on Friday and cleared all the 1130 emails so today, is doable!!

I didn’t manage to clear Faridah’s MP appeal draft last Friday and did it today, the Annex table alignment is a horror, and there is pending information, she still sent it to me to clear???

Another day of clearing drafts, but the good thing is I am quite on track (I think).

Today’s Mood:

(featuring Yesung’s café cup!!)

Then at 3 pm today, Papadom and I will be discussing HHHB content creation, and I saw the work she did so far, all I can do is laugh. She achieved nothing without me LOL

AIYA TOMORROW I DO EVERYTHING UP PROPERLY LOR, if not how sia! I think I will just bring Alan to work, and use work time to do my work (better than doing it when I am home).

My boss came to my desk a few times la, asking for link, QR code and stuff. When he walks here, it is probably urgent but he tries to play it cool that it is not an urgent task.

Anyway so I noticed there are issues with downloading QR from in svg format, but aiya this is not important right now, plus KC and the Product Ops team are in India now (work + leisure trip)!

As I was on leave for more than a week, he rolled out Night Cycling sign-ups and worked out the Risk Assessment with the help of B! I felt bad la because I was too stressed so he took over all these (while I sit at time out). I asked if he needs me to do anything for Night Cycling, and he said “no, you just come”! XIE XIE LAO BAN for always helping me when I can no longer deal with things.

I was rushing to send KH an email regarding the guidelines regarding having URLs in SMS/email. J kept rushing me to go home together, aiya I will send it out tomorrow then!


15 November, Tuesday | Sian, early morning I saw one of PE Office colleague called me, probably regarding the email I sent yesterday about untagging MediFund. I will call later after I get some of my things done!

J is on MC today, she has been unwell after our Bowling Friday night, and Faridah is taking UL as her sons are having fever. At this point, I would like to mention her sons are about my age LOL, and my parents never took leave because I am unwell, at least at this age.

Featuring my new fresh lip balm💋

(probably gonna rock this lip colour for a long time since the colour is pretty and it is moisturising!! Also, the case looks very Christmassy🎄)

KC texted me: “Morning Rach! (followed by a question on SGID)”. Then okay we got chat a little after that. The others that we met at the Sprint, also went too on this trip. They are currently in Mumbai!

I sent the email out to KH, and he asked me to call to discuss it. Aiya, this one will be one challenging problem for us all lo, if we have to remove all URLs from SMS/emails.

For the most part of the morning, I was busy setting up HHHB content, doing all my research and getting needed images! I was interrupted when I got the call from PE Office, again and had to pick up, this colleague, Cyn has a lot of questions… I quickly sent out an email to check on the things she asked about and realised Faridah has been feeding them information without any written records, so I have no way to verify what was shared.

Really very busy, no time! BUT I GOT TIME TO GO LUNCH WITH SITI and catch up on what went on during the trip!

With the content setup mostly out of the way, I went to clear all the drafts. It was not too bad because Sleeping P is a better writer than Faridah, so I have less to fuss about, looking at her written work.

At 2.15 pm, I went with Ali to open the safe as J is away on MC. I am able to tell she isn’t very confident in cash management work. She also asked me about counter-signing things and verified work processes with me, but I wouldn’t know leh

(will share with J my experience with Ali, tomorrow if J is fit enough to be back to work)

I did the testing for SGID and took all the screenshots, in case KC needs them for his work! I 顺便 give him bonus work, that SVG download isn’t working for QR :O

When I was away on open safe duties, K texted me to share she is in a meeting with Rich, and Johnny ordered cupcakes for us. 1 out of 2 boxes is for me, plus the team so I paiseh la. Once I got back to my desk, I went to dig out some snacks I got from Korea and put them in a nice paper bag to bring to Level 6 to pass to Rich!

When I went into the room, my boss was like “wah zuo mo you got 1 box of cupcakes by yourself”, then I said “所以我才要上来”. The whole time, Rich didn’t make eye contact with me, then K later asked me is it my na too close to his face LOL but before I stood next to him, he already didn’t look over leh

(K told me don’t ask better, later open another can of worms)

Rich and I got text and catch up la, he is 不错的

I need to jump right into my meeting at 4 pm to discuss the error logged for chatbot via JIRA, it has been quite some time and I feel like M doesn’t catch what the error is, much less know what is causing the problem… I asked Siti to help distribute the cupcakes and for the balance of 8-10 cupcakes, I asked my boss to bring them home for his kids.

(I going yoga, and have my laptop with me, I don’t want to bring home HAHA)

Aiyo, this meeting doesn’t do much and all ABNN sia, very hard to catch what they are saying! It is also not very fruitful but at least they understood the errors we reported, at least we are halfway there??

I asked M if we need to sit in the kick-off meeting tomorrow, and she said she hoped we can join! Then I flagged out to M that there is no meeting invite sent, plus I think it conflicts with the HHHB meeting we had arranged for the three institutions.

Now, tomorrow’s plans:

2 – 3 pm Kick Off Meeting with the rest of the PHIs

4- 5.30 pm HHHB Discussion for existing chatbot team

Then after that, I focused on my work and got changed to go off to Yoga class! After not going for Yoga for 3 weeks, my body is aching after John’s Hatha Class :O


16 November, Wednesday | Yesterday I had the luxury of time to work on chatbot HHHB content setup, then today it is gone! I have two new MP appeals to work on while Faridah took another half day UL as she wasn’t feeling well, following yesterday’s caregiver duties of her sons.

I saw one of the cases, the patient has an appointment today, so I will circle back to that once visit actualised. I will ask KY to arrange an appointment once we have confirmation on the final outstanding charges.

For both of the letters, my drafts are more or less done, pending some information!

Maybe because I like to leave difficult drafts, or when there are many drafts to the next day, I have a lot to settle today…

As I needed clarity on the bills/SMS practices, I had to prompt Char + her boss + A to get the answers I need. It is a long shot, but I really got to work out all the information. I felt like Faridah likes to tell PE Office things, with no written records or proof. I have to be more careful moving forward.

KFC LUNCH (did I say I had Jolibee on Monday 🙃)

I saw my boss texted in the EN group chat that Rachel will be compiling the list for Night Cycling signups, Sam wanted to see who can we tap on for their help to do safety preparation work and all. BUT PST UPLOAD IS NOT WORKING ON THE DATA COLLATION TOOL!!!!

I informed KC and tried doing every step 500 times all over again, managed to settle it but successful uploading shouldn’t be based on chance/luck. I emailed Simon and he is arranging for IHIS vendor to come onsite to check my device.

Then it’s time for the not-so-fun part! We have endless meetings today for chatbot, first up will be a kick-off session with the 4 institutions who will be joining us really soon!

2-3 PM ++

I foresee a lot of shit coming, especially if they can’t fix a common date for rollout, this will potentially bring us a lot of problems leh

Then I managed to have a brief break before the next meeting started! After the other hospitals shared their HHHB answers and also ran through ours, it was my turn to share the screen to run through the new FAQ we wanna build. From this part onwards, it was just me talking non-stop HELPS

No one is taking the lead, and I felt like I have to step up for this.

I have a few more emails to send out, and hurriedly left with J and K at 6.15 pm!


We had a good catch-up on all the trauma dump in the past few weeks, and also my potential love line that made me confused when nothing was going on!


17 November, Thursday | Today is my WFH day, the work intensity isn’t as bad as a Thursday with chatlog review session in the afternoon, but I felt very drained. Not sure if it is because they were a lot of drafts to clear, and Faridah’s work is horrendous…

Yesterday evening, JC emailed me to ask about the naming convention so I did explain that the setup done by Rey is much neater, especially with the new institutions joining us! So I did the setup in production with a different naming convention and sent out an email to explain how this works, they can reach out to me if the instructions are unclear.

I realised for one of the appeal letters, the bill can be partially covered by MediSave and quickly sent out an email for checking. I did the drafts and saved them on my laptop, so if Faridah checks idrive, she would have seen nothing and could actually start working on the cases. BUT I KNEW SHE WILL JUST SIT ON IT…

I have so much to follow up on, I am here struggling to stay afloat, and she seems to enjoy her time at work. I sent out way more emails than her???

(I did manage to catch a break at close to 2 pm…)

Even with music playing throughout my day, I was so exhausted, I decided I am going to end work punctually today! At 5.59 pm, I didn’t pang gang, I ran away from work!


18 November, Friday | Yesterday I sent one MP appeal draft to W, but she didn’t clear it even at the end of the day. I was contemplating sending her a reminder, but then today, mid-morning, she cleared it!

I have a few things here and there that I am not very certain how to work it out, so I called W at 11ish to run through it with her. Then back to following up on those action items!

(settled meal catering price for caregivers + clearing TPN draft)

I have one more to draft, once I get confirmation on if the bill is MSV claimable (OP Scan 300), which we know later that it is so I pushed that draft out for vetting this afternoon.

Whereas for the last pending appeal case (done by Faridah), we couldn’t get PA team’s confirmation on what happened to the instalment plan, but their updates will take some time leh. I decided to just push out the letter, then let the OIC follow up on that once we close the appeal on our end.

We saw the email that Edna will be away for quite long, I texted her on Monday/Tuesday and glad that she is well after the procedure. BUT MY FUTURE ISN’T WELL because only 1 out of 3 of her coverers is easy to work with! It will be horrible working with EL, and S who was our HOD until my boss got promoted to DD.

Today’s lunch: Herbal Chicken with Bee Hoon (special support to my colleague, D’s friend)

Hmm, but the chicken meat looks quite red leh. The only blessing is it was $6, I usually get meals up to $10ish.

After lunch, I went to the pantry to make myself a nice cup of Rasberry flavoured coffee (thanks to K!) and talked to my boss about this drink I really love. It does not taste like Raspberries at all, it has a tea-like after taste and I really love it!!

My boss tried and told me, it tasted like regular/normal americano.


He came to my desk many times throughout the day, asking me to review the reminder letter templates, then later asking if we can let A use our email address for the mid-flight cancer patients…

I texted him to ask if he was keen to launch X’mas baking event with Baker’s Brew as I got their corporate event brochure! Guess we might be planning a fun event (if everything works out)!!

I did a post lunch call with chatbot vendor, L who will be the team lead moving forward and she asked for feedback about M. It became a 30 minutes call (it was a funny conversation), although she already got the context from Papadom earlier!

(New shit on the way, with new PHIs coming onboard)

When I got back to my desk, I saw I missed JC’s call and called him immediately, he wanted to ask about chatbot content setup so I quickly called him back to run through the setup with him (his team is sitting in a room together at this point).

Not soon later, the fire alarm rang! Today we got a fire drill at 3.30 pm, and Papadom and I were one of the last few to leave the office/building. Wah everybody just zao, left me to die ah?

Fire drill was over super quickly, really chop chop!

Then I got a call from Development colleague, I think she rang me this morning but when I called back, she did not answer the call. She said there were issues with their cards, so I told her I will get CDG to expedite if possible, to resolve the card errors.

(Later I texted to update, that users can now retry)

Haha next time all these transport project problems will not be my daiji anymore!!

Every letter I sent to S, she asked if my boss has approved the letter, only then she will get ET to affix her signature LOL. We have 3 letters today, and the very last letter, she couldn’t take my answer “yes” and insisted on sighting my boss’s email approval.


I have to check and print out each letter. I also wanted to drop S an email to help ET out, as it is a waste of her time to affix her signature, when I can do the same deal la. (Can she be more trusting? Like Edna)

After clearing my urgent work for the day + lifting up all my things to my table for carpet shampooing, I was only done at 5.40 pm! (will follow up on the rest on Monday)

On my way, I dropped off the 3 letters!




I met YS at Aljunied MRT at 6ish pm and walked over to the Vietnamese Cuisine shop he always wanted to visit! Honestly, I am not really a fan of Viet food because of the spices and pho, yeah I am not a pho person.


We ordered their snack platter and it was huge!! YS insisted to help me take pictures with the platter haha (is it because I complained that I didn’t get nice pictures in Korea?). We also took selfie together and sent the picture of us having dinner together to our group chat, prompting Pris and Rey for our next group meet up!

We also ordered a dish that YS strongly recommends. Our table is completely occupied:

How could we not get any drinks while we dine? I ordered their Vietnamese Iced Coffee, it was ✨

Then we kept seeing people around us drinking beer, and thought of just satisfying our alcoholic selves here! Carlsberg Pilsner is daebak!!

(YS trying to bluff that he doesn’t drink beer HAHA don’t lie la, you always order beer and we drink tgt!)

Okay so we wanted second rounds of alcohol so haha, YS recommended this place and honestly I will be back again (with YS/Men ba, it’s Geylang…)


Bar Interior!!

I'm loving this place!!!

We got soju in a jug x 2 (Lychee and later Grape flavour). Personally, I prefer the Lychee one more! + Chicken Karage

(can't wait to see YS's tattoo, when it is done this year-end)


21 November, Monday | I started the day by forwarding last week’s three completed letters as closure! I hope she wouldn’t bug me for some time haha

W is away on leave on Mondays and Tuesdays for the whole of November (she has way too many leave to clear), so today I have to get my shit together.

I didn’t get my shit together (my boss is away too) so most of today, I was trying to play my Travel Town event game (Thanksgiving special okay)!!

I still did my part, like clearing drafts etc and also checking if Faridah has worked on the draft for last week’s new appeal case. She hasn’t so after my prompting, she finally did the draft in the afternoon and now I am the one with the headache (the standard is really poor).

This evening, we went to watch Black Panther! Fatfat and I went to eat LJS and chilled at Coffee Bean until it is time for the show. The movie is really sad leh, it hurts even more when I remembered the actual actor has passed on…

The show ended at almost 1130 pm, then we rushed to take the MRT home and quickly showered. THIS IS AN EXTREME SPORT FOR THE 26.9 YEARS OLD ME!


22 November, Tuesday | Sleeping late on weekdays is now considered an extreme sport, because I woke up feeling like I got ran over by three trucks. The headache is real…

I took 1 tablet of Panadol from my mama shop (J), and tried to wing the rest of the day, clearing drafts and all. BABY STEPS, GIRL!!

At 10.30 am, I have a scheduled MS Teams call with HVB Simon plus two other tech guys, but whatever error I encountered with PST upload on that day, is working fine today! I felt like a total liar, but I really never lie and now we have 3 experts sitting in a meeting with me to find nothing DED

Now I have to monitor and note down a few things, including command prompt > ipconfig when a similar error occurs. They think it could be an intermittent issue!

J randomly asked me if Mr. Oh is on leave, and I was like making the expression “how would I know?” while laughing. She really got a dangerous mouth haha


The shop took very long to complete my order, and the guy is nice enough to offer me a free can of drink since I waited more than 20 minutes.

On my way back, I grabbed Starbucks for my boss, Char, and myself! I got Toffee Nut Latte heh

Then before 2.30 pm, we headed over to Finance Meeting Room for our Department meeting! (I also helped to see if Mr.Oh is at his desk, he is so I texted J, “yes, he is working”, but I did not go over to say hi (J said 我没有礼貌), because I don’t want to cause any confusion.

Not sure what’s with me today, I have been making jokes through the meeting today, and even arrowed Char to do the event planning for January 2023 hah!

I joked about Sleeping P sleeping, I want to see my boss’s house deco sample before agreeing to let him engage whoever to do up our pantry HAHA (lucky today he good mood)


23 November, Wednesday | I guess I passed the headache over to J, HAHAHA!

Yesterday, I didn’t manage to clear Faridah’s MP draft and quickly got that done, send it over to W for her comments, before working on my case.

W made some suggestions for mine but when I asked her another question, she missed out to respond to me. I will chase her again tomorrow morning.


J: Oi the bagel bigger than your boobs.

K was having a real bad day since her morning meeting with HY (the thinking out loud, but don’t actually think at all guy). We (more like I) decided to order from Asylum Coffeehouse!!

Iced White

Slightly before our (my boss and mine) next agenda of the day, he went to help A out with putting up the office decorations!


Then at 2 pm, it was our Chatbot Kick Off Session with the rest of the other institutions!!

I tried to do abit of our chalog HW today, until confidence = 0.75 (from 1 to 0.75), the bulk of the work will be done tomorrow morning… The shared excel page is very laggy on our corporate devices, I can’t stand it!

During the meeting, my boss Zoom direct messaged me to feedback that we should have the “interim bill” option for our patients too, similar to the other hospital. He also commented that the ratings are bad, wondering what went wrong. This is not the end, when the meeting ended, he came to my desk to discuss a few other points and what changes he wants.

While I was in the middle of fixing up the changes, the newbie came to tell me it is time for her orientation at 3.30 pm. I recalled it wrongly as 4 pm leh, and also can’t she see I am quite occupied at the moment??

Her orientation at my section ended pretty quick, I dropped by A’s desk to tell her that I am done, and can sign the orientation form! CHOP CHOP

I saw ET had added S’s signature for the appeal letter, I will need to print this out later!

Then I continued to be super busy clearing drafts and fixing whatever I was fixing earlier! There was one draft, I was puzzled by W’s response and decided to call her 2 minutes before she knocks off (lucky she never scold me). She suggested explaining that we made the adjustment as we were informed by the staff’s HR, then later they confirmed the amount is correct, so nothing was done to the bill, both versions showed the same outstanding amount required from self-payer.

During my call with W, BK was standing behind me, all excited to bring me to meet a friend she wanted to introduce me to! She is a 美女!!!

(loved how we wore the same colour dress for today!!)

BK had to leave to finish up her work, while Adeline and I continued to chat in the seminar room! She is the same age as me hehe, and our convo go on so well. When BK returned, we also needed to go off (to pretend to be back at work HAHA), we were still very much chatting about many things hehe

We almost couldn’t meet each other today, because we were both busy with our own schedules. Thankfully I got to know her, even if it was just 15 minutes!

I got a bonus photo shoot earlier in the afternoon, by my biggest fan haha

(loving this dress ✨)


24 November, Thursday | Hehe today Fat fat is working from home YAYYYYYYYY!!! (happy day ☺️)

I imagined the chatlog HW to be much worse, but it was okay! I cleared drafts and did the regular things. There is nothing eventful to mention about, other than how horrible Faridah’s MP draft is, there were a lot of incorrect information and alignment errors (despite telling her about it before).

Our chatlog review was okay, the problem was the HHHB content. It seems like there will be some major changes coming up… We will need to arrange another discussion next week to run through…

S approved the appeal letter, ET has added her signature, I will print that out when I am back in the office tomorrow.



25 November, Friday | I went to grab some cookies from the pantry today to munch on as my breakfast and made a nice cup of coffee hehe

I procrastinate for quite long before I went to get the letter printed out heh

W is busy helping out with cases, as she will be away on Monday and Tuesday next week, again. She wants to help out as much as possible, and clear whatever we have in our way!

While I continue to chill haha, it’s Friday and I am in a good mood since I got up in the morning hehehe.

Today I had Alfredo from Pastamania for lunch, and this is my new favourite from now onwards (bye cheesy crumble). I drank the Inner Water Pack thing that I bought from Korea, it is so nice!!! I also went to pee more often, I regret not getting more of it leh




LASH LIFT session today got me onto a new thing with the Aesthetic Chapter, I will be coming by again next week to whiten my teeth. Hopefully works well for both my intrinsic and extrinsic stains!!


Then, we went to get Chocolate Peppermint shake from Shake Shack + go to M&S to get Mulled Wine hehe


28 November, Monday | Not sure is it because my period is coming soon, I felt extremely unwell and could barely sleep… I decided to take SLWOMC, since going to work not well rested the night before, is a suicide move. Today I got to rest plenty and catch up on “K-wanderers” and “Love Naggers”!!!!


29 November, Tuesday | The journey to work today seems like a mission impossible because I need to bring my yoga mat + 5 bottles of juices! (Yes, I am back on juice cleanse!)

Initially, the Grab to work was $13++ then later it became $22++, so I decided to just take the train. It was not a great ride…

JUICE#1 of the day:

As I was unwell yesterday, but already bought my juice cleanse 3 days set last week to start cleansing today, I have to go through with it! Then, my period came… Drinking cold juices is not helping with this at all. I guess I am not going to yoga today. J, BK, and my boss noticed my face looks very pale and asked if I am okay.


Yesterday, there were some printer issues, and now my main printer is disconnected from my laptop. I called YS out of nowhere for help, he could only text me back as he is in a meeting, he said “you need the printer server”.

SIAO LIAO, what is that!

With the help of EC, XY and J, we managed to add port and it is up! BUT IT IS VERY LAGGING ALSO… It takes way more time to print anything.

I read through all the emails quickly and left the actionable ones to later, such as drafts, replying about chatbot plans. Once I have a cleaner task list, I sent the vetted reply letter to Joyce to approve (my boss cleared it on Friday, oops I was on leave yesterday).

(She is the best among all the directors!!! I like her!)

I tried to take nap during my lunch break, since I couldn’t eat and there is really nothing much I could do in this 1 hour (didn’t feel like watching shows). The nap was unsuccessful, I told J I think it is because my boobs no space when I put my head down on the table to sleep.

Shortly after lunch break, we have our Night Cycling Event Pre-briefing! I am so glad my boss took over this whole planning shit, I realised I am not up for this hahaha. Everyone seems quite pro at cycling and I am the cui one, I am the one who is scared. HOW DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE?

The letter got approved by my favourite Director, so I printed it out (took very long thanks to the “new” printer)

1 letter closed, 2 more new ones came! One of which, I think should be managed by PE colleagues as the spouse is unhappy about the false statement issued by the hospital. This was previously managed by them, not my team.

So that leaves me with 1 case! An appointment was quickly scheduled and I completed the reply letter by EOD. Tomorrow just need clearance from W, my boss, and my favourite Director YAY

J was discussing her tomorrow lunch plans with me today haha, and felt bad that I couldn’t eat at all. She suggested getting pig trotter rice for her lunch, 3 sets of chee cheong fan for her kids + me. Then told me to make it hot on Thursday morning for breakfast. I have to break her heart that I ALSO CAN’T EAT ON THURSDAY HAH


I went home and hid in the room (because I can't eat, so sad)!


30 November, Wednesday | Honestly, I knew 3 days of Juice Cleanse will be challenging and Rachel might just give up! BUT I DIDN’T THINK I WILL STRUGGLE SO MUCH… Maybe it is the lack of caffeine that is causing all these, foggy mind and cloudy vision.

(I thought of giving up)

Day 2 of the juice cleanse, and 我不行了!!

This is my favourite drink so far!!!! Anything 🍓 🍓 🍓 🍓

My favourite Director replied “good morning”, as she approves my letter and now this is out of the way and then another new appeal case came!

This patient will be delivering her baby on 2 December so I am confused as to if we should try to roll out the letter or wait until her bill has been incurred and finalised (after 2 Dec). W suggested holding.

During the SHS Kick Off meeting, I was so tired and constantly felt like dozing off! I think no caffeine is legit the worst. They need us to get everything sorted out before they can port the changes over from Production to UAT, so the new institutions can refer to the newest/latest changes!


They asked us if we maintain a master file for the content changes, the answer is no la. Of course not, we didn’t do that for a long time liao… DED




I told Ivy that I will be handing over the project to my colleague, she asked for my office address, wanting to send us some gifts (not sure if it is a year-end thing or a Rachel is leaving thing, but still GDLL)





I get one side double eyelids when I am exhausted and I sure am (from pic above)

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