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November 2023 - Adulting

1 November, Wednesday | The network for the whole of healthcare is down for a large part of today, and we couldn’t send emails, or Teams but non-internet systems such as the clinical ones are working fine.

We decided to just go for lunch earlier at 11.30 am since there wasn’t much that we could do. It has been some time since I had lunch at OCK le

Today was just a day busy with coming up with the data/amounts for ITx at the different class/subsidy levels. I am very scared leh

Even though I worked with SC to create the FC case, and edited the amounts in SAP, I still worry a lot about the amounts quoted ):


2 November, Thursday | HENG, network is back and I can successfully work from home today! I woke up at 7 am to check that it was working, then headed back to bed.

I saw the director’s reply sent last night:

Apology, my staff is new. I was not updated on the final status before she initiated the rejection. They are working with XFSS to re-trigger the workflow without routing thru the existing approvers again


Wah, there are two new appeals!!!!!!! Then now not much time to clear chatlog HW.

I also had a low-key work argument with a colleague because she was blaming Sleeping P for her instructions to hold the refund, when in fact she failed to follow up on the case…


3 November, Friday | I don’t know why suddenly I decided to get my shit together and sort out this long-standing problem with my POSB Kids account. During the DBS downtime on one of the days, I could not purchase anything as DBS is the only bank I use HELPS

I found out more about UOB One Account and how much interest I can get from that hehe, it sounds doable with my current state. I created the account and checked with HR on the process for a change of salary crediting bank account.

I was also wondering if I should take this opportunity to get a credit card, UOB EVOL (his favourite heh). I felt unsettled for most of today and only decided to apply for a credit card at the end of the day.

J and I decided to try the Indomee cup noodles, but the taste was pretty underwhelming ):

One of our colleagues wanted to get Starbucks so I agreed to Peppermint Mocha as it is already the festive season~

1 letter cleared and printed. Still got another 2 or 3 cases on hand. For one of the cases, my boss asked to accord a waiver, so that will take more time to settle…

Friday is always very busy… W and I have been working non-stop, and still busy leh wah lao

I hope today is not the last day seeing W ):




I went for facial and teeth whitening session, before heading home for dinner! So excited this weekend to binge on shows (especially Dr Romantic 3!)


6 November, Monday | I woke up to not-so-good news, I started having allergies:

Is all the stress finally hitting me all at once?

Now that W is not around/in action at work, I have so many drafts to clear and we will also need to follow up on cases for Faridah after 8 November when she goes for her knee replacement surgery.

Sleeping P kept telling me she could not find the response about MRSA/CRE that we got from HL, so I did a deep search and found it (sometimes I think my spirit of never giving up, is the reason why I still work here 😂)

Got so many complaints to deal with, and the case from last week about late implant charges, needs a lot of digging and piecing the information together.

J approved my draft reply letter earlier today and then when I was going to print, I realised that the page number was incorrect on the page she signed, so had to adjust, apologise to her and get her to re-esign it, sobs

In the end, I did not have enough time to print it out and I also spotted 2 content errors after checking through multiple times (oh gosh)




When I was lying in bed, I recalled I hadn’t sent the October stats 😭

(really is 脑电波弱 HAHAHA)


7 November, Tuesday | First thing today, submit the stats to Compliments Team!!

Before Faridah goes off for her surgery tomorrow, I made sure she submitted her LNA list and updated the main sheet (before forgetting it).

Not sure why, I wasn’t in the mood for granola (when I have lots of fresh milk left, about to expire tomorrow) and ordered Panini haha (NO RAGRATS)

There are two new appeal letters (noooooo)!!!!!!

Now, need to investigate, check this and that, and also the purpose of implant charges added to the bill late. I was putting together the things that I need W to clear tomorrow (when she is back to the office, and probably not anymore)

I also can’t find a copy of the signed FC for the appeal case, DED, mentioned she wasn’t fully conscious at the point of FC.


8 November, Wednesday | We are supposed to attend SFTH2 1 or 2 years after employment and it has been 5 years for me???! 😂

It was a bu cuo course, but I liked SLP more! My DISC results this year shifted, I am now an SI rather than a CI (2022).

We had two tea breaks, lunch was on our own and I got myself a sandwich (awful) and an Iced Latte at Coffee Bean!

I went to Grandma’s after the course and reached her house at early 5ish pm! SHUANG SHUANG (but then tomorrow wouldn’t shuang already when I see all the emails in my inbox)




This morning, I saw the most hurtful text I ever received from him, and I kept telling myself, that maybe that’s not what he meant, to keep myself sane and present at the course ):

Although we’re on a break, we shouldn’t be chatting as normal but then asking if there is anything urgent, and giving the reminder that it hasn’t been two weeks – this comment felt very unnecessary. I can count, and it made me feel like ahhh, if I am not dying (not urgent), I shouldn’t contact him

I reached out because I missed him, but after seeing his response, I guess it is clear that “I need him more than he needs me”

I didn’t feel loved or cared for, and felt like I was someone replaceable in his life, why I am struggling so much (on this break)?


9 November, Thursday | K and I decided on Tuesday that we would come back to the office today! I think it is easier to do work here, plus I have letters to print and need to help Sleeping P sort out some work stuff (might as well)

K and I ordered food from Chen Mapo, xiao oily leh but it was good!

Today I saw the request asking for estimates for procedures, and this takes time so while running the data, I was checking the appeal cases on hand, and doing everything else at the same time.

It was really never-ending work, I cannot imagine the next two months being liddis 😭😭😭😭

(W is on long leave, and Faridah is on HL until Christmas)


10 November, Friday | It was a hectic day with a lot of cases to handle, and I also need to work on the estimates for Kidney US with EM.

(printed two letters yay)

By the end of the day, my brain was completely fried…





We got the dinner set, that comes with your choice of soup, main course, and a drink. You can add 5 bucks to get a choice of an alcoholic drink!

(onion soup + steak main course)

We were too full to try their signature dessert, Apple Tart topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, but then I thought about it again, aiya I am just gonna get it (for sharing)

I ended up buying the entire regular-sized Apple Tart for $35. The waiter made fun of my initial refusal (of Apple Tart), to getting the whole thing hah, and I got free bread too woohoo!

The bad luck thing was I started having tummyache on the train home, YS had to carry my bag and hold on to the Apple Tart while I went to the toilet ):





I had a sorrowful weekend ):

Happy things update:

We celebrated Grandma’s birthday on 12/11 hehe, and also Fat fat and I had good food at SBCD Tofu House + enjoyed a good chill at Starbucks!

I watched many shows over this long break heh


14 November, Tuesday | After an emotionally turbulent and long weekend, I came back to loads of work/cases and it wasn’t good. When I got to the office, I felt kinda weird and checked, my period came (it came late again…)

I kept back and forth on my decision, it was hard ):

Not sure how clumsy I can get, I injured my hand on my way out of the washroom

(Really bad luck day)

In the afternoon, it was my only duty day for open safe in the month, it was raining so heavily and my shoes were completely soaked…

I also took this chance to get a few colleagues to fill up W’s card!


15 November, Wednesday | My cat seat cushion is here but then I am having my period so I can’t use it until next week, sobs


Regarding the request for bill estimates for an upcoming US procedure, I was done but then I didn’t send it so soon, as I wanted to sit on it a little longer (no confidence?)

I got a rather challenging appeal case, I didn’t know how to tackle it since there were a few things to deep dive into.

I tend to forget cases when there are too many mini-ones to follow up on, but I try my best to note them down and come back to them later

I ended the day by sending all the closures!!!!

(about 5-6 cases yay)


16 November, Thursday | As J and K are not in the office today, I thought it would be a very lonely day but then ET came over to pass me some stuff she got from her trip to Taiwan!

I also received a private stash of murukku made by one of our colleagues, YASSSS MURUKKU!!!!!!

I cleared the chatlog review in less than an hour, woohoo!!!!




Went to grandma's for dinner, been a long time since I went over from my workplace!


17 November, Friday | It was a day rushing to clear emails and any drafts that Sleeping P sent, as I will be away for the afternoon.

We had difficulty booking a cab to Expo and only got here close to 3 pm.





Bullion Star

It is my first time buying Gold!!! I think I wouldn’t have made it without K, what am I supposed to do by myself here??

The only thing I truly appreciate is the coin casing, helps…

The Gold Bars and Silver Coins we bought for W!




The place we wanted to have dinner was outdoors, it was too hot so we decided to go to Astons for dinner instead. Their house pour red wine bottle is $38! (bu cuo leh)

We all ordered steak and it was too tough, our hands started hurting from cutting our steak 😂


18 November, Saturday | It is either it is all over, or we are both gonna make us work. I am so glad we had this talk plus some HTHT

(and best efforts moving forward from today!!!!)


20 November, Monday | Finally can use my cat seat cushion le YAY

Did the paint-on gel manicure last evening and this morning, they look rekt already:

I peeled them all out later hahaha

It’s a Monday and we have a lot of things to do, and cases to follow up on… but this week is very different from the past few weeks, we don’t have to be apart/distanced and we have talked through things (and we will get there!)

The sweet potato snack that I wanted to pass to Mr.Oh had expired, this supports how the right timing in life is important, maybe it is also the right timing for me to finish this snack myself heh


21 November, Tuesday | As I had been eating since morning (finishing the sweet potato snacks, plus had a heavy breakfast), I decided that I no need to eat lunch la

(later when I got hungry, I ate some snacks)

The bosses have been prompting and chasing us so much to do EES to achieve 100% for the division, so I texted both Faridah and W to complete the survey.

It was a not-bad day, all the cases and follow-ups were quite on track (even tho challenging), my boss suddenly asked me “how ah” for the calculator estimates. I WAS SO ANNOYED!!!!!!!


22 November, Wednesday | For the past few weeks, since W went on long leave and Faridah on HL (until xmas), every day at work is a battle ):

But no matter how busy, what needs to be done, needs to be done so I decided to just reach out to my lao ban at 4ish pm, and asked him what he exactly needs me to do for the estimates for the online calculator they are planning to build.

(at least I can get started early, the deadline is 1 dec)

I can’t wait for working hours to be over, as I will be having dinner with YT! We went to eat Crystal Jade porridge woohoo

Then how can I skip the festive Starbucks drinks during this season of joy!!!!!!!!




Late night struggles, realised I missed out on counting 2 transactions I received for W’s retirement contribution, what am I gonna do with this $80 missing from the total sum??

(I guess I will top up by getting a personal gift for her)


23 November, Thursday | Sleeping P told me I can WFH on Thursdays if I want to since she will be around in the office (really GDLL)

But I came to the office anyway, as it is easier to work on the data my boss needs, with a big screen!!!!! I spent most of today scrubbing data and checking on ‘FC Enquiry’ mode to put together the table of estimates at different patient classes and ward types.

(XIN KU DAY, I treated myself to Panini heh)

I was xiao triggered by J’s nagging today, as I have a lot of things to do but she keeps telling me what my staff did wrongly, or telling me to intercept the case…


24 November, Friday | OOTD!

K wasn’t in a good mood after having some self-conclusion about what happened to her friend, I suggested going out to grab lunch. I also needed Starbucks hahaha

We ordered from Granny Lin’s stall, and I got Iced Toffee Nut Latte~

Mr Oh said this is for more than 1 pax? And It’s a lot of fried stuff! But I ate it by myself 😭

I was having such a hard time submitting a response for USB whitelisting, I got 2 SURU and a hard drive, and I planned to return one of the SURUs as there is no data backed up in it.

The form is not user-friendly at all, and I found it rather frustrating that I cannot click + to add another device to the single response… I combined that into one lo, XY also sianz when we ran through this…

I was done with the data required for the bill estimator, but I wanted to revise the data presentation and consulted my lao ban then went back to add in the IF formula (discussed with XY after that to confirm I am doing this right hahaha)




Went for our lash lift sesh, and mine ended earlier so I went to Mason to shop abit and got these two plates for W!

(to make up the $80 that I missed out in the 1.3k collation)

Then Fat fat and I had dinner and went to M&S to shop for mulled wine + some snacks hehe


25 November, Saturday | Apple and I met at Tan Kah Kee MRT at 12.30 pm and we made our way to Choupinette!

I got their Tristian’s set, and Apple ordered their MJ! SO GOOD~

After that, we ordered a cinnamon swirl and croissant to share!

(too excited to eat, we forgot to take pics oops)




Atlas Coffeehouse

I ordered their Iced Toffeenut with Oat milk!

Apple ordered dessert and a second round of coffee, and I decided to try their burnt Brussel sprouts:

It was good but way too much (bc I ate a lot already) so brought it for dinner to share with fam hehe

It was a good good day until I accidentally kiap my middle finger between the folding/sliding door DED

It is red now…




At 10 ish pm, I got a text, eh who that? Mr. Oh texted me to let me know he would reply later as he was transferring to a new iPhone. Hehe reading his message and thinking about how much he considers my feelings, made me smile to myself like an idiot HAHAHA


27 November, Monday | Missed out blogging about this day, oopsies


28 November, Tuesday | Sleeping P took leave today, she even stayed late yesterday to finish up some work.

I brought Alan to work and downloaded and uploaded the chatlog review data for cluster review. I also took this time to start working on it

At 10 am, I attended the new PC system briefing, and the HR personnel who did the sharing said “ALLOW-ED” (and I passed away)

We got a haploidentical BMT estimate request and I don’t know what this is (HELPS) to begin any work…

My boss checked with the doctor and confirmed it is similar to allogeneic BMT and I found the DRG for it, then started getting on it

Today felt like a treat yourself day, so I ordered Una Una (haven’t had it in a long time)! Tomorrow then I eat Granola heh

I was closing cases or email loops here and there, so both Sleeping P and I have fewer things to handle tomorrow (or so I thought)

Ministry reached out to me to check one of the appeals they received, then I went to check actual bill vs FC, realised FC is only for procedure cost so the bill can be significantly different from the estimate – this information is on the CCF wor

29 November, Wednesday | Woke up this morning to news that Sleeping P is C+ so she is on 3 days MC. She told me she would be taking only 1 day MC and requested to WFH for the next two days. I am okay with this, so long she is feeling well enough la

Later in the day, it suddenly struck me that HR doesn’t allow patients to take less than the given MC days. As Sleeping P is only left with 1 day MC, the excess will eat into AL (she has less than 2 days), and it will result in NPL. The suggestion we have for her is either she sees another doctor to get 1 day MC or she just applies 1 day AL.

She went with the latter.

I have been getting calls, TT messages, and email chasers for cases, and I am not pleased…

Then I got a call from MRO team about TOSP and she couldn’t explain what the question was. It sounded like diagnosis codes??? So I asked that they share with me the email, for me to look at it thoroughly

I forwarded it to R to handle, and it was the right move YASSSS




After work, I went to grandma’s and Bili and I had Mala! We still like Geylang’s Lao Da Ma La!!!!!!!!


30 November, Thursday | Received a request for estimate from PLS but the criteria not clear, so I have nowhere to begin from ):

I put together my queries and asked the colleague to help check with the doctor. Once I have the needed information, I can get started on this piece of work

Adeline told me about some nice ban mian stall and why not! We got their tom yum soup:

Mine is pork with instant noodles! I added the fried egg thingy haha

Today is the last day of the month, Sleeping P and I worked hard together to clear as many cases as possible (close more for the month)!

XY and I did some final checks of the setup for the new staff coming tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly hehe

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