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October 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

3 October, Monday | I was shocked on the first work day of October, Mr. S emailed me on Saturday, asking me to give him a call when I am back in the office. He received the notification that his MediSave was deducted, oh my god la!

I forwarded the email to Char to check, and the outcome is, Char overlooked untagging the father’s account when she resubmitted. No choice I had to call Mr. S to apologise for what had happened…

He was okay and understanding of the matter, thankfully! I knew he wouldn’t be shouting at me, because he has been the sweetest caregiver I spoke to, in a long time.

After last week’s adjustment of the Pharmacy bill, the changes are also finally reflected in SAP, I finished up the draft reply letter and sent it to W for clearance, before floating that over to WL to have a look! This case took so long to come to the draft clearance phase because there were so many issues with the pharmacy bills la. We have been dragging on for so long since the time before WL went on her trip, and she will be back tomorrow 😂😂😂😂

Not sure if is it because my menses is coming, I was in such a horribly bad mood and felt like burning anyone who talks to me… I also barely slept last night due to cramps(??). Everything tasted funny, I drank my usual 3-in1 coffee and didn’t finish, made capsule coffee but found the drink smelly, and then tried instant Earl Grey Milk Tea from the pantry, I threw it away after 2 mouthfuls…

I went to the toilet and ahhhhh, now I get why I was feeling so off today.

We had Burger King lunch today, I ate a Whopper with cheese which was bigger than my face by the way.

KC sent us a whole list of tasks to test for the different products using HVB! I knew no one in the group chat will be doing it la, it is always Rachel. I completed the entire set of test cases and sent the results to KC via email, and left the PST upload part to P to settle haha.

KC asked about it later again, so I did and got this error message:

“Your file upload is blocked. Please refer to the email notification for further details”





Back to clearing drafts, I saw Faridah completed the draft for the appeal case that came in on Friday. I read through it, it does not seem like an appeal for financial assistance at all. What is she writing? She even asked for an appointment with a social worker, but the appeal is requesting a medical appointment. I am so confused.

I checked the call summary from the social work staff who spoke to the father, it is consistent with the intention of the appeal letter, he does not want financial assistance. Just to make sure I am looking at this correctly, I emailed W (WFH) to confirm and she agreed too, that there should not be an appointment to see our social worker.


I saw an email from Ministry, requesting for data. Luckily there isn’t a deadline for us to provide the info, so at least we can OTOT that task!


4 October, Tuesday | Today is BK’s birthday, I think it’s my boss’s birthday too! He still clears email when he is on leave, whatever the reason may be.

This morning, Faridah shared with us that her husband is having seizures so she will be taking urgent leave. Sleeping P will be seeing the doctor because she isn’t feeling too well. The thing is I already knew yesterday she going to be on MC today, as she is on her usual tell signs of faking the illness (cough, cough) the day before.

(Sleeping P on 2 days MC)

I wanted to work with Faridah to send the draft reply letter to EL, but I guess I am doing this on my own then! I did a final check and sent it out (she did not clear it, even at 6 pm today)!

As both our staff are away today, we decided to focus on the urgent matters, covering their urgent emails and of course, our own work.

I received two new appeals! I noticed for one of the cases, the staff in charge was so sure of according to the bill to PR rates, with no supporting documents… So I thought maybe she has more information on the document the patient is holding. When I dug further, her response to my question if there is any follow-up, was “no”.

I am so pissed off by her lack of responsibility and how she failed to take initiative to sort out the problem!!!!! OL was in the email loop too, as I saw in the case memo that she is also one of the people who liaised with the family. OL offered to help call the spouse/patient, honestly, I found her action commendable👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I was so mad that I even drafted a hate mail (hate mail #1) to comment on the poor or rather, the lack of follow-ups.

We went for lunch at the chicken rice place, having our favourite Sambal Fried Rice, and I got a hot Teh-O Limau instead of an iced one!

This morning, KC asked us to test out the PST file upload again since yesterday we encountered an error. I tried it in the morning, but it didn’t work I got Char to try it but told her not to share so soon in the group chat, I want P to try it out herself.

She could upload leh!!!!!!

How come both Char and I can’t do… I did a further test later, I was able to upload it, so now I can and cannot upload the PST file

KC asked us to highlight this to Simon so his team can help us to check further, after confirming we officially have more problems (from the earlier testing haha).

Then back to reviewing appeal cases. I still got 4 appeals not closed yet, plus the 2 from today and 1 pending EL’s approval… SIGH

Other things, EDTU setup, Ministry’s data request, project emails, and so on. Oh, my boss also asked for a revised artwork, he wants to change a bit of the text in the artwork.

I am leaving the rest of the work to tomorrow to deal with (including Simon’s reply)!


5 October, Wednesday | I quickly cleared my emails and sent a gentle reminder to EL to clear the draft I sent yesterday morning. I did a check on the other draft, the amounts and everything as I know EL will check every single thing to their particles. Then, I proceed to float it to her for her approval.

*Anxious waiting to start the Zoom call*

I was worried that this HAS sharing wouldn’t work out well, and when I heard Jan was shocked that he needs to do a demo, I am bamboozled! I already told him about it previously, it seems to have slipped his mind.

Jan sounded unwell over the call, I was thinking maybe he wasn’t in the right condition to do the sharing and discussion of use cases today. Indeed, he caught a cold as his daughter was sick.

Papadom and I love Jan’s “technically anything is possible” haha

Overall the meeting turned out okay, but as their current focus is on vaccinations, our needs are not prioritised. I guess we have to play the waiting game, and have faith that HAS will be a workable solution for us in the future!!!!!

Jan very quickly emailed me after the session to give me his contact number so that he can keep in touch with us! I drafted my response to him and separately to the group of attendees to tell them to “keep the faith” 😂😂😂

I saw an email asking for feedback on FSS, and my boss said he hasn’t received the responses from us, other than the two who already submitted. I started writing hate mail #2 and decided to go for lunch first, then think about this again. Over-aggression and anger is not going to do me any good.

Char and I went to McDonald’s at Wilkie Edge for our lunch and then it is back to work discussing horrible things!!!!!!!

(I haven’t even sent out Hate Mail #1)

They shared the number of calls and email enquiries they received, which we do not believe because we have always been asking for the statistics since day 1, and they always couldn’t provide… Then suddenly we have numbers in thousands LOL

They are now claiming that they should only be dealing with Payment and Refund enquiries, not billing enquiries. Which organisation/team will be so kind to do “other people’s job” for 3 years then now they are returning it back???? It’s clear as the day they just can’t cope and try to push it back by refuting the commitment made in 2019.

It is most likely all this work will be sent back to us…

They are saying if the counters are closed, then PHI should take back the enquiries as there should be a first fronting, which I agree with (but this is not my team leh)

W has been telling me to calm down and I also made myself a cup of chamomile tea to help myself relax, so that I can focus on what is urgent! While I was fuming mad, there are 2 new appeal letters and many things to look through.

Investigation emails were sent, and I worked on drafting the letters that their contents are settled so that I will have less on hand once some of the appeals are closed.

MP appeal letter count: 9

My boss probably sensed that I am not in a good mood, so he cautiously approached me to find out if I am okay for him to share my feedback (aka hate mail #1) with the relevant in-charge, my answer was okay.

Only at the end of the day, I had the capacity to look at KC’s messages and answered them. He probably wonders what is taking Rach so long to come back on his questions, as I am always prompt.


6 October, Thursday | I haven’t worn my specs today on my WFH day and saw EL finally replied to me on the appeal letters. One of which, she replied that she has signed BUT I CAN’T FIND THE SIGNATURE ANYWHERE IN THE DOCUMENT.

While the second letter, she commented:

This letter not very smooth. Lots of details and even I as accountant find it quite difficult to follow through. Can re-draft please?

She also pointed out the wrong spelling of “miscellaneous”.

When all I wish for is an easy day, but it already started off rough…

After checking with ET, I found out that EL does not share her e-signature with Edna’s secretary, this means I will have to call her to let her know her signature is missing haha (wish me luck)

I still have many letters to go through and they are of different progress. In one of the new letters from yesterday, the changes to the bill haven’t flowed into SAP yet. I gave up and decided to go through the bills tomorrow instead.

Thankfully eFC meeting is canceled today YASSSSS. Apparently, there are no more items to discuss…

I took a quick lunch and nap, then it was time for our chatbot meeting walk-through with M on the change log items, bug fixes, and so on. M was so blur even until this morning, luckily it got sorted out in the end. Everyone was agreeable to rolling out the changes!

M speaks with a very strong Indian accent and Papadom cannot resist the urge to be bitchy!

Papadom: Zingpass


(laughs out IRL)

Then at 4 pm, I joined the weekly UAT check-in and I really catch no balls la! I heard YS’s boss going full-on raging in the meeting, YS is probably dying doing all the UAT testing, poor thing!

At close to 6 pm, the meeting hasn’t ended so I just left and clear my emails. I saw one of the PE office executives asking me many questions about different cases.

CAN FARIDAH COME BACK ALREADY? I can’t deal with her + her questions anymore!


7 October, Friday | I woke up at 6.30 am today instead of 7 am, it felt weird because I could barely see the makeup I was putting on my face at 6-ish in the morning with the sky still dark. I got to work at 8.05 am so that I have the time to put down my laptop, before we head over for our health screening.

The health screening is the basic one, take blood test to test glucose, lipid levels etc and also HIV screening. That’s all.

(I need a more comprehensive health screening la, the last time I did was in 2017)

I bought a new bag from GoodTotes, initially I wanted to get the black one but when I have decided to purchase it, it was sold out again. I decided to go with SEA SAGE, and I'm loving it!!!!!

Tried to take a picture of my bag but this (picture) does not bring it justice! Okay so bye

I saw EL approved the two letters YAYYY, will print it later.

(How am I gonna break it to her that I will be sending her two more today haha)

W and I were chatting about cases and all before I left for my health screening at 8.30-ish am! After almost working here for 4 years, I still got lost and can’t find my way to our Staff Lounge heh

As usual, my arm veins couldn’t be found whether it is on the left or right arm… The lady had to resort to drawing it from my hand (OUCH)

We all went our separate ways to go grab our own breakfast, I went to Fairprice/Cheers to grab a sandwich and saw in the EN group chat that B has to go over to pass the shuttlecocks to Sam/JC (Buffy). He has to make a trip over and I quickly responded that I am at wherever he is, I can pick it up.

B: I’m at CT foyer

Me: I’m at Cheers

2 seconds later, we are waving to each other 👋🏻👋🏻

(B said I saved him from a run over there 😂)

Siti saw me later and asked why I bought shuttlecocks HAHAHA (K saw it at my desk later too, and thought I am going to play badminton haha)

I can also pass the shuttlecocks and 100 plus that Buffy will be picking up later, to him at once. It’s convenient for us all, but then Sam brought up that B can go over to collect his shirt (Oops)

I grabbed a cup of hot latte from Coffeebean

(cheers to the 10% staff discount!)

We reached back to our office at almost 10 am, I am feeling great with my nice cup of coffee:

I went to print out the two approved letters and replied to some of the emails that the PE Office is asking for! I did a quick test on PST upload and was able to download the excel report YAYYYYYYYY

(hope Faridah comes back soon so that people will stop bothering me)

It was raining quite heavily so Char and I decided to go to Plaza Singapura for lunch! I even ordered an Iced Matcha Latte at Mos Burger too, I was feeling thirsty the whole day?? (is it because of the fasting from last evening?)

Then I came back to send EL two more letters to approve🤣 believe she will be able to give the green light as both cases are simple and straightforward! Otherwise, I will be sending her gentle reminders on Monday…




I suggested getting a user from another healthcare entity to try out the testing! I was thinking he might bother me less after that if it’s workable. Background: I briefly shared about this guy bothering me

KC guilty is it? Why he sensi


The other colleague who will be doing the waiver reports, initially couldn’t upload PST files, but later she could. However, no luck with downloading an excel file with the .msg file type…

Now KC’s team plus HVB team has to bring this back to troubleshoot!

He also shared with us a link to join their Telegram chat and receive updates on their product enhancements and rollouts. THE NAMES OF THE CHATS ARE SO CUTE!!!!

I was busy replying to all the random emails and following up on appeal cases and so on. PE office colleagues kept calling to chase us to act on their request, it was horrible! I cannot imagine all these escalating further…

No matter how much I worked on the appeals, there are still cases for me to look into. I realised for one of the new cases, I haven’t sent out any email to arrange for an appointment, as I didn’t have the time to run through all the outstanding charges!!!!!!


I needed a break from whatever I was doing, and just in time, Buffy texted me to ask what time is good for him to come up to collect the items.

“Now is good”

The rest of the conversation went on very smoothly!

(is it because we both are good at small talk? Or we can click well)

He came to take the cans of 100 plus from the fridge + the shuttlecocks, I offered to lend him a hand and bring the un-chilled ones from his desk to my office since we are already working on the stocks. He agreed.

We made our way down to put the drinks (I didn’t carry anything) then grab the new carton up, he carried that and went back to L5 with me (again, I am not carrying anything). On the way, we saw WQ and I just looked at her, didn’t say hi as I was in the middle of a conversation with Buffy la.

WQ: 你很没有礼貌,看到我never say hi

Me: 👋🏻 (gesturing my goodbye + laughing)

Despite being busy carrying the drinks, Buffy always held the door for me. Honestly, I am impressed by his mannerism haha, is this how things are at work when there is a man around?

I am loving this female privilege!!!!!




W said she received a call from one of our PE colleagues on discharge timing. We always share as 11.30 am, but it says on our website as 11 am… We didn’t know there was a change leh!

I went to ask my boss and he said it was always 11 am


W told me to check further since I was the only one in the office. K happened to pass by so I asked her and she checked with OL. OL was confused too but called back later to say it was 11 am.


I went to do further digging and found the P&P, it says 11 am, and the time was highlighted as one of the updates made. IT SEEMS LIKE THIS CHANGE HAPPENED IN MARCH 2022, but we didn’t know???!!!!!

The rest has left for the day already, but I still need to finish up my work and check up on the crisis and as requested, I also need to send the error image to Simon for further troubleshooting.

KC said thanks and was telling us to enjoy our weekend!

Me: I cannot pang gang leh

(thanks to him)

KC: hahaha

I drafted the email to Simon and sent it over, I think the team will be doing the troubleshooting on Monday!




I was late to my dinner date with YT at Haakon!

I also got a Mango Smoothie, this is good!

At 7.45 pm, we left to walk to Centrepoint for my beauty appointment. Apparently, I was so confused and thought my appointment was 8 pm today, it was 6.20 pm leh

YT was in a chat with an ex-colleague and the tea was R is leaving??? (that piece of shit) I am shook la!!!!!!! (is it because his affair partner resigned recently??)

We went to Dalkomm to continue our conversation☕️


8 October, Saturday | I woke up to the news of Faridah's husband passing...


10 October, Monday | Last night I kept waking up from my sleep and it (some bill problem) has been bothering me over the weekend. I asked Char to help me to check as soon as she gets to work since last week it was showing “insufficient balance”, HUHHHH

7.37 AM:

No outstanding
Fb on ur table le

I sent two appeal letters for EL’s clearance last Friday but this morning, I saw she only cleared one case. I quickly sent a reminder for the one that was missed out.

One of the most critical things to settle is to send out an email to collect condolence money for the demise of Faridah’s husband. Very soon later, colleagues started approaching me to pass me the cash while some of the others, transferred me the money.

As the bill (from earlier) turned out as expected, I quickly finished up the letter and got it cleared with W and my boss, and float it over to EL for her approval. I can’t wait for the two letters to be printed and done so that I will have fewer appeals on hand!

My boss replied to me to thank me for helping the family out (when you bother to find answers, study the policy again) and he highlighted this guideline that could help patients out to N’s team. The team follows up on AR, they should already know????

I felt we are doing a lot of their work, worrying about AR and following up on cases they missed… It’s not right.

I have a few updates to send to the PE Office, they have been chasing me for updates every few days… It is so frustrating!!!!

I am also of course, not done with the appeal letters, so keep fighting!

I decided to try again, this time I managed to reach the mother who ghost me for two weeks, she said she hasn’t gone through my email in detail and will get back to me once she gets that cleared.

(Is too early for the little win, but okay)

FIN sent over their fee creep file (I haven’t done fee revision in ages) and this one will affect our data, so W told me to work on it urgently even though I have other more pressing matters. I will work on that after lunch then!


(already ate the omelette then remembered I haven't take picture)




Hair up! I am ready!

I checked T6C for XR codes (DDII) and updated their facility fee! As the file in UAT is currently different, with an additional column for “perf loc” to differentiate the old and new records in ZNMF23, I could only load it to Prod!

W adjusted the file for me and asked me to load it to UAT too! I also learned a new trick of removing “ and replacing it with (blank) to clean up txt files.

W then went on to check the figures while I continued to swim in my appeal cases…




Lately, I am obsessed with this new candy!!!!

An observation from today: my boss kept coming to my desk to discuss things such as Calendly and Night Cycling, and so on. He would stand there awkwardly and wait for me to be done, and politely and apologetically speak to me.

Probably because he knows I am in one of my severe angst and pissed-off moods.

Before I left for the day, my boss reminded me about putting up a requisition form, and I was confused, I thought buried le, then no need to send a condolence wreath??

(Apparently, can send condolence letter and $$)

I will fill up that form first thing in the morning!!


11 October, Tuesday | I wished XY Happy Birthday then shortly after, she came to my desk to ask me something, then I was shocked, “why are you at work on your birthday?”.

“Aiya I just come to work, okay one”

Personally, I wouldn’t want la because scared kenna scolded by patients.

I filled up the Requisition form and sent it to my boss to sign, and forwarded the form to HR for them to process. As the main HR lady was away on a course, her staff replied and said they will process it!

(phew, thankfully I am not too late! I got a shock, after reading the P&P last evening.)

I cleared some emails, went to quickly gobble down my breakfast, and printed out the two approved letters, hehe

Clearing out the replies is one of my favourite moments at work!

I have been sitting on this for days already, they also stopped sending us reminders so I decided to continue to hold and wait hahaha, finally I am sending the required stats over.

Then I randomly drank Milo:

Before lunch, I managed to find a small pocket of time and did a quick test if the PST upload and download excel file works. I still can’t…

We ordered food from Oh Some Bowls today:

Then K and I decided to order Arabica Coffee (I like to call it % Coffee) but did not take a picture of it hah.

Two letters went out, and another one came in… I spent a lot of my time following up on MP appeals, drafting, etc, and didn’t clear any drafts or do anything else important. I felt trashy…

At some point, I tried to work out the factors or rather tried to use the factors for calculation but just couldn’t get it, SOBS

My stress level just amplified…

I texted YS to SOS me, I feel less bad telling him that I don’t know things and to ask for help. I am scared I tell W I don’t know how to count, then she will be mad because only she doing all the work… and I still 不明白.

YS said is Factor 2 x Hosp Charges > then suddenly I realised I v stupid LOL


I need to know the factor applies to which component of the charges! I need to go work this out, man.




Papadom, W, and I were discussing things, then talked about how FSS going to send back all the shit. Papadom thinks it is better for me to share that I don’t agree with it, than keep quiet and let my boss push it to us for good.

I drafted a simple email to share what I think is causing the problem and that I personally don’t agree with the solution, but am open to discussion.

Before I left for the day, I saw my boss’s reply mentioning that he agree that prompt follow-up is important and the reason why they want to close down the counter, so as to channel the team’s focus to follow-up. I highly doubt they will follow up on cases more, they will just get lazy…

His reply didn’t even address my decision/opinion on the proposed solution. It seems like 100% will be directed back to us…

All we can do, is lan lan try to survive lor!

I quickly chiong out at 6 pm in order to arrive at OUE on time for Yoga class! K and J were talking about our health screening results, I checked mine quickly, all indicators look good, at optimal levels 😌

Simon came back earlier with some adjustments and told us to try it out again, it worked! But in the end, Rachel didn’t have the time to send an email sharing the update. I will reply tomorrow morning then.


12 October, Wednesday | I have been forgetting to check the colour of the deco (tinsel backdrop) that I ordered in 2019. I didn’t have the chance to use them due to Covid-19, our division party was canceled.

First thing today, I finally went to grab them and ordered silver 1, 8 and 3 number balloons for the event on 29 October!

I also moved $550 cash from my wallet over to the envelope for Faridah, in total we collected $1,170 for the demise of her spouse.

Then Sleeping P highlighted to me that one of my patients wrote back to me, I have been waiting for this mother forever! Her email was sent this morning at 8ish am so I called her before 9 am to speak to her. She suggested that I speak to her husband instead, as he is the one asking all these questions about paying their late son’s bill.

I rang her husband’s number twice at different times, but both times the call was cut off.

I drafted up the reply for one of the appeal cases and continued with the follow-ups, sending chasers and looking through the emails.

Oh, still got last week's queries that I haven’t got the time to respond to.

I was too tired and even though it is probably bad for my health in the long term, I went ahead to make myself a cup of coffee without eating any breakfast.

W called me twice today as she was so angry with whatever Char’s boss said to her, she didn’t even understand the email, her staff gave wrong calculations and also asked W to check their work. WTF?

They should know their own work well right, it was so ridiculous to see NR waiver calculation of 30%, to be 70% (wrong concept la)…

Before I could get off work today, I had to quickly get the MCAF printed and ready to send out, plus send out the email reply to explain things + inform the family on the hardcopy form.

I also needed to keep the condolence money well and gave W image illustrations of how to retrieve the money from my locked drawer.

In the end, I left half an hour later, at 1 pm.

While I was dropping off the form at the mailbox, I started having a minor panic attack that the address I handwritten over could be wrong. I checked many times already but still panicked at this moment.

J said I'm too stressed liao, and that’s why I am experiencing this, she says she experienced (panic attacks) before too.

I don’t think I can do this job anymore…




I was late for lunch with Fat fat at Boon Keng KFC, we ate and got cakes on our way before heading up to see grandma! She’s so cute!!!!!

We haven’t seen her in a while, due to our busy schedule and her getting Covid-19 last week. She made us coffee and we passed her the allowance for September.

Then we left for our Hair Appointment at 2.30 pm!


We ended at about 5.30 pm and made our way to MBS, trying out taking Bus 133 instead of taking the train.

On our way over to MBS, I took this picture of Fat fat’s hair, really hair goals la.

Mine looks red under the light??

We quickly went to Sephora to grab some things and then headed over to Tim Ho Wan for dinner with the fam!

At almost 8 pm, we went back to Mom’s and Dad’s hotel room (regular staycay goers) to enjoy a cup of coffee, and the great city view and we watched animal programs too!

I don’t hate flamingos, but I don’t love them too so to put it simply, I don’t really care much about flamingos. One of the programs today, was Secrets of the Zoo, there was one particular aged flamingo who started having breathing difficulties, then was brought to the vet at the Zoo facility in Columbia. He didn’t make it after he woke up briefly from anesthesia.

I SOBBED SO HARD for George Michael Senior…


13 October, Thursday | It’s my WFH day but I didn’t get to sleep in until 8ish am, because we have a briefing on the closure of counters today at 7.30 am!!!!!

(Oops it’s 7.45 am, so I wrote up earlier for nothing…)

Most of the time through the briefing, I was clearing my emails and noticed that the PE Office colleague, Ruby emailed me thrice for an update on one case.

I went to check my emails, it was 3 reminders within 24 hours.

WTF CANNOT WAIT IS IT??? It is not even a life-and-death situation?

I called W to let her I will be sending a hate mail to Ruby, just as a heads up, in case Ruby’s boss calls W. I was partially right, a call was made but to my boss (RO) instead of W, who is my direct supervisor and mentor.

Then I channeled my focus to look through chatlog review and completed our biweekly HW.

I did try to listen in for eFC meeting, but within 10 minutes, I opted out because I really don’t have the time, plus the topic wasn’t very relevant.

Also, XY is on MC, so she did not fix our HOD's signature on the requisition form, I had to ask ET for help and then later HR said need to add our HOD's name stamp, so I did it quickly and resend to HR! (BURDEN MAX)

Although I tried to put together a draft, it wasn’t anything concrete, all my work is just in bits and pieces…

(Possibly I am experiencing burnout??)

I ordered WATM for my lunch today, hopefully having something nice during lunch can switch up how I am feeling for the day (nope, it didn’t)

I rested during my lunch break, but I just couldn’t really take my mind of my work, W also didn’t manage to clear my appeal letter (think she is struggling with something worse)

Chatbot meeting was not okay today because my boss joined too, and made us (all three institutions) go through 30 minutes of him raging as the live agent function isn’t working correctly.

Papadom always writes sentences that are way too long, and M didn’t seem to catch the gist of what she was sharing. If they can’t even comprehend what the problem is, then how can they work to resolve it??

When I sent an email to clarify the problem, she understood. During the meeting, M assured us that once the deployment is made this evening, all the problems of missed chats will be resolved. We don’t really have a choice, but to take a leap of faith here.

I did not forget to link up JC with sgID team, I just don’t have the time to send it to him HELP

Other than working on the drafts, I also went to draft a summary email to reply to Steph. I got her email on Monday but just didn’t have the time to put together an update for her.

Earlier, I saw Formsies team asking in the Telegram group chat if healthcare officers are able to get approval to have them come on-site to do some testing. The other healthcare officer I am aware of, who is also in the chat, told them straight up to do it properly (request from cluster IT rep).

Personally, I don’t think it is a problem for me la so I replied👌🏻


14 October, Friday | Back to the office with my new hair, new me!

Comments from colleagues, not in order of time

J: Nice, but very dark

K: this is the darkest I have seen your hair (in 4 years)

BK: 很美,很年轻

D: why cut until so short, longer will be nice

Sleeping P: you look more Asian, and young (I am Asian haha)

W and Faridah: *just smiles*

I dropped by Finance real quick to drop letterhead paper on ET’s desk, then back to my work. I feel delayed in settling my work task, I am replying emails from days before too. I cleared the one, Jean asked about the outstanding charges.

I saw Ruby’s reply LOL, I agreed her email is a smart way to close this matter. I will reply to her on Monday, when I have thought of the tact/sarcastic comments that is appropriate enough.

Midst the busy schedule, we just got busier as the data file we requested is in, and W needed me to work on the data for the Bangladesh patient quickly, he will be admitted next week. W has come up with 2 methods to derive the amount, and needed me to help scrub some numbers before she can put together the values for clearance.

It has been a long time since I did any of such work and I forgot about the SGF logic and stuff, omg I was panicking la!!

It was an estimate for Op of 2A and 5C, LOS of 28 days. I did this from 11ish am to 12.45 pm, then went to lunch after sending the file over to W.

She completed the analysis and we will be quoting 130k!

Char and I had lunch at Owls today, I like their crispy chicken cutlet (new fav)!! On our way back, saw someone familiar making a whistling sound, it was SCM haha

(He is a v funny person, but we rarely interact now)

Then, we are back to hell because at 2 pm, I need to sit in on the subsidised package discussion with FIN. Our HOD, S is also the HOD for this department in FIN, so she kept saying is our eFC logic that is wrong. It isn’t, it is based on the Ministry’s target subsidy, is the pricing logic and subsidy they are offering to patients that is incorrect.

In short, they just don’t want to do anything about their package pricing and wanted us to come up with a workaround for this problem.

(another reason why I want to quit after W retires)

At 4ish pm, it was time to call the two pending Mandarin-speaking cases. First up, it was an auntie in her 50s, I was trying to explain to her that the bill can utilise MSV but as she has used up the $300 limit for the year, she can’t!

But I don’t know how to say words such as limit, guidelines in Mandarin haha so the call sounded like:

“因为你已经用了一年三百块的 limit, 不可以扣Medisave了”

Once I put down the phone, J started laughing like mad at my Mandarin attempt.

Then, the next person I called, she didn’t pick up and only called back at 5ish(?). I just told her the bill is fully paid and informed her there is an earlier bill that she did not pay $7. I got scolded by her for it lor, she said we always got problems, so she wants to complain our department, in Mandarin, of course (China lady).

I sent an email to get the payment collection team who did this to check and also highlight to my boss her comments on the SMS she received + this $7 error.

My boss’s solution to this is, to just waive the $7.

(so useless right? When no one follows up on AR, he doesn’t care)

It was after 4.30 pm, and W is already packing up to leave, Jean called and wanted us to confirm the figures for one of their long-standing cases. Aiyo why she so long last minute one, I told her amount looks correct, but better to give her a confirmation again on Monday morning. Then she finally agreed to budge.

My boss has been very hard on the chatbot vendor, demanding for the problem to be resolved immediately, there were many emails from my boss, Papadom and M and their CTO too.

My preliminary assessment of the situation is, Papadom and my boss unable to explain the problem encountered clearly and accurately to our chatbot vendor, so the email conversation is like chicken and duck talking…

My boss even went to L4 to test out further with the live agents, I heard he was raging throughout…

I don’t have the time to deal with this, or go read through the emails thoroughly, so let me look at them when my mind is fresh on Monday morning.

There is a PH bill for one of my cases, W already cleared the letter so now I need to confirm if Payment class = “Pharmacy Script” is considered Private charges, before I can clear the revised draft with W again on Monday, HAIYO

I heard knocking noises from my desk and went to the backdoor to check, I opened the door and saw no one. I walked back to my desk, talking to J very loudly:

“J, office 有鬼leh”

J mumbled something about me being silly, where got ghost one.

Then I heard it again, “knock knock knock”

Me: “又来了” while I walked over to the backdoor to check is which 鬼.

We found out the 鬼 is K! She knocked then thought no one heard, so went over to the front door (when I opened the door), and later rushed back because she heard the door open, and proceeds to knock the second time.





It was 5.30 pm already, but I have yet sent out the email to respond to Steph! She asked for update after 1 month on from HT Sprint, can’t keep her waiting for too long! Email sent, Char and I left for our after-work plans!

Dal.Komm Coffee @Marina Square

After we ate, we worked on putting together our itinerary! I think we will need another session to finish up. Also, I didn’t know need to apply for K-ETA and submit Qcode to enter South Korea hahaha


17 October, Monday | This week we are having Egg Mayo sandwiches for breakfast and I am loving it! I also made a nice cup of 2in1 coffee at work to go with it.

While my mind is still fresh, I cleared the two drafts from last week and also to re-draft my appeal letter (the pharmacy bill case) and both appeal letters pending W’s clearance.

(Also EL got into our minds, so now we kept doubting our letters, and if a non-accountant could comprehend the contents)

Last week, we discussed passing one of our cases to the PE Office, I finally got the time to draft and send over the case regarding private/subsidised charges at LWT. I AM SO GLAD THEY ARE TAKING THIS UP!!

W was super busy but helped me to look through the drafts and also vetted this email that I wanted to send to P at 12ish pm:

Background: I was working on reviewing the content on Isomer + our current site over the weekend, every page there are changes and I consolidated them in table format on MS Word. It takes a lot of effort to review the work, and it’s not right for me to be RO-ing the intern on P’s behalf (while she sits there and clears her other tasks while we are in discussion). The two don’t do their homework, compare the pages, and expect me to tell them what needs to be done. I can share my views on the improvement areas but I should not be checking and verifying if the content is up to date.

P took it quite well:

I sent out my first appeal letter draft to Edna at 12ish before I had my lunch. Then I made this tea I got from purchasing things from South Korea:


(will consider ordering it online)

Then it’s back to war! I continued with the other 2 cases, other follow-ups and emails, and cleared drafts so W can focus on eFC matters. I got two other appeal letters ready for vetting and sent them at 4ish pm and the third, at 5ish pm!

I saw Edna’s email clearance for case #2 and followed by #3 (I intentionally mentioned it is the third letter of the day), and I was worried she missed out #1 (more urgent) which I sent at 12ish pm and even drafted a polite reminder.

I decided to go wash my cup and rethink this, as it does not seem nice to chase her within a few hours’ time.

This decision is a great one because when I returned to my desk, I saw Edna’s email approving letter #1!

I didn’t have enough time to check again and print #3 and #1, so will do that tomorrow!


18 October, Tuesday | After clearing my emails and finishing my breakfast, I wanted to start printing the two approved letters but then W called.

(I offered for her to WFH today, so that she can focus on eFC matters)

She was explaining to me quite a lot of things and I figured out that she wanted me to correct the wrong formatting when I am free.

I am never free, plus I think she needs this (wrong formatting) to be cleared before she can proceed with whatever she is doing. I quickly went to work on it and sent the file over before working on my approved letters.

Letters printed and the follow-ups done!

I was also focusing on clearing any drafts so that W can have uninterrupted time to work on the urgent tasks. Overall, it was a very stressful day because I have a lot to cover as I will be away on course for the next two days!

Glad I wouldn’t need to go for open safe duties haha, then got more time to clear my work.

I cleared two appeal letters, and here comes another one?!??! FML

There was no time to waste and I quickly checked the patient’s records and then proceeded to call both the patient and her spouse for the application date, in order to appeal for a change in bill charges.

We ordered OH SOME BOWLS for lunch, I got the Mentaiko Salmon Rice ($9.80), this time no feels for beef bowl haha.

During lunch, I was busy side-hustling because the previous few days I didn't have time to work on the testing HAHA

(I guess KC missed me hah)

After lunch, I sent out all three closures for appeal cases, if not they will start chasing me and make a fuss over small delays.

One of the most exhausting things that happened today was, P was constantly coming to my table to discuss a feedback we got from one staff regarding the document submission form - to include document submit for the purpose of linking NOK in HH/HB.

The first question I asked after seeing the suggestion, was to confirm what is the workflow going to be like. Will clinics be helping us to do the update, if yes then how we decide which clinic will be assisting?

Even after countless times explaining what the request/issue here is, P still doesn’t get it and placed her focus on the bill being outstanding or not. The problem here is, if the patient is not a SC/PR, his/her NOK is unable to register on HH. As such, they will need to do so by contacting us, then we update clinic records.


We spent a lot of time helping her out, especially me! I have to explain 1 thing 500 times then teach her 500 times how to do it. It would have been faster if I did it myself instead, as she is clearly not capable at all…

The final time she came to my desk today, I was low-key scolding her because I realised she did the adjustment wrongly the previous time, despite a lot of hand-holding from Papadom and myself…

The new field for “Additional document” was sitting outside without logic, she created the field but did not adjust the logic (don’t know how to do la). Papadom and I did tell her we not going to check her work since we already taught you how to go about it.

I explained to her why it is wrong and she can still suggest to me that since the field is optional, it is okay to be where it is now.

It does not matter if the field is optional or not, the fact is the whole form logic/flow is incorrect because you stupid fk cannot do anything right!!!!!!

I am always rushing to complete my tasks every day, I still have to help her do her work???

During HT Sprint, the intern was the one doing all the Forms and logic for her, she did not learn anything and came back to continue to be a burden… She also doesn’t contribute when we are asked to do HVB testing (she doesn’t know what KC wants??)

Despite Papadom’s and my multiple efforts of telling P to combine and only have 1 waiver form, she insisted that splitting the form is good and wants to go with it…

The workflow/process should be as per current, and not create specific forms to meet the needs of specific users. This should be built in as logic in one form instead of splitting them into separate forms. It will also cause problems for the colleague who will be generating the reports (comparing wrong versions and causing confusion)

However, she cannot hear this suggestion at all and I don’t want to comment anymore.

(it is not even my problem)

As I was interrupted by P on the changes to make, I did not manage to send out the email to reply respond to the discussion on the subsidy checker with doctors… much less reply Steph…

On my way to Yoga, I contacted my boss about all this shit. My boss can tell that I am my limit and suggested that I take a break, if I need to work from home for a few days, go ahead. He asked how can he assist/help me. This started the conversation of me wanting to leave this job, this department.

My boss said he will help to facilitate if this is what I want, but he hopes I stay. We talked about what made me break/want to resign and after listening, he says he now knows and will help to prevent it.

We chatted via WhatsApp messages for quite some time and we also did a mutual appreciation moment. It was not too bad a conversation imo!


19 October, Wednesday | Wah Rachel is really just very bad with directions, and YS has to gmaps me haha

I reached safely thanks to the help of YS!

Day 1 of Course at OCH

I was a little lost after reaching the tower, but after walking to a few wrong doors, I successfully reached the course venue. I signed my attendance and wrote my name down on the nametag provided, and need to grab a seat somewhere.

I saw Mr. Oh sitting at one of the tables, I went over to say hi and also introduced myself (in case he doesn’t know who I am). I was worried he feel awkward hanging out with me, I was so surprised he asked me so many questions, and our conversation went on so naturally. He asked me where I lived, how did I get here, what do I do in my team (he mentioned my team’s name, so I guessed he went to look me up in our staff directory ahead of this course) etc.

I felt very comfortable speaking to him!

Funny moment: he told me he stayed at Sembawang and I said I remembered it is Sembawang, because J mentioned before that she knows where (which block) he stays at, and he laughed and said but he doesn’t know where J lives tho HAHAHAHA

(did I accidentally make J sound like some stalker 😂)

The instructor saw us chatting and found out our names and where we are from, and thought we knew each other before this course.

“Actually this is the first time we are speaking face to face”

I have this feeling, our seating will change and indeed, we changed our seats by drawing cards. My card is 5 Spade, with a game of fist pump, I am sitting with a new group. We have to do a self-introduction in our groups and then converge.

I heard one of my coursemates is from the same office as Jiale, hmm so I checked with Jiale if she knows him (yes she does).

In our new group, I clicked well with them (except the guy) such as PF, LP and Iz! We always talk about nonsense together and share healthcare experiences, love it! We went for breaks and lunch together. My team was also looking out for eclairs during our breaks because I told them I hoped in the afternoon, we have eclairs hah (this continued on day 2 and day 3 of the course too haha)

My group members are a fun bunch to hang out with!!


(Leadership I know la, but Self-Leadership is what ah?)

This course is quite intense, we have a lot of group discussions and also self-reflection. In one of the segments, we have to tell 6-8 stories, the values derived from them and hear our partner retell the stories. This was followed by grouping the values in clusters and firming up our life purpose statement.

This is very interesting because we don’t always have the opportunity to sit down and reflect on our lives, experiences, and values.

We put our life purpose statement on the wall, and my team members didn’t want to put theirs with mine as I wrote in calligraphy handwriting haha

All of us are given a free book and I can’t wait to read it!!

We also received our DISC reports, I am an assessor (CI). I have no idea what that means but the 2nd instructor will be sharing with us more tomorrow. He said it will be more content heavy the next day (today also quite content heavy la)

My groupmates all stayed back to finish our day 1 reflections on WizLearn before knocking off for the day. I left at 4.47 pm, 下课了!

As my course ended early, I went to City Hall to check out clothes and bought this piece:





Sleeping P texted me in our team’s group chat to share this patient I am waiting for, has sent the document I require (but not the exact thing I think, but should suffice?)

Then I made my way to Chinatown to meet YS for a steamboat!

We went to some random China steamboat place instead of Shi Li Fang, as planned.

YS: 你要/会吃虾吗?

Me: *thinks*, 不要, 我不要扒

YS: 我帮你扒

Me: *laughs*


He is always so nice and caring, and men with good manners will bring out my 公主病.

公主病 is real!

We had 1 bottle of beer together with lamb skewers then ice cream to end off the day!

I quickly paid the bill when YS went to the toilet, felt so bad la, it was supposed to be his birthday treat and he still peeled prawns for me ❤️

Ahhhh then after that, he said "no wonder you so fast go pay money", haha ya normally I v slow, OTOT take out wallet de


20 October, Thursday | Since yesterday, I have been talking about getting Starbucks Coffee, and I did it this morning!

Today we were seated with our new groupmates, I don’t click as well with this bunch but okay la, we probably wouldn’t see each other again after the 28th.

The 2nd instructor was teaching us about DISC and I honestly liked the topic/content!! I guess it is similar to horoscopes but then DISC is a behaviour instrument, and we all learned that behaviour can be altered accordingly to the environment.

There were group discussions on DISC and later in the afternoon, we learned about effective communication and so on. At some point, I started getting very tired of listening on, and often was in my own thoughts and pretended to be paying attention heh

After Day 2 of the course ended, we were dismissed but I wanted to stay on to finish up our self-reflection (homework) before leaving for the day. Mr Oh came back to where I was seated to say goodbye!

Probably because I got him chocolates earlier today, and he paiseh ba hahaha




Char and I met to plan the rest of our itinerary for our Korea trip (in 12 days??!!!)

Creamy Rose Pasta and Grapefruit Soda, Dalkomm Coffee


21 October, Friday | Maybe two days on course, whatever I came back to deal with, isn’t too bad?

(who am I trying to kid here?)

Most of the morning was spent going through all the emails, keeping actionable items/emails unread, so that I can come back later to process/act on them.

I saw we received an MP appeal letter on Wednesday (day 1 of my course) and when I asked, Faridah says she did not receive it…

She was in the cc la, how can she not receive it? It was obvious she didn’t want to work on it and waiting for me to return. Then another letter came by today, I just forwarded it to the team and I followed up on it.

W and I had a mini conversation on this, how Faridah stops following up on cases, she also doesn’t take initiative to do any of the work.

The work becomes mine, W’s, and Sleeping P’s to carry, similar to when she was away on leave…

I saw HW replied to the loop with doctors on building an eligibility checker, so I quickly added to it and replied, sharing our checkers’ link! I hope I am not too late!

Char and I went to McDonald’s for lunch and made it back to the office quickly, as Rachel has a lot to work on! I was constantly busy working on cases and then at 2 ish pm, we saw an email from FIN, regarding fee creep with effect from 25 October 2022.

OMG, MONDAY (24TH) IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!! We only got maybe 2 hours to work on whatever fee creep they are sending our way. Plus it will also affect our data to be uploaded into production coming next week!

(subsidy review changes w.e.f 1 November 2022)

W was very upset about it, she went to call FIN to tell them they cannot keep doing this (I agree and I told J that “working with FIN, really brings out all the vulgarities in me”)

I did a quick check, thankfully those changes don’t affect any of the data in Tbl 6C (phew).

I haven’t replied Steph since last Saturday sobs, so I quickly drafted and sent out before we left at 5.35 pm! On my way, I also texted my another lao ban (KC) on my absence dates, so he knows when is good to ask me to do HVB testing haha (the rest all don’t bother one).





(I kept thinking it is bus 55, but actually, the stop is called “Blk 55” LOL)

(loving their French Mac&Cheese)

We got alcoholic drinks! Featuring J’s G’Vine, because too chio and set the mood~

Later I ordered Iced Latte!

Picture of us ❤️

And then Halloween us 👻

(J: zuo mo ni de filter ze yang de?)


22 October, Saturday | Lundly met up for HDL today, Suz has a $10 discount if we spent more than $100! However, the queue was insane at Wisma, Somerset, and even Plaza Singapura so we hopped from one place to another, in the end, we settled at Wisma, after we went shopping.

SL and I got Kydra shoes, she has a student discount YAY! I also went to grab disposable panties from Watson to prepare for my Korea trip, and also got a new Innis Free powder for my face/hair!!

Today the service at HDL, wasn’t very good… but I enjoyed steamboat with these two no matter what!




Finally opening and checking out my FRESH BUYS!


25 October, Tuesday | I was feeling great and refreshed for 5 minutes this morning, but the reality is, no girl, you’re still tired.


Over the PH, I extracted the list of FAQs and consolidated a potential list of utterances that can be used for our new FAQ! At least that is done, so today I can focus on appeals and basically, my core scope of work!

Today, I was constantly working on my appeal letters, their follow-ups, etc. Sleeping P updated me that the mother I have been reaching out to, with rarely any avail, finally returned with the signed form! We can submit the bill for Medisave claims, and likely there is no outstanding amount liao!!!!

I also reminded Char to help adjust one of my appeal case’s bill to SC rates, hopefully, the bill can finalised before I leave for my Korea trip!


I saw Faridah sent out the compliment, but the compliments and complaints file for October wasn’t updated. I wouldn’t be here when the file is going to be due, so thought it good to settle everything ahead, if possible. I realised Faridah did not update the file, so I did it and she belatedly realised I have already done the deed.


W initially didn’t want to disturb me, as she knew I was occupied with appeals! However, we are rushing for the deadline and needed to ensure all the data in eFC Tables are correct and ready to go!

I spent the rest of the afternoon, looking through T1 and T2. I am completely lost looking through T4 data on packages…

Tomorrow I will work on T6!




I went home to eat dinner and as a family, we headed out to PLQ for BLACK ADAM!!!



26 October, Wednesday | I started the day by completing the checks for T6C but I wasn’t able to check T4 – not experienced in doing this plus I don’t know what are the column headers. W said it is okay, she will check that later by herself.

I managed to clear some ad-hoc work and also went through the Forms changes for Document Submission! I did this over lunch while having my Mac and Cheese (with Mushroom Soup) from El Carbon.

I also went to grab Murruku made by Char’s boss after lunch, I also ate 3 pieces this morning 🙃

Is there ever a day I am not busy with MP appeals…

Today Char received her promotion letter, wah really up to Executive leh! J, K and I were discussing how J will ask Char back (when she doesn’t know something), “you exec, you don’t know meh?”

I can already imagine the burns liao 😂




Met Suz at Orchard MRT, today is her scheduled appointment for Lash Lift at the Lash Chapter! I hope she loves her lashes!!!!!

On my way back, I went to grab McDonald’s from Bugis before heading home as there is no more dinner food left at home le.

After my late dinner, Papadom texted to tell me something is wrong with the chatlog review file and asked if I can help her to pull the file. I did and checked, my copy is working fine?? I went to kaypoh and checked the uploaded the file, and found:

1) Hidden rows (HUHHHH)

2) Multiple merged cells. This could be the reason why earlier Papadom mentioned the chat ID didn’t match the lines.

AIYOOOO why something so simple, also cannot do ah

(ahem, the new exec under JC)


27 October, Thursday | I managed to clear 1 letter today with the social worker in charge of this particular patient! While another letter, I am still pending for appointment details, I will know once the coordinator comes back from her MC. KY will let me know tomorrow if that is settled!

It was a shock because we have more than 200 lines of utterances to work on?!!! It took me forever to get through all of them. It was one of the most intense chatlog HW I did in months haha

Today, at lunchtime I was still doing my work. W is on leave so all is on me now T.T

Other than clearing things, we also have new requests and I had to think one step ahead, asked for data early so I have more time to work on them, or buy some time for W.

At 12ish, I received an email from “thinking out loud”, asking about epidural charges, doctor fees, and anesthetist fees. They shared that they need the answers by today as a patient is demanding a call back by EOD.

I am not very sure of the answer but recalled Finance did share the info with Adms, not sure why they are asking W/me about this. I even confirmed with Finance before replying to the email.

The charges/description was recently revised and told them to refer to that. I got three missed calls while I was in our chatbot meeting, so I did not answer the calls. Later, I found out from Sleeping P and Faridah that Adms, SC called them and was yelling on the phone over why Rachel never picked up the call, and what she doing.

All I can say, is RUDE AS FK!

I was in a meeting la, and why in the first place did they agree to the customer’s demands when they knew, what they needed, may need more time to obtain???

I called them back, before my next discussion, but couldn’t reach them SC at all. Shortly after, she emailed me to ask about the amounts, with my boss in the loop.

Hah I knew it, it was to keep a record of this whole incident!

I replied and also tried my best to address the queries she has. As this is regarding package, so I am not too sure of the setup, and I cannot be certain of my answer. I rather wait, then give wrong information. I asked YS to send me column headers for T4, and managed to figure out what SC was referring to (1.6k).

(I hope my reply is okay??)

^is also one of the reasons, why I want to leave (bad culture)

Before my work day ended, I sent one MP appeal draft to Edna for her clearance ((:


28 October 2022, Friday | Today is Day 3 and also the last day of the Self Leadership course!

I was anxious because I couldn’t find Academia LOL, and I decided to take the orange shuttle bus instead of walking to Academia. The transport was inefficient haha, and this made me think of NUS shuttle buses (maybe I just miss schooling, or the school me)

Today, we did our usual collective wisdom morning check-in and covered heavily on the topic - Servant Leadership!

It was a really intense and long day! Not sure why today it was so much colder than normal, and I did not bring a jacket to Academia HELPS

(YS planning to SOS me, he is so sweet la)

I went out of the building and stood under the sun during our post-lunch break, Mr. Oh was also feeling cold so we just stood outside and talked about traveling. LF also joined us later, and I really like knowing someone like her!!!!

(she reminds me of Grace Chiam)

We had a feedback (more like feed forward) session, where we go in circles to compliment or share constructive feedback with your assigned pair. I met LF and I shared how I felt about her, we both agreed that our team from Day 1 clicked better, and we are both just so happy that we got each other ❤️

It is a pity I wouldn’t really have a chance to work with her in the future, but I hope we continue to stay in touch!

I met 3 out of 4 of my day 1 coursemates, and the only guy in the group (I never really talked to him one to one) said “I like you for being very driven”, with no elaboration hahaha

I told the other three girls (LF, PF and Iz), and we had a good laugh together during our tea break session. I also told them about being unwell and worried that I couldn’t go on my trip. They are very nice and assured me that I will be okay. They also told me to TT them and update them on how things went (if I went on my trip).

At the end of the day, I didn’t have the energy to do our daily course reflection, pop quiz, and course evaluation. I quickly went home, and broke down from all the pain and discomfort I have been holding in for days…

I felt a lot better when I got up from a nap + 2 panadol tablets and completed the course requirements so that I can move on from this!

(BUT I AM NOT MOVING ON FROM THE PEOPLE I MET HERE!!!! Update: I TT-ed all three girls when I was in the KTX to Seoul, that I am well enough and on my trip. Showing their messages in my Korea blog post!!!)

After completing the course follow-ups, I went to clear some of my work! I loaded the EDTU files to UAT, and read the emails again and again, to confirm if I needed to load the files to production (as W was uncontactable while on her holiday in KL).

I went through the 3 MP appeal letter drafts, making sure all are correct so that Monday I can quickly send them for approval.

I saw an email my boss sent, asking why the FSS contact number is still showing, so I went to do another round of checking, content update was also made to escalation content nodes!


29 October, Saturday | Finally, dad is turning 60 today hahaha and we have been planning this long-awaited 183 Club party for dad and his two sisters!

62+61+60 = 183

(I used to like those Taiwan drama songs by 183 Club, ref: 感情线)

IT’S A WRAP!!!!!!

(I took my medicine and was wearing my mask throughout – safety precaution)


31 October, Monday | On Friday, Faridah texted me to ask if I need her to print the approved reply letter, and I said yes after hearing the instructor talk about trust (empowering your team). I added to let me have a look, if she is worried and Faridah said okie, she will let me see first. I did not receive any WhatsApp messages following that, nor did I receive an email from her on this (I checked my email on Friday night). I wonder if she printed and left it on my desk, or did she not do it at all?

The answer: she did not print and was waiting for me to check the soft copy first. If I have to check it by myself, might as well I print it. Why would I need you ah???

I got the other two letters cleared and printed out all three approved letters YASSSS

I cleared whatever drafts we have pending since today is the last day of the month. I also didn’t want W to be back and see all the work pending our action.

I tried to work out the charges for one of our long-standing medmal cases before I leave for my trip, but I couldn’t tally the amounts… I guess this will need W to have a look when she is back to work tomorrow.

At 2.30 pm, I have to attend the Isomer meeting with P and the intern! They know I will be going on a trip and wanted to clear this (website changes) before I leave, so I don’t have a choice and need to have this meeting today, despite having not enough time…

I am pleased by seeing how much homework they have done, and the proposed changes. It is honestly good work!!!!! Maybe it is right to go with “teach them how to fish, instead of feeding them the fish”




At 5-ish pm today, W finally texted me!

W: Did you check?

This made me panicked and all worried, I did my best but it seems like sometimes my best isn’t enough… I did the test in production, but did not see the option for EDTU counsel code, and have no idea how to move forward from here… This has to work tomorrow lehhhh


J has been nagging me since morning, to go see a doctor! The reason why I didn’t see a doctor soon, was because I was scared to be tested Covid-19 positive, then I wouldn’t be able to go on holiday. I should have gone earlier to see a doctor…

The wait to see a doctor at the clinic at Aljunied MRT was insane, but I am glad I went! I am on two days MC haha, guess I will be canceling my PM leave for tomorrow.

(oops, I feel so bad towards W)

Lastly, this marks 4 years of working here!! Not too sure how I should be feeling haha

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