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October 2023 - Adulting

2 October, Monday | At 8.30 am, oh my tian!!!!! What do you mean by I need to add GST to the amount, oh gosh…

At the same time, I was trying to run thru all the outpatient bills for one foreign patient case, and then with the whole GST problem, I can’t seem to focus ):

Both are quite urgent as the patient will be coming today for admission, we need the estimates today and also, the GST issue, if included, PC will need to absorb that (i.e overall net profit will be lesser)

Not a good day…

Also, is it a little too early for Christmas haha


3 October, Tuesday | One of the cases were pending for some time now, so I reached out to the social worker and asked for the date she contacted the family, she said she couldn’t see it (huh??)

It was her last day today, and she no longer has access to her emails…

Once I finished this call, I quickly rushed down to Level 1 to meet Adeline 💕

Told her about the "situationship" I am currently in, and we both sighed…

After lunch, J and I made our way over to open safe. While we were there, I am sending letters and clearing emails.

I sent one case to Edna to approve, and she asked that we let one small amount bill to write off. I guessed she wanted to “not pursue” that amount given that it is an old bill and a small amount.


4 October, Wednesday | She approved it YASSSSS!!!!! How come no matter how much I’m clearing the appeal cases, still got so many???


5 October, Thursday | It was an average WFH day, I guess. I was doing chatlog review HW and honestly, lately, I have been feeling more sian completing this piece of work. Maybe after 2-3 years of hard work and effort, I felt I have helped to run its course and it is time to let go now

Remember that crazy old uncle who called me every day and scolded me for weeks? Yes, he is back again for the third time

I am not sure what Faridah does not get, she kept harping on the 2021 refund case which I settled with old uncle 2 years ago. She did not even manage to speak with him about his actual concerns, so I found it out of the blue, digging old records (wasting everybody’s time??)

She also has poor comprehension skills, I felt like this is one of the reasons why it is difficult for her to comprehend things correctly…

(is my period coming soon? Nope)


6 October, Friday | I couldn’t believe our chatlog review session today, ended in half an hour hahaha (I texted JC and Mike who are also on the call, to triple-confirm it)

As I wouldn’t be seeing Mr. Oh for his birthday until much later, I ordered an Iced Latte for myself and got him a slice of cake plus a lemon loaf from Edith!

After delivering this, J and I went to Tekka (which opened on 2 Oct yassss, after a 3 months of renovation) to grab our lunch.

I miss mingfa noodles!!

I have quite a few things on hand to clear, and also clearing cases, drafts, etc as next week W will be on AL and I will be away on course too.




After work, I was early heh, and went to fit into some clothes. Not sure if I should get this:

Then I met Fat fat at DDDK to buy things, and together with Bili, we grabbed our dinner from here too.

(they no longer sell baked cheese at the PLQ outlet, it’s mama’s favorite…)

I like our casual chill moments at Paris Baguette, just an Iced Latte kinda moment hehe


9 October, Monday | W is on AL today and tomorrow, I have to hold the fort for these two days. The day started busy as Sleeping P did her drafts over the weekend, so I have a few drafts in my inbox to clear, on top of preparing the reply letters to send to bosses for their clearance.

I only had my croissant breakfast at close to 11 am ):

After skipping this for a long time, I am back to having cup noodles for lunch again…

I had sent two appeal reply letters to Edna for approval and she approved them YASSSS, after lunch I got them printed (feeling accomplished~)

The day didn’t get better, I received four new appeal cases, and I will be on course tomorrow and the day after. Faridah wouldn’t be supporting my work much, and I would still have to do all of them myself (which I actually prefer hahaha)

Today was a super busy day la, and I was rushing to finish up some stuff, I got a call from YW. He called to gather feedback for the new and upcoming RPF for transport services

We talked for some time, sharing about user experience, etc. I doubt Charissa will be able to provide much feedback on this lol, anyway it is no longer mine to manage

I will leave it to her to handle since she has always wanted me to be out of the picture…




Fat fat and I went for our YN appointment, and I just spent $800++ for additional treatment sessions with stabilisers. All I asked was for a new bottle of shampoo DED


10 October, Tuesday | Today is Day 1 of WSH course! XY and I met at Outram MRT at 8.25 am (the plan was 8.15 am hah) and took a bus for about 10 stops to where our classroom is, for the next two days

This is the slope we have to climb:

XY and I went to the coffee shops across and had chicken rice there. It was good!

The course today was largely theory intensive and at times, my eyes started closing. We also did some group work, but mostly it was me and X mad-typing information we got from the slides into our RA learning activity document…

The course ended at 4-ish pm and I was home at 5 plus, woohoo!!


11 October, Wednesday | The class hasn’t started, and XY and I already can’t wait for the class to end HAHAHA

And the paint-on gel manicure not working out for me...

We will need to sit through a written test later in the afternoon, and honestly, I am very stressed by this (what do you mean “test”)

As a celebration for XY’s birthday, I paid for lunch at Refuel Café (we happened to chance upon it) and it has a cozy space, we got café food and a latte to go with it heh

(I found out some very interesting tea going around about me, being a backstabber but that person also has to at least be better than me – to give a motivation for such an act, but I am better leh hahaha)

We did the rest of the assignment together, and later had to submit it together with our course evaluation!

For the test, I honestly could only list down three out of five of the risk assessment tools. I also need a lot more time to recall the sub-bullet points for risk management.

But we are all gonna pass the test HAHAHAHAHA

XY’s boyfriend came to pick her up after the course, she offered for her boyfriend to give me a lift to MRT, but I declined since she already spent most part of her birthday with me at the course, it was time for her to spend the rest of it, the way she wants it

I was on my way home, texting J and K about the gossip I heard about me hah

I got home at 5.45 pm today heh


12 October, Thursday | It was a hectic work-from-home for me today!!!!! I have to catch up on all the MP appeal cases from Monday while listening in on the new Incident Reporting System…

The work frustration highlights of today:

1) this colleague from Finance, B called me two days ago to share the SOA with her, and she followed up with an email to ask me to raise the third ePRF for payment to our Catering Partner.

From what I recall the process is to raise the catering charge form, and they will bill us for the services, and there will be an invoice from them.

So I am very confused as to why she is suddenly making this demand. I sent an email back to question her further, especially because I want to have a clearer understanding of what the correct/usual process is.

She called me thrice and the third time, I picked up her call. She went on and on about why she needed me to put up the request. But the thing is, her main rationale is because she wants to zerorised the GL.

She did not explain the correct process to me, nor clarify the doubts I have, so I am not putting the request through, we might get more problems later on (if done wrongly)

I felt like my conversation with her was painful and she doesn’t seem to be listening at all. At one point, I told her about how another colleague of hers, asked this person, Liz to indicate “IN” for tax code, so I assume this person will be following up on the request and charging lo

Upon hearing this, B even told me to find out from Liz what does she do, what is the whole process. I found it hilarious that she has the audacity to ask me to check all these for her, and from someone who wouldn’t know all the answers.

B is from Finance, she should know better. And she can check with her colleagues instead of getting me to do all this legwork for her

It was a bad day to mess with me, I was not kind during my conversation with her…

2) my boss has been snooping around with Sam and K, and suspicious leh, what is going on?? Later he forwarded an email to Sam and me after the relevant senior leaders created a ruckus over almost everything, now it is about using the staff's own paynow account for the collection of funds.

My boss wants me to go find out what other institutions are doing for this, and he seemed pretty proud that Edna is asking him instead of the Finance folks, but I am the one doing the hard work leh…

Every year, it is managed liddis. This year then got risk ah???


13 October, Friday | I wanted to go to work, finish what I planned to do for the day, and make it for my beauty appointment, but I wasn’t feeling well enough

I decided it was time to see a doctor before all the symptoms escalated further, it was a good call.

The doctor gave me 2 days mc.

I was out like a light after taking drowsy cough syrup, and the sober times, I was catching “The Devil’s Plan” 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥



16 October, Monday | I took FCL today to spend it with Bili at NekoTown! We went to eat lunch nearby (found a curry scissor-cut rice shop), and went ahead with 2 hours at Cat café:

The free-flow drinks were packet ones, there were canned drinks too. It’s quite disappointing they don’t offer coffee here.

But what is more disappointing, is the way this café allows visitors/customers to treat the cats. The cats were sleeping, there were plenty of kids and teenagers that disrupt their naps with aggressive rubs or poking.

Having said that, this is me still having a little slice of joy being around cats:




Little Rogue Coffee

I like the interiors, and how spacious this place is. I remembered how much Apple liked such designed tables (I don’t know how to accurately name it)


17 October, Tuesday | I came back to work with 400+ emails to clear, there was also GEC Fee Creep to complete the soonest since effective date is 25 October 2023, on top of all the pending MP appeal letters I need to work on ):

I’m so glad to see Ann’s clarification email that billing to Catering Vendor is different and this, once and for all cleared B’s confusion of needing a ePRF for the $2,668.80.

I couldn’t finish what I planned to complete for the appeal cases, but then J alerted me that the creepy ah peh was at our backdoor, so I left at early 6ish pm with J and K!

Loot from K's HK trip:


18 October, Wednesday | The current MP appeal letter count is 10! I am about to faint, and I tend to mix up information gathered when there are too many cases concurrently.

There was one case where W had not cleared my draft, but I went to send it to my boss followed by Edna to approve liao

HELPS, I called W to apologise and she just laughed haha. I can’t imagine when she is no longer with us, what work life would be like. She has been managing all the urgent FC things so that I can focus on clearing the appeal letters, and settling other matters I have on hand.

I printed three approved letters today, and there are another three drafts that I cleared with W and will hold until tomorrow for my boss’s approval.

Among all this craziness, I saw ST’s email about splitting the work between JW, W, and myself, and her reason being, that the work is very manual and JW is on half-day PM leave. My question is why do we need to help out and cover another department’s work?????!

ST made it sound like W and I are responsible for scrubbing the data for their package costing and revenue analysis. It is their work, not mine leh, and what do I get from doing all these, ST will only take our hard work and efforts for granted…




I met Yu Yang for dinner at Meat and Chill today hehe, the steak was good and still within the affordable range. We walked down the path to find a café where he had been for a good cup of coffee but unfortunately, the shop was closed. We settled for Starbucks:

(I like the interiors of this Starbucks outlet)


19 October, Thursday | With the current number of appeal letters, and other more urgent matters, I just received yet another new appeal letter…

I sent three cases to Edna for her approval today, and she cleared all three YASSSSS

(although she queried a little, but that was smoothened out quickly hehe)

I also completed chatlog review HW today and it was done considerably quick today, so yay


20 October, Friday | W started my morning about the amounts we were maintaining for one of the counsel codes, we were not informed of a histology charge. I pulled data and W reviewed the amounts, and added in the value. Hopefully, the feedback can be resolved.

I also need to pull out data and work on June to October package cases converted to Ala Carte. This took half a day, as I also needed to extract data and combine them for W to work on.

My team also needed data extracted for their work, so really no time sia.

Papadom and I didn’t want to attend an FTF meeting regarding packages, so we dragged out the chatlog review until early 12 noon.

My boss thought it was a Teams meeting lol, it is an FTF meeting hahaha, he went by himself representing the department.

We ordered food from the salad place, and the cooling soba with Mentaiko salmon was so good! After lunch, I went to print the three approved letters from yesterday.

In between printing, there were a lot of other things to handle, Finance B emailing everyone else on the Catering invoice and also working out W’s farewell celebration plans.

I updated FC data and also other tables first, which will be required when other files are ready. Then back to zombie life, scrubbing package data.


21 October, Saturday | The café we wanted to visit today was closed!! It was so funny hahaha, no wonder the guy on the phone sounded surprised about a reservation for this Saturday hah. He should have mentioned that the café is closed tho…

We had a good laugh and walked around for some time, looking for a good place for lunch!





I ordered a Triple Mushroom Rosti, and his Rosti order is with Grilled Chicken. I like the Avocado mash that comes with all Rosti order!!

Their Iced Honey Latte was a little too sweet and I felt the coffee could be stronger heh, but still good

How can we not have desserts for a birthday treat?? His order was Hazelnut single scoop and mine was Biscoff single scoop:

The scoop is so huge!!!!! SO GOOD

Then we walked to my house’s back gate together hehe, and the “lizard went out today” hahaha

XIE XIE NI for spending time with me, and making me really happy ❤️

Things he bought from his short trip to Malaysia in September!


23 October, Monday | Thinking about today (from last Friday), I wanted to vomit as there are a lot of things to follow up on. It was not gonna be an easy day, and the worst thing is I woke up to a confusing text

We just had a great lunch friend date on Saturday and here we are, arguing about the same things from the start of this friendship/situationship ):

It really made the next few days of my life feel like shit, but this is also not the first time we’re having this talk

It was so difficult to concentrate, and I was constantly worried about making mistakes at work… this is not how I want to live


24 October, Tuesday | Having to handle multiple appeals at once is taking a toll on my health, and I also kept mixing up info from the different cases


I did the right thing by ordering Mcdonald’s for lunch, I needed the fast food!

Today is the last department meeting with W around, I can’t even begin to process that… There wasn’t really much on the agenda for me to talk/comment on, so I was sipping my honey chamomile tea

I still can’t believe W is retiring and her last official work day is 8 Nov (WFH). She kept trying to clear things so that I had less to worry about when it was time ):


25 October, Wednesday | I didn’t have time to eat my breakfast today as I am on open safe duty (been a long time since I went). I love all the talks with J (not sure why when we’re alone in a highly surveilled room)

I started sending closure for cases and printed the approved reply letter

J and I suddenly got Char Siew Rice feels, and so we went to Tekka to buy it! It was good~

Earlier today, I saw a missed call from Mr. L, we sound like we are friends conversing in Chinese HAHAHA, he asked me to check if MSV can be used for his wife’s latest bill! The last time, I helped him quite a lot, so he believed I could do this (resolve this charge/make it go away)

He thought I was some high-level person, but I am a mere employee lol. I am glad tho, that I managed to help him with his financial worries/journey.

Then I recalled that granny/auntie in her 70s, who initially yelled at me quite a bit about her bills, I called her twice so far and was supposed to give her an update in 2 to 3 weeks. It has been more than a month, oops, I was planning to wait for her bill to finalise and then reach out to her.

It was a call that I should have made a long time ago (apparently she called in last Friday). She started the call with how even tho we talked some time back, but my voice/our connection was very 亲切 (I agree haha, she is actually a nice lady). When I apologised for the errors in her bill ($1.5k), she didn’t blame me and was very understanding about the mistake, she even mentioned she knew it was not my fault! I told her I would give her a call when the bill has finalised, and the refund arrangement sorted out.

(wah heng, she never scold me)

Then I made another call to a Chinese-speaking lady, and this one was quite a quick call.

The rest of the day, I was following up with social workers, etc on cases. W had left for the day, SC emailed back to say the max charges for NVD were not given in the file. As W will be on leave tomorrow, I went to check and replied to SC. Is she see wrongly la haha


26 October, Thursday | Today was pretty chill although W is on leave, and I am on PM leave haha. I took half a day off to go for my beauty appointment and do Yitong’s nails!!

wavy hair attempt #2





*laughs at the fact that YT showing off her nails in the picture* HAHAHA

I like how the restaurant is in the middle of the park, there is also a yoga studio here (good vibes I feel)

Now I want to go on a date at parks at night hehe~

We also got ice cream at McDonald’s before ending the night.


27 October, Friday | I rushed to the office and took Grab over to SH Tower for our cluster business review meeting! It was nice to meet all the chatbot folks from other PHIs~

(missing: Mike)

We gonna have lunch together when he is back heh

When we got back and had our Starbucks breakfast as lunch, it was 1 ish pm already. I printed one letter, followed up on the rest of the cases (shag 有没有)

I saw they gave us the Aesthetic Package prices but there were no sub rates given and also HM used the wrong value for FR amount, for all the sheets in the Excel DED. She didn’t get my email and called to clarify the error.

Thankfully with this, the effective date of 1 Nov is pushed back to a later date, I will have to wait for the revised figures before acting on it! (buy time, worked)

XY and I finally got together to put up a request on EUP, it took us 30 minutes to run through everything the new staff will need, when he comes on 1 Dec!

I got my promotion letter today hehe! I still asked to shake my boss’s hand for the fun of it (then felt like receiving an award ma hahaha)




Queen and Mangosteen!

Starting with 1 for 1 cocktails~

Already DRONK???!

The food is lit!!!!!!

Second round of drinks, I couldn’t finish my red wine hah

I wanted to buy dinner today, to celebrate YS’s birthday but he wanted to buy dinner because of my promotion news!! Loving our wholesomeness~

The waitress has to pick a card hah, YS used his card to tap, so I am buying next time round!


28 October, Saturday | I have been feeling anxious and nervous since setting this talk on Wednesday, what will he be telling me? Will I cry? Will I be able to pretend to be okay until after he leaves?

This time, I asked to meet directly/at MRT instead at Aljunied MRT as I wanted to set things right before the talk (that we both meet at the common location)

I always thought his current efforts would be how the rest of my life would be if we started because people normally give their best shot at the beginning, but he’s different. He will be giving more, when we get there (or if we get there)

From the conversations we shared, I always assumed he was pressuring me (into the religion) but he actually wanted it (the move towards religion) based on my personal choice/decision (achieve true faith)

I am so glad we had this talk. I wanted to hold his hands when he was shaking as he started this conversation, to reassure him it's okay, I am here with him.

The reason why we couldn’t is because we haven’t started. He wanted us to start right (me finding faith first) but I don’t know if I can walk that journey with no assurance of what lies ahead in the future

I thought we could do things concurrently, get started, love, fight, build faith together, all at the same time

I told him honestly if he gave me the assurance that he likes me for who I am (regardless of religion), I am willing to do whatever it takes to arrive at where he wants me to be

But he never once said that, nor gave me the assurance

I asked if the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with is me or just someone who is a Christian, and he answered, both.

Wanting a religious family is one, and he also hopes choosing the faith is my own decision, and this decision is not influenced by my partner, hence insisted that we start right

We’re on a 2 weeks break, while he decides which matters more and he may also still come back to the same point of starting right

By then, I guess it is time to let him go right?

It feels so weird to be not talking to him after we said good night on Sunday morning ):




After the talk, Sisters and I had dinner at MMH


30 October, Monday | Starting the week with greyscale nails!!

Out of the two drafts I sent to W, only one got cleared. The other case, I need to follow up if baby’s bill from 2022 can be assisted (if no, then go MSV route). The approved letter was later printed yay

The highlight of today is PR Team’s Lunch! We haven’t had lunch together in a long time, so this is kinda a farewell meal for W ):

Putting the happiest one here~


31 October, Tuesday | Yesterday YS updated me that he got promoted but has not received the letter. This morning he sent me a snip of the promotion letter YAYYYYYY

W tries to discuss whatever tough cases we have on hand while she is still around! But halfway through, I wasn’t listening anymore because I saw an email B sent, giving me the instructions on how to obtain the donation declaration form LOL

I already filled up the form, pending Edna’s approval which will only come once Finance lao ban clears the concerns regarding PC processes and workflows.

Then later, B updated me that it was too late, she had also released the ePRF submission to me as this request was missing the declaration form.

HAISH we already had a lot of issues about having a consistent approving authority for PC fund transfers/activities. This rejection will need a resubmission on my end, which means it will go through all the approvers, and once again re-trigger their dissatisfaction on this matter…

I was panicking and emailed the Finance lao ban directly, hope she gets back to me on this quickly (if not I will be feeling worried for days)

K went to a meeting and helped us to dabao lunch, and I asked for Fried Udon, it was so good! (I was never a fan of Udon hah)

Then I printed the reply letter, sent out the past closures, and as much as possible, sorted out things, MP stats, etc.

My boss did verbally inform me about an ITx case, and when I saw the email, the admission date is on 2 November, I almost vomited in my mouth (so last minute???)

In mid-afternoon, the promotion email for the department is out and I saw Mr. Oh also promoted!!!!! It was not a very good day at work for me, but when I saw this news, I was so so so happy hehehe

(looking back, wondering why he didn’t tell me about his promotion when I mentioned mine, on Saturday -.-)

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