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OCT 2018 - SEOUL ์„œ์šธ ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท (1/2)

DAY1// 11 OCT

Finally here in Seoul ๐Ÿ’Žโค๏ธ 13ยฐC

Took the express train, metro and then some uphill walking, finally got to Guesthouse the Hill Myeongdong!!!


This is the room in pastel pink, w a private toilet.

After washing up, myeongdong shopping street here I come!!!

WA alot of make up sia!!!

But I don't understand why the salesperson keep following people, does that make customer buy things?? It's so presssurisng!!!

Had Issac toast, it's delicious but I think not worth the money (I forgot to take the photo before eating)

Milky Bee, Myeongdong. Too pretty to resist so I bought it even tho I was freezing LOL

I wasn't feeling v well (I think it is the motion sickness) and wanted something soupy.

So I walked around for awhile and then chanced upon some grilled meat shop but I wanna get kimchi stew.

I went in and then the owner ahjussi pretend he didn't see me. Then a lady came, and after I said "han myeon i yo", her face totally changed and looked damn sian sitting a solo diner, partly is side dishes.

I knew it's their culture being in groups but honja ga, I should still have good food mahh.

The other diners stare at me, then I overheard some old business man saying in korean "such a pretty girl, eating alone sure is bc she v weird". Then the shop owners keep glancing at me when their restaurant gets more crowded.

BUT ANYWAY the side dishes are good but too much for one person ):

Got ๋ฐ”๋‚˜๋‚˜ ์šฐ์œ , it's tasty but I found it expensive leh

Then after that I crashed before my yanxipalace even finished loading..

Woke up at 3am and answered messages from family and friends. Yes I am safe, just exhausted..

DAY2//11 OCT

Had breakfast at the guesthouse, didn't see anyone around (maybe 845 breakfast isn't early enough)

Namsan Park๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ the moment I realised the korean ahjussi and ahjumma fitter than me ๐Ÿ˜‚ I took so many breaks along the way and it was so embarassing bc I see them climb without stopping.

It was super tiring; 10 years of my life flew away.

I took this photo to catch a breathhhh

Love how vast Seoul is and this park is within the city!

N Seoul Tower in Autumn โค๏ธ

Then the hike down was less tiring and I stopped by a restaurant along the way to myeongdong station.

I have no idea what that shop is called but their cheese pork cutlet is so holy good!

Even tho quite expected right that it was weird going into the shop alone and again han myeon. But they were nice and sat me down. This guy came to ask me if it's 2 person, I said one. Then I asked for an english menu. The lady was nice, she told me verbally and of course I picked the one w cheese ๐Ÿ˜Š

W12,500 cheese pork cutlet!

๋” ์น˜์ฆˆ

After lunch, I took the train to Samseong station for SMTOWN COEX!


Weeeheee it's SHINee's I Want You

โœ”๏ธHandmatching test done




SHINee World V SV ๐Ÿ’Žโค๏ธ๐Ÿค˜

Not allowed to take photo or video during the 145 mins show ):

The surround viewing set up is real nice but SMTOWN should really invest in subbing what the idols say during the concert. Even tho I caught a few words here and there but I was like huhhh most of the time.

But my excitement level is at the peak (wonder how will I be on the 14th)

I smiled throughout the whole viewing. Rachel, please remember how happy you were when you finally decided to go for it


The smiles, the singing and all the performances. My smiles were real so were my tears 5 minutes into the show. I realised I have never been to SHINee's concert and this is the closest I will ever get seeing the 5 of them performing ๐Ÿ’” I believe the people there felt that pinch too, I think his passing will leave a hole in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Wish 18/12/17 can just be like an ordinary day, wish it doesn't bring tears and wish it is still 5hinee.

Chocolate as service

SHINee bottle w triple berry drink ๐Ÿ’


Okay I put my hand on every handprint that I like. Too bad I found all these in the evening so the lighting is bad.

But โœ”๏ธhandprint checked!

Tofu, even your signature looks so cute

The most precious

I like how big his hand is

so cute

my hand is bigger wtf

Bought stuff for my sister too. The box is huge omg. I was at COEX for like 5 hours, watching the show, shopping and cafe chilling.

1900 on the train to dongdaemun. Apm mall is damn cool bc it's 24 hours but alot of china tourists. I wanted to get shoes but they were horribly expensive W43,000. The clothes were pretty but for winter/autumn wear so of course not for me bc SG is too hot for that. I didn't want to give up so I kept walking and browse 2 more malls but nah this is the end.


Tteobokki!!! So glad it wasn't too spicy for me

Super tempted to buy more, but I am not hungry so no. The ahjumma v nice and tried to have a convo w me even tho she didn't know english at all. 2 fishcakes and tteobokki cost W5,000 sweeee


On the way back, I stopped by convenience stall and got this. Having a drink while listening to "Rainy Blue"

Bc of the drama "Drinking Solo", I think I found a greater value in drinking, drinking solo. Be it a good or bad day, a drink makes it great.

Honestly, I think soju tastes great :)

Okay once I am done checking up tomorrow's plan, it's good night!!

DAY3// 12 OCT

woke up late today ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Weather forecast: 6ยฐC

Had breakfast at the guesthouse and head to Yongsan Station..

Managed to get a standing ticket on ITX-cheongchun at the station. Bc online booking for seats are all full.


Vanilla latte teehee. I am a vanilla latte girl

After my daily dose of coffee, I was standing at Track 1, waiting for my train to arrive.

SHOOK then I realised on the map, gapyeong doesn't connect to yongsan directly. IS IT NEED TO TRANSFER? (Anxiety is real)

I got my ticket at the ticketing machine so I had no one to double confirm if this ride requires transfer sobs

So I continued waiting for my train (1058) and this pretty lady was standing next to me. I decided to ask her about it since I am so uncertain of what I just paid for.


She took a look at my ticket, explain that it is carriage 4, level 1 ticket. Also told me that this current train isn't it. Then we stood there in silence after I finished saying kamsahabnida. We both touched up our lip colour, then she broke the silence and told me she will bring me on the train โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ผ

SHE SUPER NICE SIA. She brought me to the correct car, and google translate to tell me it is a free standing ticket. Told me to enjoy my trip!!!

I was so touched! GDLL sia

Okay now on the train to gapyeong LEGGO

A teenage girl and her mom stood near me and we had an hour to go before arriving. The girl decided to ask me if this stop is gapyeong. SHE GOOGLE TRANSLATED ENGLISH to korean for me.

HAHAHAHHA bro I can read your original msg, not the translated one. So I told them I am not Korean and told them this stop is not gapyeong. Then we chat abit about where we are from. They are from indonesia, the v rich indo-chinese I think. We got off together but okay later I lost them

Bought the Gapyeong city bus pass for W6,000. It will take you to all the sites but the buses are scheduled by timings ( I never take note -.-)

Got on and reached Nami Island in 10 minutes. The ferry ride is v stable, so heh I am v glad.

The entrance of Nami Island.


Looks nice already right? But aiyo v hard to get a photo without random people in it sobs

Totally right?? EXCUSE ME MAN. But this is the highlight to Nami Island woohooo (they aint orange red yet tho)

And I saw a cute bunny, squirrels too

Me @namiisland

Got a Nami sausage bc I didn't have time for lunch and the picture doesn't do it justice, so bye.

Left Nami Island at 3pm-ish

Took the city bus and it went on and on and on, turning so much, I wanted to puke so badly! They should have put a notice that the ride is not a smooth one. I fell asleep on the bus after awhile, the ride was that long.

Got off at Garden of the Morning Calm at 1630. It is beautiful and dead gorgeous, I can't.

Every bridge looks great

Especially this!! Looks like the HSBC treetop walk in autumn theme that will never exist in Singapore.

Some drama used this setting and lovely horribly (Song Ji Hyo drama) also used GMC as the film site!!!


And of course I ate! This is a giant bacon potato cheese stick. It is lovely!

I waited for the citybus back to cheongpyeong for 20 mins. Ahjussi see I v poor thing so he rushed back to get me in the bus and we depart right on time.

Took me freaking 1hr 35 mins to get back to my accoms. It is super tiring to be standing the whole time.

And korean aunties and uncles will push to get the seat WHERE IS THE CLASS??

Back in Myeongdong, decided to satisfy my Macs graving and so I did.

The wrapping abit strange haha. But McSpicy tastes so much better in Singapore LOL

And this is my new creation: cokju or soke. IT IS JUST SOJU PLUS COKE!

2210 I locked myself out of my room bc I took the trash out LOL. Had to phone the owner and I was v lucky bc he was still in the office HENG sia

Good night and tmr is for shopping!!!

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