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September 2022 - Adulting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1 September, Thursday | Today, Char and I met earlier to have breakfast at my favorite place, Paris Baguette!

Then we headed over to City House for Day 3 of 4 of the Sprint, this time we weren’t early enough to go grab a coffee from Level 2, sobs.

Mr. Ten gave us a sharing on the change mentality:

We also did a quiz to see whether we have been paying attention since Day 1, I think I did not too bad (I admit defeat because Eugene is really good!)

After the planned workshops and all, we went to the pantry area with our Mentor, KC to walk through the waiver form process we have so far! It is fruitful to discuss things, for once my colleagues are not depending on me to give whatever advice I have lol

We are here to learn from the masters, YASSSSS!

I am also loving the vibes here~

Eugene walked over and asked if I still needed help with the ifelse problem from last week, I was quite surprised he even asked (since he doesn’t gain from helping me with this at all)! I asked if he is free in the afternoon, we can look it over together and he agreed YASSSS

I wasn’t planning on asking Eugene for help, because last week I understood his advice, but didn’t really know how to act on it… I know what is the problem, but I don’t know how to work on resolving the problem…

(Is it I always have issues asking for help ah?)

After lunch, while the others continued their session with KC, I was rushing to do up a table to show the rules and logic for our eligibility checker! Then I went for an almost two hours session with Eugene to do up the ifelse logic:





BagelHaus with Char!


2 September, Friday | After being away from work for a day, I have to work on all the follow-ups for MP appeals. Today is also the last window of time I can get W to clear my work before she goes on a week’s long leave…

Despite all our busy schedules, everyone is so excited and following me to see me do the unboxing of the Longchamp bag I won! (technically I bought it by playing the guess candy game 9 times = $45 bucks, and got lucky)

I went to speak to the colleague who does IVF billings and was so shocked to hear that I got the details slightly off for the co-funding eligibility! Eugene helped me with the programming work and now, the content is not correct?!?!

Thankfully, the ones that really needed changes is an additional question and it was not difficult to add R7 as a condition to the whole ifelse syntax Eugene built!

In the afternoon, we have our 1st meeting to discuss how we gonna do the OGP Sharing next week. Char and P spent quite a lot of time trying to work out the data collation thingy, while I worked through the slides and what use cases we are going to showcase!



💙💙 💙 💙💙 💙 💙💙


4 September, Sunday | Sis and I went to sing K, it’s a 3 hours booking. Honestly, 3 hours is not enough haha

First-time tried singing ALOHA at karaoke and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!




Then I met YS to shop for a birthday card for his sponsored son in Vietnam haha, I think he is just bad at picking gifts so wanted me to help out.

(We didn’t make it for cycling because the weather doesn’t look too great)

We didn’t exercise but went for some damn rabak steamboat/BBQ thingy:

Loving the steamed egg thingy YS cooked for me, as he knows how much I don’t like seeing raw/runny eggs.


5 September, Monday | Starting the week with my new Fayth dress, while listening to Super Junior’s BURN THE FLOOR 🔥on repeat!

I sent the MP appeal draft reply letter from last week to Edna for her approval and managed to print out and close it after lunch. ET updated me that Edna will be on long leave from 30 September to 11 October, she is also going to Korea!!!!!

(She went to Greece during her previous trip, it’s my dream destination sia)

I got the replies on what other hospitals are doing for the hotline problem and updated my boss quickly, he came to my desk multiple times today liao la…

I finally got the time to test out if the Action Centre triggers sound too, it doesn’t, at least that was the case when I tried out.

I booked Conference Room at L6 for the discussion for the Sprint presentation! Right before I headed up, I realised Isomer site is not ready for showcase, the revamped form is just sitting there, with no clearance or discussion. WAITING FOR WHAT AHHHHH?

My period came and my mood is at -2, this situation just made me feel so pek chek la…

Char didn’t have the time to join us, P and I worked together on this. The intern was asking P about my whereabouts, probably to ask me to see her Isomer work, again.

In between this, T2 called me and came over to check on my laptop, there is sound now?!?!? (how? IDK)

Then I did a test on Faridah’s laptop, but couldn’t get the App Assist, Action Centre nor the sound to work out. T2 came over to troubleshoot and has to go back to check further haha

I wrote to Papadom on the form changes made for Document Submission, because Char did not even think of it… and went through the intern’s latest edits for Isomer…

I drafted a very pretentious email reply to Jan, that he sent last Wednesday. I sent it and ran off from work at 645 pm!


6 September, Tuesday | With W away, I did a lot of vetting of drafts! In the afternoon, P, Char, and I met up at Meeting Room 1 for our last Sprint Sharing discussion. We needed to complete the slides and submit them by today!

Slides submitted at 4.41 pm, woohoo

I knew the intern emailed me slightly before lunchtime after she worked on Isomer changes that I highlighted the day before, but I don’t have the time to look into it. Apparently, she asked if we needed her help on the slides, but we already completed them lol

I believe she isn’t too happy to find out we did the slides without her, but I also do not care for someone who can’t get her basic task right….

After we came back to our desks, I replied to the intern to thank her for offering to help out on the slides but we are done. I am not sure if she will even turn up for the last day, as Friday is her off day.

Right before I left for the day, I overheard my boss talking to K about chatbot stats, I know they need the stats soon but N probably doesn’t know how to obtain the data lol

I planned to go home and work on it, since using personal laptop, the dashboard loads faster! (in the end, I bailed because I was too lazy and tired)

I didn’t go for yoga today as I was on period day 2, but I felt so weird for skipping!


7 September, Wednesday | I was on my way to work and saw N texted me to ask to see me for the chatbot stats, aiyo! After I cleared some of my emails, I called her and we decided to meet in one of the meeting booths/pods:

We went through chatbot stats for about an hour then we discovered the vendor deleted N’s dashboard access…

I called the coverer for monthly Complaints and Compliment stats, and her colleague picked up to say "just send", she probably forgot to send out the reminder lol. That cleared too, I forgot to do this since Monday afternoon la, helps!

Then I got a call from HN asking about the cabcharge portal and after we are done with the call, I quickly go call the manager, Ju who is interested in this program to find out more about what she is looking out for, plus her concerns.

Today, my boss ordered lunch for us to support President’s Challenge. It is food from Sodexo, it was so-so only. What is there to expect from hospital food haha

I was telling J and K about the story about Apple Juice! Every time we (Fatfat and I) drink Apple Juice, we will ask our sis to make the engine noise so we will feel like we are on the airplane HAHAHA😂

I saw R from PE Office chasing me for all the closures for MP appeals I have on hand, some of which I already closed but purposely didn’t update her, let her do some work!




My boss told me he can make it for the Sprint event on Friday via Zoom so I asked for the Zoom link, and now he says he can make it physically (SHIT LA)

I hinted to Steph but she didn’t get my hint sobs…




Faridah asked me to appeal to Ministry to allow further use of MediSave for the MRI bill, but usually, for such appeals, we have to have some form of justification appealing, such as financial difficulties. However, for this case, Faridah did not give me a summary nor did she give me a valid reason for appealing. It is a waste of my time to go read through all the emails to get a sense of what this case is, and the worse part of it, is I don’t even know why am I appealing for this patient???

I replied Jan about HAS meeting next Thursday, he hasn’t gotten back to me yet if I need to book another slot on his Calendly!

After work, Char and I went to grab dinner and bought things to give out on our last day of the Sprint!


8 September, Thursday | After 3 weeks of no WFH, today feels exceptionally great! I was not really focusing during eFC meeting as I was multi-tasking between different pieces of work + Travel Town!

P texted me to request to let the intern do the sharing for the Isomer site, BUT THE THING IS THE SITE IS NOT READY! As the intern displayed a bad attitude towards P, P worries that she might feedback to her school about us.

I am so mad la, she is so bad at her work and expects to get the credit.

Thankfully there is no chatbot meeting today, so I got the time to go practice for my presentation tomorrow! I took a nap too during lunchtime.

Then at 5 ish pm, I saw an email from our HOD, S asking to provide past bill data to Ministry for congenital conditions by 9 September!


I contacted my boss to let him know, I can do but I don’t know who in Nursing to ask for the cases to derive the figures…I hope he helps me to figure that out haha


9 September, Friday | I have no idea how to derive the values the Ministry wants for PQ leh, plus half a day of work hours, I am quite sure I wouldn’t be able to submit anything at all. Thankfully my boss went to handle the task!

I cleared whatever I can before we left to have lunch at Plaza Singapura. Okay so my day doesn’t get better because I repack the gifts we wanted to give to our mentor and other support staff we met throughout our Sprint journey, but my final choice of the carrier broke on our way to the MRT station…

(Warning: do not drink!)

This is my first time eating at Secret Recipe, their fish and chips are not bad, but I have tasted better:

We weren’t very early today so no chance to go to Level 2 to take free coffee again (probably no other chance to do that le, since today is our last day here)

We took the train to a different stop and ended up walking more than usual to get there, on our way we met Eugene coincidentally and started talking about random things.

I was constantly worried about the sharing later, the only relief was the intern wouldn’t be here today and I don’t have to squeeze in a segment for her to share on Isomer.

We heard from the in-charge, Steph that the intern informed her that she wouldn’t be in today because she got class today (huh, but she only told P she not coming when P asked her over text…)

While we were chatting with Steph about the slides and all, KC came right in, with specs! Sure is 累到, apparently, he wasn’t feeling very well today but insisted to come for the Sprint Finale!

We did our wrap-up on whatever we needed help with from our mentors, this is the last time?

(Somehow, we colour coordinated our outfits haha)

The teams all took turns going out to take photos as a group, KC decided to bring our gift with him for the photoshoot:

We gave out the rest of the gifts and also strongly emphasise that is not a drink, but a hand sanitiser!

We did some feedback and mini-sharing sessions together on our last day, and then it was OTOT for about 45 minutes before our time to gather at the Team Sync Area!


I realised all the presenters are guys?!? And Eugene is just snacking his way through the break while I am here trying not to pass out.

Thankfully, I chanced upon Eugene’s partner, Jasmine and we started talking about healthcare practices plus our experience with use cases finalization at the Sprint, SiowL came to join us too! Omg, I enjoyed speaking to these two ladies and they are the most supportive!!!!!! ❤️

I was in no mood to practice my speech, so this small talk with them was a relief and good bonding!

(also, my boss is here)

I went back to do a quick 5 minutes practice and boom, IT’S TIME?!?!?

I was constantly controlling my breathing, and tried my best to listen through other teams’ sharing… then in a few quick blinks, it’s my turn le!!!!

Not sure if it was because I was shaking or something, Steph came to help me out with the slides! I used 2 hands to hold the mike because I was so scared people notice me shaking…

P was super nervous, halfway through she was confused about the slides and prematurely ended the sharing without mentioning the data collation tool.

When our team was done, I came back to my seat to drink water and finally looked at my phone, Johnny and Richard texted me to say they are proud of me, I didn’t look nervous as I shared that I was, I guess I did not too bad??

KC in the GC: good job!! (to both me and P)

The remaining two teams did their sharing and then we have guest speakers, I have no idea who PS is, but okay!

(spot my RBF)

Then we had a certification of completion ceremony with their Director, Hong!

(wah, my fringe is classic)

Johnny and Richard left earlier, after saying hello, I am quite surprised by how Richard looked, his voice made him sound better looking hah

Ending off with our event photo at Finale:

Now off we go for networking!!!!

KC came by, asked to see the certificate we got, and then also apologise that he can’t join us later for networking. I wanted to ask why he can’t join us, but then will that sound very rude? So I didn’t ask and we just kinda awkwardly part ways here haha

97 came back and said “good job” and I just smiled and said thank you in a sweet note (not realising that my face is peeling helps)

It makes me panic whenever someone tells me “good job” after my presentation/public speaking moment!!!! I don’t know why also, but I always get so anxious and tend to overthink when I hear “good job”…

It is also at this point, I realised he looks very cute?!?!?! The fk, it took me so long to realise that leh!

There were flavored Samosa, such as grilled cheese, apple crumbles fillings, and so on. Got sushi too!!!!!! We (me + my boss) chatted with SiowL and then she also reassured me that I didn’t sound nervous, phew!

Jas also told me I did great (*low-key panics*) and we just talked about other things and laughed.

Before we left, I said bye to SiowL and we even did a little hug. I think I just found my new talent – I am good at small talk hah

Before we left, we were looking for Steph to collect the intern’s certificate (but actually Steph passed it to P liao lol). 97 thought we were looking for KC, but nola and also I saw KC leaving earlier, looking pale and tired.

oh no, poor thing! ☹️




Pris and YS came to Raffles to meet me before we go Aljunied for Loklok!

(Background: Rey got Covid)

We sat outdoors because we did not make any reservation… then it started to drizzle which YS insisted 没有. Pris kept asking him what is his skin made of, how come he don’t feel a thing when we saw so many droplets on our table liao.

It also got very dark, YS had to help me 打灯 so I can take pictures of our food haha

This shop has no contingency plan for wet weather, HUHHH!!!! Pris and YS asked the staff a few times (this guy quite a funny one) then eventually he let us sit right by the door, at least got shelter.

YS helped to move the table with the staff.

Pris: 我们帮你看门


Of course, Rachel thinks she will survive the spiciness!!!!!! But nola, who you trying to bluff lol. Pris removed the sambal on sambal stingray for me so that ah girl can eat in peace heh

Need to feature our beers (not for Pris tho) + Space Bar vibes~

Then they walked me home, and in less than 5 minutes, I am home to shower liao!!!!!! Love their company, and how they always make me laugh so effortlessly 💕


10 September, Saturday | Sis and I went for night cycling recee today, my assessment is:



12 September, Monday | Yesterday afternoon, Eugene kick-started a chain reaction in the Sprint group chat to introduce ourselves (since we didn’t mention who we were from day 1), share our gratitude and appreciation for the effort to make this event possible, and that we can link up (professionally, of course)!

The others in the group chat started to share their words of appreciation and dropped their Linkedin URL to connect!

(Char’s handsome boy, 97 also did, so she was rushing to do up her Linkedin profile while being at Facial hahahaha)

Sharing mine here:

Featuring the support I received from the people I shout out to 💕




Today, W is back from one week's leave! I am so glad she is back because I don’t know what to do with the data request for bills for congenital conditions…

I saw Jan’s email sent on Friday afternoon. Luckily I didn’t approach him on Friday to talk about this while passing him the gift we got, because he already replied to me! Jan asked that we provide stats for the use cases we have, so they get a sense of the scale of our issues.

Due to the Subsidy meeting/briefing, we will need to reschedule the meeting this Thursday to talk about HAS! I sent the cancellation email to inform Jan and also the email invitation to Tiger Brows, JC, my boss, and Papadom to HAS meeting (KIV meeting date, sobs). Jan is very understanding when I informed him of our quite last-minute cancellation!

At 9 am, we have UAT briefing in preparation for Subsidy changes wef 1 Nov 2022! It was about re-MT, super sian leh. This afternoon, we got eFC meeting to go thru FS005 from 2 – 4 pm.


13 September, Tuesday | At 3-ish am, W texted to update us that she has been vomiting and will be taking SLWOMC and will monitor her health. Faridah is not feeling well with her bloodshot eyes, so she will be seeing a doctor later.

(Faridah: 2 days MC)

I was making my way to work, listening to music, and did not realise it was raining very heavily outside HAHA

Okay, need to take out my umbrella already, if not I will not make it to work dry!! I saw CY on the way and she intends to just cross the road, with no umbrella leh so I offered to shelter her as I will also be crossing the same path.

We both arrived in good condition!

I need to follow up with WL on the MP appeal case as she will be going on long leave soon, so we got to sort this out the soonest, stress sia.

We have eFC Design meeting today, haish

I was using my phone and heard some sound behind me, then I looked back and saw W! She came back for a while to grab her laptop and some things she bought as she wants to clear eFC data clarification (email sent to her only).

I went to check older unread emails if there is anything I overlooked to follow up on and saw the intern’s email about the Isomer page. Even though I can just don’t bother, but hey we are paying her, should let her do some work la!

Now, it seems like managing the intern is my job too… STRESS!!!

Isomer discussion arranged for tomorrow, 11 am! I am planning to send her an email to tell her to do her homework before the session so that it will be a fruitful one (so controlling hah)

Char and I went to Wilke Edge for lunch, then shun bian da bao food for J, she was too lazy to go out to grab food + sick of our office building’s Level 3 food.

While I was out, I saw a number calling me and I don’t know why I feel like, it was a work-related call and hesitated to pick it up. Then, I received a text message from Tiger Brows, she asked me to call her when I am free. I followed up to ask if it is regarding ‘HAS’, and she responded “clever girl”

Char and I, lepak in the pantry for about 10 minutes to try the can of coffee we bought last week while we shopped the gifts for people at the Sprint! I called Tiger Brows shortly after, and I am glad she has use cases and agrees that HAS is a product we will all be looking out for!

Thankfully our department meeting is postponed to next Tuesday, so I can work on other things yassss

I left on the dot so as to be on time for Yoga class (I was dying at session 1 haha) then we went for dinner at Yakiniku-Like:


14 September, Wednesday | Yesterday, P informed me that the intern is on 3 days MC and will be away, so our Isomer meeting will be postponed until next Wednesday instead!

I rushed and cleared my work because in the afternoon I will have consecutive meetings until 6 pm sobs

Char is stuck in an offsite meeting, so I got the chance to have lunch on my own YASSSS


Not sure why the queue at Oh Some Bowls is so long today, I ended up waiting for more than 30 minutes for the orders for J and K! I decided to go ask the staff, and the guy who hit on me last year apologised and quickly rushed to make my order, heng ah!

When I collected it, I thanked him and said I understand that they are super busy and apologise too. He said: “Ya, very busy today. My underwear going to drop already”


It’s so J, and so me sia!!!!!!!!




I came back to clear one of the drafts pending and went through our new Waiver form process on Forms with Papadom! I can’t believe P and the colleague who is processing the waivers can actually tell her, that they are not very sure and that this whole thing is still pending?!?!? We already settled this and presented at the Sprint Finale last week leh

Even tho I did not actually work on the waiver process transformation, I know the whole flow better than they do.

(I am speechless)

Then at 2.30 pm, I joined my boss at the cluster discussion on harmonisation of reminder letters.

I realised the QR looks fuzzy and also the URL link in the QR image looks too small, so I decided to WhatsApp private message 97 to ask!

(Char feeling salty because her ‘big eyes’ greeted me with “Hey Rachel!”)

This whole discussion got no conclusion because the function I suggested is not in their consideration at the moment, but I will remain hopeful!

During this first meeting, I have a comment on one of the statements, and that is about all I said in the meeting hah

Later on, they started deviating from the main topic/agenda LOL

At 4 pm, we had to jump to another call! This eFC meeting really very exhausting leh, not even sure what is the point of having us in the call, when our concerns will only be considered in Wave 2…

I was also doing other things and picked up WL’s call at close to 6 pm. I told her please call me, even though I am in a meeting right now (I could really use this call to escape haha)

Left work at 6.20 pm but still made it on time for my dinner date with Jia Le!





She even got me a gift (not because she went overseas, while I ate the things I got for her from BKK oops)

I can't wait to try the tea!!!!


I love this picture, and now it’s my new dp on IG and WhatsApp!


15 September, Thursday | As Faridah’s husband is not well after his first chemotherapy session, she took Urgent leave today! One week and she will only be in office for 2 days… I will be following up on every other thing for appeals then.

We all understand how bad her situation is, and don’t know what to say to console her…

I worked from home today, I initially wanted to go grab a quick nap during lunch break but I don’t think I will be able to.

WE HAVE A WHOLE DAY MEETINGS TODAY due to subsidy review!!!!!!!!

The morning session ended at 1-ish pm, then at 2.30 pm is the next block of meetings. I took a quick lunch and was back to clearing my emails, or whatever is pending.





M is damn blur? At 2.40 pm, she emailed us to ask if we will be joining the chatlog review meeting today. We were all like?!?! (Papadom already emailed her that we will have to cancel due to a more important schedule)

After Papadom followed up with an email to remind her about the arrangement and this is her reply LOL

My efforts for the whole of today, trying to get the appeal letter content ready to send to WL for clearance before 6 pm, was over 2 hours ago, because there are quite a few things not cast into stone yet. How can I send the reply letter for vetting?

(guess I have to TT WL the draft + bother her during her Korea trip…)

The second block of meetings ended at early 6 pm but guess who cannot get off work yet…

From today’s meeting, I know we needed to provide B1 base rates for DWC for Table1 data. W did the others but I think she forgot that we needed to do it for B1 too. I worked on the file, and filled in the values for indicator “4”.

I sent it to W, and asked her to check and use this file if she hasn’t started on it yet. I hope I am doing this correctly!

Earlier, I saw there is a new appeal case, but Faridah probably has a lot to clear after 3 days of absence, so I decided to work on this asap – outstanding table was done + sent an email to check on the appointment arrangement. I noticed that the appointment is already scheduled for 23rd September, I hope my letter can be ready and out by tomorrow!

(while the other case, SHEN, my boss wants to meet her and asked us for adjusted rates at B2 and C haishhh. I will deal with this tomorrow ba, sobs)

My boss also very quickly put down his views for the follow up discussion on harmonisation of reminder letter… I drafted my reply and sent it, I am leaving the decision-making to him.

7.17 pm: PANG GANG LO

*texting J to tell her my picnic just ended*

Hers hasn’t ended….


(Almost missed her bday sia, gosh what is wrong with my memory? I remember the dates, but often forget where are we right now…)




Ending mid-month with this reminder:


16 September, Friday | I can’t recall what I was doing in the morning haha, probably all the follow-ups for appeal cases, drafts, etc.

I saw we have 2 new appeal cases, and honestly don’t think Faridah got the capacity to help me with them. I quickly checked and called one of the late patient’s father to ask for his child’s birth certificate. He also asked a lot of other questions…


KC shared with us last week about their OGP product suite sharing on Friday, 16 September. He said they will be releasing new features for Forms, VIP Telegram chat (??), and other products.

We are in the Teams meeting at 12.58 pm but errrr after 10 minutes, there is no sound nor a presenter sharing the screen with us when it is supposed to start at 1 pm.

I checked my email and saw that they have resent another link for us to join from there so I updated the group of people who were still lost in the original Teams meeting hahaha

When we moved over, we missed a huge part of KC’s sharing on new Forms features sobs

The other parts of the sharing are not bad!

It’s all the people we met at the Sprint, presenting today woohoo, I really like the people there + culture. K asked me after that if I considered joining them since they are all youngsters, good at talking, etc. I think it will be fun la, but their work is too technical already, I don’t think I am up for it!

K also mentioned they speak well, which I agree with! This also makes me wonder if I am a bad speaker last Friday…




I finally got the time to look at the other appeal, this is a known case and appealed before. However as the patient is using a new ID, since she got PR, the system didn’t manage to capture her past outstanding charges. Her recent delivery is at A1 ward type and she has no means of paying??!?! Her oldest child is a known case for financial assistance, while her recent delivery to a baby boy is at A1, she even requested for Ward A1 okay


(mother’s and child’s outstanding is 7k+ and 1k+ respectively sia, SHOOT ME)




I am trying to calm down with Milky Popcorn Tea from Jia Le!




In the midst of whatever I was doing, I saw HN’s email telling me that she hasn’t received the invoice yet via APIMS!

I started panicking and called Ivy to check.

This call with Ivy also let me discover something else, HELPS!!!!! I sent an email to Ivy on the 6th on the policy set up but overlooked attaching the excel list of users, so they were unable to create the cards yet, it is already the 16th???

I called Ms. Y to apologise that I overlooked it on my part! She is so understanding la and laughed it off, but I felt so paiseh for missing that out.

Back to HN’s problem, I told her I am getting Finance to check and will call to update her on this. Routing this problem for the relevant parties to do troubleshooting, Stan asked me if I can go negotiate the credit term days with CDG…

HELLO I DON’T OWN CDG HOR, plus it’s a signed contract so you can’t just negotiate your way here lol

Earlier, P was panicking and went to loop in everyone else on the problem with uploading PST files for the Data Collation function. Now I am in a loop of emails with Sprint people haha, after checking with IHIS Simon, the answer is we can’t use PST. I also highlighted the other scenarios of not being able to download CSV files from Government Websites too, such as Postman. Let’s see what he says on Monday.

Let me close the other loop to update on our findings, plus more problems hah

I ended up OT-ing for more than half an hour…


20 September, Tuesday | I took leave yesterday to accompany Fatfat to her dental operation. Then I spent the rest of my day writing up the blog post for SUPER SHOW 9!!!!!! I went for a swim too, and managed to do 24 laps YAY

I came back to my work today with:


W highlighted that our boss is agreeable to accord from B1 to B2 for the SHEN case, given that it is also somewhat our (as an organisation) responsibility for the lapses. I need to redraft this!

Later my boss wanted the bill to finalise before we send out the reply, so I need to continue to wait… HAISH

Before lunch, Char came to me to tell me that one of the docsubmit link is still the old one, plus she got some suggestions for MCAF-M consent. I wrote back to the loop, to get the various parties to check. Later on, I also explained this to P again as she seems confused.

We are too stressed already so today’s lunch is McSpicy! I felt my tummy burning for the rest of the day, and I regret nothing!

The whole day is filled with endless follow-ups for all the open appeal cases…

To add on, my boss just kept asking nonsense about the SHEN case and I don’t know if I should give him a very duh answer or ignore his question altogether.

I was also calling Ivy up to get her to send me the email of the invoice sent on the 1st to our Shared Services, however, the colleague is not responsive after I sent the invoice over. It’s damn horrible la, their follow-ups and all.

I wasn’t quite sure of what Simon is saying, does it mean we will need an altered group policy to push for getting PST to be uploaded?

T2 is very nice and explained to me! She also updated me that she is still looking at how to resolve the chatbot notification problem at once, instead of device by device. I like her!!

KC asked to be looped in for the PST problem so that they can help to chime in since PST files are not read by Forms.

Update: my MP appeal letter count was 5, it is now 6! Hopefully, one of them can be closed tomorrow! Putting this here, hope Hospital Playlist will remind me not to be too stressed out.

Now, off I go for Yoga!!!!


21 September, Wednesday | I saw Simon’s reply stating the obvious and vaguely mentioning they will bring it back at Ministry forum, but I don’t know when the forum is, plus will Simon update me when he does ah? I will call T2 later to find out what’s next on my end, now needa rush off for open safe duties!

We got a new appeal case! I read the summary and it seems like the husband hit his wife and then she was hospitalised?? But he is asking about paying the bill. So errrr is who hit who ah? I am sending this case back to PE office to look into the claims…

I appreciate T2’s patience for always entertaining me, especially now explaining to me what Simon says, because I catch no balls.

While I was with J at open safe duties, I was following up on the tasks and saw some email from my boss asking if P has shared with other colleagues the new docsubmit form link! Aiya I didn’t really bother reading hah (whatever).

Today’s safe duties took longer than expected as J need to also collect the charity money from HR, this HR lady plans to meet J at 11 am, but her last appointment to collect the money from others is at 11 am (?) so errr we need to wait until after 11 am for her… we only left at 11.23 am…

I came back to my desk and saw K asking me via email to clarify if we should be using the shortened URL. YAAAAAA

I guess I will reply in the general loop then!

(to clear the air, hope I don’t sound too harsh)

Sometimes I really don’t understand how can someone so blur get promoted, a lot of her work, I have to help her pave the way then she takes it on from there! I am at the place in my career, where I want to learn things, not keep giving people work consultation on whatever they are doing.

I told Char about it, on our way to lunch. We ate at the Salad bowl place and that guy keeps checking me out, I noticed a few times and decided it is better we leave asap haha

Once I got back, I quickly sent the reply letter to Edna for her clearance, hope she clears it soon so I can print it before my WFH day tomorrow!

I think I am also at the stage when I don’t give a shit about other people, I like to take my own sweet time to reply and love questioning their instructions (especially people from the PE office).

I am so busy la, then got 2 reminders from P and the intern to go for the Isomer discussion! I joined them at 2.33 pm (3 minutes late and they did nothing). I guess I am the key player? BUT P IS THE INTERN’S MENTOR THO!

After 40 minutes of running through the content together and my proposed changes, we planned to converge on Monday again. I am back to settle other things!


Later I will have to call two parents to discuss full MediSave usage for their child’s bill. I am not too sure why, but I am very nervous to speak to them for some unknown reason.

It’s a mess, there is no update on whether they have uploaded the invoice to APIMS, and I am unable to reach anyone…

I called EY to update her the cards are ready and will drop her an email today or tomorrow on the follow-up matters. Once again, I apologised for missing the attachment, resulting in the delay in card creation.


I managed to speak to Mr. S on his baby’s MediSave usage and followed up with an email as well. He said he wants to discuss with his wife on the decision and even went to look up the scheme I told him about. He is so thoughtful when our call extended over 5.30 pm, he worried that I will be off work. I told him it is okay if he calls back, I will probably be staying later than 6, I end work at 6.

(He didn’t call me today)

However, I got no luck with the other parent… I will try again on Friday!




There are still a lot of things to clear before I can get off work this evening, I was asking around over our partition to find out what time the rest of my colleagues will be leaving work today. My boss heard and came to my desk to speak to me before he left for the day.

(He is quite concerned for me, but probably because I do a lot of the work la)

When I explained all the problems, like many appeals cannot close, he said I thought Faridah is helping you. I explained that she is not really in the condition to help me out, plus all these appeals are quite complicated…

He asked me if there is anything he can help me with, the truth is, nola, unless he takes away the projects I am doing + all the consultations I am doing for my colleagues.


22 September, Thursday | Last night, I texted myself the list of tasks I needed to follow up on, in case I missed any.

I already drafted most part of the reply to EY and sent it out today after checking and ensuring that I got all the attachments in my email.

I received a call from Mr. S this morning, he wanted to confirm what is required from him. He sounded so polite and nice!!

I saw an email from Marya regarding the creation of a new card yesterday, but I was too busy to deal with it hence pushing it to today! She replied to me to ask further questions…

I called Ann and let her know that I can’t reach her Finance counterparts, there is no contact number to call. Ann told me to just email them, the thing is I did, but no one replied to me despite my multiple attempts across the past few days. I was low-key losing my shit la, and pointed out that the problem of late charges will impact Finance plus CDG. It does not affect me, and if Finance doesn’t bother, then I am not going to be bothered too.

My lashing out made Ann work on the follow-up with her Finance counterparts. They already loaded the invoice on the 20th but don’t have the courtesy to even update me??!?




I went to check the bills one by one again, and realised there is a problem with the pharmacy bills still. I don’t understand why simple things like tagging bills, can drag on for so long, it’s bothering me so much!!!!! I kept coming back to ask questions, why can’t they just resolve it la….


Papadom helped me to query back, they just put the responsibility on decision making to the social worker in charge, who is currently away on vacation. I TT-ed her to get her consent for the tagging of CE script charges, but Pharmacy still hasn’t made the correct move to all the concerned bills…

Yesterday, I have confirmed the key players’ schedule for the HAS meeting! It will be on 5th October, 10 -11 am. I drafted a simple invitation email and forwarded the invite, plus a lengthy email to Jan to update on the attendees, potential use cases, etc.

Early this morning, I already saw EN members mentioning the people in our logo printed on sky blue tee, looked like they are not wearing pants LOL (I agree). I will need to adjust the logo to make sure it is good for printing sobs. After my quick lunch with Fatfat, I quickly went to do the editing, I think we are good.


At 1.30 pm, we have an introduction meeting with new staff from KR, called Asha! I was in the meeting already but there is only me and her on the Teams call?? I asked who else are we expecting and it’s my boss + Papadom, but both are busy preparing for MediFund meeting now.

Apparently, Mos left, and this new staff will be taking over his duties. I quite like Mos leh, he seems really cool (got the vibes of Criminal Minds’ Derek Morgan hah)

Lol so I am the one carrying this, Papadom joined and we talked for 15 minutes with a general introduction. We offered to put Asha in for our meeting next week (Papadom will not be around, only me leh) for a quick introduction as she hasn’t had the time to meet the others yet…

Asha gave me her email address, I wrote to her and forwarded her the invite for next Thursday! Wish me luck since I will be leading the discussion of 4 weeks-worth of chatlog, and help this new staff on her way into our project team (HELP ME)




This morning, KC sent us a summary of the issues with HVB and needed our confirmation on items, if they are factual, and capture all the main issues discussed in the past few days, via email and WhatsApp.

After I ended the Teams call, I saw in the group chat that the Intern finally said something, but it was a problematic statement?? Plus she only offered to help to test it next week but I think KC needs the information today before the forum (from 3-5 pm)… Wonders if she plans to share that at the next forum LOL

Now, we have another situation after the intern opened her golden mouth… KC is asking more questions about the long URL. What causes the long URL, when does that occur?


I gave a few scenarios + did the testing and send him the ss so that KC can used that for the forum + perhaps identify the problem?? (like what is causing this long URL generation)

Addressing these queries is in addition to my work leh, overall is good that we are able to find out what’s wrong but then errr all these testing takes time…

The rest of them in the group chat says nothing, I don’t know if they realise all these problems do not affect me, I am sorting things out for y’all??




At 5ish pm, I had a rant session telling K how stressed and burned out I am feeling…

1. My appeal letters really a lot now, and the coverer is not in the situation to cover me at all, so I have to do it on my own, I also cannot ask W to cover since she is so overwhelmed with checking FC data. This is my work, I guess I cannot complain…

2. I neglected chatbot work for quite long le, later need to OT to go thru. Plus, my boss never communicates to Papadom and I, so I don’t know what the agenda is for the Teams call. I felt blindsided la, and I will be the one helping new vendor staff to settle in??

3. Project Matters! A lot of shitty things, we got one department that cannot find the invoice, so I kept chasing Finance to check if they did send it, they ask all sorts of stupid questions and never resolve the problem. The Finance guy still can ask me to negotiate the credit terms with CDG. Agreement signed, then how to negotiate??? (instead of focusing on the problem, he keeps digging other holes for me to fill). I also keep contacting them via email but no one is responding to me, it is only until I low-key lost my shit with Ann then she helped me to look into it…

4. EN needs a revised logo, so I am side hustling more

5. OGP Queries. I asked K today about exporting responses for storage mode, it's because the past few days we have been doing some testing + I am also checking with IHIS on file types etc. If we can’t upload PST, then the waiver process wouldn’t work already (SOS). This problem concerns P more than me, but she is not answering any of the questions. The worse thing is she likes to say nonsense and makes things even more confusing… I will have to clarify and correct those… I don’t know do I feel more pek chek if the others reply nonsense or don’t reply at all.

Well, I can ignore la, but then this will help all of us in the end (even tho it does not affect me, as I am not the one enduring the restrictions or blocks). Yet, I am the one dealing with all of these…

An easy way out for the rest lor! Wait for me to settle everything, then later ask me for a summary of what was shared. WASTE MY TIME ONLY.

I feel super sian and frustrated, I go for the HT Sprint, is to up myself more! I want to improve my development and growth, not go there to help others. P, who is very much involved in the waiver process use case, cannot even explain to Papadom.

I did so much, but none of this is an indication of my job/efforts/KPI!

6. Helping others manage their staff, is also my role?? If I don’t plan this meeting, then the intern wouldn’t have done anything for the site, because P doesn’t even know what to review, and what to change. She also recently asked if can make it a site for just our office, the answer is no lol, and she can’t even tell my boss the answer when he suggested it. OH THE MEETINGS ARE EVERY WEEKLY…


7. I planning HAS meeting, need to include other hospitals, already troublesome to schedule the session sobs. Then still got a lot of other things to ensure before we can send out the invite.

8. My two staff work quality is not up to standard, so it’s not like I can just hand over, usually I have to check a lot when I look at their work.

9. I got one letter that cannot close yet, because Pharmacy’s practice is like shit, so a lot of the bills got problems. This is the case, the social worker is on vacation some more, so I have been TT-ing her.

10. I also realised we could have advised better from the beginning if we know MediSave policy better. This one I need to study more, or else it will be another merry-go-round. I don’t know, Char also doesn’t know, so I can only depend on me lor!

K tried to console me and told me, don’t worry, our boss thinks very highly of you. Even tho he doesn’t say or may act weirdly, he appreciates you a lot.

You only get more things to do, if you are good at what you do

(this is true)




As we were having this convo, I saw KC typing in the group chat! (oh no)

Here comes more questions (directed to me)! He suggested also testing Postman too. WAH HE OFFICIALLY OWES ME COFFEE!!!!

So this one also I answer ah!

There are follow-ups to work on, there are also drafts I need to look into. I can’t believe today without any chatlog meeting, I still can’t finish my work???

Before I turned off my work laptop, I replied Steph’s email regarding whether there is any follow-up from them. I don’t know leh, and directed the question to KC to address haha. I ended work at 7ish pm!

After enjoying Mom’s steak dinner with potatoes, I went back to look through the chatlog review file (from last week), it was going on smoothly until I noticed we have a huge bit with no confidence level nor prediction. I have no idea how Papadom just did the HW when there was obviously not enough information for us to make the decision…

I will be emailing M tomorrow morning on this! Probably also cc their CTO to have a look at this. It is also affecting other institutions' data too!


23 September, Friday | I sent an email early this morning clarifying why some of the data is missing “prediction” and “confidence”. Let’s see what is the reason for this!

After I clear out some of the emails I wanted to send, I went to print the approved MP reply letter with yesterday’s date that Edna cleared on Wednesday evening.

Work matters aside, I am wondering what if my body is showing signs of failure from all these overworked moments. I don’t think I will faint or collapse, but I do feel exhausted. I woke up today with a body ache (from what?), and K said I looked very pale (I think is no lip colour la).

Pizza Hut Lunch

(the food is a lot, but I finished it all)

I saw an email from one of the attendees for 5th Oct’s HAS sharing, she mentioned that the invite shows the meeting is via Google Meet! I tested and we can’t use Google Meet via corporate laptops. I created a Zoom link, not sure if Jan will need a recording of it so I started overthinking it lol, I selected ‘download file to local device'.

I went to ask K about this and she offered to help me test it out, hehe so we did, recording was successful!

The other item brought up, was to add other institutions’ attendees too. As I am not aware of their use cases, I didn’t extend the invite to those. Those I invited are people from chatbot meetings, and we know they have a use case! Adding more people in, just makes it more tiring for me leh, like more work to coordinate everyone LOL, this is not a cluster meeting, more like chatbot team lobang meeting hahaha

I tried calling this mother, but she cut my call again. I am unable to reach her after a few attempts and decided to email her instead. I need her consent if she wants to use her child’s MediSave to the maximum, not affected by the withdrawal guidelines given the special circumstances.

While for the other MP letter, we still can’t sort out the last PH bill. I have no idea what is so difficult, Pharmacy is taking forever to clean up the bills la…

It was a pretty busy day today! I still have things to do, but at 5 pm, I checked out from work mentally HAHA! I went to chat with my colleagues, find snacks to eat, etc and let all the dealing happen on Monday :D




Today’s Lash lift is okay, not the best but not bad!

Fat fat and my favourite part of our lash date:


26 September, Monday | One of the letters – Shen, that I sent to Edna on Friday for her approval was rejected. Edna is concerned about getting audited for making the change in ward type without MT done, or following SOP. This is obviously an above my paygrade problem since my boss was the one who suggested and approved the change in the bill. I left him to answer the questions haha

When I shared with him privately, that Shen has the revised bill after Edna suggested correcting the bill. My boss panicked and was also kinda upset that I didn’t block the case, and hence mother has the bill. The thing is we asked for the FB and it is still on my desk, we haven’t sent it out. I don’t know how Shen has a copy of the revised bill when we didn’t send anything out.

A possible scenario I can think of is insurance informed her of the claim status, with the new bill amount and she went to check it online.

After explaining the rationale, and supporting it with P&P info and other hospital practices, Edna finally agreed to sign the letter. I quickly went to print it once I saw her email YASSS

Our boss told W and me to go over to CCRC to help Sis J with the queries she has on FC. So we will be going over to meet her at 12 noon. Before that, the team is asked to join the waiver form meeting from 11 -11.30 am.

After collecting the information on some of the codes she wants us to look into, we also needed to follow up on the feedback raised by the patient and spouse! Apparently, this couple made things difficult for the clinic staff.

Sis J also requested that we come by next week Wednesday to join their staff briefing, at 8.30 am! I guess I have to wake up at 6-ish liao lo.

Char and I went to OWLS for lunch!

Kimchi Fried Rice + sinful chicken skin

We also took this opportunity to buy our travel insurance too! As for the internet access, I probably gonna get the add-on of $20 for 2GB for 30 days, since e-SIM card is not possible for my p30…

During lunch, I saw my boss texted to check where did the new docsubmit form responses go to. I checked when I got back to the office (not immediately, so people kept chasing me). I later added my boss’s work email address, so that we don’t need the person with the mailbox access to send it over.

I don’t understand how everybody is in the email thread, but all don’t get it and keep asking the obvious…

Then, at 2.30 pm I have an Isomer site session with P and the intern! I noticed P was doing her own work at her desk, while I guide her intern???

Consultation 2 for chatbot stats is next…

We also got another appeal case, the mother does not have the finances but opted for A1 ward for her delivery, resulting in a huge outstanding amount. Edna asked if can downgrade her, why are we showing compassion for such cases and not the earlier one ah?

I explained that it will affect the doctor’s component, plus the patient enjoyed services at A ward, would not suggest doing downgrading for her!

Edna then agreed, hehe another little win of mine!




Today I got a call from a colleague, mentioning the spouse of this patient that I managed before is back! IT IS THE CRAZY UNCLE WHO SHOUTED AT ME FOR WEEKS, FK!!!!!

Anyway, I think this colleague wants to push this case to me lor…




Before I left for the day, I called Ju to share that I received her file on Thursday but was too busy to go through it, and cleared some things with her before closing the email loop, and contacted Ivy for card creation!

I left work at 645pm.


27 September, Tuesday | I almost got the shock of my life when I heard Sleeping P repeat the patient’s name after the operator who called. I heard her say we will take up the case. I already told her yesterday that if she receives any call regarding this particular patient, with the siao lang uncle husband, please send it to the clinic to settle since we are not the ones who did the billing.

The clinic will definitely try to send it back, quoting that the uncle wants to speak to the “account manager”. I think they haven’t reached out to him, he called Telecoms again to shout at them. I ENDURED 3 WEEKS OF HIS SHOUTING!!!!!!!! (no thanks)

Slightly before lunch, I saw a draft Faridah sent, and the two QRs don’t match in terms of style. Both are forsg links, but the change address QR does not have the forsg logo on la. I explained to Faridah what is not right but she didn’t get it, her email to N does not explain clearly what is required, or what is the problem.

I emailed N to clarify what we want, then later N’s staff called me to ask how to do it. If it is going to be a merry-go-round and requires my involvement no matter what, might as well I ask and settle with the staff. Why everybody doesn’t understand one…

Being frustrated at work, I decided to go out for lunch on my own. I went to Park Lane’s McDonald’s, the orders took 25 minutes to deliver… Then I quickly went to pick up the kebab orders for Faridah and Sleeping P, apparently, someone else took their order away. The staff at Epik Kebab offered to redo the order and that is another 15 minutes wasted…

Shortly after I returned from lunch, it was time for us to head up to Level 6 for our department meeting!

I thought our department meeting will be from 2 to 3.30 pm, in the end, it was 3 hours???! We have quite a lot to cover for the agenda, such as me sharing about what we built at HT Sprint, P talking about the waiver form and virtual counter plans.

Not sure what the new waiver form process will be like, as it seems like they are splitting into 3 Requester and 3 Approver forms leh. It will be so messy la…

I came back to clear emails and settle some things before I rushed off for Yoga! I saw KC emailed me at 5 ish pm, sharing how another user bypasses the blocking on HVB to upload a PST file. WAHHH but not very secure, is it?



After Yoga class, the three sisters had our dinner at Yakiniku Like!

We ate McDonald’s Hojicha Ice Cream while we walked home from PLQ!







28 September, Wednesday | I could barely keep my eyes open, I spent the first 2 work hours of today trying to stay awake, such as binge eating seaweed snack or going to the toilet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!??!!

I went to check with Jan on the zoom link, it does not seem updated so I went to send a follow up plus check with JC if the new link is updated in his calendar invites. It does not seem to be showing so I resend an email to clarify the 2 separates slots and resend them the two half-hour invites!

Tiger Brows later emailed me to say thanks for my effort to arrange this for the cluster!




KC replied me with the inputs from the user from another hospital, that she sends the file to her internet laptop. SUS I feel like she is sending the file to her personal email address to open on an internet enabled laptop… (SECURITY ISSUES??)

I asked JC to help me to dig out if his ex-employer has the same blocks as us, which he confirmed with a colleague that the answer is yes leh

I recalled T2 mentioned something about using IBZ.HVPN to access our outlook emails via hmail, and even though there are multiple steps, I think its workable to load PST file and use the data collation function!!!!! I sent an email to P and cc-ed KC, P replied quite soon that she will do it next week as she is busy with Covid bills submission… WHO ISN’T BUSY?

(I doubt P will be able to do the whole testing without any help lor)

I went to chase Pharmacy for an update. They said they need to get some approval first before they can adjust the bills. I felt like this problem with Pharmacy bill dragged on for close to 3 weeks already. Not sure why something so simple, they just can’t get it done correctly at once… My letter definitely cannot close before Edna leaves for her holiday, I will have to clear it with EL, HELPS

I sent a reminder email to include the PSAE to ask for the breakdown of services that derives the amount $466.15. Once I got the inputs, I completed the draft and W is agreeable with the reply! I will get Sleeping P to send it out before the week ends.

Today, P kept going back and forth to ask K and myself on our take on the artwork they are trying to roll out. It’s basically a duplicate of what I did previously, and they just added a new content. LOL how hard can that be??

P is really useless, but my boss likes her so she will continue to be getting these opportunities to shine. I did the artwork, but she is the one sharing with Wards etc on the initiative, coordinating their orders etc. I was the one who gave her the printing source and sort that out for her. She really does nothing, and enjoys the credit each time, ARGHHHHHHHH

K sent me an email to help look through the SMS template she came up with, I took time to go through it, but still wanted W’s comments on this. I told K I need a little more time.




UNA UNA with NATALIE!!!!!!


I got Red Wine Strawberry, it's so good!!!!!!!!

Missing this girl, so much!


29 September, Thursday | I am feeling pissed early this morning, I saw K’s email saying that the team of staff don’t agree to give their work email address to their patients. I mean if the goal is to sound supportive and approachable to patients, then the SMS message should be more customised. It is good to also give them a direct contact number/email but they always fear change. I really cannot stand the mentality of these folks…

I will adjust the message when K confirms further, if not this task is going to waste my time even further.

Other than this pissed off update above, all is well. It wasn’t a very busy morning, I managed to play some games and cleared drafts. At the same time, when I am feeling relaxed, I feel unsettled too, am I missing out on something?

(anxiety is real)

This week’s chatlog review is 2+2 weeks, and Papadom is on leave until next week, so it’s just me from my organisation! My boss wanted to show support so he is joining in today. Honestly, I feel better if he doesn’t not join us haha

Today’s session was okay! We took 1.5 hours tho, longer than expected as in between we were discussing some chat feature and enhancement that hasn’t rolled out for us yet.

Due to time constraint, I mentioned in the meeting that I will do the FAQ training offline, so everyone can go off! After I updated the FAQ, save-train-publish then worked on moving the answers from UAT to Production, for A&E content!

Then it is back to doing my work, there are a few items that I need W’s advice so will need to check that with her tomorrow!




We wanted to get Dim Sum today but the shop at Marina Square is closed???!!! We spontaneously just choose a random place to eat.


(owned by some politician, according to YT haha)

I ordered SPAM fries + Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger + Berry Kombucha. It's alot, but no ragrats!

Oops I forgot to take picture of the interior, I quite like this place!!!!! We also got 30% off for the mains YAY


30 September, Friday | I was on my way to work, Siti texted to ask if I wanted Flash Coffee, because she is feeling so tired and wants coffee for the morning!


I ordered on my way to work, and then wondered if I should have gotten Iced Latte instead, it’s so bloody hot??

W is not at her desk when I arrived, then Faridah told me she went for her health check-up, ahhhhhh ya she told me before she is going for her re-employment check-up on 30th, but this just keeps slipping my mind.

My boss leave to me to decide if I want to join the lunch today with our chatbot vendor. If Papadom is going, I would join in too but I don’t want to be in an uncomfortable setting. However, it will be good to listen in la.

I was very conscious of time the whole morning but then towards the later part, I stopped checking the time. Maybe because I was busy working on doing up an artwork for my boss urgently.

(People quite like it, hehe)

At 11.47 am, my boss told me he will go over first for the lunch.

My boss: I go and meet KR first

Rach: I think u go ahead
I no time

My boss: I know. No worries

Siti asked if I will be joining her and no-longer-new staff, Ali for lunch today. I didn’t have the time, and initially wanted to ask Siti to help me dabao, but gave up and decided to go for comfort food – Cup Noodles!

W and I were constantly discussing work items then she hurried me to go for lunch when she realised its 1ish pm already!




It is only today I realise that the covering of issuing of MR is a permanent cover, not a temporary one (until the new staff comes). When K shared this with me, I always assume that it was a temporary one, since this is the job of the new staff but she probably wouldn’t be in until end November 2022, so the team needed help and I am okay with that!

We are all for helping each other out, but taking it on as a portfolio, is really too much la.

However, in the email it says that we will be the permanent coverer for this new staff. It is really no biggie since the workload is quite small, but I have a few considerations here:

  • It’s normal to cover team members’ work, in their absence. But this is not even my team’s work to begin with? So how to explain to staff why are we doing other people’ work?

  • I don’t even hand down my work to my staff, now I need to pass them another team’s work, HUH

  • Faridah’s husband is terminally ill, and she is often away from work so Sleeping P is covering her work mostly. The whole team is quite down, honestly… then we have to take up another team’s shit??

  • We wanted to assign to Faridah since her rank is higher and she is also more meticulous, but it is not a good time, and if we gave it to Sleeping P, she will definitely query why she is doing this piece of work.

  • The point of giving this out to my staff, is so that their exec, A does not have to do this task. But in the event, my staff is not around to do it, I will be the one covering this right? It is just a changing of hands, change another executive to do this task lo.

I think K was not too happy that I initially agreed then now, not agreeable to this. She told me to talk to my boss since it was my boss who suggested that my staff take this up.

I spoke to my boss at 2.30 pm after he got back from his lunch appointment, the thing is, he said he thought it was temporary too LOL




I always get pissed off by R from PE Office, her job only needs to rush people to quickly close the case so that they can close the matter within the stipulated deadline lol (easy life hor).

She doesn’t really read the emails, simply forward cases over and never ever gets the dates or details right.

When it’s a straightforward case, to reply to the SSO officer, she has to push to us to close. When I highlighted that she can just close and reply with the inputs from social worker, she replied me privately that “oh, so Mr. XXX is not the husband of the patient?”


I am saying that as the query is from SSO officer, she can just close it right? Why need us to reply to such a generic email (case that does not need specific inputs). No one asked us to reply to the patient’s husband lehhhh

There is a new appeal letter, Faridah is taking this up.

(thankfully, because I am losing my shit over anything at this point)

To sum up today, I was clearing all the things that I needed to run by with W! I am so glad we got so many drafts sorted out and we are closing many items on the last day of the month!

I was following up on the open tasks, and clearing stuff including the email follow up on instalment payment for one of the appeal cases (DD).

Randomly, I was told there is a delivery for me! I didn’t order anything tho haha, what is it ah?

Ohhhh, the A3 posters that P placed order for! Featuring my artwork here~

I brought my laptop home, in case I really kenna C+…

(Nat tested positive this morning, omg and J is coughing so badly)

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