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September 2023 - Adulting

1 September, Friday | It is PH, thanks to the Presidential Election!!!!!!

Our polling station is right next to our house, we made our way over at 6 ish pm!

After polling, Fatfat and I went to PLQ for dinner and did some shopping heh


2 September, Saturday | After my YN hair appointment, I went to meet team Lundly at Tanjong Pajar MRT, and then we made our way to Lad & Dad!

Loving their fried oysters!!!!

(I don't usually eat oysters)

Then we randomly walked around the area, initially, we wanted to get a seat at Baristat but the place was too full and had a long queue of people waiting for a seat.

SL suggested that we go over to Five Oars!!!! I like this place, the interiors were amazing but I didn’t take any pics ):

I also did not take pictures of the tater tots we ordered later, plus friends’ juices… I only got my Karma Cola:

I ordered Iced White later too, also no pics.

The toilet is high-tech, but Suz said she motion sensor the system to lock the door, and then shortly after it opened again????

(I scared)

Today is our belated birthday celebration for SL! BUT WE NEVER TAKE PICTURE TOGETHER, WOTS


3 September, Sunday | As Fatfat had some hair loss troubles, we haven’t dyed our hair since forever, and finally here for our hair colour fix!

I decided to dye my hair back to its original color, or at least as close as the original, hope I rock this look~


4 September, Monday |

Grateful to me from the past who decided to create a list to track the cashflow forms, and indicate what each individual entry is pending for, eg. signature, or payment transaction confirmation

I got 3 cashflow forms incomplete and all from the Nursing/Clinical areas haish, I didn’t want to come off too aggressive to chase them non-stop but I need the completed forms before Finance can post/move the money to the right account/IO (idk if I’m even using the right terms helps)

(missing content…)

After work, I went for my beauty appointment, had MOS, and bought milk, contact lens solution, etc.


5 September, Tuesday | I have been having this chocolate craving, I think it is a pre-period thing, I start to crave a certain food, and I really want a bite of any chocolate right now (arghhhhhh, so annoyed with myself)

Today is back to Granola lunch life! I have stopped this lunch habit for a long time due to previous diarrhea issues.

Eating granola for lunch, can also help to save money + diet heh, but then we got Starbucks so both plus points back to 0 hahaha

There were a few uncompleted cashflow forms from yesterday, so I started following up with the respective nurse managers one by one. It is a lot of work but must do leh

Adding to my list of incomplete things, I’m unable to close one of the appeal cases I’m handling, and there are a few cases lately ):

I went with J to open safe at 2.30 pm, there were a few people coming over to drop cheques and stuff. We also went to one of the clinics to find a nurse manager, because I tried calling her to speak to her to no avail.

We only got back to the office at close to 5 pm.

I did a few things then it was time to leave




We went to the airport to send Bili off, she was flying to Japan to travel with a friend, right after she entered the gate, we saw Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun!!!!!!


6 September, Wednesday | Even before reaching my desk, I felt something off about my workspace…

Then I saw an internal mail envelope from Mr. Oh! Ahhh no wonder he asked “any kind of chocolates?” when I told him about my chocolate craving hah

好开心💕 bc I’m finally satisfying my chocolate craving + it’s from Mr. Oh! He came to work earlier to drop it off (guess he finally figured out where I sit le hehe)





Going to do the last Bento duties for PC23!

C is on MC for 3 days, and can tell she is worried about us for today but we got this! I printed the signage and also the order list to obtain their signatures once they have collected their order

Self-collection setting is ready~

I recall SB always arranges the bentos for the larger group collection, it will be easier to manage when the crowd comes, so I did the same but I am all over the place, helps

Jeany came over after she completed her bulk order delivery duties to help me out, hehe I think the best part of PC23 is getting to know this girl!

Other than the problematic Dental MO, got another clinic staff who didn’t come before 12 noon to collect her paid bento after we called her. I went to her clinic to pass it to her, out of goodwill la, and she tried to explain why she couldn’t come to get it, in an apologetic way. It felt more like she was reasoning with me, putting out an excuse about this whole situation. I didn’t bother responding to her, and left…

Today’s Bento food is better:

(even tho the salmon looks too brown/dark from the sauce haha)

After lunch, it was back to business!

We have two new appeal cases, and MK has sent me the payment transactions, so there were a few cashflow forms and follow-up needed.

I got an email from one social worker, she updated me that the father did not turn up for the appointment to assist with his son’s dental bill, so I tried calling him (no harm right). He picked up yayyyyyy and was genuinely apologetic that he missed the appointment, I suppose his mother did not tell him about it??

After I emailed this appeal team from the Ministry, they started directing all their queries to me, so tiring…


7 September, Thursday | It wasn’t a chill day for me, I was rushing through chatlog review HW, clearing drafts, and following up on the many appeal cases. I didn’t get to rest during lunchtime today, unfortunately.

In the afternoon, I got a call from Cheryl, she told me about someone who contacted her and wanted to get the buyer to make direct payment to the organisation’s account. I called her and spoke to Jess directly, it was a one-time transaction of $300 for a knitted cardigan done by one of our Profs.

Although I went in circles about how it is not the ideal and correct practice, Jess still proceeded with it and promised to send the cashflow statement on Monday (when she is back from leave).

Did I accidentally open a gate of problems??

And then the buyer (one of the directors) is asking for tax deduction which is a no, since it is for a purchase of an item (that contributes to charity).



8 September, Friday | Today, it was raining quite heavily and I wasn’t vibing with my thicker eye makeup.

Dad got us McDonald’s breakfast heh

10.30 am: the cluster chatbot meeting was led by Papadom but she was facing technical errors so I did the first part of it. Sometimes I do wonder why she always wants to take this up (when it was three institutions, I rotate with her), is it because she wants to have greater weight than me for this project, in the eyes of the 4 other institutions who joined us early this year?

12.30 pm: enjoying my bowl of granola with milk in an empty Seminar Room

With BK’s company!

I did some work, and shortly after it was 3 pm, time for PC meeting! Most of the projects have concluded except for the 12 Peaks Challenge, and more or less we have clear figures for funds raised for Pledge Card and Bento Lunch. We are still pending Marketplace/Bazaar’s final amount!!

Cashflow forms are following in after we sent a reminder yesterday that Monday is the last day for submissions!! I hope all goes well and we can finalise the figures ASAP

Can’t believe we have 6 open appeal cases on hand, and I am starting to get confused by the facts from the different cases (remembering info from another case DED)


9 September, Saturday | It was the shock of my life, to hear the news that er jiu gong passed this morning, we went to the wake the next day at Singapore Casket and it was hard for everybody…


11 September, Monday | Today is the last day for submission of cashflow statement!!!! I sent the last reminder this morning and received a few today (the load was heavier last Friday)

I texted Jess this morning to remind her about the cashflow she was supposed to send me today and she noted. At around 4-ish pm, Jess called to tell me that she can only get the approver’s signature on Wednesday, 可以吗

I mean, can I say cannot???! (so pissed)


12 September, Tuesday | The cases I have on hand are pending final bills after adjustment or MSV claims, and although I requested FB, I like to kaypoh and check every day to see if the bills have been finalised hahaha

The bills for two cases have finalised, I revised the drafts again and again before sending them for approval after lunchtime. Two of the letters cleared for the last stage YASSSSSS

I was wondering why I didn’t receive any payment transactions today (when there were payments last Friday leh), it was because MK was on leave hah

(I will start getting busy when she returns)

My boss randomly came to my desk to ask me to do research on what other PHIs present their long consultation charges (if any), and shun bian chat with me about the feedback he got from Sam!

He shared that I am the steady one. Can do many things, so got me jiu hao for PC

(小感动 😌)

I also randomly asked my boss to see if he knows what this number 169,322 means, this cell is not referencing anything in last year’s PC file ):

My boss also got stuck with another question I have, if the start date for LTVP+ is available on the digital pass

I called the spouse of one of the appeal cases I received and he preferred to speak in Mandarin, so okay I try my best lo. We talked until 6.15 pm, and he had a lot of questions. At some point, I got xiao friend friend with him, and asked him to help me find the start date, please 🙏🏻




I didn’t go to Yoga class today due to period. I decided to chill then aiya, I ended up working on what my boss asked for


13 September, Wednesday | I got a call today from ENT, and it was the shock of my life!!!!! She is asking for the cashflow statement, so that she can fill it up + transfer the money according to the instructions


I was anxious the whole day, even called ENT Sister to chase and followed up with emails. We closed two days ago, and I have to submit the finalised figures to the steering committee on coming Monday, sobs

Meltdown x5000

One of the two letters is approved, after I answered the question Edna has, while the other I sent a reminder in the afternoon. She cleared it after 6 pm, so I’m leaving it until this Friday to print

Right before I left, I sent one draft to my boss to clear, if it is good to go, can send it to Edna tomorrow to approve le

(at least I’m feeling accomplished for my core work)


14 September, Thursday | Today was quite an okay work/wfh day (:

(just pray hard that no more sudden attacks for PC)

We went to Grandma’s for dinner, her order was double fillet-o-fish, so we all had McDonald’s for dinner hehe


15 September, Friday | I planned to meet Sam today at 11.30 am to run through the values, and the report I will be submitting next week, but at 10 am, I got an email from MK that says we have less money than what I recorded HUHHHHHH

The account was short $2,720, and I quickly asked K to SOS me, and help to see if I missed anything, then after viewing the downloaded GL file, I realised it could be MK forgot to include three lines for Bento collection, my amount is correct!!!!!!


While MK was checking and confirming this, I updated Sam on this matter and explained that I would update him at the end of the day, we are good (nothing to worry about).

Then shortly later, we met at the lift lobby to head over to OCK for EN Lunch Meeting to discuss future directions!

I felt pressured to be working on some cooking class events, just when I thought PC would be over soon and I could take a break ):

I am really considering exiting EN next year when the two-years term/agreement ends next year March.

I cleared my work for the day and printed the two approved letters YAY




Yi Tong and I met for dinner at Sushiro today, then went to Liho to continue our conversation. I got home and finished showering at 12 ish le, oops


16 September, Saturday | I had one of the nicest meals of my life at Crystal Jade today! It was really a pity that I took zero photos today…

Then followed with a coffee break!




On my way back, I grabbed stuffed donuts from Baker’s Brew and went to Grandma’s! We later made our way together to Ban Heng for our yearly Lunar 8th month dinner ✨


18 September, Monday | Form F1 was completed on Friday and sent to Sam for his approval, he approved it this morning! It is the last day for submission of Form F1 and it also marks a day closer to the end of PC duties hehe

I ordered Starbucks drinks (my boss, K’s, and mine) for our department meeting later, and got muffins for Mr. Oh and SCM!

饱饱 day, and today is also two of our colleagues' May 2023 promotion treat:

(we had this in the meeting, but felt weird to be chewing while everyone was discussing)

The meeting ended around 3.45 pm then we went back to our office to continue with the next meeting at 4 pm. I went to the toilet, then took some food and got ready for the meeting. I thought my boss would be sharing the consult fee findings I found, and was chewing my food, then he called me to do the sharing -.-

All the big bosses haven’t decided on the actions to take… No strategy, then there is nothing much for me to do, at this juncture leh

Side note, the Teh Tarik is so nice!!

Then it was back to clearing emails, drafts, etc. The headache got worse, with a few problematic cases to settle ):




Supply & Demand with Chiam!!

And we finally remembered to bring the gifts we got each other on our trip in May 2023 HAHAHA




"can't wait to go home and lie down" - Chiam and Chang, 2023

(we old)


19 September, Tuesday | Today is yet another biggest crisis!! The value we got from the steering committee for Pledge Cards is not the same as the value reported to us on 29 August. It was lesser than then, how can it be wrong??

About the same time as I noticed the discrepancy, Sam also sent me an email on this as the values don’t tie in with what they got previously ):

I mean there is really nothing I can do about this hor, other than wait for the update.

We rushed off for the sharing at 10.30 am on Systemness, honestly, this felt like a Uni days lecture again when you occasionally understood something, then most of it is just white noise hahaha

K and I ordered Jinjja for lunch today!

(been so long)

I sent the appeal draft reply letter to Edna before this Systemness talk, and it was approved after the talk but I don’t have the time to print and sort it out.

We have so many troublesome cases at this point…

We have this particular case, where it was feedback for Adms, but this Executive kept pushing it back to me to manage. He told me “do check in with xxxxx”, I don’t work for him and don’t know how he got the audacity to ask me to cover his responsibilities, he also queried my boss about his instructions for signing the email reply addressing issues regarding Adms WOTS

I was side hustling to help K out with doing up a feedback form for the Systemness talk and preparing the reply to one complaint case, my boss has been walking back and forth to me to ask me for bill estimates.

(CEO asking, so my boss gan chiong like mad)

Wah I’m feeling very stressed, and started having headaches every other day…




I missed a few yoga classes and today I went, I suffered from body ache. John updated us that this month could be the last of sponsorship ):


20 September, Wednesday | W is back from her trip but was feeling unwell (she lost her voice) and on two days MC in the past two days. She tested C+ today and will be working from home for the rest of the week.

I think she felt bad that I had been managing the work for 1 week plus without her, and insisted on working (remotely) even though she wasn’t feeling right. I feel so bad for her, especially due to her age, and working here is really just for her to pass the time, she doesn’t even need the money

I helped to clear drafts as I believe she has a ton of emails to look through

I printed the approved letter, woohoo! Now we are left with 2 pending cases, which is great because one of them is a MOM case that has been pending since May 2023 -.-




This evening is mooncake delivery day!!

Grandma is so happy with the mooncake, kept saying she was full and would eat later, but when we came back from our Lor Mee dinner (30 minutes, tops?), they ate 1 mooncake together le hahaha

LOR MEE, so good


21 September, Thursday | I completed chatlog review HW, it didn’t take as long as I remember it to be heh

Bili and I had Fish&Co for lunch today, it was a pretty good work day. I took a nap and even watched some funny videos on Youtube!

Our agreement was for the person who is working from home to clear the drafts, as both W and I are working from home today, W is clearing most of the drafts!

This leaves me with more time to do other things! I started working on the WI workflow/chart for our team, in preparation for the new staff joining us in December 2023

After maybe 45 minutes of hard work, I gave up hahaha


22 September, Friday| Today’s chatlog review was led by Mike! Can’t wait to meet him for lunch on 10 Oct heh

I wasn’t entirely focused during the meeting oops, it was a busy day filled with many other shits to manage, especially FC things such as queries on HSG with Sedation and whatnot.

We got a few emails on the appeal outcome for further use of MSV, so xiao busy following up on those things.

We ordered Saap Saap Thai today hehe, loving their Tom Yum soup noodles but my stomach was on fire after that, helps

K suggested getting Starbucks because we were all very tired SO YES TO ROCK SALTED CARAMEL OATMILK ICED SKAKEN ESPRESSO

This drink is not bad heh

(but no photo)

It was around 5 pm, and there was a staff who came all the way to our office to pay her son’s bill, which we clearly told her in the email this morning to pay via AXS, etc

WOTS, lucky R helped to settle this, so I can do my stuff as we have a new appeal case, it came at the end of the day




As parents and Bili went for her company’s movie screening event, and had separate plans after, Fat fat and I had dinner at PLQ

Chimichanga shenanigans weren’t the best choice as Fat fat went for her company buffet yesterday, was on sick leave today, and is still full until now

I went to buy milk and some other items from FairPrice before heading home.


23 September, Saturday | Apple made a reservation for Greek Restaurant, Fotia for 12 noon. It wasn’t the easiest place to locate using gmaps, and Apple was late for almost an hour.

(Lucky I reached at 12.03 pm as there is a $50 no-show/cancellation fee 😂)

(he is not my bodyguard)





The Populus

I like the long rectangular layout of the shophouses, it will be an interesting home layout!!

Lattes and Cakes




Bo Lo Champion

Love how this café has three floors, and cute furniture around. This is their third floor with no one else – it was our private space for awhile heh


25 September, Monday | W is back from her long leave + Covid WFH, and today I learned that she went to Australia and it was not Malaysia (my brain is glitching, helps)

She got us chocolates, and hence it cannot be Malaysia… featuring this special piece:

(with my nails hehe)


She is still C+ so we all were more cautious, and I wore my mask at my desk (just in case la hor)

I checked, and the bill has finalised YASSSS, I finished up the reply letter for this appeal case and sent it to Edna for her clearance!

I was constantly worried about the approval for the transfer of funds to the steering committee, and there is still another request for the transfer to HDF, that I haven’t put up ):

I think all these stresses finally got to me, I started having very a bad headache… I took paracetamol and it didn’t pass…


26 September, Tuesday | I took sick leave without MC today as I felt this continuous headache since last night. I guess I was too stressed from work stuff ):

Took this time to rest and also finished Uncanny Counter S2!!


27 September, Wednesday | I realised CMB hasn’t approved the transfer of funds to the steering committee and decided it is time to send a clarification email to her + approver L2!

Edna approved the reply letter at around 12.10 pm then it was a mad rush for me to print and pack it for mailing before 12.30 pm.

Then, we were on the Grab to Park Royal Collection Marina Bay!

(this is the Hotel I want to hold my wedding banquet, if I’m getting married)

So stealing this lanyard bc mine (Hospital Playlist version) is dirty even though I washed it, sobs

We started off with grabbing our lunch here, Hotel food is so good!!

They have this Terminal Test Card that can be used to transact and “purchase” a drink at Stripe Café or get a book by Stripe Press!


I really wanted a drink but I was constantly drawn to the covers of the books here hahaha so we all got a book instead with the terminal credits:

(doubt I will ever read it, maybe give it away as a Christmas present haha)

Then there is a talk for us to attend:

It was an insightful talk, there was also a Q&A for the panelists.

We met KC briefly and I passed him the item I got for Shaz from Greece hehe, and then we ran away at 3 ish!

(good hair and makeup day)

I got home at 4 pm, and did some work before heading out for dinner and drinks with friends! As Synthesis is fully booked, we decided to grab dinner at Astons first then head back later. In the end, we settled for OSG! (Synthesis still didn’t call us)

We got a beer tower, truffles fries, and later nachos! I ordered Choya with green tea and water, and it was good!!!!




Presenting my new favourite selfie with YS!!



28 September, Thursday | I was greeted with early morning sarcasm:

Thanks for the clarification, which should have been made earlier even before the request came by. I have approved the funds.

(from Level 2 Approver)

I do agree I could have sent that clarification email earlier, but I was also following my PC boss’s orders when he said he had clarified the matter with L2 Approver. By the way, he also made a ruckus about endorsing such things when his staff is the chairperson for this once-in-a-year committee, so now things are sticky

I guess most people thought I would be offended, no I was not but it did make me feel trashy, and then this thought came to my mind, that this response of his, only reflects who is he as a person and not me

Yes, I may have caused a lapse, but he could have said it better. His response showed zero graciousness, in fact, it was rather unkind for a senior in the corporate world to be saying such things to a low-level executive lol

Felt like the “lecturing” should have come from my own boss, and this is like my first time interacting with him, and he “lectures” me, who isn’t in his division or department, over a lapse…

Then my second major incident of the day arrived… I sent an email to Edna, getting her to approve the Interco donation declaration form (for transfer to HF), and she suddenly threw the ball into a Finance Director’s court:

XXXX, have you investigated and confirmed that the processes and amounts are correct? Have you replied to CMB, Level 2 Approver, and YYYY yet?

(and that she will sign the declaration form once XXXX confirms all these)

I don’t understand????!

I decided to be more proactive and called the Finance Director (I remembered she was nicer 3 years ago haha), she asked me about a senior leader sponsor, someone who supports the chairperson during his/her term.

Not that I know of such person la, and after our call, she started querying a few numbers here and there over Teams


I also got a call from Ann, and she asked me a question that XXXX asked me over Teams. I think she is panicking??? I have no idea what’s going on

Amidst all these, I contacted Fin Rep from the Steering Committee to confirm the final figures (need the data for sharing tomorrow at our last committee meeting) and then discussed with the Development colleague on Staff Giving data.

After all these eventful happenings, I left my house at 6.20 pm and went to Grandma’s for dinner then I couldn’t stop thinking about what XXXX said about having a SOA.

SOA is a very different thing for my office and for Finance. I don’t know what is a Finance SOA…

I came back home and worked on the SOA, also searched for the SAP lines (K gave me the data before) that Mr. Oh mentioned are needed for SOA.

I ended work 11-ish pm…

I was very sian honestly, but felt like all these frustrations and pek chek went away with his:

hope everything is ok. xin ku le.

💕 💕 💕 💕


29 September, Friday | Did I need to work late last night to complete the SOA? The answer is no but then I cannot ‘end task’ in my head, so got it over and done with!

Porridge ❤️

This morning I have finalised the amounts, and finished up the few slides prepared for our last PC committee meeting today! Sam has not texted me back since morning, and I also deliberated about bringing my laptop to our last meeting (more like a celebration/party haha) but aiya just bring la

Jeany (secretariat) texted to say she would be slightly late as she was in another meeting.

When I walked into A2, most people were already inside, and the first question Sam asked me was if I brought my laptop! He shared he didn’t have the time to look through it earlier, and he also didn’t have his laptop with him, he was planning to get Jeany to do it for the committee.

Heng, I brought my laptop!! I figured he didn’t reply, should be no time to see ba

Then we did a quick run-through, before projecting the slides.

After our debrief and also a round of sharing from everyone on the committee, we started gathering around to eat the cakes Sam got for us, and everyone brought home a packet of this:

While enjoying the treat, we just chat about anything and everything, like holidays and stuff. It was nice, but today is our last…

We took our committee photo today too!

(I don’t have a copy haha)

Sis YY and I had a brief conversation earlier about the Finance matters, and she said I did a really good job (woohoo) and asked if I wanted to stay on (not woohoo).


But will help and support her next year, with whatever she needs!

Sam and I walked back to the office together and talked about future plans for EN. I guess there will be no downtime for my CCA commitments ):

Before I left work for the day, I sent the MP draft reply letter I did to W for her vetting. On Monday, should be able to send to bosses for their clearance!




LASH LIFT with Fat fat and followed by our usual MM Shenanigans

(excited to wake up with natural pretty lashes hehe)


30 September, Saturday | I will be meeting YT at 4 pm at Bishan today, and hence got some time to do some bimbo work to my hair:

Straight or wavy hair suits me better?

Anyway, the curls didn’t last, sobs

(is it the product not good or I didn’t leave it on, long enough)

Grabbed an Iced Vanilla Latte from Coffee Bean before we made our way to YT’s house! I’m so happy to do her nails ✨

Dinner at Grub

We got churros after, and I got Peppermint Tea to aid my stomach pain troubles. Good looking waiter refilled my tea haha

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